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I made two poses of articuno. This pose was inspired by a piece of artwork I had found while browsing for poses. I'm hoping they'll both be available eventually, perhaps together.
I really like how this came out. c:

Inspiration pic by :icondarkfeather: here: [link]

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Posing/edits by me
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OPINIONS PLEASE! I'm thinking of releasing a second pose for Houndoom. It'll definitely need weights in its feet, or a base to be set on.
But, if you have an idea on a stand for it [like a pile of rocks for it to lean its forepaws on, or a tombstone, though I'd rather keep it looking like it's rearing] then let me know!
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Aliens vs the Pitch Black critters...Who would win?

Pitch Black critters: their numbers swarm the planet they live in. As aggressive as aliens...with a unknown as of yet chemical biology, except for their aversion to light. They fly, and attack in numbers. They see in darkness as well as aliens if not even more clearly.Bony skull strong enough to hammer others...It may be hard to break by the Alien tongue.

There is a possibility a small Alien hive might be wiped out before gaining a foothold in their world.

Aliens: Acid blood (cheaters!---the question is...can they biologically sustain their bloods acidity with a diet based in the pitch black planet?), they have an adaptable genome, taking some genetic material from impregnated hosts...better organized by a breeding matriarch....

It would definitely be a fun Discovery Channel exo-documentary!
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shirt on zazzle: [link]

plain virus: [link]
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This is my newest Upgrade to Dxy the Reborn.(Its been a long time that I dont draw him again) Actually this are the two combination of his armor Gradiusic and Einhander.(I make up some changes in him Inucluding his eyes).

I hope you'll like it :XD:

Original Character by:
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(If you're wondering what his feet look like, just refer to this [link] because I draw them all the same anyways.)


So yeah here's my baby another Serpentine OC mentioned in Tranz's bio (and the one responsible for his stuck smile and insanity)

I guess I should do his bio or something....

Name: Taelin
Age: Roughly around Slithraa's age
Gender: Male
Species: Hypnobrai (Serpentine)
Rank: Retired Warrior
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Red + Black spirals
Complexion: Pale blue/yellow/gray

Background: Taelin, when he was young, lived in a small Hypnobrai village during the time of the Serpentine's rule. While him and his father were out and about, the town was attacked by a group of Venomari; whom of which proceeded to burn down the village. The majority of its inhabitants were killed, including Taelin's parents. Taelin managed to survive by being hidden a little bit away from the flames. A group of Hypnobrai soldiers came to the village and put most of the fires out, as well as saving the few survivors that had barely escaped. Taelin was found by one of them in a total mess and was given a stuffed Devourer toy (he still owns this). He was carried back to the Capital (main temple/home of important Hypnobrai). There, he had his few small scratches and bruises taken care of and later decided to explore.
After a few days of being there, the General of the Hypnobrai decided to train him as a soldier in the army. The mentor chosen for him was the warrior who had found him after his town was destroyed. Taelin was busy three days out of the week since he was still too young to take on heavy battle training.
On his free days he would do other chores or spend time wandering around. He was sent one time to bring metal scraps to a human prisoner who was forced to build machinery and make weapons for use of the army. Upon meeting, Taelin immediately took interest in him and stayed for a bit.
Soon enough, the two became close and saw eachother as almost family. Taelin would often bring the prisoner extra food (human prisoners were not well fed) while the Prisoner would build small wind-up toys for him. Taelin enjoyed sitting on his lap while the man worked, taking interest in how the mechanisms worked.
Years later he became a soldier in the army. With his current duties, he was unable to spend a whole lot of time with his friend. He still tried as hard as he could to visit but was often bombarded with duties.
Taelin later decided to try and move onto Warrior class, so he decided to visit Slither Pit battles and learn the certain fight patterns used by his teammates. After countless defeats, he finally achieved victory and moved onto Warrior class.
Taelin was then able to fight in larger scale battles, earning a few scars from these. Taelin was almost never able to visit the (now elderly) prisoner but still tried to make time to socialize with him.
The Hypnobrai capital was later attacked by the Plasmalectrai tribe. Taelin had very vague memories of his village and the thought of his home being attacked again fueled him to defend the Capital with all his might. During the battle, he caught a glimpse of the general of the tribe, Fihara. Taken by her, he let his guard down and was knocked unconscious.
He awoke later in the medical ward with a good portion of his head bandaged. He slept a while longer before being woken up again by a friend of his with news that the old prisoner had been killed in battle. Out of his respect for his old friend, Taelin took on the job as a mechanic.
Years later, he began to take an odd interest in how the body works, occasionally he would leave his work as a mechanic to fight in battles. Typically he would secretly do this do discover weak points in the body, writing them down on diagrams. Eventually his curiosity brought him further as he began to wonder about inner anatomy and with permission began examining dead bodies.
He let another prisoner take over his duties as a mechanic as he decided to retire as a warrior and take on an easier duty of interrogating members captured from other tribes as he continued examining anatomy.
His curiosity began to get very dangerous as he soon developed the urge to examine live bodies. Before he could start anything, however, during a sudden uprising from the humans the Capital was destroyed and the Hypnobrai were forced to move in the mountains and make a settlement there.
In the area, Taelin was able to take up residence in a separate cave where he built himself a lab where he would begin to take capture serpentine and use them for experiments. Which increasingly got more and more dangerous over time.
During this he created a powerful painkiller he would give to them (however, they still retain consciousness) during these sessions due to having very sensitive ears (he doesn't take kindly to screaming).
These continued for years until he met Tranz, who at the time was one of the best of the Warrior class. Amazed at the Hypnobrai's ability to maintain such a calm (and even a bit emotionless) atmosphere to himself, Taelin began to question the boundaries of the mind. After developing a sanity-reducing serum, he tricked Tranz into walking straight into the lab.
Rather than doing everything at once, he kept Tranz over a long period of time and every other day would inject a small amount into him. Even in small amounts, though, it had a strong effect and resulted in almost immediate unconsciousness. After nearly a month, a Fangpyre soldier was caught spying and decided to perform the same tests on her.
He eventually noticed her and Tranz getting more and more close to eachother, and not wanting to deal with the possibility of the two becoming mates, decided to give the female larger doses of the serum effectively breaking down her mental state faster. After finishing his studies with the girl, he ended her life with a poisoned serum giving her a small apology for his deeds; the first time he'd felt guilt for ending a life since he was young.
Later on, he had noticed Tranz's mental state weakening much faster as he grew into depression without his girlfriend. He had developed a new serum that would permanently tighten muscles, and decided to test it on him. After refusing Taelin's request for a smile, he was dragged into the lab and injected with the serum, forcing a smile onto his face permanently. In between the injections, Taelin also injected a small vaccine that intensified his emotions. Figuring it would be the prisoner's final moments of what little sanity was left in him, Taelin immediately threw him back in the cell he was kept in.
The effect of what Taelin had done had angered Tranz more than expected and was violently attacked by him when he went to check on him. Taelin survived, but with very bad injuries (bitten off hood, various scratches, lost eye). His experiments were found out about shortly afterwards, and once Taelin had healed well enough to walk, was locked in a jail cell located beneath the present-day Hypnobrai tomb.
Once the serpentine were freed by Lloyd, he was allowed freedom, but after trying to start his experiments on others again, was punished and sentenced to have his memory wiped. He had his memory completely erased shortly before the Serpentine got trapped in the Stone Army tomb. He was left alone to cluelessly wander around for years.

Abilites: Hypnotism ( [link] )

Attack Range: Close

Strengths: Very intelligent, knows the body's weak spots very well, good memory

Weaknesses: Very often in a drowsy/sick state due to being so stressed at times he forgets to eat/sleep, Physically weak, reduced hypnotic powers due to only having one eye

Personality: Dangerously curious, emotionless, uncaring, ...secretly sad and lonely with his forevaralone feels...

Family: Z (Daughter; Not related by blood)

Past Love Interest(s): N/A

Love Interest(s): Extremely huge crush on Fihara ( [link] )

Taelin (C) Me

Fihara (C) :iconprpldragon:
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Behold, the long-overdue articuno! Do you know how old this is? This is way back when I first started with paperpokes. Except back then, it was a typical ripped pose. Recently, I revamped articuno, fixing textures and changing the pose drastically, adding a few more polys to the tail so it curves with increased fluidity.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Edits by me
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Because they need one :V I've noticed they keep getting more skinny and shapely with each redraw. LOL But that's the way I likes it

The feet. I am happy with the feets the most :iconravesplz:

It feels like it's been so long since I've done personal art, and even longer since I've actually done a somewhat polished piece of an OC. Going back to these two was nice.

Random facts about the species;

-Klexians are liquid methane based in lieu of water, with a body temperature of roughly -279F(-172.8C). Their organic parts are carbon based, they breath oxygen and exhale carbon monoxide. Nitrogen has a similar effect to alcohol(to humans) on their bodies

-their endo-exo suits keep their body temperature stable offworld, using a respirator, insulating aero-gel, nanites, self-healing alloys and an internal cooling system to make it possible for them to live self sufficiently in otherwise deadly environments

-Due to their homeworld having become too hot to survive on, the species lives a scattered existence. They survived for a time among a few established communities but eventually integrated themselves with others species on various worlds

-the largest population of integrated Klexians exists on  the planet Saigen, first settled by human colonists of JAXA, and as a result most Klexians speak either Japanese or English, their native tongue having become largely defunct

-Males have vestigial wings and ornamental feathers due to an evolutionary history of sexual selection by the females, similar to birds of Paradise or peacocks. Other dimorphics include females being of a smaller size and having shorter, but more flexible tails. 

-Eye color varies from yellow, to green to blue. Natural skin color varies from cyan to navy blue, with splotches of black on the extremities

-Males often adorn their wings with various dyes or jewelries as they are often quite vain and obsessed with beauty. Skry himself has three piercings on his right wing

-feathers and wings begin growing from adolescence and while they can heal, they cannot be regrown if lost. A common display of romantic devotion is when a male creates a trinket of his own feathers to give to the female since, as they cannot grow back, he has effectively made a very personal sacrifice

Late Drive in Tokyo by CryophaseBacksides by CryophaseEnjoying the View by Cryophase
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Wow golly its been literally half a year since I posted a character :slow: but yay new sheet style I'll likely be using from now on. I'm hoping to go back and redo at least the main cast in this style.  Anyway also look the Saitek finally do have a character, I didn't just hold a contest for them with no attention with using them for anything! Though this is the only major player of the species they do frequently show up as background fodder... and mooks.
Anyway character info!
Name: Ym966dkb2097 or Ym9 for short
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Species: Saitek
Not a whole lot about this individual's past is known or at least discussed in the open. Ym9 is one of many laboratory tech which at the UICA's headquarters. He best specializes with modding technology. Rumour has it that Ym9 only came to be in this position as a plea deal to get out of some legal problems, what problems for what reasons are only known to him and the relevant law enforcement personnel.
Ym9 true age isn't known even to him but it is known that he has been working at the UICA for about 50 years. Despite his sketchy past he has used that time to primarily design accessibility technology for different sapient species. Recently he, with a team of both other Saitek and Ginaga, manage to perfect a translation collar that would allow the Wayok their first chance for verbal vocalization, one of his partners being one of the recipients of this new technology. As of the beginning of the story he continues to work towards improving the technology to make it more viable for wide distribution.
Ym9 is a bit odd to say the least. They seem unusually pleasant... to an extreme degree. While most Saitek aren't very expressive at all Ym9 makes sure to very thoroughly vocalize how pleased they are constantly to the point you wonder if he understands the concept of happiness or he really doesn't know what sadness is suppose to be. This quirk can obviously be both a benefit and a huge detriment depending on the situation. Another notable thing like most Saitek he is very logical and calculated which is fantastic for his job but does it hard for him to grasp certain metaphorical concepts, unlike most Saitek though he DOES try to get them with varying degrees of success.
Also notable is despite the jolly exterior they seem somewhat unconcerned with law abiding outside reading up on laws to see how he can get away with more.  He's gotten in trouble several times over the last 50 years doing shady exchanges and selling items he otherwise should not have to parties with no permission to own these things. That said in recent years Ym9 has decided to stop doing this not because he actually gives a crap about the UICA's laws but because he doesn't want his significant others involved.
So overall a very happy and nice individual that seems to push things.
Other points of interest:
  • As noted in the history Ym9 has partners as in plural. He is mates with a wayok name Warrim and a ginaga named Tellil. Ym9 and Warrim are both secondary characters but Tellil is off doing a pilgrimage in the story so they're rarely seen until later on.
  • Ym9 can't actually laugh due to being a Saitek and therefore lacking that kind of vocal range but he does try. It sounds as artificial and terrifying and you probably imagine.
  • The hat he wears on his capsule is held there with a adhesive if you're wondering. This particular one was a gift from Tellil before they left on their pilgrimage but he owns many more held on using the same method.
  • Despite having a partner that is an aquatic species Ym9 is as talented as every other Saitek at swimming- in other words not very. He tends to sink upon entering water so he need assistance or some type of ramp if he wants to get out again.
  • Ym9 enjoys dancing and music especially songs with faster beats.

So enjoy and feel free to leave feedback or a favourite if you want... and hopefully there isn't too many typos.

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to Goatlactic
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Blood version... still having fun on it :D
and like some one has told me it looks like the evil critters from alien... so I changed the name
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