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I had so much fun drawing that :) The idea is from most amazing song from children's poem about eagle owls that run the forrest :D My dad used to liked it when I was a child, lately we've remembered it and I've felt like I just had to draw those owls. So here they are :D

"My jesteśmy Rada Puchaczy, Rada Puchaczy, Rada Puchaczy,
Puchacz po ciemku wszystko zobaczy, wszystko zobaczy, wszystko zobaczy,
My żądamy w lesie posłuchu, u-hu u-hu!"

Jak ktoś nie zna 'Rady Puchaczy', to niech posłucha koniecznie:…

24x34cm black smooth paper, Derwent Studio and Drawing coloured pencils and some Derwent Pastel Pencils for forrest in background.


[And yes, they ARE anthros - c'mon, they have cognac, monocle and a top hat :D]

Has been featured here and here

My other owls:
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Revoilà Equinoxe ! \o/

en train de voler, je la trouve gracieuse ^^

Equinoxe belongs to me :)

voilà ! plus de trait horizontal ^^'

et j'ai rempli deux espaces entre ses pattes et son corps, son aile était trop petite ^^
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I uploaded this drawing for Ruki's birthday yesterday and then I wanted to change it for a less blurry picture but the submit thing was being a bitch so I just deleted the other and posted this one.

Uhm so yeah happy birthday Ruki! :heart:
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en espaņol:

en el aniversario luctuoso del gran maestro, un humilde homenaje postumo...

y algunas cosillas que a lo mejor no sabian de el

-Sabian que se movia tan rapido, que las camaras de aquella epoca y posiblemente de esta epoca perderian escenas de tanta velocidad a la que se movia?

-Sabian que su velocidad era tan rapida con sus piernas como con sus manos

-Sabian que su fuerza en las manos superaba por 3 veces a la fuerza del mejor boxeador del mundo?

-Sabian que la fuerza en sus piernas era mas del triple de poderosa que la fuerza de sus manos?

-Sabian que podia hacer flexiones de brazos con solo 2 dedos?

-Sabian que su control de la respiracion era superior al control de respiracion de un cantante de opera profesional?

-Sabian que su cuerpo al morir equivalia al de una persona menor de 18 aņos? ( su edad real para su estado fisico a pesar de tener 33 aņos segun la autopsia dio el cuerpo de alguien menor de 18 aņos, INCREIBLE )

-Sabian que estaba a otro nivel mas alla de las artes marciales?

-Sabian que antes de practicar artes marciales practico baile?

-Sabian que nacio en estados unidos?

-Sabian que en las peleas que luchaba en las peliculas eran reales, y a pesar de eso se le pedia a que bajara su velocidad de pelea para que la pelicula saliera bien

-Sabian que en medio de una grabacion tubo una lucha a muerte con un extra?

-Sabian que podia apagar velas lanzando un puņo o una patada sin tocar el fuego?

-Sabian que podia romper una madera de 5 pulgadas sin la necesidad de que el ayudante la tenga con 2 manos?

-Sabian que bruce lee de chico era actor profesional?

-Sabian que bruce lee practicaba Wing Chung y fundo el jet kune do

-Sabian que bruce lee no pudo exparsir a nivel mundial el jet kune do, debido a su muerte?

-Sabian que en la actualidad no existe luchador que se acerque aunque sea un 50% a lo que era el? ( incluyendo luchadores no profesionales ocultos que no los conoce nadie pero que son grosos)

-Sabian que si se enfrentara a Frank Dux, frank dux no iba a quedar invicto?

-Sabian que Chuck norris, perdio ante el?

-Sabian que prometio ganar una pelea antes de un minuto contra cualquier luchador que se encontrara en la sala, y le gano como prometio lanzandolo del escenario y dejandolo knock out y muy lesionado

-Sabian que tiene una hija que aun esta viva?

-Sabian que era igual de bueno en peleas en el piso?

-Sabian que era tan rapido que la mayoria de peleas eran imposibles siquiera comenzarlas en el piso?

-Sabian que en el ping pong era mejor que el campeon mundial de ping pong, y que incluso a este le gano una partida con un nunchaku?

-Sabian que podia anticipar y ver mas rapido los movimientos de cualquier objeto, incluso el doble de rapido de lo que ve una persona que esta leyendo aca en taringa?

-Sabian que bruce lee iba en contra de la naturaleza humana, y que no existe luchador ni en k1, ni en ningun evento que iguale o se acerque a sus peleas?

fuentes: Jim Sweet, y maestros marciales

la imagen de la esquina inferior izquierda pertenece a :iconjim-sweet:

in english:

on the death anniversary of great master, a posthumous tribute humble ...

and some things that maybe did not know of thim

-Did you know that was moving so fast that the cameras of that era and possibly of this age would lose much speed scenes that moved to?

-They knew that their speed was as fast as his legs with his hands

-Did you know that your hand strength exceeded 3 times the strength of the best fighter in the world?

-Did you know that the strength in his legs was more than triple poderasa that the strength of their hands?

-They knew I could do pushups with only 2 fingers?

-Did you know that your breath control was superior to the control of breathing of a professional opera singer?

-Did you know that your body at death was tantamount to a person under 18 years? (His actual age to their physical condition despite being 33 years according to the autopsy gave the body of someone under age 18, AMAZING)

-Did you know that was another level beyond the martial arts?

-Did you know that before I practice martial arts dance?

-Did you know he was born in America?

-Did you know that in fighting the fights in the movies were real, and yet was asked to come down your speed to match the movie went well

-Did you know that in the midst of a tube recording a death struggle with an extra?

-Did you know that could put candles throwing a punch or kick without touching the fire?

-Did you know that could break a 5-inch wood without the need for the assistant has it with 2 hands?

-Did you know that Bruce Lee was a professional actor boy?

-Did you know that Bruce Lee practiced Wing Chung and founded the jet kune do

-Did you know that Bruce Lee could not exparsir worldwide jet kune do, because of his death?

-Did you know that currently there is no fighter that even approaches 50% to what it was? (Including hidden amateur wrestlers do not know anyone but are ardous)

-Did you know that if confronted with Frank Dux Frank Dux was not going to be undefeated?

-Did you know Chuck norris lost to them?

-Did you know that promised to win a fight within a minute against any fighter that was in the room, and as promised won the stage and throwing knock out and leaving him badly injured

-Did you know that has a daughter who is still alive?

-Did you know that was just as good in fights on the floor?

-They knew it was so fast that most fights are impossible even start them on the floor?

-Did you know that the ping pong was better than the world champion ping pong, and even this he won a game with a nunchaku?

-Did you know that I could expect to see faster movement of any object, even twice as fast as you see a person who is reading here on rapidshare?

-Did you know that Bruce Lee was against human nature, and that there is no fighter in k1, nor in any event that matches or comes close to his fights?

Sources: Jim Sweet, and teachers martial

the image of the lower left part is property of:iconjim-sweet:
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these two badly disfigured, mask wearing, 4th wall breakers are ready to duke it out

i own nothing
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Dots produce a line;
Lines produce a shape;
Shapes produce a sketch;
Sketches produce a drawing;
Drawings produce an art;
Arts produce an ARTIST.
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I know Im not good at digital art.

I wanted to try drawing Jay in a track bike. So this is it. 

The bike is from my previous drawing: sammfeatblueheart.deviantart.c…
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This is - an anthropomorphic birch trunk weeping in the swamps of Russian forests, drawn with graphite pencils on colored paper.

Technique: Pencil

The real dimensions of 21 x 30 cm

Date: August 2012

About the picture:

I liked these verses here (the author - pagan metal band "Bastion"):

The past is hidden from us with a shroud,
Slowly melts in the mist.
Once the gods leaded after themselves,
Today not all follow!
Faded memory of Slavic Rod
About the martial exploits of Fathers.
Pack of treacherous enemies
Enslaved the soul of a nation!!

We could not bury
Those who fought for our freedom.
Sons of Russia forgotten
The oath to Svarog given by Ancestors!

And the past is slowly melting in the heat,
Calls us to follow him,
And no white light is visible in the darkness,
Darkness is over the Russian land!!

Get up, the same great Slavic tribe!
For your land, for the Gods!
In Russia, it is a terrible time -
Forgotten the wisdom of the wise men.
Heroes of bloody troops ignite lights,
Rising from the ashes
So Bravely fight for that the enemies would fallen
And know that your path - is Right!

These songs inspired me to create the drawing. I also started it in the woods, like birch. Its shape seemed interesting to me. I understand what it's like to face the strange creatures and gave it a metaphysical sense. Anthropomorphic Birch came out. Lighting emphasizes the mood in the picture. This twilight - when changing time of day - it symbolizes the transition from one era to another.

Svarog and Rod are russian pagan gods.
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For :iconbeetlecat: contest <3
Thankyou for feedback on the last few pieces, i've been trying to catch up and failing miserably.
Edit-gah, referenced from this lovely photo-[link]
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I share this inside joke with a fellow coworker.
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