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Well, this is my version of the XXXG-01WK, Also known as Wing Gundam Ka Ver.

The Rar contains: PDOs, PDFs, Photos of the making (as a kind of “guide”), and a personal opinion.
Thanks to my friends and family for being there to make everything less boring lol :D
and a Special Thank to all the creators of this Awesome anime.

4Shared link:



Thanks everyone for the Favs! It's much appreciated n_n

Gundam is ⓒ Sunrise/Bandai/Sotsu Agency
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damn! damn! damn! :D
as i started this project, i never thought that it will take quite three months to finish :faint:

but this whole work with re-coloring from blank sheets to a colored version was totally worth :dance:
This Gundam is just badass and to call this a SD (super deformed) version is definitely an understatement ;)

with over 400 sometimes really tiny and complicated pieces, i really can say it's nothing for beginners
you can see it in the building process gallery
and i have to say that too, i printed that thing on A3 ^^;

the model itself was really cool to build
all pieces fit quite perfect together
sadly, and that's the reason why the model hold the weapon only one time and in that way, the weapon it's not really designed for the model
or rather the hands not for the weapon
the hands are based on one piece which is fold to itself just to get the shape of a hand
so it's really unstable, think about that when you wanna build that model ;)

now then
to the point what you probably all waiting for
and to the sad part :worry:
because this time, it's a bit different
the original model as black&white version and a pdo as help file (where i made the screenshot from) is available here
but you need a password
i can't tell you the password here but think about "from where" you download the model, that's all i can say
then my recolored version
normally i ask the owner or designer if i can get the permission to share them ->public<-
but because there is no way for me to contact "panda" i'm not gonna do that
by the way
asking questions in a private messages is free here on dA :)
maybe you know what i mean ;)

i combined the photos this time because i noticed that there are many fakers and thiefs out there, specially in the gundam scene

but there is only one person, who has that brown desk under each model

me's :D

feel also free to write a critique
would make me happy :meow:
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I've finished!. This is my version of the Sandrock Gundam Custom Edition, (from the famous anime Gundam Wing) made with paper; my first papercraft, and I hope not the last one.
(The rar inc ludes PDF and PDO files)
Thank you for watching this, and for downloading it n_n!
Here's the file uploaded in




Special thanks to Krystel, Rana and Mark, three of the most amazing people I've ever met.

Wow! I didn't think this would get any fav, but I'm glad it does! It's my favorite gundam after all :D
Anyway, Thanks for the favs! they are much appreciated n_n

Gundam is ⓒ Sunrise/Bandai/Sotsu Agency
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NRX-005Cu Gundam Overlord

- Maya
- Mental Ray
- Photoshop

Build in 2010.
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Gundam SEED A-STAR Homepage
(korean novel, image, meca, char)
- [link]


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well, honestly, i don't know what i should write :confused:
maybe i didn't realized that i'm finally done with this model.

it takes a horrible long time to build and sometimes i was about to give up, but after more than two month (effective building time) i can share this pictures with you :)

the best decision was, to print the sheets on A3, because this model takes me to the limits and you should have a little bit more experience for this.
the most parts are quite easy, but some pieces are hard as hell.
you can see it in the "building process gallery"

specially the backpack was that part, that gives me more then one headache :D

but it was a challenge that I gladly accepted
because this model is really unique and definitely an eyecatcher in every shelf ore something else.

the guys from "Just Paper" did a great job on this and if they ever decide to create an other one, i would build it too ;)

permission for upload given through NCsoft
pls read this journal entry for more infos

the sheets are free and should remain so
pls download and use them only for personal use
otherwise i must remove them

Exteel & Sidewinder are trademarks & copyrights by NCsoft
Model created by Just Paper

to download the sheets

just click on download above ;)

-other shots-
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here we go
finally done :icontardboogieplz: :iconvictorydanceplz: :icondweebdanceplz:

man, this thing took just freaking long :faint:
when i imagine that the plan was, to build this in my three weeks vacation (last year :D ) and meanwhile a half year is gone since i started the boosterpack :D

ok, i had a few breaks, one with Renamon and a few others
so the pure building time was about two months
but also a long time :aww:

i have to say that i don't have any clue about Gundam Wing/00/Zero ore whatever which series is called
i know about the Gundams and love the mecha design (specially this one because of the wings) but never saw one part so don't bother about the name ;)

ah, big mechas with wings
i just love this shit :la:

even the sheets where not the best (they are very pixelized)
i'm totally pleased with the result
but during the building and right now i can say, it's definitely not a starter model
i had to modify a lot of stuff and quite every blue and grey edge is recolored to hide the folding lines
but all over is was pure fun :meow:
surely not my last Gundam model ;)
the next one is allready planned

what's left to say
ah right :)
you can download the sheets here
also i wanna refer you to my building process gallery
just if you may stuck ;)

-other shots-

and a little special one here ;)
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Hello everyone!

Here's my design of the Medabot called Metabee. You can download it here:

The .rar contains 1 PDO, 1 PDF, and 2 text files with useful links (one in english and one in spanish)

Metabee and all Medabots are (c) Bee Train and the creator/directors.

"Viejo, soy lo mejor"
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Disclaimer: The image used for this deviantion does NOT belong to me, it's a photo of a toy, and I got it from Toytoyou.

Okay, that being clear I'm here today presenting you another model! yay! (Didn't think I would upload this one anytime soon) It's the Gundam D-Hell from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz.

You can download it here:…

To view the PDOs you'll need Pepakura Viewer:…

If you want the password for the PDOs just send me a note and I'll reply with it. If you've asked for a password to any other of my models, it's the same one.

(Off topic: I thought I had lost this model, but THANKFULLY my Past self was precautious enough to upload the raw files to mediafire, and I just polished it a bit a few minutes ago.

By the way I'm not sure how you guys will take this, because there isn't any photo or image of the built model, and personally, when I wanted to download something and didn't find a photo proving it was good looking, I started to doubt a lot if I would make it or not. I've uploaded the 3D view on my scraps, so you know how it looks like. But anyway, if you trust me and you've seen my previous works, you'll like this one... and if you build it I can link this Deviant to your build so everyone can see I'm not lying :P)

Gundam is ⓒ Sunrise/Bandai/Sotsu Agency
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A wide variety of angles of my Kingdom Hearts Mickey papercraft. The templates will be released on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Papercraft blog.
Download for full size and a better view!
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