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Well, he's talking about it. lol
Anyway, I thought it would be funny, the pictures are 2 panels out of a She-Hulk comic, I just altered it.

She-Hulk and Wolverine (c) Marvel Comics!!
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This is my Version of the Song-of-Fire-and-Ice-Meme of :iconwolfsister:.

:bulletblack: 1.
I had heard about the books, but I had heard of another boring Romeo and Juliet story with nearly the same title and mistook them for these. Watching the series was amazing and well, I wanted to have more.

:bulletblack: 2.
Khal Drogo
I thought a lot about that. The Imp is a magnificent character. I like a lot of others too, but I always ended up that I started to see the series because I was curious who this Babarian was who I saw in the advertisement. And I love Jason Momoas powerful interpretation of this innovative and worldopen horselord.

:bulletblack: 3.
Arya & Gendry
Their young misinterpretation of the other one is so cute.
Jamie & Brienne
Brilliant pairing with a great evolution of their bond.
Daenerys & Drogo
Itīs like Beauty and the Beast.
Tyrion & Mormont
I loughed so much when these two ended up togehter.

:bulletblack: 4.
Drogo & Drogon
This Horselord with this mighty Dragon, that would arouse the world.

:bulletblack: 5.
Catelyn Stark & Cersei Lennister
At first I though about Davos, because some parts from him were boring for me. But in Dance with Dragons it became interesting and if my husband would be a Character there it would be him.
I didnīt like Cates whiningj and the text sounded good.

:bulletblack: 6.
Jon Snow is the child of Rhaegar Tagyaren and Lyanna Stark
... and is so the rightful heir of the sevon kingdoms.

:bulletblack: 7.
Rob... dead...
Sansa... married
Arya a servant of the many faced god, she wonīt be a mother.
Bran... Magician of the north, not a lord.
Rickon would be quit interesting.

But Althoug Gendry would be the perfect Florian for Sansa and didnīt he want a more adult Arya?

:bulletblack: 8.
I loved how Daenerys changed the situation.

:bulletblack: 9.
Khal drogo
His way to move is simply hot.

:bulletblack: 10.
Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish
Well, a lot of People like the Boltons deserve to die, but he managed the start of the whole thing. I donīt like lies and finally, being born as a twin, I have got a trigger on not beeing able to seperate sisters.

:bulletblack: 11.
I love how this blame turned inito a battlecry.

:bulletblack: 12.
I fell in love with these books and I look forward to read more about this full world.

:target: Original Meme [link]
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Oh my, forgot to uploade this here x3 (links and a few words to every month here [link] )

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YAY-YUUH!!! Another Regular Show Journal Skin! >0<
I decided to upload it as a deviant so you can all use it now! (and also every one till the end of this week because DeviantArt is celebrating its birthday and allow everyone to use journal skins! You don't have to be Premium to use this skin now!)

I try to make it really easy to use. So you can just install it and enjoy - you don't have to put any HTML tags or whatever.

Note: Displays correctly on screen of any size and on any mobile device.

See live version: [link]
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Watched the epic looking trailer on the TopGear site. The Stig has made me laugh beyond all possible reason.


So here's the stamp to go with it. Everyone loves Stig-ie

I used :iconzilla774:'s template, which can be found here: [link]
Stig is (C) to BBC
The template is (c) to Zilla774
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Yeah, I've made one before, but I saw this other Inception meme was around all the time, and when I filled out the first meme, I wasn't even as big a fan as I am now! So, though some of the questions are the same as in the other meme, the answers in this one are "updated", so to say.
This time, I drew the pictures on blank pages in my sketchbook first, scanned them in and then colored them using my tablet in Photoshop. I wanted to get the characters to look real good this time. ;) I did use a lot of reference pics, too.
The title I chose for this deviation is pretty random, and I liked the other one ( "The Meme is real." ) better, but the reference should be pretty obvious, too. Some more explanations of the pics:
1) I still don't know if I'd really be a forger, I might make a good extractor, too. But the idea of impersonating Christopher Nolan just struck me, so I had to draw it!
2) I feel bad about not including Ariadne in my favorite characters in the first meme I did... I like how Arthur & Ariadne came out, and I like Eames "dreaming bigger". :D Fischer didn't come out too bad this time, either.
3) I totally fail at drawing Peter Browning, though I used a pic of Tom Berenger from the Inception premiere as reference.
4) Yeah, I copied it... :blush: I just liked it so much.
5) Once again, a very random idea I decided to put on paper. In case you can't read what Ariadne is "mumbling", she says: "So, Arthur... do you have a girlfriend? (or a homicidal dead wife, for that matter...?)"
6) Some of my many favorite scenes, and an attempt at reading Arthur's mind during the rotating hallway scene... :D
7) He, he, it's pink. :XD: But that was coincidence. Anyways, since that totem was personally made by myself, I really shouldn't say too much about it... ;)
8) (Slow motion) falling van + (Arthur in) zero gravity + bombs (with Eames' thumps up) + limbo = most epic awesome mindf*** ever!!!
9) That LOL-maze is the best I could do... really.

You can find the blank meme by :iconradioactivemongoose: here: [link]
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Take your bets now!
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OMG Inception is badass yo!!!!!

loved it!! :thumbsup:
anyway,if you haven't catched it yet, i have become a big fan of Arthur(Joseph Gordon-Levitt), his just so shor- err.... adorable :iconiluplz:
i love Leo and Ellen in the movie too!! Eames is a badass too(sorry if i didn't put him alot in the meme)!!!

if you haven't seen the movie yet, go to your local movie rental, and watch it!!!!! i recommend it!!!!

Inception(c) Chris Nolan
Meme(c) :iconelf5:
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I've had this ragecomic in mind for a long time and finally decided to make it..

Story of my life. :iconotlplz: :icontruestoryplz:

I swear this has happened to me way too many times to count!
When I'm in Sweden speaking Swedish people say I sound like a Finn and when I'm in Finland speaking Finnish people suddenly say I sound like a Swede.. what is this I don't even

I must say I'm both disturbed and amused every time this happens. It brainfucks me in a nice way.

One could say I basically have two mother tongues; I speak both Finnish and Swedish fluently but, although Finnish is the language I was taught first by my parents, Swedish is actually my stronger language.
I've also lived most of my life close to the border between Sweden and Finland and that might contribute to why I apparently, according to some random strangers I meet, sound like such an exotic accent fuck-up mix-up. :dummy: :facepalm:
And if anyone wonders why I answer "yeah" to both questions it's because I do in fact have dual citizenship and I see myself as much as a Swede as I do as a Finn.
Problem? :icontrollfaceplz:

Made with [link]
Meme characters by whoever created them.
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