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You are NOT allowed to post these dolls on DA or anywhere else. It's very misleading :/

If it's too big, just DOWNLOAD

This is my second attempt at a Dress up game
I hope you guys like it!

There's a lot of stuff i wanted to add, but this is very tiring, y'know?

I also had my brother help me with the Flash process.

Chell (c) Valve
Art (c) me :icontracksurfer:
Companion cube design (c) :iconjasontti:
Wheatley and PotaDOS were images on Wiki
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You are NOT allowed to post these dolls on DA or anywhere else. It's very misleading :/

If it's too big or not filling the screen, just DOWNLOAD

This took a long while, but i finally got it done!
I saw a few errors, but i guess its okay

I think i'm done making dress up games for a while~

Wheatley (c) Valve
Art (c) me

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My third dress up game, inspired once again by the MMORPG Guild Wars, which, again, I neither own nor claim to own.

I learned a tremendous amount of new coding for this game- if you find any bugs in it, please tell me!
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A commission for The commissioner was fine with me posting this on my DA account as well.

You may post a screen shot of your creation in your gallery if you either link back or at least state you didn't draw it yourself.

As the sharpest of you may have noticed from the "V2" in the title, this is a remake (of this game). The v1 indeed was quite horrible, so a makeover was much needed. I had a lot of fun making this, even if I occasionally noticed that I managed to get myself into quite a mess when a brilliant idea led to big coding requirements or redrawing other parts.

Please do not ask me to add any more stuff. This game is finished, I really don't have the time to update it with the school uniform details from everyone's favourite series. Also I don't take requests, suggestions or any other form of inquiries for free art. This includes the male version. Please stop asking for it, I'm not going to make one.

F.A.Q. here.
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My first flash game... I know, It's not perfect... sorry...

Programs: Flash, PhotoshopCS3, Sai
Time: 8 days + 2-3 days programming (:D)

male version: / [link]
Naruto OC generator:

BT is a name (/abbreviation) of my "future manga"
BT - it means "Bílá Tma" = "White Darkness"

Would you like to have your own game? Look into my Jurnal. ;)
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A commission for The commissioner was fine with me posting this on my DA account as well.

First time using menu buttons like this since... Nami dress up v2? And even this time it was because the text buttons just wouldn't fit. But actually I like these a lot more, they're a lot cuter than just plain text.

For once the hair and flowy hoods look even somewhat ok because I bothered to first sketch them by hand instead of trying to draw them in Flash, which never works out too well.

(no, I didn't make this in two days; the previous game was almost finished when I started this, but this one got finished first but not posted until now while the other one was left on a hiatus.)
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The theme for this new game is fantasy princesses and fairytale heroines.

Inspirations of most of the pieces come from historical clothing during the Medieval, Renaissance, Rococo and Victorian era. I also looked at old anime and manga designs and fairytale illustrations, plus some old sketches from my sketchbooks.

This game is dedicated to my childhood and inspired by old dressup stickers and paperdolls. They were the direct cause of my costume madness.

The stickers that were around when I was a kid mostly feature fancy dresses from Asian-made fairytale books and old anime that were showing on TV. They were important memories of mine, but this time coming back to China, those are not around anymore.

The sticker pages they sell today seem all childish and...useless, in my opinion, there's nothing much you can do with them. It seems like the era for those "interesting" types of stickers is over. It's sad for me because I still want to find them, and I feel empty without them. So I figured I should try to "recreate" them.

Recreating the dresses on those stickers are hard because a lot of them are designed on spot, which means they don't have anything "original" that they used as reference. The only resources I have are designs from old anime, historical clothing, and pieces of broken memories of how they should look like. None of these resources are strong enough to create a game which I am happy with, so I still had to use a lot of imagination and research.

After who-knows-how-long of struggling with ideas and coding I finally finished this game. I am not completely satisfied with it because the dresses it creates are still not the same as how I remembered those stickers were like, though I would still say overall I am happy with it.

Because who knows? Memory is a funny thing, what you used to think was huge when you were a kid usually turns out to be small as you grow up. The memories I have about those stickers are probably not accurate in the first place.

Anyways, choose your color, background, clothes and accessories, and have fun with the game!

If you created something interesting and took a snapshot please drop me a link in the comment, simply because I desperatly! want to see those dresses again and simply ANYTHING can make me feel better.

If you post this game or any snapshot anywhere else please credit me and link to this deviation.

Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment!

The loading page picture is based on this doll:[link]
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It's like 2 or 3 years since I made the original of this, and there's been a new version out for a long while, so it's probably about time I refreshed this with the newest version!
So now there's men and ladies. Just hit (ADD) down the bottom left to add a person and get started!

If this version fails to load, visit, to play the version hosted there!
Simply navigate through the menus down the bottom; ADD and EDIT are your best friends and everything's reasonably intuitive. Click on the buttons and menu icons to change the appearance and to add clothes & accessories. Virtually everything can be recoloured or embellished, so your options here are endless! 
To remove things: click (again) on the item in the menu, or just on the item on the doll itself. If you make too much of a mess; there's a RESET button on the last menu page!

It’s a game inspired by my OriginalStory, Waivera. The general concept is that it takes place in a world that's absolutely consumed by ocean. The people have evolved and adapted; now surviving by living in towering city spires above the ocean, and they ride around on genetically engineered mutant sea-creatures and stuff (:.
The clothes here are basic attire for people who live in/around the water I guess; swimsuits, heavy coats, boots, gloves, and a tonne of belts (:. No weapons (sad) but whatcha gonna do.

At this stage I am probably never going to touch these files again haha; so unfortunately, won't process any kinds of item requests. (I've witnessed first hand people making incredible stuff with the drag&drops, so go nuts with those and you can do pretty much anything)

I encourage anyone to screen-cap or printscreen what they create here, as I'd love to see what combinations people put together!
Don't know how to print screen? Click here to learn.
You're absolutely free to post images from the game as you like. While it'd be nice if you could link back to the game, so that other people can play too, that's not mandatory.
Please don't try to sell them as adoptables though; that's no fun. Share the game with your friends instead so that they can make their characters themselves!

Anyways; Have Fun!!

Big thanks to ~Ola at who sponsored the game, and also fixed all the code! Be sure to check out her site if you like dressups cos she's got about the best sorta collection you can find anywhere~~
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With this game you can dress-up all the main Disney princesses and create your own Disney-like characters. At this point though, it's still incomplete and on hold; when I started the game I was hoping I'd be able to finish before the end of my pregnancy, but that's the thing, dress-ups always take longer to make than I anticipate!
So when I'll be ready to get back to work I'll finish the princess section, the hair, and whatever else. I know some people are getting a glitch when they play (rectangles due to some kind of overload in the layering, apparently - the Fantasia game had this bug too). Sorry but I ain't sure how to fix it or why it happens for some people and not others.
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Time taken: 31 Hours +
Stared: 07/06/12 Finished: 24/06/12
Characters: Batgirl- Barbara, Cassandra (Black Bat), Stephanie (Spoiler, Robin); Batwoman-Kathy, Kate; Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Huntress, Poison Ivy.
Outfits: [link]

To save a picture of the character you have created, press 'print screen' on your keyboard and paste it into an editing program (eg. paint).
You may post the picture on your account, or somewhere else, just make sure you put credit to me and a link to the game please.

My other dress up Games:
FF Girls DRess Up Game: [link]((dress%20up)%20AND%20(by%3Aevilfuzzle2))&qo=3
FF Girls Dress Up Game II: [link]((dress%20up)%20AND%20(by%3Aevilfuzzle2))&qo=2
FF Males Dress Up Game: [link]((dress%20up)%20AND%20(by%3Aevilfuzzle2))&qo=4
Disney Dress Up Game: [link]((dress%20up)%20AND%20(by%3Aevilfuzzle2))&qo=0
Robin Dress Up Game: [link]

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