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BEHOLD! My mega-epic Captain Commander of my Seireitei Universe.

Takehiko Moro.

Thank you to *Zanpakuto-leader who did his original design.
Thank you very much to *Quirkilicious for then original sketch. :la:

Yeah, his reiatsu is a split colour thanks to his Zanpkuto Spirit that have varying powers and personalities.
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*This is a commission drawn by the talented ~Tsundere-girl. I would appreciate it if you take a look at their gallery if you appreciate the art, or be so kind as to comment on the original piece with your words of praise. All of the people I commission are fantastic artists who deserve proper attention.*

Leiko: Mine are bigger! *smiles and brushes her hand against Rangiku's hair*

Rangiku: Wanna bet? *smiles and presses her hand to her breast*

RAN-CHAN'S ARE BIGGER!! Leiko is just cocky and beautiful XD lmao omg jkjk Leiko is just cocky

So here is basically how Ran-chan and Lei-Lei met! C: Talking about their boobs, then they got drunk XD lmao and ever since then they are bfffffs. And uh no they are not a pairing, so don't ask... Even though that'd be sexayyyy

But yes, enjoy their derpiness.

Leiko (c) *XBrokenRiversX
Art (c) ~Tsundere-girl
Rangiku (c) Tite Kubo
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Words. :iconbleachfangurl: :iconamadalia: Edit by by :icocSilenceIzumi:
Story. :iconamadalia:
Masuyo. :iconbleachfangurl:
Blaze. :iconblazekagayaku:
Art. :iconbyaku17:
Bleach. :icontitekuboplz:

Chapter One

Chapter Three

Alright everyone. Here is Chapter two. I know this one is a touch slow two, but it takes time to get to the juicy bits.
I want to think everyone who let's me use there characters in my fanfic.

If you want to know more about Blaze. Follow this

He is one of the best fanfic writers out there. I love his work and you should check him out for sure.

Also, people asked me about Masuyo. and what does she look like and such. Well I had a few pictures of her and Ama made

If you want to know anything about the story or any of the characters, just let me know. I'll answer whatever you want.

Much love


Chapter 2

{Hueco Mundo, Present Day}

Masuyo looked across the dead dunes of Hueco Mundo and couldn't help but think back to that night once again. That night when Amadalia had saved her from the Hollow that had taken over her. She knew that Amadalia hadn't told her the whole truth and she just couldn't help but question whether that night was even real...

{Soul Society, Years ago.}

The morning after the incident with her inner hollow Masuyo awoke in a Squad Four medical bed. They were remarkably soft and warm but they didn't help with her memory from the night before. All of it was a blur and she couldn't remember anything but the occasional flash. "A-Ama?" She quietly choked out as she tried to sit up, but only to find a nurse pushing back against her. Gently she lay back down as her eyes looked up at the woman of squad four. Like many in squad four she had a warm and comforting smile.

"Shh, Don't worry. Your friend is in the room next door resting. You two got yourselves into quite the fight. Your wounds healed up strangely fast however.." The nurse couldn't help but say the last part. Her mind had continued and her lips had continued with it despite the fact she likely shouldn't have said it to the girl. Picking up her clipboard she scribbled a few notes. "Would you shift a bit please? Tell me if you feel any hint of tenderness."

Masuyo followed her instructions and despite finding a bit of soreness left in her muscles she noted it wasn't unbearable. She wanted to get out of here soon and wouldn't say anything that would change that. "Mmm, not much. I'm fine really." Attempting to sit up Masuyo was happy to find that the Nurse allowed her to do so this time.

A thundering of footsteps approaching caught both the nurse and Masuyo's attention. Before either could comment to one another however the doors slid open to reveal the bright red haired man as he came flying into the room. The man was no other than the Captain of Squad Fourteen Blaze Kagayaku. Masuyo, and many another, had heard of him before but never actually met him. He could be seen visibly panting and it brought to mind a thought. Just how long had this man been running?

Blaze spoke with ragged breathes interrupting his own speech. "I'm.. I'm sorry.. I got a report about two injured Shinigami. Then, on my way here there was so much blood in the road..." He struggled to explain it to the nurse who only nodded to his ramblings.

"Yes, of course Captain. Two shinigami were injured last night.." She omitted the fact a third had been present as she answered calmly.

Blaze's attention shifted to Masuyo and nodded towards her. "I'm guessing this girl was one of them? Then the other one was..?"

The Nurse cut him off before he could even finished his query. "With all due respect Captain, I think it would be best if we let her get some rest." With a surprising amount of force she pushed Blaze out the door.

Byakuya pushed in through the other door and glanced over to the nurse. "If you don't mind I would like to speak to her alone for a moment." The nurse only scowled some and left after bowing. Byakuya had a habit of being intimidating much more so then Blaze was. Turning to Masuyo Byakuya spoke again, "Now, Last night, Tell me everything that happened."

Masuyo looked over at him in confusion. "Y-you were there.. you saw what happened to me.. and Ama."

As if Byakuya wasn't usually a serious enough person his face showed a seriousness today that many would never see from him. "You know what I meant and that was not it. I'm talking about everything that happened with that Arrancar."

"I don't know.." She looked down at her feet as she tried to remember. The memory blurred she couldn't think of anything.

Byakuya practically growled as he stared her down. This girl was quite stubborn indeed he mused. "You will tell me."

Masuyo resisted the urge to pout as she replied. "I said I don't know! I can't remember anything.. my memory is too foggy. All I remember.. is the Arrancar and than that... the hollow took me over." Shifting she could feel Byakuya staring coldly at her before he finally walked out of the room to return to his barracks.

Following him Masuyo slipped into Amadalia's room only to see that she was sleeping. Pouting some she spun around and headed back into the hallway only to see the redheaded man from before. "I don't think we've met, I'm Captain Kagayaku of squad 14."

Masuyo smiled and bowed to him, "Pleasure to meet you."

Blaze leaned against a wall and looking over to Masuyo smiled. "I see you're feeling better?"

Masuyo smiled and nodded as she looked down at her feet. "Yes... Captain."

"Come now, there is no need for such formalities." Blaze smiled at her once again. Plucking one of those yellow rocks from his pocket he tossed it up and down in the air.

Masuyo, before Blaze could even ask, spoke. "Alright, before you say anything at all! I have no idea what that is!"

Blaze smiled and laughed some. "Come now, I was just asking how you were feeling nothing else." Slipping the rock back into his pocket Blaze blinked in surprise. "Eh?" It had begun to glow once again now. "Surprising..., This rock is made of some kind of Sekkiseki stone.. much like the walls of the Seireitei. For it to glow like this..." Blaze's eyes flashed for a second and flash stepped forward grabbing Masuyo, "LOOK OUT!"

The front of the Squad Four Barracks exploded into a fury of rock and debris as an explosion rocked the building. Had Blaze and Masuyo waited only a second longer the duo would have been caught in the explosion as well. Thankfully for the both of them Blaze seemed to have figured out what the rock was doing at the last second. Landing safely post flash step Blaze held Masuyo in his arms as he overlooked the trashed barracks.

"Wha-what just happened? Masuyo muttered in shock as she squirmed some in Blazes grasp.

"Damnit, I should have sensed it earlier." Blaze cursed as he looked around and noticed the cause of the explosion. Setting Masuyo down Blaze jumped down, "Stay here."

Masuyo gathered herself and realized that Amadalia was still inside of the barracks. Leaping down she headed into the left front to search. "Ama is still in there..."

Blaze looked over towards the shadows and drawing his Zanpakuto spoke. "I'm Captain Kagayaku of Squad Fourteen. You have one second to tell me your name before I turn you into ash." Blazes earlier friendly and casual tone had turned into one of harshness and it showed his seriousness now.

The figure he had addressed stepped out of the shadows wearing a cloak much like BlackDove had been wearing the night before. "You Shinigami and your titles. Why is it that you always need to prattle on about your titles?" The figured sighed and removed his cloak and revealed he was in fact another Arrancar.

Blaze scanned the figure as he held his blade tightly. Behind him Masuyo was looking for survivors and he had no intent of letting this Arrancar through to get to her. "How the hell do you damn Arrancar get into the Seireitei?" Blaze questioned. His voice clearly annoyed now.

The Arrancar held a finger over his mouth and smiled as he laughed. "Now.. that would be telling."

Blaze sighed as he leaped into the air. He was clearly not in the mood for jokes unlike his earlier casual tone around Masuyo. "Hado 31: Shakkaho!" The red blast of spiritual energy grew in Blaze's hand shot forth before hitting the Arrancar in the chest knocking it back into a far wall. Jumping up from the crater in the wall the Arrancar growled and slashed at Blaze with his blade.

All the while during the battle Masuyo was looking for Amadalia with no luck. She had unfortunately found a nurse. Masuyo pondered the tight spot. If she left the nurse she'd die but if she didn't keep looking Amadalia might just die herself. The pause only took a moment before she reached down and brought the Nurse's shoulder over her own and carried her away from the battle.

"Is this all a Captain can do?" The Arrancar cackled out as his blade came crashing down against Blaze's own. "You've done little to nothing against me! You are WEAK, and now? Now you're alone!"

Looking back behind him he noted that Masuyo and the nurse were gone from the range of the fighting. A small smile crossed his face as he pushed the arrancar back for a little space. Closing his eyes eyes for a moment to concentrate he spoke. "Thanks for pointing that out, now I can fight with even more power. I didn't want to before, can't be harming innocents."

Holding his hand against his Zanpakutou Blaze released his Shikai. "Kewashii Furea, Grim Flare." The blade itself transformed into a bright red hue and transformed itself in his hand. Flames springing forth from the blade and sparkling around the air around him. "Now you ass, I'm turning you to ash!"

The Arrancar simply rose an eyebrow and placed his hand out in front of him. The trademark crimson hue of an Arrancar's basic Cero replaced by that of a bright green one.

"Yeah, Thats not going to hit me and you know that!" Blaze spoke with a slight cockiness returning to his tone as the Arrancar fired off the Cero. Stepping out of the way with a minor flash step the Cero didn't even land anywhere near him. Blaze looked back behind him with a puzzled look knowing now that it was never intended to hit him. A shock and disgusted look as the Cero crashed down on Amadalia as she climbed out of the debris. Blaze's face grew cold and emotionless in shock as his friend appeared to have died before him.

"Hahah, You know that worked better than I thought! Goodbye captain!" Turning the Arrancar moved to Sonido off. A look of surprise crossing his pale face as Blaze already appeared behind him. "Damnit, how did you know where I was..-"

Blaze didn't allow him to finish his sentence before his words could even leave his lips he cut the fool down. Anger, sadness, mourning all of it apparent on his face as he lived up to his promise and turned the Arrancar into nothing but ash. Dropping down to his knees Blaze's cold and pale face looked out over what was remaining of Squad Fours barracks and his where his friend had fallen. "Moonsong... I"m.. so sorry."

Amadalia, from behind, interrupted his grief stricken words. "What are you sorry for Captain?" Amadalia was behind him, admittedly still smoking from the Cero having hit her.

"M-Moonsong!? But.. I saw you get hit by that Cero!"

Rolling her eyes Amadalia looked at Blaze. "Seriously, Come on now Captain. I'm faster than you think." Brushing herself off she looked back to him. "You think Hakuda and Zanjutsu are the only things I know? I work on Hoho as much as I can as well. Don't get me wrong though that Cero was pretty close to hitting me."

Blaze examined Amadalia knowing full well she was more injured than she had let on. Smiling anyway he stood up and slapped her on the arm. "Good to know your alright then Moonsong!"

Amadalia gave him a weak grin and a pained look as he smiled cheekily. "Erm... Thank you.."

{Hueco Mundo, Present Day}

Looking back on that day Masuyo remembered the falsities of it all. Amadalia hadn't been sleeping, She knew Blaze, how Blaze had hidden things from her when they talked, and most importantly that they hadn't noticed her on the wall watching them talk.

Little they all knew how much that those few days events would change the lives of everyone in the Seireitei forever....
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Yup. I draw she again. Finally~~
But... i drew some pic, just i don't scan yet. >.<
Sorry... please, you give me little time~

So... She is Kajiyama Hanae *W*
From :iconsquad0: She is a 18th seat.~

Kajiyama Hanae (C) Me
Bleach (C) Kubo Tite
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I did NOT draw this, this was drawn by the wonderful *unicornchen.

"Cause I'm on the up and up
I'm on the up and up
And I haven't given up
Given up on what
I know I'm capable of
And I'm on the up and up
I'm on the up and up
Yeah there's nothing left to prove
Cause I'm just trying to be
A better version of me
For you
A better version of me
For you"

"Up and Up" by Relient K - [link]

That was the song that came to my head right when I saw this picture...I don't know, just the expression on Mari's face shows how she's matured and all that she's been through, and how she can get better, so I thought the song was the perfect fit~ Very upbeat, I'm a big fan of Relient K. :heart:

Hope you all like this! <3

Marise amber-sky (me)
Bleach Tite Kubo
Artwork unicornchen
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I told you these were all going to be pencil right? haha I hope no one is disappointed/ was expecting anything...brilliant...~ (Especially considering I did few most oops from memory since I couldn't download the refs ^^; Sooo sorry if I epically screwed up your OC, let me know if I did :P

And if you want yours separate I can send it to you... or if you want me to clean up and color it I'll trade you/take some points I guess ahah

Anyway! We've got:

The druidess Nifre Mapleheart who belongs to ~Darix-Dragon

The fullbringer Watashi Oono who belongs to *Crimson-Agony

The arrancar Kaminari who belongs to ~SkyeLentNight

The arrancar/captain Emily Catari who belongs to ~xTAiNTEDX3L0VEx (and I think I drew her differently from the ref you gave me)

The visored Naoya Kitamura who belongs to ~Kite2014 (yes that is a bra... he stole it from one of the other OCs here I guess? Sneaky man)

The shinigami Saya Ketsukei who belongs to =sayaketsu

The shinigami Niara Yamato who belongs to ~scorch62msc (sorry I kind of had to wing the hair a little... and I'm sure she doesn't wear her haori like that but anyway *hides*)

Charlie Morelli (who is mine) and Etsuko Hayashi (who is *PeachesTheDragon in a scene from a fic she wrote for me~ (I kind of... had to make up Etsuko's face :P)

Jo Morelli (who is mine) and Shiro, a pet cat belonging to =Ankoku-Sensei's OC... meeting... lol (cats hate Jo because of her merge with Trickster- to them she 'feels' like a coyote of some sort)

The airbender Shihana who belongs to ~SHINeeSHAWOL4Life

And all requested by *Lanokir:

Luca, who I had to cut short because armor makes me want to simultaneously jump for joy and also kill myself, belongs to *AlbinoEisbaer

The fullbringer Iris who belongs to *MyangHime

The quincy Sophia who belongs to ~SKurasa

And he also requested *Crimson-Agony's Reaver but I already drew one of his OCs so no more soup for you

Okay I feel like people might actually be disappointed in these *crawls away and hides forever* until I finish the rest of these
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I seen a lot of really good action or attack pic, and i want too for Hanae >w<.
So i try and maked this it.~ Yup..she look another with a very long hair and three blue points her forehead. Because she trans Anzai, in the Bankai form.
Yeah~ Anzai Sukurīmu!
But this is not a full Bankai power.....:3
So..i try some new effects... and i hope you like it. ^3^

Bleach (c) Kubo Tite
Hanae Kajiyama, Anzai (c) Serahime-hana (me)
Art by Me
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Ahh.. I wanted this a long time ago...but i didn't make it, but when i saw my dear friend cover art about her OC, i know..that i want to now~ So i making.^^
I working a lot of this art about Hanae, because i try another shades and colores. :3 and the reason..that i wrote the 3, because i very love this number~ And my friend wrote the 4 XD
So...her work:

Bleach (c) Kubo Tite
Manga cover type and words (c) Shounen Jump
Art and Kajiyama Hanae (c) Me :3
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Request from :iconulquiorraespada4:

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Art. :iconshrimpheby:
Character. :iconchikararyoku:

Like always I thank :iconshrimpheby: for her amazing work.

This is another contest picture I had done of :iconchikararyoku: OC Mathew

I found this picture on his page

So this is what got done for him. I hope you like it dear
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