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A Summer to Remember, Chapter One: Coming Home

Time-Line: After their 6th year, summer before their 7th. They would be 16 or just 17.
A/U, pretty much disregarding everything after book 4, except Cedric never died and Voldemort is still gone. No war, everything is pretty much totally calm.


Word Count: 2,692

It was summer. Hermione Granger had just gotten home from her sixth year of Hogwarts a week ago, and she was loving living as a muggle again. Now, don't get me wrong, she loved being a witch at Hogwarts. It was just that sometimes it was nice to not worry about bloodlines, and being nagged about being a muggle born. One down thing was that she always missed Harry and Ron dreadfully. It was now a Thursday, and Thursdays during the summer meant youth group. She hadn't gone last week because she had just gotten home and was settling in, but this week she was excited to be going again. Being around a bunch of muggles made her feel...normal. And being normal was an amazing feeling.

Hermione checked to make sure that what she was wearing was appropriate for the occasion, and realized she should change into a pair of jeans. She did so, also changing her shirt into a thin long-sleeved shirt that was a pretty light blue. She then packed up her bag, putting in her itouch and a few books (you could never be sure when you might need a book...), put her wand in her pocket, and headed out to the car her parents had gotten her for her sixteenth birthday.

"Bye mum, bye dad!" she called as she shut the door behind her. The car was a small, red, Volkswagen. Hermione loved her car. It was totally muggle; didn't have an inch of magic in or about it. She hopped in behind the drivers seat, pulling out her keys and sticking them in the ignition. She put it in reverse, backed out of the driveway, and then drove away. Hermione had gotten her drivers license just recently, and was always still glad when she could pull out of the driveway on her own.

The church that her youth group was at was about a 15 minute drive from her house, so it didn't take long to arrive. It was a church of a nice size, not huge but also not small. It was brown brick, making it plain, but it was still beautiful. There were multiple gardens surrounding the entire building, ones that she had helped plant herself. She parked in the big lot that encircled two sides of the church, and just sat there for a minute. She looked through her bag, making sure everything was there, then made sure her wand wasn't visible.

Hermione climbed out of her car and headed over to the door. About five cars were scattered around the lot, which meant most people were already here. She glanced at her watch and saw she was about ten minutes late. She pulled open the door, entering, but in the process she accidentally dropped her bag, making her stuff spill out.

"Ah, dang it..." she muttered, crouching down to pick up her stuff. As she was stuffing a book back into her bag, she heard a very familiar squeal.

"HERMIONE!" Her friend, Alyssa (Or Aly), called out to her. Looking up, Hermione saw her best friend since childhood running over to her. She grinned and stood up, opening her arms and giving Aly a hug.

"You are finally back! It seemed like you were gone for forever!" she gushed, referring to her time at Hogwarts. Aly was her only friend that knew about Hermione being a witch. Everyone else thought that she went to a boarding school over the winter.

"Yeah, I know. It's good to be back." she replied. They hooked arms and started walking down the small hall that led to the lobby area.

"You will never guess what happened last week. This new guy started coming, and he is totally hot! This week he brought a friend who isn't so bad looking either." Aly said suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows at Hermione. She elbowed her in the side, scowling playfully.

"You know that I'm not interested, Aly. Cut it with the boys." she replied. Aly poured but let it go. As they made it to the lobby and went through the doorway that went directly to the gym, she continued to ask Hermione questions about her sixth year.

"So, how was it? Any more exciting adventures with Harry and Ron?" she asked, always interested in the boys. Hermione shook her head, letting Aly know that even if there was she couldn't tell her. As they entered the gym, Hermione said a hello to multiple people, including Mr. Kunkel, the youth leader. After a few minutes of standing and talking while they waited for the sport that they were playing to start (the volleyball net was up, which Hermione was very happy about), Aly squeezed her arm and whispered while pointing behind Hermione.

"Look, there they are! The two new guys!" Hermione looked over her shoulder, to where her friend was pointing. She saw a flash of pale blond hair that was eerily familiar before Mr. Kunkel called for their attention.

"I'll take a look when I can later," she whispered back to Aly. Mr. Kunkel was picking team captains, and it looked as if he was pointing at her. She walked up towards where Mr. Kunkel was standing, while he continued to talk.

"Today we have a new person with us. Introduce yourself, please." he said.

"Draco Malfoy." said a stuck up, very familiar voice right as Hermione turned around. When she made the full turn and stopped, her eyes immediately collided with a pair of steely gray ones.


Hermiones eyes bugged out of her head as she realized who this new person Aly had been talking about was. Standing next to him was none other than Blaise Zabini, who must have been the one Aly had her eye on. What were they doing here? With a bunch of muggles!

"Okay then, Draco, you can be the other team captain." Mr. Kunkel said, bringing Hermione out of her thoughts and into reality. Hermione looked away from him then as he began to walk over to stand next to her.

"Something wrong, Granger?" he asked with a sneer.

"Oh, shut up Malfoy." she said back rudely. She then proceeded to cross her arms across her chest and turn herself on a slant so that she was facing everyone else more than him. After they decided who would pick first (he won that, the lucky little ferret), the two separate teams went to their side of the net. The team captains always served first, so both Malfoy and her went to the far right corners of their sides. Since Malfoy had picked first, Hermione got first serve. Hopefully she wouldn't make a fool of herself, especially in front of the two Slytherins.

When she hit it, the volleyball went flying over the net, going very fast. It landed in between Malfoy and the person standing next to him, which happened to be Zabini. They both flinched slightly when it happened, and Hermione grinned. Malfoy shot her a icy glare, while Zabini just snickered at their exchange like they were toddlers. The ball was passed back to her, and the game continued.


After the game had finished, the winning team was gloating. And it wasn't Hermione's team. Turns out both Malfoy and Zabini had mad serving skills, as well as playing skills. She figured it was from Quidditch. Oh well, she would get them both later if they played four square...

"Beaten at your own game, eh Granger?" that annoying voice filled her head again. She turned to look at Malfoy as they were both walking towards the annex, where they had lessons. Alyssa was on her right, Malfoy on her left and Zabini to his left.

"Shut it, ferret. Just wait until after lesson; I'll beat you so bad in four square you'll be crying for your mum. What the heck are you doing here, anyway, with a bunch of muggles?" Hermione replied to him, keeping her face forward so as not to look at his disgustingly pale face, hair and eyes. She looked to her right at Alyssa, pointed at the two wizards on her left and said,

"They are from Hogwarts, Aly. Slytherin. The pale-headed ferret is Malfoy, the one I've told you about." Aly's eyes widened and her mouth shaped into a perfect 'o' of awe. She peeked around Hermione's shoulder at Malfoy and Zabini, the former of which was glaring at the back of Hermione's head.

"Hi!" she squeaked. "I'm Alyssa, but everyone calls me Aly. I agree with Hermione, why are you here? I thought she said you believed all that pureblood junk and-" Aly cut off abruptly at the glare from Hermione, smiling at he in apology.

"Pleasure. And it's good to know you talk about me, Granger. I always knew you fancied me. And I seriously doubt that you will be able to beat me at anything, considering you are a mudblood. And as to why I am here, Blaise dragged me along because I lost a...a bet, I suppose you could call it. But seeing as how nice it is to be able to beat you in sport, Granger, I think I just might keep on coming." Malfoy said, a triumphant smirk on his face. Hermione scowled, but kept facing forward. She dearly hoped he wasn't serious, because if he was this would be one heck of a terrible summer.

They arrived at the annex then, Hermione and Aly going to one side of the table, and Malfoy and Zabini going to the other. As they sat down, Aly started whispering to Hermione before Mr. Kunkel was there.

"Holy crap, Hermione, you never told me that Slytherins were hot! What is wrong with you? That Blaise I don't know, but he is!" Hermione shook her head at her friends antics. She was far to much into boys for her own good.

"Believe me, Aly, the lot of them are total buttheads. I don't know much about Zabini, since he is usually the quiet type, but he's a Slytherin and there is reason for that. Just take my advice, and stay away...or, at least make sure Zabini isn't a total jerk like Malfoy." Hermione finished saying that right as Mr. Kunkel called for everyone to be quiet. Aly nodded enthusiastically, unable to reply. Hermione chanced a glance over at ferret and his side-kick and found that he was staring directly at her. She glared at him and turned her attention to Mr. Kunkel. She could still feel his stare on her, though, as if it were burning holes in the back of her bushy brown hair. At least she could hide behind the mess. Hermione sighed and shook her head. This was going to be the longest lesson she'd ever have to sit through.


One and a half hours later...

When Mr. Kunkel dismissed everyone, both Hermione and Aly rocketed out of their chairs and started running out. They always did this, it was almost like a tradition. They both ran their hardest to get to the equipment room first, therefore getting the four square ball and getting to be in the king square.

"You do realize, of course, that you'll not beat me like always?" Hermione huffed to Aly, as she was only a little behind.

"Well...there's...a...first time...for everything!" she huffed back, more winded than Hermione. They both made it to the room at about the same time, but Hermione made it through the door and grabbed the ball first. She grinned while Aly pouted, still out of breath. Then they both linked arms and walked back out into the lobby where someone had already taped the ground.

By the time they reached there, everyone had come out of the annex, including Malfoy and Zabini. They were both staring at her and Aly as they came in. Or, more accurately in Malfoy's case, glaring. Hermione considered saying 'Whats the matter ferret face?' or something equally as rude, but decided against it. She wouldn't talk to him unless absolutely necessary.

Hermione stood in the king square, while Aly stood in the third square. Two other four square players filled up the other two squares while the others made a line behind the first square. Malfoy and Zabini obviously either knew what they were doing, or just figured that they should get in line too, because that's what they did. Then the game began. Hermione grinned; she just knew she would cream them both in this. It was, after all, her game.


Hermione was sweating. A lot more than she would care to admit. For their first few times, both Slytherins were a little sloppy. Once they got used to it, though, they were both very, very good. They had given her a run for her money, that was for sure. She had ended up staying in the king square until Aly, the little traitor, had knocked her out. Oh well, at least neither Malfoy or Zabini had done it. After a few more rounds and it was 9:45 P.M., Hermione decided she should probably head home. She gave over her place in the squares to Aly, hugged her goodbye, grabbed her bag and headed for the door, not looking at Malfoy or Zabini once. She opened it, and started walking to her car.

"Hey! Granger!" a voice sounded from behind her, and she sighed knowing already who it was. She stopped where she was, a few cars away from her own.

"Yes, Malfoy?" she asked, not bothering to even turn around.

"Well, I just didn't think you should leave without saying goodbye, mudblood." he said snidely. Hermione knew very well that he didn't follow her just to say goodbye, but she wasn't about to say anything.

"See you 'round, ferret." she said while continuing to walk. She made it to her car and was about to get in when he spoke again.

"So, what do mudbloods do over their summer?" Hermione heaved a deep sigh while sitting in her car, letting her head fall onto the wheel. She looked up, seeing that he was now standing in the door, and looked him right in the eye.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" He faked a shocked look, and responded,

"Why, nothing Granger, nothing! Just thought I'd make conversation." Hermione squinted her eyes at him, then shook her head.

"Whatever, Malfoy. I have to get home. My parents are leaving tomorrow morning for a conference for work and I need to help them get ready. Aly is coming to stay with me, so I also have to prepare the guest room, and..." she trailed off, realizing she was rattling her plans off to Malfoy. She scowled and started to pull her car door shut, not caring if he was in the way or not. He moved out of the way, letting her shut it. She started the car and started to head out, looking at him one last time as she was leaving to see a smirk on his face.


After Hermione had left and Malfoy had followed her, Aly went up to Blaise.

"Hi! I'm Alyssa, as I said before. You can call me Aly, though. Um...I guess you know Hermione, then? We've been total best friends for, like, forever. We do everything together! She has told me all about you guys and your school and stuff, and I think it is so cool! OH!" she covered her mouth with a hand as she realized she was rambling. Blaise grinned, and she turned bright red.

"I'm sorry, I was rambling. Hermione used to use duck tape on my mouth when we were younger. Anyways, I'm staying at Hermione's for the week while her parents are gone, so do you think maybe we could do something? I'll drag 'Mione along, and you could bring someone, too. Maybe Malfoy." she shrugged.

Blaise seemed to think for a few minutes, and then had a mischievous look upon his face.

"Sure, what were you thinking about?"
I had no idea what to list this as in the categories. xD

But anyways, this is a fanfic that I have posted on another site, and I decided to post it here too. (: I'll probably post the rest of the chapters that I have tomorrow; it's getting late right now...

Butyeah, and kind of reviews/comments about the story would be nice. :D

Chapter Two: [link]

Harry Potter world and characters © J. K. Rowling
Plot and OC's © Mee~
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This story takes place not long after the arrival of Ash within the crewof white Beard. Since her coming on the boat, she discovers pirate's life. Become environmentalist within the crew, her knowledges on the subject are often welcome. She was adopted by her new family. But although everything seems to take place for best, she still has difficulty becoming integrated. Her past within the laboratory of the navy, the painful experiments make that she has difficulties relying and going towards the others. And somebody within the crew noticed well it …

But let us return to the story, it takes place during a stopover on an Island of Grandline. During one day, the crew has the permission to leave the ship to make what they like. To change the ideas Ashlight also decide to go visit the island.

- First division commander ?
- Oï Ash, call me by my name!
- … Marco
- Yes?
- I decided to go into town too. I have some furnitures to be bought for my researches and I shall like to visit a little bit also
- I come with you.
- What? But it is not really necessary you know I do not go very far and
- Joz is going to stop watching the provisioning. Others have to be in an inn at this moment. And then, every good pirate has to watch these treasures not? It is of the logic Oï!

Ashlight turned him the back abruptly by holding on panicking once again as usual in front of him.
- … … … OK! Make as you want..
- …
- As I want eh?

She felt a breath close to her ear! Marco had arrived behind her before she realizes it. She escaped from an abrupt movement.

- Why you have to act always like that????
- It is stronger than me when you have this kind of attitude!! Oï
- Wh...what? .....In any case, i'll go in the town...

She ran away with a speed which challenged all the laws. Marco followed her by a assured step as usual while sketching a satisfied smile.

During the various shoppings in the stores in the city, everything took place normally. Ash took advantage of it to visit and inquire about the local flora to be able to help the ship's doctor for herbs. Marco followed her, calm, as usual. He noticed however that she always maintained a certain distance between them.

- Oï Ash, I am not going to eat you! Why are you going away like that?
- You did not notice anything eh? (She says quite red). You do not see how people look at us? We have a bounty on our heads!!!
- Oooh? So you would be afraid that they see us, you and I, together huh Oï?
- Wh....what? (Blushing time)
- Haha ha I joke.
- That's right the problem with you. I never know if you are serious or not.
- …

Marco stopped and fixed her with a serious air.

- You are always quiet, confident with the others, continued Ashlight. But as soon as I say or makes something, you are always behind me for joking or for teasing me.  
- It is because you are always on your guard with us all. Oï
- Huh?
- Whatever we made, I always have the impression that you force to maintain a distance with everybody. Oï. You are an integral part of the crew you know it. No?

Marco looked at her now intensely, waiting for answers. Ashlight had difficulty in facing him.

- ......Yes...... but (no, do not begin to panic!)
- But what? Oï! You have the right to relax you also !
- I ..........(Why he say to me that now suddenly! Kyaaa! He is acute in more. I cannot say to him why. It is too hard! Kyaaa not I still panic I have to leave from here)
- … … .. I'm Sorry
- Huh?
- Haha haha i forgot to buy something! I'll go to the shop!!! Go to the ship!! I'll be back soon.
- Oï!

Ash ran away farthest possible.
- Tss … She should not keep everything for her …

Marco decided to return on the boat. Always angry after Ash evaded once again the sensitive subject.
- I believe that I never can understand her. Then, why I give myself so much for her Oï?

He stopped one moment in front of a workshop of costume jewels. His glance was attracted by a necklace in particular.

- The same colour as her...? Of what I think right now Oï! I am not going to offer her a present no!! Mmm
- An article interests you sir? A necklace can be? It is a formidable present you know!
- mmmm …

During this time… Ashlight left taking refuge some streets farther. Red, breathless she tried to get breath back.

- why I have to react always like that? I would like I could so rely on them but I cannot. It is impossible …

While sitting down the face of Ash becomes white.

- I do not want to think of it any more … Why I cannot forget this past which prevents me from advancing … I have it enough …


- Yosh!!!  … I have to regain self-control. Ah! But...... I cannot return on the boat at once … I'm a baka! Why am i lie to him??? … Well I have more than to go to trail round me somewhere until returned.

Of a decided step, Ash got up, resumed these packages and left in the direction of the trade street but something caught her and attracted her behind. Not being able to move a hand came to settle on its mouth to prevent her of crying.
- One was finally able to put back on you 9625 …

Ash congealed.  She recognized too much this voice which she heard for 3 years previously … One of the chief researchers of Marine had found her. His name: professor KODA. One of the biggest existing researchers but also one of the most dangerous and crazy about human experiments. The embrace around her tightened, a kind of rocky mass and of earth prevented her from moving. The power of a fruit of the devil.

- You are wisely going to return on board with us eh? We have some more about things to make together …

Of return on the boat with a small gift in pocket, Marco looked around for the girl.
- Oï Vista! Did you see Ash? We separated but I thought that she would have arrived before me.
- OOOOh you have still made a success with the young lady Marco! You have still made her in panic!
- ... Oï
- Oh I see, I see ...
- And what you see? OÏ
- That you do not act as usually with the other girls. It is moreover rather funny to observe hoho answered Vista while smoothing his moustaches.

Marco did not stumble, but felt that his tension increased. The hand in its pocket tightened the small package which was there.

- Oi! Then she is there yes or not .
- Not, I did not see her! She has to be again in town.
- hem strange
- What?
- I return in town … There is a navy over there …

Marco had noticed the presence of the navy from the beginning. That is why he had accompanied Ash. He took then his shape of phoenix to glance through the city.
- Tsss which idiot! I would have had to follow her … Oï

Meanwhile, Ashlight tried to struggle in vain. " I should have suspected that one day they eventually catch me. I believed that everybody had died this day on the boat which took me. It explains how they were able to throw a wanted notice on me. No... leave me... I do not want to return to it … Marco... everybody... I do not want to be any more deprived of freedom …"

Ash lowered the head
- OOOh you are going to begin crying? It is moving your friends must be far now. A lot of people waits patiently for your visit above only …What's the..... !!!!!

A discharge of mana came to break the embrace of Ashlight. Both were thrown on the ground with an incredible power so that the ground trembled. Ash had used her power against her aggressor.

- Out of the question to return over there. I found my real place and that is not in your laboratories. You play with the human life, you took me all those who were dear to me. And now you want that I return? That will not be made without fighting!
- Hhhnn (he got up with difficulties). Ooooh our small guinea pig rebels ? I have all which needs against that …

The battle engaged between both persons … We heard numerous explosions far off. Numerous buildings exploded
- Tsss Oi Ash! Do not dash inside alone! Thought of Marco who had located the battlefield and went to him.

But by arriving, Ashlight was in bad situation. Koda had surrounded her by rocks which imprisoned her so much that she could not breathe almost any more.

- Oi Ash!
- … Mar … co
- Ooooooh the cavalry arrives! And a rare bird in more! What would you tell to join my collection? I am sure that 9625 would be satisfied also.
- 9625? Oï you! Who are you? She has a name! Become aware no more touch in a member of the family of white Beard. Oï!
- OOhhhh White beard you say? Impressive! Then 9625 is for me more precious now. She is going to friendly give me all the information that she know. I'm sure World government will pay me a lot for that service hahaha!!!!

Marco began seriously to get angry. If somebody dares to touch one of the members of white Beard, he can say goodbye to this world.

- No … Run away ......Marco you … … He has..... the fruit of the rock … Koda is the one ..... one of the researchers of the navy. .... HE is .... very dangerous.....
- Oï! Then here is the kind of type which used you eh?!
- I do not want...... that you .....are there.
- Oï ASh! Shut up now! And what else! Since when a crew abandons one of his member on a battlefield? It is new! Oï! I believed that you liked your new life not? Oï!

Ash looked at him with the wide open eyes, the same that when she had met Marco the first time. Tears began to flow on these cheeks.

- and I have already said to it to you not. A pirate does not abandon a treasure which he finds! Oï!
- Y..... yes..... Tha.... kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
- Ash!

But another voice interrupted them. The embrace around Ashlight had tightened. She could not breathe any more.

- Ooooh how it's cute! But I am going to have to cut court in this reunion. A lot of people waits for 9625. Her fruit of the devil is too precious us so that we leave it in of vulgar pirate …

Marco dived towards his opponent and sent him to the ground in a kick. The shock was so violent that the ground cracked. The time was now counted.

- Then it is you eh. Oï!!! The world government is so afraid of us that it uses human guinea pigs to build up to itself an army? You are garbages! Every single one of you!
- It is of the scientific headway. But a simple small pirate as you, cannot understand that haha ha! 9625 is the first one of lots of them! But there will be the others!

Marco sent him again against a wall to full speed thanks to his kicks!

- Oï! I have already said to you that she had a name!

He chained then the knocks so much that within 5 minutes the fight was already ended!
- Never under respect the members of white Beard oï!

He could not hear him anymore … The embrace around Ashlight had dissipated. She collapsed on the ground. She had difficulty in finding her breath and coughed a lot. Marco rushed to her.

- Oï! Are you ok?
- ........
- ...Ash?
- Kof kof
- Ash?!!!!
- Kof...... It's OK!...... After all ......i' m a pirate too i' m very sor ...
- .......
- .......
- OÏ Ash!
Ash faints. Marco heaved a sigh of relief before embracing her.
- stop excusing you all the time! We are a family Oï.

Two days later, Ashlight woke up finally. She recognized her cabin, she was back on the Moby dick. What had happened? She still had difficulty in putting back in place her ideas in position. She decided then to go out on the deck to get a breath of fresh air … The boat had taken back the sea for a long time. They were new in deep waters of Grandline.

But something had changed. A blue light which caught her eyes. A necklace … Of a magnificent blue with a shape of flame inside. Some glitter of silver inlayed in this glass jewel made it shine in the light.
- It is magnificent! But who.....?'s not..... (a weak smile skipped on its lips).

But a far voice off of a person who had observed the scene was listened.
- Oï! Finally woken.

Ash turned around towards commander of the first quite amazed division.
- you slept for 2 whole days! Oï! It is not careful to go outside especially to this outfit Oi!

Ash had not paid attention but she was outside in pajamas consisted of a top and a small pair of shorts. She began to blush. " Kyaaaa! What? I had seen nothing! Do not panic! Does not blush! " She thought!

Marco smiled but looked at Ashlight with a worried air.

- I begin to understand now.
- Huh?
- Why you always put this distance between you and the others.
- (waaaa why he puts back that on the carpet? Finally now it is sure he has to know kyaa what I am going to say to him)
- Oï the researchers of the lab Who used you as guinea pig were all like that?
- Most of them contented with following the orders of Koda. But the worst was really him. He liked to torture peoples to their limits. (Waaaa but why I tell him all this maintaining I?)
- ...
- I think that I had to keep aftereffects of my detention. That is why I have difficulty going towards the others … I think...I...
- I see... and you really believe that we are the same species as him Oi? Really?
- ...
- ...

The glances were lost towards the ocean, Ashlight decided finally to speak

- I ....... I know that you are not like that. But I always have this strange feeling which prevents me from forging ahead. (Kya Marco changes the subject of the conversation please!!!!!)
- In any case it is sure it is not like that dressed that you will go far! Oi!
- Raaah you restart to tease me again! I have it enough I return to cabin!

Marco caught her the arm.
- And? You are always afraid of us? Of me too ? Oi .
- What.???? That? leave me Marco!
- NO I want to know! Oï!

Ashlight tried to escape but much to her surprise, Marco had embraced her!

- Marco no! Break I please! (She began to panic! Her past resurfaced as well as the recent events: the detention, the crazy scientists, the embrace of rocks of Koda)
- Not before you calm down! Oï! You know that I shall not hurt you!
- Kyaaa no! Let me alone! Please!

Frightened, she struggled and fired at Marco's shirt to take away him from her. But the more she tried to run away and the more he squeezed her in the arms. Marco did not want to leave her.
- N... no Marco!

Seeing that that was of no use, Marco he was seized then delicately the face. Ash paralyzed, looked at him. During 2 seconds which appeared as an eternity they settled. Marco observed attentively these suns in the eyes of Ashlight. A mix of fear and surprise which he tried to understand. Marco bent then over Ash and …

Ash could not move any more. The fingers had hung one Marco's shirt. She let go and end of adds the second began to blusher then to be allowed to make... After long seconds, Marco released Ashlight. Quite red she could not face him any more.

- Oï, then are you calm now ?

Ashlight became red! Of anger she sent a punch so low to the muscular abs of commander!

- And … and you believe that that while using this kind of means which you are going to calm me!
- Ah? You did not nevertheless struggle during " our small experiment" oï! You were allowed make !  No? For somebody who is afraid of me it is strange. Oï!

She looked at him, but she becomes more and more red. Not knowing any more what to say she left to any legs towards her cabin. This time Marco did not retain her.

But she stopped some meters farther
- Thank you....... for the necklace...... it is magnificent..... I shall take care of it..... she said to him without faced him. She then started up again to run away …

He only watched at her running with a wide smile on these lips.
I ask you to be kind please.
This is my second fan fic.
My style is still very draft.

English is not my natural language. I tried to make least errors possible. But it is possible that there is still... Say It to me in that case!

In any case I hope that you will like (I am so bothered)
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A new school. A new class and new friends.
Each time the same ...
"Hajimemashite. Watashi wa desu Delia. Deli de ii desu. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu."
With this sentence, I always placed myself in front of my new class.
And as always replied to me: "Oh." & "Ah."
But here ... They stared at me.

It was quiet. Very quiet.
The teacher said I should introduce myself and just put on a free place, but that wasn't so simply.
I had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach ...
None of them greeted me or said anything to me.
Some just stared at me with big eyes and the other grinned.
Suddenly the door opened.
There were five beautiful boys with a small smile on they're faces and one of them was my brother Aido.
"Deli'chan! At last you've arrived," said my brother Aido smiled. "Is everything okay with you?"
"Hai ... Subete ijo nashi."

Which meant translated: "Yes ... Everything OK."
Again it was quite quiet.
But then said a beautiful boy with brown hair: "Hello Delia'chan. Nice to meet you. My name is Kaname Kuran and I am the President of the Night Class."
I was shocked. Kuran? Kaname Kuran?
I watched him for a while in his eyes and then I bowed. "I am glad you also get to know Kuran'senpai."
"You're welcome, you can call me Kaname."
He said, smiling.
I smiled back. "Okay."
Then the others came from the Night Class and introduced themselves to me.
After a while, our teacher came and the teaching began.
:bulletwhite: Delia's Story... Part 1.

I'll upload more. :)

:bulletwhite: Hope you like it. ^^
(Sorry for the bad English. ^^)
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Waking to find myself wrapped in his strong pale arms, I remembered that I'd have to face my father later today, unless Noah would let me crash here again. I just hope he doesn't sneak his way into sleeping with me. If he does it again I think my heart might burst.

I slipped out of his grasp and soon realised I was still naked, Noah however had pulled on a pair of his dark navy blue jeans. I glared at him, but my gaze softened when I saw his hand search for my body. I pushed a pillow his way and his hugged close to his bare chest. He looked so peaceful, even with the slight drool. I searched for my boxers and pulled them on before I draped the blanket over Noah.

"Dammit! He ruined my favorite shirt," I grumbled as I saw the missing buttons. I walked out of the guest room and wandered the apartment til I saw the door with the "Off Limits" sign, I stepped into a disaster of a room. Clothes scattered everywhere, papers and pens littered in one corner, empty cigarette packs randomly scattered through the room and empty cans of soda and beer were tossed all over the place.

"God he really needs to clean up."

"But what if I like it this way?" Noah grumbled in the door way leaning on the door while still clutching the pillow. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Damn how was he so quiet? "And besides Zak, who said you could come in here?" He questioned, sweeping across the room to be an inch away from my face. He pushed back my hair that was partially in my face keep his hand there as he asked, "What are you doing in here?"

"Well, you see, um, you ruined my shirt so I uh thought I borrow one of yours."

He cocked an eye brow and then a sly smile spilled across his face. "Sure you can have one of my shirts, for a kiss." Noah removed his hand off of my head but quickly placed it on the back of my neck.

"He-" That was all I had time to make out before Noah pulled me closer and kissed me tenderly. I tried to pull away, but his grip was stronger then iron, and when he felt me try and pull away he kissed me harder. At the moment I was chocolate in his fist. He pulled away slightly and whispered, "I bet green looks good on you."

He zoomed over to the pile of cloths on his bed so fast I just stood there and watched him disappear into the massive pile of clothes. "Where is it, where, where ah!" His head popped out of the top. At the moment Noah reminded me of a ferret, his shaggy mid-night black hair helped the image. Noah was cute, in a way I don't know, also like ferrets. However Noah didn't stink and honestly didn't look completely like a ferret.  

"Here you go," Noah said, yanking on the neon green shirt.

"Hey, easy!" I barked when Noah roughly pulled up a pair of jeans as well.

He stood and looked at me with his amber eyes that I knew hid unimaginable things. "W-what?" I asked. Noah just walked out of the room.

I went to the bathroom the check on my appearance, a little annoyed wit Noah. Noah was right, the green did look pretty good on me. I messed up my blond hair so it would stand up a little better.

"Gah!" Noah screamed from the balcony.

"Are you ok?" I barreled out onto the medium sized balcony with the white concrete.

Noah was clutching his left wrist, which was oddly bare, he usually wore dog collars around his wrists, and he'd dropped his smoke. I wished he'd give up that habit.

"Y-yeah I fine," Noah grunted, he sat down in one of the black plastic chairs.

I grabbed his wrist to find multiple scars, some more faded then others. He gave me a death glare as he yanked back he permanently damaged wrist.

"D-did you do that to yourself?"

Noah didn't answer, he didn't even look at me. "Tell me," I demanded kindly.

He glanced up for a second, showing his watery eyes, and then he spat, "Yeah I fucking did it to my shitty self. It isn't like anyone cared."

Anger started to boil inside of me, how could he think such a terrible thing? The more I thought on it the angrier I got until I finally slapped him, hard. I was positive that you could hear it from a mile away.

"Don't you dare call yourself shitty! And I care! I've cared since I met you!" I screamed at him. "Sure times might have been tough back then but don't you dare call yourself such a name! I've known you for long enough to know that shitty is one of the last things you are."

I looked back at him, you could see where I had slapped him because the was a bright red hand print on his pale face. However his eyes were huge, wider then the full moon in fact and was just staring at me. I sincerely hoped those amber eyes didn't engulf me.

He abruptly stood, knocking over his chair, and he raised his hand. I flinched, but he didn't hit me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled he into a hug.

At first I just let him tightly embrace me, then I hugged him back. Noah hugged tighter and tighter until I had to eventually say, "N-Noah I c-can't breath."

"Pay back for slapping me so damn hard." Noah happily murmured into my ear. He then released me from his death hug.

He then grabbed me in a head lock and ruffling up my hair. "Besides, where in the world did you get all that courage to slap me?"

"Stop it Noah! You're messing up my hair!" I replied in an annoyed but glad tone while trying to wriggle from his grasp. I somehow broke free from him and I made a mad dash to the guest room, which had a lock.

"Can't catch me!" I screamed behind me as I slammed the door.

"Dammit Zak! Get out here!" Noah jokily yelled, while he banged on the door.

Suddenly the pound stopped and there was a long awful silence. "Noah are you ok?" I asked as I slightly cracked open the door. When no one answered I fully stepped out of the room, looking up and down the long hallway.

"Gotchya!" Noah laughed while jumping out of no where and pinned me to the hard wooden floor.

"Oh damn you Noah!" I giggled like a drunk girl. "Come on, lemme up," I pleaded, still laughing.

"No, not until you say sorry for slapping me," Noah replied while tossing his hair to the side.

"Noah, please?"

"No, you have to say sorry."

I moved my head so that now our lips we a breath apart. "Come on, please let me up?" I asked again. I leaded forward the rest of the way and our lips met. Noah, being taken by surprise, released my hands.

I broke away from the kiss. "I am gonna run to my house to pick up some clothes, if you don't mind me crashing here again."

"Sure, just be back before noon."

"Wh-Never mind I am just not gonna ask."

I pulled on my plain white tennis shoes and walked out the door.

"Well you're not Noah, but hell you're cuter," A sly voice noted.
Before I had time to turn around a white cloth was pressed up against my mouth. I fought to get the cloth off, but the smell was so sickly sweet. Everything began to swirl together until it faded to black.
This is just developing the characters more along with some of the story, but hope you like it anyway


yes this is yaoi
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Reitannite- deticated fan to Reitanna Seishin
Anti-Reitannite- someone who hates Reitanna for whatever reason
Salmon Smack- the act of hitting someone with a salmon, preferably a live salmon
"Sucking harder than sucking itself"- it really fucking sucks
"Sweetness with a side of AWESOME"- it's really fucking awesome
fantesticle- fantastical/fantastic
vagtastic- fantastic
bonerific- terrific, originally from family guy, i just say it sometimes
fallopian tubular- tubular
frack (frackin)- fuck (fuckin)
holy shitsnacks- holy shit, originally from archer
jeez luiz papa cheese- jesus christ
people-a-beepoos- people
anywhozeewatsit- anyhoo/anyway
tarsh cran- trash can
unicron- unicorn
orange juoce (joo-ah-s)- orange juice
musac- music
DA FOCK?- what the fuck?
HABLARBERMASH!!- a generic outburst or jeer that should be exclaimed at random points in time
holy carp- holy crap
holy crapsticks- holy crap
coolness- cool (not very original, i just say it a lot)
awesomeness- awesome (again, just say it, but i didn't invent it)
fer realzies- for real/seriously/i'm definitely not joking about what i just said
underagies- people under the age of 18
overagies- people 18 and older
"sucks assballs"- sucks
yeparooski- yep/yes
"anger is the emotion i am feeling"- i am angry
"it hurts so pain"- it hurts/i'm in pain
"that's just a round about way of saying I hate saurkraut"- long story short, originally from the song "albuquerque" by weird al
coolio- cool, another word that i did not invent but i say a lot
herpa derp- durr/that was dumb, again, did not invent
herpa derpa diddly derpa dumb- seriously, i cannot believe how dumb that was, inspired from southpark
herpa derpa herpes- a form of herpes you get when you're stricken with extreme dumbness. symptoms include: being dumb, smoke emitting from brain, using the words "irreguardless" or "undecisive" without realizing those aren't words, and the inability to find your nose. one of the only cures is awesome sauce.
Awesome Sauce- a condiment with extraordinary properties to make ordinary people extraordinary. chuck norris was babtised in Awesome Sauce. the countless abilities it can give people are endless
"supa kawaii desu!"- i cannot believe how cute that is/that is super cute/unbearably cute
doohicky thing- a generic thing or piece of matter
"you're buggin"- you're bugging me/you're bothering me
stoof- stuff
obie kaybie- okie dokie/okay, originally from homestar runner
interesanté (interes-ahn-tay)- interesting
"super ultra happy fun time"- very/awesomely good/fun
pour examplé (por ex-ahm-play)- for example
questionés (kwesh-ti-oh-nays)- questions
oh shiznit- oh shit
oh snap- oh crap (obviously i did not come up with this, i just say it a lot)
oh snapsticks- oh crap
your mom/your face- generic response to any statement (not invented by me, just say it a lot)
moofin- muffin/pet name for small fuzzy animals such as hamsters or bunnies
moofin top/moofin poof- a pet name for small fuzzy animals like hamsters or bunnies
champster- a hamster that holds a wrestling title
boosh- you got served
shazam- you got served/that's right/i just totally responded with "shazam"
interwebz- internet
moondiah (moon-dee-ah)- monday
tweezdiah- tuesday
wednesdiah (wed-ness-dee-ah)- wednesday
thwoozdiah- thursday
freediah- friday
saterdiah (say-ter-dee-ah)- saturday
soondiah- sunday
"Norberting"- making words sound ridiculously different, based on the way Norbert from "Angry Beavers" speaks
prolly- probably
probabla- probably
possibla- possibly
seriousla- seriously
"it's just so much ARGH!!"- it's so frustrating!
Dood- dude
importanté- important
stoopid- stupid
"frustration of frustrations"- i'm frustrated
adorabibble- adorable
adorbs- adorable
ghettotacular- it's totally ghetto/it totally sucks. this word was given to me by my manager.
"raw raw raw, bish koom bah"- a random statement to be used whenever the hell you feel like it. i'm gonna be honest, i haven't said this since i was like ten... but i said it a lot
calculator (kal-kyoo-lah-tohr)- calculator, just Norberted
mondo cool- very cool, originally from DBZ
esculator (ess-kyoo-lah-tohr) esculator, just Norberted. really, i do this with words a lot
gewd- good, usually just used in text
LAWLZ- goddamn that's funny
fantabulous- fabulous
"i like it, i love it, let's make a movie out of it"- it's totally awesome. this is said with a british accent
"son of a whore"- son of a bitch, originally from american dad
"let me know how that sparkles with you"- let me know if you like it, originally from southpark
Reitanna Slap- a high five shared with either Reitanna or a fellow Reitannite. this was invented by japanemogirl
Squarular (square-u-lar)- something square in shape
vinnimon gum- cinnimon gum, chewed while playing video games
ass bag- ass hole
sammich- sandwhich, originall from invader zim
skettie- spagettie
moneys- money, originally from invader zim
"sh-sh-sha!!"- a random thing to be exclaimed while doing something, like grabbing or throwing something, originally from king of the hill
fer surezies- for sure
hatoraid- gatoraid filled with hatred
disorientated- disoriented
"wowie kaboodles!"- WOW! (honestly, haven't said this for a long time because i always stop myself...)
"why can't i feel my everything?"- why does every part of me hurt?
"you can go fuck yourself and your mom"- go fuck yourself
"fuck your donkeys"- well that just fuckin sucks
"sucking fucks"- fucking sucks
"fuck my life with bees"- fuck my life
jesus crust- jesus christ
cheezits christ- jesus christ
canadia- canada
Fuh and Guh- Fred and George from "Harry Potter"
tekki- techno
"honey bunches of oats"- a phrase to replace the pet name "hun"

little idea i had. i say a lot of strange things. so i figured i'd write them down.


i gots stuff to say that i couldn't say before cause i had to go to work. obviously, a lot of this stuff was not INVENTED by me, it's just part of my daily vocabulary. i add more stuff as i remember what the hell i say. XD
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Name:  Rawub
Surname: -
Age: 988 looks in his 40s
Height: 6´7
Race: Shinigami
Previous life: Soldier in army taken by force, shaman
Rank: 6th squad´s – 3rd seat
Tattoos: tribal tattoo on his stomach
Rawub is tall and has huge body. He has black hair with thin stripes shaven around his ears creating a pattern,  dark brown skin and his eyes are dark ocre. He has huge hands which can touch in daddy way and also kill ina really brutal way. Rawub values his hands as they become part of his Shikai. He´s the tallest person in the squad. He wears a classic shihakusho under which he wears not white but rather golder shirt. Also the middle plate at his hakama is golden coloured. The obi is of ivory colour. He wears black gloves and ivory necklace and bracelet. He has a scar over his face and also wears piercings in his ears, lover lip and alongside his backbone.
Rawub during his human life had a function of a shaman. All village loved him as he didn´t look and act scary at all. He was called Daddy. He often performed fire tricks to children. Then after he was taken to the army by force he had to change his attitude in order to survive. He is a pacifist and hates to kill. If possible he tries to solve everything in peacefull and warm way. Only if necessairy he´s able to raise his sword and perform the act of killing. When he got into Soul Society he almost immediately got into the northern region of Rukongai . After some months Rawub applied to Academy for Shinigami and actualy gained the position of 14th seat in 11th Squad. As a pacifist he didn´t feel comfortable in the Squad and before he could leave he realised that 6th Squad´s captain Kuchiki actually interceded for him (in his own way) and got him the 5th place. Rawub gained lot of experiences and by the time Nyx and Hyperion got into Soul Society he was a stable part of the Squad. He had been thankfull to Kuchiki Byakuya all his life and after his disappearance he was among the few people who supported Nyx and Hyperion(by then 3rd and 4th seat)to lead the Squad and become captain and lieutenant. He became the squad´s 3rd seat. He is one of the most loyal members but even towards hi captain he keeps his attitude of daddy. He feels of Nyx and Hyperion as of the children from the village. He would sacrifice himself to protect another life.
Hakuda: As he tries to avoid sword fight and killing he learnt hakuda on the most extend he actually could. At hakuda he was the best in academy. He fights with one hand while the other holds the unsheathed sword.  (5/5)
Zanjutsu: He managed to learn how to handle swords in his village already but he never been able to hold katana. In academy it took him long to adjust to the sword and never fully merged with i tas he´s rather hand to hand combatant and uses his hands in Shikai and Bankai. (3/5)
Kido: The pro of the whole squad. As the ex shaman he had been able to understand the complexity of the Kido and is actually able to use higher number spells. (5/5)
Shunpo: Not very good. When dealing with enemy he relies on his other skills but when it comes to speed he´s one of the slowest members of the squad. Nyx is fully aware of this and often pairs him or groups him to faster members when dealing with dangerous enemy. (2/5)
Name: Kinisi (Kynesis)
Simple katana with dark metal blade, black and gold hilt and Tsuba with ivory pendants similar to the ones on his necklace. Rawub unsheathes it only when the situation is really difficult to hande by bare hands.
Shikai: Move Kinisi
When calling his zanpakuto´s name with his strong voice he breaks his swords blade into two pieces- literaly. The blade breaks, melts and cover Rawub´s hands with heated metal. That is the reason why he wears the specialy made gloves that make the process easier but still painfull. Kinisi´s ability in shikai is telekynesis. By movement of his hands he´s able to lift and move objects. He´s able to lift objects sucha s bench, tree trunk or a carriage without exhausting himself but when moving larger objects the zanpakuto drains his spiritual energy and weaken him. Once he uses Kinisi to lift and move bigger object he´s practicaly unable to fight more untill he recharges.
Bankai: Stand below the hazed sky, Kinisi
After releasing Bankai the metal from his hands falls of the the ground, sinks into the ground and grows into a huge warrior. He wears a cape, lot of ivory jewelery and fur. He looks as the typical African native. When in this state Rawub looses his sight, is lifted by the giant´s hand to his shoulder and literaly becomes his eyes. The negative feature is that he needs to be connected with the Kinisi.
Zanpakuto spirit: Old muscular African war veteran considered as a spirit of some dead warrior. He wears an ivory cape, necklaces, bracelets and bone piercings. Also he wears a piece of fur on his shoulder, probably from cheetah. He has a bare chest vith tattoo of the same tribal design as Rawub´s. He wears a colorful piece of fabric around his hips instead of pants. Also has leglace. Walks barefoot. Gets on with Rawub well respects him and recognizes him as his master. As he´s older than Rawub and he is often giving him advices.
Name: Nini
Rawub´s hollow was developed to reflect all his abilities. It looks like a huge Rhino with bone plates and bony mask with few more horns on it so she resembles a triceratops. She is quite calm but sometimes she can go wild and destroy things. Is  really stuborn. She takes order from noone except Rawub but still can have her moments and not listen to even him. Of course he know ways around her.

Name:  Zeke (Zacharides)
Surname: Pavliczenko
Age: 515 looks in mid twenties
Height: 6´2
Race: Shinigami
Previous life:  Spy of KGB- experienced. Killed by explostion set up by his close partner. It was generaly considered as accident but Zeke knew it was on purpose to prevent  him exposing the government developing a new type of bomb. His partner doing the act also with many other unnecesairy murders reserved his place in Hell and Zeke waits for his chance to get him.
Rank: 4th seat 6th Squad
Tattoos: Neck tattoo
Tall muscular  young man with double eye colour. He got his left eye out in a gun fight during his previous life. The KGB replaced it by Blue version but as soon as Zeke got into soul society the Bureau replaced it by red one which actualy gave him back his sight.The other eye is black. He also has black longer fauxhawk style hair with red tips and few loose longer strands. He has a tribal tattoo on his neck that he got after knewing he would be fired out from KGB due to plano f exposing the government; or by other words to be killed. He wears a sleeveless shihakusho with tiny metalic blue sleeves coming out and with a high collar of same colour with a zipper so he can cover the tattoo if needed. On his left arm he wears a long black leather glove. He doesn´t have obi but rather 4 belts. The lover two are the same colour as the collar while the upper two are lighter blue and silver. He wears short blades on these belts while ging on a mission. The hakama is simple and also the tabi with sandals. Zanpakuto is also styled into blue and silver color.
If you ever thought of Kuchiki Byakuya as quiet and cold man you never met Zacharides Pavliczenko. This man barely speaks, he rather acts than speaks. Many people of soul society even don´t know the sound of his voice and many don´t want as his stare is really difficult to bare. He´s considered the coldest man of the Seireitei and if he ever speaks it has to be immportant. He is even rumored to never been seen pissed off as the people who did never survived.  After his death he seeked for the revenge. He got to the same region as Rawub and it was Rawub who actually persuaded him to let go of the revenge. He is thankfull to Rawub and considers him more important than Nyx and Hyperion even though he´s loyal and respects both of them. He entered the Academy the same day as Rawub but graduated a year earlier than him. He got into 6th squad on his first shot and gained the position of 7th seat. He and previous lieutenant Renji Abarai never spoke as Renji hated his personality and thought of him as cocky. On the other hand Byakuya had his file on his table all the time. Except normal mission and secret missions Soi Fong often asked for his presence on the covert ops missions. It was due to his quiet nature as he never spoke of a word and never oposed but also because of his gun based Shikai. After Nyx and Hyperion gained their places he moved to 4th seat and became hollow rider.
Zanjutsu: He handles his sword well but uses the small blades on his belts better. Throws them at long distance. In army he had been trained to use swords but he never paid attention the the kind of fight. (3/5)
Hakuda: As he´s trained as a special agent he´s tought to fight well. Even though he´s able to fight in such way he doesn´t like the style and rather fights on longer distances. He like to work on his own or actually support the team from the distance. (4/5)
Kido: Is able to use lover number Kido but doesn´t consider the Kido as a way to fight. He used it in academy exams for the last time and noone has even seen him use it. (2/5)
Shunpo: Even though he works on the longer distances and plays solo he´s able to gain real speed. He´s only a bit slower that Hyperion. It´s his nature to use shunpo only when the situation needs it – his mates are in danger or when he hurries somehere – sent by his captain or needs to attend a meeting (4/5)
Name: Machina – looks like normal katana – blue and silver
Shikai: Gleem and Glance Machina
After calling name of his zanpakuto the blade shrinks to create a small blade at the tip of a big bayonet sniped gun (looks like sniper gun but with the blade in the end) When having his zanpakuto in shikai he needs to quickly find a hidden place. With a 100% accuracy he aims for the vital points and the head is his most favourite part. It uses around 50 long metalic projectiles covered with reishi. After using them all up he has to continue with other resources that´s why he wears about 50 more small blades on his belts. If that´s not enough he´s forced to hand to hand combat.
Bankai: - didn´t  gain it yet. His zanpakuto spirit indicated him the progress soon.
Zanpakuto Spirit: Appears to be as a young woman with white hair, glowing yellow eyes and full red lips She has athletic figure with normal boobs size in a tight black overal with glowing neon stripes and dots all over it. It´s because she doesn´t find her oponent worthy and mocks them. It only shows she´s a skillfull shooter who will take the enemy down before they notice her. She carries a huge sniper gun on her back. She has the same tattoo as Zeke on her throat. She wears black gloves that cover all her fingers except the first and middle finger.
Name: Haldis
A hawk like hollow- shapeshifter. It´s big enough for him to ride on his head and to transport more people while it´s in his original form but Zeke uses it´s smaller form of a regular hawk. He uses the hawk as a companion in long lonely days, and in the moments of fight he use him as the sight extention. The hollow has his eyes connected to the red left eye of Zeke. He´s able to see even the incoming enemy forces before they come and hidden enemies that way. Haldis shapeshifts to his bigger form when Zeke needs it.

Name:  Jinx (Jinsen)
Surname: Veritas
Age: 235 looks in his begining 20s
Height: 6´0
Race: Shinigami
Previous life:  Lived as a normal student of the Police Academy. One year before graduating his gun backfired at him by accident and caused him burns. These were not mortal but while in coma in the hospital the doctors gave him antibiotics which caused alergic reaction and actually killed him.
Rank: 5th seat 6th Squad
Tattoos: none
Jinx is a tall 6´0 slim man with tanned skin dirtly blond hair with thin brown strands in and green eyes. He wears a classic shihakusho with sand color shirt under it. The piece of fabric he wears on his hip and the belt is of grass green color. He also wears few pendants one on his shihakusho which he believes is lucky (as he thinks of him as a child of lady luck) and one on the piece of the fabric. He wears regular hakama and sandals. The zanpakuto is in black and green colors.
Even though his unlucky death he calls himself as a child of Lady Luck with a wide smile. He is open warm hearted young boy who helps where he can. He smiles a lot. He´s a bit clumsy and trips often. People around him who know him better know is only for the show. He´s very talented. After he died he got to the southern part of Rukongai. He didn´t even had a time to find himself a living when he got into an accident with Ikkaku. They bumped to eachother and after a little fight where Jinx was the one running in the front and Ikkaku the one running after him it seemed that Lady Luck stood at Jinx´s side again. After 5 days of life in Rukongai he got an approval to apply the Academy and graduated as a regular shinigami. It took him long enough till he got under the command of Nyx. He didn´t have time to experience the command of Kuchiki Byakuya even though he met him and saw him few times. He first belonged to the 4th squad due to his ability to use healing kido. He didn´t like the life of doing nothing and was moved to the 13th Squad. After a long talk and few drinks with Ikkaku he was overheard by Nyx who after few days took him under her wings. He´s the duo mate of Rawub and covers up for situations where Rawub is behind.
Zanjutsu: As a policeman he never experienced sword so it took him long enought to learn how to manipulate with it. He found liking to the sword techniques and became attached to it. He also learnt few tricks with it. When fighting he concentrates on performing the techniques based on his own intuition not based on the rules of technique. It often helps. Even though his low age and experiences he helped to design a new sword technique called 9 steps of peace.  (5/5)
Hakuda: His body may seem slender and because of his trip accidents he may seem like weak oponent but he´s able to defend himslef quite nicely. He belongs to the average users of hand to hand combat. He covers that up with the sword handling. (3/5)
Kido: Finds it very interesting as he never experienced such thing in reall world only in some magician shows and because he knew it was all trick it took him quite long to start believe and understand to  Kido. He learnt few simple lowest numbers and still trains with Rawub who is his teacher. (2/5)
Shunpo:  The quicker one of the duo. As Rawub is slow Jinx assissts him and cover for the places where the older African can´t see. He´s not as fast as Hyperion or Zeke but he´s a bit faster that Nyx (4/5)
Healing: During his academy life he was supposed to be a healer and thus become a part of 4th Squad, so he learnt some healing tricks. He´s able to heal wound to some medium extent but not really deep and big ones.
Name: Splinter
Shikai: Fly in pieces Splinter
After calling name of his zanpakuto, the blade of his sword shatters into small pieces that transform into small metalic cards flying around able to make wings, armor or anything else. Jinx doesn´t command them by gestures but by words. He uses poker words to controll the movement of the cards.
Splinter Fort Minor
The second ability of his shikai allows the cards to grow into the human size and have multiple usage. It can reflect a bullet, a Kido or a light, it can trap the enemy into a metalic coffin and crush him to death, it can cut or become a shield. This time Jinx has to combine words, sight and hands to control the cards.
Zanpakuto Spirit: Appears as a small child. Splinter is a teenage boy with huge googles on his forehead. He has mid long spiky hair put in a high ponytail. His eyes are brown. He wears a turtleneck t- shirt without sleeves and capri like baggy pants with army shoes. He also wears gloves.He always carries a pack of card and loves to play tricks on Jinx. Also loves to play with Tan- Tai. He´s playfull and he´s more like little Brother to Jinx.
Bankai: - hasn´t achieved yet and often makes fun of it –

Name: Tan- Tai
Tan Tai is a playfull black fox like hollow often used by Nyx. It´s considered to be the fastest hollow in the Gotei 13. It loves to be hugged and smugged. Often follows Jinx everywhere he can. The only hollow that lives in Jinx´s appartment not in a Bureau with the others as it´s too attached to him. While Jinx trains with Rawub he enjoys laying on a ground a catch the warm rays of sunlight or chase for the butterlies. The one negative feature of Tan- Tai would be that he´s trying to get friendly with almost everyone even the enemy. However once he learns that it´s the bad person or see the person hurt Jinx he starts to act like a wild beast.
The profile sheets of Rawub, Zeke and Jinx

Hope you like them

Bleach: Tite Kubo
OCs: Me
Artwork: :iconrtenzo:
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    "Alright guys, it's officially on!" You cheered as you stepped into your living room, triumphantly showing the deck of UNO H2O cards to your three best friends.
    Antonio and Feliciano immediately perked up. "Oh _______, chica you found it!" "Hooray, ve~! Now we can play! Come on fratello, sit with us! You can sit by _______"
    Lovino, as was typical of him, grumbled the whole ten feet from the dining room table in your apartment to the floor in the living room where Toni and Feli were already setting up shop. He plopped down across from Toni. "Why are we even doing this? You guys are un branco di idioti[1] if you think I'm going to play a stupido card game with you."
    Feli tipped his head, innocently confused as always. "But fratello," he mused, "you came and sat down, didn't you?"
    Toni giggled and you almost ran over and suffocated him in a hug. You were on cuteness overload with these guys. "Aw don't be such a aguafiestas[2], Lovino. You're just angry cuz you don't know how to play~"
    Lovino looked like he was going to burst a blood vessel. "Zitto, idiota! Tu non sai niente![3]"
    You turned from where you had been setting up some music and gave him 'The Look'. "Lovi! Watch your mouth!" He pouted, sticking his tongue out at Toni and Feli. "As I recall, dear Lovi, it was your idea to do something besides sitting around," you reminded him. He just grumbled something incoherent and crossed his arms, pouting even more. You tried hard not to giggle as you turned back to your iPod. Honestly you loved them all. How could you not? They were your best friends since... Well since forever ago! You guys did everything together, went everywhere together. "A regular group of three musketeers. Plus a chica bonita[4]." That's what Toni always said. You were so close that you took classes to make sure that you knew enough Spanish and Italian to understand them when they went off on their adorable little rants. But there was something different about Lovino. You didn't know what it was, but you just...loved him differently. Not like it wasn't obvious. Well, to everyone but the grumpy Southern Italian.
    Of course, your little crush was a two way street; as was his obliviousness. You were the only one that could make him smile or laugh. He would do anything to make you happy, which was why he usually shut up or stopped swearing if you asked. (This was also the only reason he agreed to play cards.) Toni and his brother knew, of course, and tried to convince him that you felt the same. He was never convinced and insisted that he was fine loving you from afar, but we all know that wasn't true. But I digress.
    "Hey, chica! Pass the cards, por favor!" You turned again and tossed Toni the deck. He handed them to Lovino. "Here, mi tomate. Work some of your magic on these."
    The brunette snatched the cards, snarling, "I thought I told you not to call me that, bastardo!"
    "Lovi.." you warned.
    Feli looked thoroughly concerned. "Why can't you be more nice, Romano? Like _______!" You giggled. "Do you need another hug??"
    "No! I don't need any of your stupid hug therapy!"
    "But Romano-"
    "Just shut up!"
    Toni chuckled. "I think you might need a hug, amigo. If Feli can't give you one, would you be okay if I gave you one? Or maybe _______-"
    Romano was very red now. "I Said Shut Up, You [THESE WORDS HAVE BEEN CENSORED BY THE AUTHOR (;]
    This escalated almost to World War III as you just shook your head and chuckled. Finally having chosen your music and set it on repeat, you approached the chaos. "Boys! Boys! You're All Pretty! Can We Play The Game Now?"
    Things quieted down when Feli squealed, "Ve~! I love that movie~!" And you took your place on the floor while Lovi finally shut his trap and shuffled and dealt the cards with incredible skill.
    You picked up your cards, game face on. "Alright boys. … Shit's going down~"
    Feli was positively shocked. "_______!!" Antonio chuckled and Lovi barely stifled a laugh.
    You gave a cute smile that you knew would make him feel better. "Sorry Feli~ But seriously! Getcho game faces on cuz it just got serious!!"
    "Hang on, amigos!"
    "Lovi doesn't know how to play.."
    "Shut Up!!"


    About half an hour of laughs and teaming up on each other, you guys were still only on your fist hand of UNO. Toni had had one UNO, but he forgot to say "Uno" so you guys had made him draw ten cards. You had had about three UNO's, but the others always either changed the color or made you draw anywhere from two to eight cards (depending on how many +2's they had). Surprisingly enough, Feli was not only the most competitive, but the one who had gotten the most UNO's; a grand total of seven! Poor Lovino hadn't even gotten one UNO. And he was pretty mad about it. That combined with the fact that you, Toni, and Feli had spent the last minute or so skipping him, changing the color, and making him draw so he didn't have the least amount of cards anymore (he had at least twenty to juggle now thanks to you) meant that he was very close to flying off the handle.
    He was fuming while you put down a draw two for Toni. "Sorry, Toni~" you crooned, a grin on your face.
    He groaned and drew from the pile, but there was still a smile on his face. "Come on, hermosa[5]~ I thought we were friends!"
    You laughed. "There are no friends in UNO!!" you declared.
    Antonio faked a gasp. "Hurtful!"
    You put a hand on his arm. "Don't worry Toni, I still love you!"
    At that Feli gasped.
    "Bella, amico, we forgot the most important rule!!!"
    "What rule?"
    Lovino was about to protest very strongly to yet another rule and even staying in the game at all, but he froze at his brother's words.
    "When you put down a draw two or a draw four you have to say I love you!!"
    Lovi deadpanned. He wasn't serious. He couldn't be serious.
    You perked up instantly. "Oh my gosh I completely forgot about that! We always have that rule!"
    Oh god he was serious. Lovino started to panic, no longer concerned with winning. He couldn't tell you he loved you! He really did love you!!
    Before he knew what was happening the rule had been officially established and game play had resumed. After all, you reasoned, you all loved each other, right?

    This was going to be a long game.


    It was now about an hour into gameplay. After the "I love you" rule had been established, Lovino made sure that the direction was always going to his right so that any +2's he laid down were directed at his brother. He would tell Feliciano he loved him seven times every day if it meant he didn't have to say those dreaded words to you. He couldn't bear the thought of throwing those words around with you; or making you hate him for being serious about them.
    Suddenly your stomach grumbled and the tension in the air broke as everyone laughed. "Guys I think I'm hungry."
    Antonio stood up quite abruptly and dragged Feliciano with him to the kitchen with a "We'll make lunch!!"
    You laughed a bit and shook your head. "Okay Lovi, that means it's you and me!"
    "I bet I can beat you~"
    "No you can't!"
    "Bet I can!"
    "No way!"
    "Yes way!"

    Fifteen minutes later Toni and Feli were still in the kitchen, and the UNO game had stepped up quite a few notches. You and Lovi were at it hammer and tongs. You threw down a +2 with a quick "I love you" and he was concentrating so hard that he didn't realize he had countered with another +2 until it was too late.
    Your hand hovered over the draw pile and you narrowed your eyes at him. "What do you say, Lovi~?"
    "Huh?" He had completely forgotten.
    "You put down a draw two. You have to say 'I love you'."
    Lovino stared at the cards like they were coming to life to eat him. "What?! No! I'm not gonna say it!"
    You rolled your eyes. "Come on, Lovi. It's three words, it can't be that hard."
    "I'm not gonna say it!!"
    "Why? Just freaking do it. You said it to Feli," you pointed out.
    Toni's voice came from the kitchen. "Tu deberias hablar con tu corazon pronto![6]"
    Lovi exploded. "Zitto, testa di cazzo! Non sai niente! Che ne sai tu di queste cose, bastardo? Tu sei Spagnolo! Siete tutti fottutamente stupido![7]"
    You giggled, having understood Antonio perfectly. You weren't stupid. So that's how it was, huh? Well.. You were perfectly okay with that.
    They were still arguing loudly while you were thinking and suddenly Lovino yelled, "Oh My God Just Shut Up!! I LOVE YOU, OKAY?! TI AMO, _______!!"
    You grinned, not at all taken aback by his outburst. "I love you too, Lovi!"
    He froze, and it was suddenly silent. The blood rushed to his face as he stuttered, "Y-You do..??"
    You laughed. "Of course I love you! Ti amo, you silly Italian~" With that said, you leaned forward and kissed him. Lovino was freaking out inside, and when he grabbed your face and held you in the kiss for a minute longer than you expected you didn't question it. There were 'yay's and 'hooray's from the kitchen and Toni was heard sniffling and saying, "Mi tomate chiquito[8]~ He is all grown up~!"
    Lovi broke from the kiss to yell at him. Again. "Damn it, Antonio! I told you not to call me that! What the hell! Why do you always have to ruin everything?!"
    You giggled at the sudden mood change and kissed his cheek. He turned and gave you one of his rare smiles. "Ti amo, bella~" Toni giggled and Lovi's face went red with anger and embarrassment. He launched off the floor to start yet another fight with the Spaniard. "ANTONIO I WILL END YOU!!!"
    Oh yeah. You loved him.
I feel like this is terrible. :iconotlplz:

THIS CONTAINS BAD WORDS! :iconhideyokidsplz:

[1] un branco di idioti= a bunch of idiots
[2] aguafiestas= party pooper (I think)
[3] Zitto, idiota! Tu non sai niente!= Shut up, asshole! You know nothing!
[4] chica bonita= pretty girl
[5] hermosa= beautiful
[6] Tu deberias hablar con tu corazon pronto!= You should speak with your heart soon!
[7] Zitto, testa di cazzo! Non sai niente! Che ne sai tu di queste cose, bastardo? Tu sei Spagnolo! Siete tutti fottutamente stupido!= (If you guys really want to know what this means go lookit up! XD)
[8] Mi tomate chiquito= My tiny tomato


Hetalia belongs to Hima-papa (What? I can't say his name!)
You belong to :iconromanoplz:
Picture: Google
EDIT: Da eff you guys!! Over 80 favorites in 24 hours?! Thank you so much!! I'm not used to this much positive feedback There's no way I could write on everyone's wall with a thank you, so you get one big group thank you! THANK YOU!! I appreciate you all so much!! <3333
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Biographical Information
Full Name: Orion Ramsey
Born: June 7th
Birthplace: Alaska
Alias:  None
Physical Information
Species: Wolf
Rank: Upper level Familiar
Gender: Male
Fur Color: Grey/white
Eye Color:  Golden ember, icy blue (depending on his mood)
Familial Information
Family Members
Parents: Sirin(Mother) Bryan
Magical Characteristics
Basic powers
Active Powers
Magical Possessions
Non Magical items
Occupation: Protecting, and watching over Alyssa
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Loyalty: Alyssa
Friends: Alyssa, Sarina, Coop, P.J. Salem


This is the 2nd link to the picture I found:
disclaimer I do not own this picture
This is Orion, Alyssa's Wolf familiar
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Biographical Information
Full Name: Alyssa Ramsey
Born: October 31st 2006
Birthplace: Egypt
Alias:  Gypsy Wench, Desert Rose
Physical Information
Species: Gypsy, and Akkadian
Rank: Upper lever Shuvani
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Jet brown
Eye Color:  Emerald
Skin Color: latte
Familial Information
Family Members
Parents: Ava Nicola & Romulus
Grandmother:  Marina Nicola(deceased)
Grandfather: Aston(deceased)
Adopted Uncle: Mathayus
Uncles:  Mark and Noah(deceased)
Great Aunt: Lydia Nicola(deceased)
Magical Characteristics
Basic powers
Spell casting-The ability to cast spells and perform rituals
Potion making-The ability to brew magical potions.
Scrying-The ability to locate a being through use of a map and a crystal.
Divination-The ability to predict the future.
Mediumship- The ability to see the spirits of the deceased
Active Powers
Sensing-The magical ability to locate a person that is alive, anywhere in the world
Inhuman strength-Is naturally stronger than the average human.
High Resistance-She is more resistant to physical attacks.
Magical Possessions
The Gypsy Book
Carries a pouch of unicorn dust
Non Magical items
A double edge bladed sword
Iron daggers
The Shuvani Gypsies
Occupation:  An Antique Shop owner (Sells Unique, and rare jewelry along )Also happens to be a fashion  designer
Residence: San Francisco, California(Some times Egypt)
Loyalty:  The Shuvani Gypsies, Wyatt Halliwell(as he turns evil) and the Akkadians
Friends: Trinity, Wyatt, Chris, Melinda, Coop, Sarina, Kyle, Tamora and P.J.
Familiar(s) 1st one is a black cat named  Salem whose been with since she was a toddler, but he was killed, the 2nd is a grey/ white wolf named Orion whose not to friendly towards Wyatt at 1st

Disclaimer- I do not own this picture

Alyssa Ramsey is my Charmed oc
Charmed belongs to Constance M. Burge
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Tyrranux Universe Secret File #003: Rex Salazar
Voice Over: Daryl Sabara
Theme Song: Judas Priest; "Prophecy"

There is an organization that serves the betterment of mankind. It is an organization that is, to most respects, a sister organization to W.A.S.P. Both claim to be helping man, and like a great white knight, both do. But, there is always a small speck of black within so much white, a black sheep, if it was, that can be quite a nuisance at times. That would be this organization, Providence's, greatest asset: Rex.

Rex is not a normal 15 year old boy. He may appear normal on the outside, and act like your typical teenager, but there's more to him then people know. No, it's not the talking chimpanzee with an eye-patch and fez he keeps with him as one of his friends. It's not the fact that he can generate techno-organic weapons and vehicles from his very flesh. It's not that his body is brimming with nanoscopic robots that give him his "powers". It's not even that he's capable of shutting down other nanaoscpoic robots that infect both humans and animals, thus changing them back from ravenous blood thirsty monstrosities against God. If there has to be one truly strange thing against Rex and his entire being, it has to be that he has become friends with his latest target: Terry Jones.

Now, Rex and Bobo (the chimp) have gone A.W.O.L. They apparently learned something about their precious Providence that has made them "run away from home" and join the Human Dragon. And to make matters worse; Rex's nanites have turned him into a human Ambrosia detector.

So, if any soldiers of either Providence or W.A.S.P. see a boy with black hair, a red jacket, and yellow goggles accompanied by a chimpanzee, a boy with blue hair, or an older woman answering to "Virus", all W.A.S.P. and Providence agents are given permission to use lethal force.
I promised I'd put up some more art before I move, and I plan to keep it.

I have here Rex, from the most recent good Cartoon Network series "Generator Rex"

If you don't know what it is, look it up, or better yet, watch one of the episodes.

Anyway, I like how this guy came out, I highly doubt it'll be canon to the Tyrranux Universe, but it'll be kick-ass if it was.

I'll try and add in another character as soon as I can, but don't be expecting any miracles.

Generator Rex is sole property of Man of Action and Cartoon Network
The Tyrranux Universe is sole property of :icontyrranux:
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