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I've never been the prettiest person in school. My body isn't all that great and my skin is far from perfect. Instead of wearing pretty sparkly clothing, I wear anything and everything black. My hair is a deep midnight black. My sky blue eyes are rimmed thickly with black kohl eyeliner. Because of they way I dress, I stick out in my uptight school. I've never made any friends, and frankly I don't need any. Why take the chance of being stabbed in the back by someone you care about?

My parents barely talk to me since they were always busy with work. I may as well have lived alone. No one cared about me, so what was the point in living anymore? I was tired of having everyone, students and teachers, glare at me like I was a waste of space and their precious time.

But that was all before I met him.

He made everything I knew about the world

....and myself....

He made it all change.
This is just a little glimpse into my next fanfic: Kiss of Death.

Obviously it is a Jayy Von Monroe fanfic from the band Blood On The Dance Floor.

I'm not precisely sure when I will post the first few chapters on it, but I promise it will be soon :)
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Chapter 1

This is not where I wanted to end up. Not at all. How in the hell did I even get here? Oh yeah…that's right. I remember now. I was dragged here on a dare. She said it was going to be funny. That something good might come out of it. That in the end we'd be laughing. Well, guess what, Natalie? I'm not laughing right now and by the look on your face? Neither are you.
"So, anyways, enough about me. What do you do for a living?" the all too eager guy sitting across the table from me with oily hair dangling in his face asked me. What was this guy's name again? I glanced down at the sticker on his faded Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt. His name was Tim. I slid my gaze over to the large timer sitting on the podium up front where the girl who had arranged this was standing with a large fake smile plastered on her face. I still had another minute and a half with this guy. I inwardly shot myself in the face.
"I'm a female impersonator," I dully retorted.
Tim blinked a couple of times not quite sure of what to make of my comeback.
"Ah, well, um…" he stammered. I rolled my eyes and leaned over to Natalie who looked like she was having an equally fascinating time with the guy that I had just finished talking to: George.
"Why in the hell are we here again?" I whispered in her ear. I watched Tim wring his hands anxiously waiting for the clock to go off signaling the change of tables.
Natalie sighed and slid her gaze over to meet mine. George continued talking away not even noticing.
"Because I thought it would be fun and interesting. We've already tried a dating website and looked how well that has turned out for us," she whispered back.
"So your solution was speed dating?" I hissed.
"Hey, I know a lot of people that have had success with these sorts of things," she huffed. I gave her a droll stare.
"Name one person you know that has had a good relationship come out of one of these things," I challenged.
She sat for a moment thinking.
"Yeah, that's what I thought," I replied straightening back over into my seat. Natalie shot me a glare.
At that moment the sound of the obnoxious ring of the clock signaling time's up rang throughout the room. Tim and I sighed with relief. Before the men could move down a table to talk with the next girl, a loud gong rang throughout the room. Everyone glanced up at the podium where the fake smiled cheerleader of speed dating stood with a gong in her hands.
"Alright everyone. Let's take a fifteen minute break and then we shall continue the speed dating only we will mix up the order a little bit," she cheerfully announced.
I spun around to look at Natalie. She merely turned her head to meet my gaze.
"So….how was George?" I questioned with a smile already knowing what her answer would be.
Natalie rolled her eyes. "I swear, if that man could talk any more monotonously I think my eardrums would have exploded from the low frequency. I mean seriously? I felt like I was sitting in church trying not to fall asleep during the preacher's sermon," she scoffed.
"Yeah, I know," I agreed. I glanced around the room at all the men. "You'd think there would be SOME hopefuls here, but I guess that would make it too easy on our luck."
"This is speed dating, Leighra. Hopeful guys don't need to resort themselves to speed dating because they are either already taken, fictional, celebrities, gay, all four, or happily living their life somewhere far away where we have no chance at seeing them let alone dating them," she replied.
I placed my chin in my hands with a defeated sigh. "I was hoping you wouldn't remind me."
"But that's exactly why I'm here," she chimed. "To remind you of ALL your misfortunes."
"Obviously," I grumbled rolling my eyes. "So how much longer do we have left of this unbearable torture?"
Natalie took out her phone and glanced at the time. "About another half hour," she notified.
"Oh my god, I'm gonna die," I whined.
"Stop whining. You'll be fine for crying out loud. And would you find some better guys to talk to? I'm tired of getting your sloppy seconds," she snapped.
"Yeah because I control what guy sits at my table next," I scoffed rolling my eyes.
That annoying gong sound rang throughout the room. Both Natalie and I twitched when we heard her speak into the microphone.
"Alright break time is over! Now we have reassigned the men to new tables. We hope you ladies are getting lots and lots of phone numbers," she sing-songed.
Natalie and I gave each other kill-me-now looks out of the corner of our eyes. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back waiting for the next loser to take a seat across from me. I heard the sound of a chair being pulled out and then a sudden sharp jab to my ribs.
My eyes snapped open to glare at Natalie.
"Ow!" I hissed. Not that it even mattered. She wasn't even paying attention to me. She had her eyes on the guy sitting at my table. Wondering what horrific style of clothing he was wearing or how much gel he had put in his hair, my gaze slid over to look at my new partner. With that, my mouth dropped open in shock. Where in the hell had THIS guy come from? I'm pretty sure I would have remembered seeing a guy like THIS.
Although I couldn't see how tall he was exactly, I knew he was easily over six feet. He had broad muscular shoulders with a small area of his tattoo exposed beneath the sleeve of his shirt and a little bit along his collarbone where the shirt was cut in a v-neck. He had a strong, square cut jawline and high cheekbones to compliment his aristocratic nose and gorgeous, pierced plump lips. Onyx black hair fell in straight, jagged layers to barely brush along the tops of his shoulders. What held me frozen in place though were his ice blue eyes that had a ring of midnight blue surrounding his iris.
The man smiled at my look of complete and utter shock making me turn my attention to the piercings he had on his mouth. On either end of his plump bottom lip was a black hoop. I believe that sort of piercing was called a snake bite. Fuck that. When it came to this man it was more of a sexy bite. Holy hell, I was so stunned at this man's beauty that I couldn't even come up with decent jokes.
My eyes fell to that toned, muscular chest searching for a sticker with his name on it, but I couldn't find it.
"I forgot to slap on a nametag when I came in a little bit ago," he replied almost like he had read my mind. Holy hell. This man was British. His accent wasn't very heavy, but it was there. That amazing British accent was there.
"Oh, um, well, my name is—"
"Leighra, correct?" he finished for me.
"Um, yeah," I chuckled nervously playing with the ends of my curly dark brown hair. "You're the first guy to have pronounced it right."
"Oh?" He questioned cocking a single dark brow. If I hadn't been sitting down at that moment, I would have collapsed to the floor from my legs going weak. He had the sexiest inquisitive face.
"Well, a lot of people want to pronounce it lee-rah like it's some sort of stupid cheerleading chant. When in fact it is pronounced leer-uh. Yeah, my parents are weird I know," I chuckled still playing with my hair. Natalie kicked the side of my leg beneath the table making me realize how much of a girly girl I was acting.
"Uh, um, so anyways, what's your name?" I asked trying to go back to acting like the cool, reserved woman I had been with all the other men.
"All in due time, my dear," he smiled. "First, tell me a bit about yourself," he urged leaning back in his chair and folding his arms across his chest. The muscles in his arms bulged beneath his shirt making me gulp. Holy crap this guy was ripped, but not overly so. Just enough to make it count for something.
"Um, well," I started meeting his icy blue gaze. "I'm currently a student over at the local university studying to get my masters in Veterinary Medicine. My friend and I—" I motioned over at Natalie— "are renting an apartment together since we figured that would be cheaper than staying in the dorms again. I am working at the local animal clinic just doing some odds and end jobs until I can begin my internship this summer. Oh! I'm 21 in case that makes a difference somehow," I tacked on.
"Do you also happen to enjoy long walks on the beach, reading by candlelight, and being kissed in the middle of a thunderstorm?" he teased leaning forward to rest his elbows on the table with his chin in his hands.
"Sign me up for the last one, but when it comes to the other two…eh," I shrugged. "Don't get me wrong. I LOVE reading, just not by candlelight. Too harsh on my eyes. And the whole long walks on the beach? Do I look like the cover of a cheap romance novel to you? I mean come on," I scoffed.
The man laughed and man did that laugh hit me in all the right places. I glanced over at Natalie who was no longer even aware of her date anymore.
That's when the bell sounded signaling that our time was up.
"Alright, everyone! Time is up! I hope everyone enjoyed today and some lucky ladies and fellas are leaving here with either a date or a few numbers stuffed in those pockets," she giggled giving us a wink. I nearly gagged.
"Have a good night everyone and come back again tomorrow night!" she replied sending us on our "merry" way. I turned to look back at the man who had already stood up. Oh yeah. He was definitely over six feet tall. Probably at least 6'3" to 6'5". That's when I noticed he was wearing black, tightly fitted jeans with a studded belt and a few chains going from the front of his pants to link at the back of his pants. This guy was totally my type. Tall, dark, and gorgeous. Yupp. My type.
I quickly stood up as he looked at me. He stretched out his hand towards me. Nervous, I wiped the sweat off my hand onto my pant leg before grasping his larger hand.
"Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Leighra. And I do certainly hope we see each other again," he smiled with a wink releasing my hand. He started walking away still leaving me in a sort of daze. That's when I remembered something.
"Wait!" I called out to him over the chatter of the other people in the room. He turned to look back at me. "What's your name?" I asked again hoping for an answer this time.
"I'll tell you the next time we meet," he called back. Then a sly smile slid onto his face. "IF we meet again and I have a feeling we will."
With that he was gone. I whipped around to face Natalie who had the same wide eyed, mouth gaped open look that I had.
"Holy crap," she breathed.
"I know!"
She slapped me on the arm.
"Ow!" I growled rubbing the red handprint imprinted on my upper arm.
"You should have tried to get his number!" she snapped.
"The man wouldn't even give me his NAME. What makes you think he would have given me his number any easier?" I snapped back.
"You still could have tried," she huffed.
I rolled my eyes and grabbed my jacket off the back of my chair.
"C'mon. Let's just go home. I'm tired and really fucking hungry. The food here sucks. It's meant for plastic Barbie dolls and suicidal, anorexic teenagers. I need a fucking burger and a couple side orders of fries," I replied rubbing my stomach.
Natalie shook her head. "You know, it amazes me how you can keep fit when all you eat is junk food nonstop."
"You're the same," I retorted.
I laughed and began heading out the door. "So are we coming back tomorrow?" I inquired glancing over at Natalie with a wry smile.
She glared at me from the corner of her eye.
"Hell fucking no."
So...this is a new original story I have started. If you want to know a little bit more of what it is about, check out my journal entry where I will include a short summary about it. Or, if you want, just message me.

Anyways, ENJOY!!

Also, if you liked this, hit up my gallery for some more of my work (original and fanfiction) :D
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Chapter 1

Five years later

A lot of things have changed since that night when I was raped. For one, I'm now seventeen and no longer living with my mother. She passed away last year from drug overdose. I had the option to go live with my grandparents, but they had never cared much for me as their grandchild since my mother had birthed me out of wedlock. My grandparents most certainly did not appreciate that. So now I am living on my own in a tiny apartment working two jobs while also attending school. That's ok though. Even when I had been living with my mother, I felt like I had been living alone.
Another thing about that night that I should mention, the white cat that had licked my nose shortly after the man had left? He had come back home with me where I fed and took care of him inside the safety and comfort of my room so Mother wouldn't know we had gained a new pet. Otherwise she may have killed him. I had given him the name Nakir after the Angels of Justice, Munkir and Nakir. I felt as if he wanted justice on the man just about as much as I did.
After the man had walked out of the alley that night, I had laid there unmoving for what felt like hours when in fact only thirty minutes had passed before I finally stood. My legs had wobbled from the fear still racing through my bloodstream, but I was finally able to continue on my way back home with Nakir following behind me. Fortunately, my mother had still not returned home and Mrs. McKnowlty hadn't tried calling. I didn't bother calling the cops. I had nothing to say and nothing to tell them assuming my voice box could have even worked at that time. I didn't know what the man looked like for sure. I just knew his body shape and the way the profile of his face looked.
Which brings up the question as to why I had been searching for five years for a man when I didn't even have a bit of clue what he looked like? For all I know, he could have completely changed his physical appearance, but I knew there was one thing my mind would never forget. The way he spoke. That slow drawl of his voice as he called me cutie. And that wretched smile he flashed after he had had his way with me. Those are images and sounds that would be etched into my mind for all eternity.
When school had started back up, everything about me had changed. My best friend, Tiffany, had been the first to notice. It wasn't just my appearance that had changed, but my personality had taken a complete 180 as well. Before it had happened, I had dressed in a neutral way so I didn't stand out in a crowd. I had been a quiet person with a shy demeanor. I hardly said anything except when I was asked a question. Even then my voice would come out quiet and timid most of the time. But after the incident, I was wearing black clothing. Anything and everything that screamed death or injustice to me, I would buy to wear. Most of those items were black, punk clothing. And it only grew worse as I got older. I was no longer the quiet girl everyone looked through in the hallways. I had a voice now and I knew how to use it. I began acting out in school. I nearly got expelled a few times. My timid demeanor had turned dark and sarcastic. I was tired of being the mat everyone walked over because I was small and weak. I decided to come out of that and show everyone I was no longer willing to be forced aside or messed with. I started teaching myself how to fight since, at the time, I didn't have the money to enroll in a self-defense class or have someone train me personally. And although I lost a lot of my friends and dropped the rest of them to become a loner, Tiffany always stayed by my side. She hadn't cared about the tremendous transformation I had gone through. She had even become worried for me that my mom had finally infected my life, but I assured her it had nothing to do with my family life at home. I had just lied to her saying it had been a long time coming for this new me. She never said anything about it again.
So now, here I was, still on the manhunt for my rapist and still clueless as to where he was. Every day since that night, I had been reading the newspaper, watching the news, checking the internet whenever I was at Tiffany's (before I had gotten my own), but had found no lead as to where in the world this man could be. It had bugged me to no end. And now that it was summer again, I was up to working three jobs to help pay rent, my car payment, insurance, gas, cable/ internet, and food. Fortunately, the owners took care of the electric and water bill. All I had to do was pay a $175 rent each month.
At the moment, I was currently sitting at my desk staring at the computer screen that was frozen on MSN's news page. I had another hour before I went in to work for the night over at the local bar. I was a waitress there.
I slammed my fists down on the faded, wobbly wooden desk making the piece of furniture tremble slightly under the fury of my fists.
"Goddamn it, you stupid piece of crap internet! I pay good money for you now WORK!" I demanded shaking my computer screen. The screen faded into white and a little box notifying me that MSN was not responding at the current time popped up.
I let my forehead fall forward onto the desk. I groaned in pain and weariness.
"Mrooow," Nakir voiced jumping into my lap and rubbing his butt all over my black shirt. I grimaced. Sometimes I really hated the fact that he was a pure white cat.
"Not today, Nakir," I sighed gently removing him from my lap and placing him on the floor. He cocked his head to the side giving me a questioning look.
"Do you think I should just give up on this? It's been five years and I still haven't found anything," I whined. "I feel like the eternal fire of vengeance burning in my belly is slowly dying out."
"Mrrrooooow," he growled giving me a stern look. I laughed. It was so funny that my cat had such human-like expressions and emotions. Nakir was definitely an intelligent cat.
"But I'm just wasting my time," I said to him. He closed his eyes for a long time before opening them again and staring at me with dull eyes. I had come to discover that that was his way of rolling his eyes.
"I know, you're right, Nakir, but I feel like I'm not going to get anywhere with this," I replied in a worried voice. How was I ever going to get a lead on this? I was only seventeen anyways. Not only that, but work wouldn't even give me the time I needed to just go on a manhunt for this guy. It's almost like, after that night, he just up and disappeared.
"What do I do, Nakir?" I sighed burrowing my face into my hands.
It was silent for a moment before I heard the subtle sound of something sliding across the carpet. I glanced up from the cover of my hands and saw Nakir dragging his food dish into my room from where it had been in the kitchen.
I burst out laughing when Nakir began pawing at the inside of his dish basically saying 'feeding me would be a great idea'.
"Alright, let's feed your fat belly," I smiled trailing my hand down his back and poking his small gut. He wove in and out of my legs as I picked up his food dish and began walking to the kitchen nearly tripping a couple of times because of him.
"Nakir, would you stop trying to trip me? If you want food, that is not a good way to get it," I warned opening the pantry door. I took his bowl and dipped in the cat chow bag to scoop him out a small amount of chow.
I placed it back on the kitchen floor next to his clean bowl of water. He immediately pounced on the chow scarfing it down. I rolled my eyes and made my way back to my room to check on MSN. Still not responding. I let out a sigh of disappointment before grabbing my jacket off my bed and heading for the front door. Nakir raced me to the door and pounced at my feet.
"Nakir!" I chuckled picking him up. He rubbed his face against one cheek and then did the same to the other side of my face before licking my nose. That had become his goodbye telling me to return safely.
"I love you, too. I'll see you at midnight."
He jumped out of my arms and allowed me to leave the apartment. I closed and locked the door behind me. For a moment I just stood there wondering if I would have turned out even more differently without having found Nakir, or I should say without him having found me. Either way, I was glad to have him in my life. Even if he was just a cat.
Not much exciting happens in this chapter, you just learn a little bit about what her life turned into since the rape and learn more about her cat. Sorta.

Leave comments please!
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You cured the pain inside of me
You wiped away my tears
You opened my eyes to see
That there's nothing left to fear

You sang songs directly from your heart
Bringing peace, love, and joy to all
It's what saved me from falling apart
Because you catch me before I fall

You inspire me to never give up on my dream
You tell me to keep on believing
No matter how hard it may seem
     And because of this
You're the reason why I keep on breathing
Copyright Natalie 2012. All Rights Reserved.

~Dedicated to my favorite band, Blood on The Dance Floor.
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Before You Forget About Me
Chapter One: In Another Life

Hitsugaya was still young and reckless. Renji Abarai had to grab him back at the collar to restrain him. "Easy, lowlife."
Hitsugaya shot him a withering glare at the suggestion. He bit his comment about how utterly ironic that was back with effort. He tugged himself free of Renji. "Can't believe we're letting him get away."
"I know."
"With that…attitude of his."
Renji had felt conflicting emotions at the attitude their friend had displayed too. He didn't appreciate being abandoned, but he appreciated being shunned for caring about it even less so. "Guy's a dick, granted."
"Stupid Ichigo." Traces of defeat wove into his words. They had never seen Ichigo act like this before.
It was like he was hiding something.
Don't come with me, he'd said. And something about breathing space.
Hitsugaya's nose creased into his frown. "I'm going back."
"To headquarters?"
Hitsugaya's eyes revealed he wasn't so sure. "To you know where."


Ichigo kept his gaze high, above the edge of the rock face. When he thought all was clear, he dipped down into the hollow cleft there.
"You really think no one's gonna find you here?"
Grimmjow's teeth came through his snarl like an animal's. A feral sound slipped though his teeth. "You don't want to keep it down by any chance, do you?"
Ichigo sighed, still depressed that he'd had to turn on his friends that way. It wasn't their fault they'd nearly caught him out stealing food for Grimmjow. It was…stupid Grimmjow's.
"Here, stupid Arrancar," Ichigo dug out the piece of bread he'd gotten off the counter in Rukia's house, tossing it into awaiting paws. "Hope it's worth it."
"Aha," Grimmjow said disinterestedly. He surveyed the bread for a moment, reluctant to bite into it so soon.
"What?" Ichigo's attempt not to care went to nothing. He glowered at Grimmjow. "Don't say you don't want it, you ungrateful…"
Grimmjow had scoffed it up already, striking a glance at Ichigo before he could yell at him further. "Hmph. Bread. What do you take me for."
Ichigo ignored the unappreciative remark. "So, when are you gonna be out of here?" Ichigo had been pushing for a week already. Grimmjow couldn't escape his enemies forever.
"See first, I'm gonna wait a while…"
"Let this whole thing blow over…"
"Oh, joy."
Grimmjow nodded, resolute his plan would carry him to safety. "The world's quite unfair sometimes, huh Ichigo?"
"Oh, like you have any idea."


"I knew it," Hitsugaya was exclaiming loudly, casting his angry eyes across the room. "Byakuya is with him on this one!"
The vacancy of the house seemed to imply Byakuya was out at the moment, not necessarily that he was out with Ichigo.
Renji replied with a sarcastic smile, "Yeah…My Captain is bust I tell you."
"Why else would Ichiho visit Byakuya, Renji? Come on."
"Maybe he was just visiting Rukia."
"You're so naive," Hitsugaya's childishness was hardly ever detectable in everyday life. What had given birth to this side of him?
They should never have formed the Ichigo-Renji-Hitsugaya friendship deal they'd thought would be fun for doing missions together. Look how that had backfired. Ichigo had waved his goodbyes and left Renji alone with Hitsugaya in the stupid team that he could never leave now. Well, without the whole thing being personal against Hitsugaya anyway.
Renji broke from his reverie as the sound of moving furniture caught his attention. "Hitsugaya, are you stupid? Put that back where you found it."
"What's this?" Hitsugaya asked, pulling something up from under the couch.
A small strand of blue hair stared back at Renji.
"A…piece of blue fluff?"
"You know what Ichigo's doing now, right? Don't you?"


Ichigo pulled his hand up, stifling a sneeze unsuccessfully. "Ah-chuu!"
Grimmjow picked the corners of his mouth up into a smile for him. "Aww."
"Shut it. It's below seventy degrees out here. Why won't you come inside?"
"Well, that would just be plain uncomplicated, wouldn't it?"
"Who are you so afraid of? My dad? My sisters?"
"Your friends, Ichigo," Grimmjow placed emphasis on the word. "I'm not exactly good Shinigami company."
Ichigo had barely remembered that part. He couldn't fathom why he himself needed to be wary of Grimmjow when he was cramped like a stubborn child in the hollow crevice of a boulder in the far edges of a Soul Society town somewhere. Hiding from bigger demons.
"Why'd you do it, Grimmjow?"
"Why'd you save me?" Ichigo revisited the memory, unsure he could count on it. How reliable had his mind been back when it had created it?
Grimmjow turning on Ulquiorra. Gin and Tousen being caught off guard at the sheer brutality of Grimmjow's defense of Ichigo.
Ichigo's expression demanded an answer.
Grimmjow sighed before forcing one for him. "Do you remember anything, Ichigo? About when you were alive?"
Ichigo took pause, holding his thoughts together. The words evoked something.
"Before you and your family died and came up to Soul Society, you were alive. Do you remember that?"
Ichigo shook his head faintly.
"Do you remember why you died?"
He wasn't answered. Grimmjow acknowledged that his Soul Society friends had probably kept him in the dark about it. Understandable. But not very brave of them.
"Oh, so you didn't forgive them then," Grimmjow realized something else aloud, smiling emptily. "You just don't know."
"So what are you getting at?" Ichigo tried returning to the conversation. "You still can't tell me why you jumped in front of me back there."
"Some people retain their memories after death, Ichigo. You must be stupid or something."
"What does that mean?"
Grimmjow picked himself up from the rock face in one fluid movement. He stuck his face in Ichigo's until their mouths were a breath apart. "It means…that this…doesn't really feel all that uncomfortable for you, does it Ichigo?"
"Uh…" Ichigo was too shocked to react for a moment, not grasping the situation in its entirety. He wanted to say that it felt weird, but it really didn't. "What's that supposed to mean…Grimmjow?"
Grimmjow knocked his jaw forwards and closed the gap between them. The kiss was something brief. It lingered before Grimmjow drew away again.
"Didn't feel all that weird, did it? Ichigo?" Things Grimmjow wasn't telling him stirred in his blue gaze.
Ichigo felt a cold like liquid drop down his spine. "Grimmjow…You…"
"That's the funny thing," Grimmjow said without hearing him out, caught up in a breath of laughter. "It was actually you."

This is the first part of a short series Iím doing about GrimmIchi.
In case anyoneís still confused after reading this, the story goes that Ichigo has somehow died and is now living in Soul Society as a real Shinigami, but has somehow lost all his memories from before death(which is probably just a consequence of death.)
This isnít so much the first chapter as a prologue technically.
This is just to get you to grips with the idea that Ichigo has forgotten somethingÖthat is apparently very important to Grimmjow.~
Hope you like it!

P.S. Iím not so sure about the story title. :/ Might fix it later. Also, is it sad that I had Katy Perry lyrics in my head when I wrote that Chapter heading? ^^;

Next Chapter! [link]
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This is the demon Shabriri from Chapter 6 of Steal My Soul. I (or rather HE) have yet to decide whether he will become a major character or not.

I guess we'll see....
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Ahhhh,Ichigo very sexy Guy !
in new chapter !! 512 !!!

Ichigo : Protect everyone !!!

I love you Ichigo !! let me hug you please !

Ichigo,Bleach (c) Tite-sensei
edit with Photoshop By. me !
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Cold Shoulder
This is this turtlecest, don't like? Don't read.


Donnie wrapped up his latest project at around eleven in the evening, his brain hardly working so he decided to call it a night before he hurt himself.

Arriving in his and Leo's shared bedroom, he realised it would be another night spent alone. He was used to it by now but he still didn't like sleeping alone.

Since their final face off with the Shredder, Leo had been hard and cold and often spent his nights out fighting purple dragons with Casey and Raph or on his own, which made Donnie worry even more.

He'd talked to Leo about this but he told Donnie simply not to do so, that he was fine and he knew what he was doing.

Even Raph and Mikey knew that Leo's funk was interfering with his and Donnie's personal life, so they decided they would step in, they were all annoyed at Leo's sudden change in personality and it annoyed Raph and Mikey even more that it was affecting Donnie so much.

When Donnie arrived in the kitchen in the morning he was greeted by his younger brothers, who'd already made him some toast and some coffee.

“Morning Donnie.” the two chorused and smiled at Donnie as he sat down where his coffee mug and plate were place.

“Morning...” he replied eyeing the two suspiciously.

“How are you?” Mikey asked.

“Have a good night?” Raph asked.

“Yes...” Donnie answered them. “Have you two seen Leo this morning?” he asked.

“No, what, did he wake up before you did?” Raph asked.

“No...he...he didn't come to bed last night.” Donnie answered, drinking half of his coffee and then taking a large bite out of first piece of toast.

“Oh.” was Raph and Mikey's reply.

“He ain't been comin' to bed for a while has he?” Raph asked and Donnie didn't need to reply for them to know that it was true.

“Maybe ya ought to join me and Mikey in bed.” Donatello's head snapped up at that comment.

“Raph! I can't, me and Leo-”

“I know Donnie, I didn't mean like that.” Donnie flushed at his misunderstanding but didn't stop Raph from what he was saying. “Just sleep in our room for a few nights, just till fearless realises something is up.”

“What if he thinks something else in going on between the three of us?” Donnie asked concerned.

“Ya just leave that to us Donnie.” Raph grinned.


That night Donnie checked into his and Leo's room for any sign of the katana wielding turtle, but there was none and so he went to Mikey and Raph's bedroom where they'd left a space for him to sleep in between the two.

He didn't actually think he'd be sleeping in the same bed as them, but, oh well. He quietly squeezed himself between the two and they automatically wrapped themselves around the olive green turtle.

“Night Donnie.” they said.

“Night..” he replied and fell asleep, having his first good nights sleep in a very long time.


It was almost three in the morning when Leonardo returned home, and as he always did he went straight to his and Donnie's room to check that the turtle was asleep before returning to his old room to sleep for the night.

Except this time when Leo went to check in on Donnie, he wasn't there. Confused, Leo went down to Donnie's lab, the next likely place he would be, but no, he wasn't there either.

He checked the kitchen, the bathroom, the dojo and even his own old room, but no sign anywhere of Donatello. The only place left to check was either Raph's old room or the room Mikey and Raph shared together.

Peeping ever so slightly into Raph and Mikey's room he noticed not two but three forms occupying the bed. He stiffened instantly. What was Donatello doing in Raphael and Michelangelo's bed? Why isn't he in his own? How long has he been here? Why are they holding Donatello?

Leo's jaw clenched but he backed away, closing the door silently and walking to his own room to get some sleep. As soon as the door had clicked closed, Raph opened an eye before grinning and falling back to sleep, pulling Donnie closer to him in case Leo came back.


The next morning Leo was up at six, checking in his and Donnie's shared room to see if he had gone back their during the night, but he hadn't. He reached the kitchen not long after his three other brother's who were already there and the kettle was on and the breakfast was cooking.

“Morning Leo!” Mikey said and then yawned.

“Good morning Mikey.” Leo said and sat down next to Donnie and the empty seat which Mikey would be sat at when he'd finishing making everyone their breakfast.

Raph looked at Leo and smirked before looking over at Donnie.

“So Don, did ya sleep okay?” Donnie and Leo glanced up at Raph and Donnie smiled.

“Yeah best night's sleep I've had in a while.” Donnie said and smiled as Mikey handed him his coffee and placed his breakfast in front of him before making his way around to the others and taking a seat.

“Where were you then last night Leo? Ya weren't in when we went ta bed.” Raph asked.

“Out.” Leo said curtly. “Donatello, can I speak to you?” Leonardo said, turning his attention to the olive toned turtle.

“Sure, what about?”


“Oh, okay, the lab?” Donnie suggested and Leo nodded, leaving the kitchen with Donnie close behind.


“Why were you sleeping in Raphael and Michelangelo's room last night?”

“They offered to let me sleep in their bed for the night as I haven't been sleeping well, of course you wouldn't know, since you haven't been coming to bed for the past week and more.” Don said matching Leo's tone making Leo straighten his stance. “Why haven't you been coming to bed at night?”

“I come in late, I didn't want to be a bother.”

“I don't care if you come in late! I just want you there! Ever since we've fought the Shredder you've been cold, even to me, it even seems like you're being cold to me the most!” Donnie clenched his jaw, stopping him from saying any more.

He turned and went to walk out of the lab but two large arms wrapped around his middle stopping him from moving.

“I'm sorry Donnie.” Leo said, his voice softer and a kiss brushing the back of Donnie's neck and he shivered, after no physical contact with his partner for a very long time it didn't take much to get him worked up.

“How—How about you show me how sorry you are?” Donnie suggested and could feel Leo smiled against the back of his neck.


“They've been in there a long time, do you think they're okay?” Mikey asked.

Two different pitched churrs sounded from under the door and Raph and Mikey grinned at each other.

“I think they're in good hands.” Raph smirked.
Cold Shoulder by RomaMarufixx

Summary: Leo's been giving everyone the cold shoulder with his mood change, even his own mate, which leads to come misunderstandings. 
Pairing: Leo/Don
Word Count: 1,179
Notes: Set during season four of the 2003 series, during Leo's funk.

TMNT © Nickelodeon 
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Jack Frost had not expected this to happen. Sure, he had dropped by Berk to grant its first day of winter, prepared to not be heard, seen, or even thought about. But this, THIS. Landing in the middle of the town, he was just going to stroll, put some ice on a couple of streets, draw some intricate patterns on the windows, maybe even drop a huge pile of snow on one of the bigger looking vikings. Instead, the moment he landed the entire town had stood silent.

He thought that maybe something terrible had happened in Berk while he was gone, until someone had whispered one word,


then suddenly, wildfire! The same word shot up in cries of excitement and fear. Jack’s eyes had grown big, he was even knocked backwards thanks to the crowd that had closed in on him. He had half a mind to just run away, a huge part of him wanted to, until an old woman approached him.

The crowd gave her plenty of room, and there she had looked intently at Jack. Not a word. A sudden understanding passed between the two (more on the woman’s side than on Jack’s), and she dragged him back up to his feet. Jack was in momentary shock, she had actually touched him. He had suddenly forgotten how to breath, air stammering its way into his lungs as he tried to process what was going on. She motioned to the crowd and pointed to a large house above the others.

“Send a messenger to Stoick! Gothi demands it!” A voice shouted, and now here Jack was, standing in the middle of the same large crowd with probably the biggest and intimidating viking in the village right next to him. Stoick apparently did not notice how tightly Jack clung to his staff or the way that his eyes darted around everyone present.

“It is an honor, upon our village, and our winter, to meet you Jokul Frosti.” Stoick announced.

“Jack. Frost. No, just Jack.” He couldn’t stop the nervous rambling from coming out of his mouth. He instantly shut himself up and hugged his staff closer to his body.

“Well, Jack, we are most certainly humbled by your visit.” Stoick corrected.

“It’s, ah, no problem. Really. Just what I do.” A sudden rush of laughter allowed Jack to jump in surprise.

“As thanks, we would like for you to pick one of our villagers to be your personal escort for your visits.” Nope. Not what he was expecting at all.

“You, aaah, what?” Jack blinked owlishly, trying to understand everything that was happening. From the village being able to see him, to the point where he was standing there, stressed as could be, and having to deal with the fact that he had no idea what was going on.

“Choose anyone you desire from our village to be your companion for the times you come to Berk. They’ll preoccupy your time here and show you around wherever you want!” Jack stared at Stoick’s smiling face and flat out panicked. They wanted him to choose one of them? They expected him to stay? Heck, these were people that could see him! Every single one! From the old woman that helped him up to the toddler he spotted in the crowd that had smiled and waved. So why did he not want to stay longer than necessary? Why was he not excited?

He realized that the crowd had been waiting for him to choose, and without looking, jabbed his finger out into the swarm of vikings thanks to his rush of uncertainty. He saw Stoick’s eyes move to the ever so lucky winner and widen in surprise. Jack finally looked to see who he had nearly jabbed in the eye and raised a brow.

Hiccup froze in place. He had just pushed through the crowd to get a glimpse of Jokul when he had nearly tripped and looked up to find a finger no less than an inch away from his face.

“Aaaah,” was kind of the only thing he could get out at the moment.

“Jack has chosen his companion.” Stoick boomed, still a tad shocked by the turn of events. What kind of trouble might his son get the village into? It wasn’t that it was a difficult task, just that Hiccup was prone to speak without thinking most times. Stoick certainly didn’t want to deal with having a dangerous winter because his son couldn’t keep one of his remarks to himself. The crowd gave out a hesitant applause, and very rapidly dispersed. Stoick turned to look at the two boys before him. Jack’s hand had dropped and he was looking Hiccup over with what seemed amusement, whereas, Hiccup looked absolutely confused and as disdained as ever.

“Hiccup, I expect you to show Jack the village, entertain him, and basically do what he asks. Understand?” A stern look quickly killed the oncoming argument his son had prepared. Hiccup pressed his lips together and nodded.

“Right. Dad.” Jack’s smile couldn’t be contained when he heard the word ‘Dad’ escape the shorter boy’s mouth. How in the world could this runt be the product of such a behemoth? Stoick, satisfied, nodded and walked away. Jack turned back to the chosen villager, a bit uncertain of where to start. So he went with the basics.

“Hiccup, was it?” he offered a smile, which was received with a dubious look. The green eyes and freckles were bright against the pale skin, making the smallest boy in Berk look childish and even more un-viking like. Jack didn’t contain his laughter this time.

“Oh great, now I have a winter spirit laughing at me.” Noticing the very dark and unimpressed expression Hiccup wore, Jack stopped.

“Sorry, it’s just, you don’t look anything like the rest of your village.” Rolled eyes in response, Hiccup crossed his arms over his chest, slumping a bit.

“Yeah, well, not the first time I’ve been told.” Realizing he was treading a sensitive topic, Jack changed the subject. It was stupid of him to not realize the kid probably got trouble for his physique as is, let alone have a stranger point it out and then laugh in his face. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

“Well you never answered my question. Are you or are you not Hiccup?” The boy blinked in return, startled by the change in gears, but he once again gained his composure.

“If you must know, then yes, I’m Hiccup. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third to answer anymore name related questions.”

“Well then Hic,-”

“Don’t call me that.”

“-looks like you and I are going to have a little fun.”


As Hiccup walked Jack through the streets, they talked with each other.

“How come we’ve never seen you before?” Hiccup asked with a good degree of interest. Jack swung his staff about, freezing things here or there as they went, brushing his hands along walls and windows as he thought about his response. He was still here to bring winter after all.

“Ah well, I usually hang around near the forest. I thought I would check this place out for once, looks like I got more than I bargained for.” Jack smiled playfully, hoping to lighten the situation. Their talks ranged from normal (“You’re almost sixteen? Might want to pack a few pounds on there Hic.”), to getting to know more about each other (“You mean you’ve actually been ALL the way across the sea? What’s it like?”), and finally, as they neared the outskirts of Berk, to the personal.

“So, mind if I ask what it’s like being you in this village full of walking meat?” Jack swore he saw Hiccup’s mouth twitch ever so slightly, (He’d been trying to get this kid to smile all day, what was it going to take?) but it quickly disappeared. With no response, Hiccup made his way directly into the woods, Jack following close behind. After a good trek, Hiccup finally spoke.

“It’s like being alone your entire life.” A chill, for the first time, ran it’s course along Jack’s spine. Alone was something he could understand, and the sudden urge to spin Hiccup around and hug him tightly, to let him know that he had felt that way too, was hard to resist. But resist he did.

“When everyone you know in the village hates you, thinks you’re absolutely useless, you get ignored or put down a lot. I mean, what are you supposed to do when no one believes in you? You never get a chance to prove yourself, and no one’s willing to look at you long enough to give you that chance. All because I’m…..this.” Gesturing down to his body, Hiccup let out a painful sigh. Being the smallest and least violent viking in Berk meant trouble since he was young, and every day took it’s toll. He rubbed his arm to try and comfort himself, but as always, it never really accomplished anything.

Why was he even telling Jack all of this? He probably had every village vying for his attention, being the god of winter. How could he ever expect this otherworldly being to comprehend his situation? A sharp pang ripped through his chest, bitterness swelled up.

“But I guess you wouldn’t understand being Jack Fro-” As Hiccup turned around he saw Jack’s eyes wet with tears. Jack had been listening, realizing that he had found someone that knew exactly how he felt. Especially in his earlier years, when he first realized that he was a ghost to all humans. It had been the most excruciating time of his life, having no one but himself, clutching his arm the same way Hiccup had in hopes of relieving some of the forsaken pain.

“No, I know what it’s like being invisible. And for a very long time too.” The once loud and cheerful voice was now whispering, pleading for Hiccup to know that yes, Jack Frost indeed knew what it was like to be completely and truly alone.

“B-but how? I mean, you’re, you’re Jokul Frosti! Don’t people-?”

“No.” one word. Jack took in a shaky breath and stared Hiccup right in the eye.

“Today is the first day that I have ever met anyone else, let alone an entire village, who could see, hear, or touch me.” His voice cracked and he almost broke the eye contact, but something about Hiccup’s enraptured gaze held him steady. He clenched and unclenched his fist twice, taking a steadying breath, he continued.

“This is the first time I’ve walked around with someone, and could talk with them, and they would answer back. This is the first time I have been shown anything, been asked questions, and enjoyed being in someone else’s company. And you know what? It’s really nice.” The tears had spilled gently over now, no hand to brush them away.

That’s when Hiccup hugged him. The thin arms wrapped tightly against the winter sprite’s body which at first tensed with shock, but quickly broke down and clung to the other boy as he sobbed quietly. It wasn’t until Jack heard Hiccup mumble something into his shoulder did he calm down.


“I said me too. It’s really nice.” And then Jack noticed the tear stains on Hiccup’s face as well.

“You look terrible.” He blurted out. Hiccup gave a slight laugh, pulling away from Jack. (Wow, who knew the kid that had the power over ice could suddenly crave so much body heat?)

“You don’t look too good yourself.” And finally, another thing happened that Jack could add to his ‘First Time’ list. Hiccup gave him a smile. It was absolutely stunning, the way that those slightly bucked teeth completed the way the cheeks lifted and the eyes scrunched. Hiccup looked positively amazing. A smile broke out on his face, his eyes taking in the divine scene before him.

“You’re pretty cute when you smile Hiccup.” Whoops. He didn’t mean for that to slip. But when you haven’t talked to people in a couple hundred years, you tend to forget etiquette. Especially if you just had a very strong bond form through an emotionally charged experience.

Hiccup’s cheeks began to redden and his smile fell away a bit, unsure of how to take this news.

“I, uh, thanks. You look nice when you smile too.” Hiccup turned away, looking instead at the ground and letting out a puff of breath as he swung his arms around his waist, obviously trying to release his anxiety. Jack’s heart fluttered at the comment, and he was thankful that out of all the people he could have pointed to in that crowd, it was Hiccup.


“Duck!” A snowball whizzed right past Hiccup’s ear, nearly planting itself neatly on his face. The kid who had shouted for Hiccup to move was then hit with a snowball himself.

“Way to give me away there squirt!” Jack laughed.

“I almost had him!” All the other children giggled in delight as Jack helped their fellow six year old back onto his feet. After exiting the woods, the group of children had run up to Jack and begged for him to show them his magic. Of course he complied, creating a snowball with as much sparkle and showtime flourish as he could, and shoved it down the back of Hiccup’s shirt, which in turn led to Hiccup scooping up snow from the ground and pushing it in Jack’s face. Not a second later a snowball fight had been unleashed within the group, Jack providing bucketsful of snow for everyone to use.

“You won’t get me that easily, Frost.” Hiccup smirked.

“Oh yeah?” and then the fight was back on, kids squirming and weaving their way past each other, launching snowball after snowball into each other’s sides and heads. Hiccup at one point lost track of Jack, snowball in one hand and at the ready, he gazed at the battlefield before him.

“Where-?” Not much else was finished with that sentence as Jack launched himself at Hiccup from behind, effectively catching his waist and pinning him to the ground.

“You seem pretty easy to catch there Haddock.” He smiled sweetly down at his captive.

“Oh, using last names now are we? That was very unsportsmanlike, don’t you think?” Hiccup’s heart rate had completely skyrocketed. Here was an ethereal, and very handsome figure of legend, and he was pinning Hiccup to the ground. None of the other children seemed to have noticed, having too much fun building up defenses in their snow forts and stocking on more ammunition for the next volley of throws. A chuckle brought Hiccup back to his current situation.

“All’s fair in love and war Hic, and this is most certainly war.” With that, Jack moved Hiccup’s hands so that he held both wrists in one hand, and scooped up snow with the other. He teetered the snow over Hiccup’s face, a dastardly grin exposed.

“Jack, don’t you DARE.” Hiccup struggled to no avail as the ice was pushed closer and closer, every second drawn out.

“I swear Frost, if you-” and with a final flick of the wrist the snow fell atop Hiccup’s face, muffling whatever threat he had prepared.

“That’s for earlier.” Jack laughed as Hiccup tried brushing the ice away while having both arms out of commission. In the end he gave up.

“Alright, I lose! I lose!” Jack broke out into another smile, but didn’t free the brunet just yet. Instead, he leaned down next to Hiccup’s ear.

“If you’re ever going to win, you better put up more of a fight.” Hiccup’s breath hitched slightly, eyes keeping track of Jack’s face as he pulled away from his ear. The blue eyes gazed down at him in a way that Hiccup couldn’t place, it wasn’t anything malicious, but strangely warming and and made him feel self conscious.

“Who said I wanted to win?” The reply was hoarse, barely a whisper, but Jack had heard it. His eyes widened a bit, and by the way the viking’s face suddenly turned a few shades darker and his eyes looked suddenly surprised, he didn’t think the little viking had meant to say it. At least not out loud.

Out of nowhere a snowball hit Jack in the shoulder, Hiccup blinked and then turned his head to look at the group of children who had all crammed themselves into one fort, smiling devilishly and trying to shush one another as they feigned innocence. Jack gave them all his own mischievous smile and conjured a snowball.

“Alright snowflakes, you’re all in for it now!”


With the sun setting, the children had been called away, and Jack and Hiccup were left alone once more. Hiccup took the opportunity to show Jack the smithing shop where he worked, earning him a few snarky comments about being too small to even stoke the fire. In return he threatened to melt Jack where he stood, all with a playful smile.

“You know Jack, I actually ended up enjoying myself today.” Hiccup admitted when they had stood in silence for a while. Jack looked up at Hiccup’s downturned face, feeling extremely light and excited, the way he had felt earlier when Hiccup had been pushed underneath him. He swallowed before replying, mind racing with countless thoughts.

“So would you call this a date?” Jack was tensed, realizing what he was implying with that single phrase. The fire crackled behind them, suddenly very loud.

“Are you supposed to make your date cry your first time out?” Hiccup retorted, a quirk of his eyebrow and a, what, was that a blush? Jack chuckled, some relief washing over his chaotic emotions.

“Well, I didn’t say it was perfect-”

“But it kind of was.” Hiccup interrupted. His hands were clenched in front of him, needing something to do. He was getting all nervous again, being alone with Jack and saying this kind of thing. I mean, he could barely ever get the attention of anyone in the village, and sometimes it was hard to get the attention of his father. But having Jack, who was so focused on him, it was destroying his usual comfort zone. In a good or bad way he wasn’t sure yet.

“Only kind of perfect?” Jack gave a slight smile, but Hiccup could tell there was a light of curiosity in his eyes, and the way he leaned in, expecting an explanation made it obvious. He didn’t even think about what he was saying, or consider that he should have said anything at all, when he suddenly answered.

“Th-there wasn’t a kiss.” Damn. Where did that come from? Jack would think he was weird, Thor and Odin almighty HE thought he was weird, how was Jack going to react to that? They had just met and just because Jack chose him as a companion did NOT mean he chose him as THAT kind of companion. Odin’s beard what had he done? The first friend he made and this is how he messed it up, and probably in record timing. Please Thor, strike me down now and save me the-

Everything that had been running through Hiccup’s mind stopped. Jack had pressed his face close to his, leaning in he gave him a very soft and gentle peck on the cheek. His lips brushed the freckled and burning face longer than intended, Jack’s cool body temperature feeling very welcoming against the roaring fireplace. So welcoming that Hiccup pushed his face closer to Jack’s, letting out the barest of sighs as his flushed skin seeked relief, letting his eyes shut close and savoring the feeling. His shoulders, hiked up from the worries so real just a few seconds ago, relaxed.

Jack pulled away seconds later, but not too far, and looked at Hiccup with a wide smile.

“So see you tomorrow?” Hiccup’s eyes fluttered open, heart pounding with excitement.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow.”
Hijack Week, Day 1: First Day/Meeting


Alright, so big thanks to Merbearedie for being the best Beta reader ever! ;w; She really helped iron this story out! Set before the events in Httyd
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Splinter emerged from his quarters to check on his six-year-old sons. He had entrusted them to engage in quiet activities and look after each other while he meditated. He was pleased to see that they had complied.

Michelangelo and Donatello, his two youngest, sat at the table with papers, crayons, and pencils scattered all over. They engaged in their own conversation all the while.

Leonardo and Raphael sat in the living room; Leo watching cartoons (as always) and Raph looking through the pictures in a comic book he could not yet read.

“I can see you have all found ways to quietly entertain yourselves,” he praised. “Thank you for cooperating.”

“You're welcome, daddy,” Leo was the only one that spoke up.

Splinter looked over Raph's shoulder at what he was 'reading'. “Raphael, are you able to read any of that?” he asked.

Raph shook his head. “I can read some of the words, but not a lot of em. I'm mostly just looking at the pictures. Leo doesn't watch anything good on TV, and all Mikey and Donnie wanna do is draw and color.”

Splinter chuckled. “I'm sure in time you will be able to read the whole thing.”

Raph shrugged and returned to looking at pictures.

Splinter went into the kitchen and sat between Mikey and Donnie.

Mikey smiled. “Hi, Daddy. You have a nice nap?”

“My son, I wasn't napping. I was meditating,” he corrected with a light smile. “What are you drawing?”

“Outside,” Mikey replied. “See? That's the sky, and that's the ground, and over there is some water.”

“That is lovely,” Splinter grinned. “You are quite the artist. How about you, Donatello? What are you drawing?”

“Solar system,” Donnie mumbled

“I see. Have you been reading about astronomy?”

Donnie nodded.

“Very nice.” Splinter observed the picture and noticed something off about it. “Why is there no color in your drawing, my son?”

Donnie shrugged. “I don't really like the colors.”

Mikey gasped. “You don't like the colors?! come? They're so pretty!”

“I just don't really believe in them.”

“You do not believe? What do you mean? Colors are all around you,” Splinter said.

Donnie sighed. “I mean I do believe in some colors: gray, black, white, red...I just don't believe that they exist...out there...”

“Of course they do,” Mikey chirped. “Haven't you seen the stuff on the TV? The sky is blue, the ground is green, sometimes black, sometimes brown, the trees are green, the people are all kinds of colors, and so are the animals.”

“But that's my point,” Donnie argued. “Sensei, you told us that everything we see on TV isn't real, and I've only seen those things on TV. Mikey, have you ever seen a blue sky with your own eyes?”

Mikey thought hard. “Uh...”

“..or green grass or brown dirt, or black pavement, or even a yellow sun?”

Mikey frowned. “No...”

“Then how can you believe it's there? You know you can't trust the TV.”

Splinter shook his head. “Donatello...”

Donnie sighed. “I drew and colored my solar system with a pencil because that's the only color I see, so it's the only color I believe exists. I don't care what my books say.”

Mikey's lip quivered. “No, there has to be colors...”

Splinter patted him on the shoulder for reassurance. “Of course there are colors out there, my sons.”

“How do you know that?” Donnie groaned.

“I have seen,” Splinter replied. “My sons, I used to live on the surface when I was human. I have told you this before.”

“I-is there a sun a-and a blue s-sky...and green tr-rees?” Mikey pouted.

Splinter smiled. “Yes, Michelangelo, there absolutely is.”

Donnie looked down and shook his head in disbelief.

“However, my sons, in spite of it's beautiful colors, it was the grayest world I had ever known.”

Both of his youngest sons looked confused.

“Allow me to explain. All of the colors that you have seen on TV, they exist, but down here in the sewers, there has been more color than I've known in my life for a very long time.”

“That's not possible, Sensei,” Donnie argued. “There's no color down here but gray and maybe some brown.”

“My life here with you is much more lively than it was when I lived alone on the surface, where I can see the colors, but not feel them, and when you cannot feel colors, everything simply looks gray.”

Donnie sighed.

“My son, you cannot just not believe in color because you cannot see it. You have to feel it to believe it,” Splinter went on. “Tell me, and be honest, what do you love about your life here?”

Donnie thought. “Well...I love my brothers, and you, and I love being able to read my books, and I love learning time, and sometimes watching TV, or hiking around the sewers...”

“Are you often deprived of these things?”

“No, most of them I get to do everyday.”

“Wanna know what I love?” Mikey piped up, standing on his chair with excitement.

Splinter chuckled. “What do you love?”

“I love daddy, and Donnie, and Leo, and Raphie, and coloring, and singing, and eating, and cooking, and drawing, and playing games, and watching TV, and swimming, and taking baths, and...”

“See? Michelangelo can feel a lot of color,” Splinter grinned at Donnie. “Now, tell me, are you happy with your life down here?”

Donnie nodded.

Mikey grinned. “Can I taste colors?” He picked up his yellow crayon. “I bet this one tastes like lemons.” He tried to put it in his mouth, but was stopped by his father.

“Do not fill up on crayons, my son or else you will spoil your dinner.”

Mikey and Splinter laughed. Donnie smiled.
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