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newer version…

lcars 2.3 for 1920x1080; 1680x1050; 1440x900; 1366x768; 1280x768 in "Star Trek The Next Generation" style

1) just doubleklick LCARS-v2.3
2) (if needed) install the font C:/Users/#USERNAME#/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/LCARSv2/resources
3) restart computer after installing the font!
4) activate LCARS

you can change: media player/ the number of cpu's/ weather code/ RSS code and more, just click on the settings button ;)

if you get "Invalid settings file in " send me your e-mail adress and i will send you the skin as .zip

if you want to use this to make your own rainmeter skin you should ask me before!

thanks to dAKirby309 for the icons
thanks to YahibazOu for the worldmap
and the best site… for all the designs and ideas i've got from there
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This is my modified version of UrulokiBurning Mass Effect Rainmeter skin [link] although obviously green. My nephew liked my Mass Effect skin, but wanted it green. He also suggested suggested giving it the name "Colonist" as apposed to just "green".

His is very cool, but there were a few things I wanted to change, and one change led to another and three weeks later I've taught myself how to make Rainmeter skins, well as a beginner I suppose.

While his and mine do look very similar there are a lot of code changes. I also changed a lot of the graphics files, I even went back to the Mass Effect game and took a lot of screenshots of the interface to hopefully improve some of the elements. I guess you'll be the judge of that.

I have not included all of the pieces that come with his skin as I thought they were redundant or I consolidated them. The only skin I included but did not touch was the Media Player. I don't play music on my gaming PC, but maybe someone else would. All credit goes to UrulokiBurning for that one.

A few notes on what I added.

CPU Monitor: It should detect how many processor cores your PC has and display the correct number of gauges. Also it "should" detect if you have an Intel or AMD processor and display the correct icon to the left of the gauges. As I don't have an PC with an AMD processor I can't exactly test that.

Hard Drive Monitor: Is set to monitor drives C: and D:, although you can change that. Click on the icon for the drive and it will change which drives stats show up. I also created some icons to represent four common hard drive manufacturers and you can set a different one for each drive by clicking on the icon. It will cycle though the four possibilities.

I want to thank UrulokiBurning and anyone who's work went into his skins as well as the people on the Rainmeter forums for helping me with learning Rainmeter.

As this is my second try at a Rainmeter skin please let me know if something isn't working. As I did this with the latest release of Rainmeter, if you are having problems check to make sure you have the most recent buildl 2.1 [link]

By the way the tabs at the top of the screenshot are the skin I created for sTabLauncher [link]

For those who want the wallpaper here is the link [link]

You need SpeedFan, which is needed for the monitoring things like the temp of the CPU and Hard Drives. So here it is. [link]

Edit: I've uploaded a new version of the skin to correct the pathing problem that Qwaftzefoni74 pointing out.
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••• Aero 7
You ! ... Do you remember me ? Like i remember you ?
... that somebody's me .

[ Ver 2.0 ]

| Info

• Wb Name : Aero 7
• OS : Windows 7
• F.WB : 7.2

| Includes

Windowblinds skin

Aero 7
[ Black ][ 2 Sub ]

| Installation

• To apply the theme , you need :

○ Windowblinds

| More skins

INVI E3 | INVI E4 | NAVI X7 | NAVI E7 | Aero 8

| Note

○ Please ,don't upload this to your website or shareware. You can create a feedback to this ...

© T .TECH. All Rights Reserved.
Skinmasters #6 : 007TINAR | Windowblinds | [ Updated , 18 APR 2011 ]
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This is based on my previous Rainmeter skin (found [link]) only this one is intended to be used as a sidebar alone.

In the preview is a version optimised for a 1680x1050 resolution, however, I also included a smaller version for lower resolutions.

The sidebar has icons for loading applications, CPU, Battery, RAM monitoring a clock (Chip Clock found [link]) and a toggle for showing or hiding the entire sidebar.

The Battery/CPU/RAM icons can be clicked to show/hide these stats.

Icons are from [link] and the toggle is based on the Enigma skin (reusing the toggle icon).

Fonts are Gagarin/Gagarin Star Mix (included in the download).
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Fully customizable date/time skin for rainmeter. The middle, black skin is the default colors.

Credit for the design belongs to ~ElderRoco

Credit for the Ripped Paper graphic belongs to
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Bio-S Winamp Classic skin made by FrezoreR @ BreedArt

I've been having some problems getting online an answering the questions i read in the comments.
1. The bug in the shade mode is fixed.
2. the reason it did'nt work before was due to an update gone bad ;) not my fault though.
If you find any other bug let me know, and I appriciate all the comments :)

*All windows skinned.
*Easteregg in the .wsz file.

Took me several hours to complete.

Bobo <- No commets about the songs in the PL :P
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Sci-fi Rainmeter

RAR File Link -> [link]

RMskin Link -> [link]
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.: PowerSlide Rainmeter Skin :.

Here is the Elegant Rainmeter Slide With Power button, Justy Download Unzip and Paste to your Rainmeter Skin Folder. and when you Click on Slide it will show you option for shutdown, sleep, restart, you can use it with simple minimal wallpaper.

1: Shutdown
2: Sleep
3: Restart

In Action [link]

In Action [link]

Comment Please :) ask if need anything and Request if need something new!


Thank you :)
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Winamp: Blank

Installation: Extract the wal file from the downloaded zip. Execute the wal file to install. CD Icon used with permission from:

UPDATE: New playback icons. Smaller file-sizes.

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EDIT: *vozz went and added all the new emotes that have been added to the list. Took him a good 3 hours, and alot of Matt bugging, but he did, and I'm greatful, you should be too ;p

He also managed to FUCK UP the main emote file, so all the emotes were off by one. That's fixed now, if you just downladed the new one, download it again please.


deviantART emoticon set for Trillian Pro 2
**This set only works with Trillian Pro 2.0 and higher**

Almost every DA emote is in this set, excluding admin emotes (except core admin, they're included), bullets, stars, etc. I also added 4 emotes that haven't yet been added to the official list. ( : stupid : :what: :rocky: and : yawn : )

Not all are shown in the pop-up emote list in your window. There are WAY too many, so I cut it in half. Play with the tags, almost guarantee it'll be there. Some are MSN friendly as well. For example:

({) = :hug:
(L) = :heart:
(F) = :rose:



To Install:

1. Paste the 'daemotes' folder to your trillian/stixe/plugins folder

2. Go to your trillian preferences window
skins > advanced
Pick "DA Emotes" from the drop down box labelled 'Emoticons:'

3. Restart trillian.

It's highly recommended that you stop emotes from resizing based on font size. To do this:

Go to your trillian preferences window
windows > display
uncheck the "Scale Emoticons to size" box.

Otherwise the emotes only show up properly when you use 8pt font.


Thanks to: for allowing me permission to use all official DA emotes.

~skurmann for the :what: emote.

*camelhijackation for the : yawn : emote.

*kornkob for the : stupid : emote.

*war-fool for the :rocky: emote.

Special thanks to ~skurmann for the testing and help fixing errors.

If you find any errors, or want an emote added, e-mail or note me and I'll try to fix it.
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