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I made two poses of articuno. This pose was inspired by a piece of artwork I had found while browsing for poses. I'm hoping they'll both be available eventually, perhaps together.
I really like how this came out. c:

Inspiration pic by :icondarkfeather: here: [link]

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Posing/edits by me
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OPINIONS PLEASE! I'm thinking of releasing a second pose for Houndoom. It'll definitely need weights in its feet, or a base to be set on.
But, if you have an idea on a stand for it [like a pile of rocks for it to lean its forepaws on, or a tombstone, though I'd rather keep it looking like it's rearing] then let me know!
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Hawkmon! Freshly-edited and with nobody laying claim to his testbuild.

As always, his arms will be disconnected at the shoulders, so you can glue them into any pose you please. On his right hand/wing, two of the claws are optionally extended or [as you see here] bent. He can point at things, give you the peace sign, or wave. Use your imagination. ;P

Hawkmon will eventually be available at Papermon.
Digimon (c) Bandai
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Do you need to vent some anger?!? Do you hate Digletts or other potato shaped objects?!? Then this game was made for you!! For only pocket change**, you can fulfill your long-awaited dreams of hitting a defenseless Diglett with an over sized hammer!!

**change must equal 50 cents or greater. Change is also not limited to being from 'the pocket' area. Other acceptable 'change areas' include [but not limited to]: purses, bags, cups, hats, shoes and old socks.

Well. This model was awesome to make because I really want to play it! I also really like it because its not pokeball orientated like all the other Pokemon models currently circulating the interwebz. This goes along with my other models for portraying Pokemon in a realistic fashion.

this was modeled in Google Sketchup (8 hours) and then rendered in Kerkythea 2008 (30 hours)!
Here is the link for the Dugtrio picture: [link]

If you made it this far in the description I congratulate you! Please comment telling me you read this [and how awesome you are :D]!

as we speak [or as you read this] I am in a disagreement with *CaptainRedJWolf over this poll: [link] please vote and help end this senseless arguing! Plus to prove that I am right >D THANKS! :D
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anyhoo heres my second sprite of the first ever Official Fusemon :')

had to redo this....
totally didnt see that nintendo had reversed the art, so i had to resprite the arms and wings which took some guess work.... but think i got it... no?

FINAL EDIT.... redone the head and added the greeny tint to the ice :):)
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Behold, the long-overdue articuno! Do you know how old this is? This is way back when I first started with paperpokes. Except back then, it was a typical ripped pose. Recently, I revamped articuno, fixing textures and changing the pose drastically, adding a few more polys to the tail so it curves with increased fluidity.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Edits by me
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EDITS--21st March, 20th April, 15th December (UPDATES!!~ FINALLY!!~ :dummy:)

Arc 1 App~[link]


=> Hitotsu / Meowth (Hitotsu means 'Loving' or 'First' in Japanese).
Age: Teen (Around 14).
Picked Voice: Rika Komatsu (Japanese) ~[link]
Hilary Duff (English) ~[link] [Normal Self]
Aly and Aj (?) (English) ~[link] [2nd Self]


Hitotsu is a Dense, Oblivious and Very Kind Meowth and is very much Hard-working as she loves to do Chores (Gasp!~ 8D). She can also be timid and a Scardey Meowth and often look to others for Guidance. She can also Cook delicious Meals and Deserts. Due to her tragic Childhood, She has two sides to her which was the Other is the Opposite of who she really is.

Since one of her kind was apart of a team of Evil (Meowth from Team Rocket) she was treated badly in her childhood days because of the mental abuse, Hitotsu developed a Second self. Her Other was the opposite of her. It was sort of violent and merciless in battle and some how will be triggered when some one said she was 'Bad'. When she was adopted from the shelter into a Farm filled with friendly Pokemon, she was treated equally and kindly by everyone there. When her other self appears, she cuts off a large tree and it almost trampled a young Rattata. She began distancing herself from the rest, ashamed, guilty and scared that they'll all will send her back, but they still accepted her still. After that, her other self melted a few degrees. She became friends with Cherry Blossom, a Pachirisu and she's one of the one who can calm her down in her 2nd self. Months passed, She began to take interest in help others through difficulty to make her become more stronger. With the decision to join a Rogue guild from a far away place called Tao village, Cherry follows her best friends there. With everyone's blessing, they need off to Tao village.

When they first came to Tao, they met an Oshawott Professor and his Assistant named, Professor Oscar and Akito. The Adults gave them shelter as at that time, was the ongoing flu that happened in Tao. Hitotsu got sick.
All around the House, Hitotsu was the main one who clean and do the Chores as she claimed to liked doing it although Akito insisted on her not doing them as they're their Guest. Hitotsu and Akito is mostly in charge of providing meals in the Professor's Household. Both she and Cherry can be Quite dense when Akito swears and curses the Professor for his Moronic ways.
Hitotsu seemed to like Dressing up like when she was dressed as a Maid in their First Mission.
She and Cherry mostly calls the Leaders (and all other NPCs plus other Teams), 'Master' or 'Miss' and 'Mister'.
Just recently, she met the Sneasel she encountered in their First Mission named Moriz. Later during their Mission, She falls in love with him but is dense enough to not realize it ~ XD

~Hitotsu was a little bit taller than her kind, Normal Meowth Size.
~Her Shiny coin on her forehead is a bit smaller than normal and her Whiskers can grow longer faster than usual because of the Psychic wave between her other personality and herself, it can Stretch Bend and Lengthen her Features.
~When she turn to her other self, her eyes changed into red, her whiskers sharpen and her voice as well.
~ She's afraid of Ghost Pokemon and also pokemon that have Ghost types as secondary types.
~ She loves to Cook and wished to be a Pâtissière and an Iron Chef one day.
~ Her personality was almost the same as Tohru from Fruits Basket Anime.

=> Cherry Blossom / Pachirisu.
Age: Teen (Around 16).
Picked voice: Rin kagamine (Japanese) ~ [link]
Giselle (From Enchanted) (English) ~[link]


Cherry Blossom was energetic and hyper like her kind was. She was optimistic in everything and always points out every one's positive-ness than the negative-ness. Cherry Blossom likes battles for training as is sort of a Dare-Devil.

She was in the shelter when she's a baby. After being adopted, she socialize with others straight away. She was energetic and loves to play with the other Pokemons there. One day, a Meowth was adopted into the farm and she spoked to her first. When Hitotsu revert to her 2nd self, she was terrified but didn't run away. When Hitotsu began distancing herself, Cherry felt symphony for her. Then she and along with the other Pokemons cheered her up and Cherry and Hitotsu became best friends after that. She's one of the ones that can calm Hitotsu down. When Hitotsu wanted to join a Rogue Guild in a Place called Tao Village, Cherry immediately wanted to tag along. She said it will be an 'adventure' and a 'serious training' for both of them and since she's a dare devil, she would want to do the impossible. With everyone's blessing, they both head towards Tao Village.

When they first came to Tao, they met an Oshawott Professor and his Assistant named, Professor Oscar and Akito. The Adults gave them shelter as at that time, was the ongoing flu that happened in Tao. Hitotsu got sick and Cherry has to look after her with the Professor and Akito's Help.
Both she and Hitotsu can be Quite dense when Akito swears and curses the Professor for his Moronic ways.
Cherry, as being the Tomboy she is, doesn't like to dress up like Hitotsu.
She and Hitotsu mostly calls the Leaders (and all other NPCs plus other Teams), 'Master' or 'Miss' and 'Mister'.
Just recently, she met the Sneasel she encountered in their First Mission named Moriz.

~ Cherry is really short compared to the other Pachirisu species.
~Cherry was rarely seen without her bow.
~She has smaller electric sacs than normal Pachirisu.
~Her tail looks bigger and longer but id actually light.
~She has a Habit of raising her hand when she's Explaining.

=> Moriz / Sneasel.
Age: Preteen (Around 13).
Picked voice: None yet.


He is shown to be Quite a loner and is always Quiet all the Time. Moriz can also be protective. He's shown to be slightly sarcastic when he needs to be.

Moriz, unlike Hitotsu and Cherry who came from a Far away land, away from Tao, his Story Starts in Tao's Creeping Forest, the place of his Birth. It is unknown what happened to his Parents as he can't remember during the Days of his childhood even why and how he was in Slasher's Gang in the First Place. No matter of these Questions, He continued to be Loyal to the Gang, Blending in, Not wanting to stand out. Once Slasher was pronounce Dead and the Gang scatter, He felt scared for once in his Life. In the End, he went on his own.

He met Hitotsu and Cherry during their Mission 4 when he fell down from jumping on the Branches, when he crash landed, his Right Leg caught a Scar. Hitotsu gave him an Oran Berry to heal which resulted on Moriz falling for Hitotsu.
Ever since then, He occasionally spies on Hitotsu whenever he saw her in the Village.
Just recently, He met Hitotsu again after another fall because of his Leg still injured. Hitotsu insisted on bringing him to thir tenement where she can heal him and he met Cherry again. Later on, He joined their Team.
When he lived with them, he slowly warms up to the others although he tries to distant himself from Akito which he finds some what familiar during his Childhood.
Unlike Both Hitotsu and Cherry, He can be uncomfortable when Akito swears and curses the Professor for his Moronic ways.

~ Moriz is a little Taller than the other Pachirisu Species.
~ His Ear Feather was at the Right side instead of the Normal Left.
~ His Ear Feather and Tail Feathers is Longer than Normal.


Team Shadow Gear by :iconlivewiresparks:
Team Riptide by :iconteamnormalizer:
Team Star Grounds by :iconaugustelos:
Team Shadow Stalker by :iconshifterdreams:

~[link] (Moriz is now not one of the Side Characters)


~Candy's First Love =>[link]
~Episode 0- PMD- Gotta Dance- Dancing Music Box (Side Story) =>[link] [DISCONTINUED]
~Episode 1- Castle Draclugia (Mission 4) =>[link]
Get Hitotsu a Gracidea Flower~[link]
~Episode 2- Snow Flake Gifts (Event 4) =>[link]
~Episode 3- Black out Problem (Side Story) =>[link] [DISCONTINUED]
~Episode 4- Evacuate Tao Village (Mission 5) =>[link]
~Episode 5- Mission 6 Prologue~[link]
Gather Ingredients (Mission 6) =>[link]
~Episode 6- Planting Seeds (Event 6) => [link]
>Episode 7- Mission 7 Prologue~[link]
Finding Jewels (Mission 7) => [link]


My Merchant Team-Sibling Band~[link]

My Collab Rescuer Team-White Zerker~[link]
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Hoho~ I guess I'll just submit this, no?
Introducing Team Grudge-Busters (Possibly a last-minute chosen team name) that I hope to settle with. Let me just say that I'm really pleased on how the backgrounds turned out~ Since it's in the middle of October, there'd be falling leaves, no?
Introducing our beloved team members:

Dahlia the Audino
Tomboyish and a hothead, Dahlia was raised, alongside her brother, by her mother, a Scrafty. Since she was cared by her adoptive mother since she was an egg, Dahlia adapted to her mother's species- thus being unlike the average, gentle-natured Audino. She barely socialized- Dahlia often stood behind her mother at all times when she was younger. As she grew up, she hung out with local ruffians who soon started to pick on and undermine her, thus she stayed at her house again. Seph however seemed to deal with most of her problems, being the only other mon she could talk to. Though she does consider Seph to be 'annoying', she respects him ans keeps by his side.
Dahlia may be quite an anti-social mon, but she's quite a strong fighter. Her natural ability to heal others made her quite a role-model among her home village (Though Dahlia disliked the company she was receiving).
Dahlia, alongside her brother (Seph) soon moved to Tao with the regard of their mother to become a rescue team.

Seph the Thoh
After escaping an attack on his village, Seph was orphaned as a youngster (That he barely remembers any of his burdened past)- Only to be then adopted by the same parent who had raised Dahlia- Thus them being brother and sister. Seph grew up to be a Jolly-carefree mon. Though he does spare some concern for his lonely sister, Dahlia. Seph is somewhat gullible, yet a natural optimist. He has interest for folklore and myth- He is quite intelligent when it comes to 'Those Sorta Rhymes that my Momma used to Read to me When I Was a Kid'.
To be fair, it was in fact Seph who had the idea of setting up a Rescue Team, firstly to encourage his sister to be a little more social with others.

Seph cannot partake in any missions at the moment, since he has vanished mysteriously.

Group: #PMD-Explorers
Art (c) Me
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Madremonte, Rescuers guild.

:bulletgreen: Evo-scroll received for participating in Event 4.
:bulletgreen: Egg recieved via Misson 5 reward.

Inspired by: [link] , because this app just look so cool *A*

Event 4

Mission 5
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

As of Mission 5, Rose is missing in action (MIA).


Colombian folklore/legendary creature, the Madremonte is a nature guardian.

Kage is the guardian and Rose is the nature.

Name: Kage.
Gender: male.
Species: Sandshrew - one black plate on his back.
Type: Ground.
Ability: Sand Rush - increases speed in a Sandstorm.
Age: 23
Height: 3’ 4”
Nature: Adamant.
Trait: Thoroughly cunning.
- Fury Cutter (Bug)
- Hone Claws (Dark)
- Dig (Ground)
- Endure (Normal)


“I’ll think of the plan” - Kage is a very good planner, and likes to organize events, despite his hostile and serious personality. He is reliable in battle due to said planning skills; his plans usually involve Rose using Sandstorm in some way.

“Unstoppable” - he is like a Hippowdon, hard to take down in a fight, even if he has a type disadvantage. He will not give up or back down, as long as either Rose needs his protection, or other Pokemon do. He is not one to leave anyone behind if it can be avoided.

“Forcing an evolution” - he uses this “ability” as a last restort in battles, if it is needed. He is so eager to evolve into a Sandslash that he can force his body into a pre-evolved state for a limited amount of time. The longest he has held this form is ten minutes; but this is as much a weakness as it is a strength.


“The Black Rose” - it is a given that Black Rose is his greated weakness. He will refuse to leave her behind, he would die for her, etc, etc. To save her he will not only disregard his own safety, but the safety of everyone around him. Holding her hostage can also cause his temper to flare.

“Immobile” - after forcing his body into its pre-evolved state, he is immobile afterwards from muscle pains and dizziness. In a worst case scenario, he will faint from the strain he puts on his body when he does this - this has also happened most often.

“Don’t make me mad” - Kage’s temper is volatile at best. He will attack his friends if they make him angry enough. He also does not like complainers, and is generally very hostile towards everyone else, especially those from the Ice type spectrum. For this reason he does not feel he belongs in the Rescuer’s guild; Rose convinced him otherwise.

“Touch her and I’ll kill you” - one must take caution when approaching Rose, as Kage will be lurking in the shadows, ready to defend her if need be. If he does not trust the Pokemon that is approaching her he will immediately start growling and poise his body for battle; in extreme cases his claws will emanate a green glow, which represents his Fury Cutter. Because of this, it is difficult for Kage to make friends.

Name: Black Rose (often called Rose).
Gender: female.
Species: Sandshrew (shiny).
Type: Ground.
Ability: Sand Veil - raises evasion in a Sandstorm.
Age: 21
Height: 2’ 1”
Nature: Modest.
Trait: Capable of taking hits.
- Sand Attack (Ground)
- Swift (Normal)
- Sandstorm (Ground)
- Hidden Power - Fire


“Let’s all be happy!” - Rose is a very cheerful individual, and likes to go out of her way to make others smile. She especially dislikes seeing Kage unhappy, and tries her best to cheer him up by always going out and bringing him scraps of wood, which he likes to carve in his spare time.

“It’ll be me before it will ever be you!” - she puts the safety of others far above her own. In extreme cases she will even dive into a river to save a drowning Pokemon, as she learned how to swim from her parents, being a wild Pokemon. She uses her Hidden Power of Fire to her advantage in many situations, as she is able to nullify powerful flames with her own fire. She is also willing to die for complete strangers.

“You can stay with us, we’ll take care of you” - as kind and caring as a mother, Rose will take in any Pokemon, much to Kage’s chagrin, but he has since gotten used to this habit after they took care of a small Cubchoo. She does not like to see anyone without a home and as such, the burrow Kage dug is awkwardly large.


“The Eternal Shadow” - like she is a weakness for Kage, Kage is a weakness for Rose. Though she will often do the opposite of him, in which she will do whatever it takes to keep him safe. But unlike Kage, she will be torn between saving him and saving others.

"This kind nature will kill you" - one day, Rose's kind heart is going to get the better of her. Though it seems as if her kindness has already done this, as she did not return from her Mission when clearing out the tunnels.

"I'll be alright; trust me!" - no matter the situation, Rose will insist that she will be fine. Whether it be that she has broken bones or is bleeding heavily, she will always, always assure her friends that she will be fine.


What's this? Kage is heartbroken enough by Rose's absence that he has decided to take in an Egg in hopes that taking care of it will ease his pain.

Old application for art comparison: [link]

Brushes used:
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