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It's far From Over
By OtroiReka

Sarah's P.O.V

Sarah sank down into the chair in front of her vanity, the party was over and all her new found friends had returned to the Underground. It was now well after midnight and she was exhausted, running the Labyrinth had been difficult and not nearly as easy as it had seemed in the book. She glanced briefly at the draw where she had placed the velvet bound book along with her music box and other precious items. Who would have thought that that small book held the secretes of another world?
She smiled to herself remembering how many time she had acted out scenes from the book. She had thought it nothing more than a fairytale, how wrong she had been! It had turned out to be more of a nightmare full of her fantasies all turned against her. She shuddered at the memory of the dream ball. All her life she had dreamed about being old enough to go to a ball, to dance with a handsome prince, to be swept of her feet. But it hadn't been what she hoped; it had been designed by HIM! To trick her into forgetting about Toby and she almost had. But it was over now. She had rescued the child and defeated the Goblin King. But why then did she feel that somehow it wasn't finished, as if there was more yet to come?
"It over!" she said sternly to her reflection, as if saying it out allowed would make it seem more true. It didn't.
"Sarah are you awake?" Sarah jumped at the sound of her father voice coming from just outside her door.
"Ermm yeah. I'm just getting ready for bed" she called out snatching the paper crown from the party off her head.
"Alright then I just wanted to say goodnight and thank you for watching Toby. He didn't cause you any trouble did he?"
Sarah froze, Trouble? No he hadn't caused any trouble but she almost certainly had. Although she had fixed the trouble she had caused, Sarah still felt really bad for wishing Toby away.
"No he was fine." She hoped, Sarah actually had no idea what had happened to Toby while she had been running the Labyrinth for all she knew he could have screamed the place down and thrown things around The Goblin Kings untidy throne room. She smirked at this thought; it would have served the Goblin King right if Toby had instigated the biggest Goblin food fight the underground had ever seen.
"Well that's good. Night then Sarah."
"Night Dad." She called as she heard him close the door to his and Karen's room. She let out a sigh she was grateful that her father hadn't come in to say good night. She would have been hard press to find a good reason for her room to be covered in streamers and party balloons.
Sarah stood and stretched, she really was tired without bothering to change she threw herself on the bed and snuggled into her pillow. It had been a long day and all Sarah wanted to do now was sleep. She reached out and switched the light by her bed off. The room was plunged into darkness save for the shaft of moonlight that came from the window. She had forgotten to close the curtains. She groaned she felt way to comfy to get up and close them; she closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep. If Sarah had looked out the window as she lay on her bed she would have noticed the Barn Owl sitting in the tree outside her window watching her intently.

Jareth's P.O.V

He watched her as she slept from his perch on the tree outside the window. He had returned shortly after the party had ended. He had not wished to remain and watch her celebrate her victory over him with her traitorous friends and his other subjects that had gathered in her room. He had found it hard to contain his anger when she had hugged that treacherous dwarf so he had left not wanting to spoil her victory. It was, after all this would be the only time she'd ever get to celebrate beating him. He did not like to lose and had it been any other girl he would not allow his subjects to rejoice in his defeat, in fact had it been any other girl he would not have accepted the defeat. But this was Sarah and it was never his plan for any real harm to come to her. He had put every obstacle he could in her way and she had overcome all of them, granted she had help, but still for any mortal to beat his Labyrinth was simple amazing.
He studied the sleeping girl. He had been enchanted with her the first time he had lane eyes on her, dressed in a long flowing dress that had long since been out of fashion in the Aboveground. He had watched as she recited plays in the park to her dog. He had been fascinated with her. Even for child she was incredibly beautiful with her long dark brown her and flashing green eyes.
He had seen outright her love for fantasy and her discontent with reality so he had sent her the little red book about his world and the creatures that lived there. He had pleased when she so eagerly acted out the story. And it had not been long until the Goblin King had decided that he would have her for his own. There was no female like her in the whole Underground, she shone with her own bright light that no mortal could ever see and what was more she believed in the magic of old that so many of her race had long since forgotten.
But how to take her? He could not simply snatch her away, if she was going to come to the Underground she would have to go willingly. And so he had given her certain powers, any wish she made would be granted so longs as she used certain words. He had waited patiently for her to say them but when she had it not been not wish herself away to him but her bawling baby brother.
To say he had been less then pleased would be an understatement, it was why he had been so cruel to her at first, he had then realised that he could still get her Underground by using the baby she had wished away. He would let her run the Labyrinth to try and win back the child just like the heroine had done in the book, and when she failed he would make a deal with her. She would stay in place of the child who would be returned aboveground. But she hadn't failed and what was more she had rejected him, cast aside her dreams and for what? A small child who she resented for being born. She had chosen to return to a life where she was bossed around by a stepmother and treated second best by her father.
He ruffled his feathers as he sat the on the branch of the tree. He had underestimated Sarah Williams but it was a mistake he would not make again. When she had been running his Labyrinth there had been rules he had had to follow, but that game was over now.
In flash of Glitter the Goblin King appeared in the bedroom. He bent down next to the sleeping girl, the leather of his boots creaking slightly. She was still breathing deeply indicting that his presence had not roused her. He studied her closely, how could such a young pretty thing entice him so much? He smiled to himself as he remembered her earlier words about it being over.
"Things are far from over Precious thing," He murmured gently tracing a gloved finger down the side of her face, from brow to jaw line, "You may have won this battle but there's still the war to be won." He rose to his feet and stared down at the girl who had captured his heart and thrown it back in his face. The Goblin King was never one to give in so easily.
"The first game may be over but the next one is just about to begin." He crossed over to where a toy fox sat next to a dwarf book end propping up a book called 'where the wild things are', "and this time you won't have your friends to help you," He waved his gloved hand over her possessions and they vanished in a cloud of Glitter, he turned back to face the bed, "This time I will win and you will be mine!"
A frown creased Sarah's forehead as if she was aware of his ominous plan. He crossed over to her and lightly brushed away the strands of dark hair that obscured her beautiful face. He bent low until his lips were barley inches from hers.
"As the human saying goes love, Game on." On the last word he closed the distance and pressed his lips firmly against hers. The kiss was short as he did not want to wake her. He backed away from the sleeping girl never taken his eyes of her face. As he reached the window he grinned showing his pointed teeth.
"Believe me precious, this time you won't escape me." With that he vanished from the room. A slight shower of glitter to fall to the floor was all that was left to mark his presence.
Disclaimer: i sadly do not own the Labyrinth all characters mentioned above belong to (C) Jim Henson

Shortly after sarah returns from The labyrinth she relises that the Goblin King is not quite as defeated as she hoped and that he is far from finshed with her! This time the Goblin King will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

This story could end up with a dark jareth and later chapters may hav mature content so ye be warned

sorry for spelling and grammer

chapter 2 [link]
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Chapter 8

Sarah's P.O.V

As soon as Sarah felt her feet touch solid ground again she pulled free of the Goblin king's grasp.
"What did you...?" Sarah trailed off staring around the throne room of the Castle beyond the Goblin City. It was cleaner than she remembered, the clutter and mess had been removed and the blankets and cushions in the pit were clean and fresh. She rounded on the Goblin King.
"You couldn't even let me say goodbye to my Family!" she cried. The Goblin King shrugged his shoulders as he sank down into his throne and watched her, a small smile playing on his lips.
"And what pray, were you going to say to them exactly precious?"  He asked one brow rose mockingly at her.
"I..." Sarah stopped what exactly could she have said to them? They would never believe the truth and if they had they would have refused to let her go.
"I would have thought of something." Sarah snapped.
"I'm sure you would have my dear." He replied sarcasm laced his voice.
"I'm here so it's time you uphold your end of the bargain."
"Wouldn't you rather enjoy some pleasantries before we get down to business?" he asked sardonically.

Sarah crossed her arms across her chest and brought her chin up to glare at him.
"No? Well if you insist my Love." He sighed rising from his throne and walking behind it towards the wall, Sarah hurried after him. He stopped and placed his gloved hand against the wall and pressed slightly. A section of the wall swung inwards revealing a doorway.
"After you my dear." He said motioning for her to go through.

The room she entered was a study complete with a desk and two chairs on either side of it. The walls were covered with shelves of books, Sarah glimpsed some of the titles but they were all in a language she didn't understand. The stone floor was covered in warm rugs and in front of a small fire sat a large leather sofa.

The Goblin King strode past her and took a seat behind his desk and motioned for her to take the seat opposite. Sarah sat hesitantly; she was confused he was meant to be releasing her friends to sitting down in his office.
"Ah... aren't you meant to be releasing my friends?" she inquired pointedly. The goblin was rifling through papers on his desk.
"All in good time precious, we just have to attend to a few details first." He answered her without looking up.
"Details?" Sarah asked hesitantly.
"You have to sign the contract."
"You said nothing about a contract Goblin King." Sarah said through gritted teeth.
He pulled out an official looking document and placed it on the desk between them with a grin.
"Really Sarah it's only for formality, the contract basically states that you agree to marry me and remain in the underground in exchange for your friend's freedom."
"Anything else?" Sarah asked dubiously, pulling the paper towards her.
"Well by signing that you also agree to obey me and take on all duties of a queen and of a wife."
"I'm fifteen Goblin King." Sarah Snapped.
"As I have already told you my dear age is but a number. But if you feel that strongly about you could wait a few years before you sign."
Sarah's head shot up hopefully.
"Of course you friends might not survive much longer, the dungeons of the Castle beyond the Goblin City is not a pleasant place to find oneself Sarah." Jareth continued that trademark smirk back on his face. Sarah gritted her teeth but she slowly looked back down at the paper her father had once told her never to sign anything before reading it.
"I'm sure your friends won't think you a coward if you feel you need a few more years my dear." Her eyes snapped back to meet his. She saw the challenge in his eyes. Anger surged through her, he called her a coward for not wanting to take up the responsibility of an adult when she was just out of her childhood, one of the things she had learned from the labyrinth was that she was not quite ready to be an adult just yet but the labyrinth had also taught her another lesson, to take responsibility for her actions. She had got her friends into this now she had to get them out of it. Without breaking gaze with the Goblin King she picked up a feather quill from an ink bottle on the desk and signed her name at the bottom.
"Now let my friends go." She demanded leaning back in her chair and folding her arms. The Goblin King smiled.
"Tomorrow morning they will be released and put on trail and then I will decide what is to become of them."
"What!" Sarah cried, outraged. "You said you'd let them go!"
"I said I would free them from my dungeon however they must still be punished. If you had not signed my dear they would never have been allowed a trail and so would have rotted away in their cells. I quite fit punishment if you ask me."
"Haven't they been punished enough? You've kept them locked up for days!"
"They committed treason Sarah I can't be seen to be lenient."
"That isn't fair!"
"Oh so we're back on that again are we? You should be pleased my dear, you've just saved their lives."
"I won't let you harm them!" Sarah hissed defiantly. The Goblin King just smiled and tapped the contract she had just signed.
"But what can you do precious; you just agreed to obey, if you fight me on whatever punishment I choose for your friends you foliate your agreement and your friends go right back to the dungeons."

Sarah glared at him, only now did she realize that the Goblin King had backed her into a corner. If only she hadn't of got angry and signed it so quickly, now there was nothing she could do that wouldn't get them in trouble again.

Sarah could see she had lost this battle but she hadn't lost the war, she still had her mysterious ally who ever she was; Sarah prayed that she wouldn't turn out to be another off Jareth's tricks.

She watched as the Goblin King stood and walk round the desk and stop beside her.
"Now that we have that settled precious, shall I show you to your room?" he held out his gloved hand to her. She stood, ignoring his proffered hand, and motioned for him to go first.

He raised an eyebrow at her then turned and headed back out into the throne room.

Jareth escorted Sarah up winding stairs and long passages. She was relieved that she didn't have to go through the Escher room again, once had been enough and she didn't relish the idea of having to work her way through it every time she left her room. The castle was a lot bigger than she had originally thought, one might just as easily get lost here as they could in the Labyrinth.

The corridors they passed through were well lit by the sunlight that streamed through the glassless windows and glancing up at the walls she noticed wall sconces at intervals where flaming torches could be placed after dark. Sarah followed Jareth quietly trying to remember the way they had come but it was hopeless, the castle had just as many twists and turns as the labyrinth that surrounded it.

She would occasionally catch glimpse of Goblins as they quickly scuttled into hiding as they approached. When Sarah glanced over her shoulder she again caught a glance of them before they vanished. She distinctly remembered them doing something similar in her parents' bedroom on that stormy night, except then they had been quite nosy what with all the sniggering and banging of cupboard doors.

Suddenly Jareth stopped and Sarah only narrowly avoided walking into him. They were now standing in front of a large wood door carved with some kind of leafy vine design. The hinges of the door were gold and crafted to resemble the motif etched into the door. The handle was of a rose in full bloom fashion again from gold. Sarah marveled at how work and detail had gone into the door, it was simply beautiful.

Jareth reached out and opened the door; he motioned for her to go in ahead of him. She did so reluctantly having resolved after Jareth had stolen a second kiss to always keep him where she could see him. Her mouth fell open as she stepped into the room, like the door the room was beautiful. The room was decorated with the same vine design as the door, the walls were the color of rose gold with boarders of sky blue. It was spacious but had a cosy feel to it. The room had three glassless windows in one wall and opposite them some glass doors that led out onto a balcony. To the left of the doors was a pretty little dressing table and chair or the right was a small round table. There was a large fireplace that was unlit and set in front and around was a sofa and chairs. To the left of the fireplace was a book shelf filled with leather bound books.

But the object that dominated the room was the huge wooden four poster bed. The bedding and drapes were gold and matched the rest of the furnishings perfectly. The room was magnificent and had this been under different circumstances Sarah would have been overjoyed but although she loved the room very much she couldn't help but see it for what it was, a gilded cage.

"Do you like it" Jareth asked causing Sarah to jump; she had forgotten the Goblin King.
"It's very beautiful" was all she said as she walked slowly into the room.
"It is to be yours for the next four weeks." The Goblin King said as he followed her into the room.

She turned to face him, confused.
"Four weeks?" she asked.
"May Day is four weeks from now and is the date I've set for our wedding, after that you shall have the Queen's rooms which are next to my own." He said the last part with a smirk on his face. Sarah turned her back on him to hide her angry flush. She heard his low chuckle from behind as she struggled to reign in her temper. It would not do her friends any good to argue with the Goblin King while they were still in his grasp.
She felt his hands close around her upper arms and his hair tickle her neck as he bent down to whisper in her ear.

"I have work to attend to precious so I will leave you to settle into your new home. You of cause my go where you please so long as you don't leave the Castle, but I must warn you my dear that trying to navigate the castle on your own would be very unwise."
"I worked my way through the Labyrinth didn't I?" Sarah said definitely
"Ah but if you remember Sarah you did have help."  She had no reply to that so she only stood there glaring at him. She watched him as his eyes raked her up and down, making her feel uncomfortable.

"I shall send up your maid to help you choose something for suitable to wear." Jareth said as he walked towards the door. Sarah blinked maid? Then glanced down at her faded jeans and loose blouse.
"What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?" she demanded crossly. Jareth turned in the doorway and smiled wickedly at her.
"Oh nothing overtly wrong my dear, but as I told you, human clothing won't do for my Queen." He reached for the door handle and began to close the door but paused.
"One more thing precious. You're to dine with me at dinner this evening."
"And if I refuse." Sarah asked bringing up a chin stubbornly.
"It wasn't a request. Dinner is at six, don't be late." With that he shut the door leaving Sarah alone in the middle of her new room.
Disclaimer: i sadly do not own the Labyrinth all characters mentioned above belong to (C) Jim Henson. Meep and a few others who do appear in the film Labyrinth do belong to me.

Shortly after sarah returns from The labyrinth she relises that the Goblin King is not quite as defeated as she hoped and that he is far from finshed with her! This time the Goblin King will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

This story could end up with a dark jareth and later chapters may hav mature content so ye be warned

A Big Thank You to my friend Gareth for finding me somthing to check my spelling and Grammar

chapter 1 [link]
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Faith of the Heart

Part 1: Chapter 1

Written by DisneyFan-01
HTML Coding by Shadow20X6

View Part 1 Gallery | Next Chapter

It was the morning of the Anniversary to the Reign of the Great Sorcerer.  Everyone in the kingdom was preparing for the big celebration.  Decorations were going up around the streets, lights were strung up around the castle, and thousands of fireworks were loading for the night spectacular.  It was planned to be an anniversary greater than all the years before.  This celebration was similar to the ways New Years Eve, but it was all for the honor of the former ruler of Magic Kingdom.  If not for his wonders and teachings, King Mickey would never had become perhaps the greatest king anyone could know.

The biggest preparation was going on inside the palace where a large party was going to take place.  Queen Minnie was helping out with the decorations.  Lovely blue ribbons were being hung in the ballroom.  Large bouquets of roses were placed everywhere that the whole room smelled of their lovely scent.  A large banquet of food was being placed on a long table for the guests.  Everything was going great and the celebration was probably going to be one of the best yet to come.  

"Yes, that goes there!" Minnie told the caterers.  "Be careful now!"

Even though she was Queen, Minnie never mind taking charge of parties.  After all, throwing a party for any kind of celebration was one of her favorite things to do.

"Wonderfully done, Minnie," said Clarabelle Cow, the Head of the Household.  "Your decorations have always been the best."

"Thank you," Minnie smiled.

"Of course, I think those tables over there could use a few more flowers.  Marina!" Clarabelle looked around the room realizing that there was no one around by that name.  "Where did she go?"

"Don't worry.  I told her she could take a break.  She's been arranging flowers all morning."

"Oh, phooey," Daisy Duck, the Lady in Waiting, scoffed.  "Knowing her, she might forget the time and start with her exploration daydreams again."

"Oh, cut her a little slack, Daisy," King Mickey said as he approached the ladies.  "There's nothing wrong with a little daydreaming for an explorer like her.  I'll go look for her and get her back in time."

Marina had snuck her way out of the castle gardens through the back door in the rose walls, carefully walked down the hill, and entered the forest.  The sun was warm on her face and her long brown hair shimmered in the golden light that shined through the leaves.  Her sea blue eyes gazed up at the majestic trees.  A smile grew upon her face as she breathed in deeply.  She was once again in her favorite place to be.

The lovely scent of pine and evergreen filled the air.  The old oak trees towered the canopy as though they were the rulers of the forest.  Even though they were majestic, many of them seemed to be giggling at Marina, watching her go to her favorite spot.  She walked deeper into the woods listening to the birds chirping, the squirrels chattering, and the leaves making music in the wind.

It was at least a quarter of a mile walk out into the woods until she finally came to an opening that had a steep downhill drop.  Within the opening was an old tool shack and cabin that was abandoned many years after the forest's overseer passed away.  The old cabin of the overseer's, however, was collapsed leaving behind a large pile of wood and stone covered with vines, moss, and some wild flowers.  Placed on the top of the pile was a small flag of the kingdom Marina placed there years before to claim her discovery of the place.  The old tool shack stayed up after Marina discovered it when she was a little girl and she restored it as much as a child could do.  It was such a wonderful place to her as she grew up;  a perfect spot to go when she felt down, bored, or just wanted to go for a walk.  It was once a spot where she and her husband used to spend some time together to just talk and kiss.  The two of them were a nice young couple all those years ago.  And there was always a few areas of the clearing reminded her a lot of him.   

Those were some of the best days of Marina's life.  However their marriage lasted for such a short time.  Marina had lost her beloved nearly a month after they said 'I do.' to each other.  She was devastated back when she heard the news.  The grief of her loss went on for a few years.  

However she never wanted to be sad forever.  With the help of her friends at the palace, Marina's heart was healed and no longer was she depressed as she used to be.  More than a decade had gone by since, and Marina kept a stiff upper lip.  Her heart may no longer be broken, but she can never forget the happy times she and her husband spent.

She looked up into the sky and prayed, "It's another beautiful day, Robby.  Thanks for making it so perfect for the celebration."  

She opened the door to the old shack and reached up to a shelf to pull out a three foot long wooden pole and a small spyglass.  After she placed the pole into her belt like a sword she came over to the center of the clearing where an oak tree towered the hill.  High above her, a rope was tied off from a tree on one side and all the way to another tree on the hill.  Right in the center of the rope, dangling from a bungee cord, was a rubber ball the size of a grapefruit.  As Marina was heading for the center tree, she tapped on the dangling ball getting an idea of what her new day in the clearing was going to be like.  This was going to be a good adventure once again.

At the base of the tree trunk, Marina looked up at the branches and smirked as she spoke to herself, "Personal Explorer's Diary.  Marina Seadrift.  Day:  The Anniversary to the Reign of the Great Sorcerer.  Entry Number four forty-five.  Weather:  Clear. . . and perfect."  She paused as she hopped up to grab the lowest branch and pull herself up.  Once she was on the branch she continued to climb up while still speaking to herself, "My small island is quiet today.  It could be because of the peace this holiday brings.  Most likely I have left the pirates far behind me.  It's against many odds that they will come back here to find me.  Even if they do, let them come.  I have a score to settle with Teach."  

When she came to the branch that was at least fifteen feet off the ground, she stopped and sat down.  She licked her finger to test the wind.  She spoke, "Now. . . back to business.  Wind velocity. . . approximately. . . 2-4 miles per hour at least to the west.  Temperature. . . . mmm. . . at least low 80s.  It's a perfect day for them to come out.  This might be my lucky day for once.  Now for the search. . ."  As she spoke, the magic of her imagination changed the tree into the crow's nest of a solar schooner docked at a floating island in the Etherium.  The warm temperature of Magic Kingdom changed slowly to the cool of the limitless heaven.  

She opened the spyglass and gazed through it to see the stars in the distance seem much closer.  She searched a little to the left until she spotted an asteroid slowly rolling in its orbit around the world of Pelsinor.  When she spotted a small glow coming from a single spot on the rock, she gasped.

"A new herd!  A large one too!  It could be one of them!" She closed the glass and placed it in her belt.  "Coming down!"  She quickly started to climb back down the tree, while in her mind she was climb down the shrouds of her ship.  "My exploration might be complete today.  I must find Albus Papillion Lunaris immediately."  Once her feet were on the ground, she heard the voice of someone she knew only in her head.

"So, we meet again, Madam Seadrift."

Marina didn't turn around right away.  She closed her eyes and sighed with anger, "You again?"  She breathed in through her nose and smelled a foul stench of body odor and the smoke from lit cannon fuses.  After a slight twitch of the smell, she turned to see the evil eyes of an famous pirate.  It was Captain Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach, towering in height and surrounded by the black smoke lifting from the fuses tied to his thick beard making his looks more of a devil than a man.

"You've tracked me down again, Blackbeard," she glared at the pirate, whom in the real world had been dead for over two hundred years now.  What Marina was talking to was just the rubber ball on the bungee cord, but not in her child-like imagination that she kept her entire life.  She looked around the opening and cracked a smile, "You decided to come alone?  I always knew were crazy.  I just didn't think you were stupid."  She pulled the pole out of her belt and had it transform into a sword in her mind.  With a tight grip on the hilt, she slowly approached Blackbeard.  

A smile could be seen under his thick smoky beard as he chuckled, "It is you who be foolish to think you can fight me again an' win."

"You never can tell.  I might get lucky this once.  You are not going to interrupt my exploring again.  And believe me. . . once we're done with this. . . maybe I will get that treasure of yours."

"Har. . ." Blackbeard growled and drew out his cutlass.  "Only the devil and I know where that treasure be."

"We'll see about that!  If Maynard can defeat you, then I can do the same!"

And she jumped at Blackbeard swinging her sword at his neck, but he blocked her with his own blade.  Both of them jumped back from each other and circled a few steps.  Blackbeard leaped at Marina blade first, but she whacked his sword out of the way, and jumped out of his path.  Like a soaring eagle, Blackbeard came around Marina aiming for her back.  Marina spun around and blocked him once more.  Blackbeard gave everything he had to defeat Marina, but she was in perfect defense.  

Of course, outside the imagination, Marina was just whacking the ball on the bungee cord.  Every time the ball would come near her, she would knock it back.  But in Marina's mind, this seemed like the real thing.  Ever since she could remember, she had always made up such fantasies that could possibly happen in her future.   All her life she wanted to become a good explorer.  She spent most of her days walking through the forest studying the habits of nature and it's creatures.  Sometimes she would pretend the forest was a thick jungle of Africa while she is on the search for a lost Pygmy village in the mountains.  Even she and her husband would pretend to be sailing the Etherium alongside Admiral Nelson or Hawke.  It was the kind of adventure she longed for her entire life.  An adventure exploring all the natural wonders every galaxy had to offer.  

If she ever had the chance to actually sail, there wasn't a doubt she would run into the dangers that lurked in the shadows-- dangers such as pirates.  The only thing that held her back was her inability to fight the way she was trained with her real sword unless she was within range of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.

Right as Marina swung at the ball again, she missed and the bungee cord quickly wrapped around the pole.  In Marina's mind, she and Blackbeard had their blades crossed and were forcing their strength upon each other.  Blackbeard was a very strong man but his brutal muscle and size wasn't going to stop her.  The fumes of the smoke rising from his beard were choking her and bringing tears to her eyes, but this was a fight she had to win.

She spoke with a slight gag, "For the last time, Teach. . . stay out of my way!  This expedition is of no concern of yours!"

"Ha har!!" Blackbeard laughed.  "You forget you be on pirate territory, Madam.  Off the edge of map where there be monsters. . . . like meself."

"Your words don't scare me!"

Marina finally freed her sword and thrust the blade for his heartless chest.  He blocked and pushed her back.  She swung her sword at him again.  Just as she was about attack once more. . . something caught her eye.  Someone was entering the clearing at the lower part of the hill.  She stopped fighting and stood straight as all of the Etherium around her faded away and changed back into the familiar forest.  Her sword changed back into a wooden pole and Blackbeard hazed out like smoke leaving behind just the rubber ball circling her.  She looked down upon the figure at the bottom of the hill near the edge of the wood.  With it being a fair distance, she couldn't make out who it was.  The shape wasn't very familiar. . . but there was something odd about it.  Immediately, she took out her glass and looked through it.  The figure was spotted. . . and what she saw made her skin crawl and her heart leap to her throat.  

This large man was standing at the base of the clearing in a position like he was searching for something, but was frustrated with failure.  Marina notice at second glance that this person was not from around, but from the Terran Empire.  Without doubt he was an Ursid, with his features slightly similar to that of a bear of massive structure, barrel chest, and bulking muscles.  The first thing that caught her attention before recognition was not the space faring cloth he wore indicating that he may have been a spacer.  It was the right side of his body.  Where there was suppose to be an ear, an eye, an arm, and a leg were metal gears, flywheels, and ratchets clicking and whirling with his every move.  It was this what made Marina recognize this stranger.

"Captain John Silver. . . the cyborg!" she gasped as she lowered the spyglass.  That was when the circling rubber ball finally stopped after it bopped her in the side of the head.  "Ow!"

She gasped and covered her mouth from the sudden noise she made, but it was too late.  She didn't have to look through the glass to see it, but she knew that John Silver was looking straight at her.  The beating of her heart quickened when she noticed a tiny red light shining on her like a laser pointer.  Her breath shortened as she nearly expected this brutal pirate to switch his metal claw-like into his arm like a Swiss army knife and bring out a flintlock laser pistol.  This is something that he was known for ever since his famous mutiny on the RLS Legacy almost four years before.  

But instead, he just stood there staring up at her.

Marina took a step back wanting to make a run for it, but she was too afraid to make any sudden moves.  Just as she was about to take one other step--


She gasped in fear as she zipped around.  But it was only Mickey.

"Mick," she clutched her heart.

He walked up to her with a smile, "So, what did you explore this time, Ms. Magellan?  Did you go through the Turo Galaxy?  Or deep sea dive in the Aquatic Nebula?"

"Mickey!  There's a--" Marina turned to point out the cyborg pirate, but. . . there was no one down at the base of the hill.

Mickey was by her side when he looked where she was pointing.  When he saw nothing, he asked, "What?  What is it?"

"But. . . he was there!  He. . ."


"Captain John Silver!  He was standing right there a second ago."

"John Silver?  The cyborg?" Mickey blinked.  "Are you sure?  I don't see. . ."  He paused to look behind him and saw the rubber ball.  He smiled, "Oh, Marina.  I see.  Were you fighting pirates again?"

"Well. . . yes, but. . ." Marina looked at the ball rocking back and forth.  She could nearly see Blackbeard's face on it as he was laughing at her.  When it faded away, she thought out loud, "Did I really imagine it?"

"You could have," Mickey answered.  "Remember the last time?  You were telling us you were under attack by Captain Flint and his crew while you were exploring the Calyan Abyss."

Marina ran her fingers through her hair in confusion.  "Yeah, but it seemed so real."

"Marina, no true pirate would have guts enough to come this close to the palace.  And alone for that matter.  Even a brutal pirate like Captain Silver wouldn't stand a chance against our powers of protection.  Might as well have one single pirate ship going up against the entire Terran Navy."

"I guess you're right," she cracked a smile.  "I suppose it's a silly thought."  She sat down on the grass and sighed, "Oh, sometimes I wish my imagination wasn't so overactive.  Look at me.  I'm 32-years-old and I still use my imagination like a 5-year-old."

Mickey chuckled and place a hand on her shoulder, "There's nothing wrong with that.  You know very well that a good imagination is a wonderful thing.  Why, I've taught you that ever since you were. . . well, shorter than me.  Besides, without imagination, a true explorer wouldn't dream of what he hopes to discover next."  He took a hold of her hand, "And I think it's a good way of you to keep your mind off troubles.  You and Robert shared a few memories with such games."

Marina looked into his large round eyes and smiled back.  As Mickey helped her back up to her feet, he said, "Now let's get going.  We've got a lot to do for tonight."

"Yeah, I've gotta finish with the roses," she walked along side him hand in hand.

"And I want you to look your best in the new dress I got you."


As Mickey went on with how he felt the night was going to go, Marina looked behind her to the bottom of the hill.  She still saw nothing but grass and trees.  All the same, there was something inside her wondering if what she saw was all for real or not.
The updated first chapter of Faith of the Heart as promised.

I know you didn't see that coming.
Marina is now a young widow.
Since her husband has been dead for a long time, she's no longer in mourning as she use to be.
Marina still has a bit of imagination in her. It helps her keep her sadness off her mind. Kinda like how some people blow off steam by doing something else. Her biggest dream is to become an explorer and she's hoping one day to set out to find a certain species. But the one thing that keeps her in Fantasy Land is that she cannot draw out her sword without the boys being nearby.

I hope this update will be be enjoyable to everyone.

And I will soon submit a drawing of what Marina's late husband looks like and I will mention him some more in future chapters. I promise.

If there are any spelling or grammar errors, please tell.

EDIT!!! I took out the intro. Everyone pointed it out and I saw that it was pointless. I added a few things more about her first husband and all. And more will be mention later.

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Owner Disclaimers:

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto Pup, Daisy Duck, Clarabelle Cow © The Walt Disney Company
John Silver © href="">The Walt Disney Company
Marina Seadrift © DisneyFan-01
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Chapter 6

Sarah's P.O.V

"What do you want?"


"What!" Sarah shrieked, backing away from the smirking man in front of her. For a second she saw something like annoyance flick across his face but it was gone to quickly to tell.
"Really Sarah must I repeat myself?" he tittered at her. Sarah scowled, how dare he laugh at her after saying that!
"Why do you want me?" she hissed at him.
"You really don't know? Did my words mean nothing to you?" He asked stepping closer.
"What words?" Sarah asked exasperated. He just shook his head a smile on his lips.
"Really Sarah, how did you make it through my Labyrinth when you are completely incapable of working out something that is as clear as day? Think back Sarah, back to the Escher room."
Sarah frowned, in the Escher room she had chased Toby around till she jumped from that ledge and then...then she had confronted him and he had said...
"And the penny drops." He grinned down at her. Without Sarah realising he had stepped closer and that they were now only inches apart, she wanted  to get away from him but she was backed up against her vanity and he blocked any other route of escape.
"You were trying to stall me from getting Toby back!" She whispered defiantly. He laughed and shook his head.
"Deep down Sarah you know that isn't true. Do you honestly think I would go to that much trouble just for one insignificant baby? "
Sarah blushed, she really didn't like the way things were going.
"I'm fifteen years old!" she gasped
"Age is but a number precious, and when one is immortal, it really is of little consequence."
Sarah shook her head.
"I've only just realised how important my family are to me, and you want me to just leave them! I can't!"
He just turned and shrugged.
"Then your friends will rot in jail for the rest of their worthless lives."
"That's blackmail!" Sarah spat. He turned back round.
"Your point my dear?"
"It...It's wrong!" she sputtered. He smiled wickedly down at her.
"When you're my Queen Sarah, you'll learn that when I want something I will go to any length to get it, be it good or bad."
"You're what!?" Sarah spluttered.
"Queen, my dear. That is the usual title for a King's consort."
"But I don't want to be your Queen!" Sarah cried
"Then forget about your friends. Really Sarah? I never thought you'd be heartless enough to cause your friends to suffer when you could spare them their pain by accepting my simple offer."
"You're offer isn't simple, it's ludicrous!" Sarah hissed. He eyed her carefully for sometime before speaking again.
"You're right dearest, my offer isn't simple," For a moment Sarah hoped that he was going to retract his offer and just free her friends, but that hope was quickly trampled, "but nor is it ludicrous. The deal still stands, but since it's you precious I shall be generous."

Jareth's P.O.V

"You're offer isn't simple, it's ludicrous!"

Anger flared inside him at her words. How dare she say his offer was 'ludicrous'. It was a great honour for her, a mere mortal, to become Queen of the underground. But there lay the problem, she was mortal and had no idea how privileged she was to have his love and devotion. She would help him rule the underground, be the mother of his children. His proposition was not 'ludicrous' but she did have a point about it not being simple, being a ruler of the underground was not a task undertaken lightly.

However he would not retract his deal, he would nevertheless give her time to make her decision, but not too long, he wanted Sarah to act rashly and not think about reasons to refuse his deal. He knew that on a time limit she would act and think quickly just as she had done in his labyrinth. If she had thought to ask the worm why she should never go left, she would have reached the castle sooner and if she had stopped to remember why she should not eat goblin fruit she would not have fallen into his trap. Just as before Sarah's recklessness would be his ally.

He watched her carefully as he told her the deal still held, but that he would be generous to her.
"I'll give you thirteen hours to think over my deal Sarah. At the end of that time you will either return with me to the underground or leave your friends to their dismal fate."

He watched as Sarah thought hard trying to come up with some argument she hadn't already tried.
"You won't consider making another deal for something else?" she asked desperately.
"No Sarah, This is the only deal I'll make with you." He smiled as her shoulders slumped in defeat.
"In that case dearest I shall return in thirteen hours for you answers, I hope for your friend's sake that it's the right one!" he warned, "Until then." He darted forwarded and placed a fleeting kiss on her lips before disappearing in a swirl of glitter.
Disclaimer: i sadly do not own the Labyrinth all characters mentioned above belong to (C) Jim Henson

Shortly after sarah returns from The labyrinth she relises that the Goblin King is not quite as defeated as she hoped and that he is far from finshed with her! This time the Goblin King will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

This story could end up with a dark jareth and later chapters may hav mature content so ye be warned

sorry for spelling and grammer

chapter 1 : [link]
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Chapter 5

I only own Meep

Sarah's P.O.V

"Meep, does this have anything to do with my friends?"

"Where are they Meep?"

"Tell me!"

"In the dungeon in Castle beyond Goblin City."

"What!" Sarah shrieked. Meep flinched at her voice.
"Sarah?"  Her father called from downstairs, "is everything all right honey?"
"Um yeah everything's fine. I... um... couldn't understand something from my History notes." It was a stupid lie but it was the only thing she could come up with.
"Do you want some help?" Her Father shouted.
"No!" She quickly yelled back, "I mean... um don't worry I think I worked it out now."
"Well ok if you're sure."
Sarah let out a sigh of relief, the last thing she needed was for her father to walk in with Meep sobbing on the floor.

She whirled back round to see Meep crawling under her bed.
"Oh no you don't!" she lunged forward grabbing the small Goblin by the leg.
"No! No! Meep no wanna see Lady, mad!" the Goblin wailed.
"Meep! Please I need to know what happened." Meep Shock his head
"No King only order Meep to tell Lady that friends in dungeon. King say nothing about telling anything else! Meep don't wanna be punished!" He moaned.
"Wait you were ordered to tell me?" Meep refused to answer.
"Please Meep just tell me why they are there. That's all I'm asking."
Meep hiccupped and then looked sadly up at her.
"They in dungeon coz they help Lady!"
"What? They can't be locked up for that! It isn't Fa-"  Sarah stopped short. She had promised herself not to use the phrase again. Life wasn't fair but you play the hand you're  dealt. Her friends had been unjustly throne into prison for helping her and she damn well wasn't going to let a certain Goblin King get away with it. It was her fault her friends were in this mess so it was her duty to get them out of it.
"Meep I want to see the Goblin King, NOW!"
Meep stared up at her like she had gone mad.
"Why?" He squeaked
"Because his fight is with me, not my friends. If he wants to be a sore loser fine, but i will not stand by and let him hurt innocent people... I mean goblins!"
Meep gazed up at her, eyes wide with awe.
"Lady would risk anger of King for friends?"
"Yes" Sarah nodded. Meep shook his head in disbelief
"Then Lady very brave," Sarah smiled, "or very stupid." Sarah rolled her eyes. Although Meep did have a point, it sounded brave but was it really a smart thing to do? Yes she thought, I have to save my friends!
"How do I talk to him?" Sarah asked. Meep Blinked up at her.
"Wish." he said
"You mean all I have to do is make a wish?" Meep only nodded and began to crawl back under the bed.
"Where are you going?" she called after him.
"Meep hide, me no wanna see." came his muffled reply.

Sarah turned away from the bed and straightened her shoulders. Right, I can do this she thought and closed her eyes.
"I wish to speak to the Goblin King!" she said clearly then opened her eyes. Nothing happened. No lightning or thunder, no glitter, no arrogant Goblin King. Darn! What went wrong?
"Why didn't it work?" Sarah asked turning back to glare at space under her bed.
"Lady forgot ending." The barely audible voice came from deep under her bed; he must be hiding under some of her old blankets as well.
"Ending?" she questioned but Meep gave no reply.
What does he mean? She wondered. What ending? When I wished Toby away I... Oh! Realisation hit her.
"I wish to speak to the Goblin King," Sarah took a deep breath, "right now!"
This time Sarah knew it had worked, the lights in her bedroom began to flicker and the atmosphere in the room changed as if the air was now charged with electricity.
"Well this is a pleasant surprise." A male voice drawled from behind her, she spun around and came face to face with the Goblin King. He was dressed much the same as he had the first time they had met, full Goblin armour and dark cloak. Only this time the effect was different this time without the wind wiping his hair and cloak around it made him seem less frightening although his dark apparel and sharp piercing mismatched eyes still intimidated her.
"Goblin King." she replied, only a light tremor in her voice.

She noticed with dread that the Goblin King stood between her and the door meaning that if things went badly she wouldn't be able to escape. He obviously guessed what she was thinking.
"Not thinking of leaving are you Sarah?" he asked slowly taking two steps forward and cocking his head to one side. Sarah brought her chin up.
"No I'm not going to leave."  She replied, glad when her voice came out steady.
"No, because that would be rude after you summoned me here."  He grinned at her showing his slightly pointed canine teeth. She narrowed her eyes, was he laughing at her.
"What have you done with my friends?" She demanded folding her arms and glaring up at him. He sighed and tugged at the glove of his left hand and leisurely stepped closer to her.
"You know very well what I've done with them; otherwise you wouldn't have called me here tonight."
"So you really are that much of a sore loser then?" she asked glowering at him. To her anger he laughed.
"Come now precious, how does me punishing my disloyal subjects make me a sore loser? If anything it makes me a wise monarch, can't have my subjects believing they can get away with betraying their king now can I? I'd have a revolt on my hands."
"You're only doing this to get back at me for beating you!" Sarah hissed.
"Oh Sarah if I wanted to get back at you for besting my Labyrinth I would do something far worse than lock your friends up. Although I must say that I am pleased that their imprisonment has led me to have another audience with you, I had hoped it would." He smirked, lifting a leather encased finger and running it down her cheek. She flinched back at the unwanted contact.
"I thought you said you locked them up to set an example?" Sarah spat.
"Oh I did, but I was well aware that their incarceration would have other benefits." He whispered stepping even closer.
"What other benefits." She growled between gritted teeth.
"Now really precious, you don't expect me to tell you what they are, do you?" He laughed and reached out and caught a few strands of her hair between his fingers. Quickly she stepped back, uncomfortable with how close he had gotten, the lock of hair sliding out of his grasp.
"Stop calling me that and let my friends go they only did what any decent person would do!"
The Goblin King regarded her for a few seconds before replying.
"It goes both ways you know."
"What does?" Sarah snapped.
"The whole having no power. I may have no power over you but you have no power over me therefore, I can call you whatever I like and I don't have to release your friends."
Sarah pondered this for awhile then a grin spread across her face.
"I could always wish for you to release them! You have to grant a wish." Sarah said triumphantly, although her triumph quickly died as she saw the look of glee on his face.
"You could yes precious, but wishing always comes with a price. Your wish to get rid of Toby required you to complete my Labyrinth in order to get him back. And your wish tonight has granted me access to you if only a small amount."
"What!?" Sarah gasped
"So by all means make your wish but it will be costly, perhaps I'll take young Tobias in exchange?" he continued tapping his finger on his chin in contemplation.
"No! You can't have him, I won him back!"  Sarah said franticly.
"Then I guess you friends will have to stay where they are... such a pity."
"You can't do this! They did nothing wrong!" Sarah cried
"They defied their King, Sarah, so it is perfectly in my right to punish them as I see fit!" He snapped back.
There has to be another way? Sarah thought I can't make a wish because then he'll get Toby, oh what am I going to do? There's got to be something?
"I'll run the labyrinth for them." She said desperately. He shook his head.
"You didn't wish them away." He said simple gazing down at her a smile playing on his lips.
Grrrrrr I'd love to slap that smug look right off his face! Sarah thought.
"What can I do to get you to release them?" she asked almost immediately regretting it as a look of triumph flickers across his face.
"You really want your friends released?" He asked arching an eyebrow.
"Yes!"  She said, exasperated.
"I'm willing to offer you an exchange." He whispers edging closer to her.
"What kind of exchange?" Sarah asked warily
"Well I'll let your traitorous friends go in exchange for something I consider much more valuable." A smile played across his lips.
"What do you want?" Sarah asked, praying that he wasn't going to ask for Toby.
Chapter 5

Disclaimer: i sadly do not own the Labyrinth all characters mentioned above belong to (C) Jim Henson

Shortly after sarah returns from The labyrinth she relises that the Goblin King is not quite as defeated as she hoped and that he is far from finshed with her! This time the Goblin King will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

Reviews and comments make me write faster.

This story could end up with a dark jareth and later chapters may hav mature content so ye be warned

sorry for spelling and grammer

chapter 1 : [link]
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Dramione: Hermione + Draco

     The Untold Story


Forty-five pairs of eyes swung to the door of the dungeon as they were swung open. Professor Snape’s lecture had been boring so not many people had actually been paying attention. But everyone was definitely paying attention now.

Draco turned in his seat to see Ginny Weasley marching into the room. Behind her he could Hermione standing just outside of the doorway, looking horrified.

“Miss Weasley”, Snape droned, his tone icy. “What has possessed you to interrupt my class today?”

Ginny flashed him a look that said ‘must you always talk like that?’, before answering.

Can I talk to Malfoy please”, she asked confidently.

Everyone shifted their attention to him.

“The time for socializing is not now Miss-”

“It’s an emergency”, Ginny interrupted. Everyone gasped. It was dangerously foolish to cross the potions master, especially when you’re a Gryffindor.

Draco didn’t necessarily like Ginny, or any of the Weasleys for that matter, but he admred her guts. Unfortunately for her, her guts were about to get her in a whole lot of trouble.

“Professor, let me take care of this.” Draco stood up from his seat, which resulted in more gasps. His voice was steady and calm, which was the exact opposite of what he was feeling. He definitely didn’t want to talk to Hermione at the moment, and especially not if her and her friends were going to be busting into his classes. He swallowed.

“Quickly, Mr. Malfoy”, Snape said finally. He didn’t like Gryffindors and would have loved this opportunity to take all of their house points away but Draco was his favorite student so perhaps he would only take half of their points away.

Draco quickly shuffled out of his seat and shooed Ginny out of the door, shutting it behind him.

“Thanks”, Ginny said. “For a second I thought you were just going to sit there.”

“Yeah, well what do you want”, he asked snappily.

Ginny looked back at Hermione who was standing a little father off.

“Well”, Ginny said.

Hermione looked confused.

“Well, what? You’re the one who dragged me here.”

Draco rolled his eyes and turned back to the door. Ginny grabbed his arm.

“Wait”, she said quickly. She looked down and stopped touching him. “Sorry. It’s just. You two should talk. In an actual conversation. You can at least do that much.”

She walked over t a corner and faced it, trying to give them at least some privacy.

“So”, Draco said. He hoped Hermione planned on saying something seeing as how he was missing class time for this. He didn’t particularly like potions but it was better than just standing there with her.

“So I don’t know why you expected what you said to change anything”, Hermione said simply. She frowned at him. “Nothing has changed.”

Draco scoffed. She was unbelievable. Even when she claimed she had left the past in the past it was clear she was holding steadfast to her previous thoughts of him.

“That much is obvious.” He walked back into the dungeon.

He couldn’t believe he had just wasted those five minutes of his life. More than that, he couldn’t believe he had wasted these past weeks of his life. He didn’t think Hermione would be one of those people who would judge him, but apparently he was wrong.

He sat back in his seat.

“What happened”, Ariell whispered. Draco faked a smile. It was hard to do.

“Nothing, really.”

Ariell glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. She smirked.

“If you say so.”

“Yeah, I say so.”

Another short one but the next one will be long. I only have the beginning part floating in my head but trust me, I can already tell it will be. Anywho thanks to everyone who has been reading my stories and all that, it means a lot. Be sure to comment as well. Thanks :)
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-Belle's Point of View-

I smiled as our small town seemed to be filled with color for a festive holiday, though it wasn't very famous. It was called the Festival of Fools. It was basically a very odd holiday that was filled with drunks and ugly people who were crowned king and where everything was basically the opposite of what it normally is. I didn't usually care for the alcoholic side of things but I did enjoy all the colorful decorations as well as the music and dancing including the most popular song called "Topsy Turvy".

I continued to read as I walked through the town as some of the gypsies were setting up but they were kind enough to try and avoid bumping into me. As I was just about to exit the town square, I bumped right into a gypsy man, knocking both of us over from the force of it. He scrambled to his feet, his costume jingling with all the bells on it. "My sincerest apologies, mademoiselle! I was too preoccupied with the day's festivities to watch where I was going," he said, offering his hand to me.

I took it and he helped me up and we brushed ourselves off. I looked over at him and recognized him immediately. He and his group of gypsies would travel from town to town to celebrate the holiday until they ended up in Paris where they lived. "It is no trouble at all, monsieur. The fault is equally mine," I replied though he didn't seem very comfortable with the response. I then remembered reading about how the gypsies were treated in Paris. They were always labeled as the filth of the city which I never thought was right. They were people just like everyone else.

With the worst timing, as always, Gaston butted into the conversation by striking down the gypsy with a punch. "Are you causing trouble with Belle here, gypsy," he growled.

I glared at him. "Gaston, he did nothing intentional. We merely ran into each other."

Gaston still stood towering over the fallen gypsy man. "Are you sure he hasn't pick-pocketed you, Belle? They are known for bumping into people in order to steal." He snatched the gypsy's coin purse and held it in the air. "Where did you get all this money, gypsy?"

The gypsy man glared at him from his spot on the ground. He remained on the ground though which confused me as to why he would. "I rightly earned it, monsieur, from my travels and I would appreciate if you would give it back. Unfortunately, I don't see you doing so anytime soon so..." The gypsy smirked devilishly and kicked Gaston's knee in just the right place to make it collapse from beneath him. The gypsy quickly snatched his coin purse back and skipped, yes skipped, towards the rest of the gypsies setting up. Gaston quickly got to his feet and gave chase to the gypsy to try and get revenge of the gypsy tricking him. I smiled and rolled my eyes, reading my book as I continued back to my house.

-Clopin's Point of View-

I ran as fast as I could as I hopped from building to building while this 'Gaston' fellow proceeded to give chase. He was angry while I was having a wonderful time. Most of their small town and nearly all of my people watched as the town hunter gave chase to the king of gypsies. The men in my group, along with one of my closest friends Camille, cheered me on while the women were laughing. The townspeople were somewhat cheering for Gaston to catch me but the majority were just watching for the humor of it.

I had meant to just travel into town square to see how everything was getting set up. I ran backwards as I went past Camille. "The decorations look great, Camille," I shouted as I turned myself to jump onto the top of my caravan. Unfortunately for him, Gaston was not much of a high jumper but liked to climb things instead. The problem with that was that I had nothing to climb onto in order to get onto my caravan since I was a high jumper and wouldn't need anything like that. I smiled down at him from the top of the puppet cart. "Are you tired yet, monsieur?" I teased, smiling at him as he panted while this was barely an exercise for me.

He glared up at me as the town laughed at my joke. "You will regret making a fool of me, gypsy," he growled. I just laughed lightly. Yes, him and everyone else in the world would like me punished for making a fool of them. I smiled at him with excitement filling my body. Perhaps, if I was lucky, I could crown him the King of Fools. If I could manage that, it would be the high point of my year. He had eventually given up his failed attempts at making me get down from the top of the caravan and had walked away.

I hopped down and proceeded to talk with my group on the festivities and the events that had just taken place. That had gotten me thinking of that girl I had run into. She was among the most beautiful women I've ever seen not to mention she seemed incredibly smart and civilized for where she grew up. I had visited here many times though so I did recognize her face. It was hard not to with how much the town talked of her marrying Gaston the fearless hunter. I hadn't met this man until the chase I was just given and now I was crossing my fingers she would never settle for such a brute as him. She deserved a prince or a knight in shining armor. She deserved that fairytale ending, the one a gypsy nor a hunter could provide.

-Third Person Point of View-

Belle arrived home as her father was working on another one of his strange inventions that he was always tempted to give up on but never had the heart to do. That was something Belle always found very admirable in her father: His ability to never lose hope. Her mother had died only a few months ago of a tragic illness and, though he mourned, he was still his cheery and crazy old self.

She always worried over her father and what might happen should he get sick and she couldn't heal him. He hadn't known she thought about this until one night after her mother had passed away. She might have been a woman but that didn't mean she was terrified at the thought of losing her father.

Her father didn't worry about what would happen to his daughter once he died though. He would be lying if he said he never thought about it. As crazy as he was, he did think about the safety of his daughter constantly. She was the most beautiful baby girl a father could have ever dreamed of so he knew another man might be able to see that. No, not the beauty you may be thinking of. Of course she was beautiful but she also had a good heart, mind, soul which was what made her so perfect to him.

Belle walked into her father's workshop, which was also the boiler room, as he was trying to start his latest invention. "Hi, Papa. Would you like to go to the festival with me soon," she asked hopefully.

He smiled at her, his glasses making him look funny since they were magnifying glasses combined with glasses so he could see his inventions more clearly. "Sure, Belle. Why don't you put out the fire and we'll head off to town square," he suggested, taking the glasses off and setting his invention down as he began to clean up. She put the fire out and they happily walked towards the square, sharing in the warmth and happiness of the people around them.
A little gift for :iconawesomebyaccident:

This probably won't be a very long story. Maybe 3 or 4 parts but I hope to have this all done for you very soon and I'm very sorry for the wait but I needed to figure out a plot... So, I hope you like this little introductory part. =)

I tried to keep everyone in character as much as I can but the only character I've ever actually written for before was Clopin so I hope I kept them true to their characters!

Edit: I just thought I'd mention the ages since I did lower their ages.

Belle: 17 or 18 approx.
Clopin: low 20's approx. 23 or 24

I made them young because, according to my fanfics, Clopin was the most busy usually during this point of his life because he had to take on his father's responsibilities. I just thought it would be interesting to add in. Enjoy!
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"I can't believe I let you do this, Zim!" Dib said to Zim, not glancing at Zim as he fixed his make-up. Zim was standing by Dib, watching him, smiling at Dib and some giggles slipped out of his thin lips at the site of Dib.
Dib and Zim had dared each other to pick each others costumes for the High School Halloween Dance. Dib dared Zim to be the alien he truly is, and Zim dared Dib to...dress like a transvestite.
Dib wore a blue bustier with red swirls on the sides. The lace on it was black and was tied tightly around Dib's skinny form. On his hips were matching underwear, and they were attached to fishnet socks that went to his knees with black thick lace. Zim also Did Dib's make up, giving him red lipstick and black eye shadow and eye liner.
"You don't look all that bad Dib- look super sexy!" Zim smirked to himself as he grabbed Dib's ass playfully.
Dib jumped and smacked Zim's hand away, with his red painted finger nails. "Stop that!" Dib glared at Zim, who didn't stop smiling and eye balling the Dib's body. "You know...I will make you a deal. You can wear your disguise as long as I can change my idea for you."
Zim's smile went away for a bit as he thought about this, but the smile was back quickly. "Yes, now what is your plan for Zim?"
Dib's face went wicked as his eyes went up and down Zim's body. "Oh you'll see!"
Dib stepped closer to Zim, and started to slip off his gloves. Zim was startled but let Dib take off his clothes. Then Dib took off Zim's shirt slowly, and was awkward for him, to be dressed up like a girl and taking off Zim's clothes.
Dib had his backpack with him and he pulled out a pare of scissors and started to cut up Zim's shirt and gloves.
"What are you doing Dib?!" Zim hissed with annoyance.
"You made the deal!" Dib had finished cutting up Zim's old, normal red striped shirt, and Dib wrapped it back around Zim.
Zim's new shirt was shorter now, and it had no sleeves or back. It kept slipping off of Zim.
Dib cut off the lace on rim of his bustier and wrapped it around Zim, tying it in the back, making it tight enough.
Dib smiled to himself, "Now you!" Dib teased.
Zim blushed a bit, "Is that all?"
"Nope! I need you to make you look sexy!" Dib slipped Zim's gloves over Zim's hands. Both gloves were cut lower, the tips of the fingers were gone, and Dib cut wholes in them.
"Now, your pants!" Dib smiled at Zim, but it wasn't friendly, more mean and evil.
"You're not taking off my pants!" Zim shouted.
"Fine! Just hold still so I don't cut you." Dib went down on his knees and took the scissors right by Zim's thigh.
Zim closed his eyes as he felt the cold blade on his skin, and where it was, it was way to close to his middle. Dib went around Zim's legs, making his pants into mini short. Dib cut big triangles out of the sides of Zim's newly made shorts. Dib ended the triangle point right at the hip line. One hard tare to Zim's shorts would rip them off completely.
"Now, you look sexy! Just be careful Zim, I might bang you!" Dib teased Zim, trailing his hands up Zim's pants, as Dib looked up at Zim.
" I think you're in a more dangerous place, I could just push you're head right into me." Zim grabbed Dib's head and pushed it close to his hips. Dib pulled back right away, and stood up, blushing.
"I was kidding Zim!" Dib shivered and looked away.
"Well I wasn't..." Zim ran a hand down Dib's side, leading into Dib's underwear.
Dib hit it away, "Stop Zim! We should get out of this bathroom..." Dib picked up Zim's wig and put it on him, and messed it up a bit. "Oh wait! You need one more thing!" Dib went over to the make up that he was using and picked up red lip stick. Dib put it on Zim, trying hard not to mess up.
"You sure are having fun with me, huh Dib?" Zim smiled.
Dib grabbed Zim's face, "Sssh, let me put this on you." Dib finished up the lip stick on Zim, and started to head for the door.
"Ready?" Dib asked Zim.
"You are having fun with this huh?" Zim smiled at Dib.
"Well...I guess you look just as bad as me, I don't feel as alone." Dib smirked to himself.
Zim smiled, and put on his fake eyes, and walked over to Dib.
"I'm ready, Sexy Dib." Zim leaned up to Dib, and kissed him on the check, leaving red lips on him. Dib blushed.
"Now, you are finished!" Zim said.
Dib leaned in and kissed Zim on the mouth, "Now you're finished!" Dib winked at Zim.
Zim smiled and blushed, he grabbed Dib's hand and the both walked out of the bathroom.
So, today my sister did my make up...I hate wearing it...oh well. I do look cool though, but I look like someone from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Soooo I came up with this when I was listening to the sound track. :3
My mind is horrible, love it! >3

Don't like ZaDr, don't comment.

I do not own Zim and Dib.
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                            Holidays of Future's Past

  Lisa was happy that her daughter Zia looked up to her, and was just as intelligent as she was at her age. She was worried that she would become a total party girl, and become hooked to the web. Christmas was over, it was passed midnight, and she walked to her car with her husband. They waved to her parents and brother; Bart decided to stay the night. The three of them drove off and headed for home, Lisa driving, Milhouse in the seat next to her, and Zia in the back.
  Halfway there, the car began to have trouble. Lisa turned to see Milhouse asleep, his head leaning on the window. She looked back at Zia; she had fallen asleep on the back seats. Lisa pulled the car to the side of the road and got out of the car. She opened her hood and tried to find the problem with the car. She knew it wasn't gas; the car had been filled yesterday. Lisa inspected the engine, trying to remember what Nelson had taught her. She pulled on a long clear thing, and it broke in her hand.
  "D'oh!" Lisa said. "If only Nelson were here. He'd know what to do." Nelson had become a mechanic, once again making a business where he "pimped out"  other people's vehicles. " Maybe I should call him. "
  Lisa went back to the car and got her purse. She went to her phone memory and selected "Mechanic"; Lisa had had an affair with Nelson, several in fact, cheating on her husband Milhouse. She only married him because she had gotten drunk, slept with him, and found out that she was pregnant. It was her twenty first birthday party, and it was the first time she had gotten drunk. What were the chances?
  Lisa waited for Nelson to answer, which took only a few seconds. "Lis'?" She could hear hope in his voice; he muat've that she wanted to get together.

  "Hi Nelson." Lisa felt bad for calling; she didn't want to get his hopes up about leaving Milhouse. The only reason she really married with him was because he had gotten her pregnant; she was only twenty one at the time, and raising a baby alone at such a young age would have disastrous.
  "Listen, about earlier," Nelson began, "I'm sorry if I sounded inconsiderate. It's just-"
  "Nelson," Lisa cut him off. "I'm sorry, but my car broke down, and I don't know how to fix it. Can you come by?"
  "Oh." Lisa could hear Nelson's voice crack a little. "Yeah. Sure. Where are you?"
  "I'm by Professor Frink's old place." Lisa remebered her old dates with Nelson, back they were kids, and back when she was seeing him behind Milhouses back. So he knew where it was by heart.
  "Okay. I'll be there in about thirty minutes." Lisa hung up the phone and sighed; she really did love Nelson, but she couldn't risk hurting her daughter, no matter how much she loved Nelson. She went back to the car, and put her hands in front of the heat. She looked at Professor Frinks; she wondered what had happened to him after the clone wars, when everyone in Springfield had been cloned by the aliens Kang and Kodos. Frink had disappeared, before the war, and never heard from again.
   Lisa felt her hands being cold again, and saw that her fuel gauge was empty. "Oh no." She tried to start the car, to at least have some warmth, but it wouldn't start. They couldn't wait thirty minutes in the freezing cold. She looked at Frink's house. 'I suppose we could go in there.'.
  "Milhouse wake up!" She shook her husband, trying to wake him up. He opened his eyes.
  "Are we home?" he said groggily.
  "No." Lisa brought her arm to Zia. "Zia! Wake up!"
  "We need to get out of the car." Lisa opened her door and got out. She put her head back in and took a pen and paper out of her purse, writing down they would be in Frink's old house. "The car broke down. We need to go into Professor Frink's house. Nelson's going to to pick us up."
  "What? Nelson?!!?" Milhouse was still scared of his old bully. "Why call him? Why not Bart?"
  "Because Nelson's a mechanic, and he can fix the car. Now hurry up!" The three of them walked to Frinks house. Lisa opened the door, and the three of them went in. "Nelson said he be here in half an hour. So don't complain!"
  "I'm gonna lie down." Milhouse held his coat shut, and kept on shivering. "I need to get some sleep." Milhouse went upstairs, and disappeared from Lisa's sight.
  Lisa and Zia sat down on an old couch, which was covered in dust. When they sat, dust flew into the air. "So," Lisa said, "what do you wanna talk about."
  "Nothing." Zia pulled out her ear phones, but was stopped by her mother before she could put them in, who grabbed them and put them in her pocket book. "Hey! I was gonna listen to music."
  "No! No music. It's rude to listen to music when someone's talking." Lisa closed her bag. Zia sat back on the couch, ignoring her mother's attempts at communication. They waited in silence for fifteen minutes when Zia finally got tired of the silence.
  They waited in silence for fifteen minutes when Zia finally got tired of the silence. "So what did Professor Frink invent anyway?" She had looked him up on the internet, and all she could find was that he disappeared a few years before she was born. "And what happened to him?"
  Lisa avoided the last question; everyone in Springfield had to stay quiet about what happened. Plus she really didn't know what happened to him.h
  Lisa thought of the things he built. She could only think of one in particular. "He built a time window. He showed me and your Uncle."
  "A what window?"
  "A time window." Lisa repeated. "It would lets person see into the future; it would predict what would most likely happen to that person. It also showed the past."
  "Where is it now?"
  "It's probably still in the basement." Lisa wondered if it was still operational. She would love to see her future again. "Let's go check. We can see who you marry in the future!" Lisa ran for the basement, followed closely by Zia.
  "Mom!" Zia yelled. "Wait for me!"
  They went down the stairs, which were creaked with every step. They got to the bottom and Zia looked around the room, moving her head right and left; she saw old, dusty computers, and a small window that you could see from the outside. Zia walked to it; she could see their car.
  Lisa saw the giant television like screen. It had gathered alot of dust over the years. She went to the control board and started fidgeting with some buttons. The screen came on, and showed the pasts and futures of several people. Zia looked at the screen and read some of the names aloud. " 'Cletus as President', 'Martin: Prince to Princess', 'Bart vs El Barto'? What are these, futures or t.v. episodes of a twenty year old animated sitcom?"
  "They're real. Trust me. Frink just put them in a way that people would be entertained." Lisa went to the search area and type in her daughters name, and came across she would like very much to see. " 'Zia's Wedding'!! Let's watch!!"
   "No!" Zia grabbed her mother's hand before she could click on it. "Maybe I don't wanna know who I marry!"
  "Why not?" Lisa asked. "What if he's a real hunk?" Lisa said that last part with a bit of a laugh.
  "A real hunk?" Zia couldn't believe her mother had just said that. "No one says 'hunk' anymore Mom! And besides, I wanna be surprised. If you're so interested, let's look at your future.". Zia moved her mother's hand off the mouse and typed in her mother's name.
  Zia scrolled down on the screen, looking for an interesting future. She clicked on one labeled 'Lisa's Second Baby'; it was dated for 3 years from now. "I'm gonna have a sibling?" She said out loud.
  Lisa looked at the screen, and trembled, remembering the pain she suffered from having Zia; she didn't want to take the drugs they offered her, as she knew the risks for her baby. She looked at the screen as it showed her future.
  She was lying on a hospital bed, giving birth, screaming her lungs out. Doctor Hibert was delivering the baby, and there was no man next to her, only nurses and her mother. 'Milhouse isn't there, again,' Lisa thought;  he wasn't there for Zia's birth either, being too scared to come in. She screamed, asking if the baby was out yet. Lisa heard a screaming baby; she felt her future self's relief.
  Doctor Hibber handed her her baby and turned to a nurse. "Tell the father he can come in now. The gross part is over. A hee hee hee!" The nurse opened the window, and Milhouse walked in, looking green and close to throwing up.
  He walked to Lisa and the baby. "Hey there Milhouse Junior." The baby had his father's blue hair. " I think this one is gonna look like me." The screen went black.

  Lisa and Zia looked at the screen. Zia groaned. "Great. A brother. It couldn't be a sister, could it?"
  "Oh, come on," Lisa argued."Brother's aren't so bad. I mean, look at Bart."
  "And look at Maggie." Zia liked her aunt better than she did her uncle. "She's a rock star."
  A creak from the ceiling caught their attention. "Lis'?" someone yelled. It was Nelson.
  "Nelson, I'm down here! I'm coming up!" Lisa yelled. She turned to Zia. " Stay here. I'll be back in a few minutes." Zia watched her mother run up the stairs, leaving her alone in the basement. She could tell they were talking, but couldn't hear what about. She heard something about a clear tube.
  Zia walked to the time window, deciding to see more of the future. It couldn't hurt after all. She decided to look at her mother's future. She typed in her mother's name, Lisa Simpson; her mother kept surname, and she herself had her mother's last name.
   She scrolled through the options until she came across one that made her heart ache; 'Lisa's heartbreak'. Zia clicked on it, and she watched. She noticed the date on the screen; 12/31/2041. 'This is a few days,' Zia thought. The screen came on, showing Zia The Hibbert's house; they always hosted a new years party.

  Lisa was standing on a balcony, watching fireworks go off. Zia was with friends, and Milhouse was home, still sick feeling sick from Christmas. Lisa turned around when she heard someone behind her. It was Nelson Muntz.
  "Nelson." Lisa walked over to him and kissed him on the lips, though he didn't kiss back. "What's wrong?"

  "Mom?" Zia couldn't believe what she was seeing; her mother was cheating on her father! She never thought her mother would do something like this!

  Lisa tried to kiss Nelson again, but he dodged it. "What's wrong honey?" Lisa took Nelson's hand and guided him towards the edge of the balcony. "Why won't you kiss me?"
  Nelson looked at the fireworks. "This isn't working Lis'." He leaned on the railing. "You can't keep doing this to me. It's been seven years, and we keep on doing this; you're marriage has been dead and fulfilled ever since it started, and you run to me more comfort. Well I can't do it anymore!" Nelson yelled the last sentence out.
  "What do you mean?" Lisa sounded hurt. "You're breaking up with me?"
  "Yes Lis'." Nelson looked back inside. "You're never gonna leave that loser Milhouse, and I need someone who will be with me always, not just when she can make it." Nelson started to walk back inside.
  "You know I can't leave him! I can't make Zia go through something like that, you know that!" Lisa began to cry, and wrapped her arms around Nelson's chest before he could open the glass door. "Please Nelson. Don't do this to me."
  "I'm sorry, babe." Nelson fought back shedding tears. "I love you, but I just can't do this anymore." He grabbed Lisa's hand and pulled them apart, walking back inside and leaving the party.
  Lisa staggered back into the railing, falling to her kness, and began to cry uncontrollably. The screen faded to Lisa's crying.

  Zia couldn't believe what she had just watched. Her mother was cheating on her father; for seven years!! Zia knew her mother and father werent the best married couple, but she never thought her mother would do such a thing.
  But Zia only thought of how sad her mother had gotten when Nelson had told her that he was leaving her, stopping their affair. Did she really love him that much? Zia went to the window she had seen earlier, wanting to see what was happening between her mother and Nelson. She saw the two of them standing next to her mother's car, embraced in each others arms, kissing.
  Zia walked back to the time window and scrolled through her mother's futures. She watched several, all of them showing her as an unhappy woman, stuck with someone she didn't love. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want her mother to live a miserable life with a man she didn't love. But she didn't want her father to get hurt, either; he worships her. What should she do?

  Lisa came back down to tell Zia that Nelson was going to take the car to his garage, and that he would give them a lift home. They drove in awkward silence. Nelson dropped them off and they went inside. Lisa stayed to, 'Give him gas money.', though Zia spied on her though a window, and saw them kiss each other.
  Lisa came in to Zia tapping her foot. Milhouse had gone to bed the minute he got home, leaving the two of them able to talk without him knowing.
  "Why aren't you in your room, Zia?" Lisa asked. Zia spent most of her time in her room, in the internet, so it surprised Lisa to see her standing in the living room.
  "Mom, we need to talk." Zia had gone over how she was going to do this in her head on the way home.
  "What about honey?" Lisa was worried that she might've done something stupid, such as get pregnant. "Is something wrong?"
  Zia sat on the couch, and Lisa sat next to her. "I know about you and Nelson," she said simply.
  Lisa paled at that. She started to stammer, trying to say something, but not knowing what to say.
  "I know you've been cheating on Dad with him. And I know that you love him."
  Lisa didn't know what to say. She composed herself and began to talk, slowly, trying to find the right words. "Zia. This may be hard for you to understand, but I'm not in love with your father anymore; I still love him, but not like I used to."
  "I know, Mom." Zia looked down at the ground.
  "How did you find out?" Lisa asked. "I've been very discreet about us."
  "I found out through the time window' I wanted to see your future, and I saw one called 'Lisa's Heartbreak'."
  Lisa looked at her with a puzzled look. "'Heartbreak?"
  "Yeah. It showed you standing on a balcony at The Hibberts, during their New Years Party. Nelson was there, and he ened your affair. He said that he couldn't do it anymore, that you had to leave Dad or he would stop seeing you."
  "He did." Lisa was beginning to get worried even more.  
  "You said you couldn't because of me, that going through a divorce and leaving Dad would have been unfair to me. You cried when he left. I checked your other futures, and you were miserable, in a loveless marriage that got worse as the years went on." Zia took a deep breath. "I want you to leave Dad."
  Lisa was shocked. She wasn't expecting any of this; she expected her daughter to hate her for doing this to the family, to tell to stop seeing Nelson. But not this. "You want me to leave him?"
  "Yes." Zia looked her mother in eyes. "I'll be fine; I can handle what happens between you two, but I can't see you live a long, miserable life with Dad if you can live a happy one Nelson."
  Lisa began to cry. She couldn't believe her daughter could be so selfless. She had wanted to be with Nelson for years, but couldn't bring herself to hurt her family. "Okay." Lisa's voice cracked. She hugged Zia in a lung crushing hug. "Thank you, Zia. Thank you."

  Lisa stood on the balcony in The Hibbert's house. She was with Nelson; she had told him that she was going to leave Milhouse and be with him, stopping him from ending their relationship. Lisa had already explained things to Milhouse. He didn't like it; he cried when she told him; but he agreed to get a divorce in the end.
  The two planned to get married as soon as possible. Bart was happy for them; he knew Lisa was happier with Nelson than she was with Milhouse. Marge and Homer also approved; they didn't like the thought of their eldest daughter having an unhappy marriage with Milhouse.
  LIsa and Nelson stood on the balcony, waiting for the new year to start. They knew in their hearts that this year was going to be the best one out the many that were to come.
This is my entry for the NelsonxLisa Holidays Fanfic Contest. When I saw the episode, I was mad that Lisa ended up with Milhouse. But I remembered how they showed her frowning when she married him. I also remembered the way that Lisa asks Bart if she should have married Nelson, saying she still talked to him. She also implies that she is the one who calls him, rather him calling her.
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Hermione Granger

Some say that letting go is the only way to move forward. Others say that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. So, which is it? Am I supposed to let it all go or remember? I just want to be able to move on with my life and not worry about Voldemort or Death Eaters. I want to just live a simple life of books. After Harry and Ginny's wedding, I thought I would feel better about everything. I thought that seeing them get married would help me realize that the war is over and I could finally live again. However, I don't feel better at all. After I finished school I became a healer at St. Mungo's. I thought that the best thing for me to do was to help as many people as I could. Recently I've realized, as selfish as it may sound, that I cannot completely help others without first helping myself. I need to heal myself emotionally and spending the entire day around sick and injured people was not going to help me do that. So, I quit my job at St. Mungo's and opened a bookshop. What could possibly be more poetic? Hermione Granger surrounded my hundreds of books all day long. It just seemed like a good fit. So, now I am sitting in my small bookshop behind the counter, reading about Herbology while a few customers look around. The bookshop is small and simple, but that's why I love it. Plus, it's right around the corner from my flat. It was a difficult decision to leave my job at St. Mungo's, but as I sit here now I realize that it was the best decision for me. I couldn't possibly be happier surrounded by books in my own bookshop in Wizard London.

I flip the page in my book and see a section about Devil's Snare. I laugh to myself thinking all the way back to my first year at Hogwarts when I had to save Ronald from Devil's Snare because he wouldn't relax. My smile fades immediately. I haven't spoken to Ronald since we broke up at Harry and Ginny's wedding. Very classy to break up at a wedding, I know. Althought it is equally classy of Ronald to hook up with another woman in the broom closet at his best friend and sister's wedding. Luckily I tried to keep my cool as much as possible so not to ruin the beautiful day for my friends. It's been really difficult lately. I haven't dated anyone since Ron and after I wiped all memory of me from my parents, I've just felt so alone. I still have my friends of course, but it isn't the same at all. Harry and Ginny are married now and they have so much going on for just the two of them that sometimes I feel like a third wheel. Neville and Luna are great friends, but they are both so busy with work lately that I hardly ever see them. I just wish that I had someone in my life right now to spend time with and take my mind off of the less pleasant things.

The bell on the door chimes as it opens. I don't look up from my book as I figure the customer can help themselves around the shop. I'm completely calm and relaxed with my book. Neville insisted that I read this book on Herbology. He's always been so amazed by it all. I can hear footsteps approaching the counter. Suddenly my stomach lurches as I hear a customer speak.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Malfoy," the customer says. I want to look up, but I'm frozen in place, staring down at my book. Was I just hearing things? Maybe she didn't say Malfoy but another name that sounds similar. But what if she really did say Malfoy? How many Malfoy families are there around here? As far as I know of, just one. Was it Lucius or Draco? What would either of them possibly be doing here? Too many questions! I'm too nervous to look up. The mysterious Malfoy does not vocally respond to the other customer, so I cannot judge who it is by his voice. My heart is pounding loudly in time with the footsteps that are continuing to get closer to the counter. I can just barely see a black suit standing in front of me on the other side of the counter and two hands rest on the counter top. I feel sick with nervousness as the man in front of me clears his throat for my attention. I force my gaze away from my book and into the cold, grey eyes of Draco Malfoy. I try to keep my face as composed as possible.

"Malfoy," I say dully. A light smirk graces his beautiful face. His sharp features are pale and his blonde hair is swept neatly just above his eyes.

"Good afternoon, Granger," he replies. "This is quite the place you have here. Always should have suspected you would end up with a career like this."

"What is that supposed to mean, Malfoy?"

"You practically lived in the library when we were in school. I just meant that it doesn't surprise me that you would want a job involving books. Although, I could've sworn you were a healer over at St. Mungo's. You didn't get sacked, did you?"

"For your information, Malfoy," I say sharply, "I resigned from my job at St. Mungo's all on my own. I just wanted something simpler after..."

Malfoy holds my gaze as I trail off. It's obvious that we are both remembering the war. Of course, he had a much different view of that war being as he was fighting for the other team. Suddenly I remember Moaning Myrtle saying, "He's sensitive. People bully him, too. And he feels lonely and hasn't got anybody to talk to. And he's not afraid to show his feelings and cry!" Normally I would never be able to picture Malfoy crying, but as I stare into his eyes the image becomes very real. My heart squeezes painfully. The war couldn't possibly have been that easy on him either. Wait, what am I thinking? I can't be making excuses for him! Voldemort or no Voldemort, he's still a Death Eater!!

"What do you want, Malfoy? I'm working."

"I was actually hoping that we could talk."

"Talk? You seriously expect me to go get a butterbeer and just chat about the good old days with you?"

"That's not exactly the laid back conversation that I would expect between us. I don't expect you to actually want to talk to me, or even see me at all, but I really need to talk to you. Please, Hermione."

My heart jumps at the sound of his voice saying my name... my first name. A shiver goes up my spine. His eyes are sad and desperate. I can't possibly say no. "Fine. I close up the shop in twenty minutes. If you can wait until then, we can go to the pub around the corner and talk."

"Yes, of course, I'll wait." An actual smile forms upon his lips as he backs away from the counter slowly. He begins to look through all of the books, occassionally taking one off the shelf and examining it before putting it back. The twenty minutes feel like hours as he slowly walks around the shop. Eventually the clock on the wall chimes and repeats, "Closing time!" three times. The one lady that was left in the shop looks up at the clock before leaving the shop. "Did you charm a muggle clock to tell you when it's time to close?"

I look up to see Malfoy studying the clock carefully. "Yes, I did. Is that a problem?"

He looks from the clock to me and smiles. "No. Ready to go?"

I hesitate, looking around the store for anything that can delay the rest of the evening. I grab my jacket and walk toward the door. Malfoy follows me outside and watches me lock up the shop. We receive many confused facial expressions from all of the people who pass us as we walk to the pub around the corner. Many people politely say good evening to us both, but are obviously shocked and confused by the fact that we are walking together. As much as I want to be cool about this, I'm just as shocked and confused as everyone watching us. We arrive at the pub, right across the street from my building. Malfoy holds the door open for me as I walk inside. The pub is nearly empty, which is unusual. There are a few clusters of people eating and a young man reading in the corner.

"Good evening, Mr. Malfoy," the owner says, coming out from the back. "Your usual, I presume? Oh, Ms. Granger, how lovely to see you, dear."

"Hello, sir," I reply shyly. "Very nice to see you as well."

"Yes, sir, my usual would be splendid. Make it two, please," Malfoy says, handing some money to the owner and walking me over to a table. We sit down and it's obivous that this would be considered his usual table. "Thank you for agreeing to do this."

"You didn't have to do that, Malfoy."

"Do what?"

"Pay for my order like that. I could have gotten it myself."

"Oh, I know you could have, but I'm the one who asked you to come here. You clearly didn't want to see me and this is not what you would prefer to be doing, it is only right that I pay. You don't need to spend your own money to sit here and be uncomfortable."

"Speaking of you asking me to be here, why did you ask me to be here?"

"I told you, I wanted to talk to you."

"Talk to me about what? I don't mean to sound rude, but I can't possibly see what you could want to talk to me about. I'm a mudblood, remember. We hate each other." I stare him down as the owner comes back out with our orders and places them on the table. I sip at my butterbeer uncomfortably realizing the irony of what I'm doing. Well, here I am with Draco Malfoy drinking butterbeer. What's next? Chatting about the good old days? I can't help but be nervous. I'm still in shock that he even came to see me. He ignores his drink and food completely as he watches me.

"Listen, Hermione, I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I know that you cannot possibly forgive me for all of the horrible things that I've done. I could never expect you to do that. I just couldn't live another day without saying these things to you. I know you'll never believe this, but that person I was during the war... that's not me. I mean, it was me or at least I thought it was. I was raised in that world. The Death Eaters and the  Dark Lord and this lifestyle was all that I knew. From the outside looking in it seemed like what I wanted. I thought that was who I wanted to be, but when the time came to be him I couldn't do it. I was supposed to be the one to kill Dumbledore. V-Voldemort said that I had to kill Voldemort or he would kill me. But I couldn't do it." He begins to roll his sleeves up to expose his forearm to me. The place on his arm where the Dark Mark used to be is now just skin. The Dark Mark is gone. I wince at the thought of how painful it probably was to remove it. Suddenly I'm filled with guilt and sympathy. I can't help but believe him that it wasn't the life he wanted. But his life was at risk, how could he just resist it all? He was afraid. I instinctively reach across the table and hold his hand. "The nightmares just keep getting worse. Bellatrix Lestrange dancing around me like a crazy person all the time as mass chaos went on around us. I'm sorry, for what she did to you."

The memory of that awful woman carving mudblood into my arm as she screamed in my face haunts me quite often. I couldn't pretend otherwise, not even to Malfoy. "I wish that I could say that it was okay. Draco, why are you telling me this? I mean, of all of the people in the world you're telling me. Why?"

He stares at my hand in his for a moment, pondering the my question. "My mum arranged for me to marry Astoria Greengrass. A few days before the wedding was supposed to happen, Astoria and I are talking about the war and everything that had happened. I told her that my viewpoint on all of that had changed. Hers hadn't. She told me that if I wanted to throw away everything that my familiy had worked for and become a unworthy wizard, that I should marry a mudblood like Granger. I stood up and walked away and I never saw her again, but I couldn't get you out of my mind. No one from my world would understand my change of heart or support me in any way. I didn't know who else to go to. I just needed someone in my life to take my mind off of everything."

"So, what did you expect? That you would come here and tell me this and all would be forgotten? That we would suddenly be friends after all the hell you put me through?"

"No. No, I could never expect that of you. I know that I don't deserve that. I just needed you to know. I need to say it out loud. And now that I have, I won't bother you again." He stands up and begins to walk toward the door.

"Draco, wait!" I stand up and run after him. "I don't know if I can ever forgive you and I don't know if we could ever be friends. But I'm willing to try and find out."

"Hermione?" a voice calls from the doorway. Draco freezes in place, staring at me with wide eyes. I look over his shoulder to see Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna all standing at the doorway staring at me. Ron speaks to me again, "I didn't know you were going to be here."

"Yeah, Hermione, why didn't you tell us you were going to be here, too?" Ginny asks. Suddenly she stops and refocuses her attention to the back of Draco's head. After a long moment of silence, Draco turns around to face my friends. Eyes widen and jaws drop. Neville, Ginny, and Luna all stand in silent shock. Ron's face is buring red with anger and Harry holds him back.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? DON'T TOUCH HER!!" Ron screams at Draco, his arms fighting to break free from Harry's grip. Draco says nothing. I reach for Draco's arm and wrap my hands around him as if to show my friends that it was okay and he wasn't hurting me. This only seems to make Ron more upset.

"Hermione, I don't understand," Harry says. "What are you doing here with Malfoy?"

"We were just talking," I explain. "He came to my bookshop and asked if we could talk so I agreed. We were just talking. Please, don't be upset."

"IT'S MALFOY, HERMIONE!!!" Ron yells!

"I know who he is, Ronald!!" I yell back. "And in case you've forgotten you are the one who cheated on me so you have no say in who I spend my time with!! You have no right to be concerned of my company anymore! That was your choice!"

I feel Draco's gaze fall to me as tears burn in my eyes. I clearly have unresolved anger issues toward Ron. Ron's anger suddenly turns to guilt and embarrassment.

"Now, if you will excuse us, we were just leaving," I say firmly, pulling Draco toward the door. We push past my friends and out the door.

"Hermione!" Ron calls.

"Don't follow me!" I snap back angrily. The door to the pub slams shut and I'm left standing on the street alone with Draco. I run across the street and sit on the bench outside my building. The tears begin to flow freely down my cheeks and I shake with anger. I suddenly feel Draco sit down next to me and wrap his arms around me. Instead of using my brain to tell me how unusual this scene is, I just lean into him and let myself cry.

Hey! This is my first fic. It will mostly be told by Hermione and Draco... One chapter may be in Rons point of view, depending on where the plot takes me :)
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