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This was officially the worst idea you had ever had. You didn’t know a thing about New York even though you’d been born here. Your parents had sent you to boarding school in England at a young age and it was there that you had grown up, gone to college, and pretty much lived your life. That’s not to say you weren’t loved or that you were abandoned, your family visited you often, but since you didn’t like to fly they always came to you.

You looked up at the buildings that towered over you ominously, it had definitely changed since then. Being lost wasn’t actually such a bad thing or well it wouldn’t be if the sky wasn’t drenching you with water that was threatening to turn into snow as the temperature crept lower.

You cursed yourself for all the mistakes you’d made today- leaving without your warm outer coat, losing your wallet at the checkpoint, letting your phone run out of batteries, pretty much this whole day was a mistake.

You looked around, there was hardly anyone out in this weather and those that were out weren’t about to stop and give you directions. You missed London and it’s people already. You came to the edge of Central Park, that much you recognized, but you had no idea what side of it this was or which direction your destination was from there.

On the plane you’d convinced yourself it would be easy to find. It was supposedly one of the tallest buildings and flashy as all hell but from your current position it seemed like there wasn’t going to be any way to find it. You tugged at the bandage on your forearm through the long sleeve of your shirt, pausing your journey to lean against a railing in the park as you tried to get your bearings or remember anything useful from your childhood.

Bruce spotted you before saw him, he was out taking a break from the lab, walking through Central Park to clear his head. He liked the rain, less people were out when it was raining so he could explore the city with a little more confidence, and the cool air felt good against his unnaturally warm skin. For that reason he wore only a light jacket, carrying an umbrella to keep dry.

His first thoughts when he saw you from afar was that you were crazy to be out in this weather dressed as you were. The only warm thing you had on was a smooth scarf around your neck, the rest of your outfit consisting of jeans, a light sweater, and worn leather boots that went up to your knee.

When he got close enough to see you properly he wasn’t surprised to see that you were shivering. He looked you over, you were actually rather pretty, despite being all wet, and you looked to be on the verge of tears. He took a few steps closer and you looked up, traces of hope flickering in your eyes.

When your eyes met his, he gave you a hesitant smile and you gave a small smile back, striding over, “Excuse me? I’m so sorry to bother you but you’re the first friendly face I’ve seen all day. Could you possibly give me directions to Stark Tower?”

Your voice was just as he imagined it, soft and melodious, what he didn’t anticipate was the British accent or that where you wanted to go was where he’d just come from.

He struggled internally over what to do before deciding there was no harm in helping you get to your destination, you didn’t have to know anything about him and it probably wasn’t going to be long enough for something bad to happen.

He stepped forward, sheltering you from the cutting rain under his umbrella, “I was actually headed back in that direction. I can take you there if you’d like.”

You let out a relieved sigh, “That would be fantastic.”

You grinned at him and stuck out a soggy hand, “I’m (F/n) by the way.”

“Bruce.” He offered grabbing your hand only to recoil, quickly shrugging off his jacket, “You’re freezing! Here.”

The jacket was shoved into your hands before you could protest and you ducked your head and murmured “Thank you,” as you pulled it on. He lead you toward Stark Tower querying curiously, “Can I ask how exactly you came to be lost in New York city in the rain?”

You sighed, “It’s a rather long story… I left London on a whim, not really thinking, and ended up here with no money, as I lost my wallet in the airport, a dead cell phone, and absolutely no knowledge of the city. The whole thing was a rather poor decision on my part.”

He nodded coming to a stop in front of the tower, “We’re here.”

You looked up grumbling, “I was so bloody close,” before turning to him, “Would you like to come up?”

He tilted his head, not at your question, but at the implication that you had access to the tower. Thinking he found you too forward, you hurriedly corrected, “You’ve been very kind, a god send really, I’d like to dry your jacket for you at least and maybe it will have stopped raining by the time that’s over and done with.”

Bruce studied your face, you seemed sincere enough and now he was very curious, so he just nodded. You sloshed into the sleek lobby of the tower, earning yourself a glare from the receptionist, which you ignored, making your way to the elevator. You pressed your hand to the sensor and to Bruce’s surprise the doors slid open, you motioned for him to follow you with a small smile.
Guess what guys I started a new Bruce fic. I have no idea where its actually going but enjoy.

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Sing the anthem of the angels,
let them hear your praise,
see you knelt before them,
like some common slave.

Raise your voice,
pour your soul into each word,
sell it to the greater evil.
give them your freedom,
to feel,
to think,
to be who you are,
all in exchange for one fleeting,
brush of wings.

Bow before them,
go on,
are you afraid?
Not of the Devil they speak of,
but of those Angels,
pure white wings,
tainted with the blood,
of thousands.

The ones who kept their souls,
the ones who saw,
the true faces,
of your Angels.
Of your God.
The ones,
you shall forever shun.
The free ones. 

Drink the flesh and blood,
of your saviour,
indulge in that at least.
Does the taste of human flesh,
melt on your tongue,
spreading their lies?
Does His blood,
send fire coursing through your body,
the prejudice for others,
now being nurtured within you?   

you shudder from it,
we embrace it.
You see the world,
in black and White,
through the rules,
of your keepers.
We see in technicolour,
masters of our own souls.

Sing the anthem of your Angels,
let them hear no soul,
see you bruised and broken,
no better than a common slave.
Look upon them,
see the red eyes,
draining your soul,
into the dark.

Hear the Anthem for what it truly is.
Lies by those,
who fear Death's embrace. 
Well, I've been sitting on this poem for a while and I've held it back because...religion is a touchy subject and I didn't want to get involved in it.
Then I realised something.
I'm allowed my opinions. I'm allowed to express my thoughts on the world I live in and religion is in that world.
So here it is; my thoughts on religion. Mainly the extremists and those who try to force their beliefs on others.
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You sigh as you glance around the party being hosted at Stark tower, rolling your eyes as yet another wave of men headed your way, grabbing the schematic for a weapon prototype you were working on, shoving them in your purse and standing.
“Hey pretty lady, Stark order you for entertainment or something?” one of the men asked, blocking your escape route.
“Please, as if Tony could afford my services.” You snap, going to move by him when one of his friends stepped in your way.
“So you’re an expensive girl,  if Tony doesn’t have the money then I wonder if he’s going bankrupt…”
“He’s as rich as ever, but I’m just as well off as him, and with more brains. I’m his cousin, which is the only reason I’m here. Now if you’ll excuse me…” you go to leave when the men closed in.
“There you are, (Y/n). Come along now.” A pale, thin man with slicked black hair and green eyes smiled, wrapping an arm around your waist and led you through the crowd to an empty hallway. “I am sorry I did not get to you sooner, those men are vial.”
“Thank you for getting me out of there, but, who are you?” you turn to him, blushing slightly as he stared at you and jumped slightly as he cupped your face in his hand.
“Liam, Love. I am the one who asked for you to be here. Your cousin told me you are a brilliant individual, I was hoping you might consul on something for me.” Loki said, his hand sliding to yours, lifting it to his lips and gently kissed your knuckles.
“Tony told you that?” you blink, raising an eyebrow.
“Well… he said you were a smart ass that thinks you are smarter than him…” he smirked slightly.
“That sounds more like him… what do you think?” you roll your (e/c) eyes, shaking your (h/c) bangs from your face and folded your arms over your chest.
“I think you might just be the smartest person on this planet.”
“Hm…” you pull a business card from your shirt pocket and handed it to him. “Get an appointment and we’ll talk. If you’ll excuse me, my limo is waiting.”
“Until we meet again, love.” He smiled, giving you a quick peck on the cheek and returned into the sea of nearby people.
‘Well that wasn’t professional…” you shake your head, getting to your limo and sighing as you shut yourself in. “Alan, to my favorite coffee shop, please.” You throw your shoes off as the limo moved, pulling your spare clothes from the box next to you and changed into some skinny black and red stripped jeans and a deep purple one strap halter top.
“Ma’am, the fog is getting bad. Please buckle up.” Alan suggested.
“Fog?” you blink as you pull your purple and red converses on, moving to the seat behind Alan and looked out the window as he started going downhill extremely fast. “A-Alan please slow down!” you whimper slightly from the steepness of the hill and screamed as you bounced at the end of the hill, the limo careening into a ravine. “A-Alan what is wrong with you?! Stupid program…” you groan, slipping into the front of the limo despite your bleeding head and pulled up diagnostics on the dashboard computer. “Tony you bastard! Messing with my system!”
You scream as something lands on top of the limo as it slides into the water and starts to sink.
“Ma’am, are you okay?” Steve asked as he popped his head in through the sun roof. “(Y/n)? this is your limo? What happened to Alan, why wasn’t he driving?”
“Steve…” you sigh in relief, taking his offered hand and let him pull you on top of the car. You’d known Steve since your team had found him seven years back, broken him out of the ice yourself, and almost successfully reproduced the serum your uncle had used on Steve. He was your best friend as you were his, like siblings, although sometimes you both crossed that line, nothing sexual really, maybe sleeping together or the occasional make out session in a back alley. It was a weird relationship but it worked. “Tony messed with Alan… he spazzed and crashed…” you collapse into his chest as he knelt with you.
“(Y/n) your head…” he put a hand to the large gash on your forehead, sighing as you wince and blacked out.
Dude... My dreams were weird as all hell this morning... Sorry about this... I'm so sleepy... I was up til 12:30 and up by eight...

Avengers belongs to Marvel
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The one time I decide to come out of my little hole up in Stark Tower, the one time, and I'm struck. Struck by something even the other guy can't protect me from.

She sits in the coffee shop, clear blue eyes strictly scanning whatever it is that she's reading on her dinky laptop. Some noise that I can't hear from the coffee bar pulls her attention and she lifts her head, letting her mahogany-red hair flitter about her shoulders and outline for me something that I really shouldn't even be looking at--I mean I haven't even met her yet--yet? What the hell, Bruce? Just because she's amazingly beautiful and completely oblivious to my standing here on the street staring at her--god, I'm so creepy sometimes.

I wonder if she's seen me and just doesn't want to pay attention to me in hopes that I'll go away...? I mean, it's possible. But...I can't just leave without saying 'hi' first. Or buying her another whatever it is she has next to her computer. What am I saying? I'm not fit for a relationship--wait. That's jumping to conclusions. Saying 'hi' is not equivalent to entering into a relationship.

Her head softly shakes again, dispelling her attention from her tunnel vision, and she turns toward the light of the street, toward me. Appraising me for a moment, she smiles gorgeously and gets back to her work. Is, it has to be a trick of the light...

Determination streaming into my legs propels me through the doors of the place before my mind can keep up and I find myself silently sitting at her table, her face just as struck as the strings of my heart.

"Um...hello," she starts, clearly unsure of herself, and closes the lid of her humming machine with the most polite of manners.

"Hey, I'm sorry, this is probably...a little weird but I was staring and I thought it was rude to not at least say hello."
" were looking at me?" Her jaw drops in confusion, just a smidge of composure lost due to my arrogant ideals.

"Ah...yeah. I'm sorry, I'm just not really used to leaving the tower and--"
"Tower?" Right. "Which tower?" Is it okay to tell her where I live? I that weird?
"Well, ah--"
"Nevermind, um, so what's your name?"


"Emily." She smiles again, easing out a comfortable giggling sigh before a moment of awkward silence passes over the two of us and our table. I can't hear anything but it, despite all of the clamor around the coffee shop. But I can't think of anything to say to ease us into a conversation. Dammit, brain, you're brilliant except when it actually matters--ugh, that was a little bit dramatic--
"Would you like to join me for a drink then?" Her voice drifts over the space of my ears, making me forget whatever it was that I had just thought up. Was it a negative thought? Probably. Oh well.

"Uh...sure." Stressing to follow her suggestion, I stumble out of my chair, squeaking it against the paneled floor of the shop and alerting everyone to my presence. As the white noise around us hushes out, a deep pink lashes itself against her cheeks and she looks down and away from everyone else's prying eyes. Great, Bruce; you've embarrassed the poor woman. "I'll Right." I knock two absent knuckles against the grain of the cheap wooden table and make off to the counter as the cacophony picks up again.

With no one in line, I stride right up, looking back once to find her looking at me as well--much to her chagrin. Is that good or bad?

"Uh, a large coffee, leave it black." Reaching into my back pocket, I start fumbling with my wallet for...two fifty?

"You mean super?"


"You said large, it's 'super' here."

"Um. Yeah. Super, I guess."

"Which roast?"

"Uh...I...just your basic stuff...?" This is not the kind of interaction that Tony promised me.

"Okay..." The barista steps off for a moment, giving me a strange facial tick and flashing her deep brown eyes at me suspiciously. I haven't even done anything--aside from be awkward, I guess. I look back again to find the woman--Emily working on her computer with vehemence that I haven't quite seen from her yet. Should I just leave her alone...? No, she did ask me if I wanted to drink with her. And that means I'm staying.

The clunk of the coffee cup being set down on the counter shifts my attention back to the person who is supposed to be taking my money so that I can go sit back down and stop causing whatever trouble it is that I'm bringing to this place.

"Two fifty."
"Thanks." I slip the exact change down and grab my cup as quickly as I can, treading back to the table in much the same way that I had the first time that I sat with her. "Hey, sorry about that."

"It's looked about as pink as I felt." Fighting a smirk, Emily types something on her keyboard and shuts it, retiring those (?) eyes to settle on me. Weren't they more blue when I was outside? I guess it's the light...

"Oh, I...yeah, I was too worried about embarrassing you. I guess I didn't even register my own uneasiness." Fighting the urge to say something, her rosy lips gape for a moment before all she does is smile, reassuring that pounding muscle in my chest. Before things can get awkward again, I slip the lid to my lips and take a grateful gulp of the stuff, eyeing her cup with a wonder floating around my mind about what might be inside.

"Is that coffee?" She asks, taking to her own hot drink and looking around before she takes a committed sip.


"Aw, I wish I could have some..."

"Are you allergic?" Seems like a weird allergy, but why couldn't someone have coffee? I guess epilepsy or other heart-related problems...damn, that was probably really insensitive.

"What?" Another giggle leaves her lips and she looks off before dipping her head just enough to look at me through the shade of her blackened eyelashes. "No, I'm not allergic. Just can't stand how bitter it is." Looking at my lid, I register the acerbic aftertaste like her words somehow turned the taste I've grown so fond of into ash. "I like the smell though, don't get me wrong."

"What are you drinking then?"

"Hot cocoa. With some lovely little additives. Want some?" With gentle teasing, the tips of her fingers graze her cup and push it toward me. But...I mean...her lips were just on the mouth-hole. And now I'm off in my own perverted world--
"Ah, well, I don't want to contaminate it." That beautiful blush is back, lightly tingeing her pale skin before she pops the lid open and shoves it a little closer.

"There." You'll still get backwash, Emily...but I guess this is your way of telling me that you don't care about that. I pick the warm thing up and take a sip of the steaming, frothy mess of sugar and milk.

"That's--that's a bit sweet." Pulling my lips into my mouth to try to hide the flittering corners of my mouth, I place the cup back down in front of her and take another gulp of what I feel like I just cheated on. Cheating on coffee. New low, Bruce.

"Well good," her cheeks puff out again around the bending of her mouth and puts the lid back on, taking another sip before continuing, "more for me." The awkwardness disappears behind her continued smirk even though that deafening silence falls over the table once again.

"I don't think I've ever said this sincerely before but it's a pleasure to meet you, Emily." That smile.

"Pleasure's all mine."
:iconproudplz: DONE. I'm somewhat proud of this. It's probably not my best writing, but considering the place and the fact that I don't know everything about the lovely :iconlord-of-the-fandoms:, for whom I wrote this, I'd say it's pretty damn good.

Beeteedubs, I totally ship you and Bruce XD This is far too cute. Honestly, I'm considering making more of these.

I truly hope you enjoy this. I also hope I wrote you accurately. I considered asking how much you smile and laugh but whatever XD If I need to change it, I totally can.
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     It was a rare peaceful day at the Stark Tower until you brutally murdered it.

“Hiiiii guys!” You yelled out for the whole world to hear as you skipped through the lab doors. You threw your arms around your science buddies once they were in glomping range. Bruce groaned in response, but Tony hugged you back and dropped a kiss to your cheek.

“I thought you took the day off.”  Bruce commented as he turned back to his project.

“Lucky us you brought your pretty face back. No offense Bruce but she’s got you beat in the looks department.” Tony grinned at you as a blush spread across your cheeks. A small and slightly nervous giggle left your lips as you playfully slapped his arm.

“Anyway I came down here because I thought you guys could use a break.” You told them while hopping on a table. You swung your legs back and forth like a small child as you watched your two favorite people work.

“What type of break?” Tony asked suggestively as he wagged his eyebrows before winking at you.

“Pfft as if Tony.” You scoffed as your blush returned full force.

“Thanks for the thought of us, but we have too much work to do.” Bruce spoke up still hunched over the table overflowing with electronic devices. Both you and Tony pouted, but Tony did go back to work, well as close to work as he gets when he doesn’t want to.  A slow smile began to spread across your face as you discreetly pulled your IPod from your pocket and placed it on the table.

“What if we combined your work and break?” You probed Bruce while you nudged his shoulder. You seriously hoped that sounded more enticing than it did in your head. Apparently it did, because it caused Bruce to turn his head towards you.

“And how would you manage to do that?”

“SCIENCE DANCE!” You yelled at the top of your lungs while you pressed play on your IPod. Loud pop music flooded the room and you leapt from your seat and began to dance. Tony gave a laugh –although it couldn’t be heard over the music- and joined you.

“Come on Bruce!” You shouted next to his ear so he could hear you. A flash of confliction washed over his face, but he soon gave in once you added puppy dog eyes to your pout. With an inaudible sigh he stood from his seat. You let out a whoop and flung your arms around him in a brief hug before you pulled him away from the breakable things. All three of you made the best circle you could and let go, of course to add science to the dancing you all wore your lab coats and thought science-y thing. Like if you could turn the tesseract into a makeshift disco ball.




“What are you doing?” Steve hollered from the doorway of the lab as he watched you fall on your butt. With a giggle you paused the music and turned to face him.

“We’re having a science dance.” You hiccupped after downing the rest of your beer. Silently you held the empty glass out and Tony poured in some more.

“Aren’t you supposed to be doing science, not drinking?” Steve reprimanded as he strolled into the room. Bruce grinned lazily as he nursed his beer and Tony started chugging it from the bottle.

“I’ve only had um… I lost count after five.” Bruce stated before he began to tinker with some tools he had laying around.

“Besides we are doing science.” You replied huffily as you too played with random tools.

“Really?” Steve gave you an ‘I don’t buy that’ look as Tony joined in with his too science buddies.

“Yep, we’re doing drunk science.” You slurred and gesture for Tony to remove your goody-goody of a teammate. Tony happily obliged and once the doors were shut and locked the three of you attempted to do the work Fury assigned the boys.

“Guys I think I messed up.” Tony cried out as he grabbed you by the arm and pulled you towards the door. On the way you snagged Bruce and the three of you had just fallen out the door and spilt out into the hallway when an explosion went off.

“What have you done?” Director Fury demanded and his scowling face was the last that you saw before blacking out.

This idea was actually sparked from Adventure Time. When Finn was doing his science dance. And does anybody else out there not like Steve?
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There's something in the darkness,
Something that is not quite right.
The shadows haunt beneath me 
Swirling just out of my sight.

The darkness threatens to swallow,
Everything that I live for.
But it promises to hold me,
So I cant really ask for more.

The blackness is a cradle,
It wraps me warm inside.
Bring out all the monsters,
As they sing me lullabys.

They sing me:
"The monster in the mirror,
The demons in the night,
The place my heart cannot love,
Where I cannot see the light
For I know my heart is broken
But I fear to give up the fight."

Maybe monsters aren't so scary,
They are scared just like me.
They broke so long ago,
That they are numb like I want to be.

Maybe a monster's what I am,
In the mirror it's what I see.
My own reflection's scary, 
Shaky and unsure what to be.

It would be so easy to give up,
And I fear that I just might.
So soon I'll sing your lullaby too,
And hide you deep into the night.

Still singing:
"The monster in the mirror,
The demons in the night,
The place my heart cannot love,
Where I cannot see the light
For I know my heart is broken
But I fear to give up the fight."
"Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art.
― Kurt Cobain
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It was a Wednesday night; you had nothing to do and you were bored senseless, Oh great! When tony said it would be fun to join the avengers you had expected huge battles, loads of fighting and epic powers the likes of which you have never seen, not sitting in stark tower watching TV! This was beyond annoying now, it was  ludicrous! You and tony were the only ones there with Clint and Natasha out on a  S.H.I.E.L.D mission, Steve out on his motor cycle...again, Bruce helping on the helli-carrier and Thor caught up in Asguard with the Loki situation leaving you and tony to do absolutely nothing.
"Tony...I'm bored!" You said, lying out on the sofa.
"You've got the TV..." Came a voice from by the bar.
"Dude you've known me since we were in  pre-school, you know I hate being stuck in doing nothing!" you moaned, flicking through the channels blindly.
"Well then, what do you suggest?" he asked, walking over to the sofa with drinks in his hands.
You sighed and begrudgingly sat up to allow him somewhere to sit.
"I dunno, let's just go OUT! Somewhere," you declared, "anywhere, I'm going crazy in here!"
"Not very specific." he said, handing you a drink.
"Meh." you shrugged, messing with the remote and sipping your drink.
A few moment's passed and tony looked thoughtful, you took the liberty of leaning your head on his shoulder. You loved how close you were to him, remembering how you had been friends since first grade and had been thick as thieves for years until you had to move to England  for your dad to take a job. you had missed him so much and when a S.H.I.E.L.D agent had called you in for a consultation, you had been so happy to see that smug basterd, giving him a big hug and refusing to let go.
"Well well, look at what you've become~" you had teased.
Thinking about it made you giggle to yourself, spiking Tony's interest.
"What's funny?" he smirked, wrapping his arm around your shoulders,
"Just earlier." you smiled fondly.
"Well...I have an idea!" he declared, making you giggle louder.
"What is this idea of yours!?" you said, springing to your feet and jumping over the sofa.
"You like being outside right?" he asked.
"No shit Sherlock!" you sighed, wrapping your arms around his shoulders from behind the sofa.
He stiffened up and his breathing hitched when you did and you suddenly got worried, was he ok? Was his arc-reactor playing up?
"W-w-well, why don't I take you around the world?" he stuttered out.
"...ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" you screamed, jumping on him excitedly.
"Yea!" he said, turning to you quickly, only to look away again at the sight of your face, "I've got the jet so we could go anywhere."
"Are you ok?" you asked, holding his chin to turn his head.
He shook it and looked back at you, a slight pink across his nose. Was he blushing? You decided to ignore it because of your overwhelming excitement and just hugged him.
"Where do we start?" you asked, not letting go.
"Well, I thought we could tour all the states up here, then go down to south America, over to Africa, across again to  Australia and so on." he sighed, hugging you back and burying his head in the crook of your neck.
"A giant global circle!" you smiled, closing your eyes and moving so you were lying across the sofa with your shoulders on Tony's lap.
"Yea," he yawned, "tired?"
"Just a bit." you smiled, opening your eyes.
"Better get some rest, we leave in the morning!" he smiled.
You got up and stretched, rubbing your eyes you started to walk to your room,
"Just the two of us...right?" you asked, turning in the doorway.
"Wh-oh! Of cause! Wouldn't have it any other way!" he said, overemphasising his movements as he walked back to the bar, obviously a little drunk.
" me a favour?" you giggled despite yourself.
"What?" he smiled innocently as he took a swig of Smirnoff.
"Don't be TO drunk when we go." you teased, giving him a little wave and walking out the door to your room.
"No promises!" he called after you, tripping slightly as he strained to lean in the direction of the door you just left through. He walked to the sofa and lead down, smiling to himself.
"Shall I prepare both of your bag's?" Jarvis asked.
"Please Jarvis." he smiled.
"For your own good sir, try not to sleep with her on the first night." Jarvis sighed.
"God Jarvis! She's my best friend!" tony shouted, sitting up instantly.
"Sorry sir, its just I know what your like." Jarvis said in the same tone.
"Shut up Jarvis..." he pouted.
"Shall we forget I ever mentioned it?" Jarvis sighed.
"...DAMN STRATE!" tony complained, lying back down and turning over on the sofa so his face was towards its back.
"I presume you will be sleeping there tonight sir."
He replied by moaning and  making a shooing gesture with his hand.
"Goodnight sir..."
"'Night Jarvis."


Picking up a glass from beside the sink and pouring yourself a glass of water, you yawned and took a swig.
"What are you like stark?" you giggled to yourself, looking out of the window briefly before walking to your bed.
placing the water down on your nightstand and getting into bed, you yelped in shock as your phone lit up and began to vibrate.
"Da hell?" you asked yourself, getting up again and walking to the nightstand.
When you got there you noticed you had been texted by who else but your drunk friend in the other room; oh, oh it was on now!!

hey there!  


But I'm bored

If you sleep then you won't be

But I miss you

I've been gone 5 minutes

6 and a half minutes actually

You're such an idiot! XD

No...I'm a genius! >

...Playboy, billionaire, philanthropist?

THAT'S THE 1!!...3? 4?

I don't get it! You're supposed a genius and you can't even work out how many words you just said XD


Coming from the guy who constantly takes the p out of Steve?


Oh and btw yes

Yes what?

It was 4 words


Goodnight tony

...night then you

You smiled and put your phone down, crawling into bed and curling up into a ball, drifting off shortly after.
In the other room, tony lay on the sofa with his face contorted into a tired, happy expression, he hadn't smiled like that since you were both in school.
yeap XD
part 1 - [link]
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Fire raged on all around you. Shrapnel fell down into the streets, cars flew every which way, people screaming and running. You had to keep going or you'd die. You turned the corner and ran down Second Street, weaving in between people and vehicles. As you ran, a bunch of those...things landed in the middle of the street, walking towards the crowd. You screamed and turned, sprinting back down the street you just came up. You needed to hide somewhere safe where you couldn't be hurt. You ran into a small bookstore and hid behind the counter, heart racing and sweat poring down your face. You prayed to anything or anyone that might hear you, begging to be spared. You peaked up and saw the alien things running down the street, people everywhere fleeing madly. Just then, a man appeared out of nowhere. He was tall and was wearing an all black uniform, a quiver of arrows on his back. With perfect aim, he shot the alien in the chest, turning around just in time to land a solid kick to another alien's face.

You ducked again, heart beating faster. What would happen? Would this...archer die? Were there more people like him. "Iron Man" you breathed, looking up again. You sat there, minutes going by, until you saw him fly by at break neck speed. It was! It was Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. Despite how scared you were, some fear eased a little. As far as you knew, Iron Man and that archer guy were out there, fighting against these aliens. Suddenly, a book fell on your head, followed by three more. The whole shelf, no, the whole store was shaking. You stood up, hopping the counter, and ran for your life. 'This can't be because of me, can it?!' you thought to yourself, looking out at the damaged city. Realizing now was not the time, you began running again. You could see Iron Man again, along with a few more people. A woman in a black suit, just like the archer, a huge man with a hammer, a huge green monster and...CAPTAIN AMERICA? 'No way, he's still alive?!' you thought, remembering your grandma's stories. Again, not the time or place.

You drew your eyes away from the heroes and stopped dead, gasping. Two aliens were staring you down, walking closer. You backed away, thinking of your options. You could run, call for help or do...that. "Looks like it doesn't matter at this point" you muttered to yourself, feeling the energy coming already as you thought about it. Just as the aliens charged, you shot up a few feet into the air, hovering. "My turn" you snarled, going into a dive straight at them. You punched the first one so hard he flew into the air and went through a discarded bus. You landed and turned swiftly on your heel, kicking the other one, causing him to go flying as well. Yep. You're a mutant. You have super strength, telekinesis and can fly. You had moved to New York, hoping to blend in. You got a normal apartment and a normal job at Starbucks and spent the last few months blending in, going with the flow. This morning, however, the attacks started. Aliens coming out of the sky, shooting everywhere, destroying buildings, everything.

You felt a blinding pain on your back and whipped around, seeing a group of aliens. "Since you things seem to like flying so much" you said, lifting the whole group up into the air. They flailed in midair, not knowing what to do. Then, as if throwing a shot-put ball, you threw them into a building, all of them going limp. You started running once again, fighting the aliens that you came across. They weren't dying down at all. "Damn it!" you yelled as one shot you, causing your arm to start bleeding. Covering it with your other hand, you flew and punched the thing that was responsible. "What's going on?!" you yelled when you saw the archer. Although he looked surprised to see you fighting, he seemed to figure that it wasn't important at the moment. "Loki. God of Mischief. He wants to rule the world, so he called in his army" he said, shooting an alien skillfully. "Damn" you muttered, kicking one into the side of a building.

"Stark!" you heard the archer yell, looking momentarily panicked. You followed his gaze and your own eyes widened. Iron Man had a missile on his back and he was flying straight towards the portal-like thing that the aliens were coming from. He flew up, into the portal and disappeared over the Stark Tower. Moments later, the portal seemed to be closing and an explosion went off inside it. You slapped a bloody hand over your mouth, horrified. Tony didn't see him come out. Was he...dead? Just then, a limp form flew through the air. The giant green thing jumped up and caught him, putting him on the ground. All the others ran to him, crowding him. He seemed lifeless...up until the green guy roared at him, jolting him awake. They talked for a few minutes and then got up, leaving for the Stark Tower. You stood in the middle of the ruined street, shocked at what had just happened. A hand rested on your shoulder and you turned around, about to punch before realizing it was a man. He was at least 5'11 and looked like someone you wouldn't wanna mess with. He was bald and black-skinned, with a patch over one eye. "Nick Fury with S.H.E.I.L.D. I'm here to ask you if you wanted to join the Avengers, seeing as how you obviously have the power" he said, not wasting any time.  
I decided to scrap my other fic and do this one instead. This time, you (the reader) are a mutant asked to join our group of heroes!
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“Hey, did you hear we’re getting a sexy intern lady friend?” Was Tony’s greeting as he burst through the lab doors. He was met with a steel glare from his science bro , that went unnoticed, and a feminine giggle. His eyes scanned the room until he found the female body that belonged to the sound.

“I’m Tony and you are?” Tony questioned with his best ‘I’m sexy and you want me’ smirk placed on his lips. You hopped off the table you had previously taken up residence on as you stuck your hand out to shake his.

“(Y/n), the intern.” You grinned while your (e/c) eyes cut to Bruce’s face then back to Tony’s.

“File these.” Bruce gruffly demanded, simultaneously shoving some papers into your hand and breaking the other one from Tony’s grip.

“Course.” You smirked at the fluffy haired scientist before sauntering  over to the filing cabinet.

“Dibs.” Tony declared shortly after you were out of hearing range. If his eyes weren’t completely glued to your backside he might’ve noticed the green tint in Bruce’s eyes.

“You can’t call dibs on her.”

“Why not? Don’t tell me you’ve claimed her,” Tony’s smirk deepened as he continued, “She looks flexible.”

“Tony, shut up.” Bruce growled at the man he usually called friend, but at that innuendo all friendship was temporarily tossed away. Even the other guy wanted to rip Tony’s arms off, and Tony was his best friend.

“Why so possessive? Do you know her from anywhere else?” Tony asked the tense man in front of him before his eyes found you for a brief second, “She the girl from Harlem?”

“Uh- yeah she is part of the reason I broke Harlem, but she’s-“

“How long have you two been dating?” Tony cut Bruce off while you sneaked up on the two of them like a majestic ninja.

“Amazing, he’s supposed to be a genius and he can’t even tell siblings apart.” You broke in, causing Tony to jump.

“What?” Tony’s eyes flicked back and forth between you and Bruce with a baffled expression on his face.

“Yep, back in Harlem some guy took some unwanted advances and my protective older brother over there taught him a lesson Shrek style. I think the guy is dead now.”

“Bruce, I take back my dibs.”

Should I take Bruce off the title?
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Moon light spilling across pale skin,
deadly lines of crimson painted upon the flesh
by a sharpened scythe.

I am dancing with the Reaper,
my lifeline held by his gnarled hands. 
I am falling across the waters,
drowning in the river of lost souls. 

Death-chilled breath rolling in thick waves
across closed eyelids,
the soft patter of a hunter's tread across the bloodstained floor.

I am dancing with the Reaper,
I am flirting with my death. 
I will know the corpse glazed eyes that bore into mine
as the curved blade slices into my ribs. 

Grave dirt's muffled sound
as it falls onto the corpse. 
The hole in the ground becoming ever smaller.
A marbled tomb erected,
soon to be decayed.

I am dancing with the Reaper,
I am witness to his crimes.
I see his black robes flowing
And I shalln't get out alive. 
I'm sick. Only a cold but I've gone from having a sore throat lined with acid, to a pounding headache; last night it hurt to breathe.
Now I'm hacking up a lung. Joy of joys, ain't life grand?
So I've done what I always do when ill: write some morbid tale. Sparked by hearing the phrase 'dancing with the reaper.'
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