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This is Shay Patrick Cormac, the templar and protagonist of Assassin's Creed: Rogue.
Here is a third HIGH QUALITY render including the official game-logo.
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It's Pretty hard to find all the AC logo brushes at one's stop! So, i decided to make these Brushes and share with you guys :D

These brushes were made with Photoshop CS5!

It contains:
AC original 
AC black flag
AC Seal of the Ashasyun
AC Eagle
AC Codex Guild
AC Brotherhood 
AC Ottoman Insignia
AC Unity

AC Rogue
AC Colonial America. 
AC Levantine

AC Chronicles: China

AC Initiates 

let me know, if i miss anything. :) i'll add them up! ;)

If you Use these Brushes,Perhaps a credit/link back to this page would be nice! so that i could favorite :)

NOTE- All logos are the property of Ubisoft. I don't own anything.

- DEE :)
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for :iconac-doctrina:

:bulletyellow: MAIN INFO :bulletyellow:
Name: Sylviana Fiorangela Sorano di Padua.
Alias: Sylvia (shortcut that she allows all her acquaintances in Brotherhood to use); Fia (prefers only really close people call her like that); Il gufo latteo («Pale Owl», known under this nickname among thieves, footpads & etc); Angela / Ange (for non-assassin buddies and workmates).
Faction: Assassins.
Rank: II, Servitore.
Job: Glassblower master assistant.
Place of birth: Italy (Republic of Veneto), Padua, Villa Sorano.
Place of living:Italy (Republic of Veneto), Venice, Fondamenta del Vin, old birdhouse.
Current florins: 5945
Total florins: 7145

:bulletblue: APPEARANCE INFO :bulletblue:
Age: 19 (date of birth: 07.12.1492, zodiac sign: Sagittarius)
Height: 167 cm (5’5”)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
Eye color: chestnut brown
Hair color: golden ash.
Skin color: pale butter.
Peculiarities: no tattoos or scars (apart from traditional assassin’s burn mark on ring finger); a few moles on both forearms.

:bulletred: FIGHTING INFO :bulletred:
Equipment: hookblade; schiavona; red scarf.
Inventory: (these things do not give her any power/agile/etc boosts; they can’t be used in fight as well) various dices, a few packs of playing cards, thin ropes, picklocks, small knife for cutting ropes/clothes/etc.
Storage: -
Weapon of choice: hidden blades; footpad’s daggers and throwing knives; light swords or customized ones. Longswords, halberds and maces are definitely not for her; too heavy and/or long. Sylvia prefers light weapons, such as knives or daggers; she hopes to get a customized double hidden blade in future.
Fighting tactics: Sylvia is definitely not the strongest person you’ve ever met. She is quite fragile and weak; she knows it well. So girl usually relies on her speed and agility; all her skills are focused on finishing off opponent with a single movement, mostly in footpad’s style. She flees immediately when she understands that she can’t kill opponent within a few first movements. Sylvia usually fights to protect herself, when she has no opportunity to flee.
Lately, she got a good swordsman training practice from the messere Savas of the Cianci household; that slightly raised her stamina and now she is rather good with a swordplay, with venetian schiavona as the weapon of preference. Her tactics were refined and she no longer retreats at first call of danger.

:bulletwhite: PERSONAL INFO :bulletwhite:
+versatile, engaging, highly informed, likeable, intuitive+
-fearing the isolation, unstable, mistrustful+

Sylvia is really patient and calm with people; after all she’d been taking care of brother and house for quite a long period of time! She adores taking care of kids; Sylvia might even act overprotective towards them. If you ever end up asking her for some help, she will go on full doing everything she can for you; being well-informed and pretty much versatile, she is capable of real miracles for people whom she likes.
On the other side, Fia lives in a constant fear that people might use her for their bad motives; not doubting the Brotherhood, she can be quite mistrustful towards some members. Partially it is due to her teenage trauma of father and brother being betrayed; other reason for her doubts is that it were footpads who brought her to the creed, and as a gambler she barely trusts anyone. However, if the intuition tells her to rely on someone, she does so without much questions.
+optimistic, adventurous, jovial, creative, lucky+
-suffers from heavy depressions, mentally unstable, chaotic-

Sylvia is usually an optimist; though sometimes she ends in depression… Which is totally not the best for her; being mentally unstable, Fia needs lots of supports – but she is afraid of bothering people too much, so she tends to hide her suffering up until it breaks out.
She often relies on pure luck, intuition and optimism, which can make her actions way too chaotic for other people; don’t worry though, that female always has a plan.
+organized, clear headed, methodical, adaptable, respectful, living on full+
-critical, fussy, absent-minded, superstitious, ever-guilty-

She has excellent memory considering people, faces, maps and so on (anything that is connected to assassin’s business); she can even draw detailed portraits of people whom she randomly saw on streets, which is pretty useful for tracking targets. But in everyday routine she is sometimes absent-minded – she can rummage though room for a long time, searching for something, until she recalls that she’s put that thing in bag.
The girl is a religious one; she attends Mass and tries to visit church on any major religious holiday. Sylvia also lights candles in name of anyone she kills, praying for their good afterlife. She also tries to repent all her sins – thievery, kills, courtesan affairs - by praying constantly… Though somehow Sylvia understands that it’s kind of useless – she enjoys gambling and acting on public while on missions, she finds assassin’s duties being cool and the thing Sylvia despises most in herself – she adores men’s attention to herself. So Sylvia suffers from these contradictions and that’s also the main reason of her fierce moodswings.

Likes: her owl, wine red color, footpads & doctors, reading, cityscapes from sight of bird, various flowers (especially datura and lilies), combing hair (both when someone combs her hair and when she does it herself), domes, candles, freshly baked bread, taking care of kids, sewing clothes, learning things, foods from different countries, snowy weather.
Dislikes: freezing, annoying street minstrels, anyone who enters her lair without special invitation (even friendly assassins drop-in), doves, broken glass, situations when fellow assassins result in danger because of her, being reminded of previous life.

- Sylvia has an owl (Verreaux’s Eagle Owl), named Donato. She named it after her brother, as the owl usually helps her, especially during night. The owl is quite big (height - 1’8”; wingspan – 6’0”), and it has quite unusual feathering for local area – milk white with grey and gold patterns.
- Sylvia changes hairstyle sometimes, and she knows dozens of ways how to braid hair. Usually she keeps her head under hood, as her hair color can’t be left without attention.
- By the way, even if she feels reluctant about it, perhaps Sylvia would make a perfect courtesan – she is eye-catching, pretty and well-mannered. And if Brotherhood needs it – she’ll act like a courtesan. However, she’d never put on the clothes that fits her better than a workrobe, if it was not for a man whom she likes.
- Sylvia is also quite good in thievery and gambling! All thanks to Ciro, footpad, who taught her lots of tricks; though usually she shows simple tricks to kids, who love it.
- Sylvia loves reading, especially poetry. Ask her to quote something from Alighieri’ verses, and she’ll retell you whole “Divine Comedy”! Bringing her books is one of easiest ways to win her heart. Second thing she’ll be grateful for is drawing tools (mostly paper and good charcoals).

Wishes: Sylvia has a couple of wishes, which she prays to come true.
-to find a fitting man; someone, who could act like a support to her and whom she could take care of herself Seems to have found someone to spend the rest of her life with; new goal - to make him become an assassin...
-to become a master assassin
-to rebuild the Villa Sorano that belonged to her father

:bulletgreen: BACKGROUND INFO :bulletgreen:
(main outline)
1492 – birth; known relatives: Girolamo Sorano (father), Elena Sorano (mother), Donato Sorano (elder brother).
1500 – death of Elena Sorano.
1504 – Girolamo Sorano marries second time; his new wife is Chiarina Lacetto.
1505 – birth of Sylvia’s younger brother, Dulce.
1506 – Girolamo Sorano is accused of political betrayal and sentenced to death. Chiarina Sorano is slowly loosing mind; Donato Sorano starts working for local government.
1508 – Donato Sorano is accused of political betrayal and sentenced to death. Villa Sorano is sold to pay off Sylvia, Chiarina and Dulce’s innocence; remnants of family are moved to live with Lacetto family. Sylvia is made to work as courtesan, but is disgusted to do it. She escapes from Padua with a band of footpads, led by Ciro.
1509 – Ciro leaves Sylvia in Venice, giving her recommendation to assassins. After a few month girl finally joins assassins to discover that her father was one of them.
1511 – Sylvia is training under local Master’s guidance and works in glass shop. This year she visits Constantinople along with all the other assassins; afterwards, her efforts are concentrated on getting her little brother from the Lacetti's.
1512 - After living over Alek's death and ranking up, Sylvia gets a grasp over herself and sets on growing into a master assassin. She receives her family treasures and pledges her loyalty to the creed and her blood heritage again.

(wall of text version)

Fiorangela was born in family of Girolamo Sorano da Padua, nobleman from a wealthy family. Sylvia’s mother, Elena, initially was daughter of Venetian master glassblower. Even though she was not of the same class as Girolamo was, the nobleman was captivated by her beauty and asked for her hand. Both families were not really happy about it, but did not protest much. So Girolamo married Elena and took his young wife to Villa Sorano, Padua.

Sylvia was a second child; girl had an elder brother, Donato (he was 6 years older than she). They were really close to each other; after Elena’s death (poor woman died from a severe pneumonia) Donato took responsibility of bringing up Sylvia. Girolamo was rather content with that son decided to help him, and tried to overcome death of beloved one by working all days and nights long. He claimed that no other woman will be able to win his heart. However, fate decided in a different way; 4 years after Elena’s death Girolamo was introduced to young daughter of another of nobleman, Chiarina Lacetto. She was charming and witty girl, as well as quite wise. Girolamo lost his head in a moment of passion and soon enough there was a wedding. At the beginning both kids were quite on good terms with Chiarina (although she was just 3 years older than Donato was). She loved them back; after a year of marriage there was another child in family – a boy, whom they named Dulce. Sylvia loved to play with younger brother, as well as Donato did.

Unfortunately, when Sylvia was 14, her father was accused of political betrayal of Republic of Veneto. He was sentenced to death and hung. Terrified Chiarina ended up in deep depression, while Donato had nothing else to do but to apply for working for local government – he wanted to prove that his father was innocent.

Chiarina slowly started growing mad. As servants did not want to work for a crazy mistress from an outcast family, Sylvia had nothing else but to take constant care of Dulce and look after house. She had no free time at all… Meanwhile, her stepmother began seeing Girolamo instead of Donato; young man had to avoid her, as his stepmother tried her best to drag her “dear husband” to bed. He tried to bring Chiarina back to senses, but she never listened. Poor woman thought that her husband somehow escaped trial, and now was hiding under son’s name. After some time Donato even moved to room next to Sylvia, hiding at her place at night in case if Chiarina started knocking in his door and trying to get in the room.

Blinded by madness and lust, Chiarina thought that her “husband” preferred daughter instead of her; and so she wrote accusation note to the local government, blaming Donato in continuing what his father begun. So two years after the first tragedy, Sylvia’s elder brother was hung as well. Poor girl did not know what to do; their family was ruined, all she had was younger brother and mad stepmother. Father’s relatives did not want to help at all, ashamed by his deeds; Chiarina’s relatives agreed to give them a place to live. However, there was one condition – in order to pay off food and stay for Chiarina and Dulche, Sylvia had to become a courtesan. Desperate girl agreed on this term.

However after the first “client” she got ill; it was not a physical illness though – she was disgusted with herself. One thought of selling her body for money made her throw up. Luckily, Lacetto did not understand it; they just brought her a doctor. Fortuna smiled to Sylvia; Dottore understood the girl and advised her to escape. It took Sylvia quite a lot of time to agree – she did not want to leave behind younger brother and mother. Still, there was no other way out, and with Dottore’s help Sylvia escaped from Padua with a band of footpads. After getting better from her illness, Sylvia was sent to next client; but as she was escorted to the assigned place, footpads attacked the escort and kidnapped her. Sylvia was thought to be dead up from that moment.

In fact, she travelled with footpads for nearly a year; they taught her how to fight and take care of herself. For a short period of time young girl though that she was in love with leader of the band, Ciro; it seemed to be that he understood it on his own, and decided on leaving girl to someone who could take care of her. Sylvia was quite sad with such a decision, but had to accept it – she understood that leader of footpads was did not want to risk her life, nor he was able to give her happiness, because of their lifestyle.
For the futher information on this period of her life please read the Via Dolorosa pre-story; work in progress!

Sylvia ended up in Venice; footpads let her live in one of their local lairs, old birdhouse. They also left her a recommendation to assassins. Girl was hesitant of it, but in the end she contacted with assassins. Thanks to the bureau’s archives she learnt that her father was an assassin, and he was master of Padua’s branch; he was accused by templars, who needed to get rid of him.

After learning about it, Sylvia decided on joining assassins and getting her revenge on people who ruined her life (and, perhaps, retrieving Dulche, whom she still considers being her brother). Upon arrival, she started training under Fiddy’s guidance; she also works in her grandfather’s workshop. He’d lost his sight and can’t see her, so Sylvia is out of danger of being recognized (she looks a lot like her mother, Elena). Still, she loves taking care of gramps and other relatives, especially her small nephews.

For a time being she had been lacking initiative; tiles turned when everyone was gathered in Constantinople. Sylvia was late to the campaign, and she was met by messere Alessandro Fidei, who took her under his wing for a time being abroad. Obviously poor girl fell in love with the fellow, as he had a fatherly attitude towards her and spent quite a lot of time with her. However, messere Sandro had been engaged by that time for quite a while. Sylvia had to back off; her interest switched to a fellow assassin, Alek, in whom she was searching comfort. He was a sweet guy to her opinion; besides, he'd helped her to get Dulce back from Lacetti's. They have been dating for a while, but unfortunately Fia had't found same support in him as she did in Alessandro. They were on verge of breaking up when Alek disappeared; upon receiving his letter with excuses and news of his death, Sylvia lost ability to speak yet again due to the stress. Faulting herslef for what had happened to him, she fell inactive again.

With help of Cianci's - even though they are templari, Sylvia still loves them for all the hospitality and tenderness they give to her - she had somehow recovered from the wounds. During her stay at their place Sylvia was introduced to Roland; despite them belonging to different orders, young people fell for each other. As Sylvia grew up as a person and no longer needed the support she had been aching for, she accepted his submissive role in their relationships, appearing and disappearing in his life all the time. Roland seems to be fine with it, though?...

Currently she is finishing the preparations for the special mission that La Signora gave to her.

Image song
Still Alive - [link]

Featuring her:

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NOTE: If you use this pattern for anything, especially a cosplay, let me know. I'd like to see the results ;)

Here it is, the pattern for the assassin hood. The bottom should be customized to your liking. I hope you like it :)

Credit goes to Robo3687 of for the original pattern which I used as an example and help to make mine.

Assassin's Creed and all related products are property of Ubisoft.
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Making of for this picture.


PS: Sorry about my handwriting :)
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This is Shay Patrick Cormac, the templar and protagonist of Assassin's Creed: Rogue.
Here is a second HIGH QUALITY render including the official game-logo.
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really cute suit <3
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"A corrupt nobleman underneath the mask, the Harlequin performs acts of terror among the people to further the Templar cause. The grin never leaving his face, he always keeps his dual Daggers at the ready... in case anyone is in need of an encore performance."

The Harlequin (real name: Cahin) was an Animi Avatar used by Abstergo Industries to train the recruits in the first stage of their Animi Training Program. He could be obtained by pre-ordering certain editions of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, or after a system update, and used two rondel daggers as his primary weapons.

The Harlequin had several unique moves:

(Low Profile, Front)

The Harlequin approaches his target and neatly stabs them under their chest, before flipping over their back, stabbing them in the neck, and then puncturing their right lung. Afterwards, the attack leaves his victim incapacitated and internally bleeding to death, before they collapse to the ground.

(Low Profile, Back)

The Harlequin walks over to his target from behind and stabs them in the waist, making them fall. Right as they begin to drop, he jams his rondel daggers in the crevices of their neck, one before the other, causing his victim to go limp and their lifeless body to fall to the ground as he withdraws his weapons.

(High Profile, Front)

The Harlequin runs over to his target and pounces on them, forcefully pushing them to the ground, before pulling out his two daggers and maniacally stabbing them in their torso several times. From the rapid movement of his attack, his victim is pulled up slightly when they are punctured by his weapons, before their dead body slumps back to the floor after the final stab.

(High Profile, Back)

The Harlequin rushes towards his target from behind, before performing a cartwheel and kicking them in the side of their head, knocking them to the floor. As his victim lies on the ground, he quickly stabs them in the heart with one of his rondel daggers, before yanking it out and storing it at his belt.

(Bench Kill)

The Harlequin walks up to his seated target and promptly stabs them in the stomach, making them bend over with their wound. From there, he removes his dagger and stabs both of them in between their shoulder blades, before he bounds over their back and hastily pulls his rondel daggers out. With this, his victim stands upright, but then collapses forward, dead.

(Aerial Kill)

The Harlequin leaps from a rooftop, removing his daggers while in mid-air, before landing on his target and rapidly stabbing them in their torso. Afterwards, he then stands up, storing his daggers away and leaving his victim on the ground to die.
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Hello my belovlied Assassinīs and Templars. :wave:
Since we have now an Assassin Sheet i was thinking about the other dark side. XD
Abstergo industries has now his own Charactersheet :)
Feel free to use. I add those questions because there was not many to add to this sheet a templar could do *_*

Show the world your original templar.... if there is any :D XD
I also must create my own one ;)


Searching the Assassinīs Sheet? [link]
Interested in an Assassinīs Creed Original Character Contest? [link]

EDIT: This sheet is out of the contest, pls only submit your assassin, thx :bow:
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