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Hola otra vez fanaticos de Phineas y Ferb en DA, hoy les traigo el terccer demo del proyecto en el que estoy trabajando, el cual por el momento solo lo llamo Proyecto Latino, para los que no saben de lo que hablo, ya habia subido otra animacion donde se explica lo que quiero hacer [link] y es llevar el Fanart a un nuevo nivel, fusionando el Fanfic y el Artistico para hacer pequeños episodios de Phineas y Ferb

Esta demo es mas bien para informarlos acerca de un nuevo personaje que sera estelar y tomara el lugar de Candace en este proyecto, Fanti el Elefante que le teme al publico y Candace pasara a ser un extra, se que es un cambio radical pero se que sera una gran idea

Diganme que opinan acerca de esto

Saludos y de antemano gracias a todos por sus comentarios

Phineas y Ferb es una propiedad de Dan Povenmire y Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, este es un proyecto sin fines de lucro hecho por fans y para fans

No, no es cierto xD, solo estoy jugando y probando los simbolos de la animacion xD, no se preocupen fanaticos de Candace ella todavia sera estelar, esta solo fue una pequeña broma y un test de animacion de los simbolos, luego subire un verdadero adelanto del intro

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Here's a sneak-peek of sorts of the upcoming OFF-WHITE page. I was painting part of the background and thought it could really use some animation :D
The relief was hand-painted in Photoshop, the effects were added in After Effect and everything was put together in Flash. It was a fun experience and
you can expect more art like this in the future.

Edit: I think I've managed to force the music not to stop but it created a small gap between the loops. Hopefully I'll find a solution for it.

Edit 2: Since everyone's asking - the music is a loop composed by Claus Gahrn. If you need music for your project and want to support him, check out his AudioJungle profile for more epic music! [link]

Edit 3: I had a lot of problems with the preloader but *RevoRobotica-Liam came to the rescue! If you need a template for a swf like this check out this journal [link] to download a .fla file with ready preloader and Action Script :D
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This is a Flash animation i did for my comic.

it was going to be the intro for The Gang website, but i never launched the site.

this isn't actually the finished peice! after you click the button a grage door slams down with my logo on it, then fades to white.... i don't think i have the finished animation anymore but this is very close...
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Of course it's unfinished. You'll sooner see flying pigs not flying than me finishing an animation. I start way too many little projects.

Anyway, "The Cliché Ei, Eii n Eiji Anime Intro". I dare say it's more original than most anime intros, but still, this animation was originally intended to make fun of those special, overused intro videos. I should've used out-of-tone Japanese rock music.
I started this animation in 2012, but never came far with it. Which is interesting, as there's only one scene that follows after the Eiji and Eii running scene. I'm just dumping it here before it collects too much computer dust.

For the people who don't know what they're looking at:
- "Ei, Eii n Eiji" is the Japanese version of "Ed, Edd n Eddy" I sneezed out.
- Eii is a robot. More information about that here:
- An explanation about why the Japanese Marie and Edd are all over this animation is also here:
- At the end you see the teenage version of the Japanese Eddy and Edd, as seen only once here:…
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