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A film by Mason Shefa, 2009.

Visual poem on identity.

Shot in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Filmed with a Minolta Autopak-8 D6 Super-8mm Camera
with Kodak Tri-X and Kodak Plus-X reversal Super-8mm film.

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, 1st Place “Best Experimental” (Oct. ’10)
National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, “Honorable Mention” (Dec. ’10)
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, “Southern California Regional Gold Key Award for Senior Art Portfolio” (March ’11)
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, “Ovation National Gold Medal for Senior Art Portfolio” (May ’11)

National Film Festival for Talented Youth
(May ‘10)
South Bay Student Video Festival (May ‘10)
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (Oct. ’10)
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (Nov. '10)
Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival (Nov. '10)
National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (Dec. ’10)
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (March ’11)
San Francisco Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival (April ’11)
Art.Write.Now National Exhibition at the World Financial Center (May-June ’11)
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Canon XSi
2-second interval

Shot this sunset timelapse this evening while at Boys Town lake. Lovely scene as the clouds picked up golden hues and geese swam around (also... some mild hissing at points lol). I know TLs aren't the most exciting thing to watch, but I can't post videos with music to dA since I don't own the music rights :P Colors are unprocessed as well, this is pretty much just a raw encoded clip which may be part of a more polished video later :)

Please tell me what you think! :dance:
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Recently we have submitted a Flash using Alternativa3d. This is our 2nd piece. This is a 3D sound visualizer.

This Flash needs Flash player version 11. The Flash 11 can provide us playing 3D scene on real time using GPU. This Flash cannot submit to deviantART yet. And you may be not able to play this Flash because of PC spec. So we made a video with a scene performing this Flash. At first, please watch this video. And then please play this Flash. If your GPU power can play it, this Flash will be 3D sound visualizer of MP3 for you.

About this sound visualizer, we would like to show you our recommendation views. You can see them pushing the key from 1 to 6.

We uploaded it to our site. Please check it!

Sound visualizer
Sound visualizer
Sound visualizer
Sound visualizer
Sound visualizer

This is a collab work by keno and =k3-studio.
This script is written by keno. I made this 3D scene.
He is a developer of iPhone and flash applications. He likes painting as a hobby.

2 music using in our Flash were made by my friends. The composer and songwriter of these music are tenmaru and Ryu-, respectively. The title of 1st music is 'Catcher FOr U'. The singer is elie. The title of 2nd music is '秘密基地'. The English title associated from the words is 'Childhood'. The singer is vocaloid.

We will make our works more in the future. We want to make some applications for iPhone and other smart phone. We're glad if you're looking forward to our future works. ;) And then we believe that deviantART will support such 3D flash some day. When deviantART support such 3D flash, I want to submit our works.

- About bars of Sound visualization
There are 256 bars for it. 32 bars of the lateral direction are separated by 2 factors which are right and left sound. 8 bars of the longitudinal direction mean the time progression divided by 100 ms. The lateral direction mean the frequency of sound. The vertical direction means the intensity of sound.
By the way, the shadow by bars means the average intensity of sound. :)

- How to use
1. You can see the other 2 angles by 1 to 6 key.
2. You can change the angles continuously by W, E, A, S, D and C key.
3. You can also change the angle by mouse.

- Flash development environment
FlashDevelop and Action Script3

About commission related to such Flash applications
We can always accept your commissions. If you have some requests, please let us know using e-mail or note.
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In episode number seven, we find two sheets of paper side by side, each containing a single character. One is ever joyous and carefree while the other, acutely observing the actions of the first, broils with envy. Naturally, antics ensue.
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