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Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings,
The world for once, in perfect harmony,
With all these DISNEY STAMPS! :D
*cough cough cough*

The Lion King 3D has turned me into this Disney obsessed maniac. So here we have some Disney font Photoshop stamps.

Ever wanted to make a Disney fan art image and put the logo on? And either don't have the time, don't know how to or are simply to lazy to make the logo yourself? Well with these Disney logo stamps, you can put the logos of some of favourite Disney movies straight onto your artwork in just one click! Because they are brushes, you can also change the effects on them to give them drop shadows, highlights, change the colours etc.

I don't know how to actually package and upload stamps, so to use these you need to;

-Open the document in photoshop or a similar art program that allows you to create custom brushes (I believe you can do this in GIMP also however I am not sure how and am too lazy to have a look myself).
-Using the 'Rectangular Marquee' tool, drag around and select the image/stamp/logo/heading/thing you want (one at a time, don't do them all at once).
-Select 'Edit > Define Brush Preset'
-Give the stamp a name and click ok.
-It should now be available at the bottom of your list of brushes!

These will work as brushes so you can drag them around to make funny pictures and unique shapes or just stamp them on as the logo.

All logos are property of Walt Disney and/or Pixar Animation Studios.

Enjoy! ^.^
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This brushes designed by my dear friend Mehran Ghiasi and converted by me for brush set

at this set you can find 12 Photoshop Brushes

If you have any question or use any where inform me by E-mail:

Edit 1:
If you are in Iran and download server of dA is filter for you , Can use to this link for download this brushes

Brusheezy server: [link]

Edit 2:

Copy right permission is changed

for help me and donate to make other brushes please purchase for download

also available as free on Brusheezy server: ( [link] )
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Buenas noches, les traigo mi primer publicación aquí ya que soy nuevo. En el siguiente enlace les dejo el archivo con 11 pinceles de motivo 'Homero Simpson':…
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I'm using this in a piece that i'm currently working on so i decided to upload the PSD and let you guys use it, all that i ask is that you give me credit in the description of your deviation and let me know in the comments what you used it in :D
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:rose: PSD PACK: Download for FREE.
:rose: Add to your favourites if u like/download it. 

+ Stock used: deviant-caroline JulesJoolsStock JustinByerline-Stock

+ Don't claim this as yours. Be original.

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Rose Flowers Actions Preview

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lieveheersbeestje -  Action 1
VasiDgallery -  Action 2
astrals-stock -  Action 3
a72cool -  Action 4
Abletodall -  Action 5
raindroppe - Action 6
my photo - Action 7
lieveheersbeestje -  Action 8
Abletodall -  Action 9
a72cool -  Action 10

More Photoshop Actions 
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10 PS 7 twister brushes. What possessed me to attempt these, I'll never know :lol:

As always

Feel free to comment, it's how I know whether what I'm doing is worth it or not.

As per the others...A :+fav: is appreciated if you download and use them. Also credit me, and please link back so others can find them.

I'd love to see how you used them

And above all....enjoy! :)
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In case you are interested on knowing how I created this image, you can download the .PSD in small resolution to know my step by steps. (please do not post this image in any other place and claim it as your own. I only provide the .psd for those of you that want to know the whole process I used and learn something from it)

Special Thanks to:
:iconeirian-stock: :iconstockmichelle: :iconanimalphotos: :iconvividlight: :iconfrostbo:
Sun Brush: [link] / Bird Flock Brush: [link]

A friend of mine had a baby 2 days ago and only today she returned home and I got to see him. This image is dedicated to her and to all the mothers in the world. (note: the mother is blind and her husband is cripple but they still managed to have a cute and healty child)

Created for the contest
Sc1r0n's FreeStyle Collage Contest!Dear members & friends!

Welcome to our founder's Freestyle Collage Contest

A Note from :devSc1r0n:

Hello everybody and welcome to my personal contest! Some of you might already know that this contest started on my personal page some days ago, but since then, I've done some thinking and I moved the contest here so more people can have the ability to join and publicaly display their art. Because this is a personal contest, I am going to be the only one judging the entries, thus giving the right to our group Admin team to take part in this contest. :) So, let me explain what this contest is all about :


Freestyle Collage Art.
by :iconartmeltingpot:
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So smart :iconmanlytearsplz:

For all pony fans please check out my other comic. 

Doctor Whooves-This Is Where It Gets Complicated 1 by Edowaado
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:bulletgreen: Credit me with a direct link to this stock.
:bulletred: Not for use on line-art.
:bulletgreen: Free non-commercial use; dA prints included;
:bulletyellow: Commercial Use Information:

:police: Fave :+fav: before you download!

More wings in my gallery:…


Requested by and dedicated to ~L0NES0ME who won 1st place in my Winged Fantasy contest:

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