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It was a beautiful day out on the campus of the California Institute of Technology and Bruce Banner couldn’t help but enjoy it, escaping from the lab for a bit to relish the warming rays of the sun and the light breeze. He was strolling in between the buildings when he spotted you.

You were struggling to keep hold of all your things, two sizable canvases under one arm, a clear tool box that seemed to be filled with art supplies filling its hand, a messenger bag with a mess of papers sticking out of it slung over the opposite shoulder, and, in your other hand, a carefully balanced tray of beakers and vials.

He tilted his head and gave a little grin at the sight before noticing a little too late that the lace of your neon green converse was untied. There was nothing he could do to save the breakers as the tray went crashing to the ground but he did manage to keep you from a what would have been a rather painful face plant, grasping your upper arm firmly.

You wobbled before regaining your balance, looking at the shattered remains of your testing supplies, “Crap.”

You sighed, “Well that could have been much worse,” before looking up at him with a grin, “Thanks for rescuing me.”  

“No problem.” He mumbled, taking in your appearance now that he was up close.

Your (h/c) locks were pulled away from your face in a tousled bun that was just barely staying put, your (e/c) eye were sparkling with what he could only describe as mischief with a dash of innocence as odd as that seemed, and your dimpled smile could likely power the entire west coast.

You stuck out a paint covered hand in his direction and, snapping out of his thoughts about you, he took it, surprised at your gentle but firm grip, as you offered, “I’m (F/n) (L/n). May I ask your name so that I can thank you properly for saving me from an untimely meeting with the floor?”

He gave you a shy grin as he supplied, “Banner. Bruce Banner.”

You gave him the brightest smile, “Well then Bruce, thank you. It’s truly been a pleasure to meet you.”

~~~~End Flashback~~~~

If that memory had been a picture it would have been worn and faded from the number of times he had revisited it, meeting you for the first time. He’d known immediately that he was hooked, that there wasn’t going to be any way to forget you and he hadn’t wanted to.

In the following days he’d quickly found out that you were studying for your Doctorate in Biochemistry as well as a Masters in Fine Arts and that, like him, most considered you a genius in your field.

You’d sought each other out like magnets, unable to stay apart. Starting out first as friends and then as so much more. You were his saving grace, everything that had happened to him up until then didn’t matter when he was with you.

Bruce was torn from his memories as the agent in front of him ushered him towards his destination. He went through a large set of double doors that slid open to allow him access and he spied the man he knew to be Fury across the room.

Before either of them could speak or the doors could even close, he heard a familiar voice ring out from down the hall, “Fury! If you don’t reign in your Iron Dog, I will drop him out an air lock with no suit.”

You came into view, tugging an unhappy looking Anthony Stark along by his ear, and Bruce’s jaw dropped.

Sweeping into the room without looking around, you leveled Fury with an unamused glare, “ Oi Patchy the Pirate, Listen here. I can handle cheeky and arrogant, but I do not tolerate blatantly annoying. If he can’t behave like a reasonable human being he is not allowed in my lab. End of story.”

Tony was pouting as Fury glared at him, the man knew that you generally enjoyed Stark’s company so he must have done something particularly bad for you to end up so riled.

Just as Fury was about to set into him, Bruce regained the use of his voice, having been entirely shocked at seeing you again after all these years, “(F/n)?”

You quickly spun, knowing that voice the moment it hit your ears, “Bruce?”

You gave a wide grin, just the same as the day he first met you, and threw your arms around him in a hug.  He couldn’t help but return it heartily as you gushed, “It’s so good to see you. It’s been far too long. I can’t believe you’re here of all places.”

You tensed, pulling away to look at him as you had a sudden realization, “You’re here of all places.”

Your brows were furrowed as you spun to face Fury again, “He’s here. You promised me you wouldn’t bring him into this.”

Fury looked to be formulating an answer to this when you punched him in the face hard enough for him to tumble backwards into a table, surprising all of them. A light wind whipped up around you as you leaned over him, to seethe, “It was the only thing I ever asked for. You promised me you wouldn’t go after Banner.”

Fury leveled you with an intense glare, “I think it would be best if you calmed down Agent (L/n). He’s here now and you will just have to deal with it.”

You clenched your jaw, glaring down at him, before taking a few deep breaths and the wind died down.

Flashing Bruce a quick apologetic look, you shoved a finger in the now standing Fury’s face, “You are not forgiven, so keep the hell out of my sight. Send Coulson if it’s important.”

You pointed to Tony, “And you. You are not allowed in my lab until you have decided to act like a sane adult that doesn’t have a death wish.”

With that you spun and left, leaving all three of them to look after you with slightly bewildered looks on their faces.
I think I have story ADD. I seriously just wrote 5 chapters of this instead of working on the Observers series.

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The ceiling is gray and lifeless and you hate it. You hate everything about this stupid Hellicarrier, except for maybe the tech, though some days you hated that too.

You had had your reservations about joining SHEILD when they approached you after high school; you had wanted to go to college, to have a life of your own, but they hadn’t really given you much of a choice. It was- become an agent of SHEILD- or -get locked up in a government lab and become a test subject for the rest of your life.

Obviously, you chose the option that didn’t involve you becoming a human pincushion.

As jobs went it wasn’t bad- it paid well enough, they provided any schooling or training that you needed, and you mostly enjoyed the work. Fury let you work alone a good percentage of the time, which was the way you liked it. You just couldn’t stand the Hellicarrier. It was hard to escape people on here, as the other agents, particularly Barton, roamed even the most remote corners. Not to mention you liked the feel of solid ground under your feet.

The soft jingle of your phone erupted from somewhere near the door and you let out a heavy sigh before heaving yourself off the bed to retrieve it. You answered it and before you could even say anything, Fury barked, “Meeting. Conference room. Now,” and abruptly hu up.  

You didn’t bother to glance in the mirror before heading off, but if you had you would have noted that for once you actually looked semi-presentable- a recent field mission had graced your skin with a tan that hadn’t faded yet, you had slept and eaten well the past couple of days- a small miracle- and your skin and eyes reflected it, and finall,y your hair, while disheveled, fell attractively around your face, giving you a sexy bed head look. You moved toward your destination quickly, smiling and sometimes waving at familiar faces. It wasn’t that you didn’t like the people you worked with, in fact you got on really well with Clint and Tasha, among others, you just never felt like they really cared. There was always that feeling in the back of your mind that they were friendly because it was convenient, because they were afraid, or worst of all because it allowed them to judge you all the more intimately.

You reached the conference room fairly quickly, slipping in quietly in hopes of get through whatever this was without Fury putting you on the spot. Unfortunately luck was not on your side today,as Coulson immediately noticed your presence- he always noticed- and after grinning as a way of greeting you, nudged Fury.

“Glad you finally decided to grace us with your presence, Agent (L/n),” he boomed in an unamused voice and you frowned, “It has only been approximately three minutes and fifteen seconds since you hung up on me sir- rude by the way- the only way I could have possibly made you wait was if you notified me after you expected me to be here. In which case, my tardiness is entirely your fault.”  

The vein on Fury’s neck looked like it was about to burst.

“Oooo Fury got schooled,” came a familiar deep voice from your right, making you aware that you hadn’t looked around the room properly. You did so now noting that the voice came from no other than Tony Stark- the two of you had worked together before and you flashed him a quick smile to which he winked in return. There were some other familiar faces sitting around the table- next to Tony on your right was Captain America, or Steve as most on the Hellicarrier knew him, you knew him only in passing and from what Coulson gushed to you. On the other side of the table, were Clint and Tasha, who looked to be engaged in some silent conversation, and you smiled- they would make a cute couple if they would just get on with it already.

It seemed the only person you didn’t know was the dark haired man sitting on his own at the far end of the room, lost in thought. Seeing as Fury had blown a gasket shortly after your little conversation and poor Coulson was desperately attempting to calm him down as he continuously ranted, you made your way over to introduce yourself as that was the polite thing to do.
This was going to be a one shot... and then my brain decided differently. Your welcome.

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"Pepper, I need you to take this over to Rhodey when you see him tonight. And say something for me not showing up," Tony told her while keeping his eyes on you.

You were to be Mr. Stark's assistant when Ms. Potts was away. It would be a simple job, really, seeing as Tony seemed to like you pretty well and Pepper was always around. The money was great for you to only have to bring the both of them coffee.

When the door closed behind Pepper, Tony went around his desk and sauntered closer to you. "So... you're suppose to do everything for me when Pepper is away?"

You arched an eyebrow. "Mr. Stark, I know what you're insinuating and I will at least wait to do that on the third date." Tony chuckled as you smiled innocently.

"Only takes three dates, huh?" Tony played with his goatee, his brown orbs never leaving your person.

"Depends on the guy, Sir. If it were someone like Mr. Steve Rogers, it would be at least five. For Agent Barton, it'd be one."

Tony stepped closer to you with a playful glint to his eyes. "And for me?"

"For you... I think we could skip the date altogether."

Stark's lips became a beautiful smile. "I like that idea. I think we should go for it."

"Well, if it means a lot to you." The bedroom door closed behind you quickly after you pulled him there by the belt of his pants.
A happy ending for :icontonyxstarkxlover:

I hope you enjoy it :)
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Readers Pov

I was at my luxurious penthouse, Watching tv and Drawing rough sketches of Dresses. I am a famous fashion designer, there was the TV glaring and scattered ripped papers everywhere around me. I walked to the big kitchen to see if my soup's ready.I wish I had a maid but I decided not to get one.I looked out the big window as I watch the rain droplets running down on the window.  It was raining and the leaves on the trees were losing it's color and fell to the wet ground. After I lit a cinnamon scented candle on the dining table, I heard the doorbell rang. It wasn't any other doorbell. It played a snippet of my favorite song,(f/s) by (artist) every time  you pressed the doorbell. I hummed to the song, Ready, Aim, fire by imagine dragons as I walked towards the door and I opened it. There, in the doorway, was Ryan. Ryan is an old high school friend, next door neighbor and He always gets me my mail. He's so nice. So nice that it's gotten me thinking if he loves me.

"Here you go miss _______!" Ryan said as he handed me the mail. "I'm sorry _______,  I can't stay.I have to go to the hospital."

"Why? are you sick?" I said with a worried expression on my face.

"Oh don't worry! It's a check up!" He laughed softly as he turned around to go. He turned around to look back at me and waved.

"Hope you have a good one!" I smiled as I waved back. I shut the door behind me. I turned off the TV and Went back to the kitchen I sat in the dining room as I looked through the mail.
Junk mail.....Fashion magazine.....Bill.....bill..... Fancy invitation.
Wait, fancy invitation?
I took the invitation and I opened it. The invite was grey and glittery. It was a masquerade! I never been to one. I looked at the invite again and it was tomorrow night at 7. I turned the stove off as I grabbed my laptop and went on skype. I clicked on my friend, (friend's name) and video called her. She picked up.

"I'm going to a masquerade party!" I said as I smiled as I took a spoonful of soup.

"From who?" She asked as she took a sip of her coffee.

"It's the masquerade ball hosted by George clooney." I read the invitation.

"GEORGE CLOONEY?" She said, with a surprised expression as she started fangirling. "You have to take me with you!"

"Sorry, by invitation only." I said.

"Aww," She said as she frowned a little bit.

"I'm sorry, ______" I said as I Got up. "I gotta go. Bye!"

"Okay remember to tell me EVERYTHING when you get back!" She waved as she logged off. I Laughed a little as I logged off. I finished my soup and I went to my room and started to find what dress am I going to wear. I found the perfect one...

~~~~~Party time!~~~~~

Before I stepped out of my Ashton Martin, I tied my masquerade mask on. I walked on the red carpet as I smiled at the cameras and People started to come up to me with microphones and cameras. After Posing and smiling, I Walked in and I see all the famous people from Famous singers to Actors and Actresses, All wearing Masquerade masks. I smiled to anyone who looked at me stunned. As I walked to the bar, I felt like I was being watched, but I ignored it. I smiled at the bartender.

Tony POV

I walked into the mansion to see famous people all with masquerade masks. Girls tried to get to me but I Have my eyes on the girl who's in (f/c) dress, all alone.
"Uh hey mr. sexy," One blonde said.
"So what's up's Mr. Stark?" Another girl said. They tried to hug me But I pushed them back slowly.
"Sorry, girls" I said. "Already got a girl I have my eyes on." I smirked as I walked away from them and Walked towards the girl at the bar.

Reader pov

"What can I get you, miss ________?" He smiled. He was kinda cute. I smiled softly as I was about to say A cosmopolitan, but Someone ordered for me.
"Get this woman a Martini, Shaken not stirred and A scotch on the rocks for me." The man said.
"Yes Mr. stark." I turned to see the man in a red and gold masquerade mask.

"Thanks for ordering for me but I wanted A cosmopolitan." I smiled at him softly.

"Uh, bartender!" He called. I put my hand on his shoulder. We looked into each others' eyes and everything around us just stopped We were just paying attention to each other. It just went silent. Just like that.

"Uh, It's fine, I'll take the martini." I said as I let go of his shoulder.

"I'm _______ _______." I introduced myself to him as I took a sip of the martini. "I know who you are. Tony Stark. Billionaire,genius, playboy,philanthropist." I smirked.

He smirked.

Yeah I know who you are. _______. Famous fashion designer." He said as I looked at his Chocolate brown eyes. I smiled softly. I sat at the bar with tony. We talked for two hours and We had A lot in common. Then a song came on and I hummed to it. Tony put his hand out. "Dance with me," He said.

"I would love to, Iron man!~"He smiled as I grabbed his hand and He leaded me out to the dance floor. He grabbed me by the waist and we waltz around the dance floor.
After we danced we walked out into the balcony, No one was there. just us too. We smiled as I looked up to the night sky. After 2 long minutes of silence, Tony broke the silence.
"_______, we have a lot in common, and Ahem, I was thinking if you want to be my girlfriend?" Tony said as He cleared his throat. "You're just so beautiful!"  I blushed deeply at the compliment. At the same time, I was shocked. I was in love with him when I first laid my eyes on him.
"I thought you had a thing with pepper," I said as I blushed deeper and deeper.
"Pepper? Oh no she's not my girlfriend. The media thinks we are in a relationship though.Those bastards." He said as he looked up to the stars. I tugged his sleeve softly as he pulled me closer by the waist. I looked up to him. I smiled. I untied my mask and set it aside.
"I'll gladly be you girlfriend," I said as I winked. He grabbed my chin and leaned in, I kissed him back passionately. I put my arms around his neck. His hands started playing with my hair. To be honest, He was a good kisser. I then heard gasps and the paparazzi cameras clicking.
"That bitch...." One girl said.
We didn't care if we're gonna in tomorrow's magazine and newspaper covers.
The end~  MAYBE? I was thinking of making this into a series?
Enjoy! I don't own iron man! just this story!


:iconrobertdowneyjrplz: :heart:
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You sigh as you lay in the snow, shutting your eyes as the sky grew dark above you, hearing nothing but the soft crunch of the animals around you as they crept through the frozen land and just let your body dead weight.
‘Nothing cool ever happens here… I wish I could go to New York; at least the Avengers are there... I bet they’d be great to party with…” you think. You jerk, sitting bold up right as a loud sonic boom rang out, shaking snow laden trees so hard that the powder fell in large chunks to the ground, all the animals scarring for hiding places as you glanced up at the sky. “Holy shit!?” you gasp in shock as something crashes to the ground a couple hundred yards away, sending not only snow into the air but dirt and metal bits as well. You quickly got to your feet, running over to the crash and peeked over the edge of a small crater.
“JARVIS… what happened…?” Tony mumbled from the busted Iron Man suit.
“Oh my god… I-Iron Man?!” you breathe, scrambling down the crater side and leaned over him.
“Oh, great, there’s a kid here…” he groaned, sitting up and winced as the last shreds of his armor fell off. “Great.”
“W-what brings you all the way out here, Mr. Stark?” you ask.
“Nothing that concerns you, Kid.” He snapped.
“Fine then, I guess I’ll leave your sorry ass here in the middle of nowhere.” You growl, standing and walking away. “By the way, I’m not a little kid. I’m over twenty-one.” You turn back and glare at him.
“”Wait, don’t leave me here all alone!” he scrambled out of the crater, racing after you as you trudged through the deep snow and huddled next  to you for warmth.
“If you don’t want to be left alone then don’t call me a kid.” You huff.
“But… but you look like a kid. I mean… you have a baby face.” He pinched your left cheek, wincing as you punched him in the arm and backed away. “Most women would die to still look like a teenager…” he muttered under his breath.
“Yeah, well, I always get carded and half the time I still can’t get a drink because they think it’s a fake I.D….” you growl, quickening your pace and tripped over a hidden log. “Oof?!”
“You okay, Kid?” he chuckled, holding his hand out to you and smiled.
“I told you I’m not a kid!” you slap at his hand.
“Well until I know your name it’s what I’m going to call you.” He grabbed you by the elbow, pulling you to your feet and held on as you tried to throw him off. “I’m not going to let you go until you calm down, Kiddo.” He wrapped his arms around you as you flailed around.
“My name is not “Kid”! It’s (Y/n)!” you growl, biting down on his arm and smirked as he let go, backing away and checking his arm.
“I can’t believe you bit me!” he stared at you in shock.
“Well what do you expect?! You keep calling me a kid and you wouldn’t let me go!” you growled.
“C-can we pl-please get some wh-where warm now…? It’s fr-fr-freezing!” he rubbed his arms, shivering and staring at you with pleading brown eyes. You sigh, rolling your eyes as you take your jacket off and tossed it at him.
“Here, that should keep you warm until we reach my place. I’m afraid you’ll have to stay with me until the end of the week.” You start walking again, shaking your head as he hastily pulled the jacket on and raced after you.
“So why do I have to stay with you? Why can’t you just drive me to the nearest town?’ he watches as you shiver slightly.
“The road is blocked by the snow right now; the city won’t come with the snowplow until Sunday. You could always try walking but I wouldn’t suggest it.” You dig your hands deep into your snow pants, huffing slightly as you go up the small incline and sighed as you saw your cabin nestled in the large pines.
“So why do you live up here? Too much partying going on in the city for your country tastes?” he smirked.
“Not at all. This is my families land and I can’t just sell it.” You shrug, opening the back door and stripped yourself of shoes and snow pants. “So you’ll be here for three days, make yourself comfortable.” You shut and locked the door after he got inside.
“Where’s your phone?”
“In the kitchen, but the lines are down.” You go into the family room, grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around yourself. ‘I wonder how he’ll react to being so low-tech.” you laugh, turning and seeing him staring at you. “What?”
“Do you have any way of communicating?”
“I have a busted radio in the garage.” You point to a door.
“Great, I’ll get that working and be out of here by tomorrow.” He clapped his hands together.
“Right… well I’m going to bed so… just don’t destroy my stuff.” You wave, going to your room and shut the door. You smile slightly, crawling into bed and shut your eyes. You had three days alone, trapped in a cabin with Tony Stark.
This is kind of for a friend who is obsessed with Stark. I blame her

Avengers belongs to marvel
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Shot after shot he fired his arrows at the moving targets. Target practice always seemed to calm him down even though it wasn't really needed. Hawk knew he was good, but he needed the distraction. He just needed to forget what he had done.

The agent sneered, hitting the button to stop the practice before putting his bow back in it's box and leaving the room. No matter what he did, he couldn't help but think of the men and women that were killed by his hand. He had found the files of those innocent people that had fallen because of his possession.

Hawkeye ran a hand through his hair, passing by the conference room that held the rest of the Avengers. Fury was, as usual, trying to get everyone to cooperate for the newest task set before them. Most likely a menial test set up by the council so the team would be on radar.

He couldn't help but grin at the comment you would have made at that thought. How you would have waltzed into the room and turned the chair backwards and straddled it with a flirty comment from Stark. A threat would leave your lips and everyone would laugh.

Of course, during that time the Avengers weren't put together yet. It was just him, Natasha, and you  along with whoever Fury was trying to get at the time. Usually Stark was the one in the room since he could handle plenty of things in his Iron Man suit. Thor wasn't even part of the picture and Captain Rogers was still getting use to not being on ice. And Dr. Banner, well, Fury didn't want to break anything bigger than the problem.

But now, he had no urge to go in there with a group. It wouldn't been the same, not now or ever again. You were gone and it was his fault. It was his hand that held the knife that cut your throat. No matter how many times Romanoff told him it wasn't his fault, it made him feel worse. Hating the fact that he couldn't fight was that damn Loki had done to him.

"Speak of the devil," the archer muttered, feeling a presence behind him.

"Barton, come join us. We need you in there." Natasha was his closest 'friend' but even she wasn't going to get him to go in there.

"You guys are doing just fine without me," Clint wouldn't turn to look at her, but he at least stopped to listen to her.

The red head sighed, "What happened was not your fault. It was --"

Clint turned suddenly, "It was ME! I wasn't strong enough to fight him and she paid the price!" He yelled at her, knowing it wouldn't bring you back but at least made him feel better somewhat.

"The one person I didn't get the closest to in this shit hole of a team was the one person who never knew why. Never knew why I couldn't be around her or speak to her alone."

"She never thought less of you for that," there was sadness in her eyes.

"That isn't the point and you know it. You aren't stupid, you know what I'm upset about. I'm not going to stand here and spell it out for you." Without another word, Barton walked back to his room.

The man stood in the sower, letting the hot water run down his body. Your face had become permanently etched in his mind. He could never get more than your name because he couldn't speak with you around. He had only just gotten to where he could be near you in the team without fidgeting like a child.

Clint remembered you sitting with the staff on the helli-carrier like they were old friends of your's. His keen eyes would watch as you would treat them as equals, instead of thinking yourself better because you were a hero. Your hair would always shine from the sun and you would always tuck some behind your ear unconsciously. Barton loved that about you and how your smile lit up the whole room.

That was what Hawk regretted, never getting to say he was attracted to you, that you made him lose focus when you were both at the shooting range. Not even his attraction to the infamous Black Widow was around after he met you. Nothing existed anymore. And with you gone, he felt like that again: that nothing existed except darkness.

He figured he only deserved that now since he killed the light. He told everyone he didn't remember anything; he lied. He remembered Widow taking his bow, him being dragged away supposedly unconscious. It was an act as he used his boot knife on the soldiers.

You had ran across him, doing your best to fight him back until someone could come to your aid. You were no match for him as he flipped behind you, grabbed you by the hair and pulling the knife against your perfect flesh. He remembered it all. Now a day would never go by without his regret and your death weighing on his shoulders.
Angst... a favorite of mine. First one to put up here, but I enjoy how it went :)
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Bruce x Reader
((I'm sorry))

You smiled at Bruce.
"Hey."  You said, cheerily.
"No." He replied, ignoring you.
"Bruce...?" You asked, looking at him.
"Go ask Tony." He murmured.
"Do you want help?" You asked quietly, and he whirled around.
"NO! Dear god woman, I just told you to leave twice. I do not want your damn help. I do not want you near me right now!" He said, and you looked at him.
"Ok then. I'm leaving." Tears threatened to spill, but you held them back. You hopped into the car, intent on going anywhere but here.

Ring-a-ling-a-ling-aliiiing! Bruce's phone screamed your ringtone.
"Hey?" He asked sleepily
"Is this... Bruce?" The voice asked. It was not his _____'s.
"Yeah. Who...?" He asked, fearing the worst.
"_____ _____ is in the hospital just off of South St."
"I'll be there in less then ten." He hopped up, running to the car.
When he made it to your hospital room, his eyes fell immediately on your broken form. You were barely breathing. He had been told that you had crashed. You looked pitiful, and sad. So, so sad. The look on your face was one of pain, of sorrow. He wanted desperately for it to go. His thoughts were interrupted by a long beep. The heart monitor...  
"Oh god... (Name).  sorry."
I'm so, so sorry.
IM SORRY I KILLED YOU! I was feeling depressed when I wrote this... OH GOD BRUCE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!
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"I heard the saying, 'If you love something, let it go.' They clearly were not talking about the person they loved, money, or anything else important. Quite frankly, I think they were a complete idiot. Because, if you love something and it loves you too... or is an inanimate object or item... I really don't think you should let it go." -Tony Stark


June 14 -8 months after attack by Loki-
Tony Stark sat in his living room, sending young women and men running out of it one after another. It was that time of year again as he let interns go, gave like 2 or 3 minor jobs, and disapproving more interns.
"JARVIS, send in the next intern. And... how many are left?" Tony asked the AI.
"Sending her in now. And 2, sir." He replied in a stressed tone, even though he was an AI.
A bottle blonde woman walked in in a bright outfit, Tony blinked and grabbed his sunglasses off the table. She sat down with a wide smile with her bleached teeth all shiny in the morning light.
"No." Tony looked the woman up and down, taken back by her 'brightness'.
"Wha- But--"
"Too bright, if you walked in that way every morning I will, a. Get a REALLY bad headache or b..... No... wait. They're both the same. Never mind."
She stood up quickly and glared at Tony, showing her true 'rich girl' colors. "Just 'cause daddy has a partnership with my company does not mean I'll give you a job sweetheart." He said sarcastically and sent her out.

He groaned when the door slammed behind her, smoothing his hair back and standing. "Alrighty then, all do--" A small knock was heard at the door. He groaned, 'Another unnatural blonde with BRIGHT clothes and a fake smile.' he thought to himself.
"Come on in!" He called to the door.
It opened slowly to show a short (H/C) girl, about 16 years old if he could guess. She wore a nice white dress shirt and a black tie with matching black pants, but no dress jacket, just a black hoodie with designs on it. He waved a hand for her to come in faster, "Come on, I don't have all day."
She scurried in and sat down on the couch quickly. He looked her over. She had a nice build, she had nice eyes, (E/C). He made a small hmph, question time.
"What are your qualifications?" He asked.
"I look good in black." She mumbled, by the look on her face she hadn't expected him to hear it. She cleared her throat, "I'm organized, good with most people at a business level, getting people cleared out of a room, and can get the cops anywhere within 10 minutes."
"What's your fastest time with the cops?"
"3 seconds. They were having coffee across the street." She responded quickly.
"Hmm, Anything you bad at?"
"Talking to normal people, trying to start a conversation, and..." She paused, she was clearly unprepared for that question. " That's it."
"I see." He nodded, this girl was not a bottle blonde rich girl. "Family?"
"2 older brothers and my mom."
"(F/N)(L/N)." She responded.
"Well then... one more question depends on whether or not you get the job.
"Yes?" She looked at him in all seriousness.
He leaned forward and looked her straight in the eyes...

"Do you know the muffin man?"
With that she was back in the couch unable to breath she was laughing so hard. Stark felt satisfied, he smirked and sat up in his seat. "You got the job, you're my personal assistant." He smiled slightly. She caught her breath and stood up to, trying to wipe the smile off her face.
"Here," He held out a smart phone to her. "All needed contacts are on there, along with mine. You start tomorrow. 9 am, be here with coffee. The order in already at the Starbucks (Tm) down the street, just put my name down and they'll make it. And get what ever you get in the morning. Good day to you." He walked to the door and opened it, showing her the way out.
"Thank you, Mr. Stark." She smiled and held out her hand for him to shake.
"Nope, nope. None of that 'mr. stark' crap. It's just Tony." He smiled and shook her hand.
"See you in the morning, we'll talk hours tomorrow."
With that she turned around and began to walk away, he pretended to close the door, wondering what she might do next.
She started skipping. He shrugged, "Have a good rest of the day, twinkle toes! Welcome to hell tomorrow!" He called and closed the door. This was gonna be something... new?
There we are. New stuff.
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"It's getting close to Halloween." your dad said. "Have you decided on a costume for this year?"

"Yup!" you smiled brightly. "I wanna be a sciencist like you, Daddy!"

"Scientist." your dad corrected you, looking serious as ever. He always tried to stay calm and, after you saw him turn into the other guy, you knew why. But, he was still your dad and you didn't love him any less. You weren't even afraid of him, although he warned you that you should be. You know that the other guy still loved you though, just the same as your dad did, and he would never hurt you.

You nodded when he corrected you, making sure to remember. "I can wear your lab coat." you decided. "And I already got glasses. And, I can use some of your test tubes and put stuff in them."

"That sounds like a good idea to me." you dad said. "But I think my lab coat will be a bit big on you. How about we get you one of your own? It'll even have your name on it."

"Yea!" you giggled excitedly. "Let's go, Daddy! Go now!"

"Alright, alright." he smiled, picking you up. "On the way there, we can try to figure out which houses will have lots of candy." You smiled and nodded, eager. Since your dad was always moving around for his research, you were always in a different place for Halloween. That meant new houses every year, and no way to base it off the previous year. So, it had become a tradition to guess which houses would give the best candy that year.

You'd learned a few things from doing this. The first thing was that old people usually have terrible candy, if they gave candy at all. Some just gave quarters or pretzels, though you didn't mind those because pretzels were good and you could usually buy something with a few quarters. People with kids would be out trick-or-treating as well, so they were the ones with bowls left out where you could take as many as you wanted. Big houses usually meant richer people and sometimes, though not always, king size candy bars. Knowing all this, you made your guesses. You could hardly wait until Halloween to find out if you were right.
Here you go~ Another Halloween story~ 

Sorry for it being kinda short, but I didn't know what to write and I wanted to get this out before Halloween.

I don't own you or Bruce Banner.
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You realized you were in trouble when you found yourself eye to eye with the turned Barton. But something was different. Had his eyes always been so radiant? Or was it just because of the light?
'I've been sent to kill you,' he said in a monotone voice.
Where had the beautiful voice gone that you loved so much? What happened to the Clint you fell for?
'Who has sent you?' you asked, but actually already knew the answer.
The  God of Mischief was now Hawkeye's leader. Surprisingly this thought made you remember something. Didn't Loki's staff had the ability to make people into his followers?
'Loki, son of Asgard.'
You had no time to lose and pushed Barton in the chair that was standing next to you. As quick as you could you cuffed his hands and he angrily stared at you. This wasn't what he expected. You had been in love with him for a while and Loki apparently found out that Barton also liked you, so he had sent him to kill you, because, you know, he was into that sort of drama.
'Clint, what is my name?' you shouted.
'I have to kill you,' was his brief answer.
Your hand hit his cheek harder than you predicted. How could he forget your name?
'What is my name?' you now shouted more loudly.
'I don't know.'
You felt how the corners of your eyes went soggy. Yet you punched him solid in the face.
'What is my name?' you shrieked.
He snorted up the blood that flowed out of his nose.
'I don't know you,' he said, 'I only know I have to kill you.'
You wished you could control your emotions better. A treacherous tear slid down your cheek. Still you continued to kick him in the face. Now also his lip started bleeding.
'Who am I?' you now asked desperate.
Hawkeye slowly eyed you from head to toe. For a moment you saw doubt in his eyes.
'I.. I don't know,' he said a bit confused.
'WHO AM I?' you screeched and delivered the final blow.
Clearly you had knocked him unconscious.
You lifted his head a little bit so you could look at the mess you had created. His nose and lip were bleeding and apparently the final smack provoked his eye to swell and turn purple. All of the sudden Barton blinked his eyes a couple time and looked distracted.
'Auch,' he moaned.
'Clint, do you know who I am?' you asked hopeful.
'(Y/n), why are my hands cuffed?'
'Oh, Clint!' you squealed happily and threw your arms around his neck.
When you let him out of your embrace you noticed his eyes weren't so radiant anymore. Hesitantly you placed yourself on his lap to take a closer look at his wounds. When you carefully touched his cheek, Barton gritted his teeth.
'Who did this to me?'
'I'm so sorry, Clint, but you were under Loki's spell and threatened to kill me.'
'I did what?' he asked in disbelief.
'It okay,' you said and gave him a smile.
'I-I-It's not okay!' he shouted.
Quickly you grasped his head. Barton wasn't able to look you in the eyes, now that he knew he tried to kill you.
'Clint,' you whispered softly, ' look into my eyes.'
When his eyes met yours, you saw that he was crying.
'What if I succeeded my mission? Then you would be dead!' he screamed.
You knew there was only one way to stop him from worrying. Softly you pressed your lips against his. Barton face was filled with surprise.
'I had to stop you from blabbering,' you giggled.
He still stared at you with open mouth.
'I-I-I'm sorry,' you mumbled, 'I thought you felt the same for me.'
He wasn't crying anymore, but you saw something else in his expression, something a lot more manlike.
'If you undo me from these cuffs, I'll teach you how to stop someone from talking,' he said with a naughty smile.
You laughed. Did he really feel the same for you? You were a bit curious so you stood up slowly and released him. Before you knew it he had pushed you against the wall and was kissing you passionately. His lips moved away from your mouth and now were fiercely kissing your neck. When his hands slid under your T-shirt, you moaned. He lifted you and placed you on the table next to him. Still careful with his bruised face you pressed your lips against his and Clint's hands tried to lift up your shirt.
'Not here,' you whispered and lured him to your bedroom.

Apparently the Avenger found a new leader, but this one was going to show him every corner of the bedroom. Clint groaned with satisfaction as he followed you on foot.
Watch this clip before you read it, because the way he puts 'you' on the table is similar to the one in the clip!



So I hope you like this one!

Argh Clint is so difficult to write about D:
But I did the best I could :la:

I'd love to receive some feedback, because it helps a lot!

Btw: JEREMY RUNNER :icondroolplz:


EDIT: :iconfive-tailes: I have no idea how to change it :XD:
EDIT 2: I tried the best I could and this is the result :XD:

I don't own Hawkeye!
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