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So me and a friend of mine where wanting to make up a little rhyme for Hetaoni and it resulted  in the freddie cruger rhyme,but here it is

1,2 Steve is coming for you
3,4 you better lock the doors
5,6 hope you don't get picked
7,8 Prussia stay up late
9,10 Italy went back again

Ya,this was just something that was pretty short and me and my friend are still working on this...
Ya like I said this was just something random that we came up with.BTW I was wondering if there should be a part where Steve sings this in my Hetaoni project,but only as a joke or if I should make a little MMD comic using this once my Ao Oni model gets fixed.
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I had the most amazing HetaOni dream ever, well it was depressing, but a fangirl would call it amazing. I WAS IN IT!!! My dreams are starting to become nice to me!! It matches my school-Jornelle personality, because
I'm smarter, and make more sense when I'm in school. Anyway, enough of me talking, let me tell you what happened!!!

In this scene, we're in the room where the safety room is, but we're not in the safety room, and Italy tries to explain to everyone of what has been happening ever since we got here. I get pissed off, and tell him off about the logistics.

Italy:.....and if I do die, I don't want you guys to be sad or cry for me
Me: But you die! Why shouldn't we?!
Italy: Because then I'll know you guys are safe when I die
Me: What?
Italy: Steve(this is when I found out I was dreaming, because no one called him Steve in the actual thing) won't hurt you guys anymore... You can all leave this place safely....
Me:*quietly so he couldn't hear me* Shut up
Italy: ....And none of you will have to die or get injured. That's why I'd be glad, and you should be too. And-
Me: *louder so he does here me* Shut up
Italy: J-jornelle?
Me: That still doesn't give me a good reason to not cry! Why the HELL should we be happy when you're dead?! And what about everybody else huh?! Would YOU be happy knowing that everyone you love and wanted to protect would also be sad and in insane grief because you're gone?! I KNOW I WOULDN'T! That is fucking selfish that you would only care about us, but not even the rest of the world! And why would you keep it a secret?! If we known a long time ago that you were able to do all of this.. do you think that maybe we would've tried harder to help you out?! And you know what else? I doubt that Steve would not kill us...
Italy: B-but...we made a-
Me: Oh shut the fuck up about your deal with Steve! If you made a deal with Steve to let us out in exchange your for your life, THEN WHY THE HELL WOULD HE TRY TO KILL US IF YOU'RE NOT THERE?! All this time, we've been running from and fighting Steve! And most of those times, you would find us dead, instead of seeing us die! He should be aiming for you, instead of us! After all, maybe he is killing us first so we wouldn't try to defend you from him. But you know what I think about that
Italy: What...?
Me:.....I think, that's a bunch of bullshit. And what is the fucking point of trying to get yourself killed if England is gonna try to turn back time, just so we can leave together.......
Italy: Jornelle?
Me: *looking down*......
Italy: Are you.....okay?
Me: *so quiet that no one hears me* it's a load of bullshit...
Italy: What did you say....?
*Everyone gasps at this*
Japan:......A-and why would it be bullshit(uncomfortable saying that word)..?
Italy: *just stares in shock but listens*
Me: All this time....All of this fucking time! You've been telling us that we should all stick together, and leave together...but now, you just want to actually die, just to get us out but not you?! THAT'S FUCKING RIDICULOUS!! .......What do you want?
Italy: ....W-what... did you say?
Me: *goes up to him, and is now all up in his face, looking like I'm about to punch him, but no one stops me* What the fuck do you want?(clearly, I'm pissed out of my wits right now) Do you want to leave with us? Or do you want to die while we leave, knowing that the whole world will be totally sad that the lovable, one and only North Italy Veneziano, is *darkly voice right here* dead?
Italy: *still too shocked to say anything* ..........
Me: *tears up, voice breaking* Fine...JUST FUCKING FINE!!!!!! *runs to the safety room. Slams door*
England: J-jornelle! Wait! Come back!
*everyone runs after me while Italy, too shocked to speak stays in his spot. Germany stays behind to say a few things*
Germany: I know... she surprised all of us with that sudden outburst. But you gotta admit... she is right. And you do need to make a choice, do you want to leave with us, or do you want only us to leave... while you're dead...?
Germany: *sighs* We'll be waiting for your answer...I just hope you make the wise one. *pats back goes to door* We'll be waiting for you....*shuts door*
Italy: *falls to his knees* *thinking* Jornelle...?How long was all that bottled up inside? I didn't even know you were able to get that angry....I'm sorry...I'm so so sorry, that I made you angry....*starts to cry*

the dream didn't end yet, there's still more to come!



next: [link]
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1865 Opera Populaire

The Opera Populaire was a large, thriving Opera House fulled with the most talented artist in all of Nightopia. It was a large theater with red velvety chairs and gold statues all around the room. The ceiling was very high above the floor, and in the middle of it was a huge crystal chandelier. Everyone was franticly getting ready for tonight's show. Back stage, all the stage crew members were making final adjustments to pros, costumes and backdrops, while the dancers stretched and started to practice. On stage was the Opera House prima dona: Claris Sinclair. She was running through a song from the production 'Hannibal' when-

"Attention ladies and gentlemen!" an old owl shouted at everyone, interrupting their work. "I know there have been rumors of my retirement floating around, and now I am here today to tell you that these are all true."

"WOOHOO!" everyone shouted, happy they will no longer be working for him. Owl was fuming at everyone's reaction so started to scream.

"I mean awwwwww..." a suck-up from back stage acted in disappointment, and was soon join by everyone else.

"That's much better." Owl started,"I would like to introduce to the new owners of the Opera Populaire: Jackle and Chamelan." Jackle and Chamelan both bowed. "And I would also like you all to meet your new patron: NiGHTS the Nightmaren." NiGHTS dashed up on stage to stand with Jackle and Chamelan. He smiled and gave a thumbs-up to the cast.

"I am very happy to be here. It's a pleasure to work with all of you." NiGHTS informed everyone, making most of the girls swoon.

Meanwhile, Helen Cartwright and William Taylor were standing with the other ballerianas watching NiGHTS strut on stage. Helen and Will were best friends, and JUST FRIENDS, for as long as they could remember, and after hearing that Owl was going to leave the Opera House, they knew their lives were about to change.

"It's NiGHTS!" Helen exclaimed to Will, "Before my mother died when we lived in Station Square, NiGHTS and I were kind of like childhood sweethearts. We would go running along the beach." Helen excitedly told her best friend. "Although, he won't recognize me." Helen sighed disappointingly. Will shrugged and both headed backstage with all of the other dancers to practice.

Clairs then walked up to NiGHTS and gave him her hand. He awkwardly took it while faking a smile, and she bowed in acknowledgement.

"NiGHTS, this is Clairs. She has been the leading Soprano at the Opera Populaire for 4 Seasons straight." Owl stated, introducing Clairs.

"Eh hem! Aren't you forgetting someone?" Elliot rudely interrupted.

"Oh yeah. This is Elliot" Owl said plainly.

"What?No fancy introduction?" The blue hair child asked.


"Well you know what Owl! Go stick your finger up your-"

"Moving on!" Owl lead the 3 men backstage, away from the fuming Elliot and the swooning Clair. They then approached a blond haired women wearing a long white dress directing the ballerinas.

"Gentlemen, this is Madame Emily. She is in charge of the ballet department in this theater." Owl informed them."Come and watch them practice over here." he instructed

"We take great pride in our ballet here." Emily said.

"I can tell!" Chamelan exclaimed "That little boy over there is like an angel !"

"That is my son, William" Emily told him.

"Who is that graceful little girl next to him?"

"That is Helen Cartwright. She was orphaned at 7, so I brought her here after her mother died. I like to think of her as my daughter. She has a very promising talent."

Suddenly, one of the ropes to one of the backdrops hanging backstage snapped and plummeted down on top of Clair, toppling her to the ground."AHHH! DON'T JUST STAND AROUND YOU FUDGEBAGS! HELP ME!" Clairs screamed at the top of her lungs. Shortly after the backdrop fell, an envelope fluttered down and silentlt hit the stage floor, landing right in front of Emily

"He's here... the Phantom of Nightopia!" Will told Helen.

"Clawz! How did you let this happen? What is going on up there?" Owl yelled up to Clawz, who was supposed to be at his station above the stage, making sure all the ropes holding the curtains and such were supporting their weight.

"Sorry Owl..." Clawz yawned, "I guess I fell asleep at my post... but there isn't anybody up here other than me! If there is, it must have been a ghost!"

"Excuse me gentlemen, but the Opera Ghost has left a for you." Madame Emily informed them, "He welcomes you to his Opera House-"

"His Opera house? who is this guy? And what the crabapples does he think he's talking about?" Chamelan questioned.

"He also says to keep box 5 open for his use." Emily pointed.

"No way! Not gonna happen!" Jackle shouted.

"The Phantom is also reminding you that his salary is due." Said Emily

"Salary? What salary?" asked Chamelan

"Owl used to pay him 20,000 blue chips a month." Emily explained.

"20,000 blue chips!" Jackle fumed, struggling to find appropriate language.

"I HATE THE PHANTOM! NOTHING BUT BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO ME WHEN HE IS AROUND!" Clairs complained, screaming and stomping her feet loudly on the hollow, wooden stage.

"Calm down Clairs! These things happen!" Owl assured her, trying to calm her down so she doesn't start a diva tantrum.

"These thing happen!" Clairs mocked, deepening her voice to sound like Owl, "These things have been happening for 3 years! I am sick of being crushed, hurt, and  sabotaged by this 'Phantom'!" she said showing sir-quotes, "Until you stop these things from happening, this thing DOES NOT HAPPEN! I QUIT!" Clairs yelled, stomping off stage and out of sight.

"What do we do now? We lost our star!" Chamelan shouted, looking over to Jackle for support.

"We will have to refund all of the tickets! The show will ahve to be cancalled!" Jackle  panicked.

"Sorry fellas, but this is no longer my problem! If you need me, I will be in Pure Valley." Owl announced. Chamelan nearly fainted and Jackle started tearing up. What on earth are they going to do now?

"Is there anybody else who can sing the part?" Jackle asked, trying to stay conscious and mature.

"Helen could sing it for you, sir!"a voice behind him shouted. Everyone in the theater turned to see it was Emily, and she was pulling Helen Cartwright along with her from out behind the curtains.

"But she's just a ballerina! A chorus girl! She could never do it!" Chamelan argued.

"Please give her a chance, sir! She really is good!" Emily begged. If she didn't believe Helen couldn't do it, wouldn't have said anything

Jackle and Chamelan looked at each other with uncertainty. It wouldn't hurt to have her try. After all, they did lose their star, so they are pretty much desperate. "Ok. Give it a go!" Chamelan sighed, finally giving in.

Helen shyly walked forward to center stage.

"From the beginning of the aria, miss," The maestro instructed. About 10 seconds later, the music started playing, and the maestro signaled for her to come in. She sounded beautiful!

Think of me

Think of me fondly

When we've said goodbye.

Remember me

Once in a while

Please promise me you'll try.

"Amazing!" Chamelan exclaimed in awe of Helen's voice. "She's perfect! We have found our star Jackle!"
Hi there, this is my first fanfic so please don't write mean comments. So as the title says this is the phantom of the opera story, but with the NiGHTS characters form NiD and JoD instead. Thank you Layla the Hedgehog, from Fanfiction.Net, for inspiring me to write this, and I am sorry if this sounds petty close to your story. I haven't actulley see the movie so I don't really know how the story goes. Also the story a bit different, so sorry if there's any confusing. Now for the disclaimer.

Chapter 2:
Now for the disclaimer.

I don't own anything, but the idea. The NiGHTS crew belong to SEGA and the story line and music are created by Andrew Llyod Webber.
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'Where am I? Who am I?' The tiny little girl wonders, then a faint voice answers, 'Starlight' 'Starlight, that's my name isn't it?' The girl slowly opens her eyes, and covers her eyes from the light that blinds her. She slowly starts to get up and look around her. There are luscious green trees everywhere full of strange fruits, and bushes full of blue, purple, red, and yellow flowers. She looks up at the blue sky with few clouds drifting by. 'Where am I?' She then hears a water rushing and splashing and starts to walk to where the sound is coming from. As she gets closer, she starts to hear what sounds like laughter. She parts some bushes in front of her and she is surprised at what she sees.

A big river with crystal clear water and in the river strange creatures are playing in the water. They have cone shape heads and halos on top, big eyes, small hands, light purple wings, and pointy ears. They wear a light purple vest with orange sleeves and red cuffs and a white collar with a silver bell, and purple pants, with red shoes. When she parts the bushes the strange creatures see her and fly away as fast as they can. She is surprise at that reaction as well as seeing them. She looks down at the water and sees her reflection.

She has lime green eyes with cat-like pupils, lightly tan skin, and in the middle of her chest is a big blue diamond with silver boarding the edge of it. She wears a lime green jester hat with two silver rings in front and has five points pointing down with a silver edge at the ridge in the front, a sky blue blouse, a lime green coat with yellow sleeves and a yellow collar, cuffs with a light yellow, light green, and light blue zigzag design to them with a blue ring at the edge, white gloves, and light green pants with a white flower design going down, and lime green shoes with a yellow flower pattern and a blue stripe around the bottom.

'What am I?' She brings a gloved hand to her face to check if it is really her face, and it is. She kind of gets why those things ran away from her. She looks over to the tall hill on the other side of the river, where the strange creatures flew to. She walks through the river to see what can be on the other side. When she reaches the top, she gasps at what she sees.

There is a huge field with small forests dotting across the land. A few small streams and beyond the field are several mountains. Pretty normal, but what shocks her is there are hundreds of rings made up of golden orbs floating in the air and several lined up. Not only that but there are a few windmills floating in the sky. Far away but see able is a small patch of giant white puff balls on huge green stems. Crystal orbs filled with blue liquid fills the space between the lines of rings. Lots of strange creatures that she saw in the river are flying in the air. She stands there, shock and amaze at the same time.

"Where am I?" she says out loud. She looks at all the strange creatures flying in the air. 'I wonder...' She runs a few feet and leaps into the air. Right there, she is floating in the air. 'Wow... wish I'd knew that earlier.' She looks back to the river, with a sweat drop on her head. She flys about getting a better look. She accidentally goes through one of the rings, the ring is then absorb into her body, and she stops in midair after it happens. 'What just happened?' Starlight thinks, she looks behind her and notices a sparkle dust trail she is leaving. She cocks her head to the side. She just shrugs it off, and starts to fly off to somewhere else.

She then hears flapping and squawking. 'Squawking?' She turns her head around and sees three monster birds one pink, one blue, and one green and all of them are ridden by a small creature covered in dark green clothing. They are all flying after her, and fast. She quickly flys as fast as she can, but fails in getting away. The blue monster bird grabs her arms with it's talons.

"Let me go!" Starlight shouts, trying to get free, "Let me go!" But the claws don't move an inch. The birds fly off to one of the small forest. Starlight struggles but it is no use, the bird is far stronger than her. 'What's gonna happen to me?' she thinks, worried. She then starts to hear arguments as the birds get closer to the forest.

"Your an idiot!" Starlight hears a voice.

The birds stop a few feet in the air. There is a red and black figure with pale skin and wears red and black armor with strange symbols on them. A red and black stripe hat on that splits in two and red and black shoes. The other figure, if you can call that a figure, is completely invisible, but has big blue eyes with cat-like pupils and sharp teeth where it's face is, it wears a white cape with an orange and yellow zigzag pattern on top and red, orange, and yellow arrows at the bottom, a yellow and orange collar with a zigzag design, yellow, orange, and blue gloves, red shoes with orange stripes, and an orange hat with blue, yellow, and black stripes. They are both a few feet in the air as well.

The red and black figure is about to attack the invisible figure. He panics and looks around. "Hey look, the birds are back!" He points to the birds, the red and black figure turns to face the monster birds, and the other sighs in relief.

The red and black figure flys a few feet to the birds. Starlight sees his icy blue eyes with cat-like pupils, and a golden mask placed on his face. It has black feathers at the tip of the mask and a small purple jem in the middle. "Who is this?" He shouts, "This isn't NiGHTS!" He grows angry, "It doesn't even look like him! You idiots!" He lashes out at the birds, causing one of the birds to let go of her.

"Ow!" She says when she hits the ground.

The red and black figure turns his head back to Starlight. "Who are you anyway?" He says angrly.

"Starlight." She says, getting back up.

"Starlight?" Says the red and black figure and invisible figure at the same time.

"Maybe we should take her back to Master Wizeman" Says the invisible figure.

"Your right... For once." Says the red and black figure, "All right Starlight, looks like your coming with us-" but as he turns his head back to Starlight, she is already above the trees and flying away. "Come back here!" He shouts, flying after her.

Starlight flys even faster as he chases after her. They fly all over the land. Starlight quickly thinks of an idea. She flys right into the dandelion patch and zigzags around the dandelions, she then grabs a stem and pulls it back down and lets go. The dandelion hits him straight on and sends him crashing into another one. Dandelion puff fills the air and he darts around in the white mess. Starlight quickly makes her escape, flying off back to the hill. She flys over the river and back to the trees. 'I hope I lost them.' She thinks. She floats around the trees and notices a door. Polished marble stairs leads to the door with a sort marble rail, above the door is a panel with a stone fountain shooting out crystal clear water. 'Why didn't I notice this before?' She thinks looking at the door. She then hears rustling. 'Then again if I go through, those guys shouldn't find me.' She quickly gets to the door and turns the golden handle.

Bright light envelops her as she opens the door. When she opens her eyes she sees a cobblestone path that leads to a polished stone fountain with little water and large iron gates at the beginning of the cobblestone path and trees surrounding the edge of the path. She is amazed by the sight and starts to look around. A few minutes later she hears flapping, 'Oh no! Not again!' She panics and hides behind a tree. She peeks her head out a little, but not able to be seen.

She sees a brown owl wearing a light purple waistcoat and spectacles on it's beak. The owl perches it's self on a flat stone close to the iron gates. Soon a beautiful sound fills the air and as soon it began, it ends.

"There you are, NiGHTS." Says the owl.

'NiGHTS!' Starlight thinks. Remembering the name that the two strangers mistaken her for.

A purple figure floats down to the owl. The figure has tan skin and sapphire eyes with cat-like pupils. It wears purple jester clothes with gold trimmings and has a red diamond in the middle of it's chest too. It also wears a jester hat that splits in two. It looks a lot like the red and black guy that chased her.

"Hey Owl." Says the one called NiGHTS, "Not many visitors around tonight is there."

"Yes." Says the owl, "I wonder why's that."

"Speaking of wondering" He turns his head to the tree, "Come on out now. I know your there."

'Oh no!' Starlight thinks, 'What do I do? If I go out there he might try and catch me.' The owl just cocks his head to the side with a puzzled look.

"Look if you don't come out when I get to five, I'm coming over there." NiGHTS says, "One... two... three... four... fi-" Starlight steps out from behind the tree. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"My name is Starlight." She starts to get ready for a quick escape if needed, "Are you gonna try and take me to Wizeman too?"

"Wizeman! How do you know Wizeman?" Says the owl.

"I don't, some guy was gonna take me to him" She says, "but I escape from him, actually you look a lot like him, except he was red and black."

"Reala..." NiGHTS whispers looking down at the ground. There is a silent pause for a while. He then looks back to her, "Look I'm not gonna take you to Wizeman."

"Your not?" Starlight asks. "Why?"

"Because what his is trying to do is wrong and I plan on stopping him."

"What is he trying to do?"

"His trying to take over Nightopia and the Waking World."

"Nightopia? The Waking World? Okay, now I am really confuse here."

"Where are you from?" NiGHTS asks, a little confuse himself.

"I don't know." She looks down to the ground, "All I remember is my name. I don't know where I'm from." Her eyes starts to water a little.

NiGHTS looks at her with pity, but the owl looks at her with sympathy. The owl flys over to her.

"Don't worry little one. I'm sure your memory will come back. In the meantime I will tell you all about this world." The owl says, smiling at her. "Oh where are my manners, my name is Owl, and this world is called the Night Dimension. Nightopia and Nightmare are both part of the Night Dimension. The world you just came from is Nightopia. Nightopia is built by the Ideya of Visitors, Ideya is what creates Nightopia."

"What's a Visitor and what's Ideya?" Starlight asks puzzled.

"Visitors are humans from the Waking World. Ideya represents there heart and every Visitor has five ideya. Courage, Purity, Intelligence, Growth and Hope. Respectively their colors are red, white, blue, green, and yellow."

"What's a human?"

"They are creatures from the Waking World and can only come here in there sleep."

"What about Nightmare?"

"Nightmare is created by the darkness of Visitors hearts and ruled by Wizeman the Wicked. The creatures there are horrible and try to steal Visitor's Ideya, they are called Nightmarens."

"Is he a Nightmaren?" She gestures to NiGHTS.

"Yes, but he is good and is trying to stop Wizeman from destroying Nightopia and ruling the Waking World."

"Alright, alright. Owl your starting to bored her to death." The jester comes closer to them, "Why don't you and me go to Nightopia." He gestures to the door. Starlight gives a worried and scared look to NiGHTS. "Don't worry I'll make sure that Reala doesn't hurt you."

She looks to the ground then at Owl and then at NiGHTS. "Alright, but I'm keeping an eye on you."

NiGHTS just gives her a big smile. "Well come on then, let's go." Before she knew it, NiGHTS is already at the door and gone. She flys over to the door and takes a deep breath. She opens the door.
Edit 1: I change the story from past tense to present tense. I plan on doing this from now on. Also change it from Humor to general
Starlight doesn't remember anything, but her name. She was a human in the 'Waking World' but died at a young age. Wizeman took her soul from the after life of the Waking World and turned her into nightmaren, but before he could finish into making her a stone cold, mindless nightaren by taking away her Ideya. He got destacted be something else and when he came back she was gone and into Nightopia.


P.S. I'm not planning on telling her human life in the story. So if you wanna about her past life I can post in journal entry or comment if you want.

Also I DO NOT OWN NiGHTS, Reala or Jackle. They belong to Sega.

I don't own anything, but Starlight and the plot.
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Knock. Knock. Knock

"Yo Karkat you home?" Sollux called from outside of Karkat's home.

It was a boring day for Sollux and he thought he stop by Karkat's house. He was wearing his regular clothes with his three-D-glasses.

"I'm coming." Someone shouted on the other side.

The door open and Karkat pop his head out from behind. "Sollux nice to see you again. What brings you here?" Karkat open the door more and step outside.

Karkat was wearing his regular black jeans with his gray t-shirt with his sign on it.

Sollux shrugged, "Just got bored and thought I stop by."

"Well why don't you come in?" Karkat smiled and step aside to let Sollux in.

"Sure, why not." Sollux walked into the house and Karkat close the door behind him.

"I'll go make some coffee. Make yourself at home." Kartkat said before going into the kitchen.

Sollux pulled himself out a chair next to the table and sat down. Karkat house was pretty normal. A few nick-knacks and crime novels, but nothing out of the ordinary. Sollux just drummed his fingers on the table corner.

Karkat walked into the silent living room with two cups of coffee and two slices of coffee cake. "Here you go." He handed Sollux some coffee and cake. "There was some coffee cake left over from last time I had coffee."

"Thanks." He took a sip of his coffee.

Soon Karkat started a conversation with what happen yesterday.

Aradia took everyone to karaoke and beer. Her big mistake was buying beer. Karaya and Tavros were singing to their hearts contain. Eridan was trying to get Nepeta to stop drinking. Let's just say Eridan won't be eating for a while. Terezi and Uriska were drinking so much and talking about ridiculous pairing and things a child should never hear. They also flattered with everyone in the room and they were so high they took off their clothes! While Feferi, Aradia, Sollux, Karkat, Equius, and Gamzee were trying to get the others to calm down and get Terezi and Uriska clothes back on them, Terezi said how cute Karkat and Sollux would make a good pair and talk about what they could do in a love hotel. Sollux was shouting his head off telling her it could never happen, all the while Karkat was blushing redder then the devil's skin and said nothing.

Even now Karkat was blushing and so was Sollux. It was that embarrassing.

Karkat looked away and suddenly screamed like a banshee, jumping up on to the table.

"What!? What's wrong!?" Sollux pulled out his guns and pointed where he thought there was danger.

"R-R-Roach!" Karkat screamed and pointed an excused finger at a small roach.

Sollux just gave him a wtf look and lowered his guns, "That's it? That's why you jumped and screamed like a little girl!"

"I do not scream like a little girl!" Karkat protested, but jolted as the roach came closer.

Sollux sighed and gave Karkat an annoyed look as he put his guns back. Sollux left Karkat to go the kitchen, ignoring Karkat's cries and pleas. He came back with a clear glass cup and a slip of paper. Karkat didn't understand. Sollux looked about and quickly corned the bug and trap it under the glass, using the paper to scoop it up and calmly walked over to a window. He open the window and throw the roach out, and closed the window.

"There it's gone." Sollux said and walk over to Karkat, who was still trembling with tears in his eyes. "Now get down from there before you break-" Sollux didn't finish before one of the table's legs broke and sent Karkat crushing into Sollux.

Karkat and Sollux both close their eyes on the impact  and felt something warm on their lips.

When they open their eyes and they saw their faces were to close and realized that they kissed and still are. Karkat scramble off Sollux as Sollux sat himself up. Both of them were blushing, Karkat's blush a deeper and darker red then Sollux's.

"I'm so sorry!" Karkat said after a long period of time, still blushing.

Sollux was still in shock and didn't reply. He was still processing what happen and lightly touch his lips with his fingers.

"Sollux..." Karkat said worried because Sollux didn't reply and just looked blink at him.

"Hi Karkat!" Nepeta shouted as the door swing open fast.

Karkat and Sollux hearts nearly jump out of their throats and their eyes as wide as dinner plates. They both stood up really fast.

"N-Nepeta! What a  surpries." Karkat sturred and said in one breath.

"Quite." Sollux said under his breath.

Nepeta looked at Sollux, "I didn't  know you were here Sollux." She said cheerful while smiling her toothy cat grin.

"He was just leaving." Karkat said in one breath again.

"Yeah leaving." Sollux acted the same way as Karkat and head for the door.

"Yes leaving. We absoluty didn't do anything. Nothing!" Karkat chirp out complete freaked and not sure what to do and earning a glare from Sollux for making them sound more suspicious.

"Well see ya later!" Sollux slammed the door behind him and slid down to the welcome mat.

Karkat blushed more and Nepeta just gave a confuse and concern look at Karkat and the door. Sollux smacked his head and rub it. I can't believe I did that. Wait I didn't do that, it was a complete accident. Sollux thought. But... He brought his hand down to his lips. His lips felt really soft and warm.

Sollux stood up, walk away and headed to the city to look for a bar.

This is a request from colanemo. Sorry for the long wait. I'm not sure if this story needs a warning before reading but if it does please tell me. I'm not really a big fan of Home Stuck and it's okay and I like it.

Sorry I haven't been posting often. There's only a few weeks of school left and finals are on the last few days of school and I'm really far behind in class. I'll probably have summer school for a few weeks. I know not a good excuse I'll try to post more often.

I don't own anything.

Home Stuck belongs to whoever made it
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Llamas with Hats

Paul: Carl, there's a dead human in our house!
Carl: Ooh, hey, how did he get here?
Paul: Caaaarl, what did you do?
Carl: Me? Um, I didn't do this...
Paul: Explain what happened Carl!
Carl: I've never seen em' before in my life.
Paul: Why did you kill this person Carl?
Carl: I do not kill people, That is, That is my Least favorite thing to do.
Paul: Tell me Carl, exactly what you were doing before I got home.
Carl: Well, I was upstairs...
Paul: Mhm, okay...
Carl: I was in my room, reading a book...
Paul: Yes,go on...
Carl: and well this guy walked in...
Paul: Okay...
Carl: So I went up to him...
Paul: Yes...
Carl: and I, uh, I stabbed him thirty-seven times in the chest.

*Awkward Silence*

Paul: Caaaaaaaaaarl, that kills people!
Carl: Um, oh, I Didn't know that...
Paul: Carl, how could you not know that?
Carl: Yeah, I'm in the wrong here, I suck.
Paul: What happened to his hands?
Carl: Whats that?
Paul: His hands, W-Why are they missing?
Carl: U-Uh, I, um... Kinda cooked em' up and ate them...

*Awkward Silence*

Paul: Caaaaaaaaaarl...
Carl: I-I was hungry, and well you know, when you're craving hands that's...
Paul: Carl, why on earth would you do that?
Carl: I was hungry for hands, give me a brake!
Paul: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarl...
Carl: My stomach was making the rumblies...
Paul: Carl...
Carl: That only hands would satisfy.
Paul: what is wrong with you Carl?
Carl: Well, I kill people and eat hands, th-that's two things.


Llamas with Hats

Voiced by - Chris Alex and Jason Steele

Created by - Jason Steele

I Copied this dialog as I watched the video, I own NONE of filmcow or its Affiliates
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The dining hall was completely barren; save for a single person, whose physical presence was not enough to prolong a facade of liveliness throughout the room. A heavy, weighted silence commanded the whole of the room, penetrated only by the unearthly clock, hanging ominously above the only set of double doors leading into the dining hall proper. The Mess room, in which more than one hundred men could eat at any given time was separated in this very moment into two halves: in the half furthest back where dozens of stacked chairs and tables, untouched from the day on which they first arrived. In the closer half, closer to the kitchen and entrance, rests a single long table and twelve chairs. Only one was occupied. Scout draws his arms farther from him, allowing the limbs to rest across the table. He stares, exhausted, at his coffee --- strong, drenched to an unrecognizable beverage with the help of extraneous amounts of milk and sugar ---- he would need it.

As far as he could remember, there'd never once been a night in which he'd slept so terribly like the one previous. He snakes his hands around the mug, he shakes softly, the warmth that resonates from the ceramic a small blessing in the empty hall.

Later, after breakfast, the mess hall would assuredly be warmer, but with winter came an unnatural and impenetrable frorid air that collapsed onto the entirety of the base like a foreboding down comforter. Though the kitchen was always able to withstand the coldest season. The smell of fried fat and citrus cleaner was enough to turn anyone off from residing in it longer than necessary. Scout yawns languidly as his thoughts subside.

A storm of biblical proportions had occurred the night before. Windows rattled, and hail smacked against the roof, planks ripped from their molds. The icy wind whistled through the planks of the walls. And now, the still and quiet weather sits as if it were a force of innocence. No wind, no hail --- a simple, light snow, almost romantically light, a diversion from the chaos left behind. If the BLU base had been hit just as hard, there was no doubt in Scout's mind the battle meant for today would be pushed to tomorrow. Scout couldn't help but be hopeful. He didn't want to push it; were he to battle today, there was no doubt he would die at least thirty times a round. The sensation of respawn certainly wasn't the most pleasant one he could think of. The ticking clock surfaces once more in the form of the only noise in the mess hall, the only noise of quite a while. Slowly, Scout begins to ask himself internally when the others would waken.


The first was Soldier, his steps loud, his entrance through the double doors thunderous. Scout could hardly say the man's movements at 6:29 in the morning did not shock him. A training suit adorns the man's stock body, whose physical mass makes no stops in its direct pursuit for the kitchen. Much to Scout's surprise, he stops as he sees the young man. Confusions twists the American's face, as if he were confused to see Scout up before his usual time.

"Mornin', Soldier!" the older man grunts in his usual boom, disappearing as planned into the kitchen.

"Real good mornin' to you too, Sergeant!" Scout laughs tiredly in return.

Soldier leaves the kitchen, a bottle of water tucked under his arm, and, without further ado, leaves the hall entirely. Stamina training, if Scout had to guess. He recalls the way Soldier had once wanted him to join him for practice. Being the latest to wake up, he rarely had the time to do so.


Scout looks up again from his coffee and nearly dies from startlement; Spy, sitting calmly as if he had been there for hours and  not silent, untraceable seconds, sits also with a mug in his hands. His usual bunny mug, the coffee inside black, though Scout was certain sugar pooled along its rim. It was always clear that Spy was good at what he does, this moment notwithstanding, though it was something he never said out loud. But so good? He never heard him slip through the door, get coffee, or settle himself; all within the span of two minutes.

His heart races from shock (thankfully he hadn't screamed).

"Judging by your expression one can assume you did not sleep very well eizher, or am I wrong, bunny?"

Scout hated the nickname, but out of etiquette he ignores the petname for now. "Hm." Scout answers, and shortly he tumbles the thought of conversation around in his head, answering with a slightly more audible, "That storm was somethin' else, huh...there ain't no doubt in my mind we're gonna find shit broken when we start lookin',"

Spy sips primly on his coffee, the drink clearly too hot to chug. His eyes linger on the clock as he answers. "Zhree windows shattered, it is a pig's sty up zhere! Zhe Medibay is littered wizh dirt, a flower tipped over and sullied zhe place. Zhe Sniper is most likely snowed into 'is camper van. I 'ad 'alf zhe mind to go and 'elp 'im dig out," Spy allows his eyes to sweep across the large window.

"So uh, you don't think we're really gonna be fightin' out there today?"

Spy shakes his head softly. "No, it is quite chaotic around zhe entirety of zhe base, to say zhe least...zhe weapons storage room is filled wizh snow. 'Eavy and Soldier will not be amused when zhey find out..."

"Oh..." is the only thing Scout can think to say. The two fall silent, and Spy lights a cigarette.


A great mass of winter clothing and snow enters through the door. Were the classic brown slouch hat not atop his head Scout never would have guessed the man to be Sniper. The sharpshooter leaves in his wake a trail of melting snow as he approaches him. The thick scarf and heavy coat is thrown unceremoniously against a stool, and he registers Scout beside him shortly thereafter. He looks at him questionably for a second, as if Scout had three eyes and a pig nose, looking away from the young man and onto the clock. He turns to Spy, who wears an amused expression on his face, one held throughout the entirety of the Austrailian's look about the room.


Scout only hears the sound of the man's greeting before he too busies himself with the coffee machine. He returns with a mug in his hands and Scout can only watch Spy watch Sniper, the familiarity in the Frenchman's eyes suggesting that him and the Australian typically eat breakfast together at this usual time.

"You were actually able to escape zhe snow in prison of your van!" Spy states with an unmistakably indifferent tone in his voice.

"Yeah, 'nd with no thanks t'you, y'pompous arse! I damn near broke m'fingers off tryin' t'dig myself outta there, 's real nice the  way none o'you lot offered t'help!"

"But you are 'ier, Sniper, and zhat is what truly matters!"

"Yeah, barely made it!" Sniper shouts, turning to Scout and smiling lightly. "'Lready awake, Gremlin? 'S not your usual hour, eh?"

"Dunno..." Scout shrugs, watching as Spy quietly provides Sniper with a cigarette and a flick of his lighter. He could hardly say he remembers the two ever having spoken, let alone interacting with each other as friends.

"Heard anythin' from the Doc?" Sniper asks Spy quietly. "Did y'get a look at the bay? 'S mess."

Spy shakes his head. "It is not as bad as it looks, 'owever---"

The double doors swing open.


Thirteen minutes have passed, yet the dark cloud sour Medic refuses to dissipate. The expression on his faces speaks quite loudly for itself, so that Scout ceases to wish the man a good morning. Clearly the German had none, thus the wish would have been void. He stomps his way to the hot water pitcher, makes himself a moody tea and leaves the hall, icier than Scout had ever once seen him before. Those present watch wordlessly, for catching the brunt of Medic's anger was not worth the commentary.

"Hm---'s not that bad, eh?" Sniper smirks to Spy besides him.

Much to Scout's surprise, the Frenchman laughs. "'E exaggerates. I saw zhe damage myself and it is certainly not so bad,"

Scout is still shocked by the Spy's laughter.

"'S also not your Medibay, mate!"

Slowly, as he watches the two laughing figures, Scout has to wonder just how well he really knew his comrades. In this moment, he would definitely have to answer his own question with "no". His stomach growls.
So much love goes to =DingDongFootball :icondingdongfootball:
I can't explain how thankful I am.
She translated it for me *__* (And now I go back an be her lil hoe and draw her anything she want because I'm so thankful hohoho xDD )

Today is such a great day... I'm grinning the whole time...

Preview Picture [link]
German Version [link]
And some music [link] ('she' has 2 Albums which you can download for free... give it a try it's pretty nice music :D

DingDong... so viel Liebe in meinem Herzen :D Danke...
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Rooftop / Balcony of Opera Populaire ( only seconds after the hanging of Clawz )

"There is no Phantom of Nightopia!" NiGHTS assured Helen, walking out onto the rooftop in to the lightly falling snow, but she knew that he was very wrong.


NiGHTS, I've been there

to his world of unending night

To a world with the daylight dissolves into darkness... darkness...

NiGHTS, I've seen him!

Can I ever forget that sight?

Can I ever escape from that face?

So distorted, deformed, it was hardly a face

in that darkness... darkness...

Slowly zoning out, Helen slowly walked across the rooftop, letting her cape drag, slowly starting to smile and looking out to night sky, she sang:

But his voice filled my spirit

with a strange, sweet sound...

In the night there was music in my mind...

And through music my soul began to soar!

And I heard as I'd never heard before…

Slowly starting to come back to reality, she turned back to NiGHTS who had a confused expression on his face. He thought she was terrified of the Phantom, but deep down inside, Helen had some (only a little) love for him, but only when he was singing to her. Helen frowned again, clutching her ribboned rose with both hands and sang:

Yet in his eyes,

all the sadness of the world.

Those pleading eyes,

that both threaten and adore.

In a  sweet and comforting tone NiGHTS sang:

Helen ...

Helen ...

Suddenly, Helen heard a ghostly familiar voice faintly singing from only a small distance away. 'Reala ...' Helen thought. He sang:

Helen ...

She looked around frantically, scared that he was here and NiGHTS would be his next victim. He wasn't anywhere in sight, but there was no doubt that he was watching. Frightened and confused, Helen turned away from NiGHTS hugging herself, and started to softly cry.

Comfortingly, NiGHTS walked up to Helen and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and pulled her closer to him. He wanted to assure her that he was there, and he was going to protect her no matter what. He tenderly stroked her cheek, and took her hand as she leaned her head against his shoulder. NiGHTS offered Helen his other hand, and she took it, mindlessly dropping her rose.

As assumed by Helen, Reala was watching, but closer than she imagined. He was hidden behind a large gargoyle that sat on the balcony of the rooftop. At sight of NiGHTS's affection, he almost decided to jump out and kill him, but he knew that it would only make the one he loved hate him forever. After seeing Helen drop his rose, a tear rolled down his cheek.

NiGHTS turned Helen to face him and lifted her chin with his finger so that he could look into her eyes as he began to sang:

No more talk of darkness,

Forget these wide-eyed fears;

I'm here, nothing can harm you,

My words will warm and calm you.

Let me be your freedom,

Let daylight dry your tears;

I'm here, with you, beside you,

To guard you and to guide you.


Say you'll love me every waking moment;

Turn my head with talk of summertime.

Say you need me with you now and always;

Promise me that all you say is true,

That's all I ask of you.


Let me be your shelter,

Let me be your light;

You're safe; no one will find you,

Your fears are far behind you.


All I want is freedom,

A world with no more night;

And you, always beside me,

To hold me and to hide me.


Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime;

Let me lead you from you solitude.

Say you need me with you, here beside you,

Anywhere you go, let me go too,

That's all I ask of you.


Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime.

Say the word and I will follow you.


Share each day with me,

Each night, each morning.


Say you love me…


You know I do.


Love me,

That's all I ask of you.

Slowly, their lips met. The kiss got more passionate at NiGHTS lifted her into the air, spinning her around in celebration of their love.


Anywhere you go let me go too!

Love me…

That's all I ask of you.

As their song came to an end, their lips met once more for one last kiss; this on lasting a little longer than the other. Helen was the first to break the kiss as she drifted back to reality and what was going on in the theater.

"I have to go. They will start to wonder where I am, and I am sure Will is extremely worried by now." Helen realized, letting go of NiGHTS embrace, but still holding his hand.

"I love you Helen." NiGHTS told her, swinging her hand in the breeze.

"I love you too, NiGHTS." Helen said with tears of joy in her eyes. As a child, when Helen would play with NiGHTS, she always dreamed of this moment and didn't think it would be this magical. Hand-in-hand, NiGHTS and Helen happily left the rooftop, Helen abandoning her rose, leaving it laying in the snow.

When Reala was sure they were gone, he came out from hiding and revealed himself to the starry sky. Running over to the rose, he delicately picked it up with tears in his eyes as he quietly sang to himself:

I gave you my music…

Made your song take wing…

And now, how you've repaid me…

Denied me and betrayed me…

How was bound you love you

When he heard you sing…


Unwillingly, the Phantom began to cry. He felt completely abandoned like Helen's rose. He clenched the rose and squeezed the flower to the point that all of the pedals started to fall off. Faintly, he could hear the melody of NiGHTS and Helen in the distance:

Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime!

Say the word and I will follow you.

Share each day with me, each night, each morning…

Reala could no longer hold in his angry, so he ran and climbed to the top of the gargoyle statue that he hid behind and sang out aloud so that Helen and NIGHTS could hear him:

You will curse the day you did not do

All that the Phantom asked of you!
Awww NiGHTS and Helen sing together and confused their love for each other. Wait oh no Reala knows about them being together and is mad as hell now. :(

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Helen's Bedroom next morning

The next morning, Helen woke up right as the sun rose over the horizon. She looked to her right, smiling to see her love, NiGHTS, still asleep in the chair next to her. Getting out of bed she went and put on a long, flowing black dress, with a long black cape to go over it. On the table next to her bed was a vase with 5 roses tied together in a black ribbon. Helen grabbed them from out of the vase and headed for the door, but then she saw NiGHTS again, and she couldn't resist. Helen quickly and quietly kissed NiGHTS's forehead without waking him up, and then left the room, headed for her carriage.

As she walked out of the Opera House's entrance, she saw her carriage driver standing around in the falling snow, looking for someone who needs to go somewhere. As Helen approached him he smiled, and bowed to her.

"Good morning Miss Cartwright! Where would you like to go?" he asked excitedly.

"Could you please take me to the cemetery?" Helen asked quiet, and somewhat sad voice.

The carriage driver gave her a concerned look and replied, "Sure thing!"

"Thank you. I'll go grab my jacket, and I'll be right back." Helen smiled running back towards the Opera House.

While Helen was still inside, the Phantom decided to execute his plan. He had hidden behind the carriage as Helen told the carriage driver where to take her, so he knew where she was going. When he felt the time was right, he ran up to the carriage driver, and punched his lights out.

Reala then hide him before Helen came back. Quickly, he took a black scarf and wrapped it around his face, so that Helen would not recognize him. The Phantom jumped on the carriage, and grabbed the ropes to guide the horses.

A few seconds later, Helen walked out, and got into the back of the carriage, not even noticing that the carriage driver had changed. He whipped the horses, and they were off, headed towards the cemetery.

Just as they were leaving, NiGHTS woke up, stretching and rubbing his eyes. "Good morning Helen!" he said semi-unconsciously. When he got no response, his eyes widened, as looked over to an empty bed. " Oh God! HELEN!" He looked out the window to see a red and black nightmaren driving Helen in a carriage. NiGHTS dashed out to the carriage parking and found Helen's carriage driver still there.

"Where did he take her?" NiGHTS forcefully asked the carriage driver.

"The cemetery, you'd better hurry! Miss Cartwright is in danger!" he informed him worriedly.

Before saying anything else, NiGHTS was flying super fast toward the old cemetery, hoping Helen was ok.

Soon, the carriage approached the cemetery entrance, and Helen carefully stepped out, clutching the bouquet with both hands. Slowly, she walked through the freshly fallen snow, making her way to her mother's grave which was located in the back of the cemetery, so it was quite a walk.

This gave the Phantom plenty of time to complete his plan. He took the carriage and drove it around towards the back of the cemetery, so that he could hide behind her mother's grave, and wait for her to get there so he could make his next move.

As Helen walked through the gloomy cemetery, the only thing on her mind was her dead mother, and so she began to mindlessly sing:

You were once my one companion

You were all that mattered

You were once a friend and mother

Then my world was shattered

Wishing you were somehow here again

Wishing you were somehow near

Sometimes it seemed if I just dreamed

Somehow you would be here

Wishing I could hear your voice again

Knowing that I never would

Dreaming of you helped me to do

All that you dreamed I could

Passing bells and sculpted angels, cold and monumental

Seem for you the wrong companion, you were warm and gentle

Too many years

Fighting back tears

Why can't the curse just die!

Wishing you were here again

Knowing we must say goodbye

Try to forgive

Teach me to live

Give me the strength to try!

No more memories

No more silent tears

No more gazing across the wasted years

Help me say goodbye

Help me say goodbye!

By the end of the song, she was standing in front of her mother's grave. Engulfed in sadness, she fell to the ground and began to cry. Suddenly, she heard an angelic voice coming from behind the grave that sang:

Wandering child,

So lost, so helpless

Yearning for my guidance

Confused, Helen looked around to find no one there, but she sang back:

Angel or mother?

Friend or phantom?

Who is it there, singing?


Have you forgotten your angel?


Angel, oh, speak

What endless longings

Echo in this whisper!


Too long you've wandered in winter

Far from my mothering gaze...


Wildly, my mind beats against you…


You resist…


Yet your/the soul obeys...

Angel of Music,

You/I denied me/you!

Turning from true beauty!

Angel of Music!

Do not shun me/my protector!

Come to your/me strange Angel…


I am your Angel of Music…

Come to me Angel of Music…

Suddenly, NiGHTS came dashing around the corner of the cemetery screaming, "HELEN NO! WAIT!" He was holding a sword, ready to fight.

"NiGHTS!" Helen exclaimed, surprised to see him, and curious to know how he knew where she was. NiGHTS put his hand on her shoulder as he pulled out his sword.

"Helen! Whatever you believe, this man - this thing - is not your mother!" Just then, the Phantom jumped out from behind her mother's grave, holding a long sword, which he was ready to swing at NiGHTS.

NiGHTS dodged his attack and swung his sword back, but missed when the Phantom hid behind a tombstone. Reala quickly took a swing at NiGHTS, but soon realized that he was hitting nothing but air. NiGHTS was quickly behind him, and swung at the Phantom's neck, but he ducked just in time for NiGHTS to miss.

Helen just stood there, jaw dropped, watching the two nightmaren's battle it out for her love. This battle started so fast that it was unreal.

NiGHTS took a swing at Reala, but missed, getting his sword stuck in a tombstone. The Phantom took this opportunity to stab NiGHTS's chest. He swung, but NiGHTS jumped out away, just as NiGHTS's sword went past his head. The Phantom took a swing and sliced NiGHTS's arm open, causing blood to pour out of his shirt as he screamed in agony.

In anger, NiGHTS took a fast swing at Reala, but Reala dodged it. During Reala's quick movement out of the way, he tripped over a tombstone, causing him to fall down on the snow, on his back, dropping his blade. NiGHTS quickly pinned him down, and his sword at the Phantom's neck.

"No NiGHTS! Please don't kill him!" Helen cried in terror. NiGHTS rolled his eyes, but followed her request, taking the sword away from his neck, walking towards Helen. He kissed her lightly on the forehead, and then picked her up in a bridal style and flied out of the cemetery.

Breathing heavily, the Phantom got up and brushed himself off. No longer did he have tears in his eyes for Helen; he had anger. "Now there shall be war upon you both!" he cried, holding his sword high in the air.
*sniff* Okay now I'm sad again. Helen visit her mom's gave and sings a really sad song. *sniff* Reala tries to trick Helen, but NiGHTS stop him and saved Helen. *sniff* YAY!

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Opera Populaire: Chamelan and Jackle's Office

As soon as NiGHTS arrived with Helen back at the Opera Populaire, he knew that he would need to make an improtant visit with Chamelan and Jackle regarding the Phantom's production of Don Juan Triumphant. Since this was his opera, he was to decide who would get each roll, and as assumed, he gave Helen the leading soprano roll. NiGHTS was completely against it, because he knew if she took the roll, her life could be in danger.

"We can't do this!" NiGHTS exclaimed at Chamelan and Jackle. "I will not let you and this Phantom put Helen in this opera! The only reason he wrote it was to get closer to Helen! We have all been blind! He is using all of us in order for him to be able to take Helen!" NiGHTS rebelled, trying to sway their decision and let her be.

"I'm sorry NiGHTS," Chamelan apologized, "but you and I both know that this must be done. We now know, after the hanging of Clawz that we must strictly follow his orders... or else we may lose more than just our behind the scenes man."

"Plus, we thought that if we followed his commands, he may decide to leave us alone for good." Jackle added looking back at NiGHTS who was in no agreement.

"Yeah, but you don't understand! This Phantom's plot to kidnap Helen! I have to make sure she is completely safe from him because..." NiGHTS sighed, unsure if he should actually say what was about to come out of his mouth.

"Because why NiGHTS?" Chamelan questioned, sounding annoyed that NiGHTS would not agree.

"Because... I love her!" NiGHTS cried, quickly covering his mouth remembering that he wasn't supposed to tell anyone. NiGHTS sat down on the couch next to Chamelan's desk, putting his face in his hands, feeling guilty about telling the two of their love, and worried about her safety. Jackle sat down next to NiGHTS and put a hand on his shoulder. He was like a mentor to NiGHTS, in a way.

"NiGHTS, I completely understand that you have strong feeling for Helen..." Jackle comforted, "but you know that it has to be done. The Phantom will never leave us alone if we do not do what he says. Think of it this way: the more we ignore his orders, the more danger we are putting Helen's life in." he told NiGHTS, who nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"And, there will be plenty of police and guards to cover every inch of the Opera Populaire, so if the Phantom tries to pull a fast one, they'll arrest him." Chamelan added.

"Or I'll pull and even faster one!" NiGHTS smirked.

"Er... right..."

"Don't worry buddy, everything will be just fine!" Jackle informed him happily.

"Thanks guys, I owe you one." NiGHTS smiled, feeling a lot better.

"No you don't! Your rich family paid for every piece of crap in this Opera House!" Jackle reminded NiGHTS.

"Oh yeah... heh... heh..." NiGHTS remembered, "One more thing! Please don't tell anyone about my feeling for Helen! I actually wasn't supposed to tell anyone in the first place, and I kinda already blew that..."

"Sure, no prob!" Chamelan assured him."We'll see you at the show tonight. I would come prepared for anything..." Chamelan mumbled the last part.

Once he left their office, NiGHTS sped off to find his love to talk to her for the last time before the show. Zipping around the fancy Opera House, NiGHTS could not find Helen anywhere. After countless hours of searching through the enormous building, NiGHTS felt like he had checked every nook and cranny there was, until he realized he forgot to check one last spot.

Helen sat on the cold cement floor of her secret chapel room. Usually Helen would come here either to light candles for her mother, or if she needed a good cry alone. As far as she knew, Emily, Will and NiGHTS were the only people who actually knew of the room's existence. Suddenly, NiGHTS walked in to find her trembling in the corner.

"NiGHTS..." she said, "I'm really scared... please don't make me do this!" Helen pleaded, "He'll take me, and never let me go! We will be parted forever!" Helen cried with tears running down her cheek. "What I once used to dream, I now dread. If he takes me, it will never end."

Slowly, NiGHTS walked over to her. He held her in a tight embrace to let her know that she was safe with him. As he lightly kissed her forehead, he said, "I'm sorry Helen, but you know you have to go on. Don't worry; if the Phantom tries to pull anything, there will be police everywhere and I will be right up in Box 3, watching." NiGHTS assured her, holding her tighter. Still frightened, Helen ended the hug, walked over towards the stain glass window, and sat down on the window seat. NiGHTS followed and took the seat next to Helen as she sang:

And he'll always be there singing songs in my head…

He'll always be there singing songs in my head…


You said yourself that he is nothing but a man…

Yet while he lives he will haunt us 'til we're dead.


Twisted every way,

What answer can I give?

Am I to risk my life

To win the chance to live?

Can I betray the man

Who once inspired my voice?

Do I become his prey?

Do I have any choice?

He kills without a thought,

He murders all that's good,

I know I can't refuse...

And yet, I wish I could.

Oh God, if I agree

What horrors wait for me

In this, the Phantom's opera?

NiGHTS took Helen's hand and put his arm around her waist in a comforting and protective way as he sang to her:

Helen, Helen,

Don't think that I don't care

But every hope, and every prayer

Rests on you now.

With more tears in her eyes, Helen nearly tackled NiGHTS when she suddenly gave him a really tight hug. He let her have a good cry, and then Helen was off to get ready for her performance tonight.
Looks like Helen has to do the show or there will big trouble. Lucky there's will be guards and police everywhere so things should be fine, I hope.

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