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Steve and Tony walk hand in hand into the orphanage. They were greeted by a kind middle age lady with brunette hair. "Hi you must be Mr. and Mr. Stark-Rogers. Come in come in" she says as he opens the door wider to let her guests in. The place was pretty worn down, scratches on the floor, marks on the wall and some of the ceiling is peeling. Kids were running all around the house. The lady puts his arm out of from of them. "Hi. Please call me Ms. Stanley" she says with a smile. "Hi I'm Steve and this is my husband Tony" Steve says while he shakes her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you" Tony says as he then shakes her hand. "Well let's go into my office and talk about the type of kid you want to adopt" Ms. Stanley grins as she leads the couple more into the house.

A few hours later they narrowed the choices to three little children. A five year old blonde hair girl name Cassandra, a little 6 year old brunette boy name Peter and another boy who is 7 years old name Jack. "Well do you want to meet them all before you make your final decision?" The lady asks. "Of course" Steve says with a smile. "Very well then, I'll go and get Cassandra or what she likes to be called Cassie" Ms. Stanley says before she leaves the office.

A couple minutes later Ms. Stanley comes back to the office with Cassie holding her hand. "Mr. and Mr. Stark-Rogers meet Cassie" she says as she brings the little girl towards the couple. Steve smiles at her. "Hi Cassie. I'm Steve and this is my husband Tony" Steve says. The girl looks at them both with odd expressions. "I want a mommy and a daddy not two daddies!" She yells. The couple look taken aback. "Cassie that is not how we treat people who want to adopt you!" Ms. Stanley yells back. Cassie screams in irritation "Get away from me. I don't want you to adopt me!" she screams before she runs out of the office. "I'll go calm her down. I'm so sorry" Ms. Stanley says before she runs after her. Steve looks at Tony who stares back at him in shock. "Well that was unexpected" Tony says with a chuckle. Steve glares at Tony. "This is serious Tony. What if the boys feel the same way? What will happen then?" Steve says in a solemn tone. Tony gives him a serious look. "Let's just hope it doesn't" Tony says as he grabs his husband's hand.

Another couple minutes passed and Ms. Stanley came back with a teary eyed Cassandra. "Now say you're sorry Cassie" Ms. Stanley said sternly as she dragged the little girl towards the couple. "I'm sorry" Cassie says with a grunt. "Okay now run along" Ms. Stanley says as she opens the door and lets her out. She then shuts it and looks at the couple. "I'm so sorry for that. I didn't know she would react that way. That was really rude of her. I'm really sorry" Ms. Stanley says apologetically. Steve waves his hand at her. "It's okay Ms. Stanley. We understand that our situation is different than most adoptive parents" Steve explains. Ms. Stanley gives them a small smile. "Thanks for understanding and again I'm sorry" she says. Steve smiles back. "Let's just meet the next kid" Tony says. "I'll bring him in" she says as she then walks out of the office.

The door opens moments later with Ms. Stanley holding hands with a young boy. "This is Jack. Say hello Jack" she says as she brings the boy closer to his potential parents. "Hi Jack" Steve says with a smile. "Hey Jack" Tony says with a smile and a wave. The little boy approaches Steve and Tony with a menacing smile. "Hi Daddies" Jack says. Steve's heart warms up. "Tony did you hear that. He called us Daddies" Steve says with a happy smile. Jack comes up to Steve and gives him a hug. Steve stands up from his chair to give him a proper hug back. The boy grins evilly as he then slickly steals Steve's wallet from his back pocket. Tony sitting behind Steve watches the whole incident discreetly. He then grabs the kid's hand. "Look what we have here" he says as he shows Steve's wallet in Jack's hands to his husband and Ms. Stanley. "JACK!" Ms. Stanley yells, shocked. Jack smiles innocently. Tony then grabs the wallet from his hand, gives it back to his husband and releases Jack's hand from his grasp. "I can't believe this. Jack you're going to get a punishment. Let's go. I'm taking you to your room right now. I'm so sorry again. I didn't know he would be so rude. I'll be right back" Ms. Stanley says before she grabs Jack's hand and takes him out of the room.

"What is wrong with these kids these days?" Steve says in a distraught. Tony shakes his head. "I don't know Steve. Let's hope this next kid is normal" he says. The door suddenly opens and Ms. Stanley walks in. "I'm so sorry about that. That is not how Jack usually acts. I'm really sorry" Ms. Stanley apologizes again. Tony gets up from his chair. " I have enough of these delinquents. Come on Steve. We're going to find another orphanage" Tony yelled as he tried to grab Steve's hand. Steve stood up angerly and pushed Tony back down on his chair. "Tony you're overeating they're just kids. Now calm down. We still have another kid to see. Isn't that right Ms. Stanley?" He asked. Ms. Stanley nodded head. "Yes you do." Tony rolled his eyes. "Fine but is there anything wrong with this kid?" he asked. Steve gave his husband a glare. "Peter is a quite shy little boy and well he has a little bad luck with his past parents" she explains. Steve rose an eyebrow. "What kind of bad luck?" he asked. "Well all off his past parents died within the 6 months he was with them" Ms. Stanley says sadly. "He thinks he is cursed. I tried to tell him otherwise but he doesn't believe me. That's why he hesitant and shy to meet new potential parents" She adds. Tony and Steve look at her with sad eyes. "That's horrible" Steve says. Tony takes his husband's hand. "Well we're going to break that curse. We would like to see him" he says with a small smile. Steve smiled at what his husband said and nodded his head. Ms. Stanley smiled softly at the couple. "I'll go and get him. I'll be right back" she says before she walks out of the room. "I like this kid already" Tony says with a smile. Steve rolls his eyes. "You haven't even met him Tony" he says. "Well he thinks he is cursed. I find that rather amusing" Tony says as he smirks. Steve playfully hits husband shoulder. "Tony! That's not amusing. It's sad!" Steve says with a hint of anger. Tony was about to whip out a witty reply when the door suddenly opens.

Ms. Stanley walks in with a small brunette boy hiding behind her. "This is Peter" she says as she tries to pull him out from behind her legs. Peter holds tightly onto Ms. Stanley's skirt and doesn't budge. "Hi Peter" Steve says with a smile. "See Peter. They're nice people" Ms. Stanley says to try and comfort the shy boy." I don't want them to die" Peter says softly from behind her. Steve and Tony frown. After a few minutes an idea popped in Tony's mind. He then grin as he pointed at his shirt to show Steve what he meant. "Good idea Tony" Steve said as he smiled back at him. Ms. Stanley looked at them confused. Tony grinned at her before he then walked toward the little boy and kneeled down in front of him. He then unbutton his shirt to show Peter his arc reactor. "Look Peter. This is my heart. I made it myself. It is very strong you see" he said as he knocked on it. It made a noise that surprised Peter. "See? I am going to live a long time with this strong heart" Tony says with a smile. He then points to his husband. "And Steve there, did you know that he is already 80 years old but he still looks that young? He will live a long time too. We promise Peter that we'll live a long time" he explains. Peter walk out of from behind Ms. Stanley's leg and walks closer to Tony. "You promise?" he asked softly. Tony grins as he took his pinky and curled it against Peter's. "I pinky promise" he says. Peter grins widely. He wraps his arms around Tony's neck and lays his head against his shoulder. "I want you to be my new daddy then" he whispers into Tony's ear. Tony holds him tightly before he carries him off the ground and walks toward his husband who was getting teary eyed. "Well lucky for you Peter you get two daddies" Tony says as he approaches Steve. Peter looked at Tony in disbelief. "Two daddies?" the boy asked in surprised. Steve smiled as he then grabbed Peter from Tony's arms. "Yes two daddies. I'm going to be your daddy too" he says as he touches his nose. Peter giggled. "I like this family" he said happily before he wrapped his arms around Steve's neck. Steve couldn't help but cry tears of joy as he held his 'now' son in his arms. Tony kissed his husband's cheek before whispering in his ear. "He's ours Steve. He's our son". He then wrapped his arms around his husband and son and pulled them into a hug.
I got this prompt on tumblr :P

Anonymous asked you:
Prompting time: Peter has lived with 5 different sets of adoptive parent, all of whom have died. Here come Steve and Tony who want to adopt him, but Peter says that they shouldn’t because he believes that he’s cursed to be alone and that if anyone gets close to him, they’ll die. Steve and Tony want to prove him wrong. Peter is 6-8 at the time.
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Jim had woken up a while ago. A long while. But he refused to open his eyes, just yet. Because, you see, he didn't need to.
He could feel the softness of the sheet, and duvet cover. It was, of course, thick – just how he liked it. Luxurious. Tantalisingly fluffy. He could feel the slight chill in the air around his face, as there always was in London, and the contrast of that with the warmth under the covers. He could feel the clothes he was wearing: just a pair of boxers with a plain t-shirt. And, if he stretched his hand, or foot, or body a little way to the right, he could feel the man lying next to him. Comfortingly close, so that if Jim ever felt disorientated or worried, he could just reach out and he'd be there. Looking after him and watching over him, even in his sleep. Sebastian Moran: The best sniper in London and the best lover a man could ask for.
He could smell that gorgeous shower gel that Sebastian always used, without fail or deviance. He could smell the faint aroma of tea from the mugs they'd abandoned across the room just the night before, searching instead for heat and snugness under the covers of the bed. He could just about, if he pulled apart the scent around him well enough, smell the congestion from outside. The fumes of London, or rather the cars and trucks and buses within it.
He heard the roar of car engines and the beeping of horns to accompany it, making a cacophonous symphony: a beautiful pandemonium dedicated to the city and those who inhabited it. He heard the slow, steady breathing of his partner, lying mere inches away from him.
He didn't want to open his eyes yet, but felt he had to. He had to sneak a peek at the man lying next to him. The man he loved. His eyes crept open almost cautiously, as if he were afraid all that he remembered might have gone overnight, and he was alone again. But there he was. The beautiful, perfect man that made Jim feel different inside. He'd change anything for that man.
Because he loved him. Completely, entirely, madly, with every fibre of his being. He was in love with Sebastian Moran.
And it felt damn good.
Mostly a descriptive piece. I'm just testing out a different style of writing to my usual one, and figured I'd do it with my current favourite ship - Sebastian Moran and James 'Jim' Moriarty. MorMor for short ;)
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"Get back down here!"

"NO! Put that d--"

"Stand still!"

"Stop moving!"

A giggly ball of feathered energy zoomed around the bunker, zapping in and out of rooms to end up on either a shelf or a table. Sam and Dean Winchester were running around uselessly, flapping their arms, trying to grab their infant Castiel. In case you're wondering... It was a hunt. Something went wrong. This was only temporary. 

Dean plopped onto the couch, pure exhaustion etched onto his face. Sam was still running after the elusive baby angel. As Dean sat there, he wondered what the hell happened to Cas that turned him from that to a stoic, emotionless angel of the Lord. 

Meanwhile, Sam thought he had Cas trapped in a corner of the kitchen. But the toddler was still smiling away. Sam took cautious movements closer to Cas and he wrapped his hands around him finally, but the angel decided to teleport just then. Sam was in the kitchen one moment, and then standing precariously on a stair railing on the upper level of the bunker. He gasped and jumped down onto the safer ground of the floor, the baby nowhere to be seen. Sam was clutching his chest, afraid he might of just had a heart attack. Now he was starting to get angry. He walked downstairs again to see Dean nearly passed out on the sofa. He sat next to him.

"You look like crap, Sammy..."

"You're not looking much better."

"What are we gonna do?" Dean heard the incessant flapping of wings from another room. 

"I don't know. Do angel babies need to sleep? Maybe if we get him to take a nap for a while, he'll wake up and the spell would have worn off already."

"That could work, but how are we catching him in the first place?"

"I don't know..." Sam said again, feeling defeated. The brothers sat there, happy for the limited movement involved in it. Then a loud crash came from the other room. 

"You're on your own, Sam," Dean stated and stood and headed for his room to hopefully get some shut-eye. 

"Dean!" Sam yelled after him, but the older Winchester just saluted him. Sam groaned, standing up to check the damage. He walked in on Castiel sitting on the floor, the shards of a vase littering the floor, and he was staring fixedly at his hand. The classic expression of squinted eyes and a confused look decorated his little face. There was blood coming from the hand. That's when Sam ran over to the mess.

"Cas, what did you do?" Sam sighed. The angel looked up at him. The cut didn't seem to bother him, strangely. 

"Alright, I'm gonna patch you up, okay?" Sam asked the angel, even though he knew it wouldn't make much of a difference. Sam picked up the young angel and held him close to his chest. He brought him to the bathroom. There he sat him down on the edge of the sink and took his hand to wash. The baby twitched when the water made contact with the cut, stinging a little bit.

Sam noticed and he apologized, "Sorry, Cas..." 

The baby angel watched him as he worked, first dabbing the wound with a cloth and then wrapping it in a small tuft of cotton followed by a band-aid. Sam knew if this was adult Cas, he would just heal it himself. He didn't think this child knew how to do that yet. 

"Feel better?" Sam asked, throwing out or putting away the used supplies. Cas nodded, looking at the foreign bandage on his hand. When Sam was finished, he picked up the kid again and took him to the living room. He set him down on the couch and he sat next to him.

"Want to do anything?" Sam asked. Castiel just looked at him for a while before smiling and saying, "Game!" Sam scratched the back of his head and said, "Okay... What game?"

"Hide 'n seek!" the angel cheered. Sam was surprised the angel even knew that game, since it was primarily for humans, he thought. The younger Winchester couldn't fight the smile that crept up on his lips. 

"Okay, who do you want--"

"I'll hide!" Cas pointed to himself.

"Alright, but here are some rules: You can't fly in and out of the rooms when I'm looking for you. You have to walk or run. Okay? Otherwise, that's cheating. And try not to hurt yourself," Sam said. The angel nodded, eager to get the game going.

"30... 29... 28..." Sam closed his eyes and started to count down. He heard Cas gasp and the little patter of feet running across the wooden floor. He grinned as he counted. He soon hit zero and that's when Sam stood up.

Only a minute into the game, he realized he should have made the rules more strict, as in confine the rooms to which the angel could hide in. He started by looking in the downstairs rooms on the floor he was on. Nothing in the laundry room, nor the kitchen, nor his room. He walked around the corner to Dean's room. The door was shut. Sam knocked before entering.

Dean was sitting on his bed with headphones in his ears and a computer.

"Have you seen Cas?" Sam said loudly in case Dean didn't hear.

"No, sorry."

Sam nodded, turning to leave when he thought he heard a small squeak from somewhere. He turned back to face Dean on the bed. The younger one gave Dean a questioning look.

"What was that?"

"Oh, just had to clear my throat."

Sam wasn't buying it, and he fought a grin as he stepped into the room further.

"Dean, are you sure you didn't see Cas?"

"Positive. He was your responsibility, so he should be with you," Dean was an expert liar. But Sam could see his resolve cracking in the effort to look as nonchalant as possible. 

"Positive?" Sam circled his brother's bed, looking for the flap of a black wing or the string of a trenchcoat out of the corner of his eye. 

"Yes, now will you stop asking?"

Sam heard the noise again and it seemed to be coming from Dean's bed. That's what stumped him for a while, and then he smiled. 

"I wonder where Cas is if he's not in here. I don't know if I'll ever find him," Sam played, stalking around the bed again. Dean's lip was quivering now, trying not to smile and give away his position. 

"I don't think he'd be in here... Unless Dean's lying to me," Sam cocked a brow at his brother. Then he got onto his knees beside the bed. The giggly noises increased. Now Sam was smiling. 

"You know, if Cas was really in here, he should know about the monster after him," Sam paused, "Do you know what monster that is, Dean?"

"I think so," Dean finally smirked.

"Good. Because if that monster gets a hold of Cas, he won't be getting out," Sam teased on further, "Cassie..." 

Sam dove under the bed and saw the little trenchcoat and feathered ball curled up in the center, a wide grin splitting his face. He squealed when Sam appeared. "Gotcha!" Sam reached a long moose arm at the angel and he came out from under the bed holding him in the air triumphantly. 

"I have captured the angel!" Sam practically threw Cas onto the bed next to Dean, the latter sitting up and giggling. Dean also smiled at this playfulness displayed by his brother. 

"Dehehean!" the angel whined.

"What? I didn't do anything! You gave yourself away there, kiddo," Dean poked Cas's belly. The angel flinched and giggled again. 

"Oh, Cas... I think that monster is here to get you," Sam said, pausing dramatically, "He's big, and tall, and--"

"Ugly," Dean supplied, grinning. Sam rolled his eyes, "Handsome," he continued, "And he heard that you like to laugh. Is that right?"

Cas looked too giddy to answer and he just sat there with big blue eyes staring at Sam. 

"Do you know the monster's name?" Sam asked.

Cas shook his head.

Sam inched closer to Cas now before he yelled out, "The tickle monster!" and he pounced on the angel and wiggled his fingers on his pudgy sides and stomach. Cas squealed before dissolving into loud, happy laughter. Dean chuckled at the scene.

"You're gonna make him blow out a window if you get him going too much," Dean pointed out.

"I'll stop when it's time," Sam smiled and then switched back to being the tickle monster, "Oh, is little Cassie ticklish?"

The angel didn't reply and just laid there and laughed, unable to get out of Sam's grip. 

"What do you think, Dean?" Sam asked. Dean shrugged, "I don't know. He looks to be very ticklish. Maybe if..." Dean couldn't resist reaching over and pulling a small arm up and wiggling a few fingers in the now exposed armpit. Cas laughed adorably, his face being buried into the side of his arm. Sam grinned. 

"I don't think I'm convinced yet," Sam said, adoring the look on Cas's breathless face. He focused on wiggling his fingers all over the young angel's belly and bellybutton. That, along with Dean joining in on the tickling, had Cas in stitches. The temptation was too great and Sam lifted up the angel's shirt to get at his bare belly. He leaned down and blew a raspberry, stubble adding to the ticklish feelings on Cas's soft stomach. 

"SAHAHAHAHAHAMMY!!!" the child screeched, laughter falling silent for a second. Dean swore he felt the whole bunker rattle and shake with the force of that scream. That's when he pulled his fingers away from the angel. Cas was futilely pulling at Sam's hair. 

"I don't know who Sammy is, sorry," Sam grinned. He still kept Cas pinned with one hand as he leaned off Cas. Then he took one of Castiel's ankles in his hand. The baby angel giggled in anticipation.

"The tickle monster has a thing for ticklish feetsies," Sam went on, "Are your little tootsies ticklish, Castiel?"

The child just started giggling and shook his head.

"No!?" Sam looked shocked, "I think I need to test that anyway..." and he took one of his fingers and wiggled it under the angel's foot. Cas shrieked and giggled loudly.

"I think you were lying to me. What does the tickle monster do to those who lie to him, Dean?" Sam asked. He kept up the facade rather well. Dean chuckled and looked at Cas.

"I don't think you need me to answer that..."

"Just play along!" Sam said and tickled Dean's socked feet lying next to him, too. Dean yelped and laughed briefly, yanking his feet away from his brother.

"Alright! He..." Dean held out the word and moved closer to Cas before whispering, "... tickles you!"

Sam ran his fingers all across the toddler soft, small feet. Cas was laughing like a maniac in a matter of seconds, squirming and kicking as much as he could. Sam then wiggled his fingers along the base of the angel's toes, getting his laughter to jump up in volume and pitch. Dean pinched his side just for fun. Castiel was nearly in tears. Sam surprised him by grouping his feet together and burying his face into them.

"NAHAHAHA SAHAHAHAMMY!" baby Cas screeched. Sam blew tiny raspberries on each miniature foot.

"Sam, that's overkill, don't you think?"

"One more," Sam grinned wickedly and took a huge breath before blowing a final raspberry on the angel's soles. Sam pulled back immediately after that. Cas crawled over to Dean and curled up next to him, a huge smile still gracing his features. Dean smiled and wrapped an arm around the tiny mass of angel, pulling him closer to himself.

"Was the tickle monster mean to you?" Dean asked. Cas nodded and pointed at Sam, "Bad Sammy!" but he was grinning widely as he said so. Sam chuckled.

"Sorry, Cas. But it wasn't me, it was the tickle monster."

"Nu-uh! It was you!"

"Maybe I helped him..."

The two hunters and the young angel sat in the room quietly. They were all feeling extremely happy, which was seldom. But it felt nice. Cas yawned and closed his eyes. Sam took the child and put him to bed in his own room, wishing him a good rest.


The next day, Cas woke up his normal, aged self. Dean welcomed him back and Sam just grinned at him. The younger Winchester went about his own normal daily activities, picking up a lore book, trying to decipher some of the text in it. Cas walked into the room and smirked.

"How's the book?"

"Fine," Sam answered.

"I was wondering, is there anything in there about tickle monsters?"

Sam looked up from the volume and met Cas's gaze. The angel was smirking very slightly and soon Sam chuckled, shaking his head in embarrassment.

"I don't remember much, but I must have been quite the nuisance for you and Dean."

"No, Cas, you were fine."

"I woke up with this on my hand," he held up his hand with the band-aid on it. Sam smiled at the memory, the bandage now looking far too small for the angel's hand.

Cas stared at it thoughtfully and then he said, "I appreciate what you and your brother did for me while I was like that. I would love to repay you at any given time."

"Don't mention it. You were a pretty cute kid once you got past the whole annoying part..." Sam teased. Castiel chuckled, "That was a form of a joke, right?"

Sam nodded. They sat there in a nice silence. Then Sam set his book down and his eyes lit up because an idea had struck him.

"Is Cas still afraid of the tickle monster?"

Cas looked at Sam and squinted his eyes, backing further into the couch, "No, I don't think so."

"You sure?" Sam advanced on the angel. Right before Castiel was about to zap himself out of the room, Sam tackled him.

"Let's see about that..." and he dug in. Well, Sam found out that Cas was still very scared of the tickle monster.

~The End~
I had this idea and poof, there it is. But I wanted to add in a ticklish!wings scene, but I forgot to write it and I couldn't find a good place to stick it in after I finished the fic. Here is kind of what it should have been like:

Sam continued tickling the little angel's torso, and his fingers ventured too far around Cas so they squeezed the base of what were his wings. That's why Sam was startled when the child shrieked and arched his back. He and Dean exchanged looks.

"What was that?" Sam asked, trying it again. The same reaction was presented to him, making him smile, "Aww, does our little angel have ticklish wings?"

"Nohoho!" Cas shook his head rapidly.

"I think he does, Sammy-- I mean, tickle monster," Dean grinned.

Sam reached behind Cas and wiggled his fingers along the underdeveloped wing tufts sticking out of his back. The child screamed and fell into unrestrained laughter. Sam pulled the kid into his lap so he could easier get at the ticklish appendages.

"SAMMY! NOHO WINGS NO WINGS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Cas howled in laughter. Sam scratched the outer rim of the wings next, making Cas giggle loudly and squirm in his grip.

"They're so fluffy. Dean, feel Cas's wings," Sam winked. Dean rolled his eyes, but reached out a hand and stroked the one nearest him. They were very soft, the feathers almost mirroring the feeling of silk but better. They were small compared to the child's body, but that was most likely because they were not fully grown yet.

"They're nice, Cas," Dean chuckled, but the wings were flapping around in efforts to escape Sam's tickling fingers. Dean soon scratched lightly on one to see the reaction. The child's face was basically split into two from laughing so hard. Sam switched tactics next.......

Please Enjoy!

Supernatural (c)
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"Hey, Castiel, look at this," Gabriel called to his brother over his shoulder. He had stolen Sam's laptop while the hunter was out with Dean on a food run. Cas walked up to Gabriel curiously and peered over his shoulder at the article the archangel was reading.

"National Kissing Day?" Cas said, his head tilting. "What is the point of this?"

"Well, it gives you an excuse to kiss Dean senseless," Gabriel chuckled. "Though I never need one to kiss Sammy." Cas's eyes flicked over the article, reading quickly. A smile curved his lips and Gabriel knew he had scored a point. He closed the laptop and stood to stretch.

"So, that mind of yours planning madly?" Gabriel asked, smirking at Cas. The younger angel nodded, a light in his eyes. Without warning, Cas turned on his heel and rushed upstairs, stomping loudly in his haste. Gabriel chuckled again and wandered into the kitchen. He had already planned out exactly how he was going to seduce Sam today, having found out a few days ago about the upcoming holiday. He listened to muffled noises coming from upstairs and assumed Cas was readying a few surprises of his own for Dean.

He cocked his head as he heard the front door open and Sam and Dean walk in with groceries. Gabriel walked out of the kitchen and grabbed a few of the bags from Sam. Gabriel helped put away the food and waited until Sam was facing away from him before wrapping his arms around his torso.

"Got a surprise for you, kiddo," Gabriel said fondly before snapping and disappearing them. Dean snorted at the space they had occupied and walked out into the library. The older hunter hadn't seen Cas so assumed the angel was out doing angel-y things. He started when warm arms wrapped around him from behind then relaxed into Cas's embrace.

"Hey," Dean said fondly. "How are you?"

"I am fine, Dean," Cas replied, tightening his embrace. "I want to show you something." Without letting go, the angel moved both of them upstairs.


"Gabe, what the hell is going on?" Sam asked, stumbling to catch his balance. He looked around the room, noting bowls and bowls full of Hershey's Kisses. Every flavor he had ever seen tumbled over tables. Even some flavors he was pretty sure didn't exist, such as liqueur-flavored ones, joined the chaos of candy. Sam spun slowly, taking in the large bed covered in red sheets against one wall along with the other tables filled with cakes and pies.

"Happy Kissing Day, Sammy," Gabriel said fondly, holding out an unwrapped Kiss for Sam. The hunter leaned forward slowly and ran his tongue over the candy, slowly sucking it into his mouth. He grinned at the archangel and grabbed a Kiss from the table next to him. Unwrapping it slowly, Sam held the chocolate out to Gabriel who lapped it up, his eyes never leaving Sam's.

Sam stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Gabriel's shoulders. Leaning down, he brushed his lips over Gabriel's and dipped his tongue into the archangel's mouth. Gabriel's hands threaded into Sam's hair, holding the hunter close to him. They broke apart and laughed, happiness overflowing between them.

"Want to try out the bed?" Sam suggested, arching an eyebrow at Gabriel.

"Of course," Gabriel replied, smiling. "This is officially my new favorite holiday." Sweeping Sam's legs out from underneath him, Gabriel pinned his hunter to the bed, planning on staying there for several hours.


"What's going on, Cas?" Dean asked quietly as he took in the room. It was spotless and the bed was made with silky blue sheets. Dean noted absently that the sheets were the same shade of amazing blue as Cas's eyes.

"Gabriel showed me something earlier," Cas explained. "And I want to start a new anniversary with you." The angel stepped forward and pulled Dean's head down to his, pressing his lips gently against the hunter's. Dean wrapped his arms around Cas's shoulders and pulled him tight against himself, deepening their kiss.

"Not that I'm complaining," Dean said, breaking their kiss. "But what are you wanting to turn into an anniversary." Cas blushed and broke from Dean's hold, starting to pace the room. Now that he was here, Cas wasn't sure how Dean was going to react. He had a feeling this might not have been as good an idea as he thought at first.

"Today is National Kissing Day," Cas mumbled, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. "I thought it might be nice if we spent it together. I got your favorite foods." His arm waved jerkily at a small endtable covered with hamburgers and pie. Dean's mouth watered at the sight and he stepped behind Cas, stopping his pacing.

"This is a sweet idea," Dean told his angel. "Why are you so nervous?"

"You hate what you call chick-flick moments," Cas replied, his eyes flicking around the room. "This seems like it qualifies." Dean turned Cas to face him, one hand cupping his chin and raising his face to his.

"I don't hate this," Dean said softly, smiling into Cas's eyes. "Thank you for the thought. I think it's a great idea to start a new tradition on today." He leaned forward and kissed Cas again, his tongue exploring the angel's mouth. Dean's hands worked their way under Cas's shirt and ran over his back, tracing the muscles under his skin. Cas groaned into their kiss and threaded his fingers into Dean's hair.

"Happy kissing day," Dean said fondly, breaking their kiss. "I love you, Castiel."

"I love you, Dean," Cas replied before pulling his head down again.
I'm getting lazy with this so Destiel and Sabriel are sharing a fic for National Kissing Day. I love these two ships, they are just adorable. Enjoy and, as always, comments are :heart:
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(Group Message Sam and Dean Winchester)

C: Dean. Sam. We must help the mighty Thorin Oakenshield reclaim his stolen homeland of Erebor.

D: What the hell are you talking about?

S: I meant to tell you this earlier.

S: I took him to go see the Hobbit.

D: Why would you do that?! You know he gets weird ass ideas.

C: Dean, we must go help him. He could die without us.

D: Why should I give a rat's ass?

C: He is a majestic ruler, Dean. His majesticness must be saved for future generations.

D: His what?

C: His majescticness.

D: What the hell?

S: Thorin was pretty majestic. I have to admit that.

C: Then you understand, Sam! We have to go help the Dwarves reclaim Erebor!

S: You know what, Cas, you're right. You and Dean should get ready and be on your way tonight.

D: Sam, what are you doing?

S: I'll even go find you a bow and arrow. You can match wits with Kíli.

D: Sam, what the hell are you doing?

S: I'll pack your provisions.

D: Sam, stop it.

S: I'll even call Gandalf for you.

C: Dean, Sam is going to help us project King Thorin's majesty

S: Damn right I will.

D: I hate you both.
Even Cas loves Thorin's majesticness.

I am so out of practive on writing these damn things.

Give me a few hours, and I'll go back to the way I used to write them.

Being without practice fucking SUCKS.
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D: Sam, I've got some bad news.

S: You didn't break Bobby's new table, did you?

D: No…not yet.

S: Did you break my new laptop?

D: That's not the bad news.

S: Good.

D: But I did break it.

S: You asshole! I fucking told you not to go near my damn laptop, and the first damn thing you do is fucking break it!


S: Sorry, sorry. What happened?

D: I'm pregnant.

S: You're what?!

D: Pregnant.

S: You and Cas didn't use protection?! I fucking told you to! I fucking told you, and now you're gonna-I can't believe this, now I have to deal with your fucking mood swings and I have to go buy your sorry ass a shitton of pickles, and I have to deal with you and then I have to deal with Castiel and then your kid and DAMMIT DEAN!

S: Dean.

D: Yes, Sam?

S: You're not a girl.

D: No I'm not.

S: So you can't get pregnant.

D: No I can't.

S: So I'm an idiot.

D: And he finally catches on.
Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. Microsoft fucked up on me, my grandfather's about to have a surgery, my cousins are down from North Carolina, I've been forced to swim, and my laptop has been hidden from me. T.T

So, yeah. Anyway. I saw an FML where this girl told her dad she had gotten her boyfriend pregnant and her dad freaked out and broke all her shit, and then he realized what she said.

Dean would totally do this to Sam, and Sam would totally bitch him out. And then realize that it's impossible for Dean to get pregnant.
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It was freezing. The heater was broken and there was a horrible draft. They were in the dead of winter and a hail storm was raging outside, the tiny balls of ice beating at the window violently. It was surprising that the glass didn't shatter altogether.
Jim sat on the couch with Sebastian's hoodie and a blanket wrapped around his small figure. He was tempted to go downstairs and yell at someone about it, but he didn't want to move from his warm cocoon he created around himself. It was too cold to even think about moving. He didn't dare let his fuzzy-sock-covered feet touch the icy ground.
He silently urged Sebastian to come back to their flat faster. He was out on a job Jim gave him earlier, no doubt out there in the freezing mess that people called the weather. Jim smiled slightly at the thought. That Sebastian would sit out there in the swirling flurry of ice, unseen and waiting for the perfect time to shoot, all for him.
It was at that time that Sebastian decided to walk into the flat. He nearly took off his jacket but decided against it, noticing that it was practically the same temperature inside as it was out there. He looked at Jim, curled up on the couch and wearing a devious smile. Sebastian plopped himself down next to him after brushing bits of ice off of him. Jim gave him a sideways glance but otherwise didn't move. "What are you thinking about?" Sebastian asked as he grabbed the bundle of blankets, Jim and warmth and pulled said bundle into his lap.
Jim shivered against the cold body he was pulled up to. "You." he answered simply and reached up to kiss his pet briefly. Sebastian kissed back eagerly, and when they broke apart Sebastian nuzzled his nose into Jim's warm neck, causing him to shiver again. "You're affectionate today, pet." Jim commented, smirking.
"It's cause you're so fucking warm." He said into Jim's neck, making the statement come out muffled.
Jim hummed in acknowledgement. He picked apart the cocoon of blankets to include Sebastian. He accepted the blanket gratefully and wrapped a new blanket-cocoon around the two of them. He couldn't help but notice Jim wearing his hoodie but didn't comment on it. He enclosed Jim with long cold arms in a tight embrace, stealing as much of Jim's warmth as possible. They stayed in that position for a while, each trying to ignore the cold outside world and enjoy each other's body heat. Somehow they both ended up lying on the couch, Sebastian having to curl up around Jim so as not to have his feet dangling over the arm rest on the opposite side. Jim lay on Sebastian, with his head tucked under his sniper's chin. In that position they fell asleep in each other's arms, both cherishing the body heat shared between him. But before Jim fell asleep completely he silently celebrated the fact that he didn't go downstairs kicking and screaming about the heater. After all, he had his own personal heater right here.
I actually wrote this about a week ago in a notebook my friend gave me, I just didn't bother to type it up yet. I have a couple more I need to type up too actually. I'll do that tomorrow. For now, I'll go to bed. :3
I hope you like it~! This is my first Mormor fanfiction, actually, so any constructive criticism is very appreciated!
Sadly, I don't own Sebastian Moran or Jim Moriarty. :I
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G: Send me a picture.
S: What?
G: I'm tied up, and I won't be able to make it down for a few days.
G: So send me a picture.
S:  (picture message enclosed)
G: Cute, kid. Real cute.
S: I'm sensing sarcasm.
G: We both know I didn't mean a picture of Bobby.
S: Well you didn't specify.
G: All right, fine. Sam, it would please me very much if you were to send me a picture of yourself.
S: (picture message enclosed)
G: If you EVER want to sleep with me again, you'll send me a picture of you shirtless.
S: (picture message enclosed)
G: Holy shit, kid!
S: What?!
G: You've got some nice jugs.
S: I hate you.

I'd actually never heard that term until I was talking to some guy. It was kind of funny.



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Jim had decided to sleep in that day.  The curtains on his four-poster bed were drawn, and he was dozing peacefully in the velvety darkness.  He sighed, stirring ever so slightly, moving over a bit, and curling up into a gangly ball.

A tiny rustling started to pull him out of his delicious nightmares.  The curtains were moving.  He grumbled and flipped onto his other side, his eyes unfocused as he managed to open his eyelids.

"Whasssssthifss…" he mumbled.

He was suddenly blasted with the full force of London sunlight, rare as it was, when the curtains were unceremoniously ripped open.  Jim yelped, gathering his covers around his head and quickly drawing a knife from under his goose-feather pillow.  "What the hell—?!"

A tall man loomed, casting a long shadow across the king-sized bed.  Jim was suddenly assaulted by what appeared to be a young man's body, oozing blood.  "WHAT THE HELL?!" Jim screamed.

He scrambled out of bed, quickly grabbing Seb by the collar.  He leaned in close, their noses less than an inch apart.  "Do you realize," he hissed, "that those are one thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets?  And you've just soiled them!  And I killed the last dry cleaner, so now I have to find another one, short notice!  All thanks to you!"

Seb chewed on his toothpick, his eyes half-opened.  "I did the job.  I got the guy.  He's right there."

"No shit, Sherlock," Jim growled.  "What, are you expecting a treat?"

Seb shrugged.  "Not really."

Jim's face reddened.  He released Seb and folded his arms, turning away.

"He's the rat, right?" Seb asked, his brow wrinkling.  "The one in that organization."

"Yes, yes," Jim said, waving his hand.  "You really are incorrigible, Seb.  I should get you a bell or something.  Then I'd know that the great rat catcher was approaching."

"I'm not a cat—"

"Tiger, cat, same difference.  Just don't start playing with yarn, okay?" Jim replied.  He sulked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.
Short crack MorMor fic, yeah.
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Sebastian and Jim were at a bar, celebrating their victory over the last case. Sebastian could hold his liquor reasonably well, but later in the night he found he actually couldn't hold his liquor, and he actually dropped it all over the floor. At this realization he only giggled and took another sip of his beer.
And then, Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy started to play on the radio in the background in the bar and Sebastian jumped up excitedly, nearly losing his footing. "Oh shit, I love this song!" He cried to the rest of the drunk people in the bar and Jim, who was only a little tipsy and the radio that was only background music earlier got cranked up. Sebastian started singing along with the song just as they hit the chorus, nearly butchering the song in his drunken state.
He even attempted to get on a table and start dancing, but soon found out that gravity decided that the ground was a much better place to be right then. He bobbed his head to the music and danced around on the floor instead of the table, using an empty beer bottle as a microphone.
Jim giggled as his boyfriend made a fool of himself and recorded the scene on his phone. He felt almost giddy at the thought of showing this to him in the morning.


The next day Sebastian found himself lying on the couch of his and Jim's flat sporting a serious hangover. "Fuck. What did I do last night?" He asked Jim, not sure if he wanted to know the answer, holding his face in his hands.
Jim laughed and handed him some Ibuprofen and water, being surprisingly nice for once. Sebastian accepted them and swallowed them eagerly. "I have a video of exactly what you did last night, if you want to see."
"Shit…" It had to be bad if Jim took a video of it. "You're gonna show me the video whether I want to or not so I might as well."
Jim grinned and grabbed out his phone, immediately opening the video to show Sebastian singing a horribly out of tune Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy into an empty beer bottle. Only after five seconds Sebastian covered his face in his hands again, this time out of embarrassment. "Damn it, why didn't you take me home when I started doing that?"
"But you looked like you were having so much fun." Jim sing-songed, smiling sweetly.
Sebastian sent him a half-hearted glare. "I hate you."
"Love you too!" Jim cooed before he slammed the door as he left, causing Sebastian to hold his head and groan.
For :iconsilvermoonlight13: who requested that Sebastian sing Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy while drunk at a bar.
Um. Yeah. That's pretty much what it is.
I don't own the song Dance Dance or Sebastian Moran or Jim Moriarty!

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