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Wanna be a Homestuck troll?Then Learn their quirks!!

Karkat Vantas


Terezi Pyrope



Tavros Nitram


Aradia Megido

hers is like this n0 punctuati0n and y0u substitute o f0r 0

Sollux Captor

hii2 ii2 liike thii2. double up the i in a word,replace to and too for two,and substitute s for 2

Nepeta Leijon

:33 < *ac smiles* hers' starts like that using ** and 'ac' for an action,and she had lots of cat puns for certain you=mew pause= pawsse perfect= purrfect also,any word with double e is like this= s33 h33h33

Kanaya Maryam

Like This. Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word.

Vriska Serket

Hers' is like this.Sorta normal,except you su8stitute b=8 and any word that sounds like eight goes like this= sk8te d8 also,shes really dramatic,so her sentences are like 'I didnt doooooooo anything!!!!!!!!You guys are such assholes!! >:::: (' for exaggeration,make 8 o,a,or whatever letter,like i did for do,and add 8 exclamation points.and use her little emoticon. :::; )

Gamzee Makara

LiKe ThIs. SeE wHaT i DiD tHeRe BrOs? :0) HoNk

Equius Zahhak

D--> Starts like that.also,any word with ool loo goes like this= F001 100k also,he has very well developed speech,so to say

Eridan Ampora

wwell like this you double the w and v in a wword no g in words with the ing endin no punctuation or capitalization and he refers to trolls by their shortened names Nepeta=Nep Feferi=Fef and so on

Feferi Peixes

) (er's is like this.substitute h with ) ( and use fish puns whenever you can!also,when you capitalize e,you do this= I AM SO -EXCIT--ED!

You're welcome~

EDITT:I had to fix a few of the quirks.After I spent a year RPing with them,so i learned some of my mistakes.
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Thanks for all messages ;u; all kind b-day wishes and for your sweet words...;w; <3<3333 :heart:
awwwww thanks to all those who participated ;;A;; :heart: <333

The winners on 315 numbers are > u < : (316 but the last favorite arrived when I was editing the journal for closing ;u; ) <3

:iconaikolein: :bulletpink: :iconlittle-miss-riikored::bulletpink: :iconmikkura::bulletpink: :iconlilmisssunbear:

Congratulationssss ^^!!!
Screenshots <3


Feel free to remove this journal from your fav ^^ <3
Hiiiiiiiiiiii >v<
You've been so wonderful to me.... ;w;
Thanks for all birthday wishes and for the gifts ;;A;;!!!:heart::heart: I'll reply soon to all ;u;!!!
To thank you for all love I received I wanted to do a Icon raffle > u < <33333

:bulletpink: 4 free slots for icons like

::Free icon - Alice:: by MimruGift for Sukibelle by Mimru or AT: Mikatsune by MimruCommission set 14 by Mimru

 How to enter

:bulletred: Favorite this journal to enter the raffle >v< (you automatically gets a number) <3
I'll select 4 person with random generator from this site

I'll close this raffle in 24 hours <333 >v< Have fun :heart:


I put here all wonderful birthday gift ;u; and latest gift/commission I received  :heart: ;u;
Thank you so much ;u; I'm so happyyyyyyy ;w; <33333 :heart::heart::huggle:
These are my treasures ;u;!!<3333333

:bulletpink:Icons-Dolly by Vicle-chan:bulletpink:HBD Mimru-san by AmiMochi:bulletpink::thumb339193564::bulletpink:
:bulletpink::thumb335019199::bulletpink:Commission for Mimru by cinnamon-tea-time:bulletpink:AT: Mimru by myaoh:bulletpink::thumb338526165:
:bulletpink:Pixel icon butch 1 by KyouKaraa:bulletpink::thumb338251067::bulletpink:IC :: Mimru by koyameHBD Mimru! by fishtune
:bulletpink:For Mimru by Mara-n:bulletpink:Challenge 25-Unicorn by SugarPip:bulletpink::thumb339736654:

:bulletpink::thumb339842438::bulletpink::thumb339826110::bulletpink:.:Happy Birthday Mimru:. by iAnnaKoneko

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While at my local comic-book emporium, I had a quick leaf through Harley Quinn #0 to check out the winning page from DC’s recent talent search.
It didn’t do much to dampen the disdain I harbour for the big-name comic companies.
For a start, I’m not sure how that page was selected as the cream of the crop. Bravo to the artist for being selected, sure, but there were far more dynamic, lively examples I saw posted here on DA, and I'm genuinely surprised that none of them were chosen. The page selected feels just as stiff, stagnant, sterile and devoid of life as much of the other stuff DC discharges onto the shelves (which might have been why they ran with it).
The main gripe I have, though, is that they changed the final panel.
For those that (somehow) missed the whoo-haa that the whole talent search kicked off: the script DC provided to their would-be artists called for illustrations depicting the titular Harley trying to off herself in a series of absurd ways: holding an antennae in a lightning storm, tempting alligators by wearing a chicken suit, tickling the inside of a whale’s mouth and, finally, on the verge of dropping every electrical item she owns into the bathtub at once.
The hysteria machine that is the internet decided that the last bit was offensive and in bad taste and that DC were not only creatively bankrupt but also felt the sexualisation of suicide was perfectly acceptable content for a comic.
I didn’t see that when I was drawing my version of the page, but then, I’m not a sheep that follows the herd around, bleating.
Rather than sticking to their guns and pointing out that the whole issue fuelled by internet cry-babies’ misinterpreted the script and not what the writers had actually put on the page, DC changed the final panel to depict Harley atop some kind of rocket being launched into space.
This irks me because they had a chance to prove they have a spine (and maybe a shred of integrity) they instead bowed to the ill-informed rage of a mob. You don’t pander to people that badmouth you based on erroneous information, you confront them!
They interpreted the script outline as the sexualisation/mockery of suicide? Well, I didn’t read any of the comic and I interpret the panel they printed as something far worse.
That rocket looks like some kind of ICBM.
Harley’s trying to kill herself and she’s going to take millions of innocent people with her.

If you don’t have all the facts, you see what you want to.
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As a kid, I always idolised those crazy characters in movies that worked in a chaotic environment, filled with papers and books. You know the ones? They were always looking for a specific item amid their hoard of stuff, and they'd tear the place apart in search of it.
I just realised: I've become one of those characters.....and that sh*t's not nearly as much fun as it looked on screen when I was 8.

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Well, that was fun.

Let's just go over what I posted yesterday: I voiced that I have no opinion on guns in America, because I don't live there and as such; don't care. I said that I, personally, am afraid of guns and think they're industrial killing machines. And I posed a vague, hypothetical question that could have been applied to any situation where an old law/doctrine is in effect.

That's it. Nothing more. Harshest word in there was "change" followed by a question mark. Not "ban", not "make guns illegal" and certainly not "outlaw free speech and trial by jury", which some people with a slightly looser grasp on reality seem to think go hand in hand with owning the firearms I said I don't care about.

Well, today, I am going to post an opinion: if you're the kind of insecure, paranoid little twit that flies off the handle when someone poses a simple question, and who holds weapons and the laws that permit them with such religious reverence that you perceive that question as nothing short of an inexcusable, blasphemous attack, you probably shouldn't be trusted with a pointed stick let alone a gun.

Get a grip.
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You know what I've always felt Christmas eve lacks?
Paranoia and a sense of impending doom.
The "party game" I just picked up should do the trick.
Each player gets a Nerf gun, the name of a target and the location in the house where they have to shoot them at some point over the course of the evening.
Nothing says "Christmas" like an assassination contract.

.....yes. I have been playing Hitman too long.
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  • Reading: Assorted comics.
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: Hitman: Absolution
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Edward Elric : :iconfullmetalalchemist:


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Thanks to DGray-Man101 and mangahelpers, we've been noticed that Hoshino might have an Instagram account.
We don't have a way to verify that but the pictures posting on it being mirrors of her style and the occasional picture of a cat looking a lot like Koro, Hoshino's beloved cat.

Judging by the material posted on it, Hoshino seems to be working on a new chapter. And although there is no actual release information, it seems like we could all silently celebrate just a little. We don't want to jinx it. ~

It also seems to include some new character design on Allen's part. But yeah, worth taking a look, I suppose.
And everyone who ever dreamed of seeing Lavi shirtless gets a treat on the Halloween picture.

But let me repeat: It is NOT verified that this is the actual Hoshino's instagram.

Also, if anyone wants to know what the first picture says (there's also a translation on mangahelpers' forum... This one is one I did, and I'm hardly fluent in Japanese):

Allen:  ファンの皆さんから10周年のお祝いメッセージがこんなに....
The messages from all fans for the 10th anniversary celebration were so... //sob
Thank you very much!
Look, Kanda, you say "thank you" as well!
You were the Number One Character in the last character voting, weren't you?
Kanda: 知らねーし
Dunno about that-
Sorry for this manga.

Still no new chapter but Volume 24 is scheduled for release in America during August 2014 and available on Amazon for pre-order:…
No word yet about when Glénat will pick it up for the French/Spanish translation (no word about the 3rd Reverse novel either).

Happy birthday, Hiatus. :|
Now stop existing, Hiatus.
/no sense of humor

We've been waiting for a year now, but keep strong, DGM fandom. We can do this~ Let's make Hoshino proud once she resumes her work.

Edit:Thanks to Dark-Merchant I was informed that something's stirring in Japan, although I'm not certain about what is going on in DGM's country of origin. Although there is no notice of a new chapter any time soon, MangaHelper's DGM Hang-out thread mentioned that Shueisha, the company that publishes DGM in Japan, lists the release of volume 24 as being November 1st (2013年11月1日). This news is fairly reliable as it is the official site. At least this means that DGM is not entirely cancelled, even if it's not a new chapter. People have been mentioning that Hoshino might be waiting for the 10th anniversary of the series, but who knows... maybe there will be a chapter before that.

Also, for SQ's 45th anniversary, they're releasing a bunch of figures and our white haired protagonist is included:

Edit: Thanks to heyhey00's link, it seems there is no hard evidence that DGM is cancelled for good, but rather on hiatus until further notice (aka Hoshino gets better again).
Source:… (and page8)


EDIT #2: Thank you Mudkipblader, I really need to research before posting. I DID look into things, but apparently I totally missed this. I apologize to everyone - I would try to translate the page myself, but I can't quite make out the page because of the quality. However, just as Mudkipblader said, there will be another hiatus, so stay strong.

- otter

Hey all, darkotter here. I know, it's been a long time since you've heard from me. I've been in and out. But this journal isn't about me. This journal is about something rather serious in regards to our fandom.

I'm sure everyone has been wondering where the next chapter of D.Gray-Man is. I mean, Chapter 218 was posted in December, and Hoshino doesn't normally make us wait three months. However, I've just come across some disturbing news, written in this article below.

"Due to Ms. Hoshino’s Progressing Illness, D.gray- Man Has been canceled in the monthly manga Magazine, Jump Square.
Both Shueisha and Ms. Hoshino, Thank us the fan’s for sticking by with the manga for these past years…
Let Us wish and hope Ms. Hoshino will get better.
As for the continuation of D.GM, It will have to be when Ms. Hoshino recovers, And find a new company to publish her work.

So, this is why we haven't gotten a chapter. I don't know what Ms. Hoshino's illness is, it hasn't been released. The fact that it has been removed from Jump Square brings me great sorrow and worry. But all we can really do is send our best wishes to Hoshino Katsura, in hopes that she will recover quickly and will be able to gift us with her wonderful manga.

Keep our wonderful mangaka in your thoughts, fellow fans. Let's get through this haitus - however long it takes.
- darkotter
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Following the events of major motion pictures Iron Man 3 and The Avengers, Genius Billionaire Philanthropist Tony Stark, A.K.A. The invincible Iron Man, and mild-mannered, generous yet lonely Mega Scientist Bruce Banner, A.K.A. The Incredible Hulk, Team up once again. When Bruce shows up on Tony's Doorstep after being missing in action for months, things take a turn for the worse, as they find a dark secret about Bruce's anatomy. With the help of medical knowhow, friends and old flames, and of course, SCIENCE, can the famous duo help Bruce Banner from the dark?

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