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I just watched V/H/S and well......the title speaks for itself. Seriously this has got to be one of the most freakiest movies out there. I am a huge fan of found footage films. But this one really scared me. Now I am going to be stuck watching Adult Swims Toonami cartoons. Like I know what the heck is going on in that cartoon called Bleach. When I first read that the title was called Bleach I really thought that there was going to be a bunch of Clorox bottles fighting crime or whatnot. But instead, all I got was a bunch of demons and monsters and swords and ...things......and people talking about who knows what. I guess if it gets bad I will go watch Food Network and learn how to make crème fraîche.
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yay im gonna try to write a theory c: ohgodimsorrythisisgonnabeterrible.

homestuck theory

dont you know about homestuck? that weird little webcomic that andrew hussie made? yea, that one.
well, people say its all fun and games, but theres a darker side to it, and here it is.. . .
john eggbert, the main human, had great and caring friends and the lovable trolls, well those trolls arent even real. john created them when he was in a coma after playing baseball or something, noone knows what they were playing, they might of just have been playing with a ball and it hit john in the head, but all dave would tell anybody -or, understand anyway since he was sobbing- was that they were playing with a baseball, and the next thing he knew it had hit john in the head. next thing was that ambulances were all around, along with cops. thinking that he was dead john walked over to john and kept saying, "im sorry dude, im sorry that i threw the ball to hard, im sorry for saying you weren't cool, for saying that you loved jade, for saying that you were inlove with nic cage"  then john was rushed to the hospital. they found that he was in a coma. so they let him rest there for 4 years, a year to think up them playing sburb and get as far as they did and make up the trolls, and then 3 years to be on the ship to meet up, wich never happened because they say along the way he died in his sleep, but dave - who was with him everyday until he died- said that he was alive for 10 minutes before he died and they confessed everything that they needed to say to eachother.
he wrote down everything he made up in the coma. somethings were so horrifying and disturbing that dave puked a few times. john also told dave why they died, and how they came along,about their
culture and history, and how the trolls did things, and what they represented.

heres what the note said:

karkat - he represented the anger and leadership for john, and to be able to tell him that hes not a homo to lie about his sexuality and to be like dave.

aradia - aradia was the kindness in john and need to protect his friends.

sollux - sollux was the obscene offensive side of john that noone saw.

tavros - tavros was the shyness in john and the fear that was always inside john but he never showed.

nepeta - nepeta was the fun loving caring and always happy part of john.

kanaya - kanaya was represented like his father, caring and loving.

terezi - terezi was the weirder side that never saw the bad in anything.

vriska - vriska, was made to the love interest that was forgotten. also, to be the snarky short tempered side that was rareily showed.

equise - equise was supposed to be the inner strenghth that was always there, but douted.

gamzee - gamzee, was for the times that john was mad at dave. also, to be the sweet adorable side that went insane.

eridan - eridan, was meant to be the sad depresed lonely miserable part of john after his dad died.

feferi - like nepeta, feferi was supposed to be fun loving and care free part of john.

well, i am actually proud of this, took about 15 minutes to write all this and to come up with this c: hope this gets some love.  . .. . .
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:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:....? Where's leader?

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Who cares, she's going to be gone until October for some stupid reason.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Mm.. seems kinda lonely around here... maybe we should make a contest for everyone.

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Sure. Why not. Might be fun to fuck around with her group while she's away.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Well.. uhm.. what's the biggest thing going on right now?

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Us being in english, I guess.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Oh! That's right! Some time ago we got a request from Miss :iconpianodream: herself to ask for help of artists! She would like a new title screen for her english transaltion of HetaOni!

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Oh yes because there's always a need of pictures of you being upset.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Ehehe... but yes, let's take her up on that offer! So the contest is the Title Screen contest for her game! You need to make a title screen that fully embodies HetaOni (without spoiling too much) in about dimensions of 1000 x 764!

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:I sure hope you guys can catch my awesome awesomeness in there!

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:First prize is being the new title screen and a picture by her, either mmd or drawn! Second, Third and Fourth place get to be seen in the screenshot section of the end of the game!

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Apparentally Piano is a little short for time so the due date is October 6th

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Which is Piano's birthday! Hurray! And please please please remember to note the picture of entry to :iconkyokyo866:'s account or else it will not be counted!

:iconhetaoniprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Let's show her we're better at doing this contest stuff then that dumb leader is.

:iconhetaoniitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Vee! Good luck everyone!!
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So I am assuming lots of people enjoy the Japanese Horror Game Ao Oni and the Hetalia spin off game Hetaoni, well I thought of a grand idea!

So I have seen many stories and pictures with deviants in hetaoni or ao oni themselves, so I decided to created something to call that!


See like its creator and ao oni put together!

Its where you and how ever many friends go into the famous house and you can write your own story from their

Of course, I don't own Ao oni or Hetaoni, but I for sho thought of Creatoni (or atleast made up the name) myself so yo don't say you did it!

But yah isnt this great?! I wonder if I get enough people involved I can make a group!

Tell me what yal think!!!
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Sooooo... yes.

I will attempt to NOT ramble on this thing because that is definitely a thing I do.

Recently I was asked about how I made the prop for my Karkat cosplay--the Homes Smell Ya Later--so without a long preamble, I'll just kind of outline it here as best I can.  Fortunately, I took a fairly decent crop of progress pics!

Materials used in making this prop:
  • plywood
  • 2 chunks of 1/2 inch thick MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) about 5 in. long and no more than 2 in. wide
  • wood glue
  • four 3/4 inch screws
  • wood putty
  • wood filler
  • matte acrylic paint
  • acrylic sealer (it's one of those little bottles that people ignore that is sold with regular paint)
  • Mod Podge Hard Coat (purple jar)
  • matte acrylic varnish

Tools used in making this prop:
  • Dremel
  • push drill (but a regular drill will work fine)
  • scroll saw
  • hand saw
  • clamp
  • wood rasp (a pretty gnarly-looking tool)
  • metal file (like the one used in movies to saw through prison bars XD)
  • LOTS of sanding sponges (60-grit, 80-grit, 100-grit, and 120-grit... OK, FOUR sanding sponges XD)
  • sponge paintbrushes
  • regular paintbrushes

How I did this thing:
I will start by saying that all the wood I used for this prop was literally trash.  I work for a furniture warehouse, and just happened to pluck it from some packaging wood that would otherwise have been tossed unceremoniously into the crusher.  It would likely have been less work to use a better piece but hey, free is pretty darn awesome when you can get things that way, and recycling is always a plus.

I have noticed that people tend to make this prop the same size and shape as the sickle that Karkat has when he is first introduced, but I liked the shape and size of the HSYL in the shot when he first made it.  It's pretty large in comparison, even on the very next page.  So that's how I made it!  It's not perfectly accurate, but there was a piece of the plywood I didn't want to use because it was just unusable because of the texture, so I had to cut off a bit.

At this size, the prop is closer in relative scale to the size of my own hand--see?  (Please excuse the boniness of my terrible claw-hand...)

Moving on...

I had already done this by the time I took the first two pics, but I actually "honed" a blade-like edge into the wood with my Dremel. I didn't make it sharp--it's slightly less than 1/8 inch thick, but I wanted it to look more like a real weapon as opposed to a dull wood cutout.

After I honed the blade, I filled in all the knots and cracks and what not with wood filler.  Then I sanded the absolute crap out of it with the sponges, and changed to higher and higher grit until it was as smooth as I could get it (mind you, still wasn't perfect, but it was WAY better than what I started with).

Next, I made the handle.  I modeled this handle after my kitchen knives.  Not only did this make the prop prettier, but LOADS more comfortable to hold.  I marked the shape of the handle into the base cutout, and hacked the corresponding shape (slightly bigger around the edges) out of two pieces of MDF, drilled pilot holes, and put them together with wood glue and screws.  This is how it looked after I first put them together:

After the glue dried and set, I got to work shaping the handle so it was flush with handle on the blade.  I must warn you NOT to attempt shaping MDF with a Dremel, because it makes FIRE.  (I learned this a while back ago the hard way!)

This is where that wood rasp and metal file comes in.  I had the pleasure of hacking away at that handle until it looked like the one on my lovely kitchen knife.  It was not very easy, but it IS very easy to think you're done, only to to eye it and see that you have not hacked off enough of a curve on one side.  Overall, I think this part took me two days, only because it is exhausting and dusty work.

After you have gotten the handle shaped correctly, you can start sanding again (yay)!  Here's the handle after I was done with all of that:

Next came that little bloopy-looking guard.  I wanted to make it out of MDF as well, but I wanted also to make it more organic-looking so I used wood putty instead.  It was the clay type that set in 15 minutes, and it did the trick perfectly.  I let it set, and then sanded that smooth as well.  I was pretty excited at this point, because I had taken a crappy piece of trash wood and was starting to get a pretty respectable prop out of it!  You can also see that I applied the first coats of sealer.

I pretty much sealed the absolute crap out of this as well. There are really an unreal number of layers on this thing (at least 20, but I stopped counting), because I am super obsessive about con damage and I also wanted the HSYL to look like it was pulled out of a graffiti drawing.  I sanded with 120-grit after EVERY layer of sealer and paint.  Here is the way I layered it before I stopped counting:
  • Sealer -- three coats (all over)
  • Sealer + Mod Podge hard coat -- three coats (all over)
  • Mod Podge + matte white paint -- three coats (same, but black paint on the handle)
  • White paint -- five coats (same, but black paint on the handle)
  • Matte color paint -- three coats
  • Matte varnish -- (I don't even knooooow!) 5+ coats until my wigs arrived and I started working on horns XD

Here it is after the last coats of white paint + Mod Podge. My boyfriend was holding it because he was remarking on the good job I'd done. (He makes amazing props, too--check them out!):

So that's pretty much the story.  Hope this helped someone out, even a little bit (comment if it does, so I'll know I didn't waste like two hours blathering away to the open internet--maybe I'll do tutorials this way if people don't find them super-long-and-boring).
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My Neighbor Totoro

Thu Apr 17, 2014, 3:10 PM

Totoro and Mei - Excursion by Syntetyc

Come out, come out, where ever you are!

My Neighbor Totoro by SceithAilm

Totoro by Qinni
Tonari no Totoro by alchemaniac
totoro no rain by Apofiss
ToToRo by starryjohnTotoro by Vermeilbird
Totoros and Ocarinas by Omega-Sigh
Totoro by Flying-Fox

My neighbour Stinkbrain by rain1940
My Neighbor Jake by rismo
Dysfunctional Neighbour Totoro by spacecoyote
My Neighbour, Hulk by Samoubica
Totoro with Full Moon by Twinky-Dink

Totoro and Mei by Syntetyc
Totoro  playing the ocarina by Syntetyc A moment in Totoro's life by Syntetyc
YotTotGuu by theCHAMBA
Totoro and Mei - Excursion by Syntetyc
Totoro's forest by Syntetyc
Totoro's dream by Syntetyc
Totoro and Catbus by Syntetyc
Cat Bus stop by AndyPritchard
Totoro by lires
Totoro by sxan
Totoro by Nesskain
Riding the Wind in the Sky by theCHAMBA
Totoro by nakuruaki
Totoro Transportation: Catbus by KrisCynical
Allons-y Totoro by Design-By-Humans
My Neighbor Venusaur by Piscimancy
Totoro and Friends by DanielaUhlig

Mei chan is with mushrooms by cuongdao
Totoro by jorgecarrero
Totoro by Helbetico
A Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki by chrissie-zullo

Skin by Dan Leveille
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Wanna be a Homestuck troll?Then Learn their quirks!!

Karkat Vantas


Terezi Pyrope



Tavros Nitram


Aradia Megido

hers is like this n0 punctuati0n and y0u substitute o f0r 0

Sollux Captor

hii2 ii2 liike thii2. double up the i in a word,replace to and too for two,and substitute s for 2

Nepeta Leijon

:33 < *ac smiles* hers' starts like that using ** and 'ac' for an action,and she had lots of cat puns for certain you=mew pause= pawsse perfect= purrfect also,any word with double e is like this= s33 h33h33

Kanaya Maryam

Like This. Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word.

Vriska Serket

Hers' is like this.Sorta normal,except you su8stitute b=8 and any word that sounds like eight goes like this= sk8te d8 also,shes really dramatic,so her sentences are like 'I didnt doooooooo anything!!!!!!!!You guys are such assholes!! >:::: (' for exaggeration,make 8 o,a,or whatever letter,like i did for do,and add 8 exclamation points.and use her little emoticon. :::; )

Gamzee Makara

LiKe ThIs. SeE wHaT i DiD tHeRe BrOs? :0) HoNk

Equius Zahhak

D--> Starts like that.also,any word with ool loo goes like this= F001 100k also,he has very well developed speech,so to say

Eridan Ampora

wwell like this you double the w and v in a wword no g in words with the ing endin no punctuation or capitalization and he refers to trolls by their shortened names Nepeta=Nep Feferi=Fef and so on

Feferi Peixes

) (er's is like this.substitute h with ) ( and use fish puns whenever you can!also,when you capitalize e,you do this= I AM SO -EXCIT--ED!

You're welcome~

EDITT:I had to fix a few of the quirks.After I spent a year RPing with them,so i learned some of my mistakes.
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>>>>>> Kiwa´s Shirts <<<<<<

dere...if anyone´s interested~

also, if you want me to add more designs/products, just message me or something...

have a wonderful day~<3

- Kiwa

EDIT: i didn´t know men would want some too :3 let me know which and i´ll make them for men too ;)

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    The ship had been sailing for days. The only glimpse of land the men had even seen was the small island they where approaching. They knew there was no hope of anyone having this land set up for living. It was very small, and mostly just rock. But still the men had hope.
    As the ship grew closer to the rocks the men began to hear a noise. Distant at first, but as they came closer they began to realize what it was. The ship was close enough now that the men could recognize it. The noise was the sound of singing, but not just any singing, this was beautiful, almost angelic. The men where immediately intrigued by it. They moved closer to the side of the ship and listed. As they ship grew closer and closer to the rocks the men fell in love with the beautiful music.
    Soon the ship had neared the rocks enough for the men to see who was making the beautiful music. They peered over the edge and the moment they saw the women the love for them strengthened. The women occupying the island where just as beautiful as their singing. They where everything the pirates wanted. There even seemed to be one for every man, each his perfect woman.
    The men began to go insane with love for these women. All they wanted was to get off the ship and go to them. The men leaned over, calling out to the women saying that they would soon reach the island and come to the women. The women simply smiled at the men.
The women sang back to the men, about how exited they where for them to arrive so they could be together. The mens faces lit up. The women just continued to smile their sick smiles, visions of the ways they would brutally drown these men dancing in their heads causing them pure joy and excitement .
    The ship had finally grown close enough for the men to jump over. This had caught the interest of a sole pirate, leaning in near the back of the ship. He was seemingly unaffected by the beautiful singing of the women.
    He made his way to the side of the ship and looked down at the women. They smiled and waved at him, singing sweet nothings to him, but he simply raised an eyebrow and shrugged at this.
    The women where confused by this. Never once had a man turned them away. They began to singer louder, sweeter, and move their bodies in flirter and more sexual ways. The men aboard the ship went wild. They where practically pulling their hair out in excitement of getting off the ship to see the women.
    The man studied the women for a moment, then tossed the rope ladder over the side of the ship. The women smiled, glad they had finally gotten him to do as they wished. The other men aboard the ship lined up behind him, eager to get off and see the women on the island.
    He slung his leg over the side of the ship, and pulled himself onto the ladder. He began to climb down. The women smiled and moved towards the edge of the island, eager for their murderous fun to begin. However, he stopped halfway down. The man let one of his hands go and turned to the women. They where confused as he still seemed unaffected by them.
    The man looked at them for a moment before saying "Could you not?" and climbing back aboard the ship, leaving the women confused and stopping their singing, which in turn broke the men of their spell.
He then silently returned to his post and leaned back against the railing, completely unaffected by the womens charms and sexual moves, simply steering the ship away from them.
ok i wasn't gonna post this anywhere but jeez it actually turned out good. And i'm actually proud of this i usually hate my writing what. 
Anyway, this was inspired by the picture of a skull and crossbones on the Asexual pride flag with the text "asexual pirates are not interested in your booty". I should be writing Aromantic stories since it is Aro-spec awareness week but i have something else planned for that so. Anyway  
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Smoooth Animation Tutorial: Jumping


Today we will learn how to make smoooth animation!:la: In this tutorial we will cover a basic movement, but sometimes difficult to look natural, jumping.

I am using a pixel black ball as the subject, but really, you can apply this tutorial to anything you want to jump! Like animals and humans (of coarse they would bend their legs instead of squish.;D)! If your animation starts to "trail", or you simply don't know how to animate, you can check out some other tutorials I have made that are linked at the bottom.:D

Let us begin!:la:

Aniball1 by IceXDragon

Lets start with the subject. I am using a 13x13 pixel black ball, but you can use anything, even if it isn't pixeled.:nod:

Aniball2 by IceXDragon

Now for the squish! This is the set move to gather energy for the jump. You wouldn't jump straight legged, would you?:XD: For my ball, I made it shorter, and expanded it out some on both ends. If your subject has legs, then in this step they would just bend their legs.

Aniball3 by IceXDragon

And now we jump! After the subject makes it's set move, whether it be squishing or bending it's legs, give it a pretty good start off. As you can see, this ball's take off height is 2 pixels.:meow:

Aniball4 by IceXDragon

In the next frame it would go a little higher. Depending on how high the subject should jump, it should jump at this rate for however many frames you need it to before going to the next step. For example: in the frame, the ball travels up 3 pixels. If I wanted the ball to go higher, I would make it go 3 pixels up for as many frames until it is as high as I want it to be. Though, this ball is only going to go up at this height for 1 frame.;)

Aniball5 by IceXDragon

Now as it continues to go up, gravity starts to take hold of it, so it progresses up slower.

Aniball6 by IceXDragon

And now it slowly gets slower, pushing up against gravity.

Aniball7 by IceXDragon

Still going at the same speed as the last frame, it progresses up one last time.

Aniball 7 2 by IceXDragon

Now it starts to go down. Make it goes down in the same pattern as it jumped.

Aniball 8 2 by IceXDragon

Going down...

Aniball 10 2 by IceXDragon
Down, down, down down...

Aniball10 by IceXDragon

...and I just can't believe my first love wo- Oh.>.>

Aniball11 by IceXDragon

Now as the subject absorbs the shock, it squishes (or bends it's legs) one last time before standing back up (This animation loops, so since it started standing normal, I don't need to make it stand normal again.:nod:).

Aniball Ball 2 by IceXDragon

And now we have a joyful jumping ball of fun!:happybounce: Now you can try to make your own!:eager:


Does you animation "trail"? Check out this tutorial!:la:

Don't know how to animate? Take a look at this Gimp animation tutorial!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!:la: If you have any questions please ask below in the comments.:D

Have a nice day!:dummy:

Learn how to make a smooth jumping animation!
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