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Steve Jobs R.I.P.


Painted this the day before he died... used cintiq on macbookpro, with Colors! app for Facebook
(link to app [link])
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My tribute to Steve Jobs... A man who inspired the world to "Think Different" and use creativity to make the common remarkable.
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The cute couple Faline and Bambi <3
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Holey smokes, is Caleb :iconcalebsawyer: on fire. Here's more panels we collabed on for my Gumshoes 4 Hire property.

Golly, can he bust the eye candy.

And what the hey? More characters revealed?! Stay tuned!

We hope y'all digs!

More colabs with Caleb:

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Software used: Apophysis

This deviation is dedicated to all my supporters. Through this image I would like to express my gratitude for all your comments, critiques, faves and watches. Thank you! :rose:

Everyone feel free to send this picture as a Valentine. (Yes, there is no watermark! ;))

Thank you for all favourites, comments, critiques and devwatches! :rose: It means a lot to me.

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Thanks to:
by `lindelokse and by ~a-j-s

Eli Vokounova (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) - Sharing my artworks with attribution (link to the image and my name) is allowed. Commercial usage of my artworks is forbidden. Altering, transforming or building upon my artworks is forbidden.
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Christmas presents dont substitute for a familly.
Even if she lives in this big and warn house,
Even if she get a lot of presents,
Everything is cold today.

:bulletblue: And even if it is too early, sincerely, Joyeux Nol ! :heart: (it means Happy Christmas of course )
I know I drew a sad drawing, even though Christmas is an happy day. But this drawing my present for you.
Of course I dont say that to get more favs o_o; I just wanted draw something for you, for Christmas.

I dont like... this drawing, hum...ok, I explain, I think is quite flat, but I will do better for the next !

This character is called Jade, indeed it's a new character
I wanted to draw something for Christmas, but something which is supposed to be original, not too foolish or macabre....
I was inspired by a photo [link] from ~ForestFaeri (Thank you :p) The pose is hard to do, very hard ^^; so indeed I drew bad the pose ^^

:bulletblue: Time: 24 hours
Software: Photoshop 7
Tool: Mouse
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o my god :'O
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Se lo que piensan pero esa caja de chocolate se la dio eileen a rigby y el solo le esta dando las gracias y besa su mejilla,eso por portarse mal con ella muchas veces.

Hablando de riegleen, pues pienso que es lindo y todo.

Desiaria que pusiesen en el show, No se que tubiese un poco mas de momentos rigleen, aunque eso si algun episodeo fuera de tipo rigleen, No crean que ese mapache ahora sera caballeroso o romantico. de lo contrario ese ya no seria rigby.
aunque eso conociendolo pueda que si eileen  un dia este con alguien,puede brotar los celos, puede actuar necio ante sus sentimientos, o  timido al mismo tiempo al confesar.

les dire lo que esta ocurriendo en ese dibujo: eileen va saludando a rigby 
:iconeileenregularshowplz::iconsaysplz:hola rigby te vez bien hoy
:iconrigbyseesplz::iconsaysplz:si hola..-indiferente-
:iconeileenregularshowplz::iconsaysplz: mira te traje chocolate-rigby mira con ojor enormes ka caja de chocolate:iconregularrigbyplz:-
:iconeileenregularshowplz::iconsaysplz:se que son tus favoritos haci que....-se lo arebata de las manos-
:iconrigbyrapeface-plz::iconsaysplz:chololateeeeeeeeeee! -el apunto de abrirla-
:iconregularrigbyplz::iconsaysplz: ?.... -Este mira a :iconeileenregularshowplz: con lastima-

se acerca, fastidiosamente besa su mejilla 
:iconeileenplz::iconsaysplz: :iconblushingmadplz:ri..rigby...kun.
:iconrigbyseesplz::iconsaysplz: Gra...Gracias por los chocolates....Eileen estan deliciosos
:iconrigbyhmmhmmplz::iconsaysplz: y....tambien por ser una gran chica, por ..buena amiga...y eres genial...supongo
:iconrigbyseesplz::iconsaysplz: y  ..yo...yo...eeeeerrrrrrrr.....
:iconeileenregularshowplz::iconsaysplz::iconshyblushplz: me besastes?...

Feliz dia del San Valentin para todos!

Por Minimoose1231
personajes son propiedad de JGQuintel

I know what you mind but that box of Chocolates eileen gave to rigby and he just thanking her and kissing his cheek, that for misbehaving with her many times.

Taking about rigleen I think is  cute and all.

I wish to put more rigleen to show, I dont little more rigleen moment,but that if one episode outside type rigleen,do no think that raccoon now can be so Gentlemanly or so romantic. that otherwise would not be rigby. knowing him even if it if eileen may one day the east with somebody, can spring jealousy, can act a fool with his feelings, or shy at the same time to confess.

I gonna to tell what is going on in that picture: eileen will greet rigby
:iconeileenregularshowplz::iconsaysplz:Hello rigby you look nice today
:iconrigbyseesplz::iconsaysplz:yeah hello..eileen-indiferent-
:iconeileenregularshowplz::iconsaysplz: I brought you chocolates-rigby looks huge eyes Cho chocolate box-:iconregularrigbyplz:-
:iconeileenregularshowplz::iconsaysplz:I know then are you favorites then....-snatches it of her hands-
:iconrigbyrapeface-plz::iconsaysplz:chololateeeeeeeeeee! -close to open them-
:iconregularrigbyplz::iconsaysplz: ?.... -the looking at :iconeileenregularshowplz: with pity-

approaches fastidiously kiss her cheek
:iconeileenplz::iconsaysplz: :iconblushingmadplz:ri..rigby...kun.
:iconrigbyseesplz::iconsaysplz:tha...thank for the chocolates....Eileen are delicious
:iconrigbyhmmhmmplz::iconsaysplz:and....also for being a great girl, for ..good friend...and you are awesome...I guess
:iconrigbyseesplz::iconsaysplz: I  ..I...II...eeeeerrrrrrrr.....
:iconeileenregularshowplz::iconsaysplz::iconshyblushplz: You Kiss me?...
:iconrigbybwahplz::iconsaysplz:STOP TALKING!!

Happy valentine for everyone

By Mimimoose1231
Character belong JGQuintel
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You could say it is my tribute to Steve Jobs, but it also is to MJ cause both changed the world by not being part of the norm and that is why their names live for all time. RIP Steve Jobs & Michael Jackson

"Think different" & Apple Logo 1976-2012 Apple, Inc.
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