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I had to get it out of my mind before it drove me mad. I've been playing Xenoblade again recently, and I've come to realize just exactly how much these two have come to love each other. Yeah, I knew they loved one another, but when you see their heart-to-heart's all over again, it shines a lot of light onto their feelings.

Thinking of doing a little sad fanfic between Keyara, Shulk, and Fiora. Everyone knows how Keyara went to Bionis and Mechonis before Shulk and the others were born, when Mechonis and Bionis were fighting. Well, Keyara goes down again to meet how Alvis has chosen, and becomes really good friends with a younger Shulk and Fiora, but when things take a turn for the worst, and Keyara has to leave, she can't let Shulk and Fiora remember her for it will interfere with the future. So, and even though it kills her, she has to erase their memory of her ever being in their lives, until she reappear's with Alvis. Of course, that is a IF story. IF I wanna do a fanfic like that.

Well, this is to satisfy the sad fact that there are very few Xenoblade pictures out there. Hopefully some more with show up soon.

Xenoblade and characters belong to Monolith Soft

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My mom just found her and we named her Dakota.
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I like the bg in this one also. Once again made by that CD design thingy. To get the original pixel art, go to the original of this picture. Anyways, there was a yin-yang version of the bg, but it looked horrible. It was too bright, when there should be more black to show the darkness consuming the light, and bg looked like the darkness was consuming the light, so I used it. ^^

original link: [link]
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base: [link]

base by: :iconcynder-dragon-spyro:

She is my Spyro OC for an upcoming fanfic, and for RP

This is her bio.

Name: Seina

Age: A child. (If you follow ShaloneSK, she's as old as Nina and Ash)

Series: The Legend Of Spyro

Family: Flarena-Mother. Carrol-Father. Spyro and Flame-Uncles. Cynder and Ember- Aunts. (Ian the Human Dragon-Cousin/Uncle) Ignitus, Volteer, Cyril, and Terrador-Grandpa's. Blaze- Soon becomes her Step dad

Ability: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth

Likes: her family, and their friends/allies.

Dislikes: All the bad dragons. Her dad Carrol, sometimes. She was told about Malefor so she hates him.

Personality: Kind, loveable, innocent, pure, smart, creative, hard to make mad, forgiving, forgivable, gullible, easy to amuse, very sweet, and lots want to be her parents.

Bio: She is very good with her elements, and she doesn't know why purple dragons are rare, when she is a purple dragon herself. She likes all the good dragons, and good things in life, and she is always begging her mom, Flarena, to take her outside to see the sites.
She doesn't know why she was hidden from everyone, and then her mother explains everything to her, and surprisingly enough, she knew understood, and knew why. She see's the Council of Dragons, and her mother's family/friends as adopted dad's, and mom's. Some dragons, and dragoness feel sorry for her because of her father, making her feel ashamed of herself at times. Her father scares her when she's staying with him, which causes Ignitus, Spyro, (Ian), and Blaze to get into a big fight with Carrol.
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N sighed as he watched Touko interact with her Pokemon. Her Samurott, Zoroark, Victini, Unfezant, Zebstrika, and lastly Reshiram. Reshiram was just smiling as Touko interacted with them all, and N couldn't help but smile also and looked at Zekrom, who longed to be beside his brother, to stop their battle.

"Should we enter?" N asked him, and Zekrom looked down at him before nodding.

"Yes." He said lowly so only him and N could hear.

N smiled as he let his own Zoroark out. He seemed confused as he looked around, at least until his eyes landed on Toukos' Zoroark. Zoroark blushed as he saw her, then again, with them being the last two of their kind, who wouldn't.

"Let's go." N said after he toke a deep breath.

They walked into the clearing in the forest, which made Touko gasp and stand up. Her eyes widened as she saw him. There was no way he was back. Touko couldn't believe it. He was really in front of her. N smiled a little bit, and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Hey Touko." N said smiling.

Before anyone could blink, Touko ran at him, and and hugged him. N was shocked to receive such a warm welcome. He thought she would be angry at him, but instead she's hugging him. N hugged back, and leaned his head against Toukos'. He hadn't seen her for a year, so she was 17 by now, and Arceus how he missed her. Zekrom smiled at them before smiling at his brother, in which Reshiram smiled back. Zoroark smiled as she saw Ns' Zoroark, and hugged him much like her trainer, and Zoroark gave a grin of his own. They rubbed noses, which made N and Touko smile, but they blushed also.

"I knew you would return, N and Zekrom." Reshiram said with a cocky smile.

"You always know." Zekrom said with a smile.

Toukos' other Pokemon gathered around them, and nuzzled up to N, especially Victini, since she had always had a fondness of N. Samurott suck to Toukos' side. He may like N, but he certainly wasn't gonna let him near Touko unless Touko told him to back down. N smiled after they all moved away, and N smiled at Touko, and Touko blushed.

"Remember the day we confessed?" N asked, and Touko nodded.

"Well, I'm staying for good, so..." N walked up to her, grabbed her hand, and smiled gently to her.

"This is something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time, but..." N leaned toward Toukos' ear so he could whisper this into her ear.

"Will you be my Princess?" N asked, and Touko blushed three different shades of red.

"N...are...are you sure?" Touko asked as she cupped his face so she could look directly into his eyes, and when she did, he was blushing also, but he had determination in his eyes.

"Yes Touko, I'm certain." N said and crushed his lips to her's.

Touko was shocked to say the least. Yeah, when they confessed they kissed, but this was different. It held longing, loneliness, love, passion, and everything, unlike their first kiss that held love, passion, care, and understanding. They had to pull apart so they could breath, and when they did, they smiled and held each other closer. Samurott sighed and looked away embarrassed, Unfezant gave a small smile to herself, Victini made a heart of fire, Zebstrika gave off small sparks, Reshiram smiled, and Zoroark leaned against Ns' Zoroark making him blush, and Zekrom gave a roar of happiness.

"Maybe we can put our past behind us Reshiram, and start anew?" Zekrom asked as he held a hand out, and Reshiram smiled as he shook his hand with his clawed wing.

"I'm willing to agree on that term." Reshiram said and Zekrom grinned.

N smiled at Touko as they finished listening to their Pokemon, and then Samurott sighed, coming up beside Touko, and giving N a protective look.

"As Toukos' starter Pokemon, I'll go ahead and warn you that if you so much as hurt my trainer even a little bit, I will use Hydro Pump to blast that pretty little head of yours off." Samurott threatened, and N smiled before patting his head.

"I would never harm Touko." N said smiling at him.

"We'll be quiet busy though." N said and Touko looked at him only to see him with a red face, his head turned away.

"Why?" Touko asked, and N pointed toward their Zoroark's only to see them disappear into the forest.

"Oh..." Touko said blushing red.

"But, so will we my Princess, or should I say Queen." N said giving a mischievous smile, and Touko gave one back.

"Yes we will, my King." Touko said as they kissed.
OMG, I love this pairing so much. Maybe even more than AshxMay, and CaliexSteven Stones. Anyways, this is from my Unova travel story, in which I will also have to make a few adjustments to Pokemon which will be pain to find the original chapter it's in. Lord help me. Anyways, I was bored, and wanted to do some more FerrisWheelShipping. This is when N comes back and asks Touko to be his Princess/Queen, since he still has that King/Prince act to him, he at least wouldn't change in that perspective. Their Zoroark's are gonna keep them busy for awhile, I can guarantee that. ^^

Anyways, hope ya'll like it. ^^
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This is something for MyLifeIsAnEpicAnime who participated in TraumaCenterFans's 2014 summer contest. Unfortunately there weren't enough entries so the contest was cancelled. Please give her entry a read, it's amazing: Naomi's Return: TraumaCenterFans Competition Entry

Anyway, she requested a drawing of Shulk and Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles. One of my favourite games and couple. Why? Because the way Shulk embraced Fiora after being reunited melted my heart. Those who have played the story may understand why.

The "symbol" in the Monado is Japanese for love, of course the characters in the game don't know this because Japanese is not a language they know.

I wish Fiora got into Super Smash Bros, she would have made an amazing Mechon fighter.


This drawing can be used as an icon if you want, MyLifeIsAnEpicAnime. Feel free to use it.
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This is an original Spyro character I redesigned from a long time ago. I put her in my style because, well, that big headed dragon thing just wasnt working for me.

Her name is Sizzle and that's her dragonfly Twinx XD I wanted to use her for a Spyro fanfic I intended to write. No, she's not his girlfriend or anything like that LoL. She's more of an annoying competitive friend to him. She appears once in a while and gives Spyro the extra-challenging tasks and games to do, and often wins them since she and him are evenly matched when it comes to power and skill. She fights right him from time to time when they aren't arguing, but overall they are good friends.

I originally just made her an extra random dragon friend for him, but since I decided her old tail tip design was boring, I used Ignitis' tail design, so she's now officially Ignitis' daughter.

Personality-wise, Sizzle's very egocentric (she and Spyro share this trait), intolerant, and abrupt. In a good note she's also very enthusiastic, talented, and intelligent XD She's very full of herself (more on skill and not as much on looks) but has good reason to be. Many people think of her as a real bitch, but hey, what do you expect from the envious? ;D

In my story, it was mostly going to be about the dragons (again) but more of a dragons testing the use of element transformation (idea inspired by Stratadrake, I've yet to ask to see if I can use the idea) where they use portals of some kind to change their forms to pure fire or pure ice or pure rock. All some kinda dragonology science. The key to this science is that each and every dragon is born at the same time as a dragonfly, which their spirits become linked. They feel each others' pain and pleasure and should either die, the opposite becomes extremely depressed and suicidal.

But naturally Hunter and Elora and some other characters from Year of the Dragon would appear and some even returning from A New Beginning. And the bad guy of this whole thing is a Spyro-type pint-sized dragon XD Cuz he's yet to face one! How challenging would that be to fight one your size and equal in power!

Anyway, now on to the review. What can I say about The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning? It was a good idea...but they went at it all wrong. Game play and all.

SPOILER ALERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STORYLINE: Now, I thought the idea of Spyro being raised by dragonflies was rather silly. Yet another "find yourself" episode once he realized he was a dragon. I would've liked it alot better if I actually...grew close to the characters that were Spyro's "mother and father." But by the time Spyro came to leave his parents, I knew so little about them, I just didn't care.

Spyro was way too trusting when he first found Ignitis. I did like that he and the others were kinda preserving the eggs until they were born. But what I wanna know is that why were the four guardians, Spyro, and Cynder the only dragons we saw? There must've been more, but we never saw them. But even so, Spyro just all out trusted the old dragon just...a little too fast for it to be belivable XD

The overall story of Spyro trying to defeat one of his own kind was pretty cool (at least this time they made the dragons look cool unlike in A Hero's Tail where they made them look like beer-bellied fucktards) But I'm thinking that since he's finding out his own species so fast, I don't think he'd be so hesitant as to fight one of them. I could be wrong, tho. The sad thing about this game was that it was WAY too short. I mean, we never even saw the Dark Master who Cynder belonged to. And it was just starting to get interesting after I defeated her too (i mean, for cripes sake this is like one of the only times you see Spyro actually INTERACTING with a dragon his size).

CHARACTERS: Whoever decided Elijah Wood should voice Spyro was on fucking crack and weed and everything in between. The voice would've suited him just fine for a younger role, too, if Elijah would've just kept Spyro in character! Yeah, Spyro was cocky SOME of the time. But the rest of the time (75%) he was all quiet and crap. Look, I know Spyro was new to the world, but that never stopped him before. Or...well...after, I should say. Even so, I didn't like Elijah's attitude for Spyro. It wasn't likeable to me.

Now...even tho I am totally against Sparx speaking with words at ALL, I think that if David Spade was not Sparx, the game would've been a comeplete waste of my time. He cracked a few funny jokes in there. But....I didn't like Sparx' design very well. Too macho for a YOUNGER him. EXACTLY was Sparx linked to Spyro so that LATER he changed colors every time Spyro got whacked? They should've given more HISTORY. After all that's what PREQUELS are for. If they're going to make these new Spyro games so short and storyless, they may as well make it a fricken TV series. I mean, they did it with Sonic and Donkey Kong and Mario after all (although, i dont remember if it was vice versa or not, but either way, Spyro is becoming a less-likeable game for his old fans)

Now...the four guardian dragons looked cool and all...but their personalities were SOOOOOOOO typical. Ignitis, the all-round good-guy wise leader person. Cyril, your typical snob (and naturally, since he's a rather cold personality, he's the ice element) Volteer is your typical thesaurus character who rambles. Not a terrible personality type...but I would've liked it alot better if they hadn't used the EXACT same personality on an electricity fairy in A Hero's Tail. Terrador was pretty cool, with his judging people on how they fight. Although he'd pretty much HATE me (XD) his attitude was pretty cool. Only thing I hated about him was his tail tip (it was a mace, not a very natural or good-looking trait for a dragon if you ask me).

Cynder was pretty cool too. She was my favorite character in this. Her voice was cool, her design was spiffin, and she kicked ass. I also liked how she became "good" and turned back to her normal form. That was very clever, and I must say I wasn't expecting her to be one of the lost dragon eggs (i was expecting her to be Spyro's mom or something) But she pretty much worked for the Dark Lord. And we never saw him. So it was basically like...ok, we turned you good....can we kick ass together now?

GAME PLAY: It was fun overall. I liked how Spyro was all HONG KONG PHOOEY on everything. But I must say, I miss being after to control him better when he's breaking into a run (or a head butt, which was what its originally used for, but EVERYONE used that attack to get around faster in the earlier games XD)

Never understood how the double jump could physically be possible for anyone, but I'm just glad that Spyro can get a longer glide in. I also miss swallowing rocks and stuff to shoot things down, but I guess that's what the triangle button in this game is used for (it basically turned his current element into a ball so he can shoot it at an enemy) The head-bash kicked ass as normal.

But the camera pans were VERY screwed up. It was fine some of the time, but it went out of control after a while.

The enemies in this game were very boring too. I mean, there were a few different enemies, but overall they were just evil Rafiki's only different colors in each world. I got tired of seeing them. However there were like THOUSANDS (and no, im not exaggerating) you had to defeat in every world you went. And it took forever to beat them, especially the large ones, which had armor, was throwing explosives at you, punching you, slamming you, and pushing you, all at the same time.

Alot of the times I didn't get a change to get a hit in, because Spyro would take so long to gain his posture back. I mean, you're only supposed to hit the O button to attack, but when I'm ambushed in this game, my brain doesn't say "hit the O button" it says "HIT THE WHOLE DAMN CONTROLLER"! So yeah, once you get going, it takes only about ten minutes to get through your enemies.

The use of Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Earth are becoming annoying. As far as I'm concerned, dragons can only either breathe Fire and Ice, but even so, they need to start thinking up some NEW things for Spyro to work with if they're going to continue to make Spyro games.

There were only five bosses in the entire game. Not very fun. But since the game is originally for kids 10+ I suspect that since they BOUGHT the game they wouldn't POSSIBLY want to fight boss battles.

Another thing that annoyed me was that unlike in the other Spyro games, it didn't save as you went along. You had to go through like ten cutscenes before it could actually save and you had a chance to turn off your PS2. And another thing that annoyed me was that once you beat the game, you had to start all over. You weren't allowed to visit places like in the old games. You weren't even allowed to view animated sequences (unless I happened to miss something) which was what I liked best.

-They thought about the prequel.
-Some pretty cool characters.
-Animated sequences were pretty and grabbed my attention. And were also action packed for the most part.
-Storyline had a good heart.
-Left room for another game to try and redeem themselves.
-Kung Fu fighting was a cool new thing.
-Diamonds were used for health instead of for nothing like in the games without Moneybags.

-Only answered but a few questions about Spyro's past.
-Gameplay was wonky.
-Unecessary amount of enemies.
-Plotline was weakly told.
-Original characters were a bit out of character.
-New characters weren't too special.
-Was way too short and anticlimactic.
-Same old elements and magic. Getting rather tiring.

I give it 2 gems out of 5.

I'd re-write my own prequel, but I'm starting to realize how full of myself I am XD
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we were in a skype call once and we were like "What if they did the do and timothy got preggers" and then this was born

they'd prolly have some fucked up lookin' shibe panda kids

Misha (c) DoctorHeiter 
Timothy (c) me
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Timothy: You sure you wanna do this? As soon as we start.... I won't be able to stop.

Haaaaa I wanted to do something with this fucker since my friends demanded that i'd do it ahha

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This is Seina in her dark and light form when she combines them together.

In this form she see's the souls of others, has:

Dark Fire
White Flame
her other elements.

She is both evil, and good in this form. She acts both ways, threatening and sweet. The down side of this form is she can easily switch over to either side of this form.

If someone is seriously hurt, and she can't heal, she turns fully black. If someone is hurt, but she has the strength to heal, she turns white. This is while she is still learning how to combine them.

(Later on, this is the only other form she has, because she combines them fully.)

base by: :iconcynder-dragon-spyro:
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