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.N. by dasTOK

EX - What by EintoeRn
Instant 2519 by SUDOR

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This is my first request for :iconxxmeandonlymexx: for her OC Alessa but if you want you can add your own ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You sat alone crying to yourself. 'No one will want me.... no one.' Just then your mother, who was fighting for your love from your father, walked up to you smiling. "Your coming home with me today ________ come on." You looked at her with the same blank expression the stitches on your face noticeable. "Why father loves me too. Your just taking me from him to." Your mother stopped smiling. "He's a drunk and a cheat... he doesn't know what he loves, your coming with me." She grabbed your wrist and dragged you to her house. "_____ go to your room, now!" You run up and scream from the top of the stairs. "If you loved me, why do you treat me like a slave!!"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your point of view~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You sat on your bed crying when a bird came flying in. "KISSSSSSEEEEEE!" You looked up, "A bird? That talks?!" You grabbed the bird and shook it. "It doesn't have batteries.... how can it talk?" You sigh and sit down. Then you heard you mother screaming on the phone. 'Why can't they make up? Why?' You grab your family picture when you and your parents were happy, but there was a smudge you could never get off on it. You always wondered what was on it but never asked. Then you mother called up to you. "Sweetheart come down here please?" You slowly get up and walk down, then you froze at the bottom stair. A teenager boy with white hair and red eyes was on the couch.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Regular point of view~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Um.... mom who is this." The boy didn't smile, yet, but you had a bad feeling about him. Something was different about him. "This is Prussia.... he is going to stay here for a while. He will be staying in your room also. Be nice." You roll your eyes and sigh. "Whatever...... Prussia right I'll show you to my room." You walked up to your door and turned around to see if he was there then you jumped back he was right behind you. "Wh-What the.... nevermind." He smiled as you turned around. 'Her neck smells so good.... maybe I'll have a taste tonight...' He and I walked in. Then you sat down on your queen sized bed. "So your not normal I can tell... tell me what you are now." Prussia frowned at the demand. "I'm a member of the Bad Touch Trio, along with my friends Spain, and France.... and as you wish. I'm also a vampire." Your eyes went wide as you try to put together what he said. Then after not breathing for minutes on end you passed out falling on your bed you hair messed up.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prussia's point of view~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your heart beat raced. Then walking to her reaching out and strokes your fingers up her thigh up to her skirt. Slowly you pull it back revealing her black lingerie.... then slowly move your hand to her exposed area. 'Black lingerie means she wants sex..... right???' Then slowly you move you hand in soft circles on her clit. Then crawl over her putting your other hand on her breast rubbing it in circles. She then starts to moan in her sleep... moving your hand faster on her clit a light blush goes on her face. 'Perfect get wet..... show me how much you want it in your sleep.' You move your hand off her clit and into her underwear and begins again. Hearing her louder moans you feel yourself get aroused. Then as your just getting started she wakes up and stares at you with soft purple eyes half lidded. You stop with your hand in her underwear.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your point of view~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Getting very angry a black aura goes around you. "Get your hand out of there....... NOW!" You kick in the gut and stands over him. You see that he is aroused and smile evilly. "Do you want me to take care of that Mr. Pervert Vampire?" You go on your knees and start rubbing it.  "Do you feel good." Gasping he answers "Y-yes.... please rub harder." Smile evilly you stop. "Rub what harder." Blushing really hard he answers "Please rub my hard thing harder." Accepting his answer you rub harder. "Man this is so............. un-awesome......... for the........ awesome me." Then he wraps his arms around you and kisses you. "I love you." His eyes start glowing red as he leans to your neck and bites your neck.
~~~~~~ Skip sex scene~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You and Prussia wakes up in your bed, which was destroyed, and cuddle up. "I love you______, I always will." You smile "I love you too Prussia."
  • Mood: Passionate
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Sat Jul 13, 2013, 12:12 PM


journal header by teazella
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**Please consider reading this first before asking me any question. I will redirect you to this FAQ if a question is already answered.
And thanks for leaving me some questions in the previous journal! *goes and answers them*
:bulletblack:= Newly added question



Do you do requests?

Nope. The only chance you'll get free art from me without anything in return is through my kiribans.

How about Art Trades?
For now, they're only for friends because of school. When I have free time, I usually open a couple of slots.

Do you do Commissions?
Yes I do! Here's a journal for more…
Keep in mind that the time varies, so be patient with me! I'll get to each one eventually! <:

Would you join my contest?
There is a very high chance that I won't (because I don't have time really). But thanks for considering though!

Do you have any Original Characters?
Mmhm! You can find some of them in this folder…
Some of them have info which can be found in my personal site: (under the "OCs" tab)


What tools do you use mainly in both digital and traditional?

Digital: Photoshop CS6, TegakiE, and openCanvas 5. I use a Bamboo Pen for my tablet.
Traditional: Colored Pencils (Crayola, Prismacolors, Roseart, other misc. brands stashed in my heap of pencils lol), 0.7 Mechanical Pencil, various ink pens (black and brown), whiteout pen, and an eraser. Sometimes I use watercolors. *lists them later*

What inspired you to start drawing?

My great uncle did! He's such a big inspiration to me since he's made his living through his lovely art, and I hope to do the same in the future.

How long have you been drawing?

I started drawing somewhat seriously since I moved to the States at 2001 (I was 8 i think). Drew a lot of anorexic girls and mermaids. It then spanned onto a lot of fanart- MMYEP.

What's the average amount of time do you spend drawing?

It depends. With digital, it can span from 30 minutes to 5 hours. For traditional about an hour or more (it really varies).

How do you get over things like art block?
I would listen to a lot of music and visualize what kind of art I can make in my head with it and/or scribble random shapes for a composition! It's a mental workout- haha

What sort of music inspires you?
I listen to various types of music from pop to chill ambiance music. When I want to draw something exciting, I tune in to bass-blasting songs while the calmer pictures are from listening to instrumentals or OSTs. My favorite genre to listen to is house music though.

What is your favorite subject to draw?
Girls, girls, GIRLS- I do like drawing guys too though.

What do you have the most fun drawing?
As you can see from my gallery, I like drawing patterns and girlies! I also enjoy drawing my OCs (Ideskou will be my 5ever fave to draw because he's fun to torture draw).

What are your future ambitions for your art?
I do want to be an Illustrator (or maybe a character designer??). I also want to make an artbook someday too! 
Either way, I want to continue sharing my art to all of you guys~

Fave artists and inspirations?
Artists: I have quite a list of my favorite artists! I'll list the ones that I have in mind that have a DA (will update more later with other artists elsewhere!)

Misc. Inspirations: Food, Art History (esp. Impressionism(post), cubism, abstract expressionism), Video games, Music, Colors, Birds, Nature, Life events, Sleep, Anime/Manga (hooooyeah), Nighttime

:bulletblack: How many layers do you usually paint on?
It varies on how complex the picture is, so around 2-5 layers? Sometimes I have to merge them together so I don't confuse myself.

If you guys have any other questions for me, feel free to comment below and I'll update my FAQ with your question.
Thanks for reading! 
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Photography Troubleshooting: Filters

Wed Jun 27, 2012, 3:30 AM
This week we bring you another issue of Photography Troubleshooting to hopefully give you some tips and explanations behind how to make use of some photography accessories. If you have a question, query or any thoughts you wish to see discussed just drop us a comment or note!

"The use of filters, how to pick them and examples of situations where they would be helpful...."

~ moria330

Hi moria330, filters are a good way of diversifying your photographic opportunities without spending a great deal of money (though, granted, many of the better quality filters can get to be relatively expensive).

In film photography, filters were used a lot more extensively then they are today thanks to the nature of the medium.
For example colour filters were used for white balance purposes on colour films that were balanced for different light types, so, you could shoot artificial light balanced film under daylight if you had a filter that corrected for it.

Filters by Sarinka

Additionally colour filters were used for black and white photography so the film would capture only the spectrum of light you were filtering for, providing emphasis or deemphasis of the features of the subject or scene.

Colour filters aren't nearly as popular today mostly because digital photography has far less need for them, the only exception being with digital black and white cameras (as in cameras that can only capture black and white images), which are, suffice to say, definitely in the minority.

Color Filters... by CanenArt

There are three or four types of filters that (as far as I am aware) are the most pertinent to digital photography: Neutral Density and Graduated Neutral Density filters; Polarising filters; Infrared and Ultraviolet filters; and depending on your perspective UV/Haze filters.

Neutral Density and Graduated Neutral Density (henceforth shorted to ND and GND respectively) both block light coming through them. They're referred to as ND filters because they're supposed to block light equally across the spectrum, leaving no colour casts as a result.

Many may wonder why such things are needed at all, particularly if you've spent the money to buy a fast (wide aperture, or low F/number, like F/1.8) lens.
Plain ND filters are useful because they allow you to use longer shutter speeds, particularly during the day time. Long exposure photography is often difficult at best without a plain ND filter, particularly under direct sunlight.
The visual effect of this can be striking, to give an example, you could use a strong ND filter to take a long exposure of a city centre, and the end result would (or at least could) show that city centre to be deserted.
A less extreme use of a plain ND filter is the ability to use your fast lens at its widest aperture under direct sunlight.

Rua Augusta by jpgmn

A GND has a more specific use, and is less useful for digital cameras thanks to post processing techniques, and has an area of the filter that is filtered and an area that is clear (or unfiltered), and either a small or large transition between those two (often referred to hard and soft, respectively).
Using a GND basically allows a single shot HDR image to be taken, as the highlight area (typically the sky) can be darkened, while the darker foreground can be exposed more normally.

GND's are particularly useful in high contrast landscape scenes, but they tend to rely on the horizon being relatively straight in order for the effect to be best used, hence why post processing HDR techniques can be a better option, in spite of the requirements that HDR photography often needs.

French Alps by alien-sid

Polarising filters do exactly what they say, they polarise the light coming into the sensor. This typically as the effect of increasing colour saturation, darkening the sky, and removing reflections, if the filter is rotated the right way.
This should have several obvious advantages.
A polariser will also work as a ND filter, as most polarisers reduce light entering the lens by 1.5 to 2 stops (so, say a photograph can be taken at 1/200th of a second, all the other settings being equal, with the filter, you'd need to shoot at 1/50th of a second).

Polarity by Ubhejane

Infrared and Ultraviolet filters, and by far, Infrared filters are the most popular of the two mentioned, rely on an image sensors natural sensitivity to both of those spectrums of light.
Infrared and Ultraviolet filters should appear black to the naked eye, though some near-IR filters may appear to be a very dark red, particularly when viewing a bright light source with one.
Because both filters block out all or nearly all visible light, exposures can take upto several minutes, depending on how much infrared light has been blocked on the image sensor (the reason why manufacturers block IR is because it can and does lower overall image quality).
Ultraviolet filters are much less popular, because, while the image sensors found in cameras tend to be sensitive to it, very little UV light manages to reach the sensor thanks to the lens itself naturally blocking most UV light. As such, special UV lenses or known UV friendly lenses are needed for UV photography. It should be noted, also, that only certain lenses work well with IR photography too, some lenses create a 'hot spot', which is actually literally true.

Infrared Landscape Part III by knechtrootrecht

In both cases, it should be noted that IR and UV light have different focussing points than visible light does (which is part of the reason why IR sensitivity reduces image quality in visible light images), as some focus adjustments are often required for either. This can be mitigated some what by using a narrower aperture to increase depth of field, but doing so does mean you'd have to increase exposure time even more.

Finally, please don't confuse an Ultraviolet filter with a UV/Haze filter, they're about as opposite in purpose as is feasible. A UV/Haze filter seeks to block UV light (as opposed to an Ultraviolet filter blocking visible light), and as the name suggests, will reduce 'haze'. As mentioned, most lenses naturally block most UV light anyway, and the image sensor is typically less sensitive to UV light than it is to IR light. So most UV/Haze filters essentially serve as a protection for the lens.
Using a UV/Haze filter is a somewhat divisive subject, as they can have some visual impact on an image, but, can actually reduce the quality of the image by being another piece of glass (thus two air/glass interfaces) the light has to go through, particularly if the quality of the glass is not very good unless you spent a lot on the filter.

my new UV filter by Simobg

Naturally, which ones you choose depends on what you're photographing and what you want to achieve. But, personally, I'd recommend getting a Polarising filter and a ND filter, as both can open up many creative opportunities.

~ sine-out


Previous Troubleshooting Articles...
:bulletblack:What Digital Camera?

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A Little Fursuit Cost Perspective

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 18, 2013, 8:39 AM
Website l Tumblr l Commission Info l Twitter


I posted this info over on Tumblr, and thought others might find it interesting!

Someone just sent me a note that read:
"Seeing all the materials you guys use for your fursuits, I can really see why they're so pricey. "

Thanks for noticing! We are asked to justify our prices pretty often, or even accused of charging too much, but I think a lot of people just do not realize that there is A LOT of expense (and not just in materials), and a TON of time that goes into making each suit. And sure, lots of people plug in features to our price calculator and come out with a $3000-$7000 figure, and must be imagining us sitting around in bathtubs full of cash. Truth is, we don't make a whole lot of profit - where does it all go?

First, consumable materials. These are items that need to be bought new for each and every suit because they get completely used up in the process. This includes casting resins, sheet plastics, foam, polyfill, paint, elastic, velcro, pattern paper, thread, and FUR.These items total approximately $300-$350 for a fursuit of about this complexity

But wait, there's more! A lot more - consumables are pretty easy to figure out on a per-project basis, but after that we go into general expenses, and for that we need to start taking averages. So, with the aid of last year's tax documents...

Let's say we make roughly 2 costumes per month - and again, this is going to have to be the "average suit", somewhere in the middle of the scale and complexity of all of our projects - I figure it all equals out to a fairly simple 1-color fullsuit. We charge about $3,000 for a white wolf suit. Here's what goes into that (note, all figures are last years TOTALS for these categories, divided by 24, or two suits per month):

Materials and supplies: $1200(and I rounded this DOWN) (includes the consumable materials above, plus mold making, tools, equipment, and equipment maintenance)
Contract labor: $800 (aka Mom's paycheck)
Taxes: $550 (this is state and federal)
Studio overhead: $500 (40% of our rent and utilities are claimed as a business expense to reflect the amount of our house that we've devoted entirely to the business)
Other fees: $350 (includes paypal fees, shipping expenses, etc)
Total Expense: $3400


Luckily we turn out just a little more than 2 costumes a month on average, so we end up breaking even most of the time. When we can manage to turn out three or four suits a month (that's one suit a week) on average, we start making a modest profit.
ALSO! the average costume takes about 100 man-hours to produce - subtract the already accounted-for contract labor, and we come out with about 60-70 hours. We would like to make at least $20/hour, which means we would have to charge at least $4600 for that same white wolf costume in order to actually sustain ourselves at a 2-weeks-per-suit pace.

Now, I see this being a potential question:
If you were to do the math and say, "Ok three people with 100 hours of work, over 10 days - wait a minute, are you actually proposing that you should each only do a little over 3 hours of work a day?!"

No! And this was a bit of a lack of clarification on my part. Let me explain.

Firstly, our actual work pace is definitely more than two of these a month on average. It's probably closer to 3, hence the fact that we are not operating in the red.

Secondly, and more importantly, is the difference between "man-hours", aka active work hours, and everything else that happens during the work day. The work day encompasses those active work hours (in other words, times when we are actively pouring resin, shaving fur, running the sewing machine, etc), and ALSO transitions between tasks, setup and cleanup, breaks, and administrative duties (email answering, bookkeeping, inventory and ordering, etc). After you add all that in, the time spent "per costume" easily doubles.

I hope this information has been helpful to everyone reading it!

Commission Status:

Commissions are CLOSED

Price Quotes on Costumes are open!
Please email We do not answer DA notes.

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 27, 2013, 10:56 AM
Guess what? We got the hacker! He's fried now! No more worries!

There's deviants who's been hack groups by becoming a Co-Founder then deleting all of the group deviations and replacing them with Very inappropriate drawings like porn and that stuff!!! 
:iconheridor: and or :iconevilmanray: and or :iconsushitroll: has already hacked these Groups:
   Bullet; Red:iconechidnafancharacters:
   Bullet; Red:iconplanet-mobius-club:
   Bullet; Red:iconall-about-echidnas:
   Bullet; Red:iconsonic-xtreme:
   Bullet; Red:icondimitri-echidna-fans:
   Bullet; Red:iconarchie-sonic:
   Bullet; Red:iconnew-nin-girl-dresses: (this one is not cleaned yet)
   Bullet; Red:iconsara-fanclub: (this one is not cleaned yet)
   Bullet; Red:iconhaine-fc: (this one is not cleaned yet)
He framed :iconlovelychu: for the three that are not cleaned yet.

These groups are being repaired, under reconstruction.

  • Mood: Fear
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  • Reading: I don&#039;t read on summer break :3
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  • Playing: Nope
  • Eating: Nope
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  • Mood: High
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  • Reading: This
  • Watching: Pixar's Brave
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