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Spotlight Vol. 27

Abstract and Surreal

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DeviantART Compliments #88

Sun Mar 16, 2014, 1:52 PM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

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pulbern, the forums on dA, as well as dA in general, and my dA experience in particular, would be a lot poorer without having you as a comrade and a friend. Your positiveness is as infectious as your beautiful collages, which deserve to be seen by everyone!

puddlefisher, you've 'gone through a lot', as they say, and so for you to maintain the dominant, and friendly, and inspiring, and warm presence that you do here on dA, is nothing short of remarkable. I'm proud to know you! All the best.

RhynWilliams, what can't I say about your artworks that I've not already said? Well, let me skip to you - as an individual you're one of the most interesting people I've met - you have a fundamental sense of decency and a charitable attitude. More power to you.

scarletwave, you never fail to make me smile! I love your Muro comments so - you're my favourite Muro artiste. It's a pleasure to know you.

TommyGK, I can't comprehend just quite how brave you are, for having gone through what you have. I admire your strength, and I'm personally very grateful for the kindness you've shown towards me. All the best.

littlefishey, it may be some time before you get this! I want to congratulate you on getting married. And to thank you for sharing with everyone on dA your inspiring weight-loss stories, fascinating photos, and tremendous works of literature. I want to be like you when I grow up.

iDJPanda - George, I've not known you for long but I do know this much, that you're one of the most infectiously, and genuinely positive, people I know! Plus, you like pandas, so you have impeccable taste. Thanks for all you do to promote a sense of fraternity on dA!

HPxZelda has been such a great friend, and her passion for art and improvement continues to astound me. thanks for existing, dude.

(This is for sylveonprince!!)
To Panny-
I really like your art and you're a big inspiration for me and...and...I know you have a girlfriend but I'd really like you...*hides in corner* I'm sorry I hope I didn't ruin your day or w/e....

I'm sending this compliment to aexlyii this user deserves to be complimented for her work. Whether it's drawings or 3D work, her work is excellent and always worth seeing. It's not just view either, you can feel the emotions this artist has put into their work and that is truly a mark of an excellent artist.

caspian rneat is super fricking cool!! he's really funny and has great art and he's really nice to his friends,, well frick um he's cooler than elsa and as cute as olaf tbh ( i hate frozen why am i referencing this ) and i just really want to be his friend UR COOL CAS xoxo
love, max unbelievers

Love your art <3 Keep it up with the website, you're awesome!!

Doctor-Major is probably one of the most amazing deviants here on DA, she is always there for anything and well I hope she has a wonderful future ahead of her.

Tannywantan is definitely the best pixel artist I have gotten the pleasure to talk to and well I even use her icons, she is amazing at what she does and she is also extremely kind to those who are kind towards her, along with her obsession with P!nk she has got to have one of the greatest personalities in this world!

IRL-SnowQueenRarity has got to be one of the most interesting people about, although a major brony and proud of it too but she also has an obsession with frozen! Her habits of being so kind was how I started talking to her and well we are definitely friends! I hope she always is improving :la:

Also I would like to give thanks to Self-Epidemic for the very well thought and conversation starting forum topics, whenever I log on to DeviantArt there is some new topic of sorts for me to discuss that isn't boring. She has the wonderful touch of bringing a community together :D

When i joined deviantart, i saw a lot of awsome artists. Like Auraleyki , Danesippi , emmy1320 , Krispz , and so much more ! This is just a little compliment to all my friends and artists i like !
From a deviant named WindyCloud

She is one of the best and talented people i have met here on DA. Her drawing Styles are amazing. The way she draw fur is soo cute *-*.
She deserve much love, because she do so many Gifts and art for her Friends.
I love to talk to her, because she is always nice and friendly ^^
please go and check her out.
have a nice Day ^^

CoattailsOfJustice you are an awesome person and a great friend always stay fantastic

brokenisland- You are amazing. I love your words so much && your personality is just... epic? Fantastic? Amazing? I can't even. I appreciate your existence a lot and I hope that we may continue to interact for a good long while.
Wishing you the best always!

ithaswhatitisnt - You are amazing. I love you with every inch of my being. I miss you around Deviantart but I know you have school to take care of so I'm wishing you all the best luck all the time! Never stop being you! :heart:

killerlord123- Never give up. Like ever. Too many people would miss you and your writing. Also you're epic. So there. :heart:

Your artwork is truly amazing and always makes me happy to look at. Keep working hard and I know you'll make it into dreamworks, or wherever you plan to be!!!

You are amazing in everything my friend, i love you <3

Your the best person i have ever met on deviantart, u are loyal, kind and very very trustworthy, our friendship is better than any friendship i have ever had, im happy to be your best friend and ill always be proud of u
From c00kie

xX-ArtBloqued-Xx, Ala-Kazam, Ninja-of-Stars
Let's shake our fandom to the core, gals! Friends forever <3

TeenChampion, TheTGrodz, Volcanoclaw, XanyLeaves
To my favorite guys in the whole world, keep up the good work!

Floridian-Penraser sisters forever

8Bpencil is such a wonderful artist. all of his traditional artworks are stunning!

MintFrost12 and Cadence4911, my most caring friends I met here, I meant both of them around the same time. They are amazing artists, and absolutely fabulous friends! I love you guys like family ^ω^

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Skin by SimplySilent
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job interview

Fri Mar 14, 2014, 1:48 PM

well it looks like i'm gonna gear up for a job interview this monday-tuesday as it seems. It's for a post in an insurance company as a desk help personnel, it's a stable job, work hours from 9-4, good pay. How did an engineering major end up in an insurance company you might ask? *Points a finger at my older sister*
i won't complain really, i won't mind the income, i can get myself a tablet this way, and maybe upgrade my junk phone into something that's actually decent.
Sooo wish me luck, i hope i'll get it and i won't get an anxiety attack in the middle of the interview because do you know how stressful it is for me to sit in a group that includes more than 5 people at a time? :| i tend to just shut down entirely and put a smile on my face and nod T_T

in other news, we might be getting a husky puppy too, one of our friends offered us one. now i just have to convince sis to actually get it and stop being skeptical >.> i want the puppy!

:bulletyellow:random wtf moment:bulletyellow:
Soo a couple months ago i volunteered at :iconwriters--club: as a lit critic after a long 2 years hiatus, the main reason i stopped bothering with critiques is due to the horrible reactions you get sometimes.  what i'll never understand is why do some people react viciously to critiques, like they expect a critic should praise their work. there seems to be a huge misunderstanding in this area. Recently i pointed out some really bad grammar mistakes in a piece, and got called a troll for it then the writer goes 'i'm not gonna change them i like my style better' :ohnoes LEFT ...WTF? Ed Emote 
how on earth do you even begin to call something that's grammatically incorrect a writing style :B 

you had any wtf moments lately? tell me

Special Mentions:

There are a few people and pieces that i would like to point out. 
:bulletblue:first shout goes to :iconciullo-corporation: project Muss Cause

''Coming SOON'' - MUSS CauseCiullo Corporation Presents
MUSS Cause
The balance of Universe is hanging to a thread.
The Guerra degli Albori between the Primi Popoli has never really ceased and now new uncertainties threaten the fragile stalemate between the Corporazione delle Gilde, conflux for the remains of the Dominio Kerebron, and the Impero del Tempo, born from allegiance between Ogre and Tesh'Amarf.
To preserve the order it was elected an agency, the A.S.I.N.O., with the duty to classify and watch all planets of the Universe, so no one could endanger the balance.
But, far away from the sensors of the hi-tech A.S.I.N.O. ships, a far planet, Marte, opens an ancient gate, awakening the evil who dwells in the heart of the Spazio Dimenticato.
Now, the only chance resides in the most unlikely of the places, and in the most unlikely of the heroes, a Mondo di Mezzo dweller...
quote from

It's an independent 3D CG movie, written and developed entirely by me and my brother (aka Ciullo Corporation), it isn't already finished but, if there's no problems, it would be ready for the end of the year.

:bulletblue:Second shout goes to :iconfeaturevalley: 
This is a brand new group with one very simple goal: Featuring other artists, indeed this is a group where you don’t post from your own gallery, but from your favourites instead. This is a group to make people stop for a moment and instead of thinking, which of my pieces do I want people to see, which piece I liked deserves to be seen by more people?
it's founded by my dear friend 

:bulletblue:Third shout goes to :icontheastrologist: whom i recently came across her work, i gotta say it's really impressive. 
the science of told me once that a strike of lightning
is five times hotter than the surface of the sun.
and so if i am the sky
then you are the storm,
flawlessly constructed and
elaborately designed to strike me
when i'm broken.
except lightning never strikes
the same place twice,
and your fist has struck
the flesh above my cheekbone
more times than i can count.
"the earth is number two,
and heaven is number three,"
you told me once, as you slipped
your hand beneath my skirt.
your other hand was on the wheel,
guiding us through the storm.
"—because the earth was created first,"
you would tell me,
although i didn't want
to believe it.
"heaven was just an afterthought."
your hand was warm,
and your touch was electric.
i did nothing as you caressed
my inner thigh, and i stood still
as you reached for more.
i allowed you.
i had no choice.
the rain fell on the windshield
like a map of confused roads
leading nowhere,
and i thought quietly to myself
as our silence burned the bridges.
you neve
daydreams and monsters.she was a girl.
she ran with the moon,
chased fireflies in the bluegrass, and
watched the reflection of sunsets in rain puddles.
                        her name was Alice,
                        and she was a girl.

but to the dragonflies she was a queen,
and to the mirror she was a sister.
the moon was her prince, and the
blinking windows were the eyes
that kept her safe.
she spent her nights making wishes, and she
dragged her fingers along the shooting stars
that were tangled with her vertebrae.
                        her name was Alice,
                        and she was a girl.

her body was a river
her mind was an ocean
and her heart was the sky.
she lived in a world where
doves flew in the sea and
whales swam in the
the astrologists.there was a boy i once knew.
He used to teach me about the universe—
how planets are actually small atoms that
make up galaxies, and how the stars we see
are really just particles that make up infinity.
He taught me the forgotten history behind the stars,
and how they were so much more
than just flaming orbs of gas.
"The stars were once worlds,"
he would tell me.
"They once were planets,
and now that's all they have left to be."

there was a boy i once knew,
and he used to teach me about Fiddler's Green
and Spaceship Earth. He told me what to say
to a person who's dying, and why astrologists
are the people to go to when you can't find your way.
"The astrologists were once mages,"
he would tell me, his wings
itching to be free.
"They once were lovers,
and now that's all they have left to be."

He used to talk for hours about what
he imagined it felt like to be reincarnated,
and why you feel most alive when you're
almost dead. He used

:bulletblue: and the last shout goes to  Genghis    Whenever we were bad my mother used to take us to the mall to see Genghis Kahn. They kept him in a dusty diorama of a Mongolian steppe, all tall grass and yurts. He sat on a throne of bone (well, plastic shaped like bone), scowling in incomprehension at the American kids who flocked around him like startled lemmings. My mother would usually push us toward him, saying things like “Tell him what you did to your father’s stamp collection.” Genghis would give a grunt, spit a wad of phlegm onto the tall grass, and give us a  wizened, wrinkled grimace, as if he had to go to the bathroom.
    He terrified me.
    My brother couldn’t get enough of him.
    When my brother got caught in my mother’s evening dress, my mother grabbed us both and dragged us to Genghis. It was a slow day, and we were the only kids crowding him. “Tell him what you did,” my mother hissed a

i can honestly say this story is going to stick for a very long time. 

Regular Feature:

zoom out a bit if the thumbs are appearing in a horizontal line
Feature extracted out of the responses on the forum i posted earlier this month. I think i got all of them, but if i didn't kindly note me with the missing artwork and i'll add it to next month's feature.

Tree by Linum7Roses girl by MiruFujiwara

Commission- Inanna by Lilith-the-5thWinter Wonderland by monicamarie1019

Star BurstTracing faded stars
In your eyes, wondering when
We'd burn out for good
To YouWhat's the point in trying again
In giving you second and third chances
You are going to waste
Again, and over and over?
I'm tired, so tired of this mess
Why do I still hold on
Why do I try to stay strong
Why don't I push you away?
We used to be closer than most
We used laugh at people
Confusing us for lovers
I loved you like a brother
But now the tables turned
Winter descended upon us
I don't know anymore
Who's that behind your face
You probably don't know
What you caused, just like
I do not know a thing
About the suffering you hide
I want to have it back
The good times we have lost
Though I know that's a dream
A dream which can't come true
Somewhere along our way
We have lost each other
Maybe the only thing left to do
Is to break the hurtful bond

A Photographic Dream    The faded black and white photograph sits idly on the vanity. My exact likeness stares out at me from within the flowered frame. We stare at each other, admiring the intricate feature we share. She seems to understand how lucky I was to inherit such beauty from her, the ideal embodiment of femininity. A sort of arrogance glints in her eyes; her plump lips seem to smirk. Her creamy, alabaster skin glows with confident. She is aloof, to say the least. I know everything about this woman, my grandmother, as well as myself, by this photograph. I am the spitting image of her. I know that I am much more than my sorry excuse of a mother. I know that there is more to me than her. Because of my grandmother, I know that I come from more than a disrespected, cheap drunk. This photograph of my grandmother shows me everything that I could ever be.
    One day, I know I will leave this place I am forced to call home. I will abandon the lower-class without a second-glance the f
elevenyou told me that you loved me
even as i whispered
one day, i'll forget your eyes
and you, mine
but you kissed me, then,
kissed the words right from
my mouth
until i asked you
if you were going to miss
my warm browns
you told me
you'd forever miss
the sweetness they dripped
like melting chocolate
it broke my heart––
wolf-children, runpainted skin and
silver tongues, braced
to face the world
with nothing but the words
they'd known since
never, wolf-children howled
at the trees
and hid from the moon to tell
how the tales were
never right
after all. eyes of animals
sunken between pale-pink cheeks
bitten by the bees
stared out and
cried for mother
(nature) -- but
she never found
the river to run for her
mouth. the babbling
never did
cease to raise the
pinprick feelings along
spines, but
children don't understand it
anyway -- leave
the wind to breathe
(speak) for
them; wolf-children,

Red Folly by msfowle
Exoplanet by TylerReitan

Snow Leopard by DPasschier

<da:thumb id="433709292"/> Here's to the PeopleHere's to the girl with the broken glass heart,
surrounded by friends, yet so far apart,
to the girl with the ocean in her deep blue eyes,
to the girl that never once cries.
Here's to the boy with his dreams on the floor,
just looking for peace, yet starting a war,
to the boy who laughs in the face of fear,
Yet on the inside sheds a few tears.
Here's to the people who never got a chance,
to the people who never got so much as a glance,
the world won't say they never pursued,
the world will say they soared high and they flew.
DustYou can tell who someone is,
       by where the dust is,
       in their home
In a home free of dust,
       the business man works,
       dust cannot settle,
       when the ground is always moving
A worn man sleeps in his chair,
       there is dust on the floor of the bedroom,
       he cannot sleep in there now,
       and there is dust on the once clean kitchen,
       why clean if you are alone
Children run outside,
       the mother holds the door of the home,
       everything is damp and dirty,
       where their grubby hands have been,
       the only static, dusty thing here,
       is the book in which she used to write poetry
My house is coated in dust left undisturbed,

When I Met Her-“Am I dead?” Her voice is rough compared to the soft pitter-patter of the rain on the concrete.
“No” I reply as I fiddle with my shoe string.
“Why?” Her emotions hit me strong as I inhale the air filled with her angry and bitter word.
“It isn’t your time” I get up from the ground and brush the dirt off of my pants.
I extend my hand to her and I expect her to refuse but she takes it and I pull her up off the cold concrete.
I don’t let go and she doesn’t either.
House HunterThomas Wingate was not a happy man. He usually enjoyed his work as a real estate agent, but this latest search was pushing his confidence to the edge. He had shown his clients over a dozen houses, but none of the places they had seen at were what they were looking for. The smile he wore felt plastic, but when he stopped forcing it, Thomas was not able to keep the dubious look off his face as he drove up the gravel drive to Hunters Hill. If this did not work, he might have to help them to find another realtor.
This house was the last listing his office had that even remotely fit the list of wants and needs his clients had given him. At least they knew the difference between a “want”, which were things they were able to do without, and a “need”. Their list of “needs”, short as it had been, had driven him out of his usual listings, searching through the contacts that the other agents in the office had, and had led to some interesting showings.
He honest
Knights of the Black CrossSorcerers of madness, fire in their eyes,
The executioners of so many lives,
They wanted the world as their slaves,
And turned the cities into fiery graves,
How many lives must be lost,
To the Knights of the Black Cross.
Raining fear and terror from the skies,
This is the reason the Black Cross flies,
Their leader was so insane and evil,
He relished all the chaos and upheaval,
Who would have to pay the cost,
For the Knights of the Black Cross.
This was the time for the bloody fights,
The valiant would battle against the Knights,
The battle raged on for days and days,
This was the time the Black Cross pays,
Now the Knights have no more power,
Because this was Britain’s finest hour.

Order of the chalice of Saint Clara by wyverex

Ausseer See by LaFilleSourire

Lightning Returns: FF XIII Contest by NurDyslexia

Safe HavenGreen memories await.
Green lawn
Broken slate.
A message written on;
White chalk; memory grim.
Hide under blue sky
Open air;
Wide eyes.
Don't remember
Don't cry!
Red anger bursts inside.
White clouds...
White chalk!
Don't cry!
Don't talk!
This is it. That's all.
The green grass will catch my
To be Alive in a Dead WorldA skin is all it is, this happiness that we show.
We pretend, may even believe, for a time,
Until someone neutralizes the illusion.
All have regret, and all have troubles,
Which steal away rest and sanity.
Skin is thin, and sometimes we break.
But this world, unforgiving, unrelentingly cruel,
Forces us back into our husks,
Forces our faces to smile.
Cries of anguish...why are they unacceptable?
Must they be only for privacy?
This world, with its calculating, cold center,
Would be far better if we were unfeigned.
Whellcome HomeA short horror story...

    Long time ago, there was a heart-warming home of a modest family of three. Before that, it was nothing more than an old abandoned house. When they moved in, the young couple restored it and planned to raise a family there. Soon enough, their son was born and the old house lit up with joy.
    Their life, however, wasn't easy. Work demanded long trips for the couple. On such occasions, their son would stay under the care of his grandmother, who lived nearby. She wasn't always in best terms with the couple. Still, the boy would often stay for several days and, among many things, he loved grandma's stories of local folklore, witches, bat wing recipes and magic cauldrons. He liked it there. Nevertheless, nothing compared to mom and dad arriving to pick him up and going back home.
    Unfortunately, home vanished from the boy’s life too soon when his parents died in a tragic car accident. His stay at gr

The Mystical Ms. Misty-Chapter 1The class was sitting around the colourful classroom. They seemed to be waiting for somebody.
Shortly after, In walked their teacher, Ms. Misty. She had long black hair tied up at the back and thick rimmed glasses. She was tall and lean. She wore a white jacket and a black skirt. There was a big, fat, unlit cigar resting in her mouth.
“Good morning, class,” Ms. Misty said in a happy, sparkly voice. “Good morning, Ms. Misty,” replied the class in unison. “And how are we feeling today?” she continued. “Good,” said the class.
Ms. Misty looked around the room and said “Since Molly is the star pupil today, why doesn’t she come up and light my cigar?”
The other kids cheered as a girl with pigtails and glasses got up and excitedly walked over to Ms. Misty’s desk, picking up a match. She strode over to Ms. Misty, who sat down and held her cigar out.
Molly struck the match and held it up to the tip of Ms. Misty’s ciga
The Solder's WifeYou make me wait
like a solder's wife
stuck in this uncertainty
and in this life
I wish you the best
I hope you do know
and I hope you take these words
where ever you go
I will always be with you
inside your heart
when we talk
and when we're apart
i say my goodbyes
but it wont be long
come back safely
come back strong
MemoriesMemories of us
So sweet yet contain toxic
Had killed me tonight

winter city by mousseeSochi Danced by theory6-brian

Aqua Flame by KeraDavis98Dhe Naoers: Hokoe Yugha by Ahkward

I sang a song of summer-I sang a song of summer
On the night we said goodbye;
Whistled loud to all the clouds,
I bottled up the sky-
And as we strayed into July
I dreamt of crystal June;
I stretched my dreams onto the seams
And sang a little tune.
When we crept through autumn, though,
I started having doubts:
I tried to rhyme but felt that time
Was stumbling about
Drunk on every winter hymn
That melted frosty air.
But warmth of spring began to sing
Of secrets everywhere-
So as we sang of season’s past
And said our soft goodbyes,
I unlatched the melted cap
And let go of our sky.
Monsters2 monsters came one day
To a sweet little village in the wood
Populated by kind, hardworking people
Hearts filled with the greater good
But the hearts of the monsters
Were cruel, cold as ice
And they tore the village apart
Stomp and tear, claw and slice
One by one, they ate them
Man, woman and child
Laughing at thier desperate efforts
to save themselves, they went wild
It was quite a sight,
Of blood and gore and fright
The killing lasted all day
And the feast went on all night
Except for one small girl
Her eyes were dull though her face was bright
She was young and lonely
And tired of her life.
"You've eaten my mother and father,
you've destroyed all that was right
Pray tell, horrible creatures,
why am I not dead tonight?"
"You would not taste good,"
said the first,
"the purest hearts taste sweet."
"The wicked taste bitter,"
said the other,
"and the heroic taste savory."
"But you would taste bland
You feel nothing
I devoured your parents,
where are the tears for your cheek?"
"I suppose

hopelessthat moment of despair
when you feel the world spinning
and you don't know what's what
but you just want out
the heat leaves your body
as you clench your fists tight
you hold on for something
you're not sure is coming
Noah's SongI dwell below the blue, always watching, always waiting for a sailor's soul. They drift on high in vessels they think will float forever. It amuses me so- to see their determination, their will to live at sea. Every so often I stay beneath the surface and spare them my wrath, but only for those with a true respect for my home.
The ocean.
This swirling pool of cerulean. This sapphire lifeblood of the lower world, a world so wholly unknown.
I spread my wings and glide. I stay submerged and play with phosphoresce, guiding them with my fingertips. They swarm me; illuminate me, making me look like a true sea nymph. Ethereal, beautiful, bright like the sun with my wings spread wide and shining.
I can hear it in the distance- a ship holding what I need. Licking my lips, I close my eyes and break through the swell. The air is crisp and ridden with salt, the breeze light and playful. The moon is high and full. It’s a perfect night for a feast.
So I swim, stretching my legs before finding
For the wind don't judgeHello little lady,
sit in the dusk with me,
I'll make the leaves sing again
to keep your mind at peace
You can whisper 
careless words
to the cat ghost notebook                
on your lap,
I will carry them
far away
Welcome little lady,
here is a cloud 
for you to shape
where sun meets the horizon
and time stands still
have fun
hang your doubts 
on the withered fence;
deep down your bare soul
inhale my voice
till smile returns
and light,
come on little lady,
goodbye, goodbye
feel not 

Momoi by no0dles919To You, 2000 Years From Now by SECONDARY-TARGET

Pizza time part 1 by ultrachickenDaisy by TheElvishDevil

Galaxy P.I.   Light covers the city, even at night. A bevy of colors, my favorite ones being the variations of green on the white buildings. It’s a very bright place, especially during the day. The skies are almost always clear, but when it rains, it really pours. It’s like someone dumped the cosmic bucket of water down on the city.
   The skyscrapers stretch higher than my neck can bend from street level, but the sun still reaches us bugs on the street. Couple of the bigger places are as big as city blocks and act as cheap housing. They’re the tallest. Pretty fancy stuff for cheap living. I got me one, near top floor. Everyone here is at least twice as big as a human, so my apartment is very spacious. Scary shit looking all the way down – hell, it scares me looking half way down – but the view over the rest of the city is magnificent! They’re not like the buildings back home.
   The indigenous species here are called something I c
Thoughts and ShadowsConquering thoughts and shadows
The pitcher of my life
Things that once did matter
Now take on a new light
In the corner of my mind
I sense a shallow feeling
That when my life has passed me by
All that's left is dreaming
Slowly I start to wonder why
This world is always bleeding
Release me in my darkest night
A restless heart that's beating
Come save me from a new dawning
Of certain destruction
The world is so mixed up and torn
And life is one production
Carry me to safe shores
Carry me through the night
So I won't see the sun dawning
The destruction of the light
Blind my eyes
My thoughts, my fears
Hear my cries
And catch my tears
Bottle them for memories sake
And start a new beginning
Where peace and love is there to take
And there's no threat in living
Vanity KillsPlastic surgery
A slap in the face of God.
Look at Megan Fox.

FtM: mirrorsI stare at the mirror in my tiny bathroom, my eyes locking with my own eyes, reflecting the man I am inside, a slight fluffy beard on my face, my hair pulled back together with a leather strap, because I love it Victorian style. Those eyes so full of desire and power, eyes that keep me going day after day, they belong with a fit and athletic man, who has the heart of an Arthurian knight. Wide shoulders, slightly muscular body in the eternal manly triangle.
Then however the eye contact breaks and I see reality, my slender feminine face, my large full chest, round and perky as they defy my inner self, that ever disgusting triangle that leads to the so called flower of the female body, as in between there lays the eternal betraying waist, curved like the old Marilyn Monroe shots.
When my eyes meet my own again, they are miserable, I wish there was someone I could blame for all this pain. No matter how others tell me how beautiful I look, how they are jealous of soul does not belon
The Kingdom of My HeartMy dreams are but a sanctuary
Let me sleep
And find my way
For reality is just a nuisance.
Regardless of warnings,
I'm a broken doll
My heart torn at the seams
Trying to stay afloat
In a flood of darkness.
The key to my world
Is to let me dream.
Let me understand
The power to see the worlds
And be the warrior
That sleeps inside my heart.
All of those heartless monsters-
The ones that try to tear me apart,
They cannot touch me there;
As long as I keep dreaming
The future doesn't scare me at all.
And I'll rest upon my throne
Inside the kingdom of my heart.
<da:thumb id="430481610"/>

Kass'roll by Whalzz

The light by fallenmoonmist

Let go by Au-Ra

NeedlesI need that shot
To pump me full
Of life
By death
Deaths cold kiss
Makes me feel new
Like nothing matters
But when death leaves
Life takes over
And kills me once again
Must go
Need more
My sweet needles
My only friends
Cradle me
Prick me
Fill me with love once again
That will come crashing down
Send me on my dark descent
Being back to the surface of life
Straddling the border of life and death
Sitting on the end of the needle
His body was found in his apartment, the needle still in his arm. His fingernails were a subtle blue. His face looked calm and serene, as if he finally found peace. Yet that peace took a piece of him he could never get back. He lost himself and now he can never come back.
With a Bow in Her Hair…And so, of course, he did it.
Despite my best attempts, he left me, all alone in the darkness. Despite the fights I fought to make him stay, he disobeyed.
The last memory of him that I have was when I was wrapped in his arms, sobbing into the shoulder of his army greens. He was stroking my hair, telling me how much he loved me, promising he’d be back in time to see our daughter come into this world.
But he lied.  He’ll never return, despite how much I wish for him to. I look once more to the tearstained letter clutched in my hands, and another shaky breath racks my body, which now feels empty, bare.
It won’t be long until Mama comes, asking for his whereabouts. I won’t be able to answer; only weep.
My knees buckle from beneath me, and I fall to the ground, my slim arms wrapped around myself in a comforting gesture. I can taste the disturbing tang of blood at the back of my throat.
The taste of heartbreak.

Dying BreathDeath is among the
Yonder living in their
Imaginative abysses full of
Nothing but the pair of
Gates opening up to our
Breathing having been
Rendered to finally have an
End that has been
Ate by the single, open
Truths spoken by the devil in
Hell, directly to you
Clear for TakeoffDo you fear death?
Let's find out
Come with me, get in line.
Do you pack your insecurity
up in money and possessions
to flee the unfeeling eternity?
Do you hide your fears in God
Of eternal happiness for the righteous
Of just punishment for the wicked?
Do you console yourself:
The beggar child will be fed in heaven
The cruel master will be whipped in hell?
And so you live your life ignoring death
Forgetting it, or
Secure in your illusions, denying it.
Redeemed your ticket?
Let me tell you this
I will not pretend to know what it is to die
But I know what it is not.
It is not easy
Your body will cling to the dirt
Digging its fingernails in
It is not hard
Your body is frail, light
And laughably so
It is not pleasant
Your baggage handling fee
Is the well-being of your mind
It is not uncomfortable
Although some of us would
But when you lift off
On your flight of fancy
Destination unknown
the WindThe Wind that haunts you swirls listless and grey;
Like the presence of Death It hangs in the air, uttering such silent whispers.
Softly It's speaking, "Stop seeking...stop seeking..."
The Voice is always there. 
It sings lullabies of Old.
An ever-shifting Requiem of regrets.
Winds of change soon pass away;
And what is Lost in time? 
Everything and yet Nothing.
The misguided Breeze that now blows loud;
It roars like a Banshee. 
It strikes at any and all.
It cares not, and why should It? 
Imagine the screams that whip about. 
It cries, "Stay out! Stay out!..."
Deceptions that are so riddled within It's wild currents.

It is without beginning and end, this Wind that rises and falls;
A troubling Spirit that stirs up a tempest of disquieting thoughts.
Inescapable is the chilling Wind. 

Ashyra chibi by Liieszz

Oh my Alice... by FionaCanajART

Frozen Elsa by KuroRime

= The Seven Gods = by Sevenlole

A warning shot by roxy932211

Phantom by Zeirai

Sweet Toxic by Arbitrary-Means

Eve Code Battle Seraph by UmbraCrux:CM: LittleChikocho Chibi by CuddlyBunneh

Contented by Theanimalparade

Fennekin's Candles by CaninePrince

Colours Of The Sun by Trichardsen

luna by an4i

It's Cold Outside by WingChant

1/8 Chibiusa and Luna P Garage Kit by leonasenshi

Frendly Robin by Deadly-Tea-Party

Verdarra by shadowmayne96

Bedtime stories by BumbleBeeshTrapped by Ninelyn

Sunset by elisamoriconi

Spring is finally here... by Dark-Indigo

That's  love in my eyes by Music-Monster97

Chibi Ciel by Dusky-Rose

One With Nature by ColorGushSifu Toph by Rhoey

Miss Rachel by CG97Abundancy by Simplexification

CM1 Crooked page 1/4 by OpsynEaster Dress by HaruShadows

ok i think that's all of them. If your work has been added to the upcoming collection but wasn't featured, kindly point that out so i can feature later, or just update the journal (but i think i am near stash journal limit soo next feature, April 1st)

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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 9:24 AM

 PHOSPHOROS by mistertrece HostilE by J-u-d-a-s The Distance by AraNaja The One That Suffers by DamienWorm

Birth XXIII by Leoncio-Harmr renkli yagmur by sounddoors Sans titre 144 by monstror worth the pain by Inextremiss

 .14.03.02. by dasTOK I will follow by Inextremiss Memories by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS  Clockwork Skull by KellyNGin

Dscn4666(1) by Ayad-jabban emotional solitude by CosmicKat Death, Mayhem et Pestilence by eliasaquino Evil by B-Morbid timeo hominem unius libri by fudaryli Skullheart by juliobandeiras
Restless by bliXX-a  Belle Endormie by Bohemiart antigona by Ralu77 C a r o u s e l by Aeternum-Art 

Haunted House by Flobelebelebobele celestial mutilation by miguelopazo The Chemistry Between Us chapter 2 by doeasembilanpro Clockwork Skull By Kellyngin-d77q7gf by MateoGraph Martyrs By Offermoord-d77ntyz by MateoGraph

XIII by deadcancoil this is who i am by fudaryli you're not angel? by grazapp Who we are? by A-Q-U-A-R-I-U-S

MME Guyon by al1n3 Figure du Pere by Nazireat Death Bride by Object---Collector Lillith by Object---Collector Loony Bin Lullabies by szydlak Antekhrist Pantokrator by VoraceKahnaBaal

Pandora IV by VoraceKahnaBaal Mistery by s-caruso Saint by RhynWilliams DEAD EYES SEE NO FUTURE by Cosmas Sinister by Cosmas TEARS FROM THE VISCERAL EYE by v4nsii

Exorcist by Xelistroll Etherial cover art for sale by kylesartaday  Sabbatic Overcast by BURNCHRIST69 I Miss You by ChrisOzFulton The Hour of Death by PriestofTerror

brainless beauty by fudaryli tomorrow is a release by Ayad-jabban Inoculate Indocrinate by VoraceKahnaBaal Alumit by EngendrARTE construct of hate by irbis The Wrath by curtis-macdonald

Beast by medusainfurs Loss by megan7 La synode by VoraceKahnaBaal Demonic #11 - Mother and Son head to Church by BenjeBurdine

Portrait by Nazireat Somewhere but not here by danverkys You Are What You Eat by PaintWithBlood Flowers for Slenderman by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS descent by kannagara

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DeviantART Compliments #78

Wed Jan 22, 2014, 4:17 PM by Kezzi-Rose:iconkezzi-rose:

dA Compliments

30 more compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

Join our group to get all the updates!

pichisi is the sweetest friend I have ever made, and I love her a lot. She has been a great help to me over the past few months, and an inspiration in her art. I am lucky to have her.

Celvas is far too amazing for me to handle. :XD:

cality always leaves such detailed and helpful comments on my artwork. Just wanted to let you know that I truly do appreciate it. :heart:

Garrison005 is a very dedicated artist. He is very talented in many aspects, including his astounding ability to write and draw. His creation of art and worlds, as well as his amazing imagination is wonderful.

sunarii Your pixels are so darn amazing!  I love every single one of them <3  Keep pixeling and keep making icons!

She is the most amazing friend and I love her so much, even if I have never met her!


M-arriott is an awesome girl! And she loves Italy! Check her out!

AyeAye12 is a wonderful person, poet and friend; I consider myself lucky to know someone like him. He has a unique perspective of the world and has changed my view of it quite a bit because of his amazing qualities, some of which consist his altruism, support, and kindness . I love you a lot <3 I just hope you understand that.

There is so much to say in such little of a space! To start with, I love your pictures- they always make me hungry xD But that, of course, is not all there is to you! You're so kind, willing to hold a conversation with me. You also gave me my first points donation and even though that may not seem like a lot to you it meant a lot to me. Thank you for being my friend :)

BloodshotInk - You are amazing. Your words are deep and beautiful, they touch my heart every time I read one of your works and I can never think of a good enough comment to say on them.
Also you-yourself, not just your words- are beautiful.
Wishing you the best always- stay strong, love.

LadyLincoln - I love you. You are amazing, strong, and beautiful, so don't ever forget that!

Shimochisama is a wonderful artist!!! She has such a cute and lovely art! You must see it, she's also a great person, she's funny, smart and talkative!!!

Signed: "Your sis' Jennikey23" I love you so much "manu"!!!! :D

Rayna-Crazy is a kind, talented, and funny person who definitely deserves more love~
Her artwork is amazing and so is she~ :heart:

ScissorLuvMidnight is an amazing person. She's an amazing artist, writer, and she always helps people when she can. She's selfless, sweet, and the best friend a person could have. Love ya sis~

Signed, KarateCat211 (Your 'Shameless Shipper Sis')

InvaderNAV, XSreiki772, ShadowMark158, thank you for being such wonderful, supportive friends. You're always so kind to others, and, while you may get a bit too worried about others' opinions of you, you're just... indescribably amazing.

Thanks again, KarateCat211

Rayna-Crazy Rayna you're so freaking awesome and fun to hang/chat with. I admire your work and look forward to future projects of yours. I'm glad that I was of some help to you starting t-shirts and etc... You are also a person that many people can look up to in the field of writing/art. Again I thank you.

Your friend Dakotah 5krunner97
P.S. You're such a perve xD jk

Landa-Wolf, DlCKASS, skelly-luff, muttguts, svveater ,hawkbramble467
MY BBYS! ahhh i love all of you, love your art....AHH!
i just wanted to let you beautiful people know that i love you all, i love talking to you make me happy when i'm sad,and you're always there..what can i say? you're all magnificent!
landa: you've been my friend since back in fourth grade, you were a derp with me..we drew though all of class and even got ourselves into trouble sometimes...i'm happy to have met you!
midas: haha, our comments. when we talking it's about stupid things, like running away and not being able to hear eachother-wait..what was that you said-haha. i suck at this stuff, but you're pretty awesome, i don't know how i met you exactly uh, phrofesized(what is spelling) our friendship XDD
eliz babe: ahhhhh babe ily sooo much! you're such a sweet child! you've gotten me out of some tough times in the little time i've know you...AHHHHHH!!!
shimo: ah bab, we go on and on about tumblr and anime and kawaii stuff i mean, what can i say? you've a beautiful personality and mindset that matches mine perfectly //throws self across room
dani: love, we've helped eachother sooo much...we've seen some stuff together,and once again, i haven't known you that long as of now. i love you, i love emailing you and even though can usually reply fast due to time differences - i love it when i get messages from you!
hawk or whatever i should call you: hahah we ramble on about just about everything??? we have comment sections sooooo long down just wow, gurl!

if you cant guess who it is, its Rane-mutt
hhhhh //hides in dark corner

You are my hero you've been nothing but an inspiration to me and I love you for it. Keep up the good work and write more soon.

chromeantennae is a constant source of support and kindness, and a true asset to those that know him.

- Ellie.

countless-stars, I know we have drifted, but I still think of you as a great friend of mine and I still care. Your art is amazing and you are so nice to me. Thanks for being here most of the time...

S-i-m-p-l-y is a really awesome artist and person! Her art always makes me want to work harder on my own and her characters always make me happy! She has improved so much in the fairly short amount of time I have been watching her and every picture she posts is full of life! S-i-m-p-l-y is always friendly and cheerful too! Posting interesting and fun polls and never failing to thank people that comment on her art! I hope many more people can find her art and enjoy it as much as I do! :)

indi-dere is one of the most dedicated artists I know on DeviantART. She not only works so hard to improve her art and create absolutely adorable pictures, but she also makes a point to befriend watchers, talk to people, new and old, support other artists no matter their trade and just overall do such good for the DeviantART community around her. She's one of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure of meeting and I think she really deserves a compliment. :) <3

CohensxMadafakas is an awesome, sweet person that is very talented and can brighten up anyone's day, even when they're feeling like everyone hates them. She's loving and funny, and cares so much about others. She's just... she's indescribably amazing~

Signed, KarateCat211

Aerode - You are such a wonderful person, and the fourth little brother that I should have. You're so much fun to talk to, and I can't wait for our collaboration to really get on its way. I'm new at it, so bear with me for the duration of it. But, you're fun to talk to and I'm glad to have met you. : ) Keep up the awesome work.

chromeantennae - You .. you're always a blast. Your writings are amazing, and you deserve every reward that is given to you. Well, all of you mentioned deserve all the rewards given to you. But, you're an amazing friend. I'm glad to have met you. Keep writing and have fun with it!

DorianHarper - I couldn't have met a better person to talk to about writing and anything in general. We can always talk cats. You've been so helpful lately that I thought you deserved a shout-out as well. God bless you, and let all good things come your way.

WeirdAndLovely - You're an awesome person to talk too, and I'm glad to have you through Ricky. It's amazing the people you find through others you have met. Your works are amazing as well and I enjoy every single one of them. (Even if I don't fave or comment one every one.)

AlwaysRainCheck - She is an amazing person and a wonderful writer! Her words are truly beautiful as she switches between her mother language and English and they never fail to touch my heart. I love you. dear one. Best wishes to you always. :heart:

JavaJoJo is a wonderful, selfless, and caring person. She brightens up everyone's day with her thoughtful words and kindness. She is truly a gift from God, a guardian angel sent to Earth to comfort us when we need it most.

puffugu is one of the nicest most creative deviants I have ever met. He's so caring and amazing and funny so fun to talk to. It's just... ;u; GUP ILU SO MUCH IT'S JUST TOO MUCH OMG :heart: :hug:

Write a Compliment

Stumbled across an artist with some amazing artwork? Joined a group that you absolutely loved? Met a deviant who turned out to be an absolutely fantastic friend?

Spread positivity throughout the community by letting everyone know! Send in your compliment(s) and they will be published in a later "deviantART Compliments" journal.

Share your compliments with the community! :#1:

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Can be completely anonymous!

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DeviantART Compliments #79

Sun Jan 26, 2014, 5:06 PM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

:+fav: Please consider faving this journal to help
bring more exposure to the dA Compliments project.

chromeantennae - I've been forgetting to say it for the past few months but- you're amazing.

rlkirkland is a talented writer and an awesome deviant! His writing and his general positivity that goes around deviantART is very infectious and I always have a smile on my face when I see him commenting on my work or just seeing his work pop up in my WATCH messages :heart:

neurotype is a pretty funny deviant! And their humor is only matched by their intelligence and talent! neurotype is one awesome literature CV!

Thank you to everyone over at DailyLitDeviations for supporting the writers of deviantART! They are definitely a staple here to all the writers!

I've been an admirer of thetaoofchaos ever since I began deviantART! While I may not be open enough to reveal my identity :lol: I just want them to know that their work is spectacular, they are very friendly and smart, and most of all they are an appreciated member of the deviantART community. Thank you for all you do and most of all your amazing literature.

LadyLincoln is the sweetest deviant I have come across! Thank you for spreading your kindness and being one of my role models :)

Little-Miss-Boxie is a spectacular artist! The talent she puts into her comic is spectacular and she so kind as to actually listen and take care of her supporters! She is also very funny and easy to talk to!

OHiNeedTea is an amazing literature critic! The two of them are very important to the literature community because they are kind, supportive, and very helpful. I do keep Toby in my thoughts all the time and hope gets better soon. :huggle:

PrettyFoxxyLady who, at the time of writing, has had a pretty bad day. Just remember that you are a wonderfully gifted person. You have a charming and humble personality, you always try to support others and your artwork rocks all the time.
You are, and always will be, the most amazing friend anyone can wish to have <3 We love you too Michelle :huggle:

KarateCat211 is the bestest friend I could ever wish for~ No matter what, she is selfless and is always there for others. She listens to their problems and tries to help the best way she can~ She is like a sister to me and she always will be, no matter what.

You're so amazing that I tracked down a place to submit complements just so I can complement you. :heart:
You just need to know you're amazing, rock on bro!
Lots of love and sunshine and cupcakes,

theresahelmer  Hi there~  I just wanted to say that I love all the photos you post up <3  Each and every one of them have their little own themes and they make me hungry lol but they also give me inspiration to draw too! c:  Keep up the good work!

I wanna give a shoutout to littleblackmariah. This girl is seriously underrated, her art is adorable and she is so dedicated with everything she does. She so often does things for others, she gives awesome advice and she is so all around amazing person, and really easy to befriend so I suggest you all give her a go. And she is also writing this amazing original series at the moment that I think everyone should give a read to, she's not having nearly enough readers as the story deserves and I just think everyone should give a shot to one of the best original stories I've read on the site. Its awesome, trust me. Just go give the girl some love, she deserves all the best she can get. <3

MewHarmonia, a truly amazing and beautiful artist who never ceases to make me laugh and smile when I talk to her. I've had the most awesome time chatting to you these past couple of months. Thanks for always listening to me (no matter how random the conversation became), giving me advice, and for drawing me so many amazing pictures too *o* I hope you enjoyed talking to me as much as I enjoyed talking to you. I only wish that we could meet in real life and weren't so far away from each other. I know we'd be such amazing friends, if we aren't already :)

Earthgirl545 You've been a fast friend of mine on here for god knows how long.  You're a talented artist, but more than that you're a great sense of humor and a rockin' taste in music.  I'm always happy to see a message from you.  I friggin' adore you.
-love, Rimey

XiaolinS Dude... Dude we go so far back... I don't even... wow... You have amazing talent and I'm lucky to know you, even if it is only through DA.  Do you even know how much I've learned from you?  Seriously?  I love you man!
-love, Rimey

Mira-chii Gurl... Gurl... We don't talk enough, and when we do I tend to not be good at talking.  You can art like no ones business and you have no idea how much I revere your work.  Traditional or digital; your art always makes me spaz.  You're sweet and so is your taste in music.
-love, Rimey

LightningIdleYou... Weather or not I know all of your OCs by name, and weather or not I leave you a whole bunch of fluffy comments; I love everything you post... Even if you did kill off Emma. You have a style that is all your own and its amazing, not to mention you can color with markers, something I fail at completely.  Your art is beast!
-love, Rimey

They not too often posting deviation, BUT, they very active commenting to other deviant art and give amazing feedback. They are AMAZING friend who really kind and caring. Thank you so much for being amazing friend and hope our friendship will be forever!
DarkeAngel <-- more than 10 years of friendship
Shin-Senpuu <-- almost 7 years
And we never meet ^^

TigresaDaina, you're the best watcher someone can have and such a great artist too! I love your art and your comic. Thank you for being so good to me! :hug:

:iconrosel-d: is an amazing artist and I love all the drawings! c:

Esto es para :iconjennikey23: quien gracias a ella he llegado lejos en lo que respecta de Arte, si no me hubieras enseñado a dibujar no se que seria de mi ahora ^^
Gracias por toda la dedicación que me diste para enseñarme a dibujar y enseñarme todo lo nuevo que aprendes todos los días ^^
Te adoro hermanita :D :heart:

Neurotic-Idealist is really nice and talented~

MetaruKitsune I feel blessed to be among your friends, your writing skills are amazing, every time  your words strike me deeply with their power and sincerity. A heart as precious as yours is hard to find.
I love you so very much sweetie.

hotsauceMONSTER is friendly and has amazing art! They're definitely a person to check out!

Write a Compliment

Stumbled across an artist with some amazing artwork? Joined a group that you absolutely loved? Met a deviant who turned out to be an absolutely fantastic friend?

Spread positivity throughout the community by letting everyone know! Send in your compliment(s) and they will be published in a later "deviantART Compliments" journal.

Share your compliments with the community! :#1:

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Can be completely anonymous!

> Past dA Compliments
> dACompliments

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EDIT (25/2/14): The folder has been posted and submissions will start! A countdown has been added at the top of the page as well. Also, please note that we will review your initial post to make sure that it follows the rules. Thanks! :heart:

Hello to all our golden poets! :D

First off, thank you so much to each and every one of you for helping us reach 200 MEMBERS!
I never expected to have half as many members, and it really means a lot to me that you all support the group :heart:

Anyway, onto contest business!

This contest, aka the Let It Go Contest, was (as you probably guessed) was inspired from the song in Disney's Frozen. That means that your topic can deal with...
:bulletyellow:Frozen, the concept of Frozen, the song, etc.
:bulletyellow:Letting yourself go
:bulletyellow:Letting anger go
:bulletyellow:Letting someone go
:bulletyellow:Anything else that involves "letting go"

RULES: (Not following these will get you disqualified!)
:bulletyellow:Please submit during the contest time period (2/25 - 3/12)
:bulletyellow:One submission per person
:bulletyellow:Choose a theme that relates to the topic
:bulletyellow:You must be a member of the group to submit
:bulletyellow:Please submit to the "Let It Go Contest" folder starting on FEB. 25TH and ending on MARCH 12TH
:bulletyellow:YOU MUST DONATE AT LEAST ONE PRIZE TO AT LEAST ONE PLACE. This means that you can contribute anything from a llama to an acrostic poem to a drawing. It's your choice! Just give one prize to at least one of the places. (Ex. Person1: I'll give 10 points to first and a pixel icon to second! Person 2: I'll write a poem and give a llama to whoever comes in third!)
:bulletyellow:No fighting, being rude, blah blah blah xD I know we won't have any problems with it though :3
:bulletyellow:Please post in the description of your entry that it is for our contest! It helps us to find deviations!

Your admins!
We will be judging on concepts, craft, how much we enjoy it, etc. So put your best effort in! c:

We will be awarding a first, second, and third place, along with runner ups and honorable mentions.
Runner ups - People who got the judges votes, but didn't place
Honorable mentions - three will be given for the content of the poem (and will be given llamas by the judges)

You have about 20 days to work and 15 of those are submitting days.

Don't want to enter? Donate to our prize pool! Every donation is appreciated, even if it's just a llama!


:bulletyellow:First Place
-Llama from GoldenByNature
-Llama from Phan5everx2
-100 points from MisDmeanor
-Journal feature from kistune
-Llama from StarlightComet
-Poem from randomcatsrfuntolove
-Drawing from KaiyaMaiKagami
-Custom author tag from darkskiesangel
-Chibi drawing from Sapphira-Adi
-25 points from katamaris4ever
-Poem / short story from katamaris4ever
-Llama from Archaeolas
-Llama from RueTris
-Display Photo and Timeline Cover from Ayumi-Suzuki
-Llama from darthmj94
-100 points from raslfront
-90 points from Everlasting90
-Llama from Witchtrees
-Llama from Aerode
-Doodle from sun-lily
-Custom Adopt / Commish from KokePasu
-Llama from Willowkit17
-Llama from Fennecc
-Llama from chasingcloudbursts
-Llama from DoublerTrouble

:bulletwhite:Second Place
-Llama from GoldenByNature
-Llama from Phan5everx2
-50 points from MisDmeanor
-Journal feature from kistune
-Llama from StarlightComet
-Journal feature from randomcatsrfuntolove
-Drawing from KaiyaMaiKagami
-Custom author tag from darkskiesangel
-Chibi drawing from Sapphira-Adi
-15 points from katamaris4ever
-Llama from Archaeolas
-Llama from RueTris
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FreefallAspirations of freedom
lead us high into the clouds.
Desperately searching for
the roots of our consciousness.
We suppose the way ahead
lies up and over our fears.
Our own design is revealed,
buried far above our self.
Ideals and gods on a parr,
serving our need to believe.
Now too afraid to look down,
at the real world under foot.
Our eyes chained to what we found.
Unwilling to acknowledge,
that freedom comes at a price.
Feet forgotten on the ground,
the forward journey halted.
Reaching high and gripping tight,
to the things we always find.
Cling to these, or let them go,
we have to fall either way.
Just hope we havent climbed so far
theres noone left to catch us,
when we see what we're hiding.
Foreverhe asked me
if i could spend a day
without him
to not say a single word
or even see his crooked smirk
i told him
"sure, i'll try"
and turned away
thinking it'd be a simple task
twenty-four hours later
i'm making my way to his door
smile on my face
looking forward to seeing him again
there was a note on the table
in a cream colored envelope
with my name scrawled across
the front
"baby," it read
"you did it for a day
now, can you do it
the word lingered
like a magnet
that wouldn't let go
i saw you
lying there
without a pulse, cold blood
you were gone
at your funeral
i found out you had
some incurable disease
"heart problems," they said
like a broken heart?
it's been five years
without your beautiful face
i visit you daily
but i haven't seen you since
i'm alone now
don't you see?
you're gone forever
i'm trying to hang on
to any scraps left of you
and your legacy
that letter said something
other than goodbye
you told
"move on from this
let me go
don't linger on what'
DemonsWhen I told you to let go of your demons
you looked at me and said,
“I’ve tried. But you keep
Let It Happen.It is still my time, but I don't feel fine.
So there is no more thinking about it, my last honest try.
If all of us humans move with the motions.
Then why do so many skip out on devotion?
So we tell ourselves that it's not worth a big fight.
Looks like I'm staying in tonight.
It's really no use to give into that pain.
Because hearts are so easily ripped, and thrown away.
Why in my mad house is no one insane?
What am I to do when every night there is rain?
Am I supposed to wait around in this haze?
What am I to do?
I was a beast last night in her bed.
A love sick delusion that was caught in my head.
The potential of lovers, one thousand times better.
And when she lets go suppress the urge to go get her.
Yes I was an ornament filling a cage.
Just another little toy that had lost it to rage.
It's love that we tangle with in a world with no lovers.
So I will just leave it behind like I did with the others.
Let Him GoThe leaves fall down in the forest tonight
Not a human to be seen
A kingdom of shadows and bloodstains,
And it looks like I'm the King.
The wolves are howling like the raging beast inside
Tried to keep him in, and he knows I tried
Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good boy you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
Well, now they know
Let him go, let him grow
Can’t hold him back anymore
Let him fight, let him fight
Slam the door and kill the light
I don’t care
Who's going to fall
Let the beast rage on,
He hasn't killed me, afterall
It’s funny how remoteness
Makes everything seem gone
And the boy I lived inside of
Can’t tame me at all
It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no cage for me
I’m free
Let him grow, let him go
His eyes like a piece of sky
Let him grow, let him grow
I'll laugh when they all die
Here I stand
And here I'll stay
Let the beast
If the 'if' was to be...If I was objective could I clearly see
If writing is the thing I should do ?
In the past and still on some degree
Letting it go was my supposed glue.
To reach some level of happiness,
Or at least to accept the second place.
Perhaps even something less,
Like finding a part in the human race.
But now that I've found a proper balance,
Could I limit my doubts to a glance ?
Convince myself my card is an ace,
Perhaps even that I'm flawless,
Or simply enjoy the absence of a chase,
Because writing helps me to express.
Then I would know about my value,
I wouldn't care about other referee,
And my own resolve would carry me through,
Letting myself be the writer I should be.
Eternity BeginsThat's it! I've had it!
What are you talking about?
I can't live like this anymore?
Don't do this now. Please stop.
This has to stop! The separation and secrets.
We used to be so close.
I can't be near you. I could hurt you.
Like how you're hurting me now?
It's not the same!
No, but I'm still hurting.
I just wanted to protect you,
to keep you from seeing me like this.
We can't change the past.
We can't control everything.
We can control some things.
Then control this!
I don't want this life. Neither do I.
Answer me this. Do you love me?
Yes, I do. Honestly.
I know I haven't shown it like I should.
I didn't want to lose you.
Tragedy struck fear in me.
I thought distance was the best answer
But it's not. It's worse than I imagined.
I'm still here, always will be.
I'm not immortal or invincible.
But your love for me and mines for you,
it makes me stro
We've bathed in Fire: We've come out AliveIt started out as a single storm in the sky
moving in from the shore
feeding off of lives
The numbers kept heading up strong
A single storm
led to avalanches and earthquakes
Tsunamis all around
Shores washed out
Everest destroyed
Tropics or Poles
nothing escaped
nothing slid by
Today its the first of July
Its been almost a year now
The storm has never quieted down
Ive seen the moon
almost hit the earth
cause tides and fires
drift away homes
Ive lost loved ones
Seen places go up in smoke
The world has grown colder
throughout the year it snows
I stare at the moon each night
out my window
And even during the day
you can see it in the horizon
( just stuck there )
Ive seen bad turn worst
and worst grow old
Ive watched dark become empty
and empty
get cold.
But each of us every night
we turn off the lights
a little afraid and a little quiet
But at dawn
we are all ready to strive
to fight with our souls
to survive
About many things we've cried
We've given up enough in the fire
But of the past
Time to Let GoI toss, I turn, I fell.
I could feel your presence around me,
even though, you're already gone.
Oh! What wonderful day to spend your time with.
The sun shines so brightly,
the calm wind would always pass through me,
and I could remember that cheerful smile of yours.
But that's the past.
The sun would try to shine brightly for everyone,
but the darkness has already consumed it.
Lonely and fragile,
I hate to see how weak I am without you.
You've done so many things for me,
and I wasn't given a chance to repay everything.
I love you so much,
and you know that already.
But, why did you leave me there to rot?
There is time to wait,
and there is time to move one.
I would prefer to move on that to wait a thousand years.
But it's hard to move on,
knowing that you have loved me, before I have loved you.
I miss you.
I want to feel your warmth once more.
But, I need to move on.
I need to let go of this childish desires of mine.
Cause I know, that you're not coming back.
ReconcileIt’s been a year, I’m better now.
And I’ve prayed for a better day
That finally arrived in the form of an apology
That I gave to you as well as myself.
And I’m sorry.
I crossed boundaries and internalized struggles
That weren’t in my power to resolve
And I tore myself up trying to fix the broken pieces
In a puzzle that could never be solved
On my own.
And those months in between were the worst I imagined
Invisible pain from the recollection of the past
Hidden under unfounded optimism
And no amount of gratitude could erase the fact
That I couldn’t help you.
But I never gave up
And I’m glad you didn’t either.
For I know that there’s still a plan
Perhaps not together
But for good.
I’m a wide-eyed idealist
And I’ll always look on the bright side
And even with all of this craziness I smile
For I’m happy to once again call you
My friend.
Leave.How can you love one that controls you so?
He lives so far away, though,
He still grips you in an iron fist,
Wants himself to always be missed.
I can tell your love for him is all-consuming,
But I don’t believe the same can be said for his feeling,
When he keeps hurting you the way he does,
I have no confidence in the way he loves.
I care for you as a brother would,
I’d protect you from all harm if I could,
So I cannot bear to see you this way,
Therefore I wish to soon the day,
When you leave him and move on.
Let It GoIt’s been two years since
I got that gut wrenching message
saying that you were gone.
It’s been two years of grief,
two years of self-loathing;
and now I think it’s time to
let it go.
LeavingI close my eyes and turn away
I should have known this day would come
And it hurts but know I cannot stay
It would be a lie if I said I did not regret but some
You killed my dreams and led me astray
Made me feel so down and dumb
It's all my fault, you say
But I'm not listening anymore
I wont let you have your way
I will fight on until I am sore
Your games I will no longer play
I know to you I am only a bore
So I shall go
I'm done with the pain
I loved you once, long ago
But all that's left is a stain
So my heart does only woe
As I stand here in the rain
I shall not miss you
And your endless taunting
I'm letting go of you
And your endless haunting
I'm leaving you
And your sluttish flaunting
My life will be new
It shall be better too
A life without you
For through this pain I grew
And now I drink this brew
As I've always been dying to do
I'll never cry
I'll reach to the sky
I'll never ask why
I'll just say bye
When they lie
Like you did, oh so sly
Time To SmileStare at the blade,
Wish to let go,
To bad happiness hasn’t stayed,
Time to let blood flow.
But now things can change,
You do not have to cry,
Yes this may seem very strange,
Instead of goodbye why not hi.
It's time to let go without a doubt,
Drop the blade and hear it hit the ground,
Catch your tears and turn them inside out,
Somewhere neither will be found.
Let Me FadeDon't cling
to the past
It won't change
what has been done
I want to move on
I want to be free
Your stubbornness
won't bring me back
I don't want you
to hurt anymore
Let me go
Let me fade
IntrepidI have to let go,
If I don't jump,
I may never fly.
Dead weight
And the fragments are carried in the embrace of the wind.
I've never felt
So safe and sound
Anywhere else but here,
Falling blindly.
A tear escapes
From the corner of someone's eye
As the ground grows closer.
I have lived a thousand lives
In this moment.
A smile is etched onto my face
And the tear hits the ground.
Let It GoAll I see around me is nothingness
It's my kingdom of isolation and I expected nothing less
No footprints here except mine
Responses to every invitation I sent were "I'm sorry but I must decline."
I feel a boiling rage start to form inside
I couldn't change myself for them, no matter how hard I tried
I can't let them in...or they will see
I've been hiding my true identity
I couldn't conceal it
Pain? I can't feel it
Don't let them know, you know what? I don't care anymore so...
Let it go
Let it go
I won't keep the gates closed anymore
Let it go
Let it go
I'll remove this poison from my core
I don't care about your opinion now
I am who I am
And if you wanna live you better bow
Funny how long it took you to realize you were wrong
Too bad you couldn't see I was this strong
Now I am aware of the amazing things I can do
I'll shed this skin and become new
Embrace the night, don't fear the light
I'm finally me
I'm finally free
Let it go
Let it go
I'll make love to the sky
Let it go
Let it go
hadesit's funny that my mother always said
don’t slouch, your spine will stick
because i am so twisted by the
burden of these words
that i may never stand
oh, atlas was a lucky fellow…
to only hold the weight of worlds
would be a godsend,
but here in tartarus
palms cupped with sacrificial fire
recede as quickly as the waters.
and there was ichor
in my veins, i swear,
but the venom in this writhing
mass of snakes and syllables
upon my back has curdled it
beyond compare.
they say to cast this hindrance off,
and i could try.
but the mountaintop still shudders with my name
and i have earned too many steps
to crumble to the bottom.

Thanks for reading! Best of luck to all!
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DeviantART Compliments #81

Sat Feb 1, 2014, 2:04 PM by iingo:iconiingo:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

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My darling Celvas, you have the strangest (but sexiest :eyes:) German accent in the entire history of mankind. (Me encanta mucho :meow:) May your accent remain just as sexy for many more years to come.

And to my lovely miontre (so you don't feel left out :P), you probably also have the sexiest (insert the place that I pinky-promised to keep secret) accent in the history of mankind. I forgive you for your Y chromosome. :XD:

Hey sis! Just wanted to let you know you're simply amazing! :heart: You might not know this but I almost quit art a while ago..But seeing yours and it's creativity, uniqueness and all the hard work you put into each piece had inspired me to keep on going. <3 You're so very kind and caring in many ways, I can't even explain lol so happy to know you!! ^^
Love ya sis! <3

This goes to the one and only chromeantennae
Yes, YOU old man.
I just thought that I could grace you with my words of amazingness for a moment. :T
Lol kidding, kidding. |D
But really, I just want to give a public thanks so everyone can know;
For who knows how long a time we've been friends and looking over it all helps me realize how awesome of a 'bro' I got here. =p You've been there to put up with my crying and my craziest times, lol.
Yeah, true friend indeed.. ;u; :hug: -throws confetti- Thanks for being amazing. :'D

PS: I'm still waiting for my steak.

PSS: :roll: HAH I win.

From: Lol you'll never guess.

GreenUnicornArt is an amazing artist with a kind soul who loves to spread love throughout the community. He makes amazing art and always encourages others to work on their own art. He does Art Trades as well. He does lots of Charity Work with his Art and always is drawing art for children he runs into. He is a great deviant and a great human being.

When we share our artistic abilities here on dA, we show so much of who we are, which naturally results in connections with others who might reach out to us. Some of these connections lead to close friendships like the one I've found with MySocksRock. She shares her raw emotions with us through the written word, which immediately drew me to her. She is that amazing friend to me, someone I feel quite close to already, yet we've never met.

"Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!" :heart: ~ Edges-to-Everything  


Ayyeee!! I love you!! xD

Thank you for always give me support. We have similar hobies [visual novel, bloody art].

My favorite sentences from her is "Meskipun gambarku kalah jauh dari orang-orang yang lebih muda, tapi aku menggambar hanya memberikan 10% dari waktuku untuk gambar. Apa yang bisa aku harapkan untuk mengalahkan orang yang mencurahkan 100% waktunya untuk menggambar?"

[rough translation : I only give 10% of my time to draw. How can I wish to draw better than people who give 100% time their time to draw?]

It really bring me peaceful mind. Before I always thought that "My art is the worst in the world." But see how she fight to finish her Visual novel and always updating her deviation, give me high spirit to keep drawing with my injured hand and my 1 year son in my hand.

Thank you Tiya....

*With Love from 'Bloody megane bishie lovers' if you know who I am. ^^

Dj-Aly   X33  there's hardly ANY word that can describe how awesome and amazing you are!  your art is cute and sometimes really funny X3 you kind loving and just fun to be around ^w^ your pretty much an angle X33  i'm soooo happy that your in my life and that I met you. and if your going to try to find Slenderman......*glomps*  heck soul sister i'm comin' to ^w^


CrystalRaven98  gee um X3 your amazing, talented, funny, GREAT at art. and just a great friend and person X33  i'm so glad your on DA and that I met you. when you changed your user name to CrystalRaven I didn't know it was you X33 I was still used to icewolf ^w^ I still go through my friend list waiting to see "icewolf2789" until I remember that you changed it X33 icy what are you gonna do with this derp?  any-who theres just so MUCH to say XD  I'm just glad your here <3  *glomp* and thanks for telling me to come back to DA, thanks to you i'm up and running. *double glomps*

~ love Ivy

M-arriott is a really good artist and her art has improved tremendously from november 2013 to now! Her drawing style is unique, and one-of-a-kind. I know you dont really upload things often, but I love all your pixel icons! I wish I could commission you, but I dont have enough points...anyways, i bet your art will improve ;D

I love ROSEL-D's planetary moe series :3 even though its kinda based off hetalia, it is still quite original! :dummy:


You are the best, you helped me through that though time I was having the other day. Thank you for that! You are an amazing artist with great potential! :heart: You are one of my best friends. ♥♥♥ :huggle:

youu know whooo

IBFSM hey you're really cool man

- Pokey

XS-Is-The-Shiz is just so sweet and kind.  She's almost like a big sister to me- I have a lot of people I look up to here on DA, but lately this girl has just rocked my world.  She's a barrel of fun, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for putting up with my annoying crud. She makes my day. : )

With love,

RosyDawn527 is a very good friend of mine, who's always been very kind and sweet, and above all else an amazing friend. She is fantastic at writing romance and long, detailed, rich stories, and her skills keep growing every year. She has a wonderful heart, is friendly to everyone and will make you laugh and cry and smile when you read her stories. She is an absolutely amazing person, and a great writer, too. :)


Inazumi-chan makorie zelink4eva Deathinboots
These guys are just the best little gang omg ;w;
I love you guys so muchhh //criehs
If I could, I would meet you guys in real life and just be like,
You guys are just
awesome ;w;

lionpants99 We have known each other for so long and it's amazing you still care for me. You're a nice person and watching your art grow is a wonder in itself. Keep being amazing. :)

someone you'll never expect. ;)

Vehenna, LannaGames, :jasphere:, Falco951,LilibethM, and CHESHyRE1 are all amazing artists. Each one has art with a life of its own and it's breathtaking to look at. I recommend watching these people, they are amazing!

A person you'll never expect. ;)

My first dA friend, currently my best! Even if you're a total troll, you're adorable x3 <3

Aye cutie ;) hahaha. I freakin' love you, girly <33

Hey new best friend ^^; haha

You're beautiful Diana!! ^^ :hug:

Love all of you guys!! ^^

solis-ortus - Your words are extremely powerful and you write very well. I often finding myself cheering and doing a chair dance when I see your poems pop up in my deviantWATCH messages and then when I read your poems I feel such a rush of emotions-- honestly I can't describe it.
Looking forward to your words to come!
Take care. :heart:

brutusbg He is so kind, always supportive, and he is trying his best by sketching little animals. I really wish that more people would talk to him. I love him in its own way. Thank you for being so kind! And please don't let your bad mood get you! Fight! Fight! To be your happy self as you always are with us! :hug:

SimonneX Thank you for always being my kindhearted friend! I am really happy that you call me one. Your art is just amazing and you should draw even more, I want to see more and more! <3 I love you!!! :hug:

Sheepili I just adore you! Really, and everything that you do! You are so amazing at anything you do, I really love your works! And your pixels are something magnificent. They are almost as good as you, being my friend <3 I huggle you!! :glomp:

BloodshotInk is an amazing person, and I couldn't have met a better one. She does so much for the literature community (even the dA community as a whole). I admire her for, not only her writings, but for her personality. She's such a sweet person, and I hope her days get better and brighter.

applePAI - I have admired your work for awhile, and I wanted to say that they're absolutely amazing. Its obvious you take a lot of time and effort to make them the best that they can be. It's something I truly appreciate in an artist. Great work! Keep doing what you do!

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Skin by SimplySilent
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And with the Literature Roadtrip over and the contest closed, I am now able to officially announce the winners. This was an incredibly difficult decision to make, as all of the entires were beautifully written and all of you who entered are fantastically talented. I absolutely loved reading through every single one of the entries, and whilst it took me a while to officially decide, I was able to select three very deserving winners.

I want to say a huge Congratulations! to the wonderful MetaruKitsune for winning the contest. I read that you found your piece to be a bit 'rough' and 'raw'. And whilst it may be those things (only somewhat. I mean I think you are being a bit hard on yourself!) your piece is emotional, honest and very relatable. I really liked it. 

Lastly, I would like to say Congratulations to everyone! You all did a wonderful job :)

First Place:

Hello, I'm Me- Nice To Meet YouI stand in the rain- until I’m soaked to the bone with the scent of it
Until my clothes stick to my skin and it’s uncomfortable to peel them off
I crawl out of bed at 2:33 am just to go look at the stars- even if I’m too tired to name them
Even if my hair is still wet from my shower and the tips start to freeze because it’s under 20 degrees F
I walk with my hands grazing the branches of trees- lips turned up the corners
Lips turned up at the corners because I get along with nature better than I do with humans
- -
I give way too much ‘change’ to veterans asking for money- even though I know they may be lying
Even though they may be, but what if they’re not?
I listen to cashiers as they spill their tales of bad days across the scanner- as they scan 10 cans of cat food
As they scan 10 cans of cat food, I smile brightly- one that somehow reaches my eyes- and wish them a better tomorrow
I visit my town’s Radio Shack way too often- the two freq

You have won:
3 Month Premium Membership from imaginative-lioness
An Interview and Feature on LiteratureRoadtrip & in imaginative-lioness' journal
Featured on Poets-and-Warriors
3 Critiques from hypermagical
2 Constructive Comments/Critiques from WorldWar-Tori
1 Critique from Tales-of-Tao
5 Comments from imaginative-lioness
3 Comments from BlakeCurran, dogyjoe and SpiderwebWisher

Second Place:

HypotheticalsI could talk about myself forever, you know.
I could lean across the lounge, lay my head on your shoulder and just breathe myself into your skin
and maybe you’d be too drunk to hear the mumbling.
I wouldn’t care. I’d make believe that you were listening.
I’m not a liar
but I don’t know if I’m honest, either
people say twenty-something like it’s supposed to carry meaning
and I’ve never, I never, I’ll never fit in.
When I was six I tricked my classmates into thinking I had a real nose ring.
I danced without care. I won a prize just for smiling.
I wish I was still that girl
Instead of a bundle of hair and ribs and wonky thoughts
vainly trying to straighten out
always stumbling into things.
I could listen to you forever, though.
I’d sink like a stain into the cushions and
make believe that I was talking.
I’m good at that kind of thing.

You have won:

Third Place:

My Life's RoadtripMy life... my life is like a vortex of emotions
that pour out from me constantly, turbulent
unperturbed by the influx of many people
coming and going about with their business;
as if the world wasn't enough to deal with
now I have to dwell and reside in this little
closet. closets aren't a place for secrets, only
a window where we can reminisce and ponder
on who and what we truly are. Hence I find
myself, waiting; pondering over the many
faces I've held, and not one was consistent
divided into many forms it was...

The face of happiness... Ah! How shall I describe it
It is like a dream that I am unable to absolve completely
Picture Doctor Strangelove as a chibi (although he was one)
Or a Pixar movie made out of war, or a Looney Toons
cartoon with bombs pouring out in worthless Afghanistan -
"hey, nobody says the Afghans deserve pity, only lots
of pacifism and fascism," with everyone looking
back at me with shocked and confused faces.
They don't get the joke - b

You have won:
A feature in imaginative-lioness' journal
Featured on Poets-and-Warriors
2 Comments from imaginative-lioness
1 Comment from BlakeCurran, dogyjoe and SpiderwebWisher

Over the next week, you will receive your prizes! :heart:
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Sun Jul 28, 2013, 1:20 PM

Rose water colour painting by ShikharSrivastavaPurah by almaticaniNevermore by ElvenstarArt
Two roses by VincikBackground by Calicot-ZCSunday morning - 10 am by Oblomov-Ilya1956
Lord Buddha by ShikharSrivastavastuck in between the Free. by SiljaVichLumen by AUREAWOLF666
Kitel - 1 Kitel by Calicot-ZC-:Born from Fire:- by CarolineSuominenMy Personal Winter-Wonderland by alicelevene
Sidewalk in Charleston by Built4ever<da:thumb id="191815077"/>horror croped by cocoshit
Venezia Colorful by yelouSwimming Frog by mellisea<da:thumb id="194587544"/>
Florales by Calicot-ZCSing by Kait-KuroiI will show you love by Kait-Kuroi
The sheeparadise by AgnesAntonello-:Ganesh:- by CarolineSuominenTime has come by Kait-Kuroi
: scabra : by Natasha011Dragon by EnvenHB005 by KoValery
Royal by ShadeofShinonCommission: Henna Fairy by SeraphimFeathers<da:thumb id="209558464"/>
Poison by CleoniqueThe smell of storm by akira008Strawberry swing by Leona-Raint
Zebra Stroll by DavisTheSecond"Printemps" christmas by Z-infernalSpeedpaint Commish- Stray by Earthsong9405
umbrella by Leona-RaintIllustration Commish- Merge by Earthsong9405Windy Day by Catoram-A
by any means by RawStudiosInk by raspberrychocolateBranching Out 3 by paintersblock
Darkroom Sparks by kaelthiereHarpist by MaevachanAbsyinth Kara by almaticani
Sick girl by nienorAscend by diacciaapple blossoms by LadyEru
Burn 2 by DanielGovarForest Fairy by Monica-NGSelwyn and Roland by foxysquid
Avans by DrayzaBouquet of Flowers by MoonSelenawatercolor duality by VibhasVirwani
Village Weaver by KenaiWolf.:Waiting:. by Si3artOkar by Drayza
pumpkin fairy gift.. by neurotic-elfLittle Friends by Si3artSummerGal by Wish-hope
Ariel by MaboyaWoodhall by neral85Aria in Blue by alfred24
Mermaids by Mana-KyusaiLegend by RadiusZero<da:thumb id="258148440"/>
Witch-fox by Muh-aTurtle by Morgan-chaneDelirium by GersonWatanuki
Ghost of the lake by DawnWarrior<da:thumb id="258051203"/>PKM - Omanyte by Wingsie
Sweet Dreams by Hikaru9u9Esther Knightley by hachikoSmall opening in the forest by doma22
The Spirits of Halloween by ewaludwiUnder the Moonlight by sinnistvether-_Sophisticated_- by Jenninaitsu
Strength by MelimaielTimeless. Flawless. by Ze-RoFruitsHeavy as Mountains by Inku-inku
Autumn Vigour by Dragonsoul2Autumn by Yue-HiganbanaDale by neral85
Onion-Girl and Rat-a-Bot by iamBRAOJane in Peril - Love Apple by iamBRAOSilja and the Nix by SiljaVich
PHILIPPINE EAGLE......DAVIS II by DavisTheSecondthe lady of the autumn by AyayouWild northern stars by akira008
Dobrynya and the Dragon by ve-n-usEdge of the World by SiluanUnder the tree by FraeuleinBaer
Peacock Siren by OrchidSkyeOld Things by MichaelBrackCarnival by Moonlilith91
St. George's Basilica by neral85Heartless by CleoniqueWinter Path by neral85
LA Voir le Soleil by FluorescentteddySpring ... by lacusyamatoo<da:thumb id="266776490"/>
Amori by Kuru-moLonging for... by YueYukiThe Gypsy's Secret by DavidHoffrichter
Astrodea by catzillaZawilce po mojemu by stokrotasDeal with the Sea Witch by mimeko
Tranquility by couchmochiBattle with the Sun by chichariaListen by sdPink
Romenna by neral85Please don't go by Hikaru9u9Autumn leaves 1 by SonPan
Hidden Touch by PLlNsMensajero 02 by Rz00Alice in Wonderland by Hachiyo
Sunset tears by Marine-chanAnd you shall have some pie by nekophoenixIl pagliaccio by Acualina
Cyberfly by Si3artSiren .... by Wingsie
Tree stump kid by koyamoriAt the End of the Day by ZOMGwinglyCom : Mei Zhen by Yue-Higanbana
Clockwork Phoenix by Art-by-Cricketprincess sakura by BlueStrawberry94Goodbye by yunaselene
Pathophobia by creepyfish28.06.11 by belokrylnikWaiting for the food by t1sk1jukka
Moon by SiljaVich- Princess Swan - by LosenkoKarahime by Biranka
No hugz - color by SonPana birthday by springonionBULL ELEPHANT CHARGE..........DAVIS II by DavisTheSecond
Antelone. by Yami-HydranPhone, mirror, wind and rain by Rei-HelenWatercolor: Drow Mage by Yako
The Seer by UnripeHamadryadwolfblood by BlueStrawberry94Dreams are my Reality by couchmochi
Blindfolded by UnripeHamadryadWitch by Kutty-SarkWinter Magic by Leochi
Silent Night by CKJohnsontrapped yet free by midori137Soldier of Silence by SonPan
STOP TIME by NesgodraaChristmas Lights by chichariaSansa Stark by rai-mond
Pink Blossoms by LurkingSporkTravel Lightly by ValleyMeadowBleach Bouquet: Rukia by Ze-RoFruits
<da:thumb id="268459784"/>- the witching hour by saffronlungsFlutist 2 by grobles63
Heydrich - Ilmatar by hello-heydiCrowned Pigeons on Pomegranate Branch by MusyupickThe heiress of the dragons 3 by MoraShadow
watercolour by Risa1The Snow Fairy - I by Miss-BelfryFour Seasons by typesprite


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