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Ok lemme explain, not too long ago a friend of mine asked me to look at a picture he drew of Lisa cloud surfing like in Tale Spin so this was in response to that. But I think it accuratly portrays the basics of character construction. Here is a tutorial I wrote about it here...
On the left you can see how I constructred the figure, this is how you should treat your subjects. Always think of them as 3 dimensional forms with volume and wieght, never as just a flat image. This is what will bring a sense of relality to your drawings. Even the most stylistic and flat characters are drawn this way. See how I drew thru each form? I actually drew her legs and how they connected to her body, how the kness would bend, the ankles, everything is connected to the central body just like ours are. Getting good animation drawings is very tricky and you have to have a firm knowlage of how the body works inside and out, as well as physics and acting. Chuck Jones had a great saying that went "Every artist has 1000 bad drawings and 1 good one so the faster you get the bad ones out of the way the quicker you get the good one," which has a lot of truth to it. No one is born knowing everyting there is to know about drawing, it's a skill like playing the piano or building a house. The more you do it the better you become. Anyway back to the drawing, during construction I thought of the story I wanted to tell. I showed how Lisa is in a very extreame situation, one that she clearly isn't used to and how she's dealing with it. From the way she's holding the bar, standing on the board, her posture, expression, all these things convey to the viewer a story about Lisa. I know this may seem like a lot to have to think about when all you want to do is doodle, but you're already thinking of these things without even knowing, you just have to learn how to apply them. All I thought about when I was drawing this was "how would Lisa react to this situation?" now of course all characters are different especially in the Simpson world, Bart is obviously going to act different to cloud surfing than Lisa is. This is where the actor in all of us comes out, as animators we become the character. Know who the character is that you're drawing and become them on paper. Convey your emotions thru them to the audience(the viewer). Always remember character first details later; ever wonder why three circles make you think of Mickey Mouse? It's the symbol of that character that people instantly reconognize not what kind of buttons are on his pants. Ok I've rambled enough...the right pic is obviously a cleaned up version on model, and for those of you out there don't fret about model with these characters. I draw them everyday so I'm familiar with all the tricks and rules but that doesn't mean you should give up. Practice practice practice, that's the bottom line.

*and as a note, this can be applied to all styles of drawing not just Simpson drawing. The Simpsons are copywrited by Matt Groening.
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Bueno hace mucho tiempo q no actualizo así que ahi va.
Esta es una caja que hice para regalarle a mi novia :heart: :aww: la cual la llene con caramelos y chocolates
Impresa y montada sobre cartón, la caja tiene formato de cajita de comida china.
la hice tematica de los simpsons porque a ella le encantan los simpsons, aparecen mr. chispa, llamarada moe, burns y maggie :D
burns es el de la postal de fox lo se lo se pero me tome el trabajo de dibujarlo enterito.

ojala les guste

::::::::: DOWNLOAD :::::::::::::::

PD: EL ARCHIVO ES UN EPS DE ILLUSTRATOR EN FORMATO DE ILLUSTRATOR 9 cualquier cosa que tengan problema con el archivo me avisan y yo lo subo en algun formato q todos lo puedan usar =)

::::::::: DOWNLOAD :::::::::::::::



well, it's been a long time since i dont update so there it goes
this is a box I made for my girlfriend ^^ which I filled with candy and chocolates.
Printed and mounted on cardboard
I made it with the simpsons theme because she loves them; there you can see mr.sparkle, flaming moe, burns and maggie
burns is the one from the post card in fox, i know,i know, but I drew the whole thing again.

I hope you like it


::::::::: DOWNLOAD :::::::::::::::

P.S: THE FILE IS AN EPS ILLUSTRATOR, ILLUSTRATOR 9 if you have any trouble with the file let me know and I'll put it in a new shape that everybody can use

::::::::: DOWNLOAD :::::::::::::::

:: gracias flo por la traducción ::

NOTA/NOTE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Agregue el archivo en formato de corel.
I add a .cdr file for corel users.

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My Custom Cubeecraft / Papercraft Cutout template of Bart Simpson from the TV Cartoon Show The Simpsons.

More of my custom Cubee tempates for The Simpsons can be found here [link]

The Simpsons Characters (c) Matt Groening & Fox
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Photographer: Gallus vom Zeitsee

Model: Miss Jules H. Aetherton

Location: Anno 1900 Convention 2013, Fond-de-Gras, Luxemburg

OK, this one is a bit out of the usual line because this complete outfit is not made by us, but from Heavy Red - couture noir.…
After I discovered it, I simply fell in love with it, as it was perfect the way it was.
A great balanced design with attention to beautiful details, a perfect color composition, high quality made and the best, Miss Aetherton already had the perfect boots to accompany the dress! ;)
With a pair of original early 1850's sunglasses, it would be perfect.

So I didn't think twice and ordered it as a birthday gift for her.
And luckily for me, she liked it as much as I did. :D

In this great shot taken by Gallus vom Zeitsee I love her somewhat mischievious expression, not exagerated, only slightly hinting at the wicked ideas that are possibly crossing her head, fitting the mad Alice character.

Please attend the terms of use!


1. Credit photographer (Gallus vom Zeitsee), model (Miss Jules H. Aetherton) and me (Arsenal-Best) and link back to this stock!
2. Note me with a link to your version.
3. No negative or offensive use of the image (if in doubt, just ask).
4. Please link always to my page.
5. Appeal for commercial use, please ask me and send me your contract!
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Digital Scrapbooking Kit: all images are of high quality (300dpi) and you will get both png and jpg. Delivered in three zip files.

You get:
2 vintage map papers (12 x 12 inch each)
1 loupe
2 compass tags
1 blank tag
1 admit one ticket
1 compass
2 journal papers
1 paper with key

Purchase here on DeviantART

or Etsy:[link]

All instant downloads!
Print as many as you like!

TOU: [link]
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Model & Makeup: :iconstarrymuse:

Stock usage rules: [link]

If I list a model's icon on DA, it'd be kind of you to drop them a tag or a note letting them know you've used them, so they can see!

If you like this stock set drop me a line and let me know. I have many more poses from this series.

Thank you for your support

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WELP - I finally made a proper tutorial. My style's kind of changed a lot since my last tutorial, but this is pretty much how I do it now.
I hope this helps anyone at all!

Enjoy :D

Art (c) IceValaxy
That eye photo for reference was found off Google
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Here's the finished shot: Goldfish by SmallCreationsByMel

Many of you will probably ask me what resin I use.  I bought mine from Hong Kong so I don't really have a brand to give you.  It was in a big jar, but in order for me to bring it back easier to the USA, I put them in smaller bottles so I don't have the label anymore.  I do plan to try different resins from Michael's soon.  I believe the one I use is the epoxy "type" resin.  So, sorry I can't give you more information on the exact brand I use.

Feel free to ask me questions!

Follow me on Instagram for randomness + and earlier WIP shots! :D (I'm actually a lot more active on instagram than on dA cause it's easier to post).

Join the miniature group :iconlittle-dreamers: for more miniature art!!
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Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 8…
Following this tutorial:…

I didn't show all of the core sculpt because I already put clay on it so sorry!
So the first panel shows my workspace. I have it all on a board that's about 3x4 feet so I can just pile all my stuff on it and move everything at once because I like to work in the dining room, but I have to store it all in my room which is about 25 stairs down and a 2 hallways away.
1. is from the first part of the tutorial I am following. The blueprint. I have the files on my computer so even if it gets damaged I can print out a new one and make the graph again. I keep referencing it to what I am actually doing so the sizes all match up.
2. This is the foam that I used to carve the core. I bought it at a Blick art store near where I live. I have never worked or carved with foam before but I thought this stuff was GREAT. I really got the detail in that I wanted when creating the core like the basic leg shape and the torso. There are no big chunks that came off without warning. I had trouble with the arms though (which is why they are not shown). The foam snapped because it was too thin. Not that bad to clean up, but I suggest waring a rain jacket or something waterproof so the tiny grains don't get stuck into your clothing. I'll try again later.You can probably buy some from their website
3. This is La Doll brand doll maker clay. It's a paperclay and I bought it from The price was reasonable ~$8, but the shipping added another $10! It's great stuff though. Easy to work with with a little bit of water on the side. It hardens in 1-2 days, and it is carvable, sandable and you can add more to it when it is dry. It is also pretty strong.
4. That is the wire that I am going to use for the fingers, there is a lot I know, but I couldn't get any less. Also from Blick.
5. That is my awesome holographic T-rex ruler. It's not really important or needed from the blueprint stage on, but I use is to keep my blueprint paper flat.
6. these are the parts of core that have been covered in plastic rap and also the clay. They are drying here. Head, legs, and torso
7. The pin Vise which i got from the hardware store (haven't used yet), a small exact o-knife (my best friend in carving the pieces that have dried. Some scissors just in case, and a butter knife to large peices of clay. Most of the shaping and sculpting I did without any tools. I have small fingers and long fingernails. And there is a wooden oval thingy that I am using to roll out clay.
8. Some hooks that I use to keep the blueprint down and also keep everything on the board while moving.

She only has flippers because the clay was a little tough to attach there so what I did was let that dry and then I cut off the flippers with the exact o-knife which exposed the core and patched it up with more clay.
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Steampunk session with Jenny. She said she wanted to try something in a steampunk way, and dropped by with a complete costume. She's an amazing amateur model.
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