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The Falling

Upon malodorous rapture of orphaned darkness,
eternal melancholy becomes twisted and hollow
In the severed reflections of sanguine shadows,
we will drown in ruby tears of pain and sorrow

Whispers of odium seep gently into my dreams...
The Raven lingers in solemn clouds dark as coal
My blood surges like a chorus of bitter requiem
And my lips — the anathema of your dying soul

Dark lust hums like a cold tide of weeping voices
Perfumed in ash & bone, hallucinations imbue —
Blood soaked robes hang from my slender bride,
shimmering like scarlet threads under ebon skies
After sable petals fall upon my beloved's grave,
there will dwell but ravaged winds of lonely cries

O' Witch of mine, dark'n dreary, forsake me not
In a sombre kiss, veiled in falls of ambient pitch,
we drift into the renaissance of the Falling...
ever dreaming and bathing in the poetry of death
In the web of mortality demons haunt & undress,
Deep in the gloaming, I beseech thy last breath

My thirst seethes in rivers of serpentine venom
In the Witching hour, silhouettes thrust & ache
— passion hastes in a sepulcher of livid fire —
And incantations of woe covet love evermore
Let us discard our flesh to the chalice of destiny,
so together we may perish into forgotten lore

Within carrion mists our memories fall into stone,
in the winds of purgatory, my bride begins to wail
Under a full moon I cast my blood into open seas,
where the vessel of our darkness shall forever sail

Arthur Crow © 2012
Gothic ambiance


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Seek you me in a grave shallow,
bleeding upon a blade of rusted steel
The mood of a rose ascends beyond ether
caressing souls in skies hoary

From the pitch of solitude she appears,
dark hair soaking upon winds quiver
(violin weeping in the dew of nocturnal sunrise)
As the moon whispers in twilight's fall
my thoughts swirl into a halo of numb reverie
Entranced in the gloaming of her love —
dripping within the lotus of her serenade
Beset in eyes of jade,
drowning in sensual delight
Seduced in a gothic sky

Deepest gaze unleashed into my soul;
she weaves a spell of turquoise feather
her violin brushes my skin in dreamy hues
Evanescent in spectral shards of solemn rains
my thoughts swoon in burning juniper
Servant to the epitome of her will
basking in the shadows of her mind
kissed in the aura of sweet sorrow;
untold love begins to flow

Embroidered in the ballet of night's fall
violins seethe in star-clustered valleys
like a burning choir of lonely spirits
My thirst blushes in a sea of euphoria
as I drift upon the breath of her violin
In an opus of lust my soul wails over the
migration of crimson arrows
~So beautiful; her dark sings..
My blood aches in the mists
of her passion

She stands over me, shimmering
like a haunting dream
Upon dreary stone the violin plays;
notes making love in my dead soul
The jewels of a forgotten kiss withers in
luscious melancholy..
The fate of this night will I adorn
From this grave I shall rise,
for my place of solace awaits
— the nectar of your lips

— Arthur Crow © 2012
Ode to the dark of Night


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Upon one Night's tempest, my hunger did beckon ever darkly:
"In nomine dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi!"
And in the perfume of immortality, I bathed deep and long ....

Within the labyrinth of melancholy, I am the black flame gleaming;
befallen in the mist when closed thine eyes
Harken thee, River's blush weeping scarlet in nocturnal ballad
In orphaned prophecy, I am the lust of sacrament —
dark enchantment wanton — Hade's syrup undressing in your soul
I have crossed oceans of time, haunted by thy gaze and lips,
lost in whispers of passion dripping like song into folding horizons
Eons spent, yet thy figure dark, I crave solemn upon Raven's call
For thou art the breath of a rose entombed in velvet-nightfall ...

'Our lives are but confessions of beasts and things forsaken;
— woven into a bloody tapestry of a Lover's fable
My wound is the requiem of the sky, the exodus of daylight
Across sanguine fields I hath sojourned, coveting winds sable
Seek you me, for eternity would surely fade, lest I drink you deep
Intoxicated by your love; rendered by shadow and plutonian lore
Here I shall rest in the netherworld, unto dreams decay evermore

— Arthur Crow © 2012
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Beyond the veil hallowed, I am Witches blood & wine;
flame of throne, soothsayer & death, magick seething
Come hither; drink me dark'n divine

Whispers of Night's harvest, ravenous in twilight eerie;
— tongues of Crows in gothic serenade
Poised in wilderness shadowed, I beseech thee:
"O' darkest Love, seek me in decay, dripping from thy lips"
Incantations of the Moon glisten from mine eyes ...
Seraphic-winds undress Demons in the trees;
— dreaming streams o'er Nature's breast
Black-feathered-Priests covet my nocuous splendor
— For I am Winter's nocturne —
a dark-mantra, salivating on the edge of the world
And so she peered into the embers of my soul —
cloaked in a dream, falling, where savage wings fly
Thou art the evening tide... the mystique I shall love;
Evermore, unto a sea of black roses, from grave to sky

— Arthur Crow © 2012

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Beneath a sky of Kings, mortal life quivered
Warm rains spilled a fever of unborn dreams;
— like a silent song of golden pollen falling in
timeless reverie, seeding forests arcane
The dawn of enchantment crested ancient lands,
adorning the hunger of shadows and spirits
Long I stood in the flow of primeval rapture...
where unto the hallowed beckoned wild
I slept in the cradle of Nature's magick,
windswept in feasts of tongue & flame
Dreams and dreamers, in haste I did reap
And I thrusted my sword into the sky
Ever night's bequest, the stars shall not die

Thru seasons of fabled rhythms I roamed;
— my soul etched into the mists of time
O'er pastel fields, untamed memories seek
In a circle of Kings, I shimmered in ebon robes
Perfumed eyes gathered like nightingales
And I watched upon gossamer tides —
Merlin caught her gaze resting among
the promise of stars and beloved Moon
"Thou art heavenly clad in velvet starlight"
whispered he
She fled upon his song & wept in quietude,
tears fell to the Earth, sparkling like a myriad
of crystals furnishing the ground

Lo winter's breath, cast glory forsaken
I chased the pages of life, deep in the blood of
supernatural alchemy ...
Hum of lips, magick glistened and reached
My passion hunted constellations vast;
twilight flooded bone of trees and brook
Hither I stagger in eclipse of love forlorn
Her essence looms in rivers of ash & snow;
she is the chalice of eternity I lust and drink
— Portraits unveil in the ether —
Secrets entombed and quests evermore
Poised to worlds end until Raven wings I fly
Upon eons of my soul, the stars shall not die

— Arthur Crow © 2012
This tells of once a King roaming Earth, searching for
his Queen who lives in the stars.. and his journey to
reclaim her in mortal realms.


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Like the frosts spread across valleys silent and dreary
Ever my longing lost in shimmers of shadow & wind
And days bled into years.. the tides became deserts
Thru seasons untamed, I hunted and found her gaze,
peering in a song deep and hallowed
Horizons quivered like ghosts cast in Winter’s dream
— where hearts once bloomed a fabled sky
Lest the Moon would bestow solace upon my dread:
I am but madness, haunted by her solemn breath
My soul shall yield to this mythic abyss —
wandering forests bereft of Autumn’s decree
We are warriors in a ballet of snow darkly falling;
betwixt worlds forgotten, and lives entombed ...
‘Whispers in the mist — two spirits — forever calling

— Arthur Crow © 2013
This short poem was inspired by ‘Etain’ from Centurion

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And lo there he said: "I am darkness rising"
— ‘an apparition bleeding into a dreaming sky
Distilled in the timbre of windswept voices,
black feathers enchant earth in fevered-song
Magick ebbs & shimmers thru earthen veins,
seething like a migration of hungry wolves
Silvery eyes peer, drinking the ether of souls;
watching the spirit world fold into the mists
And where Shadows and Witches conjure,
— myriad talons beshrew Winter’s prayer

For eons I hath wandered in forgotten lore  
— a sleep walker thru ash & fire, hunting ..
Beneath Moon solemn and drifting,
I covet thy ghostly figure velvet, undressing
Pools of amaranthine spill from mine eyes
Her ebon hair dripping in the evening tide
I rest my lips upon visage of thy fabled kiss
Thou art my darkest Witch — the wilderness
of a thousand spectre’s lusting ...
And unto this primeval calling, we shall seed

Poised in hallowed nightscapes caressing,
I brood and ponder ....
"Gallow the priests!" – whispered the Crows
For restless are the arms of serpentine trees’
Nocturnal civilizations prevail'd ravenous!
The season of the Witch: ‘our naked eternity
We are but phantasms, lovers spellbound,
til dust is memory; yet time a jewel forsaken
Whenever the Moon bleeds, seek you me
— darkly dreaming, under a Witches’ sky

— Arthur Crow © 2013
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O’er desolate shores wept the fate of immortal flames
And into a Winter sun I bleed my dreams,
as a thousand years of love & war dressed the sky
Long-ships sailed to the otherworld upon Odin’s breath
Betwixt night and day I wandered, shimmering, peering
— Till my chalice of Dragons blood flowed but no more
I became a warrior lost in the stars, drifting, ever falling,
Until the shadows entombed my soul in Raven-lore

Lo the tempest eerie; ‘magick entwining spirit and flesh
Upon snow I awoke dreary, beneath winged-silhouettes
‘Couldst be, my Princess adored; — last of the Valkyrie!
I recall — myriad of black feathers in leisured-dance,
And our love soared ravenous unto darkness befallen
From the frosts of creation I wrought gloom and desire,
Bore the tongue of fevered winds thru oceans of time
Here thy whispers feasting, I linger, clad in mists of fire

O’ we have lived, in the arms of shadow and vapors
We have sung, in fields of nightmares and dreams
And we have loved, in the twilight of Freyja

Behold! The Norse winds howl — our passion seeking
Let a kiss undress the Night of our souls, I implore!
Dark ash slides in Raven-song across Sun and Moon,
Amethyst blood streaking thru snow, gleaming fiercely
The ether of worlds fabled besiege my blood flow —
All hallowed is the Raven! ‘Spellbound o’er gothic skies
Lo the rapture of gossamer wings, ‘velvet shades covet
— Ballets, darkly and wanton — till the morrow cries

At thy soft-ghostly figure seraphic, hungry and dripping
— caught my breath pondering in Acheronian lore
Echoes of funeral pyre caress cloud & mountain peaks
Thine gaze cast upon me — sinking deep to the core
Plumes of sweet obsidian encircle, waiting, dreaming
‘Enchanted,’ Said she, with silver gleam in her eye
Unto the great halls of Valhalla we shall make haste,
— Jeweled in eternity — ‘where the brave never die

— Arthur Crow © 2012

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Soul dark her eyes bleed obsidian, like a fever of liquid-shadows,
seeking her lover damned…
And a myriad of talons will seed the sky — a primeval calling
of necromancy and lust untamed
Upon her breath, I whispered softly in winged-caress:
"cast thy nightscapes unto the ache of gossamer streams"
So she closed her eyes and her demon lover hungered long..
— Forever the Crow — shimmering in her darkest dreams

— Arthur Crow © 2012
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There upon clandestine fires of a midnight sky,
the world of forbidding awaits the dead
And we chant for our blood in Winter fields..
— In the feasts of the burning, I will be fed

Where solemn-lovers bewail o’er rivers dark,
the wilderness of the Moon falls into silence
Covet my love in a tempest of sangromancy,
for I bathe in the fever of serpents sleeping
Our ancestors float upon a song of thorns,
fading into a sea of amaranthine ..
The ebb of magick spills from trees seething
Crimson-feather’d-demons loom & seek
Within gardens covered in moss and decay,
the song of Gothic poison will tomb the weak
We rise in the requiem of a dethroned sky,
— blushing in the perfume of liquid-night
Behold the immortals! Otherworld’s we fly

I peered deep untamed-wounds whispering;
— intoxicated horizons naked and dripping
Spirits of the dead linger in broken twilight
The winds of Samhain rush thru my veins ...
Wings take flight in acid-shot dreamscapes
O’ beloved, lest thou art a fable awakening,
mine lips shall seed the void with stars
Drink you my soul in forests of scarlet rains,
and I shall clad thee in a kiss of sacrifice
Ebon-roses bloom upon spires of melancholy
Dark priests carry the lanterns of gothic lore
Glistening ivy hastens upon flesh & stone
Phantasms & hunters beseech me evermore

I am the jeweled-flame of a Dragons rage!
I am the blackness of a Ravens dream ...
— bloodlust woven into memory & mist
In this darkness there can be no light or love
Within tomorrow there is only death and spite
In the shadows of gnarled trees I wait for you
Upon a Gothic dawn, blood shall be my rite

— Arthur Crow © 2013
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