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Lisa's Choice Chapter 1
A Simpsons Fanfic
Disclaimer: This is a bit "dark" and is more of a realistic take on the story set nine years in the future. This will also be Older Lisa x Sideshow Bob

Lisa opened the front door slowly, hoping to not draw her mother's attention. She peaked her head in and didn't see her. If she was lucky her mother wouldn't realize what time it was, and that she was home from school. A wind blew in through a window pulling the door shut with an audible thunk.

"Lisa? That you?"

She was in the kitchen; of course. Probably slaving away on some meal that her fat slob of a father wouldn't appreciate. Neither would her brother. Lisa shook her head, she didn't want to think about Bart right now.

"Yeah mom, it's me. Just going to study."

"Where is your brother?" Lisa had already started up the stairs, but paused to answer.

"He said he was going to hang with some friends." Footsteps exited the kitchen and headed towards her. Lisa cursed herself for wearing a t-shirt instead of her usual long-sleeved shirts. It had been such a nice day and she had been careless. If she bolted her mother would investigate, so instead she tried to turn to the side and hope her mother wouldn't see.

"Did he say he'd be home for dinner?" Lisa looked down at her mother and took a breath trying to get past the catch in her throat.

"He said he would."

If possible Lisa would have willed her mother into leaving. Trying to walk up the stairs without turning would be difficult, and look suspicious. Instead a small eternity seemed to pass as she stared down her mother. Without a word her mother shrugged and turned to leave. Lisa heaved a silent sigh and turned to head the rest of the way up.

"What's that on your arm? A bruise!?" Lisa froze. Her mother must have turned back, probably to say something about dinner. "Have you been fighting? Lisa! Answer me!"

"It's nothing okay!I… fell… on the way home."

"Did you fight with Bart again!? How many times have I told you Lisa? Good girls-"

"Good girls don't fight! I know, Mom. Lay off."

"What did you do to upset Bart this time?"

Lisa had no desire to play this game.

"Why is it always me!? Did it ever occur to you that I might not have done anything wrong?"

"You're the smart one Lisa," Her mother's voice rose to match Lisa's. "You should know better than to get into petty fights. Your poor brother doesn't have all the advantages you do. It's no wonder he gets upset when you lord over how much better you are then him." It was too much; Lisa didn't even bother to reply and just continued up the stairs. "Lisa! Don't you dare walk away from me. I am talking to you young lady!"

She just continued until her bedroom door was locked behind her. Her mother yelled her name up at her several more times before realizing dinner was burning and rushed off to salvage it.

After kicking off her shoes Lisa hopped onto her bed. Her breath came out in little gasps. It wasn't fair, they always treated Bart different. No matter what he did no punishment lasted through dessert, and most times he received no punishment at all. No matter how good her grades were, or what she did it never mattered. A single mark on a test, voicing her opinion or even being on the wrong end of Bart's fist and it all fell apart.

She used to feel bad for Bart. The teachers always looked the other way and said nothing about the bruises around Bart's neck. Many of them even applauded her father for "putting that horrible child in his place." Never where they thought they could be heard of course. The years past though and Bart grew stronger and fast enough to stay out of their father's reach. When he entered middle school he seemed to do better, his grades stayed above failing and he gained new friends. Lisa knew better than anyone else that her brother wasn't as dumb as he seemed. Half of it was an act, though he was by no means as smart as her.

Lisa shifted her legs trying to not aggravate more bruises. Downstairs she heard voices. Her father must be home, and by the sound of it he wasn't happy.

Thump! Thump! Thump! His heavy footsteps climbed the stairs and stopped in front of her door.

"LISA! This is your father and I order you to come out here right now!"

"NO! Go away."

"You need to apologize to your brother for fighting with him!"

"I will not. I've done nothing wrong." Her mother's muffled voice said something.

"WHAT!!!?  Dinner is burned because of you! Now you've done it. No dessert for you."

"Is that all you care about? Food!?"

"Just for that you get no dinner."

"I'm not hungry!" Her father had no comeback for that. The concept of declining food was beyond his grasp. He stuttered a few times before huffing off.

A few minutes passed, when someone knocked lightly on her door. Lisa knew that knock. She quickly opened the door and pulled Maggie in before shutting the door again.

"…Lise you okay?" Lisa looked down at her baby sister. Already nine years old, though Lisa joked that Maggie was much older inside. Maggie rarely spoke, though no one knew quite why and the fact she spoke to Lisa was a testament to how worried she was. Normally Lisa would put on a smile and lie for her sake, but she couldn't tonight.

"No Maggie. I'm not." Without a word Maggie wrapped her arms around her big sister. "I'm sorry Maggie but I can't take it anymore." Lisa hugged back quickly before grabbing a coat and her backpack. "You should go, so you don't get in trouble."

Maggie nodded and turned to go. She paused for a brief moment.

"I love you Lisa." With that she left.

Lisa opened her window and started to climb out. She shot a quick glance at the door.

"I love you too Maggie."
Edit: I finally caved and got an account at and I will be editing this story and uploading it a chapter a week there. Along with my other past complete fanfics and any more I write in the future. I got bit by the fanfic bug again :XD: My author name over there is Urban Fae check it out if you want to see a MUCH better version of this. My writing has improved since I begain writing this. :) [link] /Edit

I suppose I own an explanation of some sort ^^; Well first I do love the Simpsons, and all the stupid wacky adventures they get into. I do love dumb Homer, Bart and everyone else in the cast so don't think that the way they are portrayed in this fic is the way I see them. This is more of a realistic take of sorts. It's funny and all when Homer strangles Bart and the fact it is abuse is lampshaded a bit on the show, but I wanted to take it even further.

Ch. 2: [link]

Sideshow bob will be in future chapters, and he is partly the reason I wrote this. Mostly I hope that this is at least a little entertaning and easy to understand.

Please let me know what you think :D
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We Start our story off at Springfield Elementry School as the kids are leaving to go home. All the kids are proceeding on the bus.

Bart: Hey Milhouse!

Milhouse: what?

Bart: take a look i stole from Principle Skinners office!
(bart reaveals a whoopi cushion)

Milhouse: Woah! cool Bart, how did you get that from his office?

Bart: Well i was sent to the principle fro disrupting the class and while old Skinhead stepped out i ransacked his Drawer and found this Baby!

Milhouse: Your my hero! so what are going to do with it? are you gonna prank somebody!

Bart: Just watch and learn 4 eyes! (inflates cushion and places it quickly in the seat behind them) Watch and learn!

(meanwhile the twins Sherri and Terri step on the bus and walk towards the whoopi cushioned seat, they walk past bart waving to them and both turn up their noses. Bus pulls ofSherri move towars the window seat while Terri sits down on the isle seat sitting on the Whoopi cushion. *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttttt*

Terri: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

(Terri jumps up form the seat scared while all the Kids are laughing at her)

Bart: Ahahahahahhahaha! you got Punk'd

Milhouse: (still laughing) that was a good one Bart!

Terri: (smacks Bart) THat wasn't sunny you ugly mokey!

Sherri: Yeah!

Bart: Face it purple head, i pranked you so hard and there is nothing you can do about it. Besides what can the two of you do to me? (kids say: oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!)

Sherri: We will get you back bart. You'll see.

Terri: We will get you so bad you won't ever want to show that ugly face of yours again. (kids again respond)

Bart: Eat My Shorts shorts eaters! (kids repsond)

Sherri and Terri: you'll be eating our shorts tommorow freak! (kids again respond)

Bart: You don't wear shorts! (kids laugh)

(Both twins roll their eyes and begin plotting their plan)

Ottoman: All right shers and tears its your stop!

Terri: See you later weirdo!

Bart: You still have the Whoopi cushion on your but!
(sherri looks behind her and sees the cushion her dress. Terri blushes of embarressment while Sherri takes off the cushion) *kids laughing*

Terri and Sherri: Thats not funny! (both run off the bus and run inside their house.)
(bus pulls off)

Milhouse: Hey Bart!(snug look on his face) i think Terri kind of likes you.

Bart: Shut up Milhouse!

Milhouse: okay!

(meanwhile back at the Twins House. They are in their room)

Sherri: We have got to think of somthing to get that smelly ape back! any ideas!

Terri: (still embarresed) i don't know. There is nothing that could top that embarressing Cushion.

Sherri: Thats it!

Terri: Thats what?

Sherri: We will make him fart in class!

Terri: With the Whoopi cushion? You know he is too smart to fall fot that!

Sherri: No! I am talking about something more embarresing than a whoopi cushion!

Terri: Doble whoopi cushion?

Sherri: No you idiot a real outburst of fllatulence

Terri:(face lightens up) Ahh yes! (sherri chuckles) That would totally destroy his popularity and he may never return to school again.

Sherri: Indeed! but we need to come up with a way to make him devlope an extremely bad case of gas. (walks back and fourth quickly)Quick what makes people fart?

Terri: Umm. Beans?

Sherri: Of course! Thank you sister.

Terri: But we need something that will keep him going for a long time! I know why don't we use what is inside dad's "Special box" and mix it with the beans.

Sherri: You mean the "secret box" that is so "secret" not even dad knows what "secrets" are in the "secret box"

Terri: Your clicheing again!

Sherri: (blushing) oh! sorry!

Terrri: Anyway, yes! we will use it to make a pill that we can drop into his drink at lunch time while he is not looking.

Sherri: Great plan! lets go get the box!

(run down to the basement to retrieve the box. They take out the "Secret Box" and  
use an axe to break the lock. They both have to open it becuase the lid is so heavy.
When they open it they discover a hidden supply of uranium rods stored in tubes)

Sherri: Ooohh!

Terri: Aaahhh!

Sherri: (reaches in and grabs a tube) Now lets go have some fun!

(both twins laugh manichally. Both gather and hurry to their room and begin beans and create 2 mutated beans)

Terri: Now we can get our revenge on that dork!

Sherri: Indeed sis! Nothing can ruin this plan!

(suddenly there was a quick thump on Their door.)

Twins Dad: Sherri..Terri

(both twins jump in nervousness and begin to panic. Theu both quickly swallow the beans)

Twins: Ye..yes daddy!

Twins Dad: (opens door) Whats going on in here? and why are you two so jumpy?

Sherri: We were just uhhhhhh.......cold!

Terri: yeah cold and we were going to

SHerri: Turn the heat up

Twins Dad: I knew you two were up to something!

(twins gulp)

Twins Dad: You to were going to touch the Thermostat weren't you?

Sherri: uhhhh...yeah!

Terri: You caught us!

Twins Dad: Haha! caught you in the act haha! Well just put somemore clothes on and you will be warmer in no time.

Twins: Okay! by dad!

Twins Dad: Are you sure you two are.......

(Terri closes door)

Terri: Yes dad! see you at dinner

Sherri: (sighs) That was close! okay so where did you put your bean!

Terri: I swallowed it!

Sherri: So did I!

Twins: (Both scream at the same time. They then begin to have severe stimach cramps and then they begin to undergo a mutation)

(meanwhile at Barts house. Bart and Lisa are sittin at the Table)

Lisa: Bart! were you the one that pranked Terri today on the bus today?

Bart: uumm...No it was Milhouse(sarcastically) of corse it was me dummy! Best prank ever

Lisa: (sighs) Bart, i know you can't help your constant rambunctiousness that was just mean of you to prank people who don't even bother you! Now i think you should apologize tommorow.

Bart: Are you insane? For startes i can prank anyone i want to at anytime. Plus SHerri and Terri hate my guts anyway so what difference does it make.

Lisa: They don't hate you! i am sure if you go and straighten things about you could become good friends.

Bart: in your dreams geekbate. How can they possibly get back at me.

Lisa: I give up! your on your own! (Lisa walks into living room and looks at the T.V) Bart!(urgently)

Bart: What now?

Lisa: You should take a look at this news report.

Bart: (gets up and walks into living room) What going on?

Lisa:(in shock) Oh my! (points to T.V)
(T.V. reveals a 50 ft version of Sherri and Terri reaking havoc on the city)

Kent: This is Kent Brockman with breaking news. It seems Springfield Is under attack by two blue haired little girls with anger management problems and severe aggression. (clip of Twins smashing buildings, roaring and crushing cars.) I have just received word that the two are Terri and Sherri...i can't read the last name but it seems that they are on the looking for This person crudley depicted in this drawing made by one of the twins. (picture is shown on the screen)The picture has been confirmed to be non other than local pain in the ass Bart Simpson. One of the Twins has just said this "Give us bart, we wan Bart" and so i assume that Bart is not supprisingly behind this and needs to give himself up to ease these Twins of Terrors Rage. This is Kent Brockman singing of from the Springfiled News saying "Give yourself up Bart" thank you and good night we now leave you with the delightful video of our Towns demise. (News ends with Soringfielders runnig away from Sherri and the Camera is left showing Sherri running towards it and she stops and makes a mighty roar and she looks down angrilly ate the Camera and she then lifts up her foot and crushes it under her giant purple sandals.

Lisa: (angrilly looks at Bart) see what all your shinanogans have gotten you? I don't know how they attained that monsterous size but all i know is that you have to fix this.

Bart: (looking scared) wh..what? I am not going to risk my life just because some stupid girl can't take a joke.

Lisa: Your the only stupid on here Bart Simpsons! If you don't go apologize to them, we will all be doomed! Please Bart! for the sake of Springfield, Save us!

Bart: Alright, Alright! shesh! I will try to fight the twins and maybe i will apologize but no more than that. (Bart leaves the room to go upstairs. Approches the stairs and turns around and looks at Lisa) if i survuve this. you owe me!(Lisa rolls her eyes)
(Bart goes up to his room and looks for some ammunition. opens his closet and pulls out his Bartman costume with grappling hooks, bartmarangs and sling shot)

(dynamic scend as Bart suits up)

Lisa: What in earth are you wearing?

Bart: Well seeing as i am going to be saving people, i figured i would dress up as Bartman.

Lisa: (ahahahhaha) Thats priceless.

Bart: (angry look) laugh it up oddball, but with this slingshot and utility i am destined for victory.

Lisa: (stops laughing) You are going to use a sling-shot to stop two monsterous twins? thats ludacris!

Bart: Why not? ot worked for David.

Lisa: But he had the lord on his side and your.....Bart Simpson!(snickers)

Bart: (feels insulted) ha..ha..ha(sarcastically) very funny.

Lisa: Well good luck..Bartman. YOu will need it!

Bart: Whatever! (leaves his room and exits out the house on a skateboard)

(meanwhile back in the city)

Citizen: (running away from Terri while screaming) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Terri stops and picks up and throws it on groung. Roats loudly)

Terri: Bart Simpsons! Bring us Bart Simpson!

(Sherri is right behind her and both girls continue smashing buildings and reeking havoc on the city, lifts up car)

Wiggum and cops: Alright you two! Stop destroying buildings and put you hands where i can see them!

Sherri: roooooaaaaaar! (lifts up arm i)

Wiggum: Thats it now slowly drop the car o the ground

Eddie: Uh Cheif i think she...

Wiggum: Not now Eddie, alright now bring you arms down to the ground

(Sherri smashes the police car with her empty fist)

Wiggum: O...kay! uhh.......nevermind continue destroying the town. (becomes filled with fear. Turns to Eddie and Lou) Run like hell boys! (all three of them run screaming) Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Sherri takes the Donut off the Lard lad statue and eats it)

(both girls head iver to Springfield Elementry School and begin destroying it)

Skinner: (on the ground) No, not my Beautiful School! (hands on head) alright you two(points up at them) You two are in big trouble! You destroyed School propperty and it is coming out of your parents wallets. Altogether, it will come to about $843 dollars and a...3 cents! (Skinner cringes as he hears the two girls growel and quickly pick him up)

Terri: Your not the boss of us you mediocre Principle!

Skinner: Mediocre?

Sherri: You heard us Skinflint! your a lousy Principle who still listens to his mommy!

Skinner: Thats not tr..true! you take that back!

Skinner's Mom: (from the ground) Seymour! you can't talk that way to children, apologize right now!

Skinner: Yes Mother!

Terri & Sherri: AHAHAHHAHAHAH! Say good-bye..Seymour!

SKinner: NO, wait? i apologize from my Vietnam veteran heart! what do you want? Bart Simpson? you can have him!, (Terri begins to lift him toward her mouth) uhhh, better school lunch? more asbestos! (Terri opens her mouth) Nooooo!

Milhouse: Stop it right there you..big...bullies!

Terri & Sherrri: huh?

Milhouse: You..heard me! pick on someone you own size!

Sherri: Like you you little 4 eyed pipsqueak!

Milhouse: (scared stiff) yeah! thats right me. i ca take both of you on!
(Bart quickly arrives a couple feet away from Milhouse)

Bart: Whats going on here?

Milhouse: Get to a safe place Bart, i'll take on these to ugly weirdos myself!

Twins: Ugly! (growl in anger)

Bart: Milhouse don't be a Hero!

Milhouse: (go's into a rage and charges toward Terri's Foot while the action is in slow motion) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Milhouse: (kicks Terris big toe but has no effect on her) take that and that and that (Twins look at each other in a disappointed way. Milhousegets worn out after a coupl seconds and steps 12 feet from her foot)

Milhouse: How did you like them apples!

Bart: Milhouse i don't think you sho..(milhouse interuppts and becomes cocky)

Milhouse: Didn't think i had it in me did you. well i have enough strength to take on both of you. You can destroy our city, crush cars and even eat people.

Skinner: hey!

Milhouse: But you can't not crush my spirit (camera looks down at milhouse at a birds eye view side angle) I will avenge my city and you can't step on my pride ( Terris foot comes slamming down on to of Milhouse and Bart watches as he gets grinded into the ground by Terri's sandal) Booooooooooooooooooooooooom!

Twins: Ahahahahahahaahaaahahahh! (give a high five to each other)

Bart: alright you two, prepare to meet your worst nightmare!

Terri: Well, well, well. Look who decided to show his dorky little face.

Sherri: You will Pay for what you did to us Simpson!

Skinner: Aha, i knew this was all barts fault! i just ahhhhhhh!

Terri: (tosses skinner up in the air and he lands on a nearby flagpole hanging by his underware) Yeah! you will end up just like your friend your little friend. Squashed!

Bart: Hey, you can't do that to skinner! wow, i am sticking up for the principle. i am a total sell out! well anyway i will not end up like poor Milhouse, you two will be eating my little shorts:

Sherri: Well see about that Simpson!

(Sherri lifts up her arm and tries to smash bart into the ground but Bart leaps into the air before her hand smacks the ground and Bart hooks his grappling hook on an nearby building and glides he is pulled to the top of the building)

Terri: You can't escape us! (try to grab bart on top of the bulding. Bart jumps up and avoids being grab)

Bart: Take this pale, tall and ugly! (throws bartmerang at Terris arm)

Terri: (gets stung by blade of the bartmarang.) Ouch! why you little...!

Sherri: You hurt my sister! (makes a fist and punches bulding so thhat it collapses)

Bart: (quickly jumps on Sherri's arm and runs up to her face to kick her in th nose.)
Heya!(kicking sound)

Sherri: (reacts and holds her nose as it begins to bleed. SHe then grabs bart while he is trying to glide to another bulding) Now i've got you! Prepare to feel my wrath!(Sherri plucks Bart on to the ground)

Bart:(hits  the ground hard) Ouch!!! (gets up and feels achy) uhhhhhhhhhhhh! (look sup and jumps out of the way to avoid Sherri's giant hand from crushing him)

Sherri: (watching as bart avoids her massive hand) come back here you little creep!

Terri: (recovers from pain) I'll teach you a lesson you won't forgert Simpson!(begins tomping the ground)

Bart: (cracks his bones to feel better) Eat my....blaaaaaaah! (screams and moves out of the way of Terris stomping)(He runs over to Milhouse(who is now getting up and feeling in great pain from getting stepped on and he is tatereed with the Sandal's sole imprint on him)) Milhouse, your alive!

Milhouse: Yes! and i am cannot feel my body right now but all i can say is I Need a  doctor. (faints on the floor and Bart goes over to pick him up to tak)

Bart: Don't worry Buddy, i will protect you!

Milhouse:(wakes up and feels a little better) Y....Yo....You....Yo (Bart getting annoyed)

Bart: Out with it Milhouse!

Milhouse: You called me Buddy, i feel so special!

Bart: Thats right pal! now tell me, how do i defeat these two Nightmares!

Milhouse:(coughing) You can't fight them. It is mathmatically impossible. The odds are like..(coughs again) .. 99% to 1%

Bart: Never tell me the odds

Milhouse: There is a Way to stop thheir Rampage and..

Bart: Oh No! I'm not even thinking of doing that.

Milhouse: You have to Bart, its the only way! Please Bart! for the sake of Springfield, you must do it1

Bart: No! i will find a way to bring these two to their knees! (Stands up and drops Milhouse head)

Milhouse: Ouch!

Bart: I will be back for you later pal! (Runs towards TTWins)

Milhouse: Wait! I Need assistence (coughs again) i hate being the Dorky character in this show!

(Bart runs up to the Twins)

Twins: So you still wan to play with us huh?

Bart: Thats right losers, you can't get rid of me that easily!

SHerri: Alright then Simpson! How about we play a little, Jump rope?

Bart: ewwww, no that is so gay! I mean (looks at camera as if he is nervous about offending the homosexuals) girly!

Terri: Oh you won't be doing the jumping Bart!

Bart: What?

Sherri: (Runs over to suspension Bridge and grabs the long cable to use as a rope. people on bridge begin screaming as the bridge snaps and lopsided)

Moleman: (hanging of the side of thebridge that collapsed) Why can't i just have a normal day?

Krabappel: (looking up from her car that is being held up by a beam) This is why i knew i should have quit teaching when i had the chance!

Comicbook guy:(standong on the side walk not on the bridge sipping a Squishee and looking at the monsters ) Worst Monster destroying a supension bridge ever!

Sherri: (wallks back over the Terri and  hand the other cable to her and make it into a jump rope) We will be the only ones jumping the rope while you will be jumping..Dope! (starts laughing and snorts a little)

Terri:(looks at her and rolls her eyes) Sherr,(she says in a soft voice) please stop with the jokes! It just..Not yo thang!

Sherri: (somewhat embarresed) Well..anyway, Simpson prepare to meet your doom!

Twins: Purple twins power, activate!(THey begin to glow)

Comic Book Guy: (sighs) Enough with the show copyrighted parodies already, this show does not have that type of budget! shesh!

(Glowing stops Twins clothes are restored to being clean and are fixed and they are both holding the rope)

Bart: That all you had to do! Man i thought you were going to tranformor something! I Caramba, Leave to a bunch of Stupid Girls to worry more  about there appearence then anything else!

Twins: What?

Terri: Lets kick his ass!

Sherri: Yeah!

(They slowly begin to Jump rope and the whole town begins to shake)

Bart: Whaaaaa?(watches as twins charge toward him as they jump rope. Jumps out of the way as they pass him)

Sherri: Damn we missed him!(they slow down and stop and try it again) Lets try it again but faster and moe power.

Terri: This time we go to the rythm of...of...of.....

Sherri: well... say something!(looks at Terri and wonders what is wrong) Now What?

Terri: Oh sorry, The writer does not know rge name of the jump rope hyme so he is googleing it. It Takes awhile?

Sherri: O....K?

A Simpsons spoof i thought of while playing The Simpsons game. Let me know what you guys think.
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                            Holidays of Future's Past

  Lisa was happy that her daughter Zia looked up to her, and was just as intelligent as she was at her age. She was worried that she would become a total party girl, and become hooked to the web. Christmas was over, it was passed midnight, and she walked to her car with her husband. They waved to her parents and brother; Bart decided to stay the night. The three of them drove off and headed for home, Lisa driving, Milhouse in the seat next to her, and Zia in the back.
  Halfway there, the car began to have trouble. Lisa turned to see Milhouse asleep, his head leaning on the window. She looked back at Zia; she had fallen asleep on the back seats. Lisa pulled the car to the side of the road and got out of the car. She opened her hood and tried to find the problem with the car. She knew it wasn't gas; the car had been filled yesterday. Lisa inspected the engine, trying to remember what Nelson had taught her. She pulled on a long clear thing, and it broke in her hand.
  "D'oh!" Lisa said. "If only Nelson were here. He'd know what to do." Nelson had become a mechanic, once again making a business where he "pimped out"  other people's vehicles. " Maybe I should call him. "
  Lisa went back to the car and got her purse. She went to her phone memory and selected "Mechanic"; Lisa had had an affair with Nelson, several in fact, cheating on her husband Milhouse. She only married him because she had gotten drunk, slept with him, and found out that she was pregnant. It was her twenty first birthday party, and it was the first time she had gotten drunk. What were the chances?
  Lisa waited for Nelson to answer, which took only a few seconds. "Lis'?" She could hear hope in his voice; he muat've that she wanted to get together.

  "Hi Nelson." Lisa felt bad for calling; she didn't want to get his hopes up about leaving Milhouse. The only reason she really married with him was because he had gotten her pregnant; she was only twenty one at the time, and raising a baby alone at such a young age would have disastrous.
  "Listen, about earlier," Nelson began, "I'm sorry if I sounded inconsiderate. It's just-"
  "Nelson," Lisa cut him off. "I'm sorry, but my car broke down, and I don't know how to fix it. Can you come by?"
  "Oh." Lisa could hear Nelson's voice crack a little. "Yeah. Sure. Where are you?"
  "I'm by Professor Frink's old place." Lisa remebered her old dates with Nelson, back they were kids, and back when she was seeing him behind Milhouses back. So he knew where it was by heart.
  "Okay. I'll be there in about thirty minutes." Lisa hung up the phone and sighed; she really did love Nelson, but she couldn't risk hurting her daughter, no matter how much she loved Nelson. She went back to the car, and put her hands in front of the heat. She looked at Professor Frinks; she wondered what had happened to him after the clone wars, when everyone in Springfield had been cloned by the aliens Kang and Kodos. Frink had disappeared, before the war, and never heard from again.
   Lisa felt her hands being cold again, and saw that her fuel gauge was empty. "Oh no." She tried to start the car, to at least have some warmth, but it wouldn't start. They couldn't wait thirty minutes in the freezing cold. She looked at Frink's house. 'I suppose we could go in there.'.
  "Milhouse wake up!" She shook her husband, trying to wake him up. He opened his eyes.
  "Are we home?" he said groggily.
  "No." Lisa brought her arm to Zia. "Zia! Wake up!"
  "We need to get out of the car." Lisa opened her door and got out. She put her head back in and took a pen and paper out of her purse, writing down they would be in Frink's old house. "The car broke down. We need to go into Professor Frink's house. Nelson's going to to pick us up."
  "What? Nelson?!!?" Milhouse was still scared of his old bully. "Why call him? Why not Bart?"
  "Because Nelson's a mechanic, and he can fix the car. Now hurry up!" The three of them walked to Frinks house. Lisa opened the door, and the three of them went in. "Nelson said he be here in half an hour. So don't complain!"
  "I'm gonna lie down." Milhouse held his coat shut, and kept on shivering. "I need to get some sleep." Milhouse went upstairs, and disappeared from Lisa's sight.
  Lisa and Zia sat down on an old couch, which was covered in dust. When they sat, dust flew into the air. "So," Lisa said, "what do you wanna talk about."
  "Nothing." Zia pulled out her ear phones, but was stopped by her mother before she could put them in, who grabbed them and put them in her pocket book. "Hey! I was gonna listen to music."
  "No! No music. It's rude to listen to music when someone's talking." Lisa closed her bag. Zia sat back on the couch, ignoring her mother's attempts at communication. They waited in silence for fifteen minutes when Zia finally got tired of the silence.
  They waited in silence for fifteen minutes when Zia finally got tired of the silence. "So what did Professor Frink invent anyway?" She had looked him up on the internet, and all she could find was that he disappeared a few years before she was born. "And what happened to him?"
  Lisa avoided the last question; everyone in Springfield had to stay quiet about what happened. Plus she really didn't know what happened to him.h
  Lisa thought of the things he built. She could only think of one in particular. "He built a time window. He showed me and your Uncle."
  "A what window?"
  "A time window." Lisa repeated. "It would lets person see into the future; it would predict what would most likely happen to that person. It also showed the past."
  "Where is it now?"
  "It's probably still in the basement." Lisa wondered if it was still operational. She would love to see her future again. "Let's go check. We can see who you marry in the future!" Lisa ran for the basement, followed closely by Zia.
  "Mom!" Zia yelled. "Wait for me!"
  They went down the stairs, which were creaked with every step. They got to the bottom and Zia looked around the room, moving her head right and left; she saw old, dusty computers, and a small window that you could see from the outside. Zia walked to it; she could see their car.
  Lisa saw the giant television like screen. It had gathered alot of dust over the years. She went to the control board and started fidgeting with some buttons. The screen came on, and showed the pasts and futures of several people. Zia looked at the screen and read some of the names aloud. " 'Cletus as President', 'Martin: Prince to Princess', 'Bart vs El Barto'? What are these, futures or t.v. episodes of a twenty year old animated sitcom?"
  "They're real. Trust me. Frink just put them in a way that people would be entertained." Lisa went to the search area and type in her daughters name, and came across she would like very much to see. " 'Zia's Wedding'!! Let's watch!!"
   "No!" Zia grabbed her mother's hand before she could click on it. "Maybe I don't wanna know who I marry!"
  "Why not?" Lisa asked. "What if he's a real hunk?" Lisa said that last part with a bit of a laugh.
  "A real hunk?" Zia couldn't believe her mother had just said that. "No one says 'hunk' anymore Mom! And besides, I wanna be surprised. If you're so interested, let's look at your future.". Zia moved her mother's hand off the mouse and typed in her mother's name.
  Zia scrolled down on the screen, looking for an interesting future. She clicked on one labeled 'Lisa's Second Baby'; it was dated for 3 years from now. "I'm gonna have a sibling?" She said out loud.
  Lisa looked at the screen, and trembled, remembering the pain she suffered from having Zia; she didn't want to take the drugs they offered her, as she knew the risks for her baby. She looked at the screen as it showed her future.
  She was lying on a hospital bed, giving birth, screaming her lungs out. Doctor Hibert was delivering the baby, and there was no man next to her, only nurses and her mother. 'Milhouse isn't there, again,' Lisa thought;  he wasn't there for Zia's birth either, being too scared to come in. She screamed, asking if the baby was out yet. Lisa heard a screaming baby; she felt her future self's relief.
  Doctor Hibber handed her her baby and turned to a nurse. "Tell the father he can come in now. The gross part is over. A hee hee hee!" The nurse opened the window, and Milhouse walked in, looking green and close to throwing up.
  He walked to Lisa and the baby. "Hey there Milhouse Junior." The baby had his father's blue hair. " I think this one is gonna look like me." The screen went black.

  Lisa and Zia looked at the screen. Zia groaned. "Great. A brother. It couldn't be a sister, could it?"
  "Oh, come on," Lisa argued."Brother's aren't so bad. I mean, look at Bart."
  "And look at Maggie." Zia liked her aunt better than she did her uncle. "She's a rock star."
  A creak from the ceiling caught their attention. "Lis'?" someone yelled. It was Nelson.
  "Nelson, I'm down here! I'm coming up!" Lisa yelled. She turned to Zia. " Stay here. I'll be back in a few minutes." Zia watched her mother run up the stairs, leaving her alone in the basement. She could tell they were talking, but couldn't hear what about. She heard something about a clear tube.
  Zia walked to the time window, deciding to see more of the future. It couldn't hurt after all. She decided to look at her mother's future. She typed in her mother's name, Lisa Simpson; her mother kept surname, and she herself had her mother's last name.
   She scrolled through the options until she came across one that made her heart ache; 'Lisa's heartbreak'. Zia clicked on it, and she watched. She noticed the date on the screen; 12/31/2041. 'This is a few days,' Zia thought. The screen came on, showing Zia The Hibbert's house; they always hosted a new years party.

  Lisa was standing on a balcony, watching fireworks go off. Zia was with friends, and Milhouse was home, still sick feeling sick from Christmas. Lisa turned around when she heard someone behind her. It was Nelson Muntz.
  "Nelson." Lisa walked over to him and kissed him on the lips, though he didn't kiss back. "What's wrong?"

  "Mom?" Zia couldn't believe what she was seeing; her mother was cheating on her father! She never thought her mother would do something like this!

  Lisa tried to kiss Nelson again, but he dodged it. "What's wrong honey?" Lisa took Nelson's hand and guided him towards the edge of the balcony. "Why won't you kiss me?"
  Nelson looked at the fireworks. "This isn't working Lis'." He leaned on the railing. "You can't keep doing this to me. It's been seven years, and we keep on doing this; you're marriage has been dead and fulfilled ever since it started, and you run to me more comfort. Well I can't do it anymore!" Nelson yelled the last sentence out.
  "What do you mean?" Lisa sounded hurt. "You're breaking up with me?"
  "Yes Lis'." Nelson looked back inside. "You're never gonna leave that loser Milhouse, and I need someone who will be with me always, not just when she can make it." Nelson started to walk back inside.
  "You know I can't leave him! I can't make Zia go through something like that, you know that!" Lisa began to cry, and wrapped her arms around Nelson's chest before he could open the glass door. "Please Nelson. Don't do this to me."
  "I'm sorry, babe." Nelson fought back shedding tears. "I love you, but I just can't do this anymore." He grabbed Lisa's hand and pulled them apart, walking back inside and leaving the party.
  Lisa staggered back into the railing, falling to her kness, and began to cry uncontrollably. The screen faded to Lisa's crying.

  Zia couldn't believe what she had just watched. Her mother was cheating on her father; for seven years!! Zia knew her mother and father werent the best married couple, but she never thought her mother would do such a thing.
  But Zia only thought of how sad her mother had gotten when Nelson had told her that he was leaving her, stopping their affair. Did she really love him that much? Zia went to the window she had seen earlier, wanting to see what was happening between her mother and Nelson. She saw the two of them standing next to her mother's car, embraced in each others arms, kissing.
  Zia walked back to the time window and scrolled through her mother's futures. She watched several, all of them showing her as an unhappy woman, stuck with someone she didn't love. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want her mother to live a miserable life with a man she didn't love. But she didn't want her father to get hurt, either; he worships her. What should she do?

  Lisa came back down to tell Zia that Nelson was going to take the car to his garage, and that he would give them a lift home. They drove in awkward silence. Nelson dropped them off and they went inside. Lisa stayed to, 'Give him gas money.', though Zia spied on her though a window, and saw them kiss each other.
  Lisa came in to Zia tapping her foot. Milhouse had gone to bed the minute he got home, leaving the two of them able to talk without him knowing.
  "Why aren't you in your room, Zia?" Lisa asked. Zia spent most of her time in her room, in the internet, so it surprised Lisa to see her standing in the living room.
  "Mom, we need to talk." Zia had gone over how she was going to do this in her head on the way home.
  "What about honey?" Lisa was worried that she might've done something stupid, such as get pregnant. "Is something wrong?"
  Zia sat on the couch, and Lisa sat next to her. "I know about you and Nelson," she said simply.
  Lisa paled at that. She started to stammer, trying to say something, but not knowing what to say.
  "I know you've been cheating on Dad with him. And I know that you love him."
  Lisa didn't know what to say. She composed herself and began to talk, slowly, trying to find the right words. "Zia. This may be hard for you to understand, but I'm not in love with your father anymore; I still love him, but not like I used to."
  "I know, Mom." Zia looked down at the ground.
  "How did you find out?" Lisa asked. "I've been very discreet about us."
  "I found out through the time window' I wanted to see your future, and I saw one called 'Lisa's Heartbreak'."
  Lisa looked at her with a puzzled look. "'Heartbreak?"
  "Yeah. It showed you standing on a balcony at The Hibberts, during their New Years Party. Nelson was there, and he ened your affair. He said that he couldn't do it anymore, that you had to leave Dad or he would stop seeing you."
  "He did." Lisa was beginning to get worried even more.  
  "You said you couldn't because of me, that going through a divorce and leaving Dad would have been unfair to me. You cried when he left. I checked your other futures, and you were miserable, in a loveless marriage that got worse as the years went on." Zia took a deep breath. "I want you to leave Dad."
  Lisa was shocked. She wasn't expecting any of this; she expected her daughter to hate her for doing this to the family, to tell to stop seeing Nelson. But not this. "You want me to leave him?"
  "Yes." Zia looked her mother in eyes. "I'll be fine; I can handle what happens between you two, but I can't see you live a long, miserable life with Dad if you can live a happy one Nelson."
  Lisa began to cry. She couldn't believe her daughter could be so selfless. She had wanted to be with Nelson for years, but couldn't bring herself to hurt her family. "Okay." Lisa's voice cracked. She hugged Zia in a lung crushing hug. "Thank you, Zia. Thank you."

  Lisa stood on the balcony in The Hibbert's house. She was with Nelson; she had told him that she was going to leave Milhouse and be with him, stopping him from ending their relationship. Lisa had already explained things to Milhouse. He didn't like it; he cried when she told him; but he agreed to get a divorce in the end.
  The two planned to get married as soon as possible. Bart was happy for them; he knew Lisa was happier with Nelson than she was with Milhouse. Marge and Homer also approved; they didn't like the thought of their eldest daughter having an unhappy marriage with Milhouse.
  LIsa and Nelson stood on the balcony, waiting for the new year to start. They knew in their hearts that this year was going to be the best one out the many that were to come.
This is my entry for the NelsonxLisa Holidays Fanfic Contest. When I saw the episode, I was mad that Lisa ended up with Milhouse. But I remembered how they showed her frowning when she married him. I also remembered the way that Lisa asks Bart if she should have married Nelson, saying she still talked to him. She also implies that she is the one who calls him, rather him calling her.
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                      with me to a third grade classroom...... There
                    is a nine-year-old kid sitting at his desk and
                   all of a sudden, there is a puddle between his
                  feet and the front of his pants are wet. He
                   thinks his heart is going to stop because he
                    cannot possibly imagine how this has
                  happened.  It's never happened before, and
                he knows that when the boys find out he will
                 never hear the end of it. When the girls find
              out, they'll never speak to him again as long as
                                         he lives...

                                          The boy
                           believes his heart is going to stop; he puts his
                           head down and prays this prayer, 'Dear God, this
                            is an emergency! I need help now! Five minutes
                                 from now I'm dead

                                                He looks
                       up from his prayer and here comes the teacher
                      with a look in her eyes that says he has been

                                                      As the
                                  teacher is walking toward him, a classmate named
                              Susie is carrying a goldfish bowl that is filled
                          with water. Susie trips in front of the teacher
                      and inexplicably dumps the bowl of water in the
                                               boy's lap.

                                                 The boy
                                  pretends to be angry, but all the while is
                           saying to himself, 'Thank you, Lord! Thank you,

                                                Now all
                                of a sudden, instead of being the object of
                                 ridicule, the boy is the object of sympathy. The
                                      teacher rushes him downstairs and gives him gym
                                  shorts to put on while his pants dry out. All
                            the other children are on their hands and knees
                         cleaning up around his desk. The sympathy is
                           wonderful . But as life would have it, the
                        ridicule that should have been his has been
                     transferred to someone else -
                                        Susie .

                                 tries to help, but they tell her to get out.
                                         You've done enough, you

                              at the end of the day, as they are waiting for
                               the bus, the boy walks over to Susie and
                            whispers, 'You did that on purpose, didn't you?'
                              Susie whispers back, 'I wet my pants once

                                                    May God
                               help us see the opportunities that are always
                                                around us to do

                          going to church doesn't make you a Christian any
                           more than standing in your garage makes you a

                                                Each and
                       everyone one of us is going through tough times
                         right now, but God is getting ready to bless you
                            in a way that only He can. Keep the

                                instructions were to pick four (4) people that I
                                 wanted God to bless, and I picked you... Please
                                   pass this to at least four (4) people you want
                                        to be blessed and a copy back to

                          prayer is powerful, and prayer is one of the
                              best gifts we receive. There is no cost but a
                            lot of rewards.. Let's continue to pray for one


                           I ask You to bless my friends, relatives and
                           those that I care deeply for, who are reading
                            this right now. Show them a new revelation of
                             Your love and power, Holy Spirit, I ask You to
                               minister to their spirit at this very moment.
                               Where there is pain, give them Your peace and
                             mercy. Where there is self-doubt, release a
                              renewed confidence through Your grace... Where
                           there is need, I ask you to fulfill their needs.
                          Bless their homes, families, finances, their
                           goings and their comings.. Amen.

                                                 (If the
                                       Lord lays upon your heart to send this to more
                                         than four '4' people, you are truly
My Aunty sent me this and i thought it was cute. A Girl helping out her classmate.
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Bueno La Historia Empieza Así, Hola soy Phineas Flynn Tengo 16 Años, Mi Hermano se Llama Ferb, Mi Hermana Candace y Mi Mejor Amiga Isabella, En estos Momentos me Estoy Levantando Para Ir a La Escuela Y..

Ferb: Phineas.., es Necesario Hablarle a Una Grabadora en el Primer Día de Escuela?

Phineas: Feerb! **Le tira una Almohada**

Candace: **Abriendo la Puerta** Chicos! No se han Levantado!, A su edad me Levantaba muy Rapido...

Phineas: Candace..., Tú siempre llegabas Tarde a La Escuela

Candace: ..., Pero ahora Madure y Tengo 22.

Ferb: Como sea.

Phineas: Ferb!? Ya te vestiste!?

Ferb: Mientras Ustedes Hablaban.

Candace: Phineas Más Vale que te Levantes o Tu ''Noviesita'' Se aburrira de Esperarte en la Parada del Autobus

Phineas: Que Isabella Todavía No es Mi Novia.

Ferb: Todavía?

Phineas: Dije que Isabella No es Mi Novia!

Candace: Yo escuche Otra Cosa, Como sea Ya Vistete!

A Fuera de La Casa Flynn-Fletcher, Se encontraba La Parada del Autobus escolar.., en donde se encontraba una Linda Chica de un Largo Pelo Negro y Sedoso..

Hola Isabella!

La Chica se Giro a Ver quien era.., Pues era su Mejor amigo, Phineas Flynn, ella Sin dudar lo Ama pero el No se da Cuenta..

Isabella: Oh! Hola Phineas ¿Que estas Haciendo?, Y Hola Ferb!

Phineas: Ah.. estabamos

El chico Miro a la Chica de Arriba a Abajo.., se Había dado cuenta de que ya no era La Misma Niñita de Antes.., Bueno seguia siendo Tierna y Hermosa.. pero estaba Más... Desarrollada.

Ferb: Lo siento Isabella.., Phineas Todavía creia que eras una Niña Como antes.. y Se Hipnotizo con Tu ''Desarrollo''

Isabella: **Risita** Pues, si es Así Todavia debe creer que su Prima es una Niña Pequeña..

Ferb: Andrea?

Isabella: Hablaba de Sam!

Ferb: y ella es Igual a Él Una Flynn despistada, Hace poco Hable con ella por Correo.. Dijo que Vendra Pronto.

Isabella: Eso es Bueno.., Así Puedo Haer las Pases Con ella.

Phineas: Que Paso..?

Ferb: Nada Phineas.., Ahí Viene el Autobus..

Buford: Hola Ñoños

Phineas: Hola Buford

Ferb: Hola

Isabella: Hola Buford

Baljeet: Isabella, Te quieres Venir conmigo?

Isabella: Ah.. Yo..

Ferb: Isabella se Va a Sentar Conmigo, Si a Phineas no le Importa

Phineas: No Importa, Isabella es mi Mejor Amiga, Yo me Ire con Baljeet

Ferb e Isabella: ...

Con Baljeet y Phineas.

Baljeet: Phineas Acaso no te Das Cuenta?

Phineas: Darme Cuenta de Que?

Baljeet: Mejor.., Averigualo Solo Phineas

Con Ferb e Isabella

Isabella: Ferb Por que, Hiciste eso?

Ferb: Porque Necesito Hablarte de Phineas

Isabella: Que le Paso?

Ferb: Phineas.. ya tiene 16 y No se ha dado Cuenta Isabella..., No tienes que dejarlo escapar!, Si quieres te Puedo ayudar a Conquistarlo pero tienes que seguirme la Corriente Okey?

Isabella: Bueno, Pero No te Pases...

Ferb: Tranquila.., No Fingire ser tu Novio

Isabella: Okey?

Ferb: Te explico

Con Candace:

Candace: Aló? Jeremy?

Jeremy: Hola Candace, como estas?

Candace: Bien, Camino a La Universidad..

Jeremy: Genial, Sabes estube Averiguando lo de la casa Junto al Museo y Adivina que?

Candace: Que!

Jeremy: ES NUESTRA! La acabo de Comprar..!

Candace: Jeremy! eso es Estupendo!, Hay que Decirlo en una Fiesta!

Jeremy: Esta Bien Candy, Me debo Ir.. Adios!

Candace: Adios Cariño.

En el Aeropuerto...

¿?: No Puedo Creerlo!! Llegue a Danville!

¿?: Ya Callate Sam.

Sam: Esta Bien.., Andrea no seas Tan Pesada..

Andrea: Como sea, Donde esta Mark con Nuestras Maletas?!?

Mark: Aqui Bruja..., Toma Cuatro Ojos

Sam: Gracias Mark que Amable.. Pss.. Banana..

Mark: Que dijiste?!

Sam: Nada.

Andrea: Como sea... TAXI!
:XD: Queria Incluir Oc's..., Estoy aburrida :'D

Andrea y Mark: :iconphineasyferbx100pre: (espero no te moleste pero Amo Ts OC's!)

Sam: :iconjoscratch:

Demas Personajes: Disney.
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That voice. Under any normal circumstance, anyone else who would've uttered my name would've gotten a blunt "leave me the fuck alone" and a move on with my day. Today wasn't the best of days, as was the day before that and the day before that one. Come to think of it, it hasn't been a good week. My bitchiness had peaked, to the point where I was even growling at Xavier. I couldn't help it. I've just been so angry with myself, and the situation that I had before me.

But that voice belonged to Thomas Fletcher.

Who hated me to no ends.

What the hell?

I turn around and I see that he looks just as tired as I had saw him last time. The bags under his eyes still pronounce, his skin a shade paler, he still, though, looks as handsome as he always does. My heart stops for a moment, then it begins to beat even quicker. All of my bad emotions... everything. All of it's gone, and all he had to do was say my name.

Somehow, my brain managed to turn itself back on after a brief moment of complete idiocy, and I say a very faint, "yes?"

He steps out of the shadows and I feel like my heart leaps again as he stares into my eyes. His eyes are a very shocking, dark blue; like deep pools, with flecks of brown in them. The jacket that's usually around his shoulders looks a tad bigger on him than it used to. He probably hasn't been eating much, and my stomach twists with worry. He and Marie haven't been around in each other in weeks. They haven't made up yet?

You will not believe how bittersweet that tastes.

"H..How are you?" He's playing with his hands, avoiding my gaze. He tries to look at me and smile, but it looks more like he's flinching. Does it really hurt that bad to be in my presence? Or is he just pained from being so far away from that stupid, redheaded ditz?

"I'm okay." That's a bit of an overstatement, but really, I still have an image to maintain. Bridgette Renee Clark is never, ever sad. Bridgette Clark never has a bad day. Or a bad week. Or a bad month. "How about you, hotshot? You look like you're about to keel over."

I manage to get him to laugh. It sounds forced, but hey, it's a state above where he previously was. Although I know he's in pain, the fact that I've managed to invoke some sort of happy emotion in him (faked or not) makes me feel slightly better about our relationship.

"Honestly, I feel like I'm about to keel over." He replies, and the sadness is back and he seems to take an invisible weight on his shoulders.

"I'm sorry." I say softly.

He doesn't have to even say it. The look on his face says "no, you're not". He's nice, though; he'd never say something like that out loud. Instead, he stares down at his shoes. His bangs flop in front of his eyes and I wish I could brush his hair away so I can stare into his eyes. I want to pretend for a nanosecond that he loves me and I wasn't so confused, and that we could both be together. And that Marie would disappear.

"I don't like seeing you like this." I admit. He looks up at me, then he stands a little straighter, walking towards me. He's a lot closer than he's ever been. And... Am I dreaming? Or is his hand reaching for mine?

"Would like to change this, then?" He says softly. I don't know what to say. He looks up at me, then he bends down and presses his lips against my hand. I shiver, feeling so very vulnerable to him. But there's also a part of me that wants to squirm away from him, a part of me that remembers that this is the same guy that has rejected me over and over. The part of me that's in love with Xavier.

I don't know if I want that part to shut up or not.

"What..?" I can't manage words at the moment. My brain has shifted into overdrive and I feel like the world is falling. I want to pull my hand away from his, but yet, I also want to keep it there. I want to yell at him, because I know that he's probably just using me to nurture his bruised ego. But I also want to fall into his trap, because there is still a slight modicum of a chance that he and I could make it.

"Bridgette Renee Clark, will you make me the happiest man alive by letting me escort you to the fall dance?" And he pulls out of his jacket a single... Sunflower?

Why not a rose? Aren't roses supposed to be romantic? I have always loved roses. Even the name rose makes me think of fields and pretty, sweet places. Roses remind me of the color of Nathan's little baby cheeks when he was first born, or the color Xavier turns when somebody points him out of the crowd, or when he has to talk in a presentation. He always gets so flustered, spitting out the words he wrote on his paper, stammering the entire way through.

Sunflowers don't make me think of romance at all. They make me think of summer, of countrysides. They make me think of Plains, of Oklahoma or wherever those things grow most.

Maybe I'm just being too stingy. The sincerity is obvious in his attempt to woo me over. But if Thomas ever really paid attention to me, he'd at least know what my favorite anything was. And sunflowers were definitely not close to being my favorite.

I realize I haven't said my answer yet, and now we've got attention around us. There's a small circle where people are giggling, gasping, gossiping. Everyone knows what Bitchy Bridgette is going to say; of course she'll say yes. It would be out of character to say no.

So why do I have a want to say it?

I stare into Thomas's blue eyes, and once again I can see he's trying to read my emotions. I make my face as much of a neutral mask, to give myself just a moment to think things through.

I love Xavier. I realized this just the other day, when I almost kissed him in his house. But I know that I've loved Thomas since freshman year of high school. Bridgette Clark has been chasing Thomas for almost four long years. But me, the real me, knows in her heart that if she says yes she could jeapordize her relationship with Xavier. She needs to make her decision. And now.

Before I can take back my words, my answer blurts out.

And it's yes.


My stomach is doing somersaults as I walk down the street, away from my school. This is where Xavier usually meets up with me, but if rumor has already caught up to him, then he knows what's going on. I pray to God he hasn't. I want him to hear everything from my mouth, not from some stupid slut who thinks she knows me.

I wait at the stop sign, trying to appear calm. When I see him approaching though, I know immediately that there's a great chance that this might be the last time he and I walk home together. I made the most horrible mistake of my life by telling Thomas yes, and I couldn't take my words back. How could I? His face brightened slightly when I told him I'd go, then he gave the sunflower to me and a promise that he'd call soon. Besides, no matter how much I am a bitch, I wouldn't of said "just kidding" right in public, to his face. But I can't turn back time. And now I'm just going to have to deal with the consequences.

He's heard about it. I can just tell by the way he walks; his shoulders are curved in, like a wilting flower. He stares at the sidewalk as if it's the most interesting thing in the world, and he's pointedly avoiding my gaze. My hand reaches to tap his shoulder, but he quickly deflects me, walking away as quick as he can.

There's an absolute need to fall to my knees and beg him to listen to me, but I'm not about to stoop down to that level just yet. I run to catch up speed to him, then touch his shoulder. He whirls around, hatred and hurt clear in his eyes.

"Don't fucking touch me." He spits, backing away from me, but not quite running. I'm surprised because Xavier, being raised by two great parents, never cusses. Never even says "hell".

I grab the opportunity while I have. "Xavier, give me a chance to explain-"

"Explain that you almost kiss me one day, then the next you're going to the dance with my cousin? How are you going to explain this one, Bridgette? What kind of lie are you going to make up now?" He shouts.

His words sting, like needles in my heart. I flinch because Xavier has never been so cruel to me, never yelled at me like he is doing now.

"I've never lied to you, Xavier. I never needed to." I whisper. He shakes his head like this is the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard and crosses his arms.

"Really? I'm starting to rethink that now. Have you been keeping something away from me? Things going on between you and Thomas?"

I open my mouth to object, but then I go back to the day of my panic attack, where I lied to Xavier about Thomas being one of the reasons for freaking out. He's got me and my head falls forward. The tears come before I can even think of stopping them. I'm surprised because I can usually hold them back. This kind of pain, though, can't be stopped. It's real and sudden and miserable. Absolutely miserable.

He lets out a sound of disgust. "I knew it. You and Thomas.. you've been a thing for awhile and you haven't been telling me." He turns around, to walk again, but I lift my head up and run after him again.

"No! No, nothing like that. I... I.." My throat is constricting and I know that a panic attack could possibly be lurking. I've never been this upset. I've never let somebody get too close to make me this upset. I'm absolutely terrified of the outcome.

"Shut up, will you just shut up?" He yells, turning to face me again. "I didn't ask to fall in love with you, Bridgette. I didn't ask to be put through your bullcrap for what, three years? I never asked..." He stops to push away his hair from his face, possibly discreetly to also brush away a tear. "I never asked to care about you as much as I did. You're killing me, Bridgette. Every day I wake up just for you to shoot me down, with your promises and then... this... this bullshit!" He rubs his temples. "I can't do this anymore. I can't stand being just your friend anymore when I want so much more and you want nothing of the sort."

"Xavier, I do. I really do, I just-" I start, but he holds his hand up.

"If you really meant that, then you'd have said no." He says.

"You don't understand, I couldn't just tell him no in front of everyone." I yell. Now I'm getting angry myself. He's never been in my shoes. He's never had to worry about what others say about him because no one has much to say about him, except that he's a nice guy. He's never had to hide away from others, cut off all personal bonds with others to keep up a reputation that's not even his. He's never been me.

"You could've pulled him aside to a private place, then said no." He has one foot behind him, preparing to leave if things get too heated.

I pull at my hair, frustrated. "Xavier, it's not that simple! You've never had to worry about something like this, and I was just so stressed and confused and the answer came out before I could even stop it. I care about you so much, and I think I might be..." No. I can't say that. That would only hurt him more.

He's silent, then looks at me. "You might be... You might be what, Bridgette? You might be...?"

I'm silent. I can't say it. I don't know whether it will only make things worse or make things better. It's a risk I don't want to take. Yet, I'm so desperate to go back to the old times that I'm almost tempted to tell him.

He stares at me, then he begins to shake his head as he backs away. "Don't call me, Bridgette. Don't text me anymore. Don't bother coming over, or with me. Whatever we were Bridgette-friends, lovers... it's over. We're done."

Okay, now I'm really desperate. My heart is hammering against my chest and the tears are now pouring freely from my eyes, not caring if anyone is noticing this. Before I can think, I blurt out, "I love you, Xavier."

He stops. His back is turned to me, so I can't see his expression, but he's gone rigid all over. Then, I see an almost inperceptible shake of his head as he picks up his pace again.

"I wish I could believe you.." He mutters sadly. Then he leaves me alone on the sidewalk, on the verge of having a panic attack right then and there. I've lost him. There's no question about it; my best friend, and the possible love of my life, has given up on me. I've got no one but myself now. I must go back now to the days of letting no one know my pain, never getting that outlet to tell my problems. I opened myself up to one person, and now that one person is walking right out of my life. And I can't stop him.

But this is what I get.

This is what I deserve.
i really don't know what to say about this
them feels?
i'm too dark and depressing oh lawd xD

oh and btw i don't know why but deviantart is being an asshole and making me upload "preview images" ._. wtf
so yeaha;sldkfjaposdi
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Jessica's Night
Author's note: This story is something I did I did one night. It's kind of like Romeo and Juliet although only Bart gets the pain in the end! This is also rated PG 13, as it contains small sex references.
Bart had missed the bus once again. He slowly dragged his feet along the sidewalk, with his heavy bag over his shoulder. It was all Nelson's fault that he missed the bus. Nelson had shoved him into his locker during lunch, and he just escaped just as the bus took off.
Bart still continued to walk down the street. He was nearly at home, but he soon came to Jessica Lovejoy's house. Jessica was out the front kicking a ball, and it hit Bart right in the face.
"Ow!" Yelled Bart. The ball bounced onto the ground, and rolled back to Jessica.
"Oh, Bart!" Jessica smiled, "What brings you here?"
"I'm just walking home, because NELSON made me miss the bus."
Jessica walked over to Bart, and held his hand.
"Would it be okay if you came inside? My parents aren't home, and..."
"No, Jessica. I still hate you after I was blamed for stealing the collection plate..."
"Ok, Bart, will you come inside NOW?"
Jessica kissed Bart on the cheek, and giggled.
"As much as I enjoyed that... no." Bart said.
"Ok, Bart," Jessica began, feeling a little annoyed, "The school dance is on this Friday night, and if you go with me, I'll help you get payback on Nelson for making you miss the bus."
Bart thought for a moment, then agreed. Suddenly, Reverend Lovejoy drove up the driveway and saw Bart. He got out of his car, and yelled...
"Bart Simpson! I thought I told you to never talk to my daughter again!"
"Yeah, but--" Bart began. But it was no use. He was in trouble.
"If you ever talk to Jessica again, I'm going to take serious action! I may even call the police!"
Bart gulped and walked off...
The next day was Friday. That night was the school dance, and Bart was feeling nervous. Jessica's dad would be there, selling refreshments. But maybe Jessica had called the date off...
"Of course the date isn't off!" Jessica said at school.
"But your father--"
" *SIGH* My dad won't see us dancing at the dance. Trust me. Now anyway, how should we get payback on Nelson?"
"Uh... I don't know about this..."
But before Bart could finish talking, Jessica kissed him straight on the lips.
"Wow." Bart said, shocked.
"Now let's think of a plan..."
That night was the dance. Nelson didn't go because of the bee incident Bart and Jessica did. Anyway, Jessica saw Bart over near the door, and she walked over to him...
"So, Bart, want to dance?"
"That depends... where's your father?"
Jessica just laughed, and kissed him again on the lips.
"Now come on. Let's dance!" Jessica grinned.
"What? No, I--" Bart began, but he got dragged out of the school before he could finish.
The next thing he knew, he was at the police station. Marge and Homer were there too...
"I'm very dissapointed in you, Bart." Frowned Marge.
"How far did you get, boy?"
Bart was about to cry, but he didn't. Not in front of the cops.
"You're grounded for the rest of the month!" Marge began.
"And no dinner, desert, or snacks. No lunch either. Just breakfeast. And no brunch!" Added Homer.
"And you have to stay in your room at all times!"
"And no breathing!"
"Homer! Don't Tell him that, He'll Starve!" shouted Marge. "Oh, But Marge He (Stammers) Oh Alright, you can have whatever it is you wanna eat, Boy. But there will be no Kwik-E Mart, No Comic Book Store, No Prank Calling My Friend, Moe, No TV, and Further more, NO NOISELAND ARCADE!! and How do you know Boy? Well I Called Apu, Mr. CBG, Moe, And That Sarcastic Man Wherever we meet this guy because he has a Job License" Said Homer. "And I'm Warning You Homer and Marge Simpson!" Said Timothy Lovejoy. "Either You Keep that Dennis The Menace-like Demon Boy Away From My Daughter or Else Bart Will have to be locked up in Juvenile Hall FOREVER!" He Shouted. "Gasp! No! Not That! It Won't Happened Again!" Said Marge. "I Don't want to lose my Son To Juvie Forever!" Said Homer. "Well I Suggest You Keep him Away from Reverend Lovejoy's Daughter Or that's what's Gonna Happen." Said Chief Wiggum. "And As For you Jessica Young Lady! I'm Transferring you to an All-Girls School Where You May Never See that Devil-Worshipping Child Again!" Added Timothy Lovejoy.
Homer and Marge dragged bart out of the police station, and they got into the car. Bart looked out the window and saw Jessica Lovejoy standing on the sidewalk. She winked at him, and laughed, while Bart began to cry...
And that's the story of when Jessica Lovejoy was sure that she could make boys do what she wanted. And as for Bart, well, he never saw the light of day again... for a month, while Jessica rode off with that Milhouse kid.
This A Simpsons Fanfiction Based On Romeo And Juliet Where Bart Gets In Trouble.
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Jeremy: -voltea- ¿Andrea?

Andrea: La misma, me dirijia a ver a mi hermano al hospital y te vi desde alla ¿Pasa algo?

Jeremy: Este... No se si deba decirtelo...

Andrea: Vamos... Puedes confiar en mi...

Jeremy: -Suspira- Okey... Tu prima...

Andrea: ...Candace...

Jeremy: Me engaño con otro chico

Andrea: ¿Eh? Quizas estas equivocado... O solo fue algo de momento, siempre a estado enamorada de ti y no creo que sea capaz de engañarte con cualquier otro chic...

Jeremy: Es Phineas...

Andrea: Por eso lo digo... espera... ¿¡Que!? ¡Es imposible! ¿Como van a engañarte con el? ¿Es broma cierto?

Jeremy: No, ambos lo reconocieron, Alan y Ferb lo confirmaron, tambien Isabella, Alan lo estaba golpeando, cuando pregunte por que al llegar admitieron todo

Andrea: ¡Pero si son hermanos!

Jeremy: ¡Lo se! ¡Lo se! ¡Pero ellos no lo saben ese es el problema!

Andrea: Mmm... es cierto

Jeremy: Agh... Ya no se que hacer con esto...

Andrea: Eh...

Andrea POV: ¡Vamos piensa! ¡Agh! ¿¡Por que tenia que ser yo la mala en el romance!? ¡Y el idiota de mi hermano el experto! Mensaje mental... ¡Te odio cabeza de banana!

En otro lugar.

Marck POV: ¡Andrea!

De vuelta.

Andrea POV: Jejeje amo la telepatia que tenemos... ¡Andrea Alejandra Flynn Arthur concentrate de una maldita vez! Bien, respira, aqui voy...

Andrea: Oye Jeremy ¿Que tal si vamos a dar una vuelta a...? ¿Al parque?

Jeremy: ¿Que no aqui estamos?

Andrea: Entonces a...

Jeremy: ¿Quieres ir al cine?

Andrea: Claro, solo dejame llamar a Marck -toma su telefono- Hola Marck

Marck: ¿Hola? ¿Quien es?

Andrea: ¿Como que quien es? Soy tu hermana idiota

Marck: Si, si, ya se que eres idiota

Andrea: Estupido, ya veras cuando llegue alla, ah si por cierto no voy a llegar

Marck: Si, lo suponia, eres tan buena hermana que estubiste conmigo desde el accidente -sarcasmo-

Andrea: Jejeje lo siento

Marck: No te preocupes, ya estoy recuperado y te tengo una buena noticia

Andrea: Genial, aunque si vas a ser padre asi de joven te ahorco desde el hasta de la escuela

Marck: ¡Andrea! es otro tipo de noticia no pienses estupideces

Andrea: Jejeje era broma bueno, nos vemos

Marck: Adios pero en cuanto vuelvas a decirme cabeza de banana te las veras conmigo

Andrea: Oye tu estubiste de acuerdo con la telepatia jejeje

Marck: Aun me arrepiento... Bueno, adios

Andrea: Adios, te quiero cabeza de platano

Marck: Yo tambien bruja del bosque

Andrea: Tuche...

Marck: Ahora si, te has despedido mas de tres veces

Andrea: Okey, adios -corta la llamada- Vamonos Jeremy

Jeremy: ¿Todas las conversaciones con tu hermano son asi?

Andrea: Si, la mayoria de las veces

Jeremy: Genial... bueno, vamos

El rubio se levanto del asiento y le tomo la mano a la chica.

Andrea: ¡Oye sueltame la mano! no tengo cinco años, puedo caminar sola

Jeremy: ¿Okey?

Siguieron caminando hacia el cine que quedaba cerca de alli... Mientras tanto en el hospital...

Alan e Isabella habian vuelto a la sala disimulando un poco lo que pasaba... Ferb les lanzaba miradas de odio las cuales trataban de evitar... Sasha estaba dormida en el pecho de Marck y el apollaba su cabeza en la de ella pues tambien estaba dormido, todos esperaban alguna buena señal de los doctores, de pronto a la sala llego un chico... Cabello corto, ropa totamente negra, de aspecto serio, los chicos voltearon, el chico les era muy familiar, pero solo Sasha quien acababa de despertar pudo reconocerlo...

Sasha: -Bostezando- Ahmm... No puede ser... ¿¡Arturo!?

Arturo: El mismo... -arregla su chaqueta-...Natasha... Ah si... te felicito por tu boda con... eso... Pense que tenias mejor gusto

Sasha: -Se levanta enojada- En primer lugar... ¡No vuelvas a decirme Natasha si quieres volver a ver la luz del sol! ¡Y si vuelves a insultar al amor de mi vida te voy a...

Arturo interrumpio a la furiosa chica sujetando fuertemente sus manos y callandola con un beso... Marck se levanto casi automaticamente, alejo a Sasha de manera un tanto brusca y se interpuso entre ella y su primo

Arturo: Alejate cabeza de banana el asunto es con ella no contigo

Lo empujo dejandolo tirado en el piso a dejando toda la sala del hospital en silencio... El rubio se levanto y totalmente indignado lo afirmo de los hombros casi azotandolo con la pared, cerro su puño fuertemente y le dio un golpe en el estomago dejandolo adolorido en el suelo

Marck: -Enojado- Es la ultima vez que lo digo y escuchame bien... Alejate de Sasha por que es MI novia y futura esposa, no tienes por que entrometerte entre nosotros...

Arturo: -Se levanta adolorido- Yo la conoci primero, me enamore antes que tu de ella...

Marck: Esto no es una competencia Arturo, no se trata de llegar primero y eso lo aprendi con Sasha... No te quiero ver cerca de ella o tendremos a alguien mas en coma, tu aun no me conoces enojado, mucho menos celoso... Asi que cuidate Arthy... Sabes muy bien que soy capaz de hacer por proteger lo que amo

Arturo se enderezo totalmente y se fue hacia la salida no sin antes decir una ultima palabra...

Arturo: ...Y tu no conoces mi lado oscuro Marco Antonio... Cuidate la espalda, conosco hasta tus mas minimas debilidades... -se va-

Marck: Maldito Arturo... Me las va a pagar...

Sasha: -Lo besa- Tu eres mi novio y vas a ser mi esposo, no el... Entiende que por el no siento nada... No le hagas daño, no sabe lo que hace, pero quiero que tengas claro que jamas podre sentir nada que no sea amistad por el...

Marck: -La abraza- Aah... si no fuera por ti el seria el que estaria en coma en este momento...

Sasha: Jejeje lo se

La chica alivio el enojo del rubio con una tierna sonrisa, ambos decidieron irse de alli, avisaron a los demas y se fueron hacia el registro civil.

Ya alli.

Sasha: Ejem... ¿Ahi alguien aqui?

Nadie contesto.

Sasha: ¿Hola?

Marck: ¡¿Acaso no ahi nadie aqui!?

Derrepente casi por arte de magia aparecio una mujer con lentes asustando a la pareja.

Marck y Sasha: ¡Aaaah!!

Recepcionista: ¿Podrian dejar de gritar? ¿Que necesitan?

Marck: Vinimos a preparar nuestra boda... necesitamos hacer todos los papeleos

Recepcionista: ¿No son muy jovenes para casarce?

Marck y Sasha: No, no lo somos

Recepcionista: Yo si los veo muy jovenes... No puedo ayudarlos

Sasha: Usted lo dice por que hasta ahora no tiene esposo y es una vieja amargada y solterona vamonos Marck

La chica un tanto molesta tomo la mano de su novio y ambos se fueron hacia otro lugar a hacer los papeleos necesarios...
Por si se lo preguntan, si, Arturo se corto el pelo... y creo que tendria que haberlo dicho en la historia, pero bueno...

Enjoy! :icondummywooplz:

"Phineas y Ferb" (c) Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh

Marck,Arturo, Alan y Sasha (c) ~Phineasyferbx100pre
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Un amor prohibido de los rrb y las ppgZ parte 5

Yo: hola hoy sigo con el fic a si y los chicos ya volvieron

Boomer: auch en silla de ruedas gracias fan numero uno gracias por la promesa de no hacerme daño

Yo: me afecto la maldad de EL xp

Bucht: hola emi ya se me fue la ira de asesinar a boomer

Yo: se te fue a ti me vino ami XD

Brick. Nuca estuve tan cansado en mi vida

Yo: créeme depuse de terminar este fic estarás re contra cansado

Rrb:* Glup*

Yo: bien la aquí esta la parte 5 de mi fic

Bien con EL y los rrb

Brick: bien mientras que no sea yo

Bucht: hagan lo que quieran pero alejen esa cosa de mí (exageradísimo por dios es muy tierno raze y más en la versión original)

Boomer: no, no le hagan nada a burbuja yo la amo déjenla en paz

Todos: o.O

Boomer: dije eso en voz alta

Todos: SIP

Brick: te enamoraste de esa tonta

Bucht: Eres un estupido por que te enamoraste de esa tonta

Boomer: no es una tonta yo la amo y siempre me gusto pero nunca pude decirle por su culpa todo este tiempo pensando que me odiaba por su culpa pero yo la amo y no lo van a evitar

Brick: no me hables nunca más

Bucht: ni ami

Brat. Ayyyyyy que tierno parece una novela de amor *llorando*

Berserk: que dulce por que sus hermanos no lo pueden tomar bien *llorando*

Raze: pobrecito sus hermanos no lo dejar amar a su amada *llorando*

Rave: grrrrrrrrrrrr (celoso)

Rage: grrrrrrrrrrrr (mas celoso)

Brute: grrrrrrrrrrrr (recontra celosa)

Rage: vámonos raze

Raze: OK

Y se Ban por un portal

Con las chicas burbuja se ba. A la ciudad a buscar boomer y se encuentra con las chicas

Bombón: burbuja esta bien

Bellota: le diste su merecido

Burbuja: si estoy bien y no por que ami me gusta boomer

Las dos: o.O

Bombón: ya lo sabemos

Bellota: si era muy Ovio(al menos finjan que están sorprendidas)

Burbuja: si pensé en eso cundo lo decía XD

Bien con los rrb falsos

Rave: OK no puedo creer que hagamos esto todo por esa apuesta


Rave estaba cambiando de canal ah canal y encontró el de nueva saltadilla

Rave: chicos vengan, vengan miren esto

Todos: que pasa

Rave: miren, miren

Berserk: a si que esas chicas son nuestro lado amble

EL: si y tengo una idea para que ya no sean las chicas que son

Brute: mi no entender

EL: les apuesto a los chicos besar esa chicas y quitarles sus rayos Z blancos

Los chicos: okk

000-fin Flashback-000

Rage: por que aceptamos la apuesta

Rave: no te acuerdas


EL: les apuesto a los chicos besar esa chicas y quitarles sus rayos Z blancos

Rrb: no nunca lo aremos (lo que pasa que su nombres es Rowdy Rude Boys)

EL: que acaso son gallinas puac, puac, puac

000-fin Flashback-000

Rave: a si no debimos haberlo aceptado

Rage: SIP

Bueno se ISO de noche

Con los rrbZ verdaderos dormían y paso algo que se esperaría que Bucht y Brick no tuvieran conciencia

Brick: estupido Boomer sale con el enemigo

Xxxx: el estupido eres tú por no admitir que te gusta bombón

Brick: quien eres tu

Xxxx: soy tu conciencia imagínesela como el Brick original

Brick: te diré bricksito por que te pareces ami

Bricksito: date cuneta te gusta bombón y estas enamorado de ella

Brick. No y no lo estoy

Bricksito: si. Si lo estas

20 minutos de pues

Brick: bueno si, si estoy enamorado de bombón y boy a recatarla y perdonar a Boomer pero no voy admitir que no es estupido

Bricksito: bueno algo es algo

Con Bucht por causas de que obviamente Bucht se burlaría de su otro yo por tener el pelo de Goku y que el otro es tan estupido como el yo seré su conciencia

Bucht: estupido y torpe Boomer sale con esa tonta

Xxxx: oye no es forma de tratar a tu hermano y además que ases que ases qui por que no bas. A salvar a bellota tu amor secreto

Bucht: quien eres y yo no amo a bellota

Xxxx: soy emi tu conciencia y si la más solo no lo quieres admitir

Bucht: no y no bas. a demostrarlo

Emi: si, si lo are y si, si la mas

Otros 20 minutos después

Bucht: lo atomito si la amo pero sigo pensando que Boomer es un idiota

Emi: OK con eso no discuto


Yo: asta genial espero que les guste

Boomer: por primera Bess no e sido lastimado

Yo: no tan rápido le tiro un yunque en sima

Bucht: auch eso dolerá en la maña

Brick: yo diría que ahora

Yo: hasta la próxima
boomer: *desmayado*
brick:no exsajeraste un poco
buch:*tocandolocon un palo* espero que estte vivo
yo: deve vivir devemso termianr el fic
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Llegare a ti 2

Con las chicas…
(Jazz caminaba detrás de Marie intentando convencerla de perdonar a Thomas, pero la chica pelirroja no la escuchaba)
Jazz: "Marie, por favor, - le repetía - ¿no crees que ambos se lo están tomando demasiado personal?" – le preguntó.
Marie: "Deja de mencionarlo… – le dijo aún dándole la espalda mientras seguía caminando – y deja de seguirme, quiero estar sola" – aceleró el paso.
Jazz: "Vamos, estoy segura de que esto es solo un gran malentendido" – argumentó.
Marie: "Pues a mí me parece que el dejó bien en claro como se sentía" – apretó no solo los dientes sino también los puños.
Jazz: "¡Suficiente!... – se paró en frente de Marie con los brazos extendidos para impedirle que pudiera pasar - los dos se están comportando como niños pequeños, así que ve allá, exígele una disculpa y tu también discúlpate" – la regañó.
Marie: "¡¿Qué?!... – se exaltó – ¡y yo porque tengo que disculparme si el que malinterpretó todo fue el" – le dijo mientras colocaba sus manos sobre su cintura y la retaba con la mirada.
Jazz: "Bueno… - comenzó demostrando que no estaba nada intimidada – admito que Thomas puede ser algo…".
(Marie la interrumpió)
Marie: "¿Patán?" – agregó molesta mientras se cruzaba de brazos.
Jazz: "En realidad iba a decir gruñón, – aclaró – pero es un buen chico… y tú lo sabes, ¿no es así?" – le preguntó con cara de "admítelo".
(Marie abrió la boca para decir algo pero de pronto recordó prácticamente todos los momentos que ella y su primo pasaron juntos y en los que él [haciendo gala de su caballerismo] la había ayudado, apoyado o rescatado, se quedó pensativa, respiró profundamente y le dijo a su amiga)
Marie: "El no… - una lágrima comenzó a escurrir por su rostro – ¡tenía porque gritarme así!" – exclamó muy triste mientras se sentaba a la sombra de un árbol.
Jazz: "Vamos, se que se excedió esta vez – se sentó junto a ella – pero el solo estaba molesto porque te enojaste con el después de que intentó defenderte" - le explicó con una sonrisa.
Marie: "Pero… - volteó a ver el suelo – y… ¿si Thomas tiene razón sobre lo que dijo de mí?" – preguntó muy deprimida.
Jazz: "¿Qué? – se levantó muy molesta – el NO tiene razón Marie, y apuesto lo que quieras a que en este preciso momento te está buscando para disculparse" – le dijo muy confiada.
Marie: "¿Tú crees?" – levantó la mirada.
Jazz: "Estoy 100% segura – le sonrió – ahora vayamos a buscar a los chicos" – le tendió la mano.
(Marie se quedó un momento viéndola mientras se secaba las lágrimas, después le sonrió y le dijo)
Marie: "De acuerdo" – se levantó.
Jazz: "Así se habla – dio media vuelta para ir a buscar a los chicos – ahora hay que…".
(La chica no terminó pues su amiga la interrumpió)
Marie: "Jazz".
Jazz: ¿Si? – volteó a verla extrañada.
Marie: "Gracias" – le sonrió.
Jazz: "De nada – también le sonrió – después de todo eso hacen las amigas y estoy segura de que tu harías lo mismo ¿no es cierto?".
Marie: "Cuenta con eso" – le dijo tiernamente.
Jazz: "Bueno – dijo para cambiar de tema – a buscar a los chicos".
Marie: "Bien".
(Ambas dieron media vuelta y se fueron, pero no contaban con que una chica rubia de ojos azules las había estado escuchando)
Bridgette: *"Así que mi Tommy está enojado con esa boba de Marie Flynn… – su rostro mostró una expresión de malicia – creo que puedo sacar provecho de esto"* - pensó mientras reía para sí misma.
Mientras que con los chicos…
(Tanto Javier como Fred intentaban convencer a Thomas de regresar sobre sus pasos para que se disculpara con la chica pelirroja pero el solo se limitaba a ignorarlos)
Fred: "… ¡Vamos Thomas!, sabes que no hiciste bien y tienes que regresar a disculparte" – se puso enfrente de él pero el chico de cabello castaño lo rodeó con un rápido movimiento.
Javier: "Thomas, tienes que escucharnos, somos tus amigos y solo queremos ayudarlos a ti y a Marie" – le dijo mientras caminaba al lado suyo pero Thomas solo aceleró y se alejó de él.
(Ambos chicos se quedaron parados un momento, se miraron con complicidad y uno de ellos dijo)
Javier: "Bien Thomas, nos has obligado a hacer algo que esperábamos no tener que hacer".
(Ambos corrieron hacia Thomas y lo sujetaron [Javier de los brazos y Fred de las piernas] e intentaron llevarlo de vuelta)
Thomas: "¡¿Qué rayos creen que hacen?¡, ¡Suéltenme!" – les exigió.
Fred: "Créenos, a nosotros nos agrada menos que a ti esta idea" – le explicó.
Javier: "Así es, pero ya que no nos dejaste otra opción pues… tuvimos que hacerlo" – le dijo mientras se lo llevaba rumbo al lugar en el que habían acordado verse con Jazz.
Thomas: "Por última vez… ¡si no me sueltan ahora mismo, ambos verán de lo que soy capaz!" – exclamó aun resistiéndose.
Fred: "No tiene caso… de cualquier forma tú vienes con nosotros" – le dijo mientras ayudaba a su hermano a llevárselo.
(Los tres chicos se fueron mientras ambos hermanos Jhonson ignoraban el resto de las amenazas que Thomas lanzaba contra ellos, un chico rubio y de ojos azules salió de detrás de un árbol mientras se frotaba la barbilla)
Jakson: *"Interesante"* - pensó mientras una sonrisa maliciosa se dibujaba en su rostro.
Mientras que en el punto acordado por los chicos…
Jazz: "¡Bien ya llegamos" – se detuvo al igual que Marie.
Marie: "Pero si aun no hemos encontrado a los chicos"- le dijo extrañada.
Jazz: "Tranquila, ellos aparecerán" – le explicó.
Marie: "Y, ¿Cómo estas tan segura de eso?" – le preguntó.
Jazz: "Eso no importa… - miró su pulsera, apretó un pequeño botón y holográficamente apareció sobre su muñeca la hora exacta – aunque ya se tardaron bastante" – hizo una mueca de molestia mientras fruncía el entrecejo, se cruzaba de brazos y movía tanto sus dedos como su pie con impaciencia.
(Marie estaba a punto de preguntarle algo pero justo entonces los 3 chicos aparecieron [aunque los hermanos Jhonson se encontraban sujetando a Thomas, lo que provocó que tanto la chica de tez morena como la pelirroja pusieran caras de extrañeza] y se acercaron a ellas)
Jazz: "¿En donde estaban? – les preguntó bastante molesta – se supone que debieron llegar antes que nosotras".
Fred: "Lo que pasa es que Thomas se puso algo difícil" – le respondió.
Javier: "Yo diría BASTANTE difícil" – agregó.
Marie: "Ya veo" – agachó la cabeza.
Jazz: "Hay Marie no les hagas caso, ya sabes que ellos dos son MUY BROMISTAS, – al decir las 2 últimas palabras miró a los chicos con una cara que demostraba que estaba furiosa, luego les dijo ya más calmada – y hablando de Thomas, ¿por qué lo tren cargando de esa forma?" – les preguntó.
Fred: "Pues verás…".
(Thomas lo interrumpió al aclararse la garganta para llamar la atención)
Thomas: "¿Creen que puedan bajarme ya?" – preguntó con una cara que denotaba enojo.
Hermanos Jhonson: "¡Claro! – ambos lo soltaron (lo que provocó que este azotara bruscamente contra el suelo), Thomas gimió de dolor y todos pusieron una cara parecida mientras los hermanos exclamaban - ¡lo siento!".
Marie: "¿Estás bien?" – le preguntó preocupada.
Thomas: "Si… - se levantó y se sacudió – estoy bien" – dijo cortantemente sin siquiera voltear a verla.
Marie: *"¡Oh!, es cierto"* - pensó, después le dijo al chico – "Que bien" – miró con tristeza hacia otro lado.
Thomas: "Ahora, ¿me podrían decir por qué me trajeron aquí?, – miró furioso tanto a Fred como a Javier, luego volteó a ver a Jazz y agregó – y algo me dice que tú estás involucrada en esto sino es que eres la responsable".
Jazz: "¿Yo?, - desvió la mirada haciéndose la inocente - ¿por qué piensas eso?".
Thomas: "La actitud que estás tomando ahora solo lo comprueba" – le aclaró.
Jazz: "Pero si yo… - miró hacia todas partes buscando algo que pudiera buscar de excusa, hasta que su mirada se clavó en los hermanos Jhonson (lo que provocó que se dibujara una sonrisa de alivio en sus rostro) y exclamó - ¡CHICOS!, aun no nos han contado porque se los llevó el director" – se acercó apresuradamente hacia ellos evadiendo a Thomas.
(Thomas solo la miró con una mirada de sospecha y después intentó irse pero antes miró de reojo a Marie [quien veía el suelo con una mirada de profunda tristeza] pero en vez de quitarle la vista de encima se le quedó mirando mientras que su expresión iba cambiando poco a poco [pasó de una que denotaba un gran sentimiento de ira a una que denotaba una profunda tristeza] entonces suspiró profundamente y se acercó a ella [discretamente claro])
Thomas: "Y… tú… ¿estás bien?" – le preguntó fingiendo estar enojado.
(Marie levantó la vista sorprendida por la pregunta del chico de cabello castaño oscuro (quien se agarraba la cabeza) pero al ver que este miraba hacia otro lado con aparente "enojo" volvió a agachar la cabeza con tristeza antes de responderle)
Marie: "Si… estoy bien" – respondió completamente deprimida (lo que provocó que Thomas se pusiera más triste y pusiera su mano detrás de su cabeza).
(Sus 3 amigos veían venir el momento que habían estado esperando, se produjo un silencio muy incómodo [REFERENCIA AL DIBUJO "SOLO UNA DISCULPA" DE TSUBASA-USAGI], hasta que después de unos instantes Thomas decidió romperlo)
Thomas: "Marie".
Marie: "¿Qué ocurre?" – le preguntó aun con la vista clavada en el suelo.
Thomas: "Yo… lo siento" – le dijo.
(Marie lo volteó a ver sorprendida e incluso Jazz silencio a Fred [quien había comenzado a relatarle lo ocurrido])
Marie: "¿A qué te refieres con eso?" – le preguntó.
Thomas: "Pues a que… lo siento, - volteó a verla directamente a los ojos (lo que provocó que ella se sonrojara momentánea y ligeramente) – realmente lamento haberte gritado y haberte dicho todas esas cosas… ¿crees que puedas perdonarme?" – la miró con una expresión de arrepentimiento.
(Marie solo se quedó inmóvil un momento sin responder, Thomas al notarlo se puso bastante triste y dijo)
Thomas: "Entiendo… - agachó la mirada - yo de verdad lo lamento, pero comprendo que tu ya no quieras habla…".
(Fue interrumpido por la chica pelirroja quien o abrazó muy fuertemente [lo que provocó que él se sonrojara {y se sorprendiera claro}])
Marie: "También lo siento Tommy, – le dijo mientras lloraba sobre su pecho – no debí haberte regañado cuando tu solo querías defenderme".
(Thomas la abrazó fuertemente y le dijo)
Thomas: "Eso ya no importa, ahora por favor sonríe, - le levantó el mentón con su mano - ya sabes que no me gusta verte triste" – le sonrió.
(Marie lo miró a los ojos mientras sonreía dulcemente, luego le dijo)
Marie: "Te quiero mucho Tommy" – le dijo muy feliz.
Thomas: "Y yo a ti Marie" – le respondió mientras ambos se perdían en el abrazo y los demás los observaban tiernamente.
(Tras un largo rato de estar abrazados Jazz se aclaró la garganta [esto provocó que ambos chicos se separan rápidamente el darse cuenta de la escena que estaban formando])
Thomas: "Este… yo… que bueno ya está todo bien – le dijo mientras desviaba la mirada y su rostro se ponía completamente colorado.
Marie: "Si… que alegría" – respondió igualmente con la cara completamente colorada y desviando la mirada.
Jazz: "Bueno, - dijo muy contenta - pasado todo este asunto, ¿crees que ahora si puedan contarnos con todo detalle lo ocurrido?" – le preguntó ansiosa a Fred.
Thomas: "¡Es verdad! – exclamó habiendo reaccionando - ¿Qué pasó?".
Marie: "Si, cuéntenos".
Fred: "Pues verán…".
(Javier y Fred siguieron al director hasta su oficina, al entrar cerró la puerta les pidió con una seña que tomaran asiento (orden que obedecieron [el director también se sentó], una vez sentados los miró con severidad [primero a uno y después a otro] pero justo cuando estaba por decir algo Fred lo interrumpió)
Fred: "Director, ¡Escúcheme!, - puso sus manos frente a él para evitar que lo interrumpieran – no estoy seguro de por qué mi hermano y yo estamos aquí en este preciso momento pero le aseguro que sea lo que sea podemos remediarlo – lo miró con cara de súplica – así que por favor, no llame a nuestros padres".
(El director no pudo contenerse más soltó una enorme carcajada ante las miradas de estupefacción de los hermanos Jhonson [quienes de vez en cuando se miraban entre sí buscando una explicación], una vez que el hombre paró de reír comenzó diciendo)
Director: "Los jóvenes de ahora son tan ocurrentes… - se secó una lágrima que había derramado por tanto reír – no me explico de dónde sacan tantas ideas locas" – intentaba no volver a carcajearse.
(Tanto Javier como Fred lo miraron extrañados antes de preguntarle)
Javier: "¿Señor?, ¿acaso no estamos en problemas?" – le preguntó realmente confundido.
Director: "Por supuesto que no… - continuaba riéndose, luego se calmó y adoptó una postura más seria antes de decirles – bueno, el consejo escolar exige un castigo para ustedes dos pero… yo creo que esto no debe pasar de una pequeña llamada de atención, después de todo le alegraron el día a un anciano director de escuela".
Javier: "Espere… ¿eso significa que usted solo fingía que estaba molesto con nosotros?" – preguntó aun sin comprender completamente lo que estaba pasando.
Director: "Así es" – respondió tranquilamente.
Fred: "Entonces… ¿Por qué simplemente no nos mando llamar por el altavoz?" – tampoco terminaba de entender.
Director: "La razón es muy simple chicos… - se acomodó en su asiento y les explico – Eso es porque si yo no hubiera demostrado que estaba furioso con ustedes el consejo escolar se hubiera enojado y habría decidido encargarse de este asunto por su propia cuenta, y entonces sí estarían en problemas".
Hermanos Jhonson: "Ya veo" – repitieron al unísono.
Director: "Ahora, me podrían decir… ¿cómo es que se les ocurrió hacer algo come eso?" – preguntó bastante interesado en saberlo.
Javier: "Pues… no fue nada fácil" – dijo tranquilamente.
Director: "Me lo imagino" – comentó.
Fred: "¿Qué?, ¿Qué es lo que no fue fácil?, ¿de qué están hablando?" – veía a uno y después al otro con una notoria molestia y bastante curiosidad.
Director: "¿Cómo es que lo pregunta si usted fue partícipe de este hecho?" – le preguntó extrañado.
Fred: "Eso es lo que he estado tratando de decirle… ¡yo no hice nada!, Javier fue a quien se le ocurrió esa idea, cualquiera que sea, y quien la llevó a cabo, solamente que me enredó en este asunto" – le explicó bastante alterado.
Director: "Oh, ya veo, - dijo viendo a Fred, luego volteó hacia Javier y le preguntó - ¿por qué hizo eso sabiendo que metería en problemas a su hermano'".
Javier: "Bueno… es que necesitaba a alguien para que me apoyara en esto  y pensé que los demás se enojarían conmigo si no les preguntaba antes…".
(Fred lo interrumpió)
Fred: "Pero eso no te impidió involucrarme a mí ¿cierto?" – le reclamó.
Javier: "Eso es porque tú eres mi hermano y no importa que tanto te moleste o te meta en problemas siempre terminarás perdonándome" – le explicó con toda calma.
(Fred abrió la boca para decir algo pero se quedó pensativo y dijo un poco inconforme)
Fred: "Cierto… - se cruzó de brazos, luego volteó a ver a su hermano y le preguntó – y a propósito, ¿Qué fue lo que hiciste?".
Javier: "Bueno para no hacértelo muy largo, ¿recuerdas el otro día cuando estábamos en clase de matemáticas y el profesor me quitó mi teléfono porque me pase toda la hora mandando mensajes?" – le preguntó.
Fred: "Si" – respondió.
Javier: "Y, ¿recuerdas que el mismo profesor no se presentó en la escuela ayer? – volvió a preguntarle.
Fred: "Ah… si, - respondió extrañado - pero esto que tiene que ver con… - se quedó mudo un momento hasta que una idea pasó por su cabeza, luego exclamo – ¡no me digas que tu…".
Javier: "Si, así es" – respondió como si nada.
Fred: "Y, ¿Qué fue lo que le hiciste?" – le preguntó con curiosidad.
Javier: "Bueno, lo encerré en el baño de profesoras" – le explicó con cara triunfante.
Fred: "¿Qué?, y ¿por qué me metiste a mí en este problema?" – lo miró con furia.
Javier: "Bueno… pues necesitaba que el profesor supiera que no  estoy solo" – le dijo mientras intentaba calmarlo poniendo sus manos como intermediarias entre ambos.
Fred: "Pero… si yo… y tú…".
(El director lo interrumpió debido a que se aclaró la garganta)
Director: "Bien jóvenes… - dijo muy calmado - espero entiendan que debo castigarlos por esto" – los miró fijamente.
(Ambos se miraron preocupados, suspiraron profundamente y se dispusieron a enfrentar las consecuencias)
Javier: "Y… ¿Cuál es el castigo señor?" – preguntó con la cabeza baja pero mirándolo a los ojos.
Director: "Dejémoslo en… dos semanas castigados después de clases" – sentenció con serenidad.
Fred: "Bien, - dijo con la mirada clavada en el suelo, luego le dijo viéndolo a los ojos -  y ya que todo esto terminó… ¿podemos irnos?" – le preguntó.
Director: "Claro" – les hizo una seña para que se levantaran.
Javier: "Entonces nos retiramos" – se levantó y se dirigió hacia la puerta.
Fred: "Con su permiso" – completó haciendo lo mismo que su hermano.
Director: "Espero que esto les enseñe a no meterse en tantos problemas – les dijo antes de que salieran de su despacho – por muy divertidos que sean los medios que utilicen" – completó intentando no reírse".
(Los hermanos Jhonson asintieron y salieron del despacho)
(Sus tres amigos comenzaron a reírse mientras Javier los veía bastante divertido y Fred ponía cara "no es gracioso")
Thomas: "No puedo creerlo, y todo eso por un teléfono" – seguía riéndose.
Javier: "Supongo que tienes razón" – dijo riéndose también.
Jazz: "Y por cierto… ¿a quién le estabas mandando mensajes?" – tampoco podía dejar de reírse.
(Javier dejó de reírse y dijo después de unos instantes)
Javier: "A nadie en especial" – evitó mirarlos a los ojos.
(Fred lo mirón con sospecha y agregó)
Fred: "Pues a mí me parece que hay una razón que comienza con la letra D" – lo miró pícaramente.
Javier: "Eso no… es cierto" – se sonrojo y desvió la mirada.
Jazz: "Ya veo… y ¿creen que ELLA esté preocupada por que Javier no le respondió?" – también adopto la misma mirada que Fred.
Thomas: "Tal vez pero creo que deberíamos pedirle su opinión a Javier" – igualmente lo miraba como sus dos amigos.
Marie: "Javier está enamorado" – dijo antes de que ella y los demás comenzaran a reírse.
Javier: "No sean tontos yo no… ella solo es…" – decía intentando defenderse.
(Pero antes de que los demás pudieran decirle algo la campana sonó, Javier respiro aliviado y exclamó)
Javier: "¡Vaya que rápido se va el tiempo, será mejor volver a clases!" – se fue corriendo.
Fred: "Claro, como no" – dijo mientras veía como su hermano se alejaba.
Thomas: "Terminaremos esta conversación después" – se dirigió hacia el interior del edificio seguido de Marie.
Jazz: "Pero por supuesto que lo haremos" – también entro a la escuela seguida de Fred.
(Los chicos no se dieron cuenta de que pasaron de largo por donde estaba Javier [quien intentaba esconderse de ellos] pero antes de que este se fuera escuchó una voz detrás de él que le dijo)
Director: "Las clases ya comenzaron joven Jhonson, o ¿acaso no piensa tomarlas? – preguntó calmadamente.
Javier: "Ah, es usted señor – dijo aliviado – por supuesto que si es solo que fui al baño" – mintió mientras daba media vuelta y pretendía marcharse.
Director: "Espere" – le dijo.
Javier: "¿Qué ocurre?" – le preguntó.
Director: "Solo quería preguntarle una cosa" – dijo poniendo una cara más seria.
Javier: "Y ¿cuál es señor?" – preguntó con tranquilidad.
Director: "Es solo que el profesor de cálculo se reportó ayer como enfermo y no fue encerrado en ningún lado" – le dijo con mirada sospechosa.
Javier: "¿A qué quiere llegar señor?" – preguntó con la misma tranquilidad que antes.
Director: "¿Por qué no le dijo la verdad a su hermano?" – preguntó con mucha curiosidad.
Javier: "Porque si lo hubiera hecho… el jamás me lo perdonaría – respondió con una mirada bastante seria – ahora, con su permiso me retiro" – dio media vuelta y se fue.
(El director solo se quedó observándolo un momento antes de sonreír, dar media vuelta e irse)
(Mientras todos estaban en clases había un chico que seguía en el patio [pues se había quedado pensativo después de escuchar la conversación de los 5 amigos, pero de repente la voz de alguien más lo sacó de sus pensamientos)
Bridgette: "El que se hayan reconciliado dificulta más las cosas ¿no crees?" – le dijo tranquilamente.
(Jackson se le quedó viendo unos instantes [pues aun estaba un poco sobresaltado] hasta que le respondió)
Jackson: "Supongo… Bridgette ¿no? – le preguntó (la chica asintió) – ¿qué es lo que quieres?".
Bridgette: "Nada en especial, es solo que he notado que tu pareces estar interesado en Marie Flynn" – dijo mientras sonreía.
Jackson: "Y ¿eso que tiene que ver contigo?" – la miró con desconfianza.
Bridgette: "Que yo he querido que Thomas Fletcher sea mi novio desde hace mucho tiempo" – su expresión mostró seriedad.
Jackson: "Y supongo que Marie te estorba ¿o me equivoco?" – preguntó aun con una mirada de completa desconfianza.
Bridgette: "Pues… si" – le respondió.
Jackson: "Y también supongo que tienes un plan para librarte de ella, el que por cierto le causará mucho dolor" – le dijo.
Bridgette: "Vaya eres muy inteligente – le dijo sorprendida – así es".
Jackson: "Entonces sea lo que sea no quiero participar en el" – le respondió decidido y dispuesto a irse".
Bridgette: "¡No estás cansado de que Marie le ponga mucha más atención a Thomas que a cualquier otro chico solo porque es su primo y lo conoce desde pequeño!" – exclamó para evitar que se fuera y funcionó pues Jackson se detuvo.
Jackson: "Claro que sí, ¿pero qué puedo hacer yo?" – se dispuso a marcharse de nuevo.
Bridgette: "Es verdad que mi plan original incluía destruir a Marie Flynn, pero puedo modificarlo para simplemente separarlos y que Marie corra directo a tus brazos mientras que Thomas caiga rendido a mis pies" – le dijo.
(El chico rubio se quedó parado un momento, hasta que se dio la vuelta y le dijo)
Jackson: "Y ¿Marie no saldrá lastimada después de eso?" – la miró ya no con tanta desconfianza.
Bridgette: "Por supuesto que no, realmente no me importa lo que ella haga siempre y cuando Thomas esté a mi lado" – le respondió.
Jackson: "¿Lo prometes?" – preguntó mirándola fijamente.
Bridgette: "Por supuesto, ¡lo prometo!, – exclamó mientras cruzaba los dedos – y entonces qué dices… ¿aceptas?" – le extendió la mano.
(Jackson se quedó pensativo unos instantes hasta que tomó una desición)
Jackson: "De acuerdo" – dijo estrechándole la mano.
Bridgette: "No te arrepentirás" – le dijo sonriendo.
Jackson: "Bueno… será mejor que entremos a clase o los profesores se molestarán" – le dijo señalando el salón de clases.
Bridgette: "Tienes razón, será mejor entrar" – le respondió.
(Ambos chicos se dirigieron hacia su clase y una vez que Jackson entró Bridgette se quedó parada afuera unos instantes)
Bridgette: *"Perfecto"* - pensó mientras en su rostro se dibujaba una sonrisa maliciosa, luego entró al salón.
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Thomas, Marie, Jazz: *Angelus19!Melty94=sam-ely-ember
Jackson: ~lauralinda
Bridgette: =Orthgirl123
Fred y Xavier: dan povenmire y jeff swampy marsh
Drawing: ~tsubasa-usagi
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