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acryl on 70x80canvas
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Custom gallery design commission for #QaF-LibertyAve



#QaF-LibertyAve is hosting a contest : [link]

To celebrate the group's one year anniversary, check out their logo contest!

This gallery features hover effects, with animation. It has been optimized to make Beta "Gallery Thumbs" even better. No funky greenish DA bg. The gallery has been given centered thumbs so it no longer has an uneven gap of empty space. I can also remove the Comment Count if it is undesired. The description text is normally white, but using HTML formatting, you can color the text to coordinate with the gallery colors. The horizontal rule is an animated gif. The page navigations have been turned into shiny glossy buttons.



(Unfortunately, ~dancriel cannot be reached for proper permission for his wallpaper. If there are any issues, I will find another bokeh resource)

All other images were created for this gallery.

Gallery Commission Price: $4/320:points:

Please see my journal for available commissions or to be added to waiting list. I'm currently offering Gallery/Journal/Custom Box package at an ultra cheap rate.
Update to "Well, Crap."Current Update
Commissions have been good, thank you everyone who has asked me to create a journal or artwork for them.  Still no work opportunities have arisen.  Fortunately, the IRS says they owe us more money, hopefully will get that soon.  ;D  It is definitely a relief to no longer have the burden of the car, though we have to share transportation with my bf's father.  Grocery shopping in a pick up truck is not as ideal as you'd imagine.  I hope transportation will be sorted before the school year begins.  We have some things to take care of before that happens, will be so much better when we don't have to ask permission every time.  We

My CSS is created for Mozilla, but shall be functional in IE9 as well. I cannot offer support for other browsers.

Please note, the folder this gallery is displayed on may contain mature content. It is my Sci-Fi Fantasy Faves and may contain nudity and sexual situations and gore. If you are offended by that, then please wait to see the gallery on #QaF-LibertyAve instead.

May be minor edits from the live version and preview.

:iconthelasth0pe: is AWESOME!!!

Just putting that out there. :D Thanks so much for the DD! I am honored. Thank you everyone who comments or faves :heart: I have a permagrin on my face right now.

Shameless self promotion is shameless ;P [link]
Vote for me!!! Update 8th placeV o t e
Please vote for my artwork "Das Faerie Gotik" in's 2012 Calibration Sampler Kit Contest.  The top eight artists will be chosen to be featured in their annual printing.  This is a wonderful promotional opportunity for me to get more exposure for my art and my Etsy shop.  Please vote by liking my image and share with your friends to support me!  Thank you!

UPDATE: Current Positions

Twenty-four Thirty-two votes so far!  Thanks everyone for supporting me.  This brings me up to 108th place ( I need to be

I'm in the running for a contest on Facebook. The prize is free publicity for a year. I need the top 8 of votes to be featured in the printing. Please read my journal: [link]
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Thank you a lot for the DD, I can't believe it :la::la: Oh I'm so happy :'D


I know, I know: the name's pathetic, but that was the first thing I thought when I saw the color scheme... :XD:
Okay, so. Helloooooooooo~~~~ :iconashiamplz: I've been soooo inactive, I'm sorry! But I just got inspired to make this skin you are seeing, and... That is all, I hope you like it, and let me know if you have any troubles sing it! :D
Live view! :la:

How to put that top menu:

Install this skin and copy this code:
<div class="menu">
<li><a href="LINK 1 HERE">Text 1</a></li>
<li><a href="LINK 2 HERE">Text 2</a></li>

You can put as many List Items as you want, but do not put too much because it won't look good.
Okay, now you have copied the code, follow these instructions and, if you have problems just let me know and I'll help you! :D

How to use headings:

Put the following code:
<h2>Text here</h2>

How to use blockquotes:

Put the following code:
<blockquote>Text here</blockquote>

To put the right blockquote or the left blockquote, just add a right or left class, for example:
<blockquote class="right">Text here</blockquote>

And to add the author of the quote, just wrap it with a span tag, like this:
<blockquote class="right">Text here <span>Author of the quote</span></blockquote>


How to use lists:

Put the following code:
<li>List Item</li>
<li>List Item</li>

Put as many list items you want. And to put an Ordered List, just replace "ul" with "ol"

You can use two columns if you want,

just put the following code:
<div class="halfCol">Text here</div><div class="halfCol">Text here</div>
<div class="clear"></div>

To use three columns, put:

<div class="thirdCol">Text here</div><div class="thirdCol">Text here</div><div class="thirdCol">Text here</div>
<div class="clear"></div>

And to put four columns:

<div class="fourthCol">Text here</div><div class="fourthCol">Text here</div><div class="fourthCol">Text here</div><div class="fourthCol">Text here</div>
<div class="clear"></div>

Please: do not leave any space or linebreak between </div> and <div class="halfCol/thirdCol/fourthCol">
Also, do not remove the "clear" part.

To put that scrollable box:

Just insert this code:
<div class="scroll">Text, thumbnails, whatever you want here</div>

To center something:

Put this code:
<div class="center">Text, thumbnails, whatever you want here</div>

To float something to the right/left:

Just insert this code:
<div class="right|left">Text, thumbnails, whatever you want here</div>

(Of course, just put "right" or "left", depending on what you want)
If you notice it doesn't look good, add this code right after you float something:
<div class="clear"></div>

Other codes you can use:

To put links: <a href="LINK HERE">List Item</a>
To put an image: <img src="IMAGE LINK HERE" alt="" />
To put a separator: <hr />

Uhm... I think that's all! Again, let me know if you have any question, please :)
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Deviant ID de Abril ~ Gifted by my friend Forsaiken <3
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[SUPER LATE EDIT] :iconwatchoutplz: WHAT THE- when did i get a DD on this!? :faint: Thanks so much!!!

This is my first journal skin uploaded to dA. Hope you like it!

The title images include:
-If you'd like me to make a title with a different emoticon, send me a note!

To use each title image, type the following code in the journal:
<div class="title-[Name of title image here]">[Title name here]</div>

WARNING: This skin does not work properly on Internet Explorer. For best results, use Firefox.
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Edit: I got a DD? o.o Woah, didn't expect that!
Many thanks to `ClefairyKid for suggesting it and ^namenotrequired for featuring it! Thanks so much! :heart:

Well this took forever to make. Hooray for pixel art practice, it's been a while. :B

Might make pessimist and realist stamps in future.

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This is a second version of my DeviantID [link] I tweaked it a little and made a monochoromatic version and added a little depth to the piece. I like it. It's more urban and grungy, I think.

Created with vectors, as usual.

edit 2/24/2012: Yay! Daily Deviation! For one piece I didn't expect, really. But thanks to the supporters! Makes me feel like doing more of these just to prove it's not a one-off...
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Life and death with colour.
Traditional art:pen and water colour :)
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"I does it have to kill the ideal of who we are?"

Within Temptation
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:bulletred: I first had the idea for this some 18 months ago but, after an initial burst of enthusiasm, I found it too difficult (in particular, having a board game on one sheet of A4 was unlikely to work very well).

:bulletblue: Fast forward to 2012, and I realised a way to get around this and, finally, had the determination to spend 2/3 weeks getting it all done. I won't bitch about how much effort this took though (ok, well, maybe I will a little bit :XD:).

:bulletred: While I was doing this, I came across a lot of Monopoly games already on dA (from South Park to Michael Jacksonopoly) so I wanted to make this a bit different, and, rather than just have a pretty looking board, I wanted something that you can quickly print out and play.

:bulletblue: I'm not sure how to have this download as four separate files (answers on a postcard please), but it's easy enough to separate the file into quarters- just use the crop tool. After that, all you need is a printer, scissors and two dice- or just one rolled twice if you're really cheap...

:bulletred: As ever, comments/ crits very welcome and I offer many, many thanks to my dA friends and the excellent stockistas who contributed to this. Please check them out :D

These are my original lit masterpieces :paranoid:
sky blue
navy blue

and please check out my Wordpress Blog. Well, hope you enjoy this :D It's been fun to make- and also incredibly infuriating at times...

Dominic O'Reilly
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