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Get a "head" in 2012! Part II
Reached the journal limit of 60 kb and i want to showcase everyones awesome art! so part ii! So if you want to join go to part I :D
December 17th:

Speed Paint Practice by PurpleScissorsSparkyyy Challenge 17th by Warmics::thumb274526071::thumb274391619:SP Ded 17th by resaz:thumb274799241:
December 19th:
Seeing Red by ValentinaKallias
Speed Paint Dec 19 by Newsha-GhasemiDecember speedpainting challenge - 19th by VanilleNoireDecember Speedpaint: 1 by WingsFor-MarieSpeed painting Dec 19'th by resazSparkyyy Challenge 19th by WarmicsDecember Speedie nr. 3 by ViccolatteDecember speedpaint challenge 19th by Laurine-TellierPractice Dec. 19 by juniperjadeloveDecember 19th Speed Paint by Crazly:thumb274774108:Glass in red by GrayOwl:thumb275914116:Speed Paint Challenge 2 by LadyBeluga
December 21st:
Speed Paint Dec 21 by Newsha-GhasemiSparky Challenge by LucasParolinSpeed painting Dec 21' th by resazSpeed painting Dec 21' th by resazSparkyyy Challenge 21th by WarmicsDecember Speedie nr. 4 by ViccolatteSpeed Paint Challenge 3 by LadyBeluga:thumb276538890:December speedpaint challenge 21th by Laurine-Tellier
December 23rd:
Red winter by LonelyPierot
Speed Paint Dec 23rd by Newsha-GhasemiDecember 23rd Speedpaint Challenge by Hathien603Sparky Challenge 23rd by Warmics:thumb275403249::thumb275500318::Get "a head" 12-23 by boscaresqueSp Dec 23'rd by resaz:thumb276656558::thumb27714778
Get a "head" in 2012! Part II3 years ago in Personal More Like This