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Is the first time I do something like that XDDD
this pic is for all the people who have leave a comment, make a favorite, a watch or a view!! I wanted to thank you all... because your support means a lot :tighthug:
Aragorn and Boromir as the Argonath, enjoy!!


panish version....
es la primera vez que hago algo asi XD este dibujo es pa toda la gente que me ha dejado un comentario, hecho un favorito, un watch o una visita! queria agradeceroslo a todos porque vuestro apoyo significa mucho *abrazo asfixiante*

Aragorn y Boromir como los Argonath...aunque eso se entendia tb en ingles... :slow:

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:new:Edit! 06/07/2015 sooo I've been rewarded free time by life- LOL imaaa back wooo \ o uo/ and kinda changed him (rather clarified some confusing stuff). Sorry if no shading, and lame ugly drawing (actually this drawing was old... just saw this now lol). Migraine still being a migraine, but managed to draw woo \ o uo/

Name: Ryouko "Ryou" Shuuya

Age: 21 (yay he aged one year)

Gender: Male

Room: 3F 304

DoB: August 15

Job: Programmer of the "RNDOM Company" / GRADUATING Student of Center for Science and Computer Technology and Intelligence University (CTIU)

H/W: 5'8 ft and 54 kg

    + Girlfriend, Lainey Franca
    + Math & Science
    + Programming
    + Technology
    + Video Games
    + Anime & Manga & Cartoon
    + Toasted Siopao
    + Milk Bread (Toasted bread, but soft in the inside, and dip in condensed milk)
    + Milk foods
    + Rainy season / weather

    + The Occult
    + Ghosts (He doesnt believe in them)
    + Other stuff that cannot be proven in Science (exception is Religion. He doesn't want to touch that subject)
    + Sports (especially Swimming and Basketball)
    + Shell fish (allergic)
    + Sunlight (especially after a long time staying in his room)

    Smart in Math, Science, Technology and Logic
    Kind, Friendly & Helpful to both strangers & friends (in a logical way. He isn't gullible to fall into criminals and other stuff hehe)
    Inexperienced in Romance and Friendship but he tries his best to atleast make his girlfriend and friends happy with little experience.
    Very Lazy & Sleepy because he lacks sleep. (But he is struggling now to pass all his subjects to graduate this year)
    Determined / Hard-worker. Only when it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY / concerns Lainey. (if not, lazyyyy)
    Workaholic. If he is not lazy, and starts working, he will work non-stop. Only Lainey however could stop him.
    Vampire. That means he is sunlight-deprived, or hates sunlight because he stays long in his room doing studies / work)
    Gluttonious / Hungry. He is always hungry because he often miss meals when he is in "vampire" mode (or stay long in his room to do studies / work)
    Logical & Rational. He will only believe & defend w/c can be proved by side. 
    Kind and Strong-willed. He doesn't just cry in the corner. If you bully him / fight him, he will bully you .. in a kind way ~ He doesn't give up easily (unless he is very very lazy)

    He tries to be romantic with Lainey, trying his best to make her very very happy. 

    Ryou was a son of two smart people who wanted Ryou to became a very successful and intelligent man but Ryou was a total slacker. He failed most of his subjects up until he left their house, sick of the constant scolding upon him by his parents. He found the BOARDING HOUSE (also because it is big enough to be seen) and moved in there without any letters to his parents. He enrolled on the nearest top-university, without pressure, and finaly passed subjects. He became a successful programmer even landing a part-time job in one of the top companies of the country, RNDOM. 

    >> what happened to Ryou ? << 
    > February 2015. Ryou was invited (forced) by the RNDOM company in a business trip in the wild and go mountain trekking. He had no choice, because he would get fired (he doesn't want to leave because the company pays WOW). However, when they were in the mountain, their transportation (with their items it it) was invaded by monkeys and accidentally drove it and destroyed it. Ryou and the group had to survive the wild in a 1 month. Within the month, Ryou never really got buff, or got stronger, and was still that weak nerd. Thus, he fell from a tall spot onto the bushy forest. Ryou wasn't seen since then. The group also got lost in the wild, and continued survival, looking for a solution to help Ryou, and a way to escape.
    > March 2015. Ryou was found by his parents because of his mom. His mom felt something was weird with her "baby" and went to authorities to help her go in a rescue. She visited the dorm first (they always knew he lived in TBH), and had no answers. His mom just felt Ryou was in the wild. In 2 weeks, the group was found, and finally Ryou was found. Ryou was found also surviving, but on his own. Ryou learned how to light a fire, create a small shelter, and cook food. But Ryou was still weak, and Ryou was found very thin. His mom scolded him for going out alone, and thinks he is still too young to be alone. 
    > April 2015. Ryou had a small amnesia. He does not remember anything, but his identity, his school, and his work. He doesn't remember TBH. His parents moved Ryou out of TBH, and enrolled him in a university near their house. He also (forced himself) forgot his "survival" days.
                ... but Ryou couldn't stop thinking ... that he is forgetting something .. 
    > May 2015. Ryou remembers a pink haired maiden and constantly sees her in his dreams, along with other people who seemed familiar (TBH peeps). Ryou wanted to go out and see who this is, who he is forgetting. Ryou started to research on what is he forgetting, and finally found answers. Ryou doesn't remember much, but he knows TBH is something important.. the Pink Maiden is important ...
                    Ryou fought with his parents. He wanted to move back to TBH.. it was his home, no matter how strange it was .. especially the Lainey Franca, the pink maiden, was there... Maybe living in TBH could jog his memory and remember all of the detailed memories.. 
    > June 2015. His parents finally agreed to move him back to his old life. Ryou heads out to Aragen, enrolls in his old university, and the company welcomed him back. Ryou starts his conquest to remember all his memories ... 

            But something is wrong ... Wasn't there ... two owners ... or was it just his memories playing with him...
            ... Medio? ... Who? 

- He KNOWS his girlfriend is Lainey.. But he doesn't remember how... nor their dates together ... (rather, he remembers but his head aches )
- Has a habit of not wearing shoes (because he doesn't go out often)
- Even with the amnesia stuff, he is still messy and his room is still filled with cables and computers. CDs and CPUs you dont even feel like you're in a boarding room.
- He has this crazy addiction to always have up-to-date technology, and addiction in buying useless gadgets. (He has like 5 cellphones now)
- Even after the amnesia stuff, He is still workaholic. And still treats Lainey as a girlfriend, and his old friends as his old friends like before.. He just has a difficult time in remember what did they do in the past ... hehe 
- Ehem - > Required UnLame So serious Poem by Blackcaress

Ryou © me



:iconmilly-fox: ummm- i forgot to add the ahoge

ps. DO I HAVE TO MAKE A POEM!? :iconzoominplz:

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Trying out a slightly different style. I don't think I went far enough with it; maybe someday I'll be able to let go enough to do something completely different.

Paper texture [link]
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Alright. RP again, RP again.. :iconpapcryplz: But I’m so interested in this group and I wanna join RS so much~ Also, i wanna accompany my friends :iconlevoine: and :iconleonaru:~
And then, this is my little son. I got insipired to create him from my younger brother. I want to create a calm-gentle-bastard guy and I finished to create him! I hope I can RP with anyone sometimes, I usually RP on comment or note. I apologize for my bad grammar and thanks for viewing! Love you, guys~ :iconbrohugplz:

P.S : I edited him!

:iconrsgiu: :iconsaysplz: "Hello.."

Giusseppe Rollovio (His real name is Giusseppe Mancini)

Nick name:
Giu / Giusseppe





September 2nd

Calm | Ignorant | Gentle | Emotionless | Intelligent | Quiet | Careless | Lazy | Loyal | Sly | Brutal Inside | Genius |

Giusseppe is a quiet and emotionless guy. He has a double-faced character, if he meets the strangers, he will be a gentle and a kind man. Actually, he is a sly, lazy, and careless- He can be still relaxed although he was in a deadline because he knows everything will be done on the plan ( Genius-bastardo ) guy. He likes to plotting anything to help Giancio- his capo- and he is very loyal and not type of guy who likes to rebelling. He loves Giancio as a brother, acting likes a servant for Gian and trying to be a great partner for him.

He loves a racing battle like F1 or MotoGP and he is actually an introvert guy, but If there is someone who talk to him first, he will answer with a kind tone to makes his a good image to strangers

He was born from Italian mafia family. Because he is weak, his parents never took care of him since he was child and always said he is a failure gen and just incriminating his family. He was become neglected by his family and his family thrown Giusseppe in park when he was 6 years.

In desperation, hungry, and lonely, he founded by Rollovio family, he was taken by them as a family and they bring Giusseppe to their home. Giancio, their son (and his capo now) accept Giancio gladly as a brother. Rollovio's family realize that Giusseppe had a genius brain, although he is very weak at combat battle.

When he was 10, he knows that Rollovio family is a mafia, but he doesn’t care about that. He accept just the way they are. He knows Rollovio is a mafia and although he is weak, he is a brutal, naughty, and troublesome guy. He knowns with 'a backstabber bastard' name in his old school. He isn't directly approaching to anyone he hates and attack them. He realize that he is weak, so he loves to plotting. He is very genius, unlike Giancio.

And one day, when he was 15, he got a request from Rollovio family to help them kills Mancini famiglia— his family. Giusseppe never thinks Mancini is his ‘true’ family because he never get a good treatment and affection from them, so he decided to help Giancio with his brain and kills all of them.

And until Giancio ask Giusseppe to become his segretario and Giusseppe gladly accept that and trying to be a good segretario. And now his journey on Royale Scacchiera begin..

[SUCK! This is suck history!! Trully sorry for the bad grammar and stupid idea.. :iconpapcryplz:]

:bulletblack: Rollovio Family, especially Giancio— his capo
:bulletblack: Whisky, Vodka, etc (He is a bad drunker. He loves to drink and he likes a nightlife)
:bulletblack: Car and motorcycle racing (He loves MotoGP, F1, Superbike, and anything like that)
:bulletblack: Sleeping
:bulletblack: His laptop

:bulletblue: Someone who teasing Giancio or Rollovio famiglia (He will plotting to kill everyone who teasing Rollovio famiglia later)
:bulletblue: Sweets
:bulletblue: Spicy foods
:bulletblue: Elle Chang

:bulletred: He can write a different things with left-hand and right-hand in the same time
:bulletred: He is very weak. He just can setting the tactics behind, and trust me, he just can be a burden thing If you’re force him to company you to kills or intimidating someone. LOL
:bulletred: More than half of his laptop memory are full of list racing car or motorcycle, a record of racing, and anything like that, like F1 or MotoGP.


:bulletpurple: His capo : [link]

"Yeah.. He's my beloved capo and my foster brother. *sigh* Such a naive guy. He will trust everyone easily and I have to protect him from everyone who had a plan to kill him."

:bulletpurple: His Assasino : [link]

"Elle..? Who the hell is she? .. Oh. I remembered, she is Giancio's assasino, right? Ck, she just an annoying one."


Yup! DONE! If you wanna RP with me, note or comment below~ C’mon, guys! I don’t bite you! Also Giusseppe~

(c) :iconraveirre:
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Glorfindel & Gildor Inglorion
Inspired "LotR" by J.R.R.Tolkien.

Painted with Painter & Photoshop
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Ladies and gentlemen:
Truth is now acceptable
Fame is now injectable
Process the progress
This core is critical
Faith is unavailable
Lives become incredible
Now, please understand that,

I can't slow down
I won't be waiting for you
I can't stop now
Because I'm dancing
This planet's ours to defend
Ain't got no time to pretend
Don't fuck around,
This is our last chance

"Planetary (GO!)" by My Chemical Romance


I often find myself inspired by the music I listen to. For this piece, I was listening to Danger Days: True Live of the Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance on repeat. It's an awesome album, btw.

Anyway, these are my "Killjoys." They aren't really cannon to the album's story, but whatever. The one with neon teal hair is Courier, and the other is Shiloh.

Oh, and I love camaros btw.


Look Alive, Sunshine Speed Paint


Art © April, 14 2011 to Caitlin C.
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This is my App for :iconroyalescacchiera:

Name : Graccellia del Rass Grusselea
Age : 16
Height : 165
Birthday : 17 September
Famiglia : Rasshiersche
Position : Capo
- Bad Tempered
- Self confidence
- Stubborn
- Sore Losser

Likes :
- Father
- Sleep
- Battles
- Her gun

Dislikes :
- Noises

Graccellia is an orphan. Her parents died in an accident when she was only 1 y'o. She is from Indonesia.

She was adopted when she was 3 y'o by the Rasshiersche family because Cranzlea de Rasshiersche who is the head of the Rasshiersche family, wanted a daughter but didn't want to get married. Cranzlea once saw Graccellia demonstrating her marksmanship while throwing stones in a brawl with other orphans during a visit to Indonesia. Cranzlea chose to adopt Graccellia because he thought that she could become the next head of the family.

But his father's body gradually become weaker from year to year. Because his father wants his daughter to become the next head of the family, his father decided to send Graccellia to a Mafia School. If she didn't want to be the head of the family, Cranzlea would eliminate the Rasshiersche family from the world of Mafia.

Then, she went to Royale Scacchiera to study what she needs to study.
She always do things on her way and doesn't want to listen to opinions of others. She's really really stubborn and always wants to win from the others.
She met Aisha before she entered the school. Aisha is a daughter of the ShangHai Mafia. She became Graccellia's underling in order to learn how to become a Capo because Aisha went into the assasino class.

The gun She's using is her Father's. Her father gave it to her when she's going to enter Royale Scacchiera and also because she's really good at shooting.

The languages she knows are English , Mandarin ,and Indonesian.

Related Character : :iconjenie97:
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This is how Souta spent his summer :iconimsotiredplz:

From right to left:
Father who can see spirits
Mother who is very hyper

Hey..What would you do if you were walking in the park and suddenly a woman with strange eyes and hair approached you and asked you to take a picture of her and her family?

And then when you said "yes" she pulled her son who looks alien-ish and her husband who's talking to himself?


And Le father is actually carefree and Souta worships him for his skills on avoiding the hyped up mother :iconheplz:

Anyway~~~ They all belong to me :iconimsotiredplz:
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wuawua Wish I get in.
Did I get the uniform right???

Felix di Poverelli

16 - Male

Famiglia le Salvezza


Felix is an Optimistic, Kind and Friendly Teenager who likes to play and put pranks on people. He may care for his friends, but no one can stop his sadistic behavior, lusting for people to torture "play" with. Also, he is very competetive, and does not give up easily. He treats anyone as a rival, but never an enemy.

South Italy,
Felix was just a son of a poor woman in named Luce. They became thieves just to survive this cruel world. They stole from any kind of person, until one day, they stole from a wealthy mafia family. The family captured Luce and his son and forced them to work for the family forever. Luce was forced to 'entertain' the men and became their private maid. The family found out that Felix was talented in making cocktails and ordered Felix to become the bartender of the Family.

One day, the head of the Family, Timoteo, came to Felix alone, depressed and requested Martini from Felix. Timoteo suddenly told Felix some insults about his mother. That she was a 'trash, a slut, worthless woman who'll never be useful'. Felix was insulted after hearing those. He got a wine bottle and smashed it onto Timoteo's head. He killed him, ripped him mercilessly. The followers came, but they were all imprisoned in Felix's rage. Of course, he was wounded and cost him his left eye. Because of this massacre, he caught the family's discipline and obedience, and claimed the Family. He gave the throne to his mom, and Felix became the man who shall punish disobedient men of his Family. They renamed their family "Familia de Salvezza".

Reason of joining Royale Scacchiera:
He heard of this school training young people to raise their Mafia. Felix joined RS, to spread his new Family's power and his strength. He wants his family to be feared of, and never underestimated. And also, he wants to eradicate families who dare hurt innocent people.

:bulletblue: He's good in being a bartender, making cocktails and stuff and is very intelligent when it comes with wine.
:bulletblue: He likes using knife than gun since he's not that accurate (you know, his left eye is blind desu)
:bulletblue: During his poor times, animals were his only friends. Even if he was hungry, he'd never cook them. Since then, he liked animals and tend to play with them.
:bulletblue: His surname Polveretti means "Poor". And their familglia name "Salvezza" means Salvation.
:bulletblue: His scarf was an expensive gift from his mother when he was 7 years old. Since they were poor, Felix treasured the the gift. (Note, They did not steal the scarf. His mother bought it)

Animals || Food || Friends || Cocktails and Wine || Fights ||

Stupid Fights || Crime || Boastful People || Mean Mafia Families

Did I do everything right????
Q_Q Err, if there's an error, please inform me.
I'll draw the tie, after being sorted right??

Felix (c) Me :iconhikarikyoumei:
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