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I edited my journal and realized, that I have an Assassin's creed stamp in my stamp box. I haven't play that game for a long time now, and I decided to get rid of it. But the question came, 'what'll I put it in instead?'. The answer was simple. I got news about this game a couple of days ago, and I'm in a great fever about what I've seen. I can hardly wait the game to come up.
The stamp itself is not a big deal, I downloaded the picture from the official website, some cutting, resizing a pasting, and there we are. Hope someone put it in his/her journal. Diablo fans, rise! :D

Diablo and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries
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This was a gift from SlipGateCentral for finishing Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty.

SlipGateCentral lives here:
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i so kyoot.

You know, it would make a nice monster on RO : >
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Here is the Photoshop Template for my ID.

**Choose the Download option on the side to download this template!!!!***

To see this Template in action, Click Here!

The concept and initial layout is from :icontooaya: and I fully credit her for the idea.

The required Fonts are
Astro Gadget by Jason Davies
Manga Temple from
Cooper Std (came with my comp, not sure where to get...)
Alba by Fontalicious (Not necessary for normal edits)

Photoshop file updated in CS4. No guarantees this will work in any other version of Photoshop. If you've had luck with an earlier version, please leave a comment!

Here is a quick mini-tutorial for using the Template (It does require some intermediate Photoshop knowledge, If someone is willing to write up a more user friendly beginner version, please let me know and I'll include it and credit you.)

1. The "Deviant" layer is the picture of your Deviant ID, just replace/resize your image in this one's place.

2. To modify the Stat Diagram do the following...

A. Copy the Status layer style then clear the Layer and Layer Mask.
B. Edit the path in the Paths window to the shape you want, then Fill the path black in the layer and dark gray in the Layer Mask. The layer style will take care of the stroke.

3. Editing the Stat Text should be self explanitory. To change the Astrological sign, you must be using the Astro Gadget font. You might need to use the character map to find your sign, Aries is the letter a)

Feel free to add or remove anything you dislike (such as the second ability or the class) I strongly recommend, as :icontooaya: does that you pick a font for your deviant name that you feel represents you! In fact feel free to change all of the fonts in the layout, pick what you feel shows your style best!

4. To edit the stat bars, do the following.

A. to change the LENGTH of the stat bars, use the Marquee tool then use the transform tool to adjust the "StatusBarBackground" layer one bar at a time.

B. To adjust how FULL each bar is, first clear the Layer Mask for the "Progress" Layer then select the areas on each bar you want empty and mask off those areas.

5. The little Deviant Art platform was made because I drew my character at a 3 quarters view. If your character is not standing this way, feel free to hide the platform or use it if you like it!

Hopefully you'll find this tutorial useful! Credit goes to :icontooaya: for the original design. The character was painted in Paint Tool SAI. The layout was created in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and updated in CS4.

---People who have used this template----
:iconwesleyda: :iconlorvicmeow: :iconseikeimurasaki: :iconwhitekana: :iconmystafreya: :iconchaoharte: :iconcasiopiah: :icons0hei: :iconbetaoc: :iconcomx-1::iconpoly1100: :iconroxasfin: :icono-carminatee::iconakize-raifuri:

---Change Log---
V.1.2 - Corrected Color to conform to the newest version of DA and fixed typo
V.1.1 - fixed layer style problem with partially filled bars.
V.1.0 - Release
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Just a random single adopt~ Owner :iconiiskelion:

No particular lore on this one, but it was inspired by the Chinese huang (phoenix-like mythical bird)

-Do not miscredit.
-Owner gets high res, non watermarked file.
-May alter

Bids over $40 will receive a detailed shot of her sword (example
Autobuy will also receive an extra front-facing fullbody

Starting price: $10/1000 pts
Minimum bid raise: $2/200 pts
Autobuy: $70/7000 pts
Current high bid: AB pending :iconiiskelion:

Auction closes midnight EST 5/4/14

If you like my designs, watch my account for new auctions and open custom slots!
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I thought I might should maybe put a new ID up- it's been forever in a day.

So... A quick doodle of the Duchess Bianca, my 10th level rogue from my weekly 4e DnD campaign. I really am a nerd.
Also- Bianca rocks. I can't wait for our party to level up again... level 11 and Daggermaster paragon path- Here I come!
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Dungeons & Dragons - - My Version Photoshop - Cintiq
(I used a photo of the actor Brian Dennehy, as a reference to paint the Dungeon Master)!

Animated television series based on TSR's Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game!
The show focused on a group of six friends who are transported into the titular realm and followed their adventures as they tried to find a way home with the help of their guide 'Dungeon Master'...

FACEBOOK: [link]
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My Office.
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leman russ

original is about 6 times bigger here's the "small" version
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