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Chief Wiggum




Hans Moleman









Mr. Burns

Ned Flanders

Nelson Muntz


Sideshow Bob

Ralph Wiggum



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Mr. Burns:




Ned Flanders:



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ARTISTS: Yenohd, Pixiepen

TYPE 1: Pixiepen - Pixel Sprites and Tiles

RPGMaker Character sheet: (4 directions)
Human tile sheet              $20+
Monster tile sheet            $30+
addtn'l frames                 $1 - 2 each
32x32/64x64 tiles             $1.5 - $3 each

Mugen Sprites:
6-frame Idle                   $20+
addtn'l frames                $3-5 each

monster commission: jbrown215 (attack set) by L3Moon-Studios monster commission: jbrown215 by L3Moon-Studios Commission: special attacks by L3Moon-Studios Commission-elementgames by L3Moon-Studios
commission1-vaniraa by L3Moon-Studios commission2-vaniraa by L3Moon-Studios commission3-vaniraa by L3Moon-Studios
 house tiles commission by L3Moon-Studios commission: driftar by L3Moon-Studios

TYPE 2: Yenohd - Art Sprites

Idle in 6-frames:
Cell-shaded            $40+
addtn'l frames         $7-10 each frame

Commission sprite: idle by L3Moon-Studios Commission-sprite-uppercut by L3Moon-Studios Commission-sprite-power-up by L3Moon-Studios Commission-sprite-special-attack by L3Moon-Studios

Idle in 6-frames:
Painted                  $50+
addtn'l frames         $10-12 each frame

Commission: Clairissiana Sprite by L3Moon-Studios Commission: Lilyiena Sprite 3 by L3Moon-Studios Commission: Lilyiena Sprite 2 by L3Moon-Studios NSFW Commission: Oppai Sprite by L3Moon-Studios

TYPE 3: Yenohd - Pixel Sprites

price varies depending on size

Mugen Fighter Sprites:
Still Character         $15-30
animated frames      $5-12 each
attack effects         $3-10 each

Retsu sprite by L3Moon-Studios Sprite Commission: Super-echii by L3Moon-Studios commission: hit-death sprite by L3Moon-Studios Commission: Vaniraa by L3Moon-Studios

Mesophunk commissions by L3Moon-Studios Mesophunk-Reika by L3Moon-Studios Commission: Gorgriz sprite by L3Moon-Studios Commission:Fate Arklight by L3Moon-Studios

RPGMaker Character sheet: (4 directions)
Human tile sheet        $30- 50
Monster tile sheet:     $40- 75
addtn'l frames            $5-10 each

 commission: monster sprite by L3Moon-Studios 

TYPE 4: Yenohd - Background Tiles

32x32 tiles            $3-5 each tile
64x64 tiles            $5-7 each tile
Backgrounds Solo   $50+
Other not mention: negotiable

Commission: Cliff Pixel Tiles by L3Moon-Studios Commission: Forest Pixel Tiles by L3Moon-Studios commission: PTH tiles by L3Moon-Studios commission-palmtree by L3Moon-Studios
backgrounds2 by L3Moon-Studios



1. Send us an e-mail to with title "PIXEL COMMISSION" or "BACKGROUND COMMISSION".

• Provide character design. (or order one from us)

2. We will discuss your commission and then send your orderform with price quote.

3. Once all discussions are final, 50% downpayment is expected before we start.

4. Once pixel commission is done, 50% balance is expected before we send the original file.


- You have full rights to use the commissioned sprites for commercial purposes. But please dont forget to credit our artist :) 
- We have the right to post a few commissioned sprites for our portfolio. We will link them to your account or website.
- We accept long term projects.
- We accept, Paypal, Payoneer, WesternUnion, MoneyGram and bank transfers. But we prefer PAYPAL.
- Paypal or other fees will be added to your order.
- you have upto 2 revisions only for each commission.
- But there will be NO changes or additions that are not written in your orderform during the process of the sprite. Ex: if you suddenly decide to change your male character to female, this will be considered as another order.
- Slight editing are fine, such as changing the color of hair, clothes, etc.

Feel free to note us for any questions. Or e-mail us at with title "PIXEL COMMISSION".
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Another Update:
Another article basically saying the same stuff as before, but on the blog…

The more I read, even though there isn't a lot of info out, the more excited I am. I totally hopped right on into the excitement of this once I found out Kion is Kiara's YOUNGER brother. I'm really hoping it takes place with Kiara as an adult with Kovu and the Outlanders being a part of the Pride, but we'll see. Even if it doesn't, I'm sure the fandom could still make it work somehow. Squee, I'm excited. Shame we'll have to wait a year or two XD


Got this bit of info from :iconrinjapine: 's latest journal Kiara will appear as Kion's older sister… Which means he is NOT Kopa. So stop it you Kopa-Crazies XDD. I'm glad they'll be including Kiara, I was worried that Kion would be created as an alternate child and everyone would hop on the already aggressive Kopa band wagon. Though I'm not a fan of Kion's design, I'm excited for a new character and hope to feature him in my comic eventually :)


I got this information from :iconkashimusprime: at this source… which looks pretty legit, seeing as it's the Wall Street Journal, but I'm still waiting for people to yell "happy very late April Fools!"

What I'm getting from the article is it's about Kion, a random, new son of Simba, who is essentially another Simba clone with reddish-pink streaked through his mane tuft, who gets together a group of animals to help protect the Pride Lands.

I actually don't mind the concept of this new Kion character, having never been a Kopa fan, but I also like Kiara and if they don't include her in this show it sort of screws up everything. Unless you consider Kion Kopa, and say he came before Kiara and died before she was born, then that's a different story. But I don't think he IS Kopa. If he was they would have named him so.

If this show is real, I'm thinking it'll be very MLP style. You know, a bunch of kids learning the meanings of friendship, right and wrong, and all that fluffy stuff. And it wouldn't surprise me if it gained a MLP type of cult following seeing as there are already tons of TLK fans, and this will just attract a younger audience who maybe haven't seen the films yet. And of course, if it's not a hoax, we can expect to see a bunch of new bases flooding DA. Yay tracers!

But other than the fact that Kion looks like Simba and Elvis had a love child with striped hair and a paw print tattoo(what bad parents, a tattoo at that age) I'm pretty excited and hope this is real. I will consider the show semi canon, and I love the introduction of new semi-canon characters. And even if they don't include Kiara in this universe, that's fine. I'm sure I can make it work.

If I continue along with the comic, I'm guessing I will have found out whether this is real or not before I even get to Simba's Reign. So there will be plenty of time to find out whether or not this is a hoax before I commit to a new character.

But honestly, I hope it's real! Because you know, if there's one new lion character, there's bound to be more!!! A whole plethora of new semi canon characters could be at our disposal!

If anyone hears anything more about this please let me know, I'll have my eyes and ears open as well. Cheers. 
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Valentines Day: Win a 1-Year Premium Membership!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 10, 2014, 9:54 PM


Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar 


But Baby, I Can Change... But Baby, I Can Change... But Baby, I Can Change... But Baby, I Can Change... But Baby, I Can Change... But Baby, I Can Change... 

This will be the only this season I will give a 1-Year Premium Membership!

Happy Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day 

Every season such as winter, spring, fall, and summer, I will be giving out a one-year premium on a special holiday in my time zone of course

and for Valentines Day I will be giving out ONE 1 Year Premium Membership


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:bulletpink: Since this is a ONE YEAR GIVEAWAY THERE WILL BE TWO PARTS 


A Heart For YOU 

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

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Few artists are man/woman enough to openly answer any and all questions thrown at them. Are you? Prove it. Copy/Paste this as a new journal entry and answer every question you get. The rules are simple: -You must answer every question you get no matter what

:iconchallengeacceptedplz: bring it on

though if they are extremely offensive to anyone here obviously I will ignore it and report the comment
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Hey everyone, Toucat here! A two-part contest has been decided for 100 Deeds. Some of you may already be familiar with this concept of Caption Contests, where you fill in the speech bubbles for a pre-drawn image. Well, we're going to do two contests where the first half is to create the image and the second half is to come up with the text.

PART ONE: Draw a scene where Irving is interacting with someone else. It can be a character from the comic or a random animal. The scene MUST include a minimum of two speech bubbles, one from Irving and one from the character he is talking to. You can include as many characters as you want, as many speech bubbles as you want, color it however you want, etc. You are allowed to submit as many entries as you want.

Submit your entries to this group and I'll put them in the folder called "Caption Contest."


(minimum of two characters interacting with empty speech bubbles)

Deadline for Part One is June 14th @ 10pm EST
Prize is 400:points:

(there may be more than one winner)

(this part is only available after Part 1 has ended)

PART TWO: From the winning pool of entries chosen from part one, you'll come up with funny/interesting/dynamic dialogue for the scene. You can submit as many entries as you want. Please keep all dialogue clean and appropriate for readers younger than 13.


Deadline for Part Two is July 5th @ 10pm EST
Prize is 400:points:

(there may be more than one winner)

Let's have some fun with this!

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Sorteo 5 MP CERRADO!!

Sat Oct 5, 2013, 10:01 AM
Hola Guapetones! Lo pense bien y las sorteare por Sortea2, sortearlos todos los participantes y escoger a 5, asi no habra peleas ni disgusto.

:bulletpurple: Tenerme +watch
:bulletblack: Tener :+fav: este journal
:bulletpurple: Comentar: "Quiero participar...porque (porque quieres ganar una MP)"

Los sorteare el 12 de Octubre en Sortea2, escogere a 5 ganadores.

Duda, sugerencia, aclaraciones con LadyBritish

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ok, so just a little warning, this journal is mostly just venting frustrations and me probably being incredibly immature about a situation, so don't read if you aren't interested in that kind of crap because I know I'm not either, however I feel I need to get out some of the frustration before I explode.

Now, I've always been pretty protective of my fan made characters I have created. In fact the three I am the most protective of are these guys here:

The Lion King - Kiara's Reign poster (redone) by TC-96

namely the three at the bottom.

as a matter of fact, I'm going to give a little background to one in particular. I was rooting through old moving boxes the other day and I came across my sketch book from my Elementary School days, and wouldn't you know it? I happened to find my first drawings of Asha I had ever done
Untitled by TC-96
Untitled by TC-96
quite frankly they kind of scare me now with their disfigured heads and bodies.... I think both were from different parts of the school year, one at the beginning and one at the end, the second picture from the forth grade after I found a Lion King colouring book on the bookshelf in the art room. This brought me back to the day I first watched the Lion King, I loved it of course hence all the fan art and comics. Then I when I had finished The Lion King II, I immediately started thinking about how one could continue the story with fan cubs of Kovu and Kiara. I first made Koda and Leah, of course they looked much different then:
Colour Switch by TC-96

after tweaking with them a bit, changing around designs I decided "Hey, I should make a third cub!" so then I made a second girl the colour of radioactive cheese and minty eyes that can burn into your soul, Today we know her as Asha. Even back then the very earliest version of their story I can recall is that Leah was being picked on by her older siblings until one day she saved them from...something, I only remember that they all walked away with scars or something similar to that. If you notice the rip in Asha's ear you'll know that part of that old story made it through today...

The characters even now are constantly changing, in fact I keep sticky notes open on my laptop just in case I suddenly get hit by a new idea for them. Heck I even found an old comic plan from maybe five or six years ago:
Untitled by TC-96

Now why would I be telling you all of this? Well I should probably start at the beginning of the dilemma. about three years ago I was made aware of an artist of this site that had traced over two of my first Bell and Rudolph drawings, now this was the first time I had ever encountered art theft so naturally I got angry and shocked. I confronted this person and when I received their reply it did seem like they didn't intentionally trace over the art and sounded genuinely sorry so I immediately forgave them. Over the next few weeks we talked a bit, I draw requests for this person and they would do pictures in return, it turns out we both had lion king cubs. The first thing I had noticed about this artist is that she had used nothing but bases or traced screen shots. Now I understand a lot of people on here use bases, and though I do not support the idea of relying on them, I don't hold anything against them, but the whole point of them is to try and encourage you to start drawing without their help. This person never seemed to do that. After a few months this artist began making more and more requests for me to draw her lion cubs, coming to a point where I would get bullet point lists of ten or more on any picture I uploaded. For the most part I said I would try to get them done but soon discovered that it would be hard to finish so many pictures.

And then one day after I had uploaded an old picture of Asha with her scars after a hyena attack, an idea I had been throwing around for some time.
attacked by TC-96

after a few days I found this same artist upload a picture of her lion cub with scars as well, almost in the same places in fact. I found that a little odd so I confronted her about it, however she had claimed that she had the idea for a long time and was only just putting up the pictures then. I felt a bit suspicious of that but soon thought nothing of it. We continued along over a year or two, but over that time I started to notice some parallels in our ideas, for example, there was a time when I had found her uploading cubs with crippled legs and blind eyes long after the introduction of Leah and Shani, the blind lion cub, and of course the similarities to both her original fan cub and my Asha. So then I had finally decided that I would assist this artist in creating her own original ideas and characters, and perhaps tempt her away from using bases for her pictures. Though for the most part that fell flat, I had finally offered her up a deal: That if she no longer asked for pictures from me, I would place her lion cub into my Kiara's Reign story line as a major supportive character, the role that is now being played by Mala. She agreed and I began to work at the comic bit by bit.

Unfortunately our encounters began growing more bitter as many of my friends and I caught this person stealing artwork and continually forcing her half developed characters into other people's stories and begging the artists to place them in for good. Eventually there cam a point where I caught her making remarks to friends about them being mean for not allowing her characters into their worlds, or actions of her blocking people from her page who have given backed up accusations of her taking their work or ideas. So I eventually put my foot down and booted her character out of my comic until she straightened up her act. The result was less than ideal however the more I think about it, perhaps I had been giving more chances than I should have. Eventually i had planned on making this cub a less major character in the storyline and bring her back in.

Over and over again this artist would lie to me, demand artwork, and claim how hurt she is when I say no or give comments on her repeated story lines: cubs getting hurt, cubs getting in stampedes, cubs running from crocodiles, cubs falling in love Kovu and Kiara style, parents dying, cubs growing up to pump out more cubs to go through the exact same things once again, seeing the same pictures traced and traced again. Perhaps it was none of my business, but after three years of seeing the same cycles repeating in front of me I began to loose my patience after how many times I had tried to help this person expand their horizons. Many friends have noticed this interaction between us over the years.

Now it has finally spiraled out of control. After I had tripped across yet another picture of the original lion cub in a similar predicament as I had seen many times before, I placed a supposedly light hearted comment on it, and later found the picture gone off the gallery and her making some heated comments to another artist about how not only I have apparently been controlling her cubs and being mean, but that I in fact have been copying her cub all this time with Asha. Needless to say I finally lost my temper and said all of my frustrations to her about those remarks and am now blocked along with many others. Just like that this person has taken the cowards way out with comment blocking when they are backed into a corner. I wasn't impressed and am still steaming over the incident.

and the things that keep running through my mind is why? Why am I so bothered about this? Come to think about it I probably should have just left well enough alone and kept my thoughts to myself. If this person just wanted to continue stealing and tracing, who was I to try and ween them away from that and put myself through all of that for three years? Put both of us and possibly others through all of that?

I'm not entirely sure, but have come to the conclusion that I most definitely did the wrong thing.

I doubt I'm going anywhere with this rant, I haven't even checked for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. All in all, I am not revealing the identity of this artist, I don't want people going after them and getting involved in my problem as I have done in the past with others, that is now way to handle it. But if said artist stumbles across this journal, I just have one thing to say: Are you satisfied?

and I leave with this incredibly immature picture that I will probably remove after a few days:
Pow by TC-96

I regret nothing

sorry about the directionless one sided rant there, just had to do it

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