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Which Pack Are You Joining: Moonshiners (Accepted!)
Username: galianogangster
Character Name: Cleopatra
Nicknames: "Cleo"
Gender: Female
Age: 3
125 lbs
Sexuality: Lesbian
Voice Actress: Lois Chiles (ex: with a midwest accent).
Preferred Clothing: Anything tight fitting when she's decked out with her guns, but prefers loose, one shoulder shirts and shorts otherwise.
Personality: Cleo's pretty easy to get along with, unless you prove to be Chauvinistic. She'll take orders when she needs to, but if she thinks her idea would be more effective, she might just do that. Will shamelessly flirt with females, but is otherwise pretty quiet. She likes to observe others. She can be sarcastic, but is rarely mean unless you give her a good reason to be. Is a party and eventually weepy drunk.
Addicted to: Doesn't do drugs, thoroughly enjoys drinking to suppress memories
Major Strengths: Very quick thinker, good with guns, knives, and bats
Major Weaknesses: Doesn't like hurting girls unless she really doesn't like them. Gets distracted by females easily. Relies on her guns a lot.
Brief History: Cleo's previous group was big on armaments as they were into some pretty nasty illegal business. Cleo never really asked what they were up to, as she was kept mainly as a "trophy" by the men in the group. After three years of being used and abused, Cleo shot the leader, stole their cash, and got the hell out of there before she was destroyed.

Fun facts:
Cleo doesn't have whiskers on her muzzle, but has them on her eyebrows and cheek
She doesn't smoke, but enjoys playing with lighters

Kinks: Likes to try to impress females

Mate: Clairice:


Enemies: none yet

RP samples:

Other art: demonicilesubstance.deviantart...

Art (c) Becc@ Petersen
Design (c) :iconcatahoulakur: F1
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This is my Fursona. RIGHT EYE IS BLUE! Don't know which to say. A lot of hidden symbolism here. Fur color and eyes, different sides of me. White belly mean I'm a good person, dog, whatever under everything. Blue eye is my good and clam side, Red eye is the other way around. This is something you can't figure out unless you know me in person, left eye is weaker then the right, you should be able to get it there. The chain, what I go through to get my freedom.Red bandana, nothing I just like on my main canines.
I'm thinking about using him in RP
Wolf maker…
RP ref: Feral form.
Name: Bandit
Breed: Malamute/gray wolf hybrid
Gender: Male
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Finally got my Cocker! And what a stunner she is! :love:

So, meet Clairice! :dummy: She'll be in the :iconeuphoridae: realm, still trying to decide whether I want her in a group or just at the club Mitch works at X3 Either way, Cleo's her best customer :D I hope you like her as much as I do! ^ ^


Enemies: none yet

Other Art:…………

Art (c) Becc@ Petersen
Design (c) :iconpaintedcricket:…
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My spiritual companion. Also my entry for…
Originally, this was just a study sketch of a Greenland Dog, but I got inspired for the background. And soon I had an idea for a character. So, she was created :3

I still don't have a name for her yet, but I can't stop drawing her XD I love her <3 She really is a representation of me. I gave up after a while of trying to find/ create myself a "fursona". I decided to not necessarily make a fursona but something I could use to represent me as an artist. I represent myself but she is the embodiment of that. I couldn't be happier with her design.

Her breed is actually a Grønlandshund, NOT a wolf, and her body is a bit more slender. And despite the sea shells, her home isn't necessarily the sea. She spends a great deal of time in the mountains too ;P

:bulletred: Because some people are confused....
-Her coat is a chestnut/ golden/ copper color. Or just a golden brown.
-She coat is similar to a liver spotted coat, with white spots on her body. These are always there!
-She always has seashells in her neck fur and tail, and are attatched to her in a way.
-There can be hints of green and blue in her fur
-Her eyes are an aquamarine type color
-Shells can be any type and color, but must be present

Art/ Character design (c) Resennar
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Another character I've been working on since a month ago. Finally finished her. Yes, it's a chick for once. xDDDD
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HOLY CRAP! Is that a NORMAL SOUNDING NAME?? Heavens above!

No, but seriously, I have like a strict vendetta against normal sounding names for anything. All my characters sound either Jap or weird.

Aaaanyway, this is for the *WolfArt-RPG. Jenna is a lone female, rather small in stature, thus naturally cautious and generally alert. This is my crazy half-arsed attempt at a realistic-looking wolf pattern. The colours provided are for the simplified version of her design, if you don't feel like fiddling with overcoats.

...Don't ask about the pose, I needed one that didn't show off my amazing inability to draw hind legs.

Name: Jenna (Jenz)
Species: Grey wolf
Gender: Female
Age: Two
Height: 60 cm (24 in [or thereabouts—2.5 cm in an inch])
Build: Rather light; more for speed than strength, something that rather annoys her.
Pelt: Fairly shaggy; pale cream underbelly, slightly darker cream undercoat with a dark grey outer coat.
Eyes: Subdued orange
"Genetics": The cream colour is recessive, the grey overcoat dominant.
Pack: None
Status/Rank: Lone wolf
Personality: Being rather diminutive in stature, she's cautious and alert, a habit taught to her by her mother who wanted the runt to have the best shot at survival possible. She considers herself an excellent judge of character, and once she trust someone, she's faithful to her last breath. Once she opens up, she's rather zany and excitable, and just a little crazy, although she never loses herself completely (everyone who knew her would joke about her excellent sentry/outlook skills). When with others, she actually loves having fun, considering it a rare treat when she's protected enough that she can be as loud and relaxed as she wants without fear. When alone, this bubbly self is carefully stored away.
History: Nothing particularly interesting; grew up in a small pack, randomly up and left one day in a fit of temporary insanity (not that she regrets it even a mite). Her observancy and quick reactions have saved her so far, though she's of the opinion that she'll need to find a new pack or a mate soon.

Jenna's concept and design belong to me. This art also belongs to me. You are not allowed to use either.
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Figured it was time for a new reference for my fursona, Nikki! Hope this is helpful, I think I covered all the new and old stuff X3

Art, character, design (c) Becc@ Petersen
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They were at least kind enough to drop him in a place with very little snow.

The day started as usual, with a meal, and a greeting of heavy whining and rub downs. Nacoma loved his pack. They were kind to him, they brought him food, spent time with him, and their fur-less flesh was always so warm. He had hoped his life would remain the same, behind the heavy fence, with his sisters and mother just within view, with the little wooden dens in the middle of the enclosure, and the occasional rabbit that scampered beneath the wires. But it wasn't to remain the same, and he was given no warning of the change to come.
When the truck with the large metal crate pulled up, Nacoma was happy. This meant they were going somewhere, and somewhere new was always fun. But his alpha seemed sad. He could tell. It was the way she moved, and it was her eyes... If she had a tail, it would have been tucked, he knew. Did his alpha have alphas?
Nacoma watched the humans from behind the fence. Something was wrong... His alpha and her kind spoke a different language than him, but he could understand enough of it to know if something was good or bad, where he was supposed to go or what he was supposed to do. If his alpha asked him to come, to get into the crate, he would do so happily. But there was another there... a new human, a male, plus many others. He didn't know these humans, and there was something about them he couldn't bring himself to trust. He wouldn't go near them. Instead, he retreated to the corner of his enclosure and pressed himself against the wall. When they entered with nets and began to chase him, he ran, making several attempts at his den, but it was always blocked by another net. Normally he enjoyed a game of chase, but this seemed serious. He didn't like it.
Once they stopped chasing him, he retreated back to the corner, frantically trying to watch all of them at the same time. And he listened. "Do you have to? I can get him if you give me a chance!" "It's for his good- to keep him calm- it won't hurt" they would say. Nacoma didn't understand all of it, but it didn't sound good.
And it did hurt. When the gun clapped, pain shot into his hip, causing him to let out a loud yap and start to bite at his hip. The thing with the red tip fell, but another took it's place, another even more painful. So he ran this time. He made another shot for the den, but again it was blocked.
The world began to blur, and he wanted to keep running, to get away from these people, but the fence stopped him, and then he couldn't run anymore.
Nacoma had no dreams in his sleep. It was as if suddenly the entire world turned black, stopped, then started again.
Waking, Nacoma began to remember what had happened. It was terrifying. Perhaps it was just a dream? No, it couldn't have been. The pain was still there, and he knew dreams didn't make pain.
With a whimper he began to stir. Everything was blurry, and he was having trouble smelling. The wolf panicked, but couldn't act on his fears. His legs had stopped working as well, which only made him panic more. He called out for his alpha. He cried out her name, "Help me, please!" He called. There was nothing. He couldn't even find her scent. There was something around his neck, making it hard for him to breathe and swallow. He wanted this thing gone! Now! It was heavy, and foreign and had an awful smell.
It seemed to be forever before he began working again. His vision returned and his ability to smell. The sounds began clearer, and he could feel his limbs. Trying to stand reminded him of being a lanky pup, when his legs were too long for his body. He fell many times, and the bulky collar on his neck wasn't helping. Nacoma didn't care. He just wanted to find his alpha, or anybody for that matter.
There were human scents though, and in the distance, just as he began to stand, he heard a truck start up and begin to drive away. "No, wait! Wait for me!" He tried to go after them, but his legs weren't ready for running. So he waited. "They'll come back..." He told himself. "I know they will."
Nacoma spent a great deal of time trying to reassure himself that they would be back. He wandered around, sniffing of everything. This new place seemed pretty fun, but also scary. Where was the fence? Where were the other wolves? There were plenty of trees though, and rocks and he could smell water far off in the distance, but he didn't want to leave. What if he got lost? What if they came back and couldn't find him?
So, he went back to his spot, and waited. The sun changed directions many times, his stomach rumbled and his throat itched, but he waited. And then the sun sank, leaving the world soaked in colors. They would be back any time now... Any minute, before it got dark, they would come rolling in and tell him to hop in the back. And he would. And he would go home, have a meal, and go to his den. And then night came, the dew fell and the air grew cold.
And it was then that Nacoma knew he was completely, Alone.

Shew, I haven't done this in a verryy long time.
My first post for :iconwolf--tracks:

-Oh I forgot to mention-
He's been dropped in Big Sky
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A request for :iconxhanimilkshakex: Who wanted her OC with Trafalgar Law from One Piece. Hope you like it! :meow:
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