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Look who's excited but doesn't have enough steam to go beyond doodles other than those 2 pieces :iconmingtearsplz:
I feel the need to.... 'broaden my mind' when designing xanny's outfit...and think more into his current lifestyle cuz i really CANT SHAKE OFF THAT BARTENDER VIBE even though he did worked in a bar... but to me he always dress in plain-but-not-cheap-looking clothes HOW DA FAK DO YOU ACHIEVE THAT?!

ahaha yes he does have a few scar thnx to his lovely baby brother //chokes I'm still trying to figure out Nia's appearance a.k.a. xanny's fiancee. She's the kind that drags xanny out randomly, sometimes ruining his schedule just to have fun on the streets and then kisses him a lot and whispers her love to him if he gets annoyed. Baka son is super soft :icongtthplz: One thing for sure she always laughed at how his hair is longer than hers.

And have a semi broken xanny and younger xanny... Sometimes he has some problem with being honest about his more negative feelings, though the xanny after 'big event' will have even worse issue in this yeah i'm always cruel to him arent I? dw im planning to give him a close friend ehehhe

Last but not least, thank you :iconyuuring: for letting me borrow Arian bby :iconloveloveplz: Such a lovely ossan huurrr :iconcblushplz:

Arian (c) :iconyuuring:
Nia + Xanny (c) :iconyaochia:
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YAY! finally all done. added a few things to fill in the void space.

These are my WoW characters. I would add the gnome... but kinda hard to make a gnome look sexy without it being flagged for kiddy porno. anyways...

Nynde > Night Elf discipline priest
Lahncey > Human protection paladin
Pyowaan > Dreanei restoration shaman
Columbia > Dwarf fury warrior

The setting is supposed to be the Inn at Karanos, Dun Morogh.

NOTE: I used textures in this picture... i had them saved on my computer but recently got a new computer and transferred them all over there... I'll post the credits when i find them all.

all done on PS7 ~ 83.6 hours >.> (all on video too)
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Imitate wow

Paint video
it's too long,so only fragments
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My watercolor practice after such a long time not touching it :heart: I don't have any improvement thought :icondepressedonionplz:

Same characters with

Colored by watercolor and watercolor ink

Hope you'll like it :hug:

Commissions are open [link]
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Pathos -it's over nine thousand!!1 xD Epic pic without any sence as usual.
Doomsday. Coming soon. The last party in the history of the human race. Enjoy it x)

Нам тут хоть бы хны, и кажется лучшее что сделали мы
Как раз вот этот чертов пир во время чумы. (ц)
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Yay :D I doodled Diablo and Leah in Comicstyle :P (I getting better with my Tablet x3)
No I am not drunk... or maybe... :D
I image that Diablo can be (sometimes) a caring demon too :D
Sorry for the bad quality I trollpost everything today :)
Derp :D

Diablo belongs to Blizzard this is just a Fanart

Took me 27 Minutes :)
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Tonight is a quite happy night.
All my friends showed up and our little journey for sweets is a success.
Look, my basket is already almost full.
Also, the grumpy old man next door is actually quite kind, he gave a lot of candies.

Tonight, I'm wearing this costume my Mom bought, the one I begged for days.
Many people commented that I look good.

Ah, tonight is indeed a quite happy night.

Now, we're passing this one particular house.
As I remember, the occupant is a young woman. 
I rarely see her, but my Mom says she's a pretty nice lady.
So we decide to visit her, and perhaps get some more candies.

At first, we hesitate. The house's light is off, maybe the lady is not at home.
But then, we notice a board hanging on the entrance.
There's something written on it :
"Just come in and say Trick or Treat"

So we do.
I'm the one who open the door, which is already unlocked.

It is so dark inside, that we almost can't see anything.
A chill run down my spine, but I decide to keep calm.
Remembering the message on the front door, I say in a quite loud voice, almost yelling. 

"Trick or treat??"

"Happy Halloween, kids"

I almost jumped when I heard that.
Strangely, the reply doesn't sound like anything but a lady.
Instead it is more resembling a hiss, like the sound of snake I once saw in a documentary.
An inhumane voice.

But what bothers me the most is that the voice doesn't come from anywhere inside the house.
It comes from someplace close, really close to us, to where we are standing.
It is from below us, out of our line of sight.

Swallowing my last courage, I look down.


"Here's your candy"

For me, Halloween is a special time to draw unusual things, and this time, I really wanted to make something freaky.
And in turn, the result successfully freaked me out myself, or maybe I'm the one who is a scaredy cat.

FYI, it's a zombie pinata girl. Yes, pinata, the things which is filled with candies for kid to brutally wreck, dismember and disembowel ;p
So the blurred part coming out from her cut is candies, and yeah, the candy she's offering also came from inside her body.

Also, this is the behind-the-scene-part :

*my membership is expired, so no thumbnail :( 

Happy Halloween ^^

P.S. don't ask me what I felt whenever I worked on this, especially at night.
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Oh look, another picture of Mir. Whoopdy do~ OTL

Anyway, I tried to do something different with the shading this time. Not sure how effective it really is, but I liked the look of it. =w=

Also, fail BG is fail.
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You're perfect, yes it's true.
But without me?
You're only you.

Disturbed - Midlife Crisis
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just a like drawing doin this afternoon for relaaaaaaaax me... hope you dig was fun to do, espeacialy the colors.

juste un petit dessin fait pour me relaxeeeeeer
c'etait fun a faire, j'espère que vous aimerez aussi.
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