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You had constantly heard yelling through the halls of the avengers tower, You had learned to tune it out.

"HOW do you STAND this, (name)?" your bestfriend, (best friends name) asked.

You stared at her with the 'are you that stupid to ask' look.

"(best friends name), you do realize youre a part of this too, right? You're dating Tony Stark, youre gunna get caught up in all this, and get used to it. My way is just tuning them out."

" And youre dating Steve Rogers!! And (name), your boyfriend is 93..." she said trying to not burst out laughing. Thats when she caught onto your 'I swear, I will kill you' look.

Steve had continued "Stark! Do you seriously think we met these girls, who are so nice, almost perfect, by accident??"

" Well, yea. Pretty much" stark said, well, pretty much just being stark.

"No, Stark! this has gotta be something bigger, better, im actually thinking fate." trying to put it into words "this cant be an accident, its something that wont pass you by, always with you."

Tony just, he gave a look. He hated these words being said, no one could love forever, no one was ever there, theres no fate...tony just gave a smile. "Just like Peggy, eh Cap?"

Steve didn't know what to do. He felt like he was about to... about to cry. Rushing down the halls, desperatly trying to reach his room, not wanting anyone to see him.

"(name), what's with steve?" (best friends name) asked curiously.


"Steve," she explained " he just rushed down the hallway, didnt look too good."

"...I'll catch up with you later" you told your friend trying to get to steve. Gosh was he fast. "Steve!" you called again catching up, "Steve?" He whipped around, and you absolutly froze, "Steve, Are you... crying??" you had no idea what to do, you had never seen a man cry before. "Steve!" you yelped hugging him trying your very best to comfort him, gosh he was heavy! under his weight of the hug you both collapsed to the floor. "Steve, What happened??"

"well its just..." he was sobbing, you couldn't make out a word.

"Honey! Honey! just hold on! Jarvis!! what happened?? Just bring up the footage!" A blue screen, and you saw everything that had happened. " oh, my gosh steve..." completly smoothering him for comfort. you started to sing, just to comfort him, he'd always said he loved to hear you sing. and as sang those last lyrics "but it might just be a pebble, that's gunna make you fall..." you looked into his puffy, yet still beautiful blue eyes. you kissed away the tears and gave him a little peck on the lips, and you both smiled.

And from down the halls you heard your best friend scream at the top of her lungs " TONY!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT!!!! COME OVER HERE SO I CAN KICK YOUR ASS!!!


the song that you sing to steve is…
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mini series requested

part 1:…


"Close your eyes child!"

Then the blood-curtling scream of your mother flooded your 4 year old ears.

"M-Mama?" Escaped your lips. With no response tears succeeded to stream from your closed eyes. Soft sobs were heard coming from under the bed.

------to the present------

Black. As it always was, obeying your mother's last request. Never since then had you opened your eyes, always based off of sound and familiarity of the feeling of your surroundings. That didn't help you in this situation. Everything was scilent. Cold linoleum unfamiliar to the usual carpet, wrists strained from the chains you wore. Cursing silently, the chains were removed, and a door being locked was heard.

Black. As it always was, obeying your mother's last request.

"I wish you could see this (f/n)" and unfamiliar male voice said.
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I have uploaded the pictures of the main pattern pieces for the jacket to my scrapbook. Take a look if you are having troubles modifying your own pattern! (I couldn't find the pattern for the collar, I drew it on a piece of paper somewhere and I think it is gone now... sorry!)

I have had a lot of requests asking how I made the jacket for my cosplay, so I decided I would write a quick overview of what went into making it. I will not go into excruciating detail, but if you would like more help on any particular section, please leave a comment and I would be happy to elaborate!

STEP 1: Picking fabric
Print lots of good colored reference shots for yourself (or carry a smartphone with you) before heading to the fabric store. It goes without saying that you want to pick fabric with color that closely resembles your source, but it is also important to take into consideration things like the thickness and flexibility of your fabric. Conventions can get really hot really fast, so it is nice to have a fabric that is light and breathable, but I found that thin fabrics are also more challenging to work with. The inside lining for my jacket was very thin, which was great for keeping the costume cooler in the hot Arizona sun, but it had a tendency to bunch up little by little as I put it through the sewing machine. That made it difficult to align correctly with the fabric on the outside of the coat, which was considerably thicker.

So, select wisely!

STEP 2: Pick your pattern
For me, it is much easier to make a costume if I have a pattern to work off of. However, this is a challenge in cosplay because most character outfits are unique in some way, and an accurate pattern doesn't exist. This is where you have to use your imagination and find something that may not be perfect, but bears similarities to the look you are going for.

For my Bolin jacket (and for the Mako jacket worn by :iconredirectlightning:), I used this pattern. It is a pattern for a civil war costume that bears little resemblance to the outfits worn by Mako and Bolin, but there are some key features from the costume that led me to it.

First, the front of the blue jacket overlaps and connects in a way similar to Bolin's.
Second, the length of the jacket is similar to Bolin's.
Third, the jacket is gathered at the waist by a belt (and chord), much like Bolin's.

These characteristics gave me a good starting point to work from, and took a lot of the guesswork out of the problem in terms of fit and sizes. (There are lots of good tutorials online that explain how to use a pattern, so I won't be addressing that here.) Nevertheless, there are some major discrepancies between Bolin's outfit and the Civil War uniform. Which leads me to...

STEP 3: Modifying your pattern
From looking at the pictures, you can see some obvious differences between the pattern and the jacket we want. They are:

1. The collar on the pattern is short and flat.
2. The overlapping of the skirt on the pattern doesn't line up the same way as Bolin's.
3. The jacket top and skirt are separate pieces sewn together on the pattern, whereas on Bolin's they are one.
4. The back of the civil war jacket is designed to be fitted (it is made up of multiple pieces). Bolin's jacket is not fitted, and uses the sash around his waist like a belt to fit the waistline.
5. The shoulders of the civil war jacket are a bit more broad, and the sleeves longer (and for me wider) than needed for Bolin's jacket. (Remember, the sleeves on Bolin's jacket are rolled up, so you don't need a whole lot of excess.)
6. The pants are a completely different style on this pattern than what we are looking for (so I modified a simple pajama pant pattern, which I won't go into detail on here.)

With these considerations in mind, I changed the shape of the pattern as needed. A marker, scissors, paper, and tape are your friends here. Draw extra shape where it is needed, tape together pieces that should be connected, and use your reference pictures to figure out how everything should fit together. It helps to visualize how your new pieces will look by holding them up on your body. If you are fortunate enough to have a dress form the process is even easier. (I should really get one of those...)

It is too hard to describe exactly what changes I made to the pattern, so here are the pictures of the final pieces for the jacket!

Jacket Front: - Cut 2 of these
Jacket Back: - Cut on the fold to make 1 big piece for the back
Sleeves: - Cut 2 of these, obviously =P

I'm sorry I couldn't find my pattern piece for the collar, but if you have been able to make any sense of what I have said so far, you should be able to figure it out! I believe in you!

STEP 4: Sew it all together
I will not go into much detail here because my assumption is you know how to work a sewing machine and sew together pieces of a pattern. Again, there are lots of good tutorials for this online if you need help. Or even better, get someone experienced to teach you how this works (thank you Mom!).

Depending on your fabric, you may need interfacing to help the jacket keep its shape and not droop while it is on you. Keep this in mind before you sew everything up!

STEP 5: Add the details
Add the edging of the coat by cutting strips out of the same fabric used for the jacket lining and attaching where necessary. Alternatively, you can buy pre-pressed strips of fabric used for quilt edging (so long as the color matches). I did this for the edging on the under-shirt and it saved me some time.

Make the little rectangle dealies for closing the coat and connect them however you like - snaps, hooks, or even velcro work great.

STEP 6: The rest and enjoy
Put whatever finishing touches on that you think is appropriate. I am sure I forgot something and I know I didn't cover everything. I'm very sorry!

I hope this has helped you in some way, shape, or form! If you have more questions PLEASE feel free to ask and I would be happy to respond. Thanks!
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So I am assuming lots of people enjoy the Japanese Horror Game Ao Oni and the Hetalia spin off game Hetaoni, well I thought of a grand idea!

So I have seen many stories and pictures with deviants in hetaoni or ao oni themselves, so I decided to created something to call that!


See like its creator and ao oni put together!

Its where you and how ever many friends go into the famous house and you can write your own story from their

Of course, I don't own Ao oni or Hetaoni, but I for sho thought of Creatoni (or atleast made up the name) myself so yo don't say you did it!

But yah isnt this great?! I wonder if I get enough people involved I can make a group!

Tell me what yal think!!!
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yay im gonna try to write a theory c: ohgodimsorrythisisgonnabeterrible.

homestuck theory

dont you know about homestuck? that weird little webcomic that andrew hussie made? yea, that one.
well, people say its all fun and games, but theres a darker side to it, and here it is.. . .
john eggbert, the main human, had great and caring friends and the lovable trolls, well those trolls arent even real. john created them when he was in a coma after playing baseball or something, noone knows what they were playing, they might of just have been playing with a ball and it hit john in the head, but all dave would tell anybody -or, understand anyway since he was sobbing- was that they were playing with a baseball, and the next thing he knew it had hit john in the head. next thing was that ambulances were all around, along with cops. thinking that he was dead john walked over to john and kept saying, "im sorry dude, im sorry that i threw the ball to hard, im sorry for saying you weren't cool, for saying that you loved jade, for saying that you were inlove with nic cage"  then john was rushed to the hospital. they found that he was in a coma. so they let him rest there for 4 years, a year to think up them playing sburb and get as far as they did and make up the trolls, and then 3 years to be on the ship to meet up, wich never happened because they say along the way he died in his sleep, but dave - who was with him everyday until he died- said that he was alive for 10 minutes before he died and they confessed everything that they needed to say to eachother.
he wrote down everything he made up in the coma. somethings were so horrifying and disturbing that dave puked a few times. john also told dave why they died, and how they came along,about their
culture and history, and how the trolls did things, and what they represented.

heres what the note said:

karkat - he represented the anger and leadership for john, and to be able to tell him that hes not a homo to lie about his sexuality and to be like dave.

aradia - aradia was the kindness in john and need to protect his friends.

sollux - sollux was the obscene offensive side of john that noone saw.

tavros - tavros was the shyness in john and the fear that was always inside john but he never showed.

nepeta - nepeta was the fun loving caring and always happy part of john.

kanaya - kanaya was represented like his father, caring and loving.

terezi - terezi was the weirder side that never saw the bad in anything.

vriska - vriska, was made to the love interest that was forgotten. also, to be the snarky short tempered side that was rareily showed.

equise - equise was supposed to be the inner strenghth that was always there, but douted.

gamzee - gamzee, was for the times that john was mad at dave. also, to be the sweet adorable side that went insane.

eridan - eridan, was meant to be the sad depresed lonely miserable part of john after his dad died.

feferi - like nepeta, feferi was supposed to be fun loving and care free part of john.

well, i am actually proud of this, took about 15 minutes to write all this and to come up with this c: hope this gets some love.  . .. . .
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Got a weird treats for you all,

For years, whenever I've been intensively drawing a comic project I often felt the need the write myself some music. I've found out multiplying my creative output mysteriously benefit them all. There is, usually, no link bridging my Comic and musical world. Some fugues and some String Quartet sketches have been paired with Batman Incorporated for instance.

This time, being so enthusiast for swamp thing, I went and wrote the scored for issue 7 & 8.  OK, not really, but I've tried to cover their thematic stuff in a 3:16 of Full Orchestral Music.

Here a breakdown of the cues:
00:00 The timeless mystery of the Green
00:49 Growth and fate of the Green Warrior
1:36 The Rot
2:00 A bit of actionny big battle for those who got bored until now.

May you enjoy this roughs mix.
At reverbnation:…
Or on Facebook:…
Also Dowload :…

Better experiences with headphone while reading Swamp thing.
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:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:....? Where's leader?

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Who cares, she's going to be gone until October for some stupid reason.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Mm.. seems kinda lonely around here... maybe we should make a contest for everyone.

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Sure. Why not. Might be fun to fuck around with her group while she's away.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Well.. uhm.. what's the biggest thing going on right now?

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Us being in english, I guess.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Oh! That's right! Some time ago we got a request from Miss :iconpianodream: herself to ask for help of artists! She would like a new title screen for her english transaltion of HetaOni!

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Oh yes because there's always a need of pictures of you being upset.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Ehehe... but yes, let's take her up on that offer! So the contest is the Title Screen contest for her game! You need to make a title screen that fully embodies HetaOni (without spoiling too much) in about dimensions of 1000 x 764!

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:I sure hope you guys can catch my awesome awesomeness in there!

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:First prize is being the new title screen and a picture by her, either mmd or drawn! Second, Third and Fourth place get to be seen in the screenshot section of the end of the game!

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Apparentally Piano is a little short for time so the due date is October 6th

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Which is Piano's birthday! Hurray! And please please please remember to note the picture of entry to :iconkyokyo866:'s account or else it will not be counted!

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Let's show her we're better at doing this contest stuff then that dumb leader is.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Vee! Good luck everyone!!
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As a kid, I always idolised those crazy characters in movies that worked in a chaotic environment, filled with papers and books. You know the ones? They were always looking for a specific item amid their hoard of stuff, and they'd tear the place apart in search of it.
I just realised: I've become one of those characters.....and that sh*t's not nearly as much fun as it looked on screen when I was 8.

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Ling Yao

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Alphonse Elric

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 1:25 AM


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