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Move along, nothing to see here. Clearly I need more practice cause this sucks. XD

EDIT: Fixed some of my mistakes, especially the friggin right arm. Added highlights too, now I'm a bit satisfied, whoo.

EDIT: Testing some of the Actionscript that I've learned. Thinking of applying them to future artworks with Flash, hmm.
Smaller file size.
Background stretches now.
Press F for fullscreen. Well, it should work, but you have to set in in the HTML itself, tsk. Probably more useful if I put in in my site. :D
Directional Keys to move.
Mousewheel to zoom, or rather change their size.
Took me 5 hours or so to figure it all out. Tis fun though.

No, not coming back yet.

Sorry for suddenly quitting the Internets. Life happened. Don't wanna talk about it. Might post some more stuff. Maybe.

Dammit they still don't allow Flash to be submitted in the Manga & Anime category, argh.
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I have butchered the name of MLP:FiM, all in the name of making a flash game for school. I've never even used AS2 before :/

The game is broken. But i spent a bajillion hours on this code-choked crap so i'm putting it on the internet anyway.

Maybe one day i'll fix it up...HA!

All apologies and copyrights go to Lauren Faust and some other people.

EDIT: This game will never be completed as i no longer have the source files that made it. Apologies.

EDIT EDIT: Comments disabled because this thing is years old and i no longer wish to hear requests for finishes or comments on how its broken or something. This was not put up as a service to you it was put up as posterity of something i worked on in high school for grades.
Comments disabled by owner.
This is a really simple game normally played with straws.
There are 20 straws, you choose who should start an then you alternate taking 1 to 4 straws each time...whoever takes the last straws wins.

Do you think you can beat the teacher in this game, so you can claim your "reward" with her? :devilish:
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The original is there^

I just had to take it a step further.... seriously I need to go back to work. Or get back to my short film. -_- But I really liked the way this turned out, and I felt the timing needed changing. So here is version 2!
version one is still available, but is in my scraps now. xD

The song is "Ask DNA" by the Seatbelts from the opening of the Cowboy Bebop movie. XD

The Pixel Kitties pony belongs to :iconpixelkitties:
mlp belongs to Hasbro
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I couldn't resist putting a pony in a car... lol.

More Pony Cars:
Princess Luna's Lamborghini: [link]

I got the song from "WoodenToaster" on YouTube [link]

Fluttershy Hasbro
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As always: Click the picture above or here [link] for the direct YouTube link - thank you


Oh god... @_@
This is probably the best video I ever made and I forgot to submit it here.
Shame on me.

This took me so long. XD
*Kirschenwasser made the lipsync for Sniper and translated the lyrics for me
Everything else by me...
Conversation (without the video here [link] ) made with Adobe Auditione
Video made with Adobe Premiere Pro
Art with Adobe Photoshop

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NOTE: Is the preloader working for you guys? >_>
EDIT: Changed the script. Hope it's working now. "OTL

What is this? A GAME? Actually, my history homework XD. We had to make a board game and I just got Flash and I wanted to try to make a game. Lemme say one thing. IT'S BLOODY HARD TO MAKE ONE. But you get used to it after a while. AND YES. I CAN'T DRAW TIPIS, ALRIGHT?

As for the game... Yes that's America as the main character. It's a bloody big file... There's TWO endings for this. Personally, I prefer the ending with Custer. More interesting. It's an option style game which determines the outcome of the ending.

If you spot any errors, please tell me! There's so much in this file that I might have missed something!

Other than that, thanks for playing and hoped you enjoyed it!^_^

Time taken: A week and three days.
Times it crashed: 3
How much stress was put into this for working out ActionScript: AN INSANE AMOUNT

Flash, game work (C) to me
Other credits are in the game
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Here i show you my new art work. This is dedicated to the Earth month!

This is my new version of my old work "Mystical Forest" :[link] ^^!
I worked in this like, 3days. I used Photoshop CS4 and Flash CS4 :). I really hope you like it :D! :iconbummy2:

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Had this idea for Sweetiebot with a charging horn and had to give it a go.  Everything else just sorta built up from there.

 If anyone is curious about why a robot is breathing, it's to cool her internal components of course. (BS answer)

The song is "Robot Lullaby"…
Created by SineRider

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Balance's first RHG
{Rock Hard Gladiator;}
Thanks for the great battle Influ :D
Sorry the second half is completely half-assed
Sorry for any loading errors.....
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