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"Jeg liker deg Skwisgaar. Jeg... Jeg tror jeg elsker deg. Og jeg vet cant du forstår noe av dette, men du aner ikke hvor godt det føles å fortelle deg dette. Jeg skal dra nå... farvel Skwisgaar. Jeg ser på treningen!" - Toki Wartooth
Translation: "I reallys likes yous Skwisgaar. I ... I thinks I loves you. And I knows yous can't understands anys of this, but yous haves no ideas how goods this feel to tells yous this. I'm goings to leaves nows... goodbyes Skwisgaar. I'll sees you ats practice!" (I believed I failed horrible at his accent.)
But this is for my soon to come TokixSkwisgaar fanfiction.
If it's wrong I'm sorry, I used Google translate. But it's in Norwegian, Tokis nationality and language. I do now own any of the characters from Dethklok or Metalocalypse.
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                            Holidays of Future's Past

  Lisa was happy that her daughter Zia looked up to her, and was just as intelligent as she was at her age. She was worried that she would become a total party girl, and become hooked to the web. Christmas was over, it was passed midnight, and she walked to her car with her husband. They waved to her parents and brother; Bart decided to stay the night. The three of them drove off and headed for home, Lisa driving, Milhouse in the seat next to her, and Zia in the back.
  Halfway there, the car began to have trouble. Lisa turned to see Milhouse asleep, his head leaning on the window. She looked back at Zia; she had fallen asleep on the back seats. Lisa pulled the car to the side of the road and got out of the car. She opened her hood and tried to find the problem with the car. She knew it wasn't gas; the car had been filled yesterday. Lisa inspected the engine, trying to remember what Nelson had taught her. She pulled on a long clear thing, and it broke in her hand.
  "D'oh!" Lisa said. "If only Nelson were here. He'd know what to do." Nelson had become a mechanic, once again making a business where he "pimped out"  other people's vehicles. " Maybe I should call him. "
  Lisa went back to the car and got her purse. She went to her phone memory and selected "Mechanic"; Lisa had had an affair with Nelson, several in fact, cheating on her husband Milhouse. She only married him because she had gotten drunk, slept with him, and found out that she was pregnant. It was her twenty first birthday party, and it was the first time she had gotten drunk. What were the chances?
  Lisa waited for Nelson to answer, which took only a few seconds. "Lis'?" She could hear hope in his voice; he muat've that she wanted to get together.

  "Hi Nelson." Lisa felt bad for calling; she didn't want to get his hopes up about leaving Milhouse. The only reason she really married with him was because he had gotten her pregnant; she was only twenty one at the time, and raising a baby alone at such a young age would have disastrous.
  "Listen, about earlier," Nelson began, "I'm sorry if I sounded inconsiderate. It's just-"
  "Nelson," Lisa cut him off. "I'm sorry, but my car broke down, and I don't know how to fix it. Can you come by?"
  "Oh." Lisa could hear Nelson's voice crack a little. "Yeah. Sure. Where are you?"
  "I'm by Professor Frink's old place." Lisa remebered her old dates with Nelson, back they were kids, and back when she was seeing him behind Milhouses back. So he knew where it was by heart.
  "Okay. I'll be there in about thirty minutes." Lisa hung up the phone and sighed; she really did love Nelson, but she couldn't risk hurting her daughter, no matter how much she loved Nelson. She went back to the car, and put her hands in front of the heat. She looked at Professor Frinks; she wondered what had happened to him after the clone wars, when everyone in Springfield had been cloned by the aliens Kang and Kodos. Frink had disappeared, before the war, and never heard from again.
   Lisa felt her hands being cold again, and saw that her fuel gauge was empty. "Oh no." She tried to start the car, to at least have some warmth, but it wouldn't start. They couldn't wait thirty minutes in the freezing cold. She looked at Frink's house. 'I suppose we could go in there.'.
  "Milhouse wake up!" She shook her husband, trying to wake him up. He opened his eyes.
  "Are we home?" he said groggily.
  "No." Lisa brought her arm to Zia. "Zia! Wake up!"
  "We need to get out of the car." Lisa opened her door and got out. She put her head back in and took a pen and paper out of her purse, writing down they would be in Frink's old house. "The car broke down. We need to go into Professor Frink's house. Nelson's going to to pick us up."
  "What? Nelson?!!?" Milhouse was still scared of his old bully. "Why call him? Why not Bart?"
  "Because Nelson's a mechanic, and he can fix the car. Now hurry up!" The three of them walked to Frinks house. Lisa opened the door, and the three of them went in. "Nelson said he be here in half an hour. So don't complain!"
  "I'm gonna lie down." Milhouse held his coat shut, and kept on shivering. "I need to get some sleep." Milhouse went upstairs, and disappeared from Lisa's sight.
  Lisa and Zia sat down on an old couch, which was covered in dust. When they sat, dust flew into the air. "So," Lisa said, "what do you wanna talk about."
  "Nothing." Zia pulled out her ear phones, but was stopped by her mother before she could put them in, who grabbed them and put them in her pocket book. "Hey! I was gonna listen to music."
  "No! No music. It's rude to listen to music when someone's talking." Lisa closed her bag. Zia sat back on the couch, ignoring her mother's attempts at communication. They waited in silence for fifteen minutes when Zia finally got tired of the silence.
  They waited in silence for fifteen minutes when Zia finally got tired of the silence. "So what did Professor Frink invent anyway?" She had looked him up on the internet, and all she could find was that he disappeared a few years before she was born. "And what happened to him?"
  Lisa avoided the last question; everyone in Springfield had to stay quiet about what happened. Plus she really didn't know what happened to him.h
  Lisa thought of the things he built. She could only think of one in particular. "He built a time window. He showed me and your Uncle."
  "A what window?"
  "A time window." Lisa repeated. "It would lets person see into the future; it would predict what would most likely happen to that person. It also showed the past."
  "Where is it now?"
  "It's probably still in the basement." Lisa wondered if it was still operational. She would love to see her future again. "Let's go check. We can see who you marry in the future!" Lisa ran for the basement, followed closely by Zia.
  "Mom!" Zia yelled. "Wait for me!"
  They went down the stairs, which were creaked with every step. They got to the bottom and Zia looked around the room, moving her head right and left; she saw old, dusty computers, and a small window that you could see from the outside. Zia walked to it; she could see their car.
  Lisa saw the giant television like screen. It had gathered alot of dust over the years. She went to the control board and started fidgeting with some buttons. The screen came on, and showed the pasts and futures of several people. Zia looked at the screen and read some of the names aloud. " 'Cletus as President', 'Martin: Prince to Princess', 'Bart vs El Barto'? What are these, futures or t.v. episodes of a twenty year old animated sitcom?"
  "They're real. Trust me. Frink just put them in a way that people would be entertained." Lisa went to the search area and type in her daughters name, and came across she would like very much to see. " 'Zia's Wedding'!! Let's watch!!"
   "No!" Zia grabbed her mother's hand before she could click on it. "Maybe I don't wanna know who I marry!"
  "Why not?" Lisa asked. "What if he's a real hunk?" Lisa said that last part with a bit of a laugh.
  "A real hunk?" Zia couldn't believe her mother had just said that. "No one says 'hunk' anymore Mom! And besides, I wanna be surprised. If you're so interested, let's look at your future.". Zia moved her mother's hand off the mouse and typed in her mother's name.
  Zia scrolled down on the screen, looking for an interesting future. She clicked on one labeled 'Lisa's Second Baby'; it was dated for 3 years from now. "I'm gonna have a sibling?" She said out loud.
  Lisa looked at the screen, and trembled, remembering the pain she suffered from having Zia; she didn't want to take the drugs they offered her, as she knew the risks for her baby. She looked at the screen as it showed her future.
  She was lying on a hospital bed, giving birth, screaming her lungs out. Doctor Hibert was delivering the baby, and there was no man next to her, only nurses and her mother. 'Milhouse isn't there, again,' Lisa thought;  he wasn't there for Zia's birth either, being too scared to come in. She screamed, asking if the baby was out yet. Lisa heard a screaming baby; she felt her future self's relief.
  Doctor Hibber handed her her baby and turned to a nurse. "Tell the father he can come in now. The gross part is over. A hee hee hee!" The nurse opened the window, and Milhouse walked in, looking green and close to throwing up.
  He walked to Lisa and the baby. "Hey there Milhouse Junior." The baby had his father's blue hair. " I think this one is gonna look like me." The screen went black.

  Lisa and Zia looked at the screen. Zia groaned. "Great. A brother. It couldn't be a sister, could it?"
  "Oh, come on," Lisa argued."Brother's aren't so bad. I mean, look at Bart."
  "And look at Maggie." Zia liked her aunt better than she did her uncle. "She's a rock star."
  A creak from the ceiling caught their attention. "Lis'?" someone yelled. It was Nelson.
  "Nelson, I'm down here! I'm coming up!" Lisa yelled. She turned to Zia. " Stay here. I'll be back in a few minutes." Zia watched her mother run up the stairs, leaving her alone in the basement. She could tell they were talking, but couldn't hear what about. She heard something about a clear tube.
  Zia walked to the time window, deciding to see more of the future. It couldn't hurt after all. She decided to look at her mother's future. She typed in her mother's name, Lisa Simpson; her mother kept surname, and she herself had her mother's last name.
   She scrolled through the options until she came across one that made her heart ache; 'Lisa's heartbreak'. Zia clicked on it, and she watched. She noticed the date on the screen; 12/31/2041. 'This is a few days,' Zia thought. The screen came on, showing Zia The Hibbert's house; they always hosted a new years party.

  Lisa was standing on a balcony, watching fireworks go off. Zia was with friends, and Milhouse was home, still sick feeling sick from Christmas. Lisa turned around when she heard someone behind her. It was Nelson Muntz.
  "Nelson." Lisa walked over to him and kissed him on the lips, though he didn't kiss back. "What's wrong?"

  "Mom?" Zia couldn't believe what she was seeing; her mother was cheating on her father! She never thought her mother would do something like this!

  Lisa tried to kiss Nelson again, but he dodged it. "What's wrong honey?" Lisa took Nelson's hand and guided him towards the edge of the balcony. "Why won't you kiss me?"
  Nelson looked at the fireworks. "This isn't working Lis'." He leaned on the railing. "You can't keep doing this to me. It's been seven years, and we keep on doing this; you're marriage has been dead and fulfilled ever since it started, and you run to me more comfort. Well I can't do it anymore!" Nelson yelled the last sentence out.
  "What do you mean?" Lisa sounded hurt. "You're breaking up with me?"
  "Yes Lis'." Nelson looked back inside. "You're never gonna leave that loser Milhouse, and I need someone who will be with me always, not just when she can make it." Nelson started to walk back inside.
  "You know I can't leave him! I can't make Zia go through something like that, you know that!" Lisa began to cry, and wrapped her arms around Nelson's chest before he could open the glass door. "Please Nelson. Don't do this to me."
  "I'm sorry, babe." Nelson fought back shedding tears. "I love you, but I just can't do this anymore." He grabbed Lisa's hand and pulled them apart, walking back inside and leaving the party.
  Lisa staggered back into the railing, falling to her kness, and began to cry uncontrollably. The screen faded to Lisa's crying.

  Zia couldn't believe what she had just watched. Her mother was cheating on her father; for seven years!! Zia knew her mother and father werent the best married couple, but she never thought her mother would do such a thing.
  But Zia only thought of how sad her mother had gotten when Nelson had told her that he was leaving her, stopping their affair. Did she really love him that much? Zia went to the window she had seen earlier, wanting to see what was happening between her mother and Nelson. She saw the two of them standing next to her mother's car, embraced in each others arms, kissing.
  Zia walked back to the time window and scrolled through her mother's futures. She watched several, all of them showing her as an unhappy woman, stuck with someone she didn't love. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want her mother to live a miserable life with a man she didn't love. But she didn't want her father to get hurt, either; he worships her. What should she do?

  Lisa came back down to tell Zia that Nelson was going to take the car to his garage, and that he would give them a lift home. They drove in awkward silence. Nelson dropped them off and they went inside. Lisa stayed to, 'Give him gas money.', though Zia spied on her though a window, and saw them kiss each other.
  Lisa came in to Zia tapping her foot. Milhouse had gone to bed the minute he got home, leaving the two of them able to talk without him knowing.
  "Why aren't you in your room, Zia?" Lisa asked. Zia spent most of her time in her room, in the internet, so it surprised Lisa to see her standing in the living room.
  "Mom, we need to talk." Zia had gone over how she was going to do this in her head on the way home.
  "What about honey?" Lisa was worried that she might've done something stupid, such as get pregnant. "Is something wrong?"
  Zia sat on the couch, and Lisa sat next to her. "I know about you and Nelson," she said simply.
  Lisa paled at that. She started to stammer, trying to say something, but not knowing what to say.
  "I know you've been cheating on Dad with him. And I know that you love him."
  Lisa didn't know what to say. She composed herself and began to talk, slowly, trying to find the right words. "Zia. This may be hard for you to understand, but I'm not in love with your father anymore; I still love him, but not like I used to."
  "I know, Mom." Zia looked down at the ground.
  "How did you find out?" Lisa asked. "I've been very discreet about us."
  "I found out through the time window' I wanted to see your future, and I saw one called 'Lisa's Heartbreak'."
  Lisa looked at her with a puzzled look. "'Heartbreak?"
  "Yeah. It showed you standing on a balcony at The Hibberts, during their New Years Party. Nelson was there, and he ened your affair. He said that he couldn't do it anymore, that you had to leave Dad or he would stop seeing you."
  "He did." Lisa was beginning to get worried even more.  
  "You said you couldn't because of me, that going through a divorce and leaving Dad would have been unfair to me. You cried when he left. I checked your other futures, and you were miserable, in a loveless marriage that got worse as the years went on." Zia took a deep breath. "I want you to leave Dad."
  Lisa was shocked. She wasn't expecting any of this; she expected her daughter to hate her for doing this to the family, to tell to stop seeing Nelson. But not this. "You want me to leave him?"
  "Yes." Zia looked her mother in eyes. "I'll be fine; I can handle what happens between you two, but I can't see you live a long, miserable life with Dad if you can live a happy one Nelson."
  Lisa began to cry. She couldn't believe her daughter could be so selfless. She had wanted to be with Nelson for years, but couldn't bring herself to hurt her family. "Okay." Lisa's voice cracked. She hugged Zia in a lung crushing hug. "Thank you, Zia. Thank you."

  Lisa stood on the balcony in The Hibbert's house. She was with Nelson; she had told him that she was going to leave Milhouse and be with him, stopping him from ending their relationship. Lisa had already explained things to Milhouse. He didn't like it; he cried when she told him; but he agreed to get a divorce in the end.
  The two planned to get married as soon as possible. Bart was happy for them; he knew Lisa was happier with Nelson than she was with Milhouse. Marge and Homer also approved; they didn't like the thought of their eldest daughter having an unhappy marriage with Milhouse.
  LIsa and Nelson stood on the balcony, waiting for the new year to start. They knew in their hearts that this year was going to be the best one out the many that were to come.
This is my entry for the NelsonxLisa Holidays Fanfic Contest. When I saw the episode, I was mad that Lisa ended up with Milhouse. But I remembered how they showed her frowning when she married him. I also remembered the way that Lisa asks Bart if she should have married Nelson, saying she still talked to him. She also implies that she is the one who calls him, rather him calling her.
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(Edit: See Artist comments)

Lisa's Choice Chapter 1
A Simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a bit "dark" and is more of a realistic take on the story set nine years in the future. This will also be Older Lisa x Sideshow Bob

Lisa opened the front door slowly, hoping to not draw her mother's attention. She peaked her head in and didn't see her. If she was lucky her mother wouldn't realize what time it was, and that she was home from school. A wind blew in through a window pulling the door shut with an audible thunk.

"Lisa? That you?"

She was in the kitchen; of course. Probably slaving away on some meal that her fat slob of a father wouldn't appreciate. Neither would her brother. Lisa shook her head, she didn't want to think about Bart right now.

"Yeah mom, it's me. Just going to study."

"Where is your brother?" Lisa had already started up the stairs, but paused to answer.

"He said he was going to hang with some friends." Footsteps exited the kitchen and headed towards her. Lisa cursed herself for wearing a t-shirt instead of her usual long-sleeved shirts. It had been such a nice day and she had been careless. If she bolted her mother would investigate, so instead she tried to turn to the side and hope her mother wouldn't see.

"Did he say he'd be home for dinner?" Lisa looked down at her mother and took a breath trying to get past the catch in her throat.

"He said he would."

If possible Lisa would have willed her mother into leaving. Trying to walk up the stairs without turning would be difficult, and look suspicious. Instead a small eternity seemed to pass as she stared down her mother. Without a word her mother shrugged and turned to leave. Lisa heaved a silent sigh and turned to head the rest of the way up.

"What's that on your arm? A bruise!?" Lisa froze. Her mother must have turned back, probably to say something about dinner. "Have you been fighting? Lisa! Answer me!"

"It's nothing okay!I… fell… on the way home."

"Did you fight with Bart again!? How many times have I told you Lisa? Good girls-"

"Good girls don't fight! I know, Mom. Lay off."

"What did you do to upset Bart this time?"

Lisa had no desire to play this game.

"Why is it always me!? Did it ever occur to you that I might not have done anything wrong?"

"You're the smart one Lisa," Her mother's voice rose to match Lisa's. "You should know better than to get into petty fights. Your poor brother doesn't have all the advantages you do. It's no wonder he gets upset when you lord over how much better you are then him." It was too much; Lisa didn't even bother to reply and just continued up the stairs. "Lisa! Don't you dare walk away from me. I am talking to you young lady!"

She just continued until her bedroom door was locked behind her. Her mother yelled her name up at her several more times before realizing dinner was burning and rushed off to salvage it.

After kicking off her shoes Lisa hopped onto her bed. Her breath came out in little gasps. It wasn't fair, they always treated Bart different. No matter what he did no punishment lasted through dessert, and most times he received no punishment at all. No matter how good her grades were, or what she did it never mattered. A single mark on a test, voicing her opinion or even being on the wrong end of Bart's fist and it all fell apart.

She used to feel bad for Bart. The teachers always looked the other way and said nothing about the bruises around Bart's neck. Many of them even applauded her father for "putting that horrible child in his place." Never where they thought they could be heard of course. The years past though and Bart grew stronger and fast enough to stay out of their father's reach. When he entered middle school he seemed to do better, his grades stayed above failing and he gained new friends. Lisa knew better than anyone else that her brother wasn't as dumb as he seemed. Half of it was an act, though he was by no means as smart as her.

Lisa shifted her legs trying to not aggravate more bruises. Downstairs she heard voices. Her father must be home, and by the sound of it he wasn't happy.

Thump! Thump! Thump! His heavy footsteps climbed the stairs and stopped in front of her door.

"LISA! This is your father and I order you to come out here right now!"

"NO! Go away."

"You need to apologize to your brother for fighting with him!"

"I will not. I've done nothing wrong." Her mother's muffled voice said something.

"WHAT!!!?  Dinner is burned because of you! Now you've done it. No dessert for you."

"Is that all you care about? Food!?"

"Just for that you get no dinner."

"I'm not hungry!" Her father had no comeback for that. The concept of declining food was beyond his grasp. He stuttered a few times before huffing off.

A few minutes passed, when someone knocked lightly on her door. Lisa knew that knock. She quickly opened the door and pulled Maggie in before shutting the door again.

"…Lise you okay?" Lisa looked down at her baby sister. Already nine years old, though Lisa joked that Maggie was much older inside. Maggie rarely spoke, though no one knew quite why and the fact she spoke to Lisa was a testament to how worried she was. Normally Lisa would put on a smile and lie for her sake, but she couldn't tonight.

"No Maggie. I'm not." Without a word Maggie wrapped her arms around her big sister. "I'm sorry Maggie but I can't take it anymore." Lisa hugged back quickly before grabbing a coat and her backpack. "You should go, so you don't get in trouble."

Maggie nodded and turned to go. She paused for a brief moment.

"I love you Lisa." With that she left.

Lisa opened her window and started to climb out. She shot a quick glance at the door.

"I love you too Maggie."
Edit: I finally caved and got an account at and I will be editing this story and uploading it a chapter a week there. Along with my other past complete fanfics and any more I write in the future. I got bit by the fanfic bug again :XD: My author name over there is Urban Fae check it out if you want to see a MUCH better version of this. My writing has improved since I begain writing this. :) [link] /Edit

I suppose I own an explanation of some sort ^^; Well first I do love the Simpsons, and all the stupid wacky adventures they get into. I do love dumb Homer, Bart and everyone else in the cast so don't think that the way they are portrayed in this fic is the way I see them. This is more of a realistic take of sorts. It's funny and all when Homer strangles Bart and the fact it is abuse is lampshaded a bit on the show, but I wanted to take it even further.

Ch. 2: [link]

Sideshow bob will be in future chapters, and he is partly the reason I wrote this. Mostly I hope that this is at least a little entertaning and easy to understand.

Please let me know what you think :D
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"I'll Find You Again"

Chapter 7: Sympathy


"There really isn't much to say…" Sora said lightly, sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to ignore the slight intensity in his host's eyes. Such a scary face…

"I know, it doesn't seem like it but…" Miharu wondered how much he should say… how much he could say. "…Sora, I lost someone very dear to me… But due to… an accident, I can't remember them… I can't remember much at all about them actually… and it just seems…"

"You seem familiar," The dark haired interrupted, looking at him. "…That's what you want to say, right?"

The brunette froze, slowly nodding. "… I wonder if… just maybe…"

They sat there in uncomfortable silence as thoughts raced through their heads. The only thing that finally broke the tension was when a lean black fur ball jumped onto the bed, meowing happily as he landed in Sora's lap.

"Hey there little guy" he laughed, playing with him quickly. "…I have to say Miharu, Yoite's really friendly."

"…Yeah…" It struck him as… odd. Yoite loved people, yes, but every time he was near Sora he was practically permanently attached… Maybe he was over thinking it, but he knew he'd accidently called the older boy by the cat's name several times… Is it possib- "Ah!"

"Miharu-kun?" Sora looked over to see the smaller boy leaning over, head held between his hands. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"J-Just… A h-headache…." Okay, he felt like his head was going to split open. No need to worry his house guest though… "S-Some water… please…"

Sora jumped to his feet, displeasing the dark feline as he ran out of the room. The tom suddenly seemed to become aware of his owners pain though, and began pressing against him, purring.

Before Miharu knew it, there was a warm comforter wrapped around him and water in his hand. "Take a few sips and lay down…" Sora advised, sitting close. "I've had bad headaches before too."



He hurt. He was in pain, his whole body ached, and he would have given anything to just curl up and fall asleep. Still, he didn't complain. He had no right to. Not when he looked across the small alley of the broken down train filled with bamboo shoots… There stood the man. The man who saved him… He was certainly taller than most people Miharu had ever seen before, bundled up in a dark long coat and pants, a brown hat atop his head and long obsidian locks… He was beautiful…

He was on guard, nursing wounds, nursing the physical damage that had been done. And though the memory was foggy, Miharu knew he was trying to heal the mental blow as well.

It was raining outside; the storm had just come in. Yet even still, the man was on guard; ignoring his own pain to protect them both. If he could do that, Miharu was not in the right to complain, to sleep, to do anything but stand at the man's side as an equal.

"…You should rest…"

"But Yoite…"


Tired green eyes looked up, head still a bit fuzzy as he looked around.

"Yoite?" The taller dark haired boy glanced over.

"Hey, you're awake." He smiled lightly.

'That's Sora…' he scolded himself, realizing he'd done it again. "…What happened…?"

"You passed out… Headache… Your grandmother went to go get some medicine."

"How long was I out?"

"Only twenty minutes." He assured the boy lightly. "…You sure you should be getting up?" Miharu was moving to stand. "Maybe you should rest more?"

"…It doesn't hurt anymore, I'm sure I'm okay…" He moved to grab his cell phone, freezing as he realized how quickly he stood up, his eyesight going blurry for a moment. "I just need to make a call…"

Leaving his pet and guest alone in the room, he made sure he grabbed the device from his jacket, flipping it open to Yukimi's number. He moved himself to the living room, frowning impatiently as it rang. 'Come on Yukimi….'



"Whoa, you okay?"

"… Yukimi… I don't care how, when, or anything… We need to find out who the missing person is."
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"I sense there's something in the wind,
That feels like tragadies at hand,
And though I'd like to stand by him,
Can't shake this feeling that I have,
The worst is just around the bend,
And does he notice,
My feelings for him?
And will he see,
How much he means to me?
I think it's not to be.
What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us then?
Although I'd like to join the crowd,
In their enthusiastic cloud,
Try as I may it doesn't last,
And will we ever end up together?"

I found my self singing these lyrics while laying in my bed during the early morning hours. Thinking of the infamous...well lets leave him unnamed. I reached my arm above my head and stared at it, moving each digit individually letting the light hit my face in several different ways. A quick movement in the shadows. I sit up alarmed, but alas, it is all in my imagination. Or it may be paranoia...My sanity has slowly been fading away, along with my imagination and creativity. I thought of my nightmare from the previous night. "Impossible," I thought, "He wouldn't do that." I sigh. Getting out of the safety of my bed. I shiver, it's colder than you would expect a summer morning to be. I sit my self in front of my laptop and visit my e-mail, face book, and deviant art. I ponder the thought of breakfast, but decide against it. I'm far too lazy to make breakfast. A door slams. I turn... Damn paranoia.

Later. I've still nothing to do... Well I've got plenty to do, but nothing seems to interest me at the moment. Still haven't eaten, so I decide to take a shot of caramel from the bottle in the fridge. I go tell my sister to clean up her mess in our room. Like everyone else, she decided to treat me like crap, I've allready had enough from middle school preps. So what do I do? I get pissed. Plan on telling my dad when ever that asshole gets home, but at the moment I tell my "step-aunt". My dad gets home looking pissed as ever. Here's what I hear, "Bla bla bla, how do expect me to do something about a problem you don't tell me about!?" I respond with " I was going to tell you when you got home!"

It seems as if I make one mistake, everyone gets pissed at me...

I'm all ways interrupted...

I'm allways ditched at one point or another...

I have horrible ideas...

My point - I'm a failure.

I cannot do anything correctly.

I finally begin to realize the meaning behind the lyrics I've been singing. There's a good chance he and I won't grow up an get married and all that other gushy stuff. I'll also have a broken heart and be depressed for several months after we brake up. I don't want to brake up...

Does he know how much he means to me? I'm sure he does. But I have never experienced these feelings before. I really hope we end up together...

Thinking... For me that usually turns out badly. I continue any way.

I finish singing the lyrics to end my seemingly happy but truthfully miserable day.

"And will we ever end up together?
No, I think not,
It's never to become,
For I am not the one."
Just some of my thoughts.... I don't own the song, it is just one of my many favorite songs from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
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Just once, let me be happy.
Just once, look at me as if
I'm the only person in the world.
I know you won't.
You can't.
Just once, can't I be happy?
Just once, don't ignore me.
Just once, tell me everything.
Everything you've kept from me.
Everything that's "not important".
Why can't you do that?
You keep hurting me...
You don't even know,
How I lay here at night,
The warm tears of sadness,
Running along my cheeks.
I tell myself to shut up, be quiet.
I know you love me.
I don't want to lose you.
But it hurts...
Just once, let me love you.
Just once, be there when I need you.
Just once, cheer me up.
Just once, please comfort me.
Thats all I want.
Just once.
This s intended for my boyfriend. I just decided to spill my guts. Dont critcize the poem.
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Chapter Five: Digging Deeper

It was almost two in the afternoon and a light breeze was blowing across the beach, making the sand dance and float through the air. Jushiro Ukitake shivered slightly as the breeze moved past him but everyone else seemed to be enjoying the brief break from the blistering heat, especially Toshiro who had moved out of the hut he'd been hiding in and was now standing with his feet in the sea. Rangiku decided that it was time for a game; the frisbee hadn't been working to her satisfaction (she believed that it was defective) and so she decided that a hole-digging competition was in order. With a little help from Renji and Orihime Rangiku managed to gather almost everyone onto the beach in a large circle; Jushiro and Shunsui were still sitting a little way away and Byakuya was standing away from the group with his hands behind his back. Shunsui watched as Rangiku spoke to Nanao and then as Nanao quickly made her way to her captain,

"Captain Kyoraku!" she stood up straight in an attempt to look formal but it didn't quite have the same effect whilst in her bikini.

"What is it Nanao?" Shunsui asked, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. His lieutenant ignored it and continued,

"Rangiku wants everyone to join in her hole-digging competition, including you two."

"What about Byakuya? He's not joining in."

"No one dares to ask him," Nanao explained matter-of-factly.

Shunsui looked at Jushiro, who was still wearing his hat and shivering slightly, and turned back to Nanao, "Captain Ukitake isn't feeling too well, I think we'll give it a miss."

"Very well," Nanao bowed slightly and returned to the group. Jushiro pushed the large hat backwards so that he could look at Shunsui,

"Why did you decline her offer?"

Shunsui rolled his eyes at his friend, "Don't say you want to join in?"

Jushiro smiled and took off the ridiculous hat, "I think I do." He got to his feet and started to make his way down to the others, leaving Shunsui shocked and a little worried, not only about his friend's physical health but also about his mental state.

"He's a nutter," Shunsui whispered to himself.

~ o o O o o ~

"Okay everyone!" Rangiku's boobs bounced as she looked around the group, "There'll be three teams! Captain Hitsugaya, Captain Kyoraku and Captain Zaraki will be, um, Captains! Okay, pick your teams!"

Toshiro got to pick first and, much to the disappointment of Rangiku, he chose Ichigo. The orange-haired substitute soul reaper was as surprised as Rangiku but he made his way to the tiny captain nonetheless. Kenpachi was next to choose and he immediately chose Jushiro as he thought 'two swords would be better to dig with'. Shunsui watched Ukitake closely as he stepped beside Kenpachi but the white-haired man seemed okay, for now anyway.

"Alright," Shunsui scanned the remaining candidates, "I pick… Sui Feng." The captain of squad two nodded and briskly stepped to Shunsui's side,

"I am honoured to be on your team Captain Kyoraku."

Shunsui chuckled and patted Sui Feng on the back, making her stumble forwards a little, "No problem!"

Rangiku, Orihime, Renji, Isane, Captain Unohana, Rukia, Nanao and Yachiru stood silently, eagerly awaiting Toshiro's next choice. Although it was only a silly game the remaining candidates had suddenly realised that someone had to be picked last and not one of them wanted that embarrassment.

"Okay," Toshiro sighed, a little bored, "I choose Renji."

"Yes!" Renji pumped his fist in the air and bounded to Toshiro's team. He swatted Ichigo on the back of the head and leaned an elbow on his shoulder, much to Ichigo's annoyance.

Yachiru waited excitedly for Kenpachi's next decision, she just knew he was going to choose her next. However, the name that came from his lips was not her own, it was Captain Unohana's. Yachiru's pink hair flopped down as her head lowered slightly and Ukitake shot Kenpachi an accusing look. Kenpachi just shrugged, obviously too occupied with picking the strongest team rather than making friends.

"Hmm… let me see," Kyoraku scanned the line of women feeling like a kid in a candy shop. His eyes rested on Orihime and Rangiku's generous chests, then Isane's long legs and Rukia's slender hips but he couldn't quite look away from Nanao. Her cheeks were reddening as she felt the captain's stare and something about the way she tucked her hair behind her ear made Shunsui want to touch her skin ever so slightly…

"Captain Kyoraku? Have you made your decision?" Toshiro tapped his foot as Shunsui finally awakened from his daydream.

"What? Oh yes. I choose Nanao!"

Her glasses glinted as she pushed them closer to her eyes as Nanao dashed to Shunsui's side; he smiled at her and she tucked another strand of hair behind her ear.

Toshiro chose Isane, who towered over the tiny captain, and Kenpachi picked Rukia, leaving Rangiku, Orihime and Yachiru. Shunsui couldn't help but pick Rangiku and Toshiro chose Yachiru who marched over to him with her head down and her heels dragging in the sand. That left Orihime with Kenpachi's team and, with a little persuasion and a promise of some new carp for his pond, Byakuya agreed to be judge.

"Wait a minute," Shunsui had just counted his team members, "We have one less person!"

Byakuya seemed to appear from nowhere and, with a very serious expression on his face, he agreed to let Shunsui's team have a ten second head-start. The squad six captain then proceeded to explain the rules,

"You will have ten minutes to dig a hole as deep as possible. The team with the deepest hole at the end of ten minutes is the winner. You may not use spiritual pressure to dig the hole, only tools that you have near you."

Kenpachi grunted as Byakuya recited the rules but agreed not to use his spiritual pressure, after all he didn't want to cause some sort of tectonic disaster.

"Okay. GO!" Byakuya pressed a button on a watch Orihime had let him borrow (it was pink and had a picture of a bunny on it) and the teams began to dig furiously.

Renji and Ichigo started like dogs, scooping out great handfuls of sand with their arms as Toshiro stabbed at the sand rather pathetically with his zanpakuto. Kenpachi unsheathed Ukitake's swords without waiting for his permission, almost slicing off the thirteenth squad captain's nose in the process, and began using them as shovels whilst Rukia and Unohana tried to create a sort of scoop using Retsu's haori. Shunsui was having a much more relaxed time as he watched the three women start to sweat as they scratched manically at the sand with their swords. Sui Feng seemed to be especially annoyed as her released zanpakuto could only scoop up tiny amounts of sand.

After almost six minutes the holes were beginning to take shape; Toshiro's team had managed to dig to a level almost twice their height and Yachiru's smile had returned as she managed to dig and fling sand at Kenny's face at the same time. Team Zaraki weren't doing as well as they'd originally hoped as Kenpachi's hot temper had forced them to start again twice already. And Shunsui's team had tried for almost three minutes before deciding that sunbathing would be much more gratifying.

Ichigo looked at the tall walls of the surrounding hole as Renji continued to dig frantically with Zabimaru. A loud groaning sound that sounded a lot like sand shifting suddenly filled the large hole and sand began to trickle down the sides of it in large drifts. Ichigo realised what was happening and shouted,

"Everyone out! It's going to collapse!"

There were gasps and then blurs as Toshiro's team scrambled out of the hole. Ichigo watched in horror as the area they had all been standing in suddenly collapsed inwards and filled with sand. He looked around quickly,

"Is everyone okay?" his face suddenly paled, "Where's Yachiru? Didn't she get out?"

Isane gasped and Toshiro and Renji began to dig immediately.

"What's all the fuss?" Kenpachi's tall frame loomed over the digging men.

"Yachiru didn't get out!" Renji yelled over his shoulder.

"Sure she did," Kenpachi replied. Renji and Toshiro looked at him and, true enough, there was the tiny girl nestled in his arms like a sleeping baby, "She was knocked out when I grabbed her. Guess I was a little rough."

Ichigo smiled, "You heard the sand moving and grabbed her?"

"Well it was more than you did Kurosaki!"

"You big softy," Ichigo grinned but immediately regretted it as Kenpachi drew his sword. Ichigo held up his hands, "Sorry! Jeez, I'm glad you saved her!"

Byakuya flash-stepped to their side, the watch in his hand, "Its time to end this. The winning team is… Captain Kyoraku's as they have the deepest hole at the end of the competition."

The winning team sat up from their positions on the sand and Shunsui grinned,

"Woo, go us!"
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The door of our bedroom made a loud thud as it hit the wall violently. I came dashing in without paying any interest to the loud noise I created. I unknotted my tie and threw it harshly on the bed we shared every night.

"Don't you dare turn your back on me, Kiku." He spoke as irritation colored his husky voice. I felt his usually gentle hand take my wrist roughly making me spun and face his angry face.

I glowered at his glaring emerald eyes. My expression infuriated yet more composed than the blonde man. He always let his emotions come before his thoughts which I did not.

"What else Arthur-san? What else do you want to hear from me? I told you the truth and I have apologized. Do you want me to kneel down and beg for your forgiveness as well?" I glared harder as my words sounded mocking.

"Apologized? That was not an apology!" his voice was getting louder and his grip more firm. "You affronted me, you did not ask for forgiveness! How can I be sure you won't do it again? Don't take me for a fool."

"Why must I reconcile so intently while I have not done anything wrong?"

"Because something like that might happen again."

"Do you not trust me?" I asked offended by his doubtful words. My heart felt like it was being crushed by iron hands. It hurts when he didn't trust me; when we fought. It pierced my heart and made me feel unloved.

"I trust you," he said keeping the same expression on his handsome face. "but not the people around you."

"Alfred-san is trustworthy."

He gritted his teeth and took my free wrist in his vicious hand. He forcefully made me face him fully and stated angrily, "Not when his bloody naked!"

"He was well clothed. He is not that kind of person Arthur-san." My voice was also reaching a high pitch. "You of all people should be well informed about that."

How could he talk ill of his own brother, correction, former brother? His former colony which he took care of like his own flesh and blood?  "I don't know everything that runs in that git's mind." Sweat drops started to appear on both of our foreheads. "And another thing, you were in damn hotel room for crying out loud!" His eyes were burning with hatred.

"We were only talking."

"Oh yes, talking somewhere with strict privacy and a soft cottony bed, perfect for a simple chaste meeting." Sarcasm flowed with his hurtful lips.

"The documents were in his room."

"And his dirty desires!"

"Why are you overprotective?!" I screamed at him as his voice seemed to be heard by our neighbors. "I can take care of myself."

"No you can't." he threw me on the bed making a mess of it. I was immobile. My heart was being tormented by all of his accusations.

He pinned me on the bed and glared at me. "You're too vulnerable, Kiku. I won't let anything hurt you." He spoke as sincerity painted his words. "I don't want you getting near that bastard again."

"Who are you to give me such restrictions?"

"I'm your lover."

"A lover cannot give such orders." I was too blunt, anger overpowered me. "I am still myself, I can make my own decisions. If I refuse, you cannot do anything to contradict me."

"Oh bloody hell! Why are you so fucking annoying?!"

"Because you are too arrogant and protective!"

"Why do you even worry yourself? You don't have to do anything! You're just supposed to stay put and love me." Before I could speak his soft lips were pressed roughly against mine. I tried liberating my hands from his firm grip but failed. I could not shake my head in protest either. My cheeks turned crimson with his impious actions.

He pulled his greedy lips to give both of us air; he touched his lips again momentarily. His knee was suddenly in between my legs, pressing against my crotch. I flinched but he felt nothing. He shifted his lips from my lips to my neck.

I despised his gestures. It was from impulse. I did not want it, not while we were still clearing up things; not when I didn't feel loved. Nononono…

"No. Arthur-san. Stop." My voice was hushed. The pain, it was increasing greatly. My heart was overflowing of anguish. I felt liquid spill from my brown eyes. Did he not care about my feelings?

His touched did not stop. My body was not reacting, only tears seemed to move in my body. The pain was too dominant that happiness seemed alien in my heart. It hurt so much, sososo much. .

"Arthur-san please stop!" I exclaimed I could not take the unbearable pain any longer. It was eating my inside leaving nothing to heal.

To my fortune, Arthur-san stopped his erotic motions. He flashed his wide olive eyes upon my tears. He  let go of my hands. I sat upright and he moved away slightly, creating some space. I could not take the ache any further. It was too much.


"I am not some kind of object, Arthur-san." I said as I wiped the waterfall of tears "I don't belong to anyone."

"Of course."

"But why do you claim me?"

"I don't."

"Then why does it feel so."

"I'm just protecting you."

"Your way of protecting is possessiveness."

"Kiku, I didn't intend that. I'm sorry if I'm seconding your feelings but…I don't want that. You know I love-"

"Don't say it." My eyes clenched closed. I did not want to hear him say it. It would be meaningless and hurtful. My heart was slowly being shard to pieces.

Silence invade the room…silence and uncertainty. "I…I will leave for now." I said faintly as little stings of pain kept stabbing my heart. I started to stroll to the open door, turning my back at the stunned man. I stopped when he spoke regret filling his voice, "Please don't leave me." I felt my body tremble. "I was wrong, I'm sorry. Please, please don't go."

I turned to him and coiled a forced smile, "Do not worry, I will be back." I could feel tears brimming in my optic orbs, "I hope you could wait for me." He stared at me as little crystal liquids slid down his beautiful emerald eyes, anguish dominating him.

"Just promise you'll be back because..." his voice was strained, "I can't live without you."

I nodded and went through the open door. A small click was heard as the door closed behind me and the tears just kept flowing down non-stop. I'll be back for sure.

To: =Monteil4 thanks again. ^^;


I'm still gonna send this to be there might be a lot of grammar errors and stuff. =3=
In Kiku/Japan's POV.....Finally, AsaKiku again! :la:

The title is "Heartquake" 'coz when I wrote this I was listing to Heartquake by Super Junior [link] the lyrics don't really match this...well some parts do. Whatever I just thought Heartquake was an awesome title so yeah. ^^;

Arthur was suppose to die. :l but I just suddenly didn't continue with it....maybe 'coz the song changed when it got to that part. :rofl:

Anyways, this is like my first time to write about two people its not that good. It's been a while since I last written a fanfic so please excuse the crappiness. sorry. ;^;

Character don't belong to me.
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Author's note: Just a little thing I wrote for a belated Father's Day :P  Inspired by my parents because this pretty much happened yesterday morning XD My mom tried to cook pancakes, she burned them...yeah lol Alfred has taken on my role here ^^ Anyway, enjoy my random dysfunctional family fic.


It was Father’s Day and everyone was sleeping but him. Arthur smiled to himself as he prepared the pancake mix. He was going to surprise them all with a good breakfast. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Francis’ face when he ate them. He heard a noise and turned, hoping that it wasn’t Francis.

It was just his oldest, Alfred. “Alfred, good lad. Could you help me here?”

“…what are you doing, Dad?” he said groggily, blinking his eyes behind his glasses.

“What’s it look like? I’m obviously making pancakes.”

Alfred’s eyes widened then. “Oh shit.”

“Excuse me?”

“N-Nothing! So, uh, what’s the occasion?”

Arthur frowned and hit him with the spatula. “It’s Father’s Day, you twit!”

“So…shouldn’t Mattie and I be doing the cooking for you guys?”

The other man blushed slightly. “I...wanted to make these mostly for your father.”

“Ooooh.” Alfred plopped himself down at the dinner table and watched as Arthur stirred the pancake mix. “So what do you want me to do?”

“Go wake up Matthew and set the table. I’ve got things covered here.”

Alfred feared for his stomach as he heard the pancake mix being poured. His brother was lying halfway off his bed facedown when he went to go get him. “Hey, Matt!” he whispered. “Maaaaaatt!”


“Get up!”


“Dad’s making pancakes.”

Matthew bolted up and stared wildly at his older brother. “Seriously?!”

“Yeah,” Alfred nodded sadly. “He said he’s makin’ ‘em for Papa.”

Matthew reached for his glasses and stumbled out of his sheets. “But…Dad can’t—”

“I know.”

“Are you both going to help set the table or not?” Arthur growled from the kitchen. “Ah, good morning, Matthew.”

“Morning, Dad…”

“Now these are almost done, so Alfred, you go get your father up when I say, all right?”


The two watched as Arthur attempted to flip the pancakes. One ended up off the stove completely, while another slid across it. Matthew was cringing in the corner. “Ah, almost done,” Arthur said with a smile. “You can go get your father now, Alfred.”

Al nodded and walked down the hallway and saw his father splayed out across the bed sheets. “Papa,” he said. “Papa, get up!” The blonde man stirred and rolled over. Alfred sighed and walked in to poke him. “C’mon, Papa, get up.”

“Hmm…? Alfred? Mon dieu, it is too early…” he groaned.

“Dad made pancakes.”

Blue eyes shot open. “He did?” At the nod he received, he put a hand to his face. “Mon dieu, I knew it was only a matter of time before he tried to kill us all off…”  


“Non, non, I am coming.” Francis pulled on some pants and walked out behind his eldest son.

Arthur’s face lit up when he saw them emerge from the bedroom. “Good morning, Francis,” he said pleasantly.

“Ah, oui, mon cher. Alfred tells me you made pancakes,” Francis greeted, kissing the other on the cheek before sitting at the table with Matthew. Alfred took the seat across from him.

“Yes I did.” Arthur presented the plate to him with a dazzling smile. Francis saw the stack of partially burned pancakes and felt like crying. “Eat as many as you like.”

“C-Can I just have a bagel?” Alfred asked.

Arthur frowned. “Don’t you want pancakes?”


“He can have some of these with me,” Francis said with a forced smile. “Can’t you, Alfred? After all, I cannot eat so many at once.” He turned to Matthew. “You will help also, Mathieu.”

Both boys inwardly groaned and took two pancakes from the plate. “I know I haven’t cooked them in awhile, but I hope they taste all right,” Arthur said from the stove.

Francis swallowed a piece and nearly gagged it back up. Alfred, after seeing his reaction, looked down at his burnt pancakes and whimpered. Matthew was lathering his with maple syrup so as to kill the taste. Francis shook is head and drank some milk. He then proceeded to give Alfred hand signals, telling him not to eat the pancakes.

Arthur came back over still smiling with another plate, but ended up seeing the hand gestures and paused. “What are you doing, Francis?”

“Nothing, mon cher. Just…enjoying the food.”

The Brit narrowed his eyes and looked from Alfred (who was biting his lower lip and trying to hide a laugh) to Francis (who’s lip was moving upwards into a grin).

“YOU HATE MY COOKING, DON’T YOU?” Arthur suddenly bellowed, pretending to sob and throwing the plate of freshly burnt pancakes onto the table.

“What? Of course not, mon cher!” Francis cried, wanting to laugh at the overdramatic performance. “These are the best pancakes I have ever had!”

“Shut up!”

“I’m being serious!”

“No, you’re just trying to make me feel better. I know they’re burnt; I can see the looks you’re giving them.”

“So wait…you knew they were bad and still gave them to us?” Alfred said with wide eyes.

“Well I didn’t want you to starve!” Arthur wailed, leaning against the counter. “But all that hard work was for naught, was it?”

“Starving would have been better,” Alfred mumbled to Matthew.

“Cher Arthur, calm down,” Francis cooed. “I love your cooking.”

“No you don’t, you bloody frog. I burnt breakfast, I ruined Father’s Day; I’m just a failure. I don’t know why you’re with me.”

Francis chuckled. “Oui, you burnt breakfast, but that doesn’t mean the day is ruined.”

Arthur sniffed and picked up the plate of pancakes from the table. “I’ll just throw these out then…” But when he tried to, the pancakes didn’t move from the plate or each other. Everyone stared at the pancakes before breaking down in laughter.

“Oh that is bloody disgusting,” Arthur managed to get out between laughs. “Certainly gives a new meaning to ‘food that sticks to your ribs’, I’ll say.”

Mon cher, next time let Mathieu make the pancakes,” Francis wheezed out.

Alfred was doubled over on the table laughing so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes. Once Arthur picked the pancakes off the plate and threw them away, Francis pulled him down into his lap and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“Thank you,” he whispered.  

“For what?” Arthur blushed furiously. “All I did was burn pancakes.”

“Yes, but you burnt them just for me.”

“I didn’t mean to burn them, you—” He was silenced by a kiss. Alfred and Matthew gagged to each other. Arthur pulled back, face bright red. “L-Let me go, old man,” he grumbled.

Francis smiled. “Happy Father’s Day, Arthur."
THIS REALLY HAPPENED BETWEEN MY PARENTS. Well...most of it XD Yay for inspiration~
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Author's note: Here's a little AU fic I wrote up yesterday starring everyone's favorite dysfunctional family :DDD


"C'mon, Dad! Hurry up!"

Arthur smiled as he made his way through his living room to see his sons all dressed and ready to go trick or treating. Alfred was swinging his bucket back and forth, nearly hitting his brother each time.

"Alfred, stop swinging that around. You'll hurt Matthew," he warned.

Alfred pouted but stopped. "Can we go already? All the good candy will be gone if we stay here any longer!"

"We're waiting for Papa," Matthew said softly from inside his polar bear costume.

"Papa's too slow!"

A handsome blonde man seemed to float down the stairs towards them. "Hmm? You called for moi?" Arthur rolled his eyes at his husband's dramatic entrance. He was dressed as a very French looking vampire.

"Who are you supposed to be?" Arthur growled as Alfred cheered and grabbed the doorknob.

Francis fixed the cape around his shoulders and then wrapped an arm around Arthur's waist. "I am the vampire Lestat, mon cher," he purred against Arthur's neck.

The Brit blushed and fixed the witch's hat atop his own head. "Bloody git," he muttered. Alfred was running up the sidewalk, his Superman cape flapping in the wind. Matthew trailed behind him, trying to keep up in his outfit.

"Must you always dress as a witch, Arthur?" Francis asked as if he were in pain. They both waited at the end of the driveway to a house and watched their children ring the doorbell and ask for candy.

"What's wrong with a witch?" he snapped back. "You're a bloody vampire, Francis. That's hardly original."

"Oui, but I am not a vampire every single year." His hand traveled down to grope Arthur's butt, which made the other man yelp and glare furiously at him.

"We are in public, you French idiot!"

"So I cannot show my love for my husband in public?"

"Dad, Papa, look what we got!" Alfred called as he ran down the driveway.

"Well done, mes fils," Francis said with a smile. "To the next house?"

The boys nodded and ran across the street to the other house. Arthur walked ahead, trying to avoid Francis' wandering hands. Francis chuckled to himself and waited until Arthur thought he was out of harm's way before swooping down on him and attacking his neck.

Arthur let out a manly scream and tried to make his husband let go. No one else seemed to notice the blonde man currently latching himself onto his neck. "F-Francis, get off!" he squeaked.

"Mmm, but your neck tastes so good, mon cher," the other teased, gently nibbling the sensitive skin.

"The boys are coming back. Get OFF!" He successfully pushed his husband away and fixed his disheveled appearance in time to have Alfred come bolting from the house into his arms shaking. "Alfred? Alfred, what's wrong?" he asked worriedly.

His son only whimpered and hid himself in his father's arms more. Arthur blinked and looked to Francis for help. Francis frowned and knelt down to Alfred's level. "Alfred, darling, what happened?"

Matthew came back from the house a few minutes later, lifting up his bear mask. "There was a remote control ghost on the doorstep," he said. "Al touched it and it moved and made weird sounds and it scared him."

Arthur and Francis shared a knowing look. Arthur pulled away from Alfred's death grip and put his hands on his shoulders. "Alfred, there's nothing to be scared of. That ghost wasn't real."

"It was still scary," he sniffed.

"Come now. You're Superman. Superman isn't afraid of ghosts, is he?" Alfred shook his head. "Then neither are you. Let's go to the next house." Alfred nodded and grabbed his hand. Matthew took Alfred's other hand.

"Well said," Francis teased and took Matthew's hand with his own.

Arthur stuck his tongue out at him as he led them to another house. Matthew continued to hold his brother's hand even as they walked up to the new house. Francis moved closer to his husband and wrapped his arm around his waist again. He planted a kiss on Arthur's cheek. "Happy Halloween, Arthur," he said with a smile.

Arthur blushed and turned his head as he grabbed at Francis' cape and pulled him closer so that their lips met. Francis didn't object, even if he was a little stunned. He wrapped his arms around the other man, folding his cape around him. Arthur's tongue touched the fake vampire teeth in his mouth and then the Brit broke away with a satisfied smirk.

"Eww, Dad, Papa, what are you doing?" Alfred said as he and Matthew descended the driveway.

Francis winked at his boys. "Enjoying the holiday," he said with a grin.

Arthur rolled his eyes as he pulled away but interlaced his fingers with his husband's. "There are still a bunch more houses to go to, boys," he said smiling.

"Yay!" Alfred cried and started running down the sidewalk again, laughing as his brother tried to keep up. Arthur and Francis walked behind them, still holding hands, and smiled at each other.

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