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So ye... its Maggie. Or is it?

Got ya! Its Fella really... Hiding in a Maggie Simpson costume.

I had fun designing this and then actually colouring it to (Don't usually like colouring - because I suck at it)

Fella (C) Deviantart
Maggie (C) Matt Groening and The Simpsons

Creation of the above (C) Me :)

Thankyou xx
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This is the Trimonosaur! Its long, slender body and cone shaped head enables it to tunnel through the heaps of debris and its long, extending arms can remove or claw through anything that it can't. Its arms usually support most of its weight while its four insect-like legs provide the forward movement. Its arms can extend an extra 6 inches to reach for its prey. Its eye is on a long, flexible stalk hidden inside its three-part mouth, which is lined with short, but very sharp, teeth.

Okay, there's the bio. Now here's what I need to say:

This thing is absolutely the largest thing I have ever made! It's over 43 inches long! Why so big? I wanted to make a REAL creature from "9." Life-size. And it is fully articulated! Fingers, arms, legs, mouth, everything moves! This was REALLY hard to do, everything was so sharp. I found everything I needed around my house. And it's all held together with wire or screws and bolts. The only tape I used was on the eye, because wire just didn't want to cut it. The burlap is all sewed on with embroidery thread and some copper wire.

This guy is made of:
stainless steel wire mesh
an old pair of scissors
a stainless steel pipe
'Erector" parts
Popsicle sticks painted silver
a spark plug
red wire
rubber washers
aluminum sheeting
copper plating
"Exacto" knives
2 inspection tools
embroidery thread
copper wire
stainless wire
3 hinges
steel diamond grating
ball-and-socket joints from a hands-free tool
1 rubber band
1 wire tie
1 red LED
1 flashlight head
1 goose-neck lamp
plastic tubes painted silver

And several things that I have no clue as to what they are.
You would not believe how hard those ball-and-socket joints are to find! Apparently they're made exclusively for inspection tools and those hands-free things.

Download for giant size.
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is everyones favorite character of simpson, Bart !!
everyone do the bartman !! =D wish me Luck !! ;D
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My second entry to the Wacom contest.
My first entry: [link]

Don't ever give up on hope. Even when in the face of evil, don't let them see your fear.


I spent about a month working on this, I made a lot of changes to it and now I can finally say I'm really happy with it!

Tools used: Photoshop CS3 & Wacom Intuos 3


EDIT: Fixed the nose, hopefully this looks better.
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One more hour to go home. Thought I'd do Homer Simpson since no-ones done it yet. Here is my another entry - Homer Fella
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