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Deviant Poetry Library IFrom autumnlit's poetry library:

New York Dolls by ElegantFaithPaint the Dreams by FaeFallenlittle white lies by mismatched-misfitsCompass by RKAustinThe Dead Masses by LookingGlassInk
Let Me Say 'I Love You' by CelestialMemoriesTransparency by WhisperedInsanityLittle Gray pot by InsatiableStarvationSomewhere by DustyfootphilosopherParadise. by divafica
if you walk. by ohsparrowsong:thumb319385832:Hypnosis by RealiteaI wanted to say yes. by Sammur-amatkillers are quiet by FuzzyHoser
Trickster by SubjugatedSandwichAs Insubstantial As Cigarette Smoke by intricately-ordinaryOn Loving Daylight by betwixtthepagesLinger by imaginative-lionessThere's Something Wrong with Norman Bates by RussianTim
Burial by TheEmptyChestIt Was The Moment-For TheAutumnCrocus by LoveislightblueThe Fluidity of Our Shared Dream by LifeIsARazorBladeAutumn Autopsy by dreamsinstaticThe Artist by MummyWriter
roots by the-balcony-sceneuntitled by glossolaliaswith a whisper by BloodshotInkHow to Make Yourself by LiliWritesSand Dollars by Eternal-Mothra
7 Strokes of a Jellyfish Tattoo by Lucy-MerrimanStar Swallower by PursuingTheCerberusTo Us- Synesthesia by DrippingWordstime-spared drawers of dreams by your-methamphetamineA piece of advice by DNA-The-Authoress
A Romance Novel by swansistersThings I'll tell you when you're older. by trembling-kneesWriter's Mask by Contradictory55Secrets by YogaTeacher
:thumb363570836:Crossing Ariel by crossing-arielclock by doodlerTM
The Forest by checkyeschloe:thumb332264491:
Time by Angelles-LaVeau
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