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It took me a long time to complete this. It was hard work, so I hope you appreciate it. It is "The Simpson's in - Harry Potter books 1-5". I finished making it at least a month or two before this submission, however I never got around to submitting it, considering it was made for a different reason.

I dislike the scene where Sirius is hanging Snape upside down, mainly because I could not think of anything for him to say, and so what he does say is pretty horribly worded.

other than that it might be worth noticing that although the movie is very accurate, down to the point of Dumbledore not looking directly at Harry in book five. in the true simpsons tradition though it also contains some satirical elements of my own creation, for instance Hagrid being a midget (could not resist doing that), and the first year students crossing the lake in a motor boat.
enough chitchat, Enjoy

Favorites are appreciated, and if you like it, tell your friends about it.

If you Download, please fave
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This is a short oddworld parody video I made.
I might expand it sometime ;)

Now with Credits!
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One Piece FAN-FICTION ANIMATED SCENE: Fuu (OC) landing a little abruptly in the lookout of the Moby Dick with her passenger

:damphyr: Story at Memoirs of an OC, Story.III: The Day the Time of One Piece got Bended, making the Story rewrite itself

>>> Video LINK :snowflake: Related Illustration <<<

Background Elements from One Piece Anime & Fanart © =TenshiNoFuu
Fan-Animation made with Adobe Photoshop CS5, QuakeVideoMaker & CyberLink PowerDirector10
Soundtrack Elements from One Piece Anime, Marine Ford Arc © Shirō Hamaguchi & Kōhei Tanaka

Fuu, One Piece OC © =TenshiNoFuu
Portgas D. Ace, One Piece © Eiichiro Oda & Toei Animation
"Memoirs of an OC", One Piece Fanfiction © TenshiNoFuu on
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    My reaction to Harry Shearer leaving "The Simpsons". Even though he may quit the show and he may be replaced for his characters, none of this characters will have a voice that is good than Mr. Shearer's.

Video: "The Simpsons S6E13 - Bart's Comet"
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Edit: Argh, the timing was completely off in the first version I uploaded. DX After some painstaking editing, I've finally synced it up. Now I think it's finally done.

Note: The file size is very large because it has audio something like a few hundred scanned pictures in it, so this might take a while to load. ^^; I may try resizing it again, but I'm not really in a hurry to (takes up most of a day to do that). Sorry and thanks for your patience. :)

With the run of the show officially over, here is the animation that I did for the prologue sequence. We used a projector and large screen (which was thankfully very quiet when it rose back up) already installed in our theater/auditorium. It stayed paused on the first screen (which was projected on the red curtain) until the show was officially ready to start. I also had to plug in a simple looping black screen at the end because when couldn't stop it or turn off the projector without Windows or a "Are you ready to shut down?" window popping up. ^^;

The audio in this is from the Broadway soundtrack (which is what I used to timing and in no way own), but for the run of the show a live orchestra played and one of the actors did the narration. Also, the beginning picture is not my own. It's the official Disney logo for the musical (with a rose picture added in the background) that we got the rights to use along with the rights to perform the show. Many productions use a gobo (think spotlight stencil =p) and shine it on the curtain while the audience is getting seated at the start. This image shined on the curtain worked in about the same way.

I went for a sketchy look since one of the directors saw a very cartoony version done for another production and hated it. Hope you like it. :)
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OK Youtube breakdown now finished.


Original art work by :iconalaisl: entered into my Alice V Jabberwocky contest :D.

I hope you like the end result!

Just finished this one at about 9 last night, it rendered both Flash and WMV file while I was asleep and my body woke me up at 3:30 in the morning to finish it as the rendering ended (I swear I am not psychically linke to my computer hehe).

For the first time ever I can also release one of my screensavers as a WMV file for DREAMSCENE users! YAY.
(The animation was so complex that overlaying Alice on the background and having Flash render in real time the transparency was killing my machine.. so its all one movie layer for the first time ever hehe).

So here are your respective links.


With Audiod
Dremescene/WMV File

Copyright info as always the audio track is "071 - Combat_Music_09" from an unofficial game rip soundtrack of "Alice Madness Returns". which is copyright EA/Spicy Horse.

Programs used are Photoshop/After Effects and Flash to Publish.
Audacity for Audio editing.

And now I'm off to bed its 4:30 in the morning....I'm Ill..... and I need ot be up for work at 7. ..GGGRRRRrrrr

Thanks for all the favs and comments, this has made it to 102 on todays most popular.. : P
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/!\ can take some times to load (was lazy to make a preloader/!\

long time no see! :3

Challenge and practice. this is the only goal of this, so forgive the mistakes ^^

So yes, this isn't a big animation or anything, just something to take as it come. It's a loop.
This is obviously in modern times.
characters : sebastian and ciel from anime/manga Kuroshitsuji

tools : Sai, photoshop, flash.
time : probably a week
Music : Beethoven - symphony n°7 - OP92 II - Allegretto

edit : here is the youtube crappy version : [link]

bg screens : [link]
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Because CLEARLY Canada is a Saiyan.
It's really too bad the quality is so took me ages to get the lip-syncing done. Well, even if you can't see it, I would have known if there was something off and it would've bugged me too much to leave alone.
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stop motion animation.

Made with/Realizada con:

Cell phone/celular
Game boy
GB: Super Mario land
Atari: E.T the extraterrestrial
Bold paper/hojas de maquina

Well this is a short stop motion animation a did for school, this was fun to make ( most of the time XD). I never have done this type of animation so it was kinda hard at first, and the fact that I had to built the tripod with legos, since I don't have a camera yet.

Bueno esto es una pequeña animacion en stop motion que hice para la escuela, fue divertido hacerla ( la mayoria del tiempo). nunca habia hecho este tipo de animacion anteriormente por lo que se me dificulto al principio, aparte del hecho que tampoco tengo camara todavia y tuve que armar un tripea con legos

photos/fotos: 969

Edit: OMGGGG :la: thank you for the DD, i feel very happy, and i was shoked when I found out about it :wow: :w00t:
OMGGGGG :la: muchas gracias por la DD, me siento muy feliz, me quede impactado al darme cuenta de esto :wow: :w00t:
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For the version with sound, go here! Or here thanks to eco mono. :B


SO THIS IS WHAT I WAS WORKING ON HAHA this loses something without its sound but there's a lot of framebyframe stuff in it so I'M PUTTING IT UP HERE ANYWAY

So many random characters. This video says so much about me.
"But why are Liquid and Solidus alive if this has Old Snake in it" you might ask, to which I reply what is Snake doing playing DDR with a bunch of Pokemon and Silent Hill characters. ANSWER ME THAT

ALL THE FANDOMS AND CHARACTERS ARE LISTED AT THE END there are so many :O Although you can check out Wilhelm and Zee here and Inhuman's creator here - not-fun


Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake, Otacon, Sunny, Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Raiden, Solidus, The Joy/Boss, The Sorrow
Star Control 2: Admiral ZEX, The Captain, Talana, an Utwig, a Supox, an Arilou, Subcommander DAX, Fwiffo
Phoenix Wright: Yanni Yogi, Damon Gant, Matt Engarde, Juan Corrida
Pikmin: Olimar, Pikmin
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Nny, Edgar
Mother 3: Duster, Kumatora, Lucas, Boney, Ionia
Pokemon (these are original characters of mine): Radic, Farnsworth the Lucario, Nova the Raichu, Callima the Parasect
Megaman Legends: Teisel Bonne, Glyde
Mario: Luigi, Prince Peasley (from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)
Silent Hill: Harry Mason, Dahlia Gillespie, Pyramid Head, James Sunderland, Heather Mason, Father Vincent
Final Fantasy 7: Cid Highwind, Vincent Valentine
Slayers: Vrumugun, Zangulus
Final Fantasy 9: Zorn and Thorn
Magic Knights Rayearth: Ascot
Road to El Dorado: Miguel, Tulio
EarthBound: Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo
Final Fantasy 6: Strago Magus, Kefka
Secret of Mana: Sprite, Boy
Captain Jack, the Eurodance artist
Cleo, my dead dog
Slasher Movies: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers
Final Fantasy 8: Zell Dincht, Irvine Kinneas
Snatcher: Gillian Seed, Random Hajile, Metal Gear Mk. II
Quest for Glory: The Hero
Metroid: Samus Aran
Wilhelm and Zee
Lazytown: Sportacus
Chrono Trigger: Ayla
Inhuman: Kyotoshi Lypha, Grey
Space Quest: Roger Wilco
Day of the Tentacle: Green
Original Characters: Tsukiyo, Girl, Triangle, Scriabin, Dr. Dowasure, Zarla, Alix, Sheena (my, my brother's, and my cousin's avatars)
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