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The coloring is kinda crapy since my coloring utensils gave up on me =/


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This is for :iconboomerxbubbles: and she has to guess which pic was intended and what other was by accident. As for the story below.
I'm typing 3 chapters for my readers on fanfiction and this was a practice thingy....yea...i know it sucks...I'm also making/finishing some other requests/presents/redos beacuse the ones I gave sucked to me... AND DON'T YOU DARE STEAL THIS STORY IT IS MINE AND I'M POSTING IT ON MY FAN FICTION ACCOUNT!!!!

:iconmv1plz::iconmv2plz::iconmv3plz::iconmv4plz::iconmv5plz::iconmv6plz::iconmv7plz::iconmv8plz: below continuation of title~

But instead of answering Boomer just lowered his head and looked to the side. Bubbles leaned down to see is face but his bangs hid his eyes from sight. Then slowly Boomer lifted his feet off the ground and hovered his way behind the blue puff ,his head still hidden from sight. Bubbles did not understand his strange behavior but did not question it.

Ever so gently, Boomer grasped her smaller hands in his bigger ones. He admired the sight from his place behind her, silently thankful she did not see his small blush. Then as if practiced, Boomer guided her into a dance and she gracefully tried to pace. Her on the ground and him in the air.

Boomer was slightly surprised that she had been doing so well, considering how she had asked to be taught. But as time waned, Boomer's worry grew.

'This is fine right? Were alone and our siblings aren't here...' He dreaded the thought of getting caught not only that but the idea of having to put an act up as an excuse. He thought of the time when they were almost caught. A sharp pang of regret rung from his heart. At that time they were only talking and Bubbles had been so caught up in her story that she did not notice the snaps of twigs coming from the forest.

But he did. He remembered how he had instinctively put his 'Evil Villian' mask on and laughed cruelly at her. When she had gotten confused and questioned what was wrong he had only replied with crude remarks and vile language. He remembered the hurtful look she got before she got pissed. (he remembered even though she's bubbles,she was still hardcore)

They had gotten a couple minuets of kicks, punches and name calling. He recalled that every time she started to question his behavior he would cut her off with quick punch,forcing her to stop and block. After a few more minuets, a haughty laughter erupted from the forest. Bubbles then understanding, had then turned to their intruder and saw that it had been his older brother. "Brick. What'cha doin bro?"

Cutting the story short, he remembered how Brick had been looking for that "Pink Fag" of a counter part of his. Then how he was forced to team up with his older brother and really hurt bubbles. That was until Blossom had found them. By then Bubbles was unconscious and not only did he feel another sar on his heart but also her big sister's fury. He had to wait 2 whole days as a boomercicle until Brick woke up from his slight coma to defrost him. It had been hard to pee for a couple of days.

Back in the present Bubbles was feeling slightly uncomfortable in the silence."Hey Boomer?"

That caught his attention, snapping out of his memories he looked at the blue puff before him.

"Yes?" He asked, his lips grazing against her golden locks ,which had happened to smell like white rain. He felt his lips tingle softly at the breaf contact and his cheeks burned. Silently hoping she didn't notice. Too bad for Boomer but she did. Bubbles blushed slightly thinking he had kissed her. She then noticed how they ha strayed from the ground of the shore to the ripples of the lake. She was at awe on how everytime she stepped it looked as if she was walking on water.

When she did not answer, Boomer thought he had done something wrong. He had turned her until she faced him. Meeting worried caribbean eyes, Bubbles realized that she didn't answer. But before she could, she was twirled around and Boomer was again out of her sight.

"Am I look beautiful?" She asked timidly as she felt boomer raise one of her hand towards the sky. Boomer hearing this, smiled. 'So that's what this is about.'

"Nope." Boomer said almost bluntly a chuckle edging in his voice.

"Wha-!?" She tried to turn around but boomer wasn't having it. He hovered put of her eye sight every time she tried to face him. Their dance now forgotten, Bubbles tried to catch Boomer but he would evade it with a chuckle. Soon it turned into a game of cat and mouse over the lake. Finally having enough of Boomer's nopes and uh-uh's, she finally stopped chasing him ,hugged her knees, and pouted. (like someone would crouch down on their feet, only she levitating) Boomer noticing the blue puff had stopped questioning/chasing him, he turned and saw Bubbles hovering above the lake on the verge of tears. Smiling softly at her he thought 'Even though she's hard core, she's still Bubbles.'

Boomer hovered over to her and and crouched in front of her. "You okay?"

Hearing this, something in Bubbles snapped. "Okay? OKAY!? Ever since we started dating you never complement me, say i like you, hold my hand, or kiss me!"

Boomer stared in shock at her red teary face but not for the reasons you would think. 'We were dating? I mean we would meet at this place to talk but dating? Is this a date? We were dating? means.....I'M HER BOYFRIEND!? SWEET!!!'

Unaware Boomer was locked his thoughts, Bubble continued her rant. " I would always think 'Dose he even like me?' but then every time you would do something that reassure me that you do." Bubbles sniffled and wiped her eyes and nose. Her attempts were in vain because when she noticed Boomer in the same shocked pose her eyes ran in a thin streams. "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!"

This time Boomer snapped out of it and realized his situation. 'Oh shit' He could literally see his window of opportunity closing. So Boomer did what any man in this situation should do; run like hell and hopes he makes it before the window shuts. (A.k.a rely on your guts and wing it) Bubbles felt like she was going to explode but then her fire flames of frustration and anger was extinguished by a soft touch. Bubbles looked up and saw Boomer smiling lovingly at her as he wiped her tears away.

"Huh?" Bubbles raised her eyebrow at Boomer's out streched out hand. Boomer just gave a boyish/cheeky smile at her face. Bubbles smiling back took his hand without a second thought, before they knew it they had continued where they had last left off. Just as Bubbles was starting to let go of what had just happened, Boomer HAD killed the moment.

"Your not beautiful at all." Boomer said merrily. Bubbles felt torn, one side of her just felt like she had just been slapped and wanted to cry. The other wanted to chuck Boomer into the lake and use her heat vision to boil him alive. But before she had a chance to get into a good throwing position Boomer ,unknowingly saved his own his life, and continued.

"It doesn't even begin to describe you. Words can't even capture who you are. That's how amazing you are." Boomer said as he got her to face him. Bubbles ,now suddenly finding the urg to hide under a rock, avoided his gaze. She was SO embarrassed at the moment and Boomer was enjoying this. 'She looks so cute'

Meanwhile Bubbles had been dieing to hear something like this but now when it had no...IS happening she feels so unworthy of these words and started to berate herself.

"But I'm so air headed, I go bongers when I don't like something, I'm a cry baby, high expecting, judgmental, and-and I'M 14 BUT I STILL WEAR PIGTAILS!!!!" Bubbles felt on the edge of breaking down but Boomer grasped her chin and forced her to look at him. His eyes where stern and his expression serious. Feeling intimidated Bubbles tried to look past his head but when he spoke her name, her eyes met his on instinct. Now transfixed on Boomer, she couldn't turn away.

"That's who you are. No one is perfect and I like you just as you are. You have your faults and I have mine. I can list them just as you would but would that change how you'd feel for me?"

Giving this a thought, Bubbles realized 'He's right......since when did Boomer get this wise?' (A.N. since I started writing girl.)

" are who you are and I wouldn't have you any other way. Besides you have many more ups than downs."

"Like what?" She asked. Boomer gave a light chuckle and released her chin for her hands. He took her palm and kissed the center.

"Your kind- sweet- lovable-understanding-animal loving-creative-" With every word he said Boomer paused to kiss her palm. Bubbles just watched speechless, her face reddening by the second.

"I could go on forever but in all-" He said making a momentary pause for effect. " Your Bubbles." As he whispered it, Boomer placed her palm against his cheek and gazed at the girl in front of him with every bit of love he had.

'Here I go again' Bubbles thought as her eyes started to water. A smile creeped on her face as Boomer's face looked panicked only to calm at her smile.

"Hey, Boomer?" Bubbles said as she placed her other palm on Boomer's cheek.

"Yes?" He said his eyes locked on her lips as he wrapped his arm around her waist, his other still on her hand.

"I love you." Bubbles whispers lovingly as she pressed their foreheads together. Boomer smiled.

"I know (now). I love you too." With that Boomer sealed the deal by closing the small space between their lips . There the two stood hovering above the lake, locked in each others arms. As if a silent congratulations, the trees rustle and the wind whirled petals past the couple.

The only other sound was a drop joy that rushed down her cheek and rung in the lake. As a ripple shimmered the lake Bubbles thought to herself 'Finally' as she wrapped her arms around Boomer's neck for a tighter embrace.


$hit...this was goey.....:iconsacredplz:.....:iconvomitplz:
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hAcE tAnTo TiEmPO q NO DiBujAbA a MI ParejITa fAvOrItA PPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D
bUbBLeS x BoOmEr 4 eVer ANd Ev ER <3
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For the past week, I've been obsessed with
Blossom x Brick, Bubbles x Boomer, Buttercup x Butch stuff..

oh sweet luv.

The two looks like their positioned awkwardly...
I don't know how to fix it.


Bubbles and Boomer belong to the creator of PPG
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i recentally
have become obsessed with the powerpuff girls all over again.
honestly i havent watched it since i was five!

anyways this is bubbles and boomer! i drew them like the powerpuff girls Z show because i wanted more of a challenge<3
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I really enjoyed doing this one :meow:
Well, I really hope this satisfies a lot of RrB/PpG fans and the ones who watched me for my PpG art Which I am slacking on and I truly apologize for
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Y SiIiIiIii..............amO a Las cHiCaS SupErPOdERoSA, muajajajajaja!!!!!!!!
PeRo X eSo No dEjO dE ser MaLvAdO....
TeNgO PrObLeMas CoN lOs rUbiOs Y RuBiAs xD!!
eS QuE SoN tAaAaAAaN cUtES XD!!!!!!!!
IgUaL Q DEiDarA.., oSEa QuE mUa XD......
AgUaNte booMer se PaREce MuCHo A ''El'' (??)
XD....bOoMer se miOoOo, Yo qUIeRo SEr Tu BUrBujA XD!!

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Bubbles and Boomer are back!
I'm sorry, I haven't been submitting anything. You know my computers break every second in my house. But, now it's fixed and I will be submitting way more. So, stay tune.


Done in GIMP
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