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One, two. Out go the lights.
Two quick flickers and the brain can only sigh.
Truth found in seeing but unfounded without sound.
Lips can read only shallow depths without fact or trial.
Fact without opinion to back,
flimsy defense at best.

Out go the lights.
What is it that we fear?
Darkness behind the lids,
of our catchlights.

The End is Never,
The End is Now,
The mind scrambled, fried and drowned.


Why do we swallow what is said about Time?
Time knows how it flows,
Time knows when it will die.
Insignificant we are, thinking to understand the hourglass' sand.

The hourglass is in our eyes.
The sand pours from our ducts with every flutter,
Every brush,
Of a lash.
Written up today, just now, on my birthday. Getting tired of hearing how the world will end. If it doesn't, I can laugh. If it does then I won't care - I lived. I loved. I was Human.

Humanity doesn't know what will kill us or if we will die out. That's the beauty of the flow of time. We just don't know for certain.
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Persephone & Hades

He watched his opposite.
His other half.

(Goddess of the Earth who belonged in the Sun)

They truly were the more he thought about it.

(Dark sun kissed skin & dark firry red hair with leaf green eyes)
(His skin so pale & blonde hair and icy blue eyes)

She stares out with lightless eyes at the river of Styx wanting to cross it.
To go back up & stand under the warm sun where she belongs.
To talk to the flowers & watch them grow while birds sing in praise of her beauty.
Eating honeysuckles & pomegranates & drinking the finest wine.

He was selfish, but even so she would look at him love.

(Her fingers tangled in his hair when she kissed him)

She would try her best to smile at him and tell him she loved him.
Her words were like a sweet powdery lie that would melt on his tongue.
He was a selfish monster who devoured these lies in the dead of night when they were tangled together in silk and sweat.

(He always felt like he was melting when he held her at night)

She would sit next to him on the throne.
Ghostly beautiful as she watched the souls begging to go back to their loved ones.
White roses (the only flower that grows in Hades) woven into her short curly red hair.
Loyal silver wolves sit by her feet glaring at any soul who dared to close.
Silver gowns made of spider’s thread and a crown made of black thorns that only Hekate could make.
Cold flowers made of icy blue fire lick at her finger tips when she sends those souls away into their nightmares.
Her fingers threaded into his as she wilts away like the roses as he tries to water her with his love and devotion that are empty to her.

She was a butterfly; dancing in the golden light of Helios bright and filled with hope and curiosity that only belonged in dreams of children

He was a moth; walking in the starless night of Selene white and filled with visions of the horrifying past and wisdom that belonged in the nightmares of the dead.

Yet these two mingled and danced with one another.
The moth selfishly keeping the butterfly from the morning sun.
Making her dance in the sky under the watchful eyes of Selene.

The butterfly trying to feed the moth with colorful silk like powders.
Never daring to tear away from the starless night.

They truly were opposites, but one could not live without the other.
Or was that just a lie he was telling himself?
What is it with me and the underworld/Hell.

I'll probably end up doing a oneshot or something with these two, but I'm content with this poem at the moment. As I stated before I love mythology and Hades/Persephone are my favorite in the Greek Genre.
It actually took me awhile to picture Persephone (girls are usually easier for me), but I felt love this. Her hair isn't exactly short, but it goes to her neck...hmm, how do I describe her hair cut. It curls inward I guess is the best way I could describe it. I didn't want her to look too much like Lilith. Hades on the other hand was easy because I kind of imagined him like Nakago from Fushigi Yuugi. Here's a pic if you have no idea who he is: [link];pageOffset=15

(smexy, isn't he?)When I showed it to my dad he loved this poem.... okay please review! I would love it please.

Songs I listened to:

Sober by Kelly Clarkson
Alright by the Art of Chaos
Love, Reign o'er me by The Who
Can't take it in by Imogen Heap
Invincible by Crossfade
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I play video games
I read in my room


I hang out at the library
I like school


I have friends,
Virtual and not


I stay in front of my computer
I donít like to talk a lot


Iím not that popular
Iím not really cool


I play with trading cards
I buy action figures, too


Being a geek
Is better than not being you


Iím a geek
Iím unique


At least being a geek
Is better than being a nerd
hey! u kno the rankings: nerd, geek, & dork! nerd, bein the lowest and all.... and here, geeks & dorks r pretty much cool! XD enjoy~
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Quiet horror,
Cosmic mind older than the earth,
A vestige of ancient madness
Seething through the cracks of space,
Amorphous blasphemy bubbling and frothing
In the silence outside darkness,

Immortal chaos, the harbinger of dissolution
Is hungry.
His existence trembles with lust and death.

Entropy fills his belly
And he vomits forth the end.
Madness and violence fill the universe
And the end times are finally upon us.

After all is settled and done,
Azathoth sated and the crawling chaos abated,
Silence reigns again
And the circle begins anew.
Too much fucking lovecraft I guess.
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She's a diamond, while I am coal.
I am the coal, black and boring.
Set me on fire while I am alive.
Watch me burn,
Watch me die.
She is the diamond, shiny and attention-grabbing.
Lay your greedy hands on the whore.
She's there for the looks and money,
No real work,
She receives the perks.

We both wanted him,
But I bit my tongue.
What a fool I would be to ask for his heart.
He sees me as a footrest,
Only here for support and only when he needs it,
The demand for me is limited.
He lusts for her seductive nature,
Her glare blinding his eyes,
She's tearing him apart with her sharp edges,
It kills me to witness.

"I can't hurt you.
I glimmer,
she burns."

"But she is my support,
my joy,
she cares."

"She is but a coal,
weak and pitiful.
You want that?
The spineless coward?
The killer?
She's thirsty for your heartbreak,
but my fingers are gentle,
let me hold you."

His situation is himself.
I love him more than I could scream,
But I maintain my silence,
I suffer in the dark.
I see his sorrow and hate,
I beg without a soul,
I've given up on it,
I should inform him.

"My dear, I am dead.
My dear, hang your head.
Your shame,
Your misery,
Foolish boy, you brought this on yourself.
The floozy,
Your lover,
Is nothing but a fraud.
A cheap, good-for-nothing slut who's flawed.
I've been yearning for you for months,
I thought it was my time to shine.
But you don't notice my pleas.
You're more concerned with that bitch,
Not me sobbing on my knees.
I loathe your love,
Your senseless harlot.
You're just another tally for her score,
The concubine who only wants more.
You make me feel like a dog,
Keeping me away from your mind.
You two can eat your hearts out.
Promise you'll leave me be.
I'm sick of my addiction to you.
Another boy who turned his back on me.
I am clumsy,
I am disgusting,
I am bloody.
I almost dared to ask:

Can we both be ugly?"
"Can we both be ugly? We can both be ugly fucks."
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When that day comes…
Will you be there with me?
I want to be able to share it with you.
The end of the world.
We'll watch our final chapter
From afar,
And as heaven crashes to earth.
Such a lovely sight;
The falling of stars.
The white lights
Illuminating our faces
As we take in the sight of death.
I’ll try to catch one,
In my shaking hands.
You’ll smile.
In the midst of the end,
We will laugh like we once did.
Before the link is broken,
Before the last piece falls.
Before the abyss…
Will you be there with me,
When that day comes?
Okay, it's a little depressing. I was listening to a sad song lol. Not much to say about this one...

Comments are loved <3
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We've ruined the lakes, the ponds, the streams
and marred our soil with urban dreams -
Eden blighted by machines.
We plot and scheme; we plot and scheme.

We scorch the earth and sear the air;
our poison, seething everywhere,
destroys and leaves our country bare.
We do not care; we do not care.

Humanity has learned too late
our Eden is a fallow state;
and what we've sown will nere abate.
We reap our fate; we reap our fate.
For the DFC :iconkiwi-damnation:

The form is a Monotetra

Wordsmiths Literature Site: [link]
This Disturbing Magic: [link]
Blogspot [link]
Facebook [link]
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Meh... It's late sunday / early monday x_x too tired for any type of work. Haven't uploaded in a while :( , but hopefully I'll get back to regular uploads :D!

You can follow me on Instagram! dtamura15 *no red and black poems tho :P

You can read ONLY the black OR BOTH the red AND black!

*"you should be doing hw right about now" & how about no

Random funny quote (I didn't make it tho)
"Sex education may be a good idea in the schools, but I don't believe the kids should be given homework"
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They Told Us:

They told us we weren't artists,
They said that we're just puttin' words on paper...

They told us we wouldn't make it,
Because language isn't unique...

Ta hell with them all I say,
Because I know tha truth they seek ta hide.

Writers, poets,
We're treated like third-rate artists.

Our hands can't create magical pictures,
We can't create comics ta make people laugh,
Or emotive portraits ta make em cry...

But what they don't see is tha title,
What they don't see is tha description,
They don't even see tha comments or replies!

They look only at themselves,
And at tha talent they seem ta proclaim.
It's like starin' at an old english aristocrat,
Ignorin' us simply because we're farmers.

But what they don't see are the words.
Words used ta give a picture context.
Withou' a title, a picture is just a mix of colours and lines.

Who could understand an image, withou' a title?
If art alone suffices, why not let every piece be nameless?

I'll tell ya the truth, separated from the lies they told us.
For we who use words are like the farmers,
We're the ones who plant the seeds and watch em grow.

We put the first ideas into the mind,
Before the hands can even start ta draw.

We're the spartans, we're the Highlanders,
We're the Orcs of legend and we're the Elves,
We're writers, our profession calls on us to use words,
The very essence of our language, imbued into our art.

There is nothin' purer than that,
It beats in yer breast like a secondary heart...

It's somethin' ya carry with ya.
Since childhood, since birth,
Ya carry it and nurture it, until it blooms.

Like a farmer,
Ya look after tha seeds and watch em grow,
But there are those who don't like tha'.

Ta hell with them all I say,
Ta hell with them because we're not gonna be oppressed.

We're not gonna let them take away our lands, our art.
We won't let them call our labour, a part of the natural machine.
We're better than that, and if we don't fight ta make ourselves known,
Then we're simply fallin' inta tha belief that we're somewhat less.

No, never more I say, no longer should we languish here!
No longer should language be treated like a simple spoken tongue.
Because the epic ballads were not written with an artist's brush,
But with a poet's mind; a writer's mind...

Thoughts, everythin', it all starts with language,
It all begins with words and not with pictures.
Words define us, they describe us, they make us who we are,
And we're artists...

We are artists and we are proud,
So never again will I let them tell us "No!",
Never again will I let them oppress us.

Let the last words on yer lips,
Be the words that ye are proudest of:

"For we are artists and we are free..."

-Chen Yuan Wen, 27th February 2012
Hey there everyone. Please feel free to do one or all of the above. You will be thanked for it, so please help me in my career by doin' one of them ^^



T'day I thought I'd do somethin' a little different. This poem is best read in a scottish accent like Braveheart. Believe me, it makes it that much more potent.

Enjoy yourself, i'll be back ta my usual works tomorrow, but for today.


-Captain Chenbeard the Pirate :iconcaptainjackplz:

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