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I haven't done a contest for a while, so I made the decision to convert my commissions earnings into points so I can have prizes! :D And I love Halloween so it's the perfect reason to host a contest!

The Premise:
I've done "do what you want" Halloween contests before but this one is going to be different. Take inspirations from horror movies, comics, and so on and create a scene using the Future of Our Past characters(canon and semi canon included) and re-create a scene from a scary movie! And the second catch, it has to be in black and white(Because if you don't like the classics you're soulless). So re-create a horror scene with the comic book characters in black a white.

- One entry per person
- Must be in black and white(grayscale)
- Please post what scary movie scene you are recreating so I can look it up
- Can be digital or traditional
- If traditional, the scan or photo must be of decent quality
- Must include characters only found in the FOUP comics
- I use the term "horror" loosely, you can also re-create scenes from monster, zombie, apocalyptic, suspense, thriller, and mystery movies. Basically, anything with a creepy-reminds me of Halloween to some degree-point.
- no photography
- no literary entries(must be a drawing, sowwie)
- No sexual content
- work must be original(no use of screen shots, bases, line art created by other artists, backgrounds created by the movies or other artists, and so on and so forth. Any form of art theft will result in your disqualification)
entries must be in before the due date.
- Please post your entry to any journals relating to the contest, or mention me in the artist comments so I can post it. You can also note me. But don't leave your entry on my main comments or on the comments of any of my deviations or random journals; I might not see them.

More Info:
I'm ok with creepy movies, video games, creepy pasta, comics, books, poems, and so on. If you aren't sure about the content please note me with a link to what you want to replicate. I'm not really ok with fan-fictional scenes, though.

Due date:
November 1st, 2014: 12:00am US Eastern time

1st Place:
800 :points:
Full Commission

2nd Place:
500 :points:
Half Commission

3rd Place:
200 :points:
Head Shot Commission

Honorable Mentions(maybe):
If there are entries I like that don't place in the top three I may give them an honorable mention
sketch commission

Current Entries:
Halloween Contest by saraviuchiha Naanda Kruger! by agnesescratty Five Nights At... Scar!? by FeeDragon
Contest- Welcome to my Nightmare by InvaderSpotty
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Hiii sweeetie pieeees.

Como saben, estoy en una banda. Su nombre es Electromagnética y este año estuvimos trabajando en nuestro primer disco. Bueno, ya se ha confirmado el día del lanzamiento y ese será el 12 de Diciembre de este año en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia. El disco se llama "Tipos Injustos" y contiene 14 canciones completamente originales.

Vengo a dejarles la información por si alguien deseaba saber y si pueden compartirla ;P

¡Y eso es todo!
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Weekly 100 Points Giveaway - Week 9 [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 22, 2013, 8:21 AM

This week winners: :iconpaperkoalas::iconsachigami::iconmissbutterfly11::iconalkraas:

Giveaway Week 9 by 2kaze

Congratulations :D


Alright, it's time for another one :iconfeelingfreeplz:

However this one will be a little different.

There will be 4 winners, 25 Points for each one.

Bullet; RedGroup 1 +fav This journal ( 2 winners )

Bullet; Red Group 2:  Make a journal talking about this giveaway ( 2 winners ).

And that's all :la:

The winner will be announced september 29.

You can join both groups if you want La la la la

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Bueno estoy aburrida y prometi hacer un concurso cuando alcanzara los 10 puntos y ya tengo 56 asi que Are un concurso x3
:heart: Reglas
Esta parejita para los que no saben:
Mi otro yo by llazlin Vercion Hora de aventura
Pareja Oficial by llazlin

:la: Para participar tienes que hacer un journal avizando sobre este concurso
:la: Tienes que dibujar a mi Ocs cindy con Javier x3 y se puede poner un Ocs extra (max 4)
:la: Puede ser cualquier estilo PnF ,Hey arnold,Adventure Time,etc
:la: dibujo tiene que ser dijital o tradicional

Fecha limite:  20 de septiembre  ^^       
5 dibujos dijitales,30 :points:,1llama Y 3 sketch

2do: 3 Dibujos Dijitales,20 :points: y 2 sketch

3ro: 1 dibujo tradicional y uno dijital y 1 sketch
3 :points:

4to: Una llama Un dibujo tradicional y 1:points:

Solo yo :iconllazlin:

:iconfan1pyf: Se decidio xDD
Concurso de Llazlin by fan1pyf:heart:
:iconkeilita-smile: Journal
Concurso de Llazlin by Keilita-Smile:heart:

:iconmiriammelody: Journal 
<da:thumb id="395415884"/>:heart:
:iconanyi13: Journal 
<da:thumb id="395902886"/>:heart:
:iconizzym19: Journal

<da:thumb id="396392535"/>:heart:
:iconthescotica: Journal
Imagen del concurso de llazlin by TheScotica:heart:

:iconwizlizz: Journal
<da:thumb id="396302703"/>:heart:
:iconep2403: Journal ^^
Para el concurso by ep2403:heart:
:iconmichipnf: Journal
Dibujo xD
:iconisanicole: Journal
<da:thumb id="400428832"/>
:icongenesareth: Journal 
<da:thumb id="398213142"/>
:iconjmstylekiss: Journal
:iconceliaa26: Journal
:iconangi-delavega-97: Journal
:iconazu-adopts: Journal
<da:thumb id="398429206"/>:heart:
:iconvale-hime-chan: Journal
Concurso - Cindy and Javier by Vale-Hime-Chan:heart:
:iconritta-chan011: Journal
<da:thumb id="400758148"/>:heart:
Suerte :heart:
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son sin concurso   Siempre Quise Hacerlo el concurso Trata de Dibujar una parejita this Pareja oficial by izzym19 pueden dibujarla al Estilo Que deseen USTEDES COMO MLP, hda etc this Permitido 

-pueden dibujarla al Estilo Que gusten
-PONER UN revista anunciando el concurso 
-entregar el dibujo Antes De La Fecha limite 
-Puede Ser digitales o a lapiz 

1._6 dibujos a digital, 6 dibujos a lapiz, 6 llamas, 3 eskech y sin grup de instancia de parte de : iconfionaeisa1502: 
2._Dibujos 4 a digitales, 4 dibujos a lapiz, 4 llamas, 2 eskech 
3._2 dibujo a digital, 2 dibujo a lapiz, 2 llamas, 1 eskech

Fecha limite 12 de diciembre 

jurado  :iconizzym19::iconfionaeisa1502: 

<da:thumb id="395351063"/>

<da:thumb id="395238714"/>
: Iconkeilita-smile:
Concurso de izzym19 by Keilita-Smile

Imagen del concurso de Izzy by TheScotica

<da:thumb id="397906205"/>

Concurso Izzym19 by Phinbella-Opera-Adry


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alright. I think I am pleased to say that I believe we have found a solution to this madness. I won't go into detail but hopefully we are starting to see eye to eye in this. I honestly hate it so much when these types of conflicts arise. They happen so much and it's really upsetting to think about.

Though I am still a little miffed about this, I'll move past it. But on another note, I would like everyone to know that the last journal entry is a really good example to explain how I feel about incidents like these. There is nothing I can't stand more than when an artist, any artist on here puts their heart and soul into piece of artwork, their own creations that they can be proud of and want to share with others, and then someone waltzes by and decides to shamelessly rip off of it and make it their own, recolouring, tracing, simply reposting, character theft...any of them make my blood boil. And to anyone out there that may do things like these, I just want you to know that I will never stand for it, I'll help fight with others to remove such activity every chance I get. And I also want you all to know that I am really an easy going person. I was almost ALWAYS say yes if someone asks to use my characters, or asks if they can reference something of mine. I only have one condition. Credit.

I know that word pops up a lot but that's what I really want to emphasize. On DA it's just a common courtesy to do so, and when I mean credit, I mean for poses, characters, or to the original material. That's all.

hopefully I don't sound to snarky or stuck up when I say any of this, I just wanted to say my two cents on the matter

thanks to everyone who stood up for me, you have no idea how much I appreciate it every time something like this happens

lots of hugs from Major Alex Louis Armstrong for everyone!! :iconarmstrongtighthugplz:
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Commissions Open!

Journal Entry: Tue May 15, 2012, 1:06 AM


Not available for now.

Close-up; 500 :points:
Half Body; 1000 :points:
Full Body; 1500 :points:

Karikuni by KurumiErikaPolkies by KurumiErikaCollab ~ HanasakiTsubomi II by KurumiErikaYumi Sumomo by KurumiErika

Color drawing

:bulletpink: (close-up)  $10 ( for add a chara +$5) :bulletpink:
Commission shovahkiin by KurumiErikaYumei Day xD by KurumiErikaCM: MandalorianChick92 by KurumiErika

:bulletpink: (Half body) $ 15 ( for add a chara +$10) :bulletpink:
Iris - cute dress by KurumiErikaMisty and Marill by KurumiErikaKonno Yuuki - Sao II by KurumiErikaHappy B-day Lydia san by KurumiErika

:bulletpink: (Full body) $ 20 ( for add a chara +$15):bulletpink:
Sailor Chibi moon by KurumiErikaHaruka ORAS by KurumiErikaCM: Lovelychu ~ Haine and Satoshi by KurumiErikaIris ~ Sana by KurumiErikaCP: kamiiberu ~ Abby by KurumiErika

Chibi $10 ( for add a chara +$5)

CM: xAnimefangirl by KurumiErikaCM: chris170389 by KurumiErikaCM: KrisagaLoyalar17 - Roselynn by KurumiErikaCM: Jigglysama by KurumiErika

Drawing style

:bulletpink: Pokemon style :bulletpink:

Christmas Wishful by KurumiErikaCM: Euclear - Yukiko Hannah and Yumei by KurumiErikaCM: Lovelychu ~ Haine and Ash by KurumiErika

:bulletpink: Mahou shojo madoka magica style :bulletpink:

Yumi and Sumomo by KurumiErikaMadoka and Homura - Puella Magi Madoka Magica by KurumiErikaMami and Nagisa - Puella Magi Madoka Magica by KurumiErika

:bulletpink:My style :bulletpink:
Adoptables - Bunny and sheep - Closed by KurumiErikaA Cat's Tail by KurumiErikaKagome ~ Inuyasha by KurumiErikaHappy B-day Mitzuki chan by KurumiErika

:bulletred: important :bulletred:

a little pokemon +$5
1 difficult pokemon +$10

I will not draw;

-characters without a clear reference
-ecchi or hentai
- mecha/robots/ armors
- Ugly things ( like skeletons, zombies etc xD)
- characters that I don't like
- vehicles
-offensive things
-yaoi or yuri ( shonen ai or shojo ai is ok xD (?))
-some pokemon complicated
-muscular men

Or any other style that you like my gallery, tell me n_n


how to order!
if you want to ask me a commission copy and paste this and fill it please

Your dA username:
Name of the characters:
Reference: (a good reference, please, I will not work with descriptions)
Type: (close up, half body, full body or chibi )
Other: (anything else I need to know?)

Well anything send me a note x3!!

Journal hecho por la linda Naita-Yukime
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Mission Marvel fecha de estreno!!!! :D

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 4, 2013, 3:26 PM
My Gallery | Watch me | Note me

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! :la: el crossover mas epico de todos ya tiene fecha de estreno:

En Disney Channel: el 16 de Agosto a las 8:00 pm
y en Disney XD: el el 25 de Agosto a las 10:00 am

posiblemente en méxico y el resto de latinoamerica sera masomenos un mes despues, pero aqui les dejo unos nuevos adelantos:
"la entrada del capitulo"…
"una de las canciones"…
"un adelanto super genial!!! XD"…

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Ikkuma Tribe Information

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 7:55 PM

Ikkuma Tribe Information

“The Malevolent”

    The Ikkuma, which literally translates to “fire”, is a clan to be reckoned with. It’s members reflect the harsh and unforgiving land they claim for their territory. The tribe was originally formed by a small band of Illamar fugitives, exiled from the clan for offending the Spirits. From these deported men and women grew a threatening force in the arctic. The tribe is governed by a strict monarchy, lead by their ruthless captain, Hartok. Caught among the barren mountains, the Ikkuma struggle on the edge of existence. Game is scarce, natural resources are limited, and a constant snowfall makes maintaining fire and shelters difficult. In the tribe, members must fight for their own survival. While stealing, treason, and violence are discouraged, it is not enforced by the leading party of the tribe. The result is a group low in moral and constantly forced to watch their backs. The Ikkuma are a forcedly inventive group of Inuits, drawing from their forbidding environment all the resources they can for their harsh existence. They utilize bones in everything from their shelters to their clothes, to their tools. Their limited industry relies almost exclusively on the exportation of timber, animal leather, furs, and bones. Aside from their desperate endeavors for survival, the Ikkuma members desire two things: revenge and power. The two, they believe, go hand-in-hand. Every affiliate wants to see the fall of the Illamar, those who banished them to their insufferable existence. In addition, the Ikkuma want to confiscate their territory. Rich in game and natural resources, the Ikkuma would want for nothing and would be the controlling power in the arctic.

Their Dogs
    The Ikkuma’s dogs are absolutely essential to their survival in the arctic. The dogs work alongside humans in every aspect of their civilization, whether it be hunting game, hauling cargo, protecting the land, or assisting in raids. So long as the dogs comply with their human masters, they are honored for their service to the tribe, and are treated as well as they can be given the harsh circumstances. However, due to the scarcity of game, canines that disobey the laws of the humans are butchered for their flesh and bones, or used as “bait” training for younger dogs. Ikkuma dogs are bred for their strength and utility. Generally speaking the dogs are large and well muscled but are hard to train. Dogs that are believed to be too wild are harvested for their meat. With each birth of a new litter, a Healer will perform rituals over the pups to give them qualities favored by the Ikkuma. The legs are pulled to make them grow strong and the nose is poked with pins to enhance their sense of smell. Because of this practice, many dogs may travel with a crooked gait and have scars on their noses. Dark coated dogs are utilized during night raids while light coated dogs are preferred for daytime tasks.

    As descendants of the Illamar, the Ikkuma believe that all living things have Spirits that live within their bodies and are released when the animal is killed. However, where the Illamar aim to please, the Ikkuma seek to destroy. The tribe criticizes the Illamar, thinking their loyalty to the Spirits to be a foolish and a wasteful act. Under their bleak circumstances, the Ikkuma lack the opulence of such noble faith. Instead, the tribe disfavors the Spirits for being unfairly prejudiced against them. The Ikkuma believe they are the all powerful force on Earth and consider themselves to be above the Spirits. When a Spirit is released into the Earth after sacrifice, it is considered a blessing for the Ikkuma, one more life consumed by their ever burning blaze.

Foreign Relations
    Due to their lack of resources, the Ikkuma is forced to trade with the Illamar for food, blubber and large bones. Because of this, they are often destitute and indebted to the very tribe that exiled them. However, what the Ikkuma lacks in wealth, it makes up for in strength. The clan devises raids on it’s neighboring tribes to take the means it needs for survival, including natural resources but also their men, women, and dogs. These pillages and generally cruel way of life render the Ikkuma an abhorred tribe.
  • Relationship with Illumar: No Association
  • Relationship with Kissima: No Association

  • Members will respect those who outrank them.
  • Disputes must be handled in front of a judiciary jury.
  • Subordinates must submit to their superiors.
  • All members must contribute to the tribe, a body at rest is a body for consumption.
  • The Captain and Lead Dog have the final say in all matters social and economical.
  • Killing among tribe members without reason is forbidden.
  • Large game must be shared with the entire tribe.
  • No meat shall go wasted, be it animal, canine or human.
  • All parts of a carcass must be utilized.
  • Failure to comply with the Laws will result in death.

Sled Team Ranks

Lead Dog no spots available

Swing Dog(s) no spots available
Kiiu, Roamer, Mika, Suluk

Team Dog(s) 3 spots available
Siku, Atanka, Wura, Talesha, Ukiuk

Wheel Dog(s) no spots available
Taktuq, Amaqjuaq, Palluqtuq, Malina

Cadet Dog(s) 2 spots available

Retired Dog(s) 2 spots available

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I can't wait to see Kopa NOT appear in The Lion Guard, so that the rabid fantards can get over it and move on with their lives already. I hate how a lot of them are religiously trying to shove Kopa where he doesn't belong, and never will belong.

Seriously. Enough. It's not happening, for a number of reasons:

1. Kopa was not Disney's creation to begin with. Fan authors created him with the laziest design and with a name that literally translates to 'cheating'. That would explain the fact that they just stuck a tuft on cub Simba's head and called it a new character.
2. Kopa was from a series of obscure books that the Disney company no doubt has forgotten about since they were released 21 years ago. And have never been referenced again.
3. He's NOT canon in the slightest. To expect Kopa to appear in The Lion Guard? Then why not expect Kula, Chumvi, Tojo and Malka to appear as well? They're just as much apart of the semi-canon as Kopa, if not more so; since they had more appearances in various comics.
4. Having Kopa appear in The Lion Guard will confuse the entirety of its target audience, which need I remind you is...TODDLERS. 

Enjoy Kopa within the book series, have fun making fan art of him, that's fine. But Disney wants nothing to do with him, and they never will. Get that through your skull already. Please. For your own good!

Sorry for the vent rant, but this needed to be said.
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