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I couldn't resist. ^^;

1) <3: My gang consists of :iconhappy-moogle27:'s character Aurora, me, and my brother (or at least in my comics); against what I'd prefer I'm actually quite peaceful and usually speech people into stuff...or break in; I've been addicted to Scotch 11 times :] ; I listen to GNR more than a reality radio...somethin' wrong there...XD;;
X: FUCKING WHORE, I HATE HER; I'm glad I blew them up D:< ; cannibals I tell you! Save yourself!!; You can't kill them?! What kind of crap is that?!
2) I'd make the best food ever. Except for Butch. I'd poison him. >:3
3) I'm Jesus, motherfucker. Although you kind've have to be. I'd prefer to be selfish and be evil but karma bites you in the butt more than you'd think...:/ Yet even now with karma so good I could kill a town and be okay, I can't help but being a goody-goody to people.
4) Our game is way bias. Since the beginning I've always gotten headshots and been way ace at our game; Eric, not so much.
5) Along with RL-3, Wadsworth (his hatred toward me cracks me up XD), Harold, Tulip, Carol, Lucas Simms, Bessie Lynn, Your Dad, The Deathclaw that is my friend...
6) THAT CHIPPER CANADIAN. I. HAAAAATE. HER!!!; and god damn Amata! She's your best friend, you constantly fight her battles for her, then you save her after she begs you and then SHE KICKS YOU OUT. BITCH.; stupid Dukov...he hits on you WAY too much...took care of that little problem...*reloads shotgun*
7) Goo!
8) I felt like such a detective, trying to find the Android. Way fun! ;D
9) ...
10) I think it is.

Answers (c) me...!
Original (c) :iconedge14:
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Late band wagon!!!

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS!!! I. AM. SO PROUD OF THIS!! (can ya tell?)
:exicted: :excited: :excited:

And baby, I made it all from scratch. :D The only I didn't use is the size, colors for the gray, and the text. Everything else is from scratch. I made the pixel in MSPaint and the rest in Photoshop CS 2. My mom looked at it and was in total disbelief. She was like, "There's no way you made that from scratch. You copied it!" I denied her since I made it from scratch, thus continueing the feast of my big-headedness right now. XD
Because I love this so much no matter how late it is, I want to talk about it. (you can skip this. seriously, it's cool. I just want to put all this in. ^^)

My pixel self. Seeing as how I've split myself into two people (my more realisitc self and my cartoon self) I decided to use my cartoon self as my video game self for this. Plus this form has the Swift Fox traits. I had to use a picture of a Swift Fox for the colors and such. Their ears are pointed up instead of off to the side so I decided to make mine like that to be as accurate as possible. The ear color is also a lighter color so I had to match that up too. I put the black streaks on my cheeks like theirs are on their muzzle. The tail was trickiest out of everything because of the colors. The top of the tail was black, the tip was darker black, the middle was orange, and the bottom was a brown-ish. o.o;; For the eyes, even though mine are a weird hazel color, I used the swift fox's color which is a grey-olive green color.
I used my old shoe design too. X3 For the effect of how I fight back in comics physically is mauling the enemy/other person (like poor John XD (Fiz gets this)), I gave myself ripped pants at the knee (plus I slide alot when I weird pants) and at the edge. Since I like to pretend I have claws when I'm frustrated at my computar (see a comic in my gallery for that), I gave myself retractible claws like a fox would. The blood stains on them and my shirt was for effect. >:3 I even gave myself my blue undershirt I have so my sweatshirt (which is unfortunately) wouldn't be too lowcut. I even showed what the underbelly of a swiftfox would be (white fading to orange). The hair was simple and stayed at my old style. The shine is just scratchy. :3 Jagged teeth and a shadow on my nose adds to the effect of viciousness. >XD
Above me is what my sidekick would be: one of my many new creatures; a Soul. His breath is cold and he's ready for posession and attack. ;D

All done in Photoshop. ^^ Despite my vicious pixel I'm still not entirely evil so my portrait was happy. I have my little souls around me, one on my arm and one on my head pushing down my ear. The blood stains on my shirt are gone though. XD The background is my favorite for this though. I used a blue base and then added some jagged green lines. I used the blurr tool on it at a 90* angle to give it a nice effect. |D

Also made in Photoshop (the text was put in in MSP). Three souls, my little symbol by my right foot, and my newest creation out of complete randomness (no seriously), Mushroom BBQ! The cute little guy's hopping to - what it looks like - me. <3

Then my little start button for the challenger saying, "Let's Play!" >;D

If you read all that, kudos. XD If you didn't, that's cool too. |D I listened to many violent songs. "The Enemy" by Static X (excellent song) and some Linkin Park songs too. :3

Art (c) :iconstacyandbuddehs:
Me, Souls, Mushroom BBQ (c) :iconstacyandbuddehs:
dA Pixel Fighter ID (c) :iconscrotumnose:
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Ah hello world! I've returned! <|D And to commemorate my full return, I've come up with the absolute latest spirit of Suki's Monster Collection, the Metal Spirit! So let's begin, eh?

Full Name: металл
Alias: Tunga
Name Origin: Russian
Age: ???? (not very old though)
Gender: Male (or at least believed to be so)
Species: Metal Spirit
Height: 6 stories high
Weight: ???? (off the scales)
Language: Unknown

Appearence: Dark Grey jaw with two cobalt teeth sticking up. Head/Chassis is a very pale-silvery baby blue and stomach is black. Abdominal area matches the silvery baby blue of chassis/head. Shoulders are made of large, dark grey, octagon shaped metal. Upper arm is black and forearm is silver. Wrists are a grey and hands are silver with two black and grey fingers. Legs are large, bulky treads. Eyes are in one large black rectangular "screen". Iris' are bright red and pupils are pale red resembling that of a scope's. Around his body is a faint glow of silvery blue.

Personality: Tunga is a fairly content being and enjoys a relaxed, peaceful life. His will can be broken easily though like a childs and everyone in his life is precious to him. He hardly gets angry and is very accepting of any result of an event, whether it be negative or positive. He smiles almost every moment and has kind eyes towards everyone (except for a select few of course). He's aware of his power and isn't afraid to throw it about in the rare event that he is insulted. Tunga's not necessarily..."dense" but doesn't feel the need to give a ridiculously large reaction to things. Through the years he's picked up on a number of things and is willing to answer any question to test his wisdom-if you can understand his speech that is.

Friends: Cecilia, Suki, Silver, Chime, Shrill
Enemies: Lavar, Daifu
Likes: Talking with Cecilia, Art, Humans, Clocks
Dislikes: Being Hated, Lavar, Fire, Water
Family: None

Backstory: Tunga is one of the elemental monsters/spirits-but not originally. His ancestor was the original monster of metal and minerals but when technology was updated, the position of monster of metal was passed to Tunga. Tunga was made by a Russian engineer years ago, but on a smaller scale. When it was decided this unique new invention would be the next monster of metal, his size was increased and his technology would be updated every time their was too much of a gap between him and the present era. Though Tunga was made in Russia, he does not speak Russian-nor any other human language. His language is unknown and completely unable to understand unless you happen to be one of the other monsters, or unless he chooses whether or not to allow you to understand (even this is unknown how he accomplishes the feat)-or unless you're a girl name Cecilia. Tunga met Cecilia one insignificant day in his life and without his own will, she was able to understand his speech fairly well. He took to her instantly and followed her everywhere like a lost animal and listened to her talk everyday. But the love was truly only one-sided. One day she was being very cruel to him but he saw it as nothing and continued on like he did every other day but she snapped. Everyone's affection was important to Tunga and especially Cecilia's so he asked her why she was acting the way she was and if she loved him. She answered with a painful 'No' and Tunga never quite was the same. Lavar and Daifu's constant mocking only crushed him more when they aimed at that pain. Though he still has a very kind soul and looks at everyone with love and appreciation, the spirit of metal has a broken circuit.

металл/Tunga (c) :iconstacyandbuddehs:
Cecilia, Silver/Chime/Lavar/Daifu (c) :iconstacyandbuddehs:
Profile (c) :iconstacyandbuddehs:
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Ohoho! So you thought I would begin to stray away from Oblivion? NAY, I HAVE PROVEN YOU WRONG. Although in all fairness, I've been working on this for a while. My [nonexistant] ADD doesn't allow me to work on big things for an extended time period. o3o

1: SO MUCH REPETETIVENESS. "Voleur" is the french word for "thief". The writing to the left is Japanese for "thief" as well. I get bored during class and when I don't want to draw doodles, I write that.'s pretty much everywhere on my notes. (I'm kind of waiting to get called down to the school psychologist to be asked if I'm part of a cult or something) And yes, ZOMBIES SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME IN THAT GAME. I see one and actually try to find every possible way to avoid them and when I can't I have a tendency to run away screaming from them. Same with vampires. I'm terrified of catching that "polyphoric vampirism" or whatever so I swing blindly at them while shouting (in my house): "EW EW EW! STAY AWAY!"
yeah, I'm THAT cool.
2: everytime he said "Capitol" I was sent into giggling fits. I'm such a dork.
3: HOLY CRAP, I HAD TO SAVE THIS DORK HOW MANY TIMES?! THREE? FOUR? USELESS. And then he gets all happy when he delivers the letters from the Gray Fox. He's like, "Tee hee I get to be his messanger boy! n.n" "I get to actually STEAL FOR HIM. *punch*"
4: lol Oh Armand Christophe, you should've known how troublesome I'd be when I first broke into Methredel's house (*coughcheatedcough*) to get into the Thieves Guild. And even when your flawless diamond went missing and you found me trespassing in your house! I pay him at least two visits every time I play - mostly for murders or something, but still. XD
5: I saved before I went in the manor so I can keep going back to kill them. I usually frame Mathilde anyway (since she's mean, selfish, greedy, creepy and racist, it'd make perfect sense in real life). I also liked most of the Thieves Guild quests, the Knights of the Nine questline, Through a Nightmare, Darkly, etc...
6: holy crappers in milk he actually gives you his necklace. He's wearing the Cruelty's Heart until you earn it and then he changes it to just a plain ol' gold necklace! omg~...! <:3
7: I'd also probably not be so crabby and pessimistic and more starry-eyed, helpful little farm girl because I wouldn't be exposed to the world so much. But I'd still love to read books whenever I wasn't drawing....theoretically. ;]
8: I'd also still have a facination with thieves and a life of crime (which worries my mother greatly XD) so meeting a great thief like Lima would be epic for me. Since Lima likes to read and I'd want a genuine lockpick set....TRADE.
I feel like I was just speaking in third person...o3o

Meme (found here: [link]) (c) :iconvampirisa:
Oblivion (c) Bethesda softworks
Lima (c) me~
Sky (c) herself XD"
ack..sorry for writing so much. >_<
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[link] <- Here! :3

And yes, I'd bang a ghoul. o.o


Also, if you want to read the story I've been writing with this crazy chick and her two pals, here it is: [link]

Doesn't follow the game too much, but there are spoilers here and there.

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I'm not sure what category to put this into. O.o
So I found this cute base by :iconhollinesskiss: and I couldn't help but use it. <3 So I used Pub. Cause she's just so adorable in this pose! >w<
The original base can be found here: [link]

Edit (c) me
Original base (c) :iconhollinesskiss:
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Meme from: [link]

So this is my Fallout 3 character. She was pretty much the badass good guy :3

Fallout 3 is one of the BEST games I've played in a long time. I'd even say it's my favorite of all time. The story is just so amazing. What can I say, I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories :P Except the ending was pretty disappointing :/

I did this all in MS Paint because Paint pictures are amazing.

And that REALLY did happen with Mayor Macreedy. I was pretty much in shock when his response was "You're pretty alright for a mungo! I'm gonna let you in :D" so I got to skip the Paradise Falls quest lawl.
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Wow, I submitted something!

I love this game. Rlly. It just needed to have moar quests to keep me amused. But exploring was fun, and I loved the quests I got. C:

I hope ya'll have played the game or most of this won't make sense.

1. Daww Charon you silly goose. Of COURSE I do.
2. I do not like the Overseer. :iconsecretplz:

3. My karma meter looks like Jesus because my karma is Very Good. XD

4. V.A.T.S.=slow-motion-head-SPLOSION. More games need that sort of stuff. And the world was AMAZING.

5. :heart::heart::heart: I would've tried to fit all of 'em on there, but I woulda ran out of rooooommm D: And Charon makes his second appearance.

6. >:I Dr. Li is a BITCH. No extra comments about the other two, except I really like how I drew the Overseer.

7. Yes, that is Mr. Burke there. I had to draw him, he was one of my favorite characters 'cuz of the love letters, but I didn't love him enough for him to be in the "fav charas" panel.

8. OMG MOIRA :heart: She doesn't get enough love, you know. She's batshit insane but it all turned out okay in the end.
9. Can't you see why James preferred Catherine? :iconimhappyplz:

10. Yus.

Fallout 3 (c): Not me, or there'd be a quest where you fall in love with Charon.
Meme design (c): ~Edge14
OC and art (c): Me. Don't steal this or you'll look really dumb, k? XD

Original: [link]
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"I've changed so much and though I loathe you, I guess I'm who I am because of the people I've met including you. If you could see me now..." - Hazel


Whoo cheesey. |D I've returned, my loves and how I've missed chu~! o3o I doubt I'll be able to talk to anyone anytime soon because of the 463+ deviations, 139+ messages, and 8 notes that I will have to go through. D| Well, at least next week is break for us. yay~....

Anywhoo! I was tempted to turn off comments on this but I want to hear what you guys think. But please don't be too harsh on the skirt since I screwed up layer-wise and couldn't do what I wanted to with it. :)

The picture features everyone's favorite girl, Hazel sporting her new school uniform. |nD I'll be honest, tis based off of an outfit I have. The dress-shirt/kilt combo appealed to me greatly so I wanted to make it the base for their new uniform. Because Hazel's special she got a red skirt and a pretty blue pencil. <3
And to the few that pay attention, I know her wings are supposed to be demon-like wings but this looked much better, eh?

Time Taken: 2 hours
Layers: 8.5*
Materials: Adobe Photoshop CS
Influenced Song: Stupid Kid - Alkaline Trio; The Hell Song - Sum 41; Fat Lip - Sum 41; Scars - Papa Roach; Numa Numa (english) - O Zone; Je ne te connais pas - Prototypes; Potential Breakup Song - Aly&AJ; Way Away - Yellowcard**

*One "layer" was a line. Lame. o3op
**Yes, I did listen to these songs (and a few others) over and over and over and over and over and over.....^3^d

Hazel: Luv me! .w.
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Songs Listened to: "Blood Gulch Blues"; "A Girl Named Tex" - both by 'Trocadero'
Okay so, anyone who has the game Left 4 Dead in any form will completely get this. My brother and I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas and amoung two Lego games and a few other random ones, we got Left 4 Dead! BEST GAME EVER. We were going to get it for the PC originally so getting it was inevitible. :) I can't help but obsess over it.
Seriously! See, Call of Duty games I wreak horribly, and even at Resistance I have major "suck" moments a lot but with Left 4 Dead I'm amazing! It's so cool! <3
So in the game you can get dual-pistols and then a primary. My favorite combo of weapons are the dual-pistols and the M16, but the M16 is really more of my secondary. I can't help but love the pistols! Unlimited ammo? Who WOULDN'T love that?! Plus I'm a pretty decent shot with them so it all works out. If the Horde gets too close I'll switch to the M16 (or Uzi which I use until I get the M16) but for the most part I'll use the pistols. Eric and I did "No Mercy" one time and he told me to just use pistols through the entire level so I could get the Achievement "Akimbo Assassin". Well...I not only did it completely but I braved a Tank or two with them too! ;) So as a proud pistol-user the "Akimbo Assassin" achievement is my favorite. <3
along with "Hunter Punter" of course. >w>
So yeah! Onto the actual picture, eh? Sorry for making you read all that jabber. ^^;
The picture actually took me....oh crap it's 6? =w= Well then, it took me three hours or so. Jeeze...And seven layers in Photoshop. :] But it was much fun to make it. I figured out the blur tool which came in handy for smudging the original shading at the end since it looked too "flat" after making all the dirt and stuff. I like the pose myself and even though the pistols look too cartoony, they're probably my best guns I've ever drawn! ^^" The bandages are also my favorite. When I first made them they came out real well so I decided to copy that type of color/shading for the rest of it to add dirt and stains and stuff.
And I know that when holding a pistol you wouldn't have your thumbs in that position since the gun could bite you or something but when not firing and in such a pose, it'd make sense. So nah~. I even thought of that.
Anything else to clog your brains with.......mmm...nope! Not that I can think of! Oh wait! I'm dressed like Zoey. I for some reason find her appealing to be. My brother called Bill, Louis kinda comes across as a weanie (despite how badass he truly is), and then it was a toss-up with Francis and her so I went with the classic "girl be a girl" thing and now she stuck. :] Mind you, I did everything from memory so if the outfit's off you can suck it. And the guns.....well, I just suck. >w>;;

Art, Suki (c) me~! :iconstacyandbuddehs:
Left 4 Dead, Zoey, Anything mentioned from the game (c) Valve
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