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Last night, I stayed up late watching Sendermand and Jeff the Killer shit on youtube.
And I stumbled upon this: [link]
And I loved this shot; I always find it funny.
//Already watched this video like 72 times
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Hello, I'm Jochannon; I've been publishing online for about two years, strictly small-time, but I do have dreams.


Every week I publish original stories, poetry, fan fiction, one Edgefolk story, and email them to my subscribers.

I also publish comics, manga, cartoons and visual stories of all sorts:…


I will take literature from any genre.

No limit on the length of poetry or stories, but I have time constraints, so longer pieces are harder to read, so are less likely to be accepted.


Once I have published a piece of art, all rights to it revert to the creator.


Sex: it's normal, it's natural, having sex in work will not disqualify it, but I will not publish pornography or erotica.

Considering the previous paragraph, artwork touching on rape or pedophilia must handle the subject with delicacy

I reserve the right to not publish any artwork that I find personally offensive.

I will not edit your stories, but publish them exactly the way you submit them. By the same token I will not fix typos.

Re-publishing: If a piece is already published, on DA or or elsewhere, that's fine; as long as you own it, you can submit it.


Submit your artwork by email to with the subject line: [Title] by [Creator's Name]

In the body of the email you may add a cover letter with whatever message you wish to convey, such as a writer's bio and story synopsis: I will add it to the publishing email if I take your story. If you do, then you are absolutely free to add links to your work elsewhere, which is great for you self-publishers: free publicity.

Include in the email a statement that you have read this document and agree to it.

Format your work as you will, but all literature pieces I publish are as PDFs; if you submit a piece not as a PDF I will turn it into a PDF and it may lose some formatting.


I suggest that you join the website and/or; at the first you may post articles poems and stories, and receive one cent US every time someone views them; at the other you may self-publish your works. Then you can link to and advertise your works when you publish any work with me.

IF you are below the age of eighteen, have a parent or guardian read this with you.


At present I am publishing once per week on Sunday: sometimes it's late and sometimes early.


I'd love to hear your questions and comments: comment here, or e-mail me at


Q: How do I know you're a real publisher?

A: Good question, and one I hear a lot; what with internet anonymity, all one can go on is reputation: Epantiras jd896 and RyanTaylorGirl have all worked with me before, and have graciously agreed to serve as references; if you want to know more about me, ask them.

Q: Can I do anything to help?

A: Tell people about this, that would be a great help.

Q: What do I get out of it?

A: Free stories and poetry in your mailbox every week. Subscribers can also submit their stories to be published.

Q: What do you get out of it?

A: Fun, ego boost and I'm a writer myself, so I use this to get free publicity just like any other self-publisher.

Q: What do you publish?

A: Original fiction, fan fiction, and poems from all genres, hopefully art books and comics coming soon.

Q: So what are you looking for? People to submit art, or people to join your mailing list?

A: Both, really. I am trying to get people to subscribe to my mailing list, all subscribers can submit art of theirs to be published.

Q: What about other kinds of art?

A: I am willing to publish other kinds of art; if you want to publish another kind of art, then write to me saying so, and we'll work something out.

Q: I don't write English well; can I publish a story in my mother language?

A: For the moment at least, I work in English. Once I've become more established, I hope to branch out.

Q: How can I be sure my art won't be stolen?

A: I'm afraid one can never be entirely sure; not very long ago, a friend of mine had her art stolen here on dA. But everything I publish is protected by the Jochannon Art No-Theft Guarantee:…


There are several groups who were kind enough to help me, telling their watchers about this, and I want to give them proper credit. Unfortunately, I have both a bad memory, and am a bad record-keeper; if you were directed here by some groups, please tell which group so I can do them justice. Thank you.]
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My snare.
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Whenever I fall asleep
I feel my blood just racing faster
Creeping up to find a lover
To devour in pain and laughter
It's a terrible love to be
A painful love to see
But surely it's not
It's a hobby to be
It's a habit of greed
Maybe it's not his fault
He loves him softly just to find a lie
But he stabs his eyes
To stop himself to cry
To wreak a soggy majesty
Upon a murderer in the sympathy
It's an experiment
A love is just a testing
But do you think upon
His past before you flee?
It's a serving winch
But it's a saw to be in half of thee
To die and flatter the stench
Don't strain yourself.
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do "normal" people
have to find people
who support them being alive

do "normal" people
have to find people
who accept their love for another

do "normal" people
have to be told
"i have no problem with you being here"

do "normal" people
have to find people
who will "help them be themselves"

if "normal" people
don't have to waid through millions
to find one person
who "needs" to say
they support them, accept them, have "no problem" with them, and will "help them"
why do we?

there is nothing wrong with us
why do we /need/ to be told these things
why do we have to be treated
like we have some sort of disability
why can't i just tell my friends
"hey, I'm transgender"
and have them respond
"oh, okay, so did you see the game last night? crazy, huh?"

i just really really hate
that we have to be told
"we still love you"
"I'll support you no matter what"
"i don't have any problems with people like you"

it just feels like they're taking pity on us
but i don't want their pity
i don't want their "support" or their "trying to understand"
i just want to be normal

sometimes, it just gets to me
you know?
ranty piece
don't think i wrote it right
hope it makes some sense
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Yay, finally have a back shot of this costume! I wanted to go for full accuracy, including all the details on the back, but you hardly get a chance to see them (all the purple designs were hand-painted because I'm insane).

Photo by Darkain Multimedia with Cosplay Photographers ( at Fanime 2012.

Character: Shining Blade (Guild Wars 2)
Photo: :icondarkainmx:
Cosplay: :iconelliria:
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Sometimes when I'm alone
I can feel you touching my hand
I can feel you grasp my arms and rub the wounds
Whenever I've hurt myself
I can feel you rubbing my side whenever I cut
You whisper in my ear and tell me
"it will all be okay, I promise."
I can feel you holding me
Rocking me back and forth in your arms
Just continuously rocking
I can doze off and dream you're holding me
But I wake up to find just a picture
Even now, I can accept that you're gone
It gets harder every day living without you
I feel like I see you sometimes
Only when I close my eyes, though
I see you there and I want to come and hug you
But every step I take, you get farther away
You drift off, or disappear into the wind
And I cry for you
I scream and shout until my lungs are sore
Because I want you home
I want you to hold me
I want you to be my daddy for once
But I know if I reached out
I'd just fall through.
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A congregation convenes to
confront a cold corpse's casket.
Bringing before it tears, emotions,
memories, and trembling limbs.

Not a single word is mustered,
yet a realm of regret clouds the scene.
Tears graze the soil that will become
an eternal resting place – six feet under.

Naïve mortals mourn the hollow flesh,
ignoring the omnipresence of the dead.
An icy breeze turns vertebrae into glaciers,
chilling any soul whose eyes encounter the casket.

Words would only interrupt the ceremony.
Tears only salt the earth, which awaits flesh.
We must cherish the memories nearest our hearts,
lest the casket, the corpse, and all else be forgotten.

Alex Novotny
One of the most common fears in life: being forgotten after death. In my opinion, being forgotten will always be worse than death itself.
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So I was talking to my friend today :icondadona777: and some of the things he said reminded me of this old poem that I wrote, so I decided to look for it, rip the pages from the notebook, scan them and upload them on dA. This was written in sophmore or junior, not really sure which, but it was definatly back in highschool. I had a lot of anger then cause my dad would constatnly lecture me about how what I did was wrong. I was in anger, but I was also in tears when I wrote this. It drove me insane how he kept calling me a sin, then added that he loved me. Those two things didnt make sense. Still, what I wrote was out of anger and frustration, I dont hate him or my mom for ruining my childhood. They did what they they were taught to do.

Oh, and also, warning! there for the swear words. Sorry about that. I still feel sometimes those emotions, but I dont use those words or anger any more ^^
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Yami as Sasuke

SasuNaru-CMV: [link]
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