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(Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
TrueType Font Family By Lauren Thompson, Nymphont
Contains 386 characters

Free for personal use /Commercial use requires a donation
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One more hand-drawn evil metalhead font design.
Incl. English, European letters and Numbers. A conclusion of what i've done before in my Arcane, Gothic Dawn and Graveyard Designs fonts, so that's why it's free. That's some kind of next level of this style.

Free for personal and commercial use. No modify. Don't claim it as your own.

Font profile on daFont: [link]
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This is a font I created for the Futhark Rune alphabet. I tried to find one for the longest time and couldn't.

It's as close to accurate as I could get it. If you type R you're going to get the elder futhark character for R.

There are still a few things that couldn't be accomplished perfectly.

For example, if you want a th () you need to type v. There is a t and an h in Elder Futhark, but there is also a character for th (). There is not a character for v, so I figured it was a good compromise.

Also C, K, and Q all use the same character (which is for K). I considered making C the same as S, since a C can sound like an S or a K in english depending on how it's used (It is a rather redundant letter) but went with K for the safe side. In general, just know that you probably don't need to write out a C for any reason with this font. It's a redundant character.

For more details on Elder Futhark, go here: [link]

The numbers are the Pentadic Rune Numerals. It was the system used in Scandinavia, usually in conjunction to runes. I went with it over the Roman Numerals because it seemed to fit better with the theme.


-- --

Edit - So a few people have pointed out a couple errors - which doesn't surprise me at all since I'm most definitely not an expert on runes, and was muddling my way through this with a few sites for references (a couple of which were slightly contradictory). I hope to go back and make a few changes at some point soon. I certainly never expected this to get near this much attention, so I didn't think it mattered too awful much if I made a mistake or two.

Anyway, thanks loads for the interest.
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