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- Name Oc: Nina Sporty Galanta

-Powers: Sports and Dance


-Dad: Rafaelo Sporty Dominican

- Mum: Jana Galanta Tenae

Her familily is rich (She is a princess)

Character. She is a very active, loves to go to stores to buy all sorts of things (except reading books). The books she reads only have pictures, as Sheyla, also likes. She is attractive to boys. He loves all kinds of sports ...

Color fav. --> dark blue , black and white.

Food fav. All

Part of base =EnchantingRainbow
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:squee: :squee: I loveee ittt !!!!! :D Is a comission for :iconashayay: Her oc Shina in romantix ^^ :) I hope you like it :hug: 18 :points:
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Welcome to the fourth screenshot for a member of H.E.A.V.E.N.S.!

You see here the leader of H.E.A.V.E.N.S, Melodia, at the end of transforming into Mew Harmonia. Her Mew Name represents the 'H' in the group name. She is the only Mew Mew with a normal name that links to her Mew Name. Her Mew Name is linked to her mother's Mew Name because they are both music-based (Her mother is Mew DJ Musica, and she is Mew Harmonia).

When her mother was younger, and a Mew, she only had half of the DNA she needed to be a Mew infused with her, giving her only half of the abilities she should have recieved. So one day, when she came into contact with some Blue Aqua, it infused her, filling up the missing half of the DNA, powering up her abilties, and giving her new ones. This power would then always somehow latch on a bit to any children she had (The Blue Aqua). This is why, when transformed, she has white wings as well, even though she is only infused with a bear.

Name: Melodia Summers

Gender: Female

Age: 15 / 16

Nationality: British

Parents: Elsa Summers / Mew DJ Musica / Mew Symphonic Musica & Liam Summers

Best Friend(s): Ellen / Mew Vitality Lucozade

Hair (Normal): Glossy Black

Eyes (Normal): Dark Brown

Associated Food: Sugar Mice

Talent / Favourite Hobby: Songwriting, Singing & Performing

Mew Name: Mew Harmonia

Colour(s): Lilac & Silver

Animal Infusion: Asiatic Black Bear

Mew Mark: Two lilac treble-clefs, turned upside down and opposite each other so they form the shape of a heart. Above and below the treble-clef heart is a small silver heart, and inside the space at the top of the treble-clef heart is a half lilac, half silver heart. The mark is located on the inside of her right wrist.

Weapon: Harmonious Headphones (A set of lilac headphones with silver decoration along the connecting section and a silver band around each of the sections that cover her ears. There is also a dark purple crystal heart encircled by a silver border and a silver candy wrapper shape set on each side of the sections that cover her ears. When she uses the weapon, around each wrist appears a lilac band with a matching heart like on her headphones set on the centre)

:bulletpurple: Manic Musica Smash-Down
:bulletwhite: Harmonia DJ Wrap-Up
:bulletpurple: Harmonious Blue Aqua Ring

H.E.A.V.E.N.S. Screenshot Series:
:bulletpurple: Melodia / Mew Harmonia (H): YOU ARE HERE
:bulletred: Liana / Mew Elderberry (E): [link]
:bulletpink: Sienna / Mew Abstract (A): Coming Soon
:bulletorange: Ellen / Mew Vitality Lucozade (V): [link]
:bulletgreen: Thea-Ann / Mew Edamame (E): [link]
:bulletblue: Alexa / Mew Night (N): Coming Soon
:bulletyellow: Miele / Mew Sunset (S): Coming Soon


Tokyo Mew Mew / Mew Mew Power does not belong to me because Mew Mew Moderna, H.E.A.V.E.N.S. (Next Gen. Tokyo Mew Mew), and my other OCs would be official if it did.

The base for Melodia / Mew Harmonia comes from #sugar-pixels [link]

The background for her End of Transformation screenshot comes from *YuniNaoki [link]

H.E.A.V.E.N.S. (Next Gen. Mew Mew Moderna) and Melodia / Mew Harmonia belong to me, ~RubyGlacierMew


:) Smiles all around :)
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Some more charmix's :)

This time Chantelle, Narissa, Angel and Cameron

I think i really like using this pose.... can you tell ^^

The charmix's were created by ~MirAnDa-Flame
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:D Cristalina in Charmix (The definitive) :love:

Awesome design by :iconmiranda-flame:
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Here's my new OC :)
This is Angela, the fairy of Magic. That means she can shoot magic shots and barriers, but she can also give someone more or less temporary magic energy.
I hope you like her :D

Base by =EnchantingRainbow
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This is the result of working so hard for 2 days! I really like it!
I hope you like it!

From left to right:
Lott - fairy of growth and sizes
Caro - fairy of love
Domino - fairy of games
Janet - fairy of snow

Base by =EnchantingRainbow
Wings by *Bloom2
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- Name Oc: Cristalina Mevolaine Luminos

-Powers: All . She holds a glass of powers inherited from their parents. With it, you can invoke all the powers that exist.


-Dad: Hades Mevolaine Reitore

- Mum: Lumina Luminos Reinee

-Uncle (from dad) : Ares Mevolaine Reitore

Her family is rich (She is a princess)

Character. She does not like pink! She loves reading and learning. Above all necromancy, symbolism, music, sports, history and science. Character is hard, but Sheyla, always manages to soften Cristalina. She is engaged to a soldier of the army of his father (Cristalina is the princess of Crystalia). But her boyfriend is a vampire / murderer, Dusk. Generally, it is often unpleasant to people.

Color fav. --> Blue

Food fav. All , excepting the fish.

Fuck yes! My Oc Cristalina in her definitive Magix Winx Transformation. For make this I used 4 months !!!!!! Im crazy of love for this ,but well... :heart: I put this gloves because in my opinion, are very elegant :love: . The shoes remind me of the song of shakira "the wolf" (for metal heels). And I love because I find I've done pretty well match their colors. I changed the color of her lips and hair. How about? I like these changes? (The wings are provided) :D Pleassee Commentt!! :hug:

All made by me :D
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Her Magic Winx outfit was originally created by ~elfkena [link] . I just added new wings to it.

Magic Winx: Read here [link]

Charmix: She earned her Charmix right near the end of her second year at Alfea. She was tempted by the Trix, who she accidentally ran into, into giving up her part-Xulem heritage, so she would be normal and be able to fit in more with everyone else. But to do this, she would have to travel to meet Lord Darkar. She did go and see him, leaving the rest of the Luminarix Club in a state of worry. But when she met him, something sparked inside her. She didn't really want to give up her heritage. It made her her, and she didn't want to stop being herself, even if it meant she wouldn't be normal. It was this belief that earned her her Charmix, and the ability to get safely back to Alfea.


Winx Club does not belong to me, because the Luminarix Club (and the Modernix Club, Next Gen. Modernix Club, Livix Club and all my other OCs) would be official if it did.

The base for Lexa was created by ~amber0productions [link]

The Luminarix Club, Lexa (Lexora - Fairy of Neon), and the Charmix design belong to me, and only me.


:) Smiles all around :)
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Magic Winx - On Celestis, any fairy that want to travel around away from the planet has to have at least their Magic Winx before they go. Solara didn't have her Magic Winx when she was due to go to Alfea, so she had to earn it, which meant she went to Alfea a bit later than the other fairies, because it took a while to find the right situation to activate her Winx. The right situation turned out to be the situation they thought wouldn't work, which was travelling through the deep underground tunnels of Celestis to the Lunae Temple at its core, where the ancient magic helped her to find the power inside herself to transform. Travelling here also gave her one of her special abilities, which happened to be her special weapon unique to her.

Charmix - ?

Solara Dusk Maylore

If we're meant to be together change the way you see the weather
Live for now, forget forever

On another midnight run, sniffin for trouble, unlucky for some
On another midnight run, I'll still be breathing come the morning sun

(Example - Midnight Run)

Alias: Sola, Solar, Owl (because she's partly nocturnal), Moon Girl

Status: Citizen of Celestis / Celestis' Lunam Puella (Moonlight Girl, which means she's the newest young descendant of the ancient powers of Celestis)

Species: Human / Fairy

Birthday: 5th November

Age: 18 (Modernix Club Season 6 - which made her 13 in Season 1 and 16 in Season 4, both Winx Club and Modernix Club Season 1 & 4)

Fairy Sign: Salamander

Powers: The Night. This means she has complete control over various aspects of the night, as well as limited star-related powers. Since she is also one of Celestis' Lunam Puella, she has the ability to summon a special weapon unique to her which she can channel her magic through and use as a normal weapon. For her, this weapon is what's known as Lunaris Gladius, or Lunar Sword. Lunaris Gladius is a special sword which as well as acting as a normal sword and object to channel magic through, can also light up dark places and unlock things that sometimes normal magic can't unlock. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this power. They work best at night or in dark places, and don't function as well in the day, and sometimes not at all. Her powers also make her partly nocturnal, so she sees best in dark places and at night, and she sometimes has to wear dark glasses during the day to block out some of the sunlight, because too much sunlight can hurt her eyes.

Theme Song:
:bulletblack: Midnight Run - Example
:bulletyellow: Paradise - Coldplay
:bulletblue: Say It Right - Nelly Furtado

Fairy Pet: Lunar (A jet-black pegasus with silvery feathered wings and a light pattern of silvery stars on the right of her neck)

Associated Pixie: Ember, Pixie of the White Phoenix. Ember is a rare pixie, and so would do well with a rare fairy. While Solara isn't really a rare fairy, power-wise, her title and some of her abilities make her special enough for her pixie. Ember helps Solara adjust to the responsibility of being chosen to help the Modernix Club, and that maybe being different and not like everyone else is a good thing. Both Solara and Ember also like to eat chocolate cakes, but Ember prefers white chocolate, while Solara prefers dark chocolate.

Affiliations: Alfea / Modernix Club

:bulletblack: ? (Father)
:bulletyellow: Jade (Mother / Fairy of the Milky Way)
:bulletblue: Luna (Older Sister / Fairy of The Day)
:bulletblack: Prince Damien of Celestis (Boyfriend from Season 7 onward / Specialist)

Barbie Movie Equivalent (EXTRA): Mariposa

Changes to Solara's Original Version:

:bulletblack: Like with most of the Modernix Club, her whole outfit has changed from the original. It still has the same colour scheme, but also includes her other colour - fuchsia.

:bulletyellow: Her skin has become paler and is the palest of the Modernix Club, but seeing as she's from a planet stuck in night-time and darkness, she or anyone else doesn't really get much sunlight to darken their skin.

:bulletblue: Her hair has also changed slightly from what it was. It's now not all thrown onto one side of her head, and is instead just normal down her back, but with a similar length. Her hair has also changed colour ever so slightly.

:bulletblack: This isn't really a change, but her Charmix is different from what I originally planned it to be. Her pin is a crescent moon and sun together, and her bag is a tinted-blue crystal / prism / whatever you want to call it. The pin represents her power and its opposite, which happens to be the power her sister has. The bag represents the fact that light passing through a crystal can create a rainbow, with little effort. Solara doesn't need to use much effort to do some things, but whatever she does ends up being good or better than others think it would be.

Now I KNOW I said I'd post Elena's Magic Winx and Charmix next, but I'm still trying to figure out her Charmix. It's turning out not very easy to represent her power of Hello Kitty in her Charmix without resorting to a Hello Kitty head, bow or a cat to easily represent it. I want to try and do something that represents it, but isn't something you'd usually associate with Hello Kitty. Any help here would be appreciated.


Winx Club does not belong to me, but the Modernix Club, my other Winx Club-based OC groups and my other Winx Club OCs do.

The base for Solara comes from ~amber0productions

The background for this picture(s) comes from *YuniNaoki

The Modernix Club, Solara (Fairy of the Night), this Magic Winx design and this Charmix design belong to me, ~RubyGlacierMew


:) Smiles all around :)
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