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well this is an little project made by my friends and me,
game design by Eduardo Barillas
code by Zhonghua Liu
code made at flash script 3
I just did the character design and animation :)

Music is all free copyright it's made by multifaros, the factory
(and the others sound tracks used in the game are all free music)

you can play it here:

we hope to do a better work next time
I hope you like it :)
try it and let us know what you think :)
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I was commissioned by the Chicago Bulls to do a little animation thing for Derrick Rose, so they have something to play on the jumbotron when he does awesome shit on the court.

It goes by super quick, but I'm really proud of it. It was a fun project!


PS - You can watch this in higher quality on Youtube: [link]

(I'd prefer it if you watched it there)
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I think this is the final time I'll be posting this, I have the rest of the day to touch up any bits I feel need fixing but overall I think I have a final result. if you have any suggestions I could fix within an 11 hour period I would love to hear them.

I'm certain I wont get 1st place with this, but I hope to at least get top 10 or something lol. Either way I had so much fun making this and its been a great learning experience which I can use for future projects.

forgot to mention.. sound is provided by the 11 second club from the film "O Brother, Where art thou?"
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Just another all-nighter at the office, right?

Animated short made in my second year at the Utrecht School of Arts. This version still has my own sound effects, but will be replaced with someone else's in the future.

This version is quite low-res. To watch the 720p version: [link]
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[last few frames, and about 10 frames hold at the end, got cut off for some reason, and I have no idea why, but it sucks. the same thing happened on youtube and I hate it]

[HAHAHA you can see the last few frames on my uni blog here: [link] not that they are very awesome, though. but they are where they should be at least.]

That's my final assignment for this year, I did the character design, all planning and animation, to the dialogue provided by my tutor. Apparently, it's from The Shining. He didn't tell me until I finished this and I didn't want to know earlier, either, and I have never seen the film (I feel like that's quite an embarassing fact, though) so I wasn't influenced by it in any way, so whatever you see here is entirely my fault.

I found this scene later on youtube, though, and I feel like if I'm ever going to watch this film, it will lose whole seriousness when this scene arrives.

Probably not, though. I'm sure I would be scared to death. And then I would feel like my own character gets killed.

No way. I'm not going to watch this film, oh no.

You can watch it bigger on my youtube channel [link]
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No comments have been added yet. has just hired us here at Toon53productions cc to help them create a 35 second animated ad for the Nissan Juke Music Festival happening in JBay South Africa.

We were approached to created an animated version of the Nissan Juke radio ad that is currently running
on 5FM. StraightTwisted worked closely with us and briefed us saying that they were looking for two pigeon characters that start beat boxing as the Juke drives past.

We had full creative freedom on the character designs and animation style from storyboards to final, the ad had to be finished in a week. So with a team of four very talented creatives and no sleep we produced an ad that we all had great fun with.
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random animation test of how the comic would be like when you read it.

Still a wip , the dialogues and such are not decided yet.

More infos after.
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First , if you enjoyed it , share and comment please!
Second , better version here if you want

Vimeo ver


Animation , story and realistion by myself (2010/2011)
A big thanks to the communauty of Looperman (minor2go)
for the great loops

Thanks to the communauty of for the great sounds (yewbic herbertboland and the others)

Love and Core is a Short animated film wich concept resolves around Geometries
The characters created in the universe of love and core are generated from Geometries
There are the Circles , the Squares , the lines and the Triangles , those 4 four geometries races are the Basic geomtries in love and core.
The main Character is a Queen of Circle geometries

Circle People are fast , they can move easily and they can rotate everything in the space by using circles of colours.
Colours in the movie are codes : Blue means spell of protection or grab , Red means attack , hurt and yellow is the spell of Death , if it touch you , you can die.

The heroine is Yacumba , one of the queens of the Circle Second Generation
Living in the dark planet Arastasia
The planet was open Centuries ago but she closed the planet forever for some reason

One day She was attacked in her bed while she was sleeping by according to his subordinate vangirai , a "man in red "
The man in red left some weird red foots in the sky , she will follow them to see where he is and why he did that to her.
Who is the "man in red" and why he stole her heart ?
Who is Vangirai ? , What is the Planet where they live ?
Why the Queen Closed the Planet ?

Geometries featured in the film :

Queen Denise
her name is not mentionned , she is leading the Triangles on the arastasia Planet
She hates the Circle queen and might know who is the man in red...

The queen subordinate , is from the Line geometrie.
Not very sure of him , still reliable , he seems love the queen...
He will help her in her quest of finding the man in red.

Square empire
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Reuploaded in the Film Gallery ;)

the finished animation....... it take me 1 and half month
this one is a tv spot for Germany soccer World cup for a tv sport channel from my country.... (TCS telecorporacion salvadoreña )
I had to add 2 sequences.....
check the story board:

-animation frame by frame ( with my hands)
-colors on photoshop
-grass was animated on moho
-ball was made and animated on 3D max
-composition on after effects

credits: all made by me :)
thanks to: :icondefkoul: and "Fabito" for aid me on 3D new world of 3DMax ( it's a new world for me :) )
and "fabito" again for show me some after effects tricks :)

I hope u like it :)
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Higher quality here: [link]
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