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A pic a long time ago done by my buddy :iconzanpakuto-leader: and guess just posting it now.

Here we see Shiro Morimoto ( <<<his look now) I would go say to go fave the original but Zl didnt post, but thanks for the pic man!

Blaze Kagayaku Vs. Shiro Morimoto, gettin' real man :)


Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
Shiro/Art (c) :iconzanpakuto-leader:
Blaze (c) :iconblazekagayaku:
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Here is my first Paypal Commission ^_^

Commission for :icondarck9:
Anime Screenshot of several people's arracncar OCs invading Karakura town ready for battle

From left to right...Yuurei Ceifer,Sayuri Yamura,Xenethis Chimera,Emilia(dont know her last name),Ser'noth Teufel,and Vegnola(dont know her last name)

Enjoy!! :D

Yuurei Ceifer © :iconskurasa:
Sayuri Yamura© :iconmasuyoaraki:
Xenethis Chimera © :iconxprodigy:
Emilia © :iconredpineapple97:
Vegnola © :iconunicornchen:
Ser'noth Teufel © :iconamadalia:
Artwork © Me
Bleach © Tite Kubo

If you like this artwork check out my last deviation:
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*This is a commission drawn by the talented ~Tsundere-girl. I would appreciate it if you take a look at their gallery if you appreciate the art, or be so kind as to comment on the original piece with your words of praise. All of the people I commission are fantastic artists who deserve proper attention.*

Leiko: Mine are bigger! *smiles and brushes her hand against Rangiku's hair*

Rangiku: Wanna bet? *smiles and presses her hand to her breast*

RAN-CHAN'S ARE BIGGER!! Leiko is just cocky and beautiful XD lmao omg jkjk Leiko is just cocky

So here is basically how Ran-chan and Lei-Lei met! C: Talking about their boobs, then they got drunk XD lmao and ever since then they are bfffffs. And uh no they are not a pairing, so don't ask... Even though that'd be sexayyyy

But yes, enjoy their derpiness.

Leiko (c) *XBrokenRiversX
Art (c) ~Tsundere-girl
Rangiku (c) Tite Kubo
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Commission for :iconamadalia:

Bleach: Tite Kubo
OCs: :iconamadalia:
Artwork: Me

So here you have a little chess match between Mia and Nao :) Nao´s looking likewhat the hell is going on...well chess is something I guess Mia excels in... :)

The topic of the pic was having fun...and I couldn´t imagine her playing some sports or I hope you like it like this.

Daily Task: Do you go to town on friday/saturday evenings?
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So yeah... since it's been a while since I drew something Bleach-related, I decided to draw my Bleach OC Miharu Hamano! :D

*EDIT: The whole description I've made for her is reeeally
long, but I'll just write a few of the things here:


First Name: Miharu
Last name: Hamano
Visual age: 17
Class: Shinigami
Squad: 13th division
Rank: 3rd seat (after timeskip)
Zanpakutou: Daten-shi /Fallen Angel/

Shikai: Furaito, Daten-shi (Fly, Fallen Angel)
Bankai: Daten-shi Jōshō (Fallen Angel Rises)
*While using Bankai, Miharu's eyes become yellow-ish*

Family: None
Best friend: Fujiwara Nanaho, 14 (OC by *LoviIce)

*When using Shikai her zanpakutou transforms into a giant skythe

*She has a short temper

*She's uncomfortable in skirts

*She had an older brother once who was in the same division as her, but he was killed by a hollow on a mission they went on in the Real World. The whole situation involved both Miharu and her brother, but as Miharu got badly injured, she couldn't save her brother, and he was killed right in front of her.

*She blames herself for her brother's death, so she's training to become stronger (maybe more than what's good for her).

*Ever since her brother died, she never cried even once.

*She's especially good at sword combat, but isn't very interested in spells, even though she can the basics.

*She can be kinda clumsy sometimes.

*Bullies are scared of her.

*She likes penguin related things (similiar to Rukias bunny obsession).


Time: 9+ hours
Made with Painttool SAI & (a crappy) Trust Tablet

*This character belongs to me and you're NOT allowed to use her without my written permission!*

Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
Hamano Miharu (c) Me
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I'm very very happy because finally I can submit this!! This draw takes me a loooooooot of time, (I don't remember the time exactly) and now I don't have some work (only two and my last commission is (Finally too) in good way, my inspiration returns!!!
Well about this draw...the idea was simply, I want a Fullbody about my Jus Jus and then I think put some parts of her live ^^
The first, she's in human world with her cousin Yusuke, Yoshi Kyohei, Doumeki and Yoruki, but Yusuke tell Jus Jus something perver and Jus Jus looks Yusuke and say "You're idiot?" XDDD
The second (Under the first) is one day in Gotei, she is looking for her captain Gin and when she found him gives Gin more work, and say "After your work, you can go to walk Gin"
The third (when Jus Jus cry) it's very sad, because it's when she tell Izuru that Gin is a traitor.
And the other two.. it's time with Kyohei ^^ in the first Kyohei appears a bit and the second it's ecchi with the glasses and shirt of Kyohei XDDDD

I hope you like it ^^ And I'm thinking including this as an option for my commissions.
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Surprise!!! Another Bleach OC XD This time is an OC for "Bleach Next Generation" Her name is Maya, and is pairing with Hideoni Hisagi, a Serenity OC.
Here's a draw of the pairing:

I need finish the profile, I only need put information about Zampakuto and it's finished it, so.... somebody can help me with mistakes?

Kodoku Maya::iconjusace:
Bleach:Tite Kubo
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Another Point Commission done ^^ This time is for my dear friend BuntyFish, she asked a draw of her pretty OC reina de los Cielos ^^ I love her, she's so pretty and I want express this with Peach flowers and a calid colour (Yellow) wjth Hueco Mundo ^^
Black!! Son of a &%$&% You failed again *cry*

Reina de los Cielos::iconbuntyfish:
Bleach Tite Kubo
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I did NOT draw this, this was drawn by the wonderful *unicornchen.

"Cause I'm on the up and up
I'm on the up and up
And I haven't given up
Given up on what
I know I'm capable of
And I'm on the up and up
I'm on the up and up
Yeah there's nothing left to prove
Cause I'm just trying to be
A better version of me
For you
A better version of me
For you"

"Up and Up" by Relient K - [link]

That was the song that came to my head right when I saw this picture...I don't know, just the expression on Mari's face shows how she's matured and all that she's been through, and how she can get better, so I thought the song was the perfect fit~ Very upbeat, I'm a big fan of Relient K. :heart:

Hope you all like this! <3

Marise © amber-sky (me)
Bleach © Tite Kubo
Artwork © unicornchen
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end (crying tears of happiness infinite :iconcryforeverplz:)
misplaced after having finally found it! xD I can not believe that misplaced in the PC business until I'm the last straw!
fee for the beautiful :icontygerlander:
your oc katrina with izuru <3333 nyaaa
she is so cute <3

I hope you like!!! >//////////<


al fin al fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!! :dummy:
termine (llora lagrimas de felicidad infinita:iconcryforeverplz:)
despues de haberlo traspapelado al fin lo encontre!! xD no puedo creer que traspapele trabajos hasta en el pc soy el colmo!!
comision para la linda :icontygerlander:
de su oc katrina con izuru <3333 nyaaa
ella es linda me recuerda xion de KH <333

espero le guste >///////////<

Bleach & Izuru Kira by Tite kubo
Katrina Lau by *Tygerlander
Art (crappy) me~
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