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first version... for reference i clean it a litle...

original sketch:[link]

made by the awesome :iconjameson9101322:
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Uni doodle, drawn during the lectures over a few months because I’m a very serious student of Business Economics. After realizing I scribbled for like 5h only this Wednesday (and God knows how many more before) and because the notebook paper's in even worse condition now, I decided to call it done. Some of you maybe saw a WIP of it on my tumblr or FB. Ignore the shiny parts and crappy presentation. :D

It’s my first drawing in this medium, (black) ball point pen, with many rough parts (look at this pretty, polished background etc. ), with not too much detail etc. but it was a nice test to see how I’m handling this medium to maybe do a serious, really detailed drawing on more appropriate paper sometime in the future.

Tools Used:
:liquisoft: A5 notebook paper
:liquisoft: Pilot black ball point pen
:liquisoft: ref
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Anyone who knows me knows that I've been completely obsessed with Half-Life for the last, oh, 4-5 months. I even got a copy of Garry's Mod to mess around with (AND IT DOESN'T WORK ON MY POS PC BOOOOO). I didn't think I could tackle drawing HL art, though, since I'm so anime oriented.

BUT then I saw the art of :iconmakani: and EVERYTHING CHANGED.

I heart Barney. As well as Alyx/Gordon. Can you tell?

Half-Life © Valve
artwork © navie
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Here's a preview of my newest drawing :)
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Monty - the Cocker Spaniel.

A4 heavy weight cartridge paper. Mechanical and wooden pencils ranging from 2H to 3B. Tissue, cotton buds and paper stump for blending. Blu-Tac and Mono Zero for erasing.
As always, many thanks to all who are kind enough to view, comment or fave my work - your support is always appreciated :iconbummy2:

© All artwork is copyright of Nick Williams (NicksPencilArt) and cannot be used without prior permission.
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I drew this in class today, cuz my civics teacher got all boring, and i needed SOMETHING to do. It's a major improvement from the 1 i did before: [link]
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A bit belated but ha!

Kudos to anyone who gets the reference.

Will scrap it later.
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actually!! this is my old drawing!! I just re-uploaded it >.<

I know!!! so ugly!!! Y_Y
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Well im a big Whale Fail ;w;
At least i tried tho...
Requested Lineart for: :iconmisssylvarichan:
Hope she likes it! ;w;
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This is a re-drawing of one of my main characters, Woken. Ah~ I changed something about her, yes. But I don't think it's really all that much.

I tried to do something between human and anthro, which, I guess, is nekomimi. Hm~

Oh, and she's unable to speak, just saying in case I left it out of the description.

Name: Woken Penelope Dreams (Dreams is not her real last name)
Nicknames(s): Dreamz, Passion Fruit, Bunny, Lopunny
Age: 23
Ethnicity: Cat/Rabbit/ Dhamphyr (half human and half vampire)
Date of birth: September 21
Birth place/Hometown: Digital Revolution
Current Resident: Rockwell
Occupation: an all-rounded worker for Hidden and caretaker for her brothers
Hobbies/Pastime: Relaxing, Hanging with friends, drawing, training, dancing, and playing music.
Talents/Skills: Swordsmen, show her emotions through her music, hack (computer).
Weapons of Choice: Chain Sword (example: Ivy's from Soul Caliber), Double-Edged Scythe, Staff and Daggers (sometimes even a gun)
Powers: Digital Summoning (can summon things that they are connected with (she’s connected with her instruments and weapons of choice) at almost any time), Shadow and Light (can’t really use them to hurt people like others can)


Family: Joseph King (unwanted father) (Light Tribe) (Strigoi (immortal vampire))
Mary Jones (mother (deceased)) (Shadow Tribe)
Art Williams (Adopted father)
Riley Jones (half-brother)
Kingston Jones (half-brother)
Ashley Hunt (cousin)(Light Tribe)
Nicole Hunt (cousin)(Light Tribe (doesn’t have powers))
Pets: Tyco the fire cougar cub
Hikari the parakeet
Ciel the parakeet (her pets can ‘hear’ her voice since Tyco is a dream creature and Ciel and Hikari just have the ability to (You know how animals are))

Back Story: I’m writing it.


Sex: Female
Height: 5'6
Fur/ Skin: Brown with hints of Dark Brown and Blonde highlights
Hair: Dark Brown with Bleach Blond highlights
Eyes: Light Blue
Tattoos/Scars: Has a '02' tattoo on her right leg, has card markings under left eye and on left arm, bite marks on wrist.
Glasses/Contacts: Wears glasses.
Accessories: Blue Headset, hover shoes (human persona and story), Wacom tablet or touch phone.


Most at ease when: Almost anywhere really.
Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: Strong-willed.
Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: Not very social (Social but anti-social at the same time).
Greatest Fear: Elevators

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Random things, making people flustered or a bit annoyed, Nature, Edgar Allen Poe's stories, Horrors, Romance, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Supernatural and Action stories or movies, music.
Dislikes: Rude people, cliques, being bored
Color: Blue, Green, Gold, and Black
Food/drinks: Fruits, Vegetables, a bit of meat (tries not to eat a lot of it, but mostly eats fish), water, and Sprite, tea, hot chocolate.
Motto/Personal quote: I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.
Edgar Allan Poe

I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.
Edgar Allan Poe

Most prized possession: Headset, Violin, and weapon.


Marital status: No
Love: Wyatt
First crush: (don't remember what character I used)
Best Friends: Jonathan, Mint, Devlin, Deuce, Action, Armando, Jell-O, Robert, Animal, Carey, Trojan-Spy862, Miguel.
Friends: Tori, Kiyoshi, Justin
Rivals: Dallas and Kiko (Kiko acts as her friend, but his spying on her for Dallas)
Group(s): Hidden (might rename later) and Poker

Sex and Romance

Sexual Orientation
Turn-ons: -


Western Astrology: Virgo
Eastern Astrology: Rat
Element: (forgot)


Although she is mute a few of the Digital Revolution born (and even some non-Revolution born) can hear a bit of her voice even if she can't talk. She knows other ways to speak other than with sign language and ‘mind connection’, as Jonathan puts it. She will speak through playing music, mostly with her violin, sometimes dance, and with her phone or tablet*.
*She brings a virtual screen up and then writes on the tablet.
Doppelganger: Penelope Nai
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