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Note: Please do not download this story unless you just plan to read it. If you want to draw a pic that deals with my fan-fic in some way (like drawing a scene from this) then you can do so as long as you credit me especially if one of my ocs is in it.

Pic credited to Schattencyra [link]

Here it is everyone. Chapter one of my 10 Years Later story A Bob Con. Sorry if it's short. I'm saving the good stuff for chapter two. Some of the stuff mentioned in this chapter (and likely in later chapters) takes place during my main Simpsons fan-fic series called New Residents which deals with Fiona's move to Springfield as well as my other ocs moving to the town for whatever reason they have. Also you may of noticed that Bart's outfit is a bit similar to his 10 year old one. I figured with the career I gave him, his sense of style wouldn't change much but at the same time wanted to show that there was some change that makes him not the same as when he was ten.

Bart Simpson, Sideshow Bob, Cecil Tewilliger and Gino Tewilliger created by Matt Groening

Fiona "Fi" Burns and William Terwilliger created by me
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Part 13 x
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woot, sequel to part 1 and 2 is finally up :D

*Story written by my partner, he's in charge of this fiction on this account, i'm in charge of the art :D

Chapter 1 [link]

Chapter 2 [link]

Chapter 3 [link]

Chapter 4 [link]

Chapter 5 [link]

Chapter 6 [link]

Chapter 7 [link]

Chapter 8 [link]

Chapter 9 [link]

Chapter 10 [link]
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Just a small look at some interaction between Hoggle and Jareth. Sorry about the short length of this chapter. I've been super busy with work and party planning and wedding planning and then my birthday was yesterday…

Excuses, excuses…

Excuse me?



I will not excuse you from making so many excuses.

*gives his Majesty an 'oh really' look*

*returns with a 'don't defy me' look*

Fine! *throws up hands* No more excuses.

That's better… and I expect you to tell your readers the situation in the Underground soon. It's just cruel to keep them guessing for eleven whole chapters.

Since when are you for giving things away?

Since my public approval ratings have started going down recently. Asheryder is not making me appear very nice.

*scoff* politics… but no, she's not. Lots of drama going on over in Roommates.

Most certainly…

Labyrinth (c) Henson, Froud, & Lucas

Roommates comic done by :iconasherhyder: can be found here on DeviantArt. She's a great comic artist and it's true… there's LOTS of drama going on in her world! Gonna be pretty epic I imagine.

Chapter 10: [link]
Chapter 12: [link]
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Let the death threats to Lord Cumberland begin!


Yes your Majesty?

… limb from bloody limb…

Your Majesty?

Scribe, I'd recommend not getting in my way.

Well, aren't we being generous with the warning…

Yes, I am…

Well I'm sorry, but I can't let you maim Lord Cumberland yet.

Why the bloody hell not? He hurt Sarah!

Yes he did… and trust me it will come back to bite him in the arse, but it isn't time for you to interfere yet.

I'd do more than just interfere…

I know… and that's why I can't allow it.

What you don't know, doesn't hurt me.

Don't make me black mail you, your Majesty.

You would black mail your sovereign?

Yes I would. And I think you know how.

You wouldn't…

*nods* Yep…

*shudder* Fine… I'll leave Lord Cumberland alone… for now.

Thank you, your Majesty.

If you'd like to get an idea of what I might be threatening Jareth with, go read my and QueenoftheSlayers's story, Close Encounters of the Fictional Kind over on… . We have a lot of fun with Jareth in that one. *wink* A warning though… there's some serious crack fic in there. lol…

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Unf, zrobiłam to. Przed Wami kolejny, po Jak byc dobrym rockmanem, poradnik, tym razem pisarski.

A wynikło to głównie z frustracji - chcesz pisać coś o wampirach i innych szitach, a nie możesz, by ci pomysły ukradli, albo wiesz, że zostaniesz zaszufladkowany. Ja sobie cichcem tego Vincencika skrobałam od 2007 roku - pomijając watpliwą wartość artystyczną tego dzieła, nagle Zmierch stał się modny i nastąpiła eksplozja tego typu książek. I kupa.

Frustracja wzięła się też stąd, że o ile Zmiercha mogę łyknąć - takie tam czytadło, rzeczywiście, za pierwszym razem wciąga, za drugim o wiele mniej - to nie mogę zdzierżyć tych wszystkich paranormalnych książczynek. Pisanych na jedno kopyto, prostych do tego stopnia, że są już prostackie, pisane głównie dla pieniędzy. I żerując na nastolatkach.

Bo do nastolatków nic nie mam - bo jak mogę mieć - sama byłam jeszcze niedawno i wiem, jak pełne badziewia potrafią być te lata i z czym trzeba się mierzyć. Wiadomo, że trzynastolatka dopiero wyrabia sobie gust i mogą jej się takie rzeczy podobać. Ale żeby serwować im rozmemłane, egoistyczne bohaterki jako dzielne i odważne, facetów z manią prześladowczą i wmawiać im, że to zajebiście się dla takich buców zabijać - no kurwica mnie biere.

Lol, zauważam o siebie jakąś prospołeczność. Nie bijcie mnie.
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I am so sorry for how long this took to get out and for how short it is. However until recently the plot bunnies had disappeared on me for this story. They've been hopping around in other stories instead. Of which you guys can expect to see something of soon. I have about three different story ideas rolling around in my head, all of which I have something written for, but not enough to publish yet.

Anyway, I hope for how short this chapter was, that you still enjoyed it. No, Jareth in this one, but we learn something about Hoggle. Now usually I would include Jareth's thoughts on the chapter here, but I didn't allow him to read this one because Sarah wants her visit to the Underground to be a surprise. As you can imagine, his Nibbs is not happy about my not sharing. He's threatening me just now, so I have to go plead his forgiveness and promise to write the next chapter soon.

Ta ta for now!

Chapter 8: [link]
Chapter 10: [link]

Labyrinth (c) Henson & Co.
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Haha so the last chapter

My stories all finished now :O
Hope you guys liked it :)

Thank you everyone who followed it to the end it means a lot to me :)

Anyway i hope it lived up to your expectations

Much love x

JK Rowling owns everyone i just play with them
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Yay! Merlin!
And Madam Leota!
And Jiminy Cricket!!
And then (in the next chapter) Winnie the Pooh and friends!

EDIT!! Updated version!!! And the poem of the prophecy, was written by :icondivine-miss-m: And I thank her so much for her help.

If there are any spelling or grammar errors, please tell me.

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Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy Goof, Chip n' Dale, Pluto the Pup © The Walt Disney Company
Merlin and Archimedes © href="">The Walt Disney Company
Madam Leota © The Walt Disney Company
Jiminy Cricket © The Walt Disney Company
John Silver © The Walt Disney Company
Marina Seadrift © DisneyFan-01
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Puh...finally the next chapter xDD I'm so sorry for the looooong delay but I was quite busy with school (and lazy when it comes to doing other things ^^') but now it's finally there :)
I think the plot in this chapter is clear and nope, it's not a filler or something like that...should you think about it as such ;)

A great thanks to my dear soul-twin :iconakaforbidden: because she's just a wonderful person and because she still supports this story...even though I'm slow as a snail with writing ^^' Thanks Twin! :heart:
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