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Mini Ganondorf sculpture done on commission for London Expo pick up.

He's 3 inches tall and made from FIMO and Sculpey coloured clay.
Gold detailing on his headdress done with FIMO gold dust, and armour detail in Gutta silk paint.

He was so much fun to make!
What an evil mini :D
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This was a plush commission for ~QueenAley49 who wanted a mini Twilight Princess Ganondorf plushie.

I swore a year ago there would be no other Ganondorf plushie other than my mascot Ganny that I would make, but...I couldn't refuse, and I also wanted to practise on custom dolls and clothing some more. Many thanks to *BabyLondonStar for the head shape pattern.

He stands 12 inches high and here's a run down of what he's made from:

-Micro fleece skin and polar fleece hair, shaded with Copic markers and acrylic paint
-Pleather belt and armour in navy blue and brown
-Tiny gold fabric paint detailing on his armour
-Jump rings for earrings
-Fleece cloak with gold paint detail
-Ribbon and trimming detail
-Brown fabric underclothes
-Gold painted felt headdress, laced wtith sequins
-Unique nose, neither sewn on or painted (trade secret sorry!)

My huuuuge Ganondorf plush can be found below. He turned 1 just a few weeks ago!
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I decided finally to make a Link plushie! I've make Zelda and Ganondorf in the past, so I think now it was about time!

Thanks again to *BabyLondonStar for the head shape pattern.

Here's what he's made from:

-Fleece body and face with acrylic paint detailing
-Acrylic felt hair with Copic marker and paint detail
-Felt eyes, hand painted
-Silver jump ring earrings
-Cotton tunic and fleece trousers
-Material underclothes emulating chainmail
-Pleather boots (with embroidery), gloves, archery brace, belts and pouches with gold coloured buckles and studs

He stands over 13 inches tall.

He is currently up for sale, too. Please note me if you are interested!
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Some clay work for you guys! :heart: And it's Classic Link again!

I've had a lot of stuff going on recently and it's been pretty hard to concentrate art-wise. This is my relief at long last.

I based him again, from the old NES illustrations. I am hoping to make all sculptures based off all the original drawings.

Sculpey III, FIMO and Studio by Sculpey, with bright silver FIMO powder brushed on the Sword blade.

He will be for sale (with all his accessories) at Manchester MCM Expo this weekend.

My other Zelda clays!

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A bit of something FAAAABULOUS for you guys!

I haven't seen anyone make a Ghirahim plushie and I couldn't wait to give it a try!

So I thought I'd make one for myself. He only took me a few days, as he's a lot, lot smaller than Ganondorf, at 15 inches tall.

His cloak is completely detachable as there is a hidden popper on the underside.

Here's a bit about how and what he is made from:

-Upper body and head made from felt
-Lower body and body suit made from fleece
-Eyes made from adhesive paper with plastic coating
-Hair made from fleece
-Diamonds on his legs, gloves and inside his cloak were made by using iron on transfer paper, which was then protected by using a coat of gloss varnish for acrylics.
-Cloak made from two sheets of felt hot-glued together. Added decoration included a small piece of chain and Sculpey clay yellow diamond shapes
-Other added decorations include large gemstones, gold relief fabric paint and ribbon

If you are going to London Expo or the Zelda 25th Anniversary concert at Hammersmith Apollo, chances are you might see me at those events with him. I'll let you hold him if you talk to me! :heart: :D

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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More Ganondorf please ♥♥♥
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My kids sure love them some Zelda!

Olyvia, my skater niece, has wanted a Zelda ever since she saw the first incarnation I made for Emalee (Spirit Tracks version). I was sooo sick of making Spirit Tracks Zelda that I decided to opt for the newest version - Skyward Sword.

I am supremely happy with how she turned out! For starters, deer suede is friggin' magical. Painting her face was like a dream compared to the felt painting I've done on some other plushies. Her outfit wasn't complicated, but the little details really made it pop. I couldn't find a decent strand of golden material in the jewelry section of my local Michaels to use for her belt, but I had an old Christmas charm bracelet in my jewelry case from when I was a kid and I thought it worked perfectly (so Livie would have a little extra present as well). I figured that felt hair for her hairstyle would've looked too flat, so I opted for yarn and I'm happy with that as well. Super fun and beautiful plushie! :love:

Body pattern: *AshFantastic :love:
Materials: Deer suede, felt, yarn, fabric paint, acrylic paint, craft jewels, charm bracelet, ribbon, embroidery thread and polyfill.

Zelda and Skyward Sword © Nintendo
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In conversation with :iconenerjak:

*tavington -poke- guess what?
*tavington HE is FINISHED!
*enerjak aLKWJDALKWRJawt
*enerjak asjaSoj
*enerjak awfaassa
*enerjak ggsoak g
*enerjak HNggGGGGGhghGAHLSGHsa

...etc. etc!

So, *enerjak commissioned me to make a Groose plush back in January, and I jumped at the opportunity!

He's around the same size, if not a tad bigger, than my mascot plushie Ganondorf, and stands at a whopping 37 inches tall

Here's what he's made from:

-Peach fleece body with poly fibre filling and red fleece hair and pompadour
-Cotton pants and tunic
-Felt shawl (removable via a popper underneath on the brooch)
-Brown pleather/fleece boots and gloves
-Acrylic paint detailing on tunic, shawl and pants using unique stencils
-FIMO clay brooch and necklace (With brushed gold powder coating)
-Painted felt eyes and mouth with Copic marker detailing
-Real men's belt with metal buckle
-Real earrings
-Gold studs on boots

*If you are one of the people to have read about this plush on my Tumblr. what you have read and seen is true. He does indeed have testes and a penis :heart:
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So, I decided to experiment a bit more with my new resin I bought a few weeks ago.
I had been wanting to make a Pokémon sculpture for a while and decided on something with a "water" theme :D

Mudkip dinghy with Azuril, Magikarp and Horsea with a little yellow rubber duckie :3

The resin is an absolute PAIN :____; but it has a good effect, but takes forever to dry. I am using the Gedeo brand of clear crystal resin.
The small blobs of "water" are made with a different kind of resin like I use at work, which is softer and dries much quicker. I simply make tiny blobs or resin, let them dry, pick them up and super glue them where I want them.

Sculpey III, FIMO Soft, Studio by Sculpey, Gedeo Crystal Resin. Approx 3-4 hours.
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I know a lot of people do not like Phai (Fi), but I always considered her as cute and lovely.

It was not easy to crochet her hair... it gave me a headache. Twice. In the end it turned out okay I think. Her arms were fun to crochet though and I really like how they turned out.

Wonder who will be the next one from Skyward Sword...
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