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This is a font I created for the Futhark Rune alphabet. I tried to find one for the longest time and couldn't.

It's as close to accurate as I could get it. If you type R you're going to get the elder futhark character for R.

There are still a few things that couldn't be accomplished perfectly.

For example, if you want a th () you need to type v. There is a t and an h in Elder Futhark, but there is also a character for th (). There is not a character for v, so I figured it was a good compromise.

Also C, K, and Q all use the same character (which is for K). I considered making C the same as S, since a C can sound like an S or a K in english depending on how it's used (It is a rather redundant letter) but went with K for the safe side. In general, just know that you probably don't need to write out a C for any reason with this font. It's a redundant character.

For more details on Elder Futhark, go here: [link]

The numbers are the Pentadic Rune Numerals. It was the system used in Scandinavia, usually in conjunction to runes. I went with it over the Roman Numerals because it seemed to fit better with the theme.


-- --

Edit - So a few people have pointed out a couple errors - which doesn't surprise me at all since I'm most definitely not an expert on runes, and was muddling my way through this with a few sites for references (a couple of which were slightly contradictory). I hope to go back and make a few changes at some point soon. I certainly never expected this to get near this much attention, so I didn't think it mattered too awful much if I made a mistake or two.

Anyway, thanks loads for the interest.
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Want moar fonts? Go here. <3

Yeah. :B Font I used in [link] with a few slight modifications.

Free to use, but please credit me, either by linking to this font or linking to my page.
And please show me where you use it (this part is optional, I just want to see it an add it to a favorites collection).

If people use it, I'll make mo' fonts, both bigger and smaller. (lolz, 'cause I can go so much smaller it's insane, I love small fonts <3).

Thanks `Mirz123 and `FantasyStock for the DD. :O_o:
I didn't think any of my fonts would get a DD in a million years. So. Weird. But. So. Awesome.
I love you all; thanks for all the comemnts and favs and whatnot. :dalove:
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Wander Over Yonder Font by Taffyta Muttonfudge

I have decided to create fan font from Disney animated television series Wander Over Yonder. More than 1 year, no one create this font until I decided it.
The official letters have inspired from…, remaining are inspired by me.
Numbers, !@#$%^&*..., accents, alternative P, A and R are included.

Made by using FontCreator 8.0

Version 1: Public released.
Version 2: Add alternative A, larger b, d and W, replaced p and q.
Version 3: Many alphabets are replaced, inspired from…
Version 4: Replaced K, improved many inspired non-alphabets. Unfortunately, still no official Z confirmed yet.
Version 5: Replaced J, M, U and k. improved w and both unofficial Z.
Version 6: Changed A and R from "the LIAR", E and S from "the ENEMIES", and improved unofficial 3.
Version 7: I found the remaining official letters and numbers and can be found here:…, changed B, D, I, L, M, T, V, W, X, 1, 3, g and v.

Wander Over Yonder © Disney
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One more hand-drawn evil metalhead font design.
Incl. English, European letters and Numbers. A conclusion of what i've done before in my Arcane, Gothic Dawn and Graveyard Designs fonts, so that's why it's free. That's some kind of next level of this style.

Free for personal and commercial use. No modify. Don't claim it as your own.

Font profile on daFont: [link]
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(Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
TrueType Font Family By Lauren Thompson, Nymphont
Contains 386 characters

Free for personal use /Commercial use requires a donation
Donate: [link]

Donations can be made through PayPal to as well

More fonts & goodies @ my blog: [link]
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I know that many people have been looking for the font used in the anime Kuroshitsuji all over the internet but I've heard it cannot be purchased from anywhere sooo I've decided to make this. It's my own version based on Yari (which is the font used in the anime). I called the font Kurayami which means 'darkness' in Japanese because I think it is apt for the font.

I want to make clear that I'm not an expert at creating fonts so the font isn't perfect and does NOT contain all possible letters of all languages in the world. So, if the letter you are looking for doesn't appear after you hit the corresponding button on your keyboard, it most probably isn't included in the font (either because I was too lazy to design it or not sure how it should look). Sorry about that. Most of the letters contained in the font can be seen in the preview (I didn't know how to write the rest on my keyboard).


Installation: Download the font (.ttf file) => click Start => click Run => type in 'Fonts' and click OK => drag and drop the downloaded .ttf file to the folder 'Fonts'. Now it should be installed and work in every program when you launch it next time. Made for Windows so if you have another OS, you'll probably have to convert it somehow (I have no idea how fonts in other OS's work). Enjoy :)
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I have fiddled around and created another font. :D When I was making my entry for the #EmoteOCs pageant contest, I went searching for a font that was pixel and kinda gothic. I couldn't find anything. :| So, I decided to just wing it and pixel out the letters the best I could. Once I made my OCs name, I realized I am always trying to find a gothic pixel font...why not just use the letters I have already created and make the whole alphabet? :meow: So I did! I don't know how gothic these letter really are, or if they even qualify as Pixel anymore....but I like it. And maybe somebody will too. :)

:bulletblack: If you use, credit would be nice. :) And a link to show me where would be lovely as well!

Example of Font:

Thanks to ^stuck-in-suburbia for the website link. You rock.

EDIT Now with " ' - _ :)

HOLY TINY LETTERS, BATMAN! My very first non-emote-related DD! :boogie: Thank you so much to `Mirz123 and `krissi001 for suggesting it, and to `FantasyStock for featuring it. :eager: Thank you for all the favs and comments. I intend on responding to each and every soon as I am done moving. :giggle: :heart:
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dear friend

my new updating new font is dedicated to [link] :iconfallenskillz: beto aka alberto

its friendly suit and nice to simply design, futuristic theme, or what ever you like

just copy paste in to your font system folder
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weknow Font \o/ font
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can be found here [link]
and here [link]
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weknow Font \o/ font

hei i dedicated this font for :iconsolgas: she is avery talented traditional artist, vector artist, and also digital artist for digital painting, you should visit her

i hope all of you like solgas font

you can make a text art, logotype, or what ever you like

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featured in news resources
Resourcefully Yours // Weekly Gems #20 [link]
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featured on Project Educate: Design Tutorials and Resources
by :iconlilyas:
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