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Move along, nothing to see here. Clearly I need more practice cause this sucks. XD

EDIT: Fixed some of my mistakes, especially the friggin right arm. Added highlights too, now I'm a bit satisfied, whoo.

EDIT: Testing some of the Actionscript that I've learned. Thinking of applying them to future artworks with Flash, hmm.
Smaller file size.
Background stretches now.
Press F for fullscreen. Well, it should work, but you have to set in in the HTML itself, tsk. Probably more useful if I put in in my site. :D
Directional Keys to move.
Mousewheel to zoom, or rather change their size.
Took me 5 hours or so to figure it all out. Tis fun though.

No, not coming back yet.

Sorry for suddenly quitting the Internets. Life happened. Don't wanna talk about it. Might post some more stuff. Maybe.

Dammit they still don't allow Flash to be submitted in the Manga & Anime category, argh.
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"Practice" 3
Third installment in my "Practice" series.
Put a bit more time into this one.
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"Demo" for my RHG over at fluidanims
Name: Balance
Powers: Different types of fighting, different types of energy to fight with.

P.S. There might be some errors with the loading. Try Right Click>Play and such until it works. It'll be worth it ;P
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I couldn't resist putting a pony in a car... lol.

More Pony Cars:
Princess Luna's Lamborghini: [link]

I got the song from "WoodenToaster" on YouTube [link]

Fluttershy © Hasbro
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si no te gusta la calidad, te lo recomiendo mejor en youtube
if you don't like the quality, I recomend you on youtube:



Una animación que yo hice.

La canción es "Todavía te alcanzo a ver" del grupo de rock mexicano Canseco.
Aquí en este video es interpretado por el grupo Pal, una banda que yo inventé que es integrada por Julio (vocal), Nemo (guitarra y coros), Nico (batería) y Arturo (bajo)

Tardé un mes en hacer esto, es por eso que no había subido ninguna submision en mucho tiempo.

Espero que les guste


An animation that I made.

The song is "Todavía te alcanzo a ver" (in english I still seeing you) for the rock mexican band Canseco
Here in this video interpreted by Pal, a group invented for me. Pal are Julio (singer), Nemorio (guitar and chorus), Nico (drums) and Arturo (bass).

I took a month in make this, that's why I hadn't submitted too much pictures recently.

I hope you like it n__n
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Unworthy title is unworthy. I had other titles in mind, but nothing seemed to fit. Also, this is a Flash file, as in, you can right click and zoom in to check out details.

This is supposed to be a younger Sephiroth, around 15 or so, dunno if I failed at pulling that off. His hair is shorter? Errr.... oh well. And there's a feather. The first signs of something ominous. Where did it come from?

And muscles are seriously no fun to draw. He's nipple-less at that.

Dunno if I'll color it anytime soon or at all. I've got other projects I'm supposed to be doing. >_>


Sephiroth (c) Nomura, Amano, Square
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UPDATE: First few minutes and already things to update. Haystacks can no longer be spaced closely together, and the fitting music loops through all screens.
UPDATE 2: Haystacks cannot appear twice in a row! Huzzah!
UPDATE 3: Music can be paused, and only Enter starts the game.
UPDATE 4: The Jump has been changed to be more realistic, the background moves separately from the foreground, Haystacks can be landed on, and Derpy is a flying obstacle.

Thanks for everyone's support and for featuring this in Equestria Daily! [link]

Press Left and Right to move, Up to jump, Spacebar to pause, and Enter to toggle music. Comment below to post your High Score and be accused of not really getting it.

This is a simple flash game I made a long time ago and forgot to upload, so here it is! Programmed in FlashDevelop, Scootaloo animation and everything else not in the credits made by me with Inkscape and Photoshop/Gimp. I like to update this game, so give me your opinion and I'll try to make it better!

For everything I didn't do, credit to...

:iconinfernaldalek: ~InfernalDalek for the initial idea.

:iconkorikian: *Korikian for her two cupcake vectors.

:iconrildraw: ~RilDraw for his Mrs. Cake cutie mark vector, which was used as a cupcake.

:iconsierraex: :devseriiaex: for his hay vector.

[link] Joecoolman26 for the very fitting music.

Tetrapony for the hurt Scootaloo vector.

Hasbro for Friendship is Magic! (And the background I looped)

:iconfyre-flye: *fyre-flye for being Lauren Faust!
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edit 10/10/10: SUPWISE I added a few frames at the end- now this is even MORE entertaining to replay over and over.
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Here i show you my new art work. This is dedicated to the Earth month!

This is my new version of my old work "Mystical Forest" :[link] ^^!
I worked in this like, 3days. I used Photoshop CS4 and Flash CS4 :). I really hope you like it :D! :iconbummy2:

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'Twas requested that I create a flash generator for creating random Shepards. Because I never pass up a chance to refresh my scripting skills, I did so. Enjoy!

Created with ActionScript/Flash.

(I created the Paragade/Renegon icons myself. Not sure if they're what's considered "correct," but I took my best stab at 'em.)

As always, feel free to download, repost, put on other websites, whatever!


The Mass Effect Scenario Generator:


Nebulae Brushes: [link]
By ~Sunira.


All Mass Effect related images and content are property of BioWare.
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