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The sun was bright and the day was warm, both of which made Italy so very happy. He was leaning against the balcony railing outside of him and Germany's room in his blue boxers and a pink tank top. The sun felt nice against his pale skin, and he was considering asking Germany to skip training for the day so he could tan. Hey, summer was starting up, he needed to look good!

"Italia," Germany said from inside the room, "come und get dressed. Ve haff to get to training."

"Aw," Italy pouted as he ran back over to the blonde nation, "but it is such a beautiful day Germany! Can't we just skip training and laze around? Maybe tan a bit?"

Germany sighed deeply and looked into Italy's excited light brown eyes. How could he say no to such a cute face? He looked out the open glass doors to the balcony as a warm breeze came into the room. Vell, it is a vonderful day. I suppose skipping one session vouldn't hurt anyzing.

He smiled at Italy and rumpled Italy's brown hair. "Fine Italia, you vin."

Italy smiled brightly. "Really? You mean it?"

Germany nodded. "Yeah."

"Yaay!" Italy threw his arms around Germany's neck in a tight hug. "That's great! Imma gonna get some better clothes on and go outside, ve?"

Germany's smile softened and he returned the hug briefly. "Sure. I vill meet you out zere zen."

Italy waited until Germany was out of the room before bounding over to the closet and rummaging through him and Germany's clothes. He wanted a black tank top, something that could catch the sun and help his tan, and then that pair of blue jean shorts America gave him for his birthday last year. Yeah! He'd look so extremely sexy in those, he just knew it! Germany could never resist him when he wore that type of combination of clothing, even in front of Japan, so he knew that was simply perfect! Oh, he was going to look wonderful, especially when he finished tanning! No one would be able to resist him! (He may even make a few allies while at it.)

Quickly Italy found a black tank top - it was Germany's, so it hung a bit loose on him - and the blue jeans America had got him and changed into them. He then stepped in front of the mirror bolted to the closet door so that he could mess with his hair until he was satisfied it was absolutely perfect. He turned for the door and ran out so he could join Germany outside.

Already outside and enjoying the good weather, Germany sat on the steps leading into his house with his blue eyes scanning the field in front of him. It didn't matter that today was a beautiful day and he knew there would be no threat from the allies; it was just his normal thing.

The slight smile that had been gracing his hardened features dropped when he saw a black carriage riding up to his house. This wouldn't be the first time someone's gotten lost trying to find something in his country, but this was different. There were two people on either side of the carriage riding white horses, and they seemed to know where exactly they were going.

Germany stood as Italy came bounding out of the front door excitedly. He didn't even look back as Italy exclaimed:

"Hey Germany, Imma ready to tan now! Come on; let's go get some chairs to sit in, ve?"

"Italia," Germany said seriously, "hang on a moment."

"Huh?" Italy looked to the carriage. "Oh, is someone lost again?"

"I don't zink so zis time." Germany stared at the carriage as he slowed to halt in front of him and Italy. He raised an arm in front of the brunette country, afraid whoever was inside the carriage may attack.

A few moments later, one of the men who had been riding alongside the carriage opened the door and helped a tall man with blonde hair pulled back into a short ponytail at the nape of his neck out of the carriage. The blonde's dark blue eyes studied Germany and Italy for a moment before he readjusted the jet black cape around his shoulders, finding it a little warm for the season but not verbally complaining.

"Holy Rome," the man who had helped him out of the carriage said as he held out a black hat, "your hat."

"Ah, si." Holy Rome placed the hat on his head. "Grazie."

The man nodded and then turned to his horse.

Italy's smile widened even further at the sound of the name he hadn't heard in many, many years. "Holy Rome?!"

Holy Rome looked to Italy, finding himself backing away in fear when Italy got extremely close to him. "What are you doing so close?!"

"Wow, you've gotten really big!" Italy laughed delightedly.

"Well, um," Holy Rome cleared his throat, "Austria and Hungary have been a big help these past years. It is because them that I have finally grown." Before Italy could say more, he looked to Germany. "You are Germany?"

Germany nodded. "Yeah, zat's right."

"Good. I heard Italy was living here."

"Zat is also right."

"Can you show me to h–"

"Imma right here!" Italy exclaimed suddenly. He waved his arms around erratically for added effect. "You don't recognize me anymore?! Granted it's been so very many years, but we were so close Holy Rome, I thought that you would still know me!"

A look of surprise crossed Holy Rome's face. This man couldn't be Italy; that was completely impossible! He shook his head. "You can't be Italy!"

Italy's face dropped. "But I am…"

"Italy is a girl!"

Italy blinked, unsure of what to say to that. He figured Holy Rome always knew he was a boy. Sure, Hungary put him in her clothes when he was still small, but he didn't look that much like a girl…did he?

"Uh," Germany cut in when he realized the awkward atmosphere, "look, I cun tell you right here zat Italia is male."

"Yeah," Italy pointed at himself, "and I always have been."

"But…" Holy Rome stared at Italy's face, into his brown eyes, and found that everything about that face was what he remembered of young Italy. His mouth dropped in shock. He grabbed the front of the tank top Italy was wearing and shook him quite violently back and forth. "Then why did you wear those dresses when we lived together, huh?!"

Italy screamed a bit as he was being shaken. "Let me go, let me go!"

Germany sighed and grabbed Holy Rome's wrist, jerking him away from Italy. "Look, I don't know vat zis is about but I zink it cun be better settled if ve sit down und discuss it."

Holy Rome sighed and then nodded. "Agreed." He straightened his stance to look more dignified, (also because he was taller than Italy and that brought some sense of joy to him).

"Italia," Germany looked at Italy, "vy don't you go make some tea like Japan showed you? I'll take Holy Rome back to ze garden."

Italy smiled once again as he nodded. "Okay! I'll meet you two there in a little bit!" He pivoted on one foot and ran back into Germany's house to make some tea.

Once the door closed behind Italy, Germany motioned towards the beautifully designed gate surrounding a garden that Italy had actually planted himself. "After you."

Holy Rome nodded and walked to through the gate of the fence into the garden. His eyes looked at all the different flowers around, surprised that Germany had such a peaceful, relaxing place at his house. He sat down across from the bulky blonde at a round metal garden table decorated with the same design as the fence. He mentioned that he liked the design of the table and fence to Germany.

"Oh? Italia got zem boz from France. Ze garden vas his idea too." He smiled softly as he recalled the conversation that led to him agreeing that Italy could put a garden in. "He said it vould be a good idea to put in one so zat ve cun boz haff a place to relax."

Holy Rome smiled too. "He was right. This place isa perfect."

Germany nodded. "So, vy are you here? I highly doubt zis is just a courtesy visit to un old friend."

"You would be right." Holy Rome's eyes met Germany's. "I actually have a proposition for you–a request really."

"Yeah? Und zat vould be?"

"Well…Italy and I were very close when we were younger, and I've been wanting to see her–him again so that I can ask him something again that I used to ask him all the time. When I found that was living with you, Germany, I feared that I was too late."

"You came rushing here anyvay? Talk about dedication…you could teach Italia a zing or two about zat."

Holy Rome let out an irritated sigh. "May I continue?"

"Of course."

"I rode here asa fast asa I could hoping that there was still I chance to ask Italy this question. It seems that the nature ofa the question has to be changed though, asa he is living with you in your house." Very calmly, Holy Rome asked Germany the question the bigger nation never thought he'd hear, "Cana you give Italy to me?"
TWOSHOT - On one not-so-unusual day, Italy and Germany get a visit from a friend Italy hasn't seen in years, Holy Rome. During his visit, Holy Rome makes a request that he hopes Germany will accept. Though Germany isn't so sure if he should.

Pt. 2: [link]

I hope I got the translation for the title correct. It’s supposed to be Italian for “Holy Rome’s Request.” :D
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Readers Pov

I was at my luxurious penthouse, Watching tv and Drawing rough sketches of Dresses. I am a famous fashion designer, there was the TV glaring and scattered ripped papers everywhere around me. I walked to the big kitchen to see if my soup's ready.I wish I had a maid but I decided not to get one.I looked out the big window as I watch the rain droplets running down on the window.  It was raining and the leaves on the trees were losing it's color and fell to the wet ground. After I lit a cinnamon scented candle on the dining table, I heard the doorbell rang. It wasn't any other doorbell. It played a snippet of my favorite song,(f/s) by (artist) every time  you pressed the doorbell. I hummed to the song, Ready, Aim, fire by imagine dragons as I walked towards the door and I opened it. There, in the doorway, was Ryan. Ryan is an old high school friend, next door neighbor and He always gets me my mail. He's so nice. So nice that it's gotten me thinking if he loves me.

"Here you go miss _______!" Ryan said as he handed me the mail. "I'm sorry _______,  I can't stay.I have to go to the hospital."

"Why? are you sick?" I said with a worried expression on my face.

"Oh don't worry! It's a check up!" He laughed softly as he turned around to go. He turned around to look back at me and waved.

"Hope you have a good one!" I smiled as I waved back. I shut the door behind me. I turned off the TV and Went back to the kitchen I sat in the dining room as I looked through the mail.
Junk mail.....Fashion magazine.....Bill.....bill..... Fancy invitation.
Wait, fancy invitation?
I took the invitation and I opened it. The invite was grey and glittery. It was a masquerade! I never been to one. I looked at the invite again and it was tomorrow night at 7. I turned the stove off as I grabbed my laptop and went on skype. I clicked on my friend, (friend's name) and video called her. She picked up.

"I'm going to a masquerade party!" I said as I smiled as I took a spoonful of soup.

"From who?" She asked as she took a sip of her coffee.

"It's the masquerade ball hosted by George clooney." I read the invitation.

"GEORGE CLOONEY?" She said, with a surprised expression as she started fangirling. "You have to take me with you!"

"Sorry, by invitation only." I said.

"Aww," She said as she frowned a little bit.

"I'm sorry, ______" I said as I Got up. "I gotta go. Bye!"

"Okay remember to tell me EVERYTHING when you get back!" She waved as she logged off. I Laughed a little as I logged off. I finished my soup and I went to my room and started to find what dress am I going to wear. I found the perfect one...

~~~~~Party time!~~~~~

Before I stepped out of my Ashton Martin, I tied my masquerade mask on. I walked on the red carpet as I smiled at the cameras and People started to come up to me with microphones and cameras. After Posing and smiling, I Walked in and I see all the famous people from Famous singers to Actors and Actresses, All wearing Masquerade masks. I smiled to anyone who looked at me stunned. As I walked to the bar, I felt like I was being watched, but I ignored it. I smiled at the bartender.

Tony POV

I walked into the mansion to see famous people all with masquerade masks. Girls tried to get to me but I Have my eyes on the girl who's in (f/c) dress, all alone.
"Uh hey mr. sexy," One blonde said.
"So what's up's Mr. Stark?" Another girl said. They tried to hug me But I pushed them back slowly.
"Sorry, girls" I said. "Already got a girl I have my eyes on." I smirked as I walked away from them and Walked towards the girl at the bar.

Reader pov

"What can I get you, miss ________?" He smiled. He was kinda cute. I smiled softly as I was about to say A cosmopolitan, but Someone ordered for me.
"Get this woman a Martini, Shaken not stirred and A scotch on the rocks for me." The man said.
"Yes Mr. stark." I turned to see the man in a red and gold masquerade mask.

"Thanks for ordering for me but I wanted A cosmopolitan." I smiled at him softly.

"Uh, bartender!" He called. I put my hand on his shoulder. We looked into each others' eyes and everything around us just stopped We were just paying attention to each other. It just went silent. Just like that.

"Uh, It's fine, I'll take the martini." I said as I let go of his shoulder.

"I'm _______ _______." I introduced myself to him as I took a sip of the martini. "I know who you are. Tony Stark. Billionaire,genius, playboy,philanthropist." I smirked.

He smirked.

Yeah I know who you are. _______. Famous fashion designer." He said as I looked at his Chocolate brown eyes. I smiled softly. I sat at the bar with tony. We talked for two hours and We had A lot in common. Then a song came on and I hummed to it. Tony put his hand out. "Dance with me," He said.

"I would love to, Iron man!~"He smiled as I grabbed his hand and He leaded me out to the dance floor. He grabbed me by the waist and we waltz around the dance floor.
After we danced we walked out into the balcony, No one was there. just us too. We smiled as I looked up to the night sky. After 2 long minutes of silence, Tony broke the silence.
"_______, we have a lot in common, and Ahem, I was thinking if you want to be my girlfriend?" Tony said as He cleared his throat. "You're just so beautiful!"  I blushed deeply at the compliment. At the same time, I was shocked. I was in love with him when I first laid my eyes on him.
"I thought you had a thing with pepper," I said as I blushed deeper and deeper.
"Pepper? Oh no she's not my girlfriend. The media thinks we are in a relationship though.Those bastards." He said as he looked up to the stars. I tugged his sleeve softly as he pulled me closer by the waist. I looked up to him. I smiled. I untied my mask and set it aside.
"I'll gladly be you girlfriend," I said as I winked. He grabbed my chin and leaned in, I kissed him back passionately. I put my arms around his neck. His hands started playing with my hair. To be honest, He was a good kisser. I then heard gasps and the paparazzi cameras clicking.
"That bitch...." One girl said.
We didn't care if we're gonna in tomorrow's magazine and newspaper covers.
The end~  MAYBE? I was thinking of making this into a series?
Enjoy! I don't own iron man! just this story!


:iconrobertdowneyjrplz: :heart:
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It was a beautiful day out on the campus of the California Institute of Technology and Bruce Banner couldn’t help but enjoy it, escaping from the lab for a bit to relish the warming rays of the sun and the light breeze. He was strolling in between the buildings when he spotted you.

You were struggling to keep hold of all your things, two sizable canvases under one arm, a clear tool box that seemed to be filled with art supplies filling its hand, a messenger bag with a mess of papers sticking out of it slung over the opposite shoulder, and, in your other hand, a carefully balanced tray of beakers and vials.

He tilted his head and gave a little grin at the sight before noticing a little too late that the lace of your neon green converse was untied. There was nothing he could do to save the breakers as the tray went crashing to the ground but he did manage to keep you from a what would have been a rather painful face plant, grasping your upper arm firmly.

You wobbled before regaining your balance, looking at the shattered remains of your testing supplies, “Crap.”

You sighed, “Well that could have been much worse,” before looking up at him with a grin, “Thanks for rescuing me.”  

“No problem.” He mumbled, taking in your appearance now that he was up close.

Your (h/c) locks were pulled away from your face in a tousled bun that was just barely staying put, your (e/c) eye were sparkling with what he could only describe as mischief with a dash of innocence as odd as that seemed, and your dimpled smile could likely power the entire west coast.

You stuck out a paint covered hand in his direction and, snapping out of his thoughts about you, he took it, surprised at your gentle but firm grip, as you offered, “I’m (F/n) (L/n). May I ask your name so that I can thank you properly for saving me from an untimely meeting with the floor?”

He gave you a shy grin as he supplied, “Banner. Bruce Banner.”

You gave him the brightest smile, “Well then Bruce, thank you. It’s truly been a pleasure to meet you.”

~~~~End Flashback~~~~

If that memory had been a picture it would have been worn and faded from the number of times he had revisited it, meeting you for the first time. He’d known immediately that he was hooked, that there wasn’t going to be any way to forget you and he hadn’t wanted to.

In the following days he’d quickly found out that you were studying for your Doctorate in Biochemistry as well as a Masters in Fine Arts and that, like him, most considered you a genius in your field.

You’d sought each other out like magnets, unable to stay apart. Starting out first as friends and then as so much more. You were his saving grace, everything that had happened to him up until then didn’t matter when he was with you.

Bruce was torn from his memories as the agent in front of him ushered him towards his destination. He went through a large set of double doors that slid open to allow him access and he spied the man he knew to be Fury across the room.

Before either of them could speak or the doors could even close, he heard a familiar voice ring out from down the hall, “Fury! If you don’t reign in your Iron Dog, I will drop him out an air lock with no suit.”

You came into view, tugging an unhappy looking Anthony Stark along by his ear, and Bruce’s jaw dropped.

Sweeping into the room without looking around, you leveled Fury with an unamused glare, “ Oi Patchy the Pirate, Listen here. I can handle cheeky and arrogant, but I do not tolerate blatantly annoying. If he can’t behave like a reasonable human being he is not allowed in my lab. End of story.”

Tony was pouting as Fury glared at him, the man knew that you generally enjoyed Stark’s company so he must have done something particularly bad for you to end up so riled.

Just as Fury was about to set into him, Bruce regained the use of his voice, having been entirely shocked at seeing you again after all these years, “(F/n)?”

You quickly spun, knowing that voice the moment it hit your ears, “Bruce?”

You gave a wide grin, just the same as the day he first met you, and threw your arms around him in a hug.  He couldn’t help but return it heartily as you gushed, “It’s so good to see you. It’s been far too long. I can’t believe you’re here of all places.”

You tensed, pulling away to look at him as you had a sudden realization, “You’re here of all places.”

Your brows were furrowed as you spun to face Fury again, “He’s here. You promised me you wouldn’t bring him into this.”

Fury looked to be formulating an answer to this when you punched him in the face hard enough for him to tumble backwards into a table, surprising all of them. A light wind whipped up around you as you leaned over him, to seethe, “It was the only thing I ever asked for. You promised me you wouldn’t go after Banner.”

Fury leveled you with an intense glare, “I think it would be best if you calmed down Agent (L/n). He’s here now and you will just have to deal with it.”

You clenched your jaw, glaring down at him, before taking a few deep breaths and the wind died down.

Flashing Bruce a quick apologetic look, you shoved a finger in the now standing Fury’s face, “You are not forgiven, so keep the hell out of my sight. Send Coulson if it’s important.”

You pointed to Tony, “And you. You are not allowed in my lab until you have decided to act like a sane adult that doesn’t have a death wish.”

With that you spun and left, leaving all three of them to look after you with slightly bewildered looks on their faces.
I think I have story ADD. I seriously just wrote 5 chapters of this instead of working on the Observers series.

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"I don't know what to do, Tony!" you whined, throwing your hands up into the air and sighing in frustration.

"What's the matter?" the billionaire philanthropist asked you as he ate a spoonful of yogurt.

"I really, really, really, really, really, like this one guy! But, he doesn't even know I exist..." you said, and pouted at the end of your sentence.

"First of all, why are you talking to me about this? And, secondly, how can you be so sure about that? I'm sure he's noticed you at least a couple of times."

"He hasn't, because," you said, completely ignoring his first statement, and pausing for dramatic affect as you gasped in some air. "he hasn't even met me yet!" you finished.

Stark choked on his spoonful of yogurt. He hadn't expected that. What were you doing now, stalking? Do you even get paid for that?

You sat on his couch, fidgeting and patiently waiting for his reply. He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"What is he? Like, an actor or something?"

"Well, he used to have a his own show. But now, he's, well, in a weird sense of the word, retired from his 'acting' career." you explained. Grinning a bit, and chuckling to yourself.

"Okay, so you came to me, hoping that I could pull some strings for you, and arrange a meeting for you and this guy." he stated. To which, you nodded.

"Oh, you don't have to pull any strings, I know you know him," you nodded. "As a matter of fact, you work with him."

"And who is he?"

"Steve Rodgers." you stated with a smile.

Once again, Tony choked on his yogurt.

"What?" you asked, tilting your head to the side.

"Really? You really want me to set you up with Steve? A ninety-three year old?" Tony asked in his smart ass way.

"Hey! He may be ninety-three, but he looks twenty-seven! Maybe even younger!" you retorted, sticking your tongue out at him. Stark rolled his eyes.


"Your just jealous of his ass. I know you wish your's was as fine as his." you grumbled childishly. Once again, Stark rolled his eyes.

"Again, whatever. And my ass is just as fine as his, if not, better." he retorted. You giggled.

"So, will you do it? Please?" you asked, making the best puppy dog face you could muster.

"Sure. But, it'll be with other Avengers, and it'll be a party." Tony said, throwing away his empty cup.

You shrugged. "I don't care. As long as I get to meet him."

You got off his couch and started to walk to your room. "Oh! And, thanks again for letting me live with you for awhile."

"Yeah sure." he replied walking off to go plan a party.

You walked into your room and sat on your bed. Sighing you let your facade fall, and you looked down at the floor with sad eyes.
So, here's the full first chapter. Ta-dah~! I'm gonna try to update it every day, but that may not happen because I'm busy sometimes, but, if I don't do it every day, than I'll update it as soon as I can.

I was really, really, really, excited when I got on today and saw all my feedback messages on my messages, I was especially excited when I saw that people liked my story! I did I little dance in my seat :D!

Hopefully this chapter didn't ruin your interest in my story, because this isn't the best chapter I've ever written, so I hope I didn't turn you off my story with my crappy story.

I can't think of a title, so it won't have a name until I figure one out. I actually don't have much of this story planned out, so bear with me until I get everything straightened out for this.

Also, the relationship between the Reader and Tony is like a brother and sister, not anything romantic and it will probably stay that way (maybe).

Disclaimer: I don't own Steve Rodgers, Captain America, Tony Stark, Iron Man, they both belong to Marvel (Sadly). But, I do own you! :iconpervyprussiaplz: Lol, kidding, I don't own you.

I hope I didn't spell anything wrong, and that y'all enjoyed it. Leave comments, questions, reviews, money(jk), chicken sandwiches, critiques, the whole shabang.

Previous: [link]

Next: [link]

:iconinloveplz: Love you guys~ Bye-bi~!
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Tony had been gone for quite a while at a conference. He would be there for another day before he could even think about coming home to his tower.

This was your perfect chance. Pep, JARVIS, and you had been planning this stunt for a while, but never really had a chance to pull it off.

"JARVIS, bring up the blueprints for this floor, please," you told the machine.

"Would you like me to label everything you need to take, Miss?"

"If you don't mind. Just highlight everything we need to find and we'll start taking."

A holo-blueprint emerged from the table near the window, showing every room on this floor. Red highlights were scattered everywhere; there seemed to be more red on the map than anything else.

"This is going to take forever," Pepper sighed, "you take those rooms and I'll work on these. We have until noon tomorrow before he gets home."

"Definitely need to more quickly then." Putting your hair up in a ponytail, you grabbed your box and began to clean house.

Tony hummed a song as he entered the living room, kicking off his shoes. Plopping down on the couch, he sighed with his new time for relaxation. He didn't stay long, however, before he got up and sauntered to the bar, noticing that there were no bottles.

"JARVIS, where are my drinks?" His eyes scanned the cabinets under the bar trying to find anything he could drink.

"You're drinks are on your bar, Sir."

"No they aren't, I'm looking and I don't see anything." Tony walked up to the wall and opened a special compartment that use to have a scotch.

The man ran around the floor, crying out for you and Pepper. There was no way you were telling him about the mission.
Lol, I can SO picture Tony running around like a child and whining for his things xD I hope you enjoy it ^_^
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Reader pov

I sat down on the couch in my cozy living room. I groaned. Why does Saturdays afternoons have to be so boring? I picked up the TV remote and went channel surfing. It's pouring rain... All friends are on vacation...Others are at work...Could this day get anymore lonelier? Then, My husband, Clint came in with some scratches and bruises on his body and face. I quickly got up  and went to get the first aid kit.

"How did the mission went?" I said.

"Ah, god." He exclaims. "My back hurts. At least we kicked aliens' asses." I opened the kit and started cleaning the cuts on his face. The cuts wasn't crucial. After cleaning up Clint's cuts, I sat with him on the couch, watching Tv.

"This is so boring." I sighed. "This is probably the worst Saturday I've had. Today is too boring" I groaned as Clint puts his arm around me. He kissed my forehead.

"Let's watch a movie." Clint said as he got up to stretch. "Go change into your pajamas, I'll order pizza." He pulled me in for a quick chaste kiss. I went off to our bedroom to change. I changed into a (f/c) tank top and sleeping shorts.

As soon as I got out of the bedroom, I went to get plates and two wine glasses. I set it on the coffee table. I sat down on the couch with Clint as he scroll down in netflix. We ended up with a romantic comedy. Just as we were about to click play, The doorbell rang. Clint grabs his wallet and payed the pizza delivery guy. He came and sets the Pizza down.

"Wait, hold on a sec" Clint said as he ran off to the bedroom. He came back with a wine bottle and in his pjs. I giggled a little as He pour me a wine of glass. I took a sip. Mmm... Argentinean wine, yum.

We watched the movie while eating our pizza.  During the movie, Clint took a photo of me taking a sip of wine.

"I'm posting this on Instagram~" He singsonged.

"Don't you dare!" I laughed as I got on top of him. I grabbed his phone and He posted it. "Are you fucking kidding" I laughed as I threw his phone at him. He catches it sadly. We ended up cuddling and talking. Then it started to get boring again. I  thought of a idea and got up and went to the pantry.

"What are you looking for babe?" Clint said as he set his phone down on the table. I turned around with a box of pocky. I smiled at him.

"There's a game called "the pocky game" It's where you and another person put one end of the pocky in the mouth. We bite the pocky until it get's smaller and smaller. If both continue, the two participants' lips touch. Whoever breaks the kiss, losses the game."

"Let's play it then." He said as he sits by me on the couch. I grabbed the pocky as Clint grabs the other end. We worked our way through the center. We ended up kissing each other.  I broke the kiss for air.

"Guess I win huh? You know, the longest thing isn't in my quiver," Clint smirked as he pulled me into a passionate, heaty, kiss. He smirked in the kiss. We broke again for air.
"I'll need to see what's the longest thing you have then," I said as he picked me up, bridal style and carried off to the bedroom.

Guess this boring Saturday night wasn't so bad after all.
This is for :iconchristarennerston: because she's awesome!

Enjoy the hawkeye x reader oneshot!

I don't own the avengers, I own the story! :D
:iconjeremyrennerplz: :heart:
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I had loved him once. This much I know. The question then became, 'when had I loved him no more?'

It was a subtle transition sans any hostility and cruel words. We'd simply faded into ourselves, subconsciously severing the idea of 'us.' When we parted there was neither remorse nor regret. He had held me close just as always but there was no spark, a mere gesture amongst friends.

I've always hated the 'if' game, the dabbling between maybes. Why dwell on what could've been when none shall ever be. I sowed my oats and I've paid my dues—and adieus. The end was simply a new chapter. A new chapter of life, the secret I opted not to tell him. I simply had to have a little faith.

It wasn't until later–3 to 4 years, give or take–that I'd met him. He was not–by any means at all–Prince Charming, but he was perfect. I just didn’t know it yet. Untamed dark tendrils and eyes that held no fire, a brooding sort of guy. He'd run into me, quite literally, and if I hadn’t known any better I would’ve assumed the fabric of time was unraveling with the way he’d reacted. He’d apologized, profusely, and it had taken quite some time to assure him that all was well. He looked panicked, desperate even, as his eyes darted about the premise. There had been cries and hurried demands in the near distance behind us and the calls seemed to only further deepen his anxious state.

“There’s a back road over that way. No one ever uses it,” I’d muttered and his eyes grew the widest I think I’d ever seen a person’s eye expand.

He eyed me, clearly uncertain, but the resumed calling snatches him from what I can only entitle his musings.

“You better hurry before they catch you,” I’d insisted as I pointed towards the barely noticeable escape route.

His gaze wavered as he watched me and he’d given me a nod before uttering yet another apology before ushering swiftly down the darkening street. There had been more cries and hurried demands in the before a flurry of men in suits swept by, none minding the curious eyes of every Parisian citizen and tourist on the street.

‘Who was he?,’ I had wondered, fully expecting never to see him again.

Quite a few years had passed and I honestly could barely remember the day, a fleeting and faint memory at the back of my mind. I’d long since relocated from the city of Amboise to acquire a job here in New York. To be honest, I missed the quiet: The peaceful meanders down cobblestone roads and delightful conversations in amicable cafes. But a job was a job and I didn’t have only myself to be worried about anymore. I peer over to my left, watching as Theo wrestled his jacket on, before turning my attention back to making his lunch.

“Ready?” I inquire as I zipped the Captain America lunch pail shut before handing it to him.

He nods eagerly before dashing over to take up the pail in hand and, after smoothing down his wild unkempt hair, I walked him to the bus stop. He hugs me tightly before he wordlessly makes his way onto the bus. With a final wave as the bus road off into the distance I returned back to the house to prepare for work.

Working at Stark Industries was no easy feat, not even for a mere receptionist. Being multilingual served its purpose and made taking the majority of calls much easier had English been my only tongue. Today was no exception, phones ringing back to back as well  handling a large plethora of people from simply visitors to paparazzi alike. It was the fifth time today I had to call for security to have a riled ‘guest’ sent on his way after his temper began to get out of hand. With a sigh I shift to take up the ringing phone, fluent and peeved German rushing through the receiver. First, I must placate him before trying to make any sort of headway.

“Yes, sir. My apologies for the misunderstanding. No, I’m afraid Mr. Stark is book until the 17th. Yes, I do realize this…”

There’s a slight cough in front of me and from my peripheral vision I can see a nervous looking man. Politely I hold a single index finger in pursuit of more time before pointing to a sign in sheet. I can slightly hear him scribble down his name and I then point him towards the seating area. He nods before he falls from my semi-vision, likely in pursuit of a seat.

“Ja. Danke sehr, Herr Schmidt. Auf Wiederhören.”*

With that I hang up the phone and reach out to take up the sign-in sheet before appropriately making my way down the list: potential-but-failed visitors, reporters, journalists, and whatnot. At long last, with an array of phone calls in between, I reach the bottom of the list.

“Mr. Banner,” I call out expectantly, looking to the sole figure in the emptying seating area.

He stands, back to me, before turning and making his way over. Hmm…he seemed familiar.

Untamed dark tendrils and eyes that held no fire, a brooding sort of guy.

“You’re Mr. Banner, correct?”

“Um…yes. Yes, I am.”

’I’m so very sorry. I’m…I—!’

‘It’s quite alright. Don’t worry about it.’

“Do you have an appointment?” I ask customarily, already turning in my seat to scan the computer database for his name.

“Yes. I...I believe so…”

I hum lightly at the hesitance in his voice, proffering him a curious sideling glance.

…panicked, desperate even…cries and hurried demands…anxious…

In record time, the computer ‘bings’ with confirmation. There’s a simple note beneath his name, ‘All-Access.’ How peculiar. It’s not often someone is allowed the privilege of an all-access card. Still with a nod, I turn in the chair once more to reach down to unlock one of the drawers. Keying in the appropriate pin, the drawer opens and I shuffle through for the appropriate badge.

“There’s a little paperwork you’ll have to fill out and then I’ll be able to hand this over to you.”

I take out a file of the prior prepared papers, laying them before him on the counter before opening it.

“You’ll have to sign here and here. Only fill in those sections. The rest I’ll handle. Lastly,” I turn to the final page of the stack, “You’ll have to sign here.”

“Should I sign in my blood?”  he says with a slight chuckle and oddly enough the joke pulls me from my work mode as I eye him.

…wide eyes and uncertainty…

“No. Pen will suffice.”

He smiles awkwardly before taking up the pen and silently I fill out the appropriate information on the computer and activate Mr. Banner’s access card. The click of the pen against the countertop alerts me to the fact that he has finished and I take up the file before returning the pen to its appropriate place.

“Here you are, Mr. Banner,” I say politely as I offer him the ID, “We look forward to having you here at Stark Industries. Just take the elevator to your left. Mr. Stark has been expecting you.”

He coughs awkwardly before nodding to me making his way towards the elevator.

“Oh and Mr. Banner?”

“I would suggest you hurry. Mr. Stark is a very impatient man,” I say offering him a genuine smile and he replies with a sincere smile of his own.

‘You better hurry before they catch you.’

“Thank you…for everything,” he mutters softly before scurrying toward the elevator and falling from my sight.

For everything, huh? I turn my gaze towards the ground as I ponder his words. It isn’t often people thank the receptionist, much too busy being displeased by their ‘lack of service.’ People didn’t often thank those that made them endure paperwork either. Then who in the world…?


It is Veronique’s voice that pulls me from my musings and back to the real world

his musings…

“Well if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’d wanted to work the night shift,” she teases and I laugh with the shake of my head.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on that one,” I reply with a smile as I set out to gather my things.

“Well then you better get a move on. You’ve got a train to catch and handsome guy waiting for you back home.”

I laugh as I slip into my coat, “Handsome guy, huh? Well, he is isn’t he.”

Veronique rolls her eyes playfully as she slips into the reception desk chair,

“(Name), be sure to tell Theo I said hi!”

“I will. I will!” I call over my shoulders as I exit the building, bidding Happy and a few other security guards goodnight on my way out.

A cool rush of wind greets me as I make way out onto the darkening streets…

It wasn't until later–3 to 4 years, give or take–that I'd met him. And it was a few years after that day that I fell in love again.
*GERMAN: "Yes. Thank you very much, Mr Schmidt. Goodbye."

Chapter 1: You are here
Chapter 2: F&S2
Chapter 3: F&S3

Here is my 'Thank You fic!' It's going to be a three shot, maybe four depending on how things turn out. I don't like when relationships feel rushed so my chapter always wind up long and plentiful because I like to take the time to establish things.

I'm also going to do a Natasha fic too because it's been a while since I've done one of those and they seem to be pretty popular. So in essence, I'm giving four stories~! YAY! Thanks so much again!
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Steve watched you pace back and forth, watching you mutter to yourself. You were upset and it was his fault; you only spoke to yourself when you were REALLY angry. Steve held back a sigh, running his hand through his hair, he knew that making any noise would bring you back over to him to scream some more.

The reason you were so upset? That was easy enough to answer. You had caught the captain spending time with his ex after he said he was working late. Cap now realized that this was a bad idea.

Steve called your name softly, trying to get your attention without another argument ensuing. "Please, come sit down."

You sighed and sat on the edge of the coffee table, looking to the floor. "Why didn't you tell me?"

The blond licked his lips, trying to word the answer properly. "I thought that if I didn't tell you then you wouldn't feel like I was trying to get back with her."

"You do realize I think that now more than ever, right," you questioned, gazing at him with tear-filled eyes.

"I realize that, but truly, I don't see why you'd be upset either way, I mean, just because I dated her doesn't mean she means anything to me now."

The sorrow you had, turned to rage at his sentence. "You don't see why, Steve? So even though you said that was the reason you kept it from me, you're taking it back?"

"That isn't what I-- Hey! We aren't finished talking yet!" In the middle of his sentence you got up and walked away.
I know it's short but it was for a challenge I found. Hope you like it :)

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You sigh as you glance around the party being hosted at Stark tower, rolling your eyes as yet another wave of men headed your way, grabbing the schematic for a weapon prototype you were working on, shoving them in your purse and standing.
“Hey pretty lady, Stark order you for entertainment or something?” one of the men asked, blocking your escape route.
“Please, as if Tony could afford my services.” You snap, going to move by him when one of his friends stepped in your way.
“So you’re an expensive girl,  if Tony doesn’t have the money then I wonder if he’s going bankrupt…”
“He’s as rich as ever, but I’m just as well off as him, and with more brains. I’m his cousin, which is the only reason I’m here. Now if you’ll excuse me…” you go to leave when the men closed in.
“There you are, (Y/n). Come along now.” A pale, thin man with slicked black hair and green eyes smiled, wrapping an arm around your waist and led you through the crowd to an empty hallway. “I am sorry I did not get to you sooner, those men are vial.”
“Thank you for getting me out of there, but, who are you?” you turn to him, blushing slightly as he stared at you and jumped slightly as he cupped your face in his hand.
“Liam, Love. I am the one who asked for you to be here. Your cousin told me you are a brilliant individual, I was hoping you might consul on something for me.” Loki said, his hand sliding to yours, lifting it to his lips and gently kissed your knuckles.
“Tony told you that?” you blink, raising an eyebrow.
“Well… he said you were a smart ass that thinks you are smarter than him…” he smirked slightly.
“That sounds more like him… what do you think?” you roll your (e/c) eyes, shaking your (h/c) bangs from your face and folded your arms over your chest.
“I think you might just be the smartest person on this planet.”
“Hm…” you pull a business card from your shirt pocket and handed it to him. “Get an appointment and we’ll talk. If you’ll excuse me, my limo is waiting.”
“Until we meet again, love.” He smiled, giving you a quick peck on the cheek and returned into the sea of nearby people.
‘Well that wasn’t professional…” you shake your head, getting to your limo and sighing as you shut yourself in. “Alan, to my favorite coffee shop, please.” You throw your shoes off as the limo moved, pulling your spare clothes from the box next to you and changed into some skinny black and red stripped jeans and a deep purple one strap halter top.
“Ma’am, the fog is getting bad. Please buckle up.” Alan suggested.
“Fog?” you blink as you pull your purple and red converses on, moving to the seat behind Alan and looked out the window as he started going downhill extremely fast. “A-Alan please slow down!” you whimper slightly from the steepness of the hill and screamed as you bounced at the end of the hill, the limo careening into a ravine. “A-Alan what is wrong with you?! Stupid program…” you groan, slipping into the front of the limo despite your bleeding head and pulled up diagnostics on the dashboard computer. “Tony you bastard! Messing with my system!”
You scream as something lands on top of the limo as it slides into the water and starts to sink.
“Ma’am, are you okay?” Steve asked as he popped his head in through the sun roof. “(Y/n)? this is your limo? What happened to Alan, why wasn’t he driving?”
“Steve…” you sigh in relief, taking his offered hand and let him pull you on top of the car. You’d known Steve since your team had found him seven years back, broken him out of the ice yourself, and almost successfully reproduced the serum your uncle had used on Steve. He was your best friend as you were his, like siblings, although sometimes you both crossed that line, nothing sexual really, maybe sleeping together or the occasional make out session in a back alley. It was a weird relationship but it worked. “Tony messed with Alan… he spazzed and crashed…” you collapse into his chest as he knelt with you.
“(Y/n) your head…” he put a hand to the large gash on your forehead, sighing as you wince and blacked out.
Dude... My dreams were weird as all hell this morning... Sorry about this... I'm so sleepy... I was up til 12:30 and up by eight...

Avengers belongs to Marvel
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"It's getting close to Halloween." your dad said. "Have you decided on a costume for this year?"

"Yup!" you smiled brightly. "I wanna be a sciencist like you, Daddy!"

"Scientist." your dad corrected you, looking serious as ever. He always tried to stay calm and, after you saw him turn into the other guy, you knew why. But, he was still your dad and you didn't love him any less. You weren't even afraid of him, although he warned you that you should be. You know that the other guy still loved you though, just the same as your dad did, and he would never hurt you.

You nodded when he corrected you, making sure to remember. "I can wear your lab coat." you decided. "And I already got glasses. And, I can use some of your test tubes and put stuff in them."

"That sounds like a good idea to me." you dad said. "But I think my lab coat will be a bit big on you. How about we get you one of your own? It'll even have your name on it."

"Yea!" you giggled excitedly. "Let's go, Daddy! Go now!"

"Alright, alright." he smiled, picking you up. "On the way there, we can try to figure out which houses will have lots of candy." You smiled and nodded, eager. Since your dad was always moving around for his research, you were always in a different place for Halloween. That meant new houses every year, and no way to base it off the previous year. So, it had become a tradition to guess which houses would give the best candy that year.

You'd learned a few things from doing this. The first thing was that old people usually have terrible candy, if they gave candy at all. Some just gave quarters or pretzels, though you didn't mind those because pretzels were good and you could usually buy something with a few quarters. People with kids would be out trick-or-treating as well, so they were the ones with bowls left out where you could take as many as you wanted. Big houses usually meant richer people and sometimes, though not always, king size candy bars. Knowing all this, you made your guesses. You could hardly wait until Halloween to find out if you were right.
Here you go~ Another Halloween story~ 

Sorry for it being kinda short, but I didn't know what to write and I wanted to get this out before Halloween.

I don't own you or Bruce Banner.
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