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Photomanipulation combining 3 separate images, one of an old chapel door from London, England, another of Bury Parish Church, and an African penguin. I would like to thank and dedicate this quirky piece to a couple very talented deviants and cherished friends, thank you for providing me with constant inspiration :)

1) Brin Kennedy :iconslight-art-obsession: for masking out the archway entrance, from a previous collaboration entitled Divine Doorway, and also for masking out the penguin used in a piece called Antique Portrait - Tintype Penguin

2) Michael D. Beckwith :iconkippa2001: for providing the Bury Parish photo nested inside the black archway. 

You can download the same image without watermark directly on my website for free stock photos:…

This picture is also available for download at 3333 x 5000 px for a small premium of 50 points. Most everything else including my stock rules remain the same, except this premium download gives you access to a much larger version of the picture without watermark.
Included in the premium is a second image of the same scene without the penguin. A little bonus at no extra charge in case you may find more practical use for it :)

Same stock rules apply otherwise:…

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painting a teapot in photoshop
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Random Facts Story Meme
By ~PhoenixTorque
If you're looking for a serious meme, you're in the wrong place! This is meant for original fiction, although it might work for fanfiction as well. It can be done with as many or as few spoilers as you wish, so feel free to skip over a question if you don't want to spoil things for potential readers. So pick a story and get started!

So, what's your story called?
Did you have any early/working titles?
Why did you choose the final title?
Was it easy or hard to choose a title?

Who's the protagonist?
Why are they the protagonist, and not someone else?
Are they a hero or everyperson?
What's their job?
Do they have a sidekick? Best Friend?
Do they have a love interest? Rivals fighting for their affection? A harem that hangs on their every word?
Is there a secondary protagonist? Who?

The main antagonist?
What do they have against the protagonist?
Are they a loner, or do they have a second-in-command?
Villain with good or bad publicity?
Sure, but who REALLY runs the plot?

Who's the most important character not on this list? Why are they important?
Who's the least important character that you pay attention to?
What's the most prominent canon ship?
Any other ships?
Any noncanon crack!pairings you would read/consider writing?

Who is your favorite character to write?
Who is your least favorite character to write?
Which character is the most cooperative?
Which character is the least friendly?
Which character would you most want to meet in a bar?
Which character would you least want to meet in a dark alleyway?

How many characters are there total?
How many are allied with the heroes?
How many are allied with the villains?
How many hate both of them?
How many refuse to pick a side?
How large is the core cast (in 80-90% of the scenes)?
Be honest—how many characters are actually important?

When does the story take place?
Where does it take place?
Would you want to live there?
Does your story end in the same place it starts?
What/whose POV is the story told from?
If not omniscient, whose thoughts would have the most spoilers?

What genre is your story?
Where in a library would you file it?
What format are you writing it in?
What format do you wish you could write it in?
Would you be for or against a movie?
Indie flick or multi-million blockbuster?

Write a nice, long description about the story:
That sounds interesting, but can you cut it to under 200 words for the back cover?
Quick! Write a 200-character-or-less (with spaces) teaser (think!
Now give us a catchy tagline for promotional material!

Is there magic?
Time travel?
Psychic powers?
Talking animals?
Different dimensions/realms?
High school?
Large guns?
Large cities?
Advanced science?
Corrupt government?
Witches or Wizards?
Ridiculously long names?
An old, wise mentor?
Overprotective parents?
Scented soap?
Stuff blowing up?
A happy ending?

How much of the story have you finished?
How much of the storyline have you decided on?
About how long is it?
How long is it in-story from beginning to end (flashbacks don't count)?
Do you ever think it will be finished?

Anything else you'd like to add?
**DA has changed the categories in a thoroughly stupid way, so this got booted out of the Devious Fun/Meme category because apparently text files can't be memes anymore. If anyone has a fix, please share.**

Because I wanted to do something like this, but I couldn't find anything. So I made my own. Don't judge.

So in case anyone else wants to do it, here it is.

Feel free to format the questions and your answers however you wish. You can even add numbers if you want, but there are so many things covered that I didn't think numbers fit.

If you do fill it out, I'd love to see it--post a link in a comment and I'll check it out and add it to the list below. (:

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EDIT: Added a clearer image, some more specific windows and some palatte colors. Hope it helps :)

This is how I make my avi's :P at least the pixel ones. It's all done in MS Paint. Screen caps were taken via PSP8. Also I save as JPEG or use the transparency tool in PSP. Otherwise it's all just MS Paint.

These are also general guidelines, so feel free to use whatever part you'd like and tweak anything you wish. If you're not comfortable drawing an image to a scale of 50 x 50 pixels, feel free to draw it larger, then resize if you need, or color and then resize. Whatever works for you.

Done for ~Lonepichu since she asked.

* References were used to draw the avi. Just look up Ixion and you'll find a few.
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A black and white texture, not my best but it works.

Please credit me if used and it would be nice to leave a link or comment so I could take a look (and fave) the work done with it.
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Here are the flats for the :iconcolor-me-club: contest.

Beautiful Line Art: [link] by =Ploopie
Flats by me, *StacyRaven

If I uploaded these right, these flats should be with no anti-alias. If these have any anti-alias, let me know and I'll re-upload them. :D

I did these flats in "crazy colors" intentionally, so that people using them would change up the colors and decide for themselves on the color palette. I figured that would be an good way of getting as much diversity as possible. I hope you guys find these flats useful and I'm looking forward to seeing this fantastic image colored by you guys! :dance:
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:bulletred: Please read and respect my rules before using! :heart: You can find them at my front page: la-esmeralda-stock.deviantart.… :bulletred:

Model: me
Dress: self-made
Necklace: Dr. Brassy

You can find the whole series in my medieval folder: la-esmeralda-stock.deviantart.…
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Phew, finally decided that this was good enough to publish! Only took like 10-20 readings after my initial rough draft.

Anyway, here's a guide I threw together for people who want to sew but have absolutely no idea where to start. I wrote this guide in a way which would've been most helpful to me back in May, when I decided to start sewing but didn't really know much besides mashing pieces of fabric together. Naturally the guide is written from my own perspective and experiences in sewing; ask other plushie makers and they'll have a whole different set of experiences and advice to share.

I tried to make the guide as comprehensive as possible, but one thing I didn't do was include links to resources. The reason for this is that links and videos can become outdated all the time, and part of the process of learning is being able to go out and find these resources. Nonetheless, one of the best resources I can recommend is Metroidhat's site, which gives not only visual instructions on how to do stitches but also some good step-by-step tutorials. I found myself going back there all the time when I was starting out.

If you have any questions, comments, or objections, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message! I wrote this guide to help people out, and I'd love to help out however I can! (Although I can't give my patterns away.) Speaking of which, if I get bored, I might release some sort of guide documenting my pattern-making process. It won't be any time soon but I figure it's something which people are interested in and that I'd like to write about. Be warned though, it's going to involve some pretentious math terminology =P

That's all. Happy New Year! 2014's gonna be a good year, I can tell.

Edit: Holy crap, 100 favorites already! I had no idea there'd be this big of a response. Thanks guys!
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Stock# 14

Taken 4th January, 2014

Please download to have full resolution.
Rules can be found on homepage.

Model: Me
Photographer: Me
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