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10 Tailed Beast + The Sage of Six Paths in Naruto Shippuuden.

Drawing was referenced as I just started.. Not experienced enough to start without references :(
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I am very proud of this image. It took maybe 20 hours total. Commission of Cynwise the human, female warlock in Wrathful Gladiator gear.
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:bulletblack: Serving the Kingdom of: :iconlahansims:

Full Name : Orion Fallor
Age : 22
Gender : Male
Height : 1.71m
Race : Leiian

Occupation : Research Assistant / Magi Scholar
Base Class : Mage
Weapon : None


:bulletpurple: STR: 1
:bulletpurple: MAG: 8 +8 (16)
:bulletpurple: DEF: 2
:bulletpurple: RES: 5 +3 (8)
:bulletpurple: SPD: 2
:bulletpurple: DEX: 4
:bulletpurple: STA: 3
:bulletpurple: INT: 5 +4 (9)

:bulletred: Fire: 3
:bulletblue: Water: 5
:bulletyellow: Earth: 4
:bulletgreen: Air: 4
:bulletblack: Darkness: 0

Birthplace : Senuv
Residence : La'Hansi

Likes : Books/Data/Libraries, Floral tea, Researching/Studying Magic
Dislikes : Physical exercise, being told to do something embarrasing (but in all probability would still attempt to do it anyway), snow/cold weather, too hot weather

Personality :

Docile and timid, a total bullyable mouse pushover, he tries very hard to excell at his tasks. A very patient person who tries to be understanding of everyone, be it though that the other person should snap at him. He does not put himself forward in any case unless it's something that he's sure that he has a solution to, or at least has some knowledge that can help. He tends to get awkward when embarrased or flustered, and would do something silly like trip over his own feet or knock something over when that happens. Emotions such as anger and jealousy are almost alien to him.

In battle:
Though he memorizes a lot of of attack magic spells of varying degrees, he is too tender-hearted to actually use it to hurt anybody willingly, even if the opponent is about to squish him like a bug. Thus he tends to keep as far away as possible from such dangers, and aids by support/status ailment spells instead. Or maybe blow up some rocks instead for distraction..? ^^; If ever forced into physical exertion, he is quite useless at it; He could probably manage to swing a weapon for two minutes max before he gets tired out. His natural curiosity of various known (magical) creatures' strength/weaknesses is useful though, and he shares this freely with any who asks or needs it.

He knows a healing spell or two, but they're mostly minor ones. He CAN use attack magic, as long as the target isn't 'alive' QuQ

History :

An orphan from the village of Senuv, his early childhood was spent in a small 'Home' with 5-6 other kids before being adopted by a middle-aged man who is a schoolteacher teaching at the local school. The man (Herius by name) suffered from a slight disability from a past accident, so he desired someone who could help him with the minor tasks around his house. He was happy with the boy he adopted, and soon grew to be fond of Orion like he was his own son. Herius taught the young Orion just as he taught his other pupils, and when he found out that the boy really did enjoy learning new things, he was delighted as well, and attempted to teach him the more advanced things than was normal for his age.

As Orion grew older, Herius realized that there are limits to his own knowledge, and he observed that the boy should be allowed the potential to go to a bigger institution of education than the local school, where he could expand his knowledge further. Calling in on a favor from an old Leiian acquaintance in La'Hansi who is now a professor in the largest University of Magic there, Herius arranged to send Orion there as a student. Orion hesitated to go at first, although intrigued at the prospect of learning more complex things, but he was concerned about Herius' ability to cope without him. His foster parent assured him that he would be fine, and only asked that the boy write often to him, telling news of his progress.

The professor with whom Herius had charged Orion to was eccentric as he was grumpy and irritable, and taking on the young lad as one of his assistants, proceeded to do as Herius had asked to 'teach him everything he should know'. Orion's shyness when he first came to the University was so extreme, that he was afraid to speak to anybody. The professor, determined to fix that particular problem, started to begin his 'training' by sending the boy in difficult, and at times even embarrassing tasks to complete. Though Orion was generally unhappy at having to perform such tasks, he did them nonetheless with blind obedience, and unknown to him they were actually for his own good. He did not hate the professor, for he doesn't seem to know how to truly 'hate' anybody but he tries to avoid an encounter with the old man as much as is remotely possible. He still prefers to hide away from society among piles of data on research of magic whenever possible, because physical exertion tires him very easily.. but thanks to the professor's efforts to draw him out more into society, this has become something of a rare thing by now.

Although the professor more or less bullies Orion a lot, down at heart he seems to secretly watch out for this boy. Is there a special reason for it, or is it just for his own amusement at watching the young one squirm....? Only time will tell..

Other Info :
♢ Orion does not carry any weapons, for he is a pacifist. If the need arises to protect himself, he will simply use magic to distract and escape pronto.

♢ He lives with a few other scholars in the student dormitories on campus.

♢ He almost always carries around with him a green leather bound book (given by Herius as a parting gift) which is his 'research diary', in which he writes down facts he finds interesting or curious. Sometimes he writes down his own thoughts/feelings in there too, totally clueless that someone else might chance to read it too

♢ His last name is from his foster parent; He does not have one for his own.

♢ He has very low physical stamina, he doesn't like to run or even walk briskly don't ask him to run in those robes yo. He could read on for hours and hours though, sometimes even forgetting to eat or drink because he's so absorbed in it.

♢ Currently he is one of the slaves research assistants to the tyrannical eccentric Professor X :iconcryforeverplz:

With that 'teddy' face and hair, might occasionally be mistaken for a girl, until you hear his voice

♢ Still extremely shy of females, especially those around his age. He is in awe of those who are his seniors and superiors, he respects them tremendously. Orion is automatically fond of the elderly (minus Prof X from the 'fond' list QWQ )
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i've never liked this couple... till now xD
Nunca me gustó esta pareja hasta ahora xD. Digan lo que digan, Darien me salió guapo *¬*

Usagi/Princess Serenity (Serena Tsukino) & Mamoru Chiba (Darien)- Sailor Moon @ Naoko Takeuchi C:
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I had the urge to paint some macaroons. I went a bit overboard. I also for some odd reason decided to paint this on one layer. :faint:

Tumblr :bulletgreen: Facebook :bulletgreen: Twitter
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Art by me, Characters and story by :iconkomi-tsuku: for a visual novel. I'll add the link when it's ready to play^^.

Each character has a bunch of expressions. =O
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Me likes XD...
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Young Naruto Line Art By :iconsoratheavatar:
Bijuu Mode Naruto Line Art By: :icongia-secando92:
Other Naruto Line Arts By: :iconnaruttebayo67240:

Coloring By: :iconafterdark101:

Many thanks to all of you. I had a blast coloring, shading, etc with these pieces and compiling them into a Naruto Time Line! Thanks a looooot ^^

Leave me some comments, I can handle the truth! I think ^^;

Still using a touch pad, but I think that this time I really hit the hammer on the nail. I'm extremely happy with this in terms of shading, coloring, etc ^^
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Frieza and Mewtwo, i forget which is which
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Go back a page and start this music and listen to it for now and the next few pages :P…

It's all downhill from here~
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